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    Interview with Kodaline:

    About T in the park:
    'T in the park' was like a war zone, it was crazy. We brought out a cake as it was 20 years of T in the park, then Nina Nesbitt came on and sang 'All I want' with us and took the cake into the audience. A hand came out and wiped it all over this poor girl.'

    About Playing as on of the first acts:
    'Sometimes it's better to play early and then you're done and you can chill out. It's meant a lot of crowds we play to are sober but when you play at 7pm it's carnage.'

    About Dublin:
    'Going home to Dublin people come up and say: 'well done'. We haven't paid for a pint in a while.' People are really behide us in a good way, Irish folks let you get on with it. Sometimes they'll sing a song in the street. Vinny was walking home one night with his girlfriend and three lads came past when one of them stopped and said: 'you're in Kodaline'. He started singing High hopes as they walked down the road, which was great. Everbody's really supportive.

    About their favorite albums of 2013:
    'Tame Impala, Jon Hopkins, Arctic Monkeys and James Blake.'

    about their New Years resolution:
    'Do bigger shows and more festivals and get the second album done.'

    About getting things for free:
    We get a lot of headphones and speakers, everything ou need to go on tour, but we'd like a playstation for the tour bus. If any one is reading this who can sort us out?'

    About new talent:
    'After being on the tips list last year, we're passing the baton on for 2014 to Hudson Taylor, who came on tour with is in November. They're two brothers who play with a full band and are really good. Their singer is going out with Gabrielle Aplin, plus they're from down the road from us.

    Source: Dailystar
    Interview: january 6, 2014

    08-01-2014 om 20:36 geschreven door Kodaline Fansite  

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    How rock 'n roll is Kodaline?
    Steve: Well, one time we sat in our tour bus and the heat went out. We kep warm by drinking whiskey for the rest of the tour.
    Mark: When we have a day off, we start drinking at noon. That was my idea.

    Did you ever perform when you were drunk?
    Mark: usually, we drink on or two beers? A couple of years ago I drank more and I could barely play.

    How do you handle groupies?
    Vinny: we used to talked to the fans after our shows, but nowadays our shows are getting to big to do that. But when we're in America, we still do it.
    Steve: And the girls in LA are amazing! They love our accents!
    Jay: We've also got some male fans giving us a couple of beers.
    Mark: It wasn't a groupie, but just before Halloween, some naked guy was sending me stuff on Snapchat. It was really weird.

    What do you usually do after a gig?
    Vinny: it's not very rock 'n roll but we usually sit down and have a couple of beers. Unless there's family, then we have a bottle of Jamerson Whiskey.

    What is the weirdest thing you bought?
    All together: we didn't earn a dollar!
    Mark: Well, I bought a new plectrum.

    Did you ever broke something on stage because you were so into the moment?
    Mark: No, but during 'the tonight show' with Jay Leno, My guitar and my microphone gave me electric shocks.
    Steve: Some one threw a phone at me once during a festival. It was an old nokia. He almost hit me.

    Did you ever turned some one down of Tinder?
    Steve: Stupidly enough, yes. I should have gave her my number.

    Source: Spitsniews
    november 15, 2013

    I'm very sorry if you notice a couple (or many) faults, I translated this interview myself because it's originally in Dutch, just like me. :)

    07-01-2014 om 23:09 geschreven door Kodaline Fansite  

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    Interview met Steve Garrigan:

    How's the tour going?
    How's it going man? It's good to hear an Irish accent! We got back from Holland yesterday. We're going to America and then come back do an UK tour. Then we're going back to Germany, France, back to Holland and Sweden. Touring is so much fun. We're a new band so we're trying to get our head around stuff but it's so much because we love music.

    How does it feel to be honoured with nominations for some industry awards?
    It's cool. All these lists are great because hopefully they'll introduce us to more people and then hopefully those people like us. But everythings great

    How do you feel about 'Little green cars', another Irish band nominated?
    It's great! Over in Eurosonic, a festival in Holland, they were playing before us in a different venue and we tried to get to their gig but we missed them because we had to do our own. Mark, our guitar player, loves them apparently. I haven't met them yet which is a bit sad. But the more Irish music gets out there, the better for Irish bands. We're big fans of villagers now. I just listened to the new album, we had it on in the van. When we got back from Holland, we listened to the whole thing from the start to finish. It takes you somewhere else very trippy. He's got a way with words, a poet.

