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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Succesful with article writing
    Successful with Article Marketing?

    Article marketing should be a part of your marketing strategy whether you are new, experienced, have a low budget or huge budget. What article marketing will do for you is expose you to the reading public. It will establish you as a subject matter expert. It will help you brand yourself as an entrepreneur. The key is to do it with success. Using article marketing to give your reader what they want and leaving them wanting to know more. So how can you be successful with article marketing? I can assure you that when you are done reading this article; you will know how and you will start generating tons of traffic to your business immediately.

    First things first let’s pick a subject you want to write about. Something that is related to your business or your interest; From this point on it is about ranking very high with the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

    If you don’t rank on the 1st page, most likely your article will not be seen and read. A good keyword research will be just as important as the content of your article if not more important. As an example here, the keyword I used for this article is “Successful with article marketing”.

    The competition for this keyword phrase was just over 5000 at the time of this article. You never want to have more than 10,000 competitors. Anything over that will make it very hard for you to rank high on the search engine. You also want your keyword to be search over 1 million times as well.

    To learn how many times a keyword was searched, just enter the keyword you are thinking to use and the number that comes up directly below your keyword is the number of time your keyword was searched. To learn how much competition you will have on that keyword, enter your keyword with quotes. I.E. “Successful with article marketing” The number that comes up directly below will be your competition.

    Once you figures out your keywords, you want to define your audience. What do they do for a living, how much money do they make, how old are they, what is important to them etc. The more you know about them before you start your article, the more laser target your article will be and thus, more effective and will make you more successful with article marketing.

    There are many types of article you can write.

    Here’s a few example you can use. You can do a:

    1. How to article

    2. A review

    3. Address a problem and provide a solution

    4. Personal experience

    5. Comparison article

    Breakdown your article like you used to in high school when you had to write an essay for your english class.

    Break it down with an introduction, 3 paragraphs and a conclusion.

    Introduction is key here; you want to make sure your reader will want to read more so make sure you entice them. The 3 paragraphs should be 3-5 sentences long, no more. Remember the expression, less is more. Don’t start giving details that you think is important but may not be to your reader. The conclusion will be a recap but include some kind of attention grabber at the end to make them think.

    You can publish your articles on the internet for free in hundreds of sites.

    The best one is Ezine Article. Most sites will ask you to register 1st before you can start publishing your articles. With most article sites you will be able to attach to your article a bio or also called a resource box. This is where your reader will get to know you better.

    Tell them how you qualify as an expert in your field and invite them to visit your site and attach your link to your resource box at the end.

    The biggest mistake people make is thinking they are not good enough to write an article.

    You have to start somewhere and most likely the first 5 or 6 articles you write will not be too good but no worries, you will get better.

    Article marketing is probably the only method of marketing online that is still alive and well.

    Most marketing strategies have come and gone on the internet but article marketing is still here. Only practice will make you successful with article marketing.

    To your success

    Twitter Blog Be Team

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