    Did the massive positive response to 'All I want' took you by suprise?
    It's great, we didn't really expect much. We just made an EP and put it out there and people seem to like it, which is great! At the end of the day we put our heart and soul into our music. As cheesy and as cliché as that is, that's what we do. It's great that people seem to like it for most part. We finished the album before Christmas so we're happy with it and we hope loads of people getto hear it and have an opinion on it. I suppose that's the way it goes.

    The song all I want was received wery well, but the video helped also very much.
    I think it's important to have a message as opposed to just say nothing. Everything we write is how we feel and it's about life, so why not try and compliment that message? We try to make all of our video's compliment the songs. That's really important.

    Source: The Irish world
    Interview: 2-02-2013

    13-08-2013 om 23:56 geschreven door Kodaline Fansite  

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    Interview met Steve Garrigan:

    Your second EP was released in March. The lead single 'High hopes' reached the nr 1 position in Ireland. You've played a bunch of festivals across Europe and Japan as well as finding the time to release your debut album, are you busy?
    Yeah, It's really great playing to different crowds every night. We're experiencing a lot of new places and meeting new people for the most part, so it's cool.

    Have you ever been star strucked?
    I met Billy Joel in a drive bar in LA and I was talking to gim for a while about life and stuff before I realised who he was. I just thought he was some random nice guy, but when I figured out who he was I was lost for words. I literally forgot how to speak. He walked away soon after that.

    Can you tell us a little bit about the album?
    The album is a mic of emotions. Happy, sad and everything in between. It's basically a diary of personal events that happened to us over the last two years. The main theme is hope. I'm a true believer in positive thinking. It can get you through anything, but that's just me maybe.

    How do songs come alive?
    It all depends on how we feel at the time. We literally express ourselves through music. It's our diary, man. Like holding it up and passing to around for people to pass judgement on. It's strange.

    Your song 'All I want' has been mixed by Everything Everything. What is it about them that you like?
    We're really big fans? It was great of them to do that and the remix is cool. Their music is clever, emotional and real. We've had their song 'Duet' on repeat on the bus, it's an Indie classic. Such a cool band!

    You're playing the Isle of Wight festival en Glastonbury. What other festivals do you have lined up and how are the nerves at playing such prestigious events?
    We can't wait to play. We've got a lot of festivals this summer. Hopefully the crowds will be good. We've never been to a lot of them, so we're also looking forward to checking out some bands.

    If you could tell the world one thing about Kodaline, what would that be?
    We're just four friends who try to make sense of life through music.

    Interview: 17-06-2013

    10-08-2013 om 12:00 geschreven door Kodaline Fansite  

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    Interview met Kodaline:

    How important is it for you to express your feelings trough a song?
    We go out of our way to express the way we feel. Each song tells a story. For is it's basically our diary. We try and create songs that are honest and true. Everything we write about is real.

    What are your goals, musically?
    We just want to keep playing. We're constantly trying to create a song that completely sums up how you feel. If we can do that every time , we could live with that.

    How would you describe your songs to people?
    Our songs are true to life. Every song is based on something that happened. The underlying message on the album is positive thinking. Some of our songs are sad, some of them are happy but with all of them there's hope.

    Source: Harperbazaar
    Interview: 12-06-2013

    30-07-2013 om 23:15 geschreven door Kodaline Fansite  

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    Interview met Steve

    you guys are about to release your first album. How's the expectation?
    We finished the album a while back so we've been anxiously waiting for it's release. The album is basically our diary over the past two years. We hope people can relate and empathise with us. It's a very personal album.

    What are your impressions about the album? Is it different from the EP's? Did you have some musical influence during the recording process?
    We tend to write songs about how we feel, that could be happy, sad and everything in between. We all have our good days and our bad days. The album describes the ups and the downs of our life. For me, it's a mix of emotions, but that's only my opinion.

    Recently you guys released the video for the song 'love like this'. What did the idea for the video came from?
    I wrote the song about a relationship I kind of fell into after a serious relationship that ended. I was pretty heartbroken and I jumped into a relationship for safety. I knew it wasn't working but I didn't mind, which made me feel bad because being led on in a relationship is never good. So basically I got kicked around in the video for not taking that relationship seriously.

    You've been playing some of the new songs during the last tour. How was the reaction of the fans?
    The reaction was great. It's a real challenge to win over a crowd when they never heard a song before but the shows went down very well.

    I've seen some critics saying that this album can consolidate you in the music scene, but it also can throw you in a select list of promising bands that never manages the get rid of the promising label. Do you agree with that? Does it put some kind of pressure on you?
    I disagree, music for me is about expression. As long as we can express ourselves through our music then that's great. It keeps me sane, everybody's entitled to their own opinion and everybody's got different tastes, so critics can say what they want but for me, as cliché as it sounds: music is life and it helps me get sense of things.

    You told me that Mark wrote 'way back when'. Can you tell me more about that song?
    Yeah, he wrote it about growing up in our home town in Dublin. It's about missing the freedom of childhood. Time goes by so fast, man.

    During the USA tour, you guys expended a lot of time inside the tour bus, what was that like?
    We got on really well. We just listened to music and wrote music. It's what we do everyday. We used to living in each others shadows as we grew up together, so it was great as a band. We were all friends before we started playing music, so we're used to each other in a very good way. The tour was amazing though a real eye opener. A lot of great experiences.

    Source: Kodalinebr.wordpress
    Interview: 21-05-2013

    30-07-2013 om 12:48 geschreven door Kodaline Fansite  

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    Interview met Steve Garrigan

    What inspired you to write all I want?
    All I want is about my ex-girlfriend going on a holiday with her friends and coming home with a new man. It happened over three years ago but took about two years to actually write the song. I'm one of those people who take a long time to get over things. I was staying home feeling utterly miserable and writing that song took a weigh of my shoulders. The lyrics were agonising to write about because I thought she was the girl I was going to spend my life with, but it ends positively in that I was I'll find some one else.

    How did you began your music career?
    We began as a trio. I joined with Mark and Vinny when we were teenagers. We had an amazing start to our career. We came second on a tv show and self-released our song 'Give me a minute' This became the first independently released track in the top of the Irish charts. But we were to young. We played a few gigs but didn't really know what we were doing. We also couldn't write good songs which were representative of ourselves and our experiences. We quit music to find jobs or go to college. My studies for law and economics were soul-destroying. I was going through a bad time in my life anyway and playing music was the only thing that made sense. I began busking and playing small venues around Dublin although my parents thought I was still in college. I'd kept in touch with Mark and Vinny and we eventually decided to give the band another try. We'd changed as people but still wanted to make music. Our friend Jason joined us to play bass and we became Kodaline.

    The album is doing great everywhere. How do you feel about that?
    I worried about the album before it was released. I listened to the songs and wondered if I should have done different things with them. But it's an album which is filled with honesty and I'l very proud of it. Thankfully, people seem to have connected with the songs and the response has been great. I hope this means we'll get the chance to make more albums in the future.


    Source: Gulftimes
    Interview: 23-07-2013

    29-07-2013 om 13:19 geschreven door Kodaline Fansite  

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    Interview met Steve Garrigan, voordat het album uitkwam vanop 'the great escape'.

    28-07-2013 om 14:18 geschreven door Kodaline Fansite  

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    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen  Interview Kodaline

    On a busy shopping street in Boston, rising Irish quartet Kodaline are proving quite the attraction. They have decided to bust in every city they visit on the American tour they've been on for the past three weeks. A crowd gathers, some of hem even sing along.
    'Ten dollars!' Exclaims singer Steve looking into his cap when they finish up. 'Enough for a pack of smokes.'

    About being on the road:
    Steve:The thing is we live together anyway so we don't really have any secrets.
    Mark: We've been a band for so long that we know everything about each other.

    About 21 demands, the band they formed at the age of 17 and being on a talent show:
    Steve: If you look back at when you were 17, you cringe at some of the things you said or did. Last night we actually were listening to some of the songs we made when we were teenagers and it's pretty terrible stuff. There was just no soul. We were incapable of expressing ourselves because we were so young. But we don't regret doing the show because it made us into what we are today.

    What's your view of talent shows now?
    Steve: If you want to write your own songs and say something then that's not really the right move to make. We were writing our own songs back then but they were childish. It took a little bit of soul-searching, growing up, dropping out of college and getting jobs to make us better. Ex-girlfriends screwing you over, just living a bit.

    About the meaning behind the songs:
    Steve: It's intensely personal stuff. It's like opening your diary and passing it around for judging. 'All I want' was basically a letter to my ex-girlfriend. Every song has it's own story. 'High hopes' was written after I just dropped out of college and had no direction whatsoever. Everything was going bad but I tried to stay positive. It's all based on experiences.

    About the success that their first EP brought them:
    Steve: After 21 demands we didn't had a plan but we kept on writing because we love it. It's something that I have to do everyday.
    Mark: Then our first EP came out and their was such a great reaction to it online and we couldn't believe it. It was so unexpected.

    What is it that makes your music connects with people?
    Steve: I hope they feel something. The way that I see it is that out music might come across as sad when you first listen to it, but it's also very hopeful. Or at least that's what I think.

    In the video for 'Love like this' you get slapped a couple of times. Did this happen much in real life?
    Steve: once or twice. (laughs) I'm actually really bad with girls, really bad.

    Source: independent newspaper
    Interview: 31-05-2013

    26-07-2013 om 17:58 geschreven door Kodaline Fansite  

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    Interview with kodaline

    How did you came up with the name kodaline?
    Mark: We came up with the name on a night out when we were in London and that's just the name that stuck.
    Steve: We did go through loads of other names. The first time we came up with the name Kodaline we didn't like the name and then we came back to it.

    What was the first name you came up with?
    Mark: Rather not say otherwise we'll never see the light of day.
    Jay: We had some embarrassing names.
    Steve: I think they were so bad that they've been blocked out of our minds.

    So, who came up with 'Kodaline'?
    Steve: I can't remember..
    Mark: Well the thing is: we were having a few beers and we can't really remember.. But the main goal when we were trying to come up with a name was to come up with a name that had no connotations. Like Kodaline. What comes to mind when I say Kodaline? What do you think of?

    I don't know..
    Steve: It is what it is.
    Vinny: That's what we wanted
    Steve: It doesn't actually mean anything but we hope it's the music that people will associate it with the music that we make, Kodaline.
    Mark That could've been a shorter answer.
    Steve: Sorry!
    Vinny: Every answer is going to be that long.

    Your debut single has done so well and the video is amazing. Who came up with the story line and how much creative control did you have with it?
    Mark: None at all. A friend of us heard the song and just dreamt the whole idea and sent us the script.
    Steve: initially when we go the idea for the video, it was just a photo of a monster and we're going: 'where us this going?' There was no connection to the song but then we read through the script and were like definitely: 'let's do it!'
    Mark: The first time we saw the video when it was complete, and we loved it. We all had the same reaction everyone else did.
    Steve: We were all in it actually and we got all of our friends to be extras in the office, all our mates from school. It was fun.

    How long did it take to do monster's make-up?
    Steve: Not too long, I think.
    Mark: He kept in on for three days.
    Vinny: He slept with it on. He did it on Thursday and the video was filmed on Friday.
    Jay: the director is the monster.
    Steve: Funnily enough Stevie, the director, his dog is the dog in the video and straight away when his dog saw him with the make-up it scared him because he didn't recognise him. So he had to actually hang out with his dog until it got comfortable with him again.

    The make-up looks really realistic though.
    Mark: My mom thought it was real.
    Steve: when we saw him he was like: 'how's it going lads, what's the crack?' He had the make-up on and it was really weird.

    You guys are abouty to embark on your first headline tour and you've already sold out in Hoxton bar & kitchen and have just sold out Sebright Arms.
    Vinny: And we sold out the Dublin show as well.

    Well, that's your hometown. What can people expect from a Kodaline live show?
    Mark: We're releasing a second EP in the New Year so there will be some songs from that. So.. We'll just be playing our own songs and maybe some suprises.
    Vinny: Fireworks?
    Mark: We're excited because it's our first headline tour.
    Steve: Baby elephants .. Clowns ..
    Vinny: A massive production. We're going to spend all our money on it.
    Steve: If you're a fan of star wars.. Something like that..

    A star wars circus show, sounds cool. You're track 'Lose your mind' is one of my personal favourites. It reminds me of psychedelia and 90s alternative bands. Will Kodaline be going for that psychedelic sound in the debut album?
    Steve: it's a funny thing, when we write and record songs we just look at the song as each song has it's own thing.
    Vinny: Every song on the EP sounds different from the next so we don't have one sound for the album.
    Steve: Yeah, that song was written on a night when we had a few beers
    Mark: A LOT of beers..

    Is 'a few beers' where everything always starts from?
    Mark: well with that song we just threw everything at it and had fun. And the next day we listened back to it and we were like: 'this is going to be so sh*t'. We played it back and what you hear is what we did that night.
    Steve: We were out of our minds.
    Mark: It was the easiest one.
    Jay: The quickest one.
    Steve: Glad you like it.

    Yeah, it's such a good track. So how is the album coming along?
    All: It's all done.

    What? It's all done already?
    Mark: we just need to sparkle some dust on it then it's good to go. By Christmas we'll have the CD and the artwork done but the songs will be ready.
    Steve: We were in Rockafield studios, down in Wales, and we just finished off the last four tracks so the track listening is here.

    How many tracks are there?
    Mark: We're try to figure out..
    Steve We've got more songs then we need.
    Mark: When you're buying an album and there's 16 songs and you're like; 'there should be 10..'
    Vinny: You loose interest after a certain time.
    Mark: 10 to 12, 12 songs max.

    So where do you draw your insperation for your song writing from?Is it what you see happening around you or is it what happens to you?
    Mark: You nailed it!
    Jay: We're just going to answere 'Yes' to everything.
    Steve: it's people, events and everything that happens to us. It's all about true life stories and things like that. Every song that we write has some sort of background behind it about a person or some one who affected us. And life really, as cheesy as it is.

    So, does the music comes first or the lyrics?
    Steve: it depends. If it's just something you want to get off your chest then both really. We usually write stripped down on a piano, then the whole song is done acoustic and then we add on the music after once the song is written.
    Mark: Every song happens differently.

    Fair enough.
    Mark: Sorry, another sh*t answer!
    Steve we're really good at sh*t answers.

    Here's another one: discribe what Kodaline represents in 5 words.
    All: We give shit answers always or Four guys who play music.

    Who would you love to collaborate with?
    Steve: dead or alive? Sam cooke, LCD soundsystem, Bob Dylan..
    Mark: Daft punk
    Vinny: Nicolas Jaar
    Steve: Jackson Browne, Bruce Springsteen..

    Just keep on going..
    Mark: Jay.. Lorraine.. We can collaborate with you.

    Yes, let's do that!
    Jay: Jojoline
    Steve: Does it have to be a musician? Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barack Obama..

    You just can't stop Steve..
    Steve: Kenny Rogers .. Not in music, just in general .. Just in life.
    Mark: I'd love to paint a house with him.
    Steve: That's a collaboration!

    Source: Thewhitenoise
    Interview: 15-11-2012

    25-07-2013 om 12:57 geschreven door Kodaline Fansite  

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    Interview met Mark en Steve

    What do you think about Birmingham?
    Mark Birmingham is our back garden! It's our home away from home. We moved here about six months ago.
    Steve: We're planning on staying here. We've just booked another sic months. It's so handy for touring and travelling. And Moseley's great. The hare and Hounds is good. There's so many little good places to go, and we've got a group of friends to hang out with now.
    Mark: We rehearse in Selly oak, so we're always there too.
    Steve: We've meant to play at an open mic at the Soak so many times but we just keep missing it!

    High hopes has gone to nr 1 in Ireland and you've gained nomination nods from BBC and MTV in 2012. How does that feel?
    Mark: It's very cool. We went home to Ireland on St Paddy day, there was a big buzz there.
    Steve: Most people know who you are there, so we getting there gradually England's bigger so i's taking more time.

    You've got a pretty extensive tour lined up between now and November. How is it going so far?
    We've been everywhere in England the last few weeks.
    Mark: Every gig's been really good and really different. We're not getting very much sleep.
    We went out the other day in Glasgow and we did an acoustic after show-show in the smoking area of a pub.
    Steve: It wasn't a wild night out, we just chilled and met some fans. It was pretty cool.
    Mark: people now know two songs when they come to our shows so you do have to go for it every night. But we do that anyway. It's good fun.
    Steve: We've played shows before when there was no one there, so it's just good to have people actually come. It's important that they do. And we're doing a bunch of festivals.
    Mark: we're doing little bits as well: regular shows, shooting videos, doing a television program in France, going to America..
    Steve: we're touring indefinitely really. But our album's out in june, which we really looking forwards to.
    Mark: I love the randomness of touring. Every night you meet loads of new people. We'll sometimes just do an open mic somewhere.
    Steve: We're still trying to get our heads around in different accents in different areas of England. We walked into this pub the other day and the guy at the bad said: 'Whadya havin' and I was like 'wow, that's an accent!' But he goes: 'we ain't got no accent around here!' it's great to have new experiences and visit new cities. This is the first headline gig we've done in Birmingham.

    Most of your videos have such a tragic story. Do you have a hand in shaping the storyboards?
    Mark we just approve then, we don't write them.
    Steve: We had a guy called Stevie Russell from Dublin do the 'High Hopes' video on the isle of weight. All we wanted was the song and the video to compliment the sound. Just random visuals which works for some kinds of music, I know. It works for rap, doesn't it?
    Mark: yeah, the MGMT video with the dolphins (Time to pretend) that's amazing. That wouldn't really work for us.
    Steve: We wanted out videos to have a message and to compliment th sounds, which
    we're still tryng to do. We're shooting a new video next week and for the first time we're actually going to be in there. (Love like this) I've never acted before in my life so I'm a little bit scared. Hopefully it works out well. It looks good on paper.
    Mark: High hopes was a shock when I first saw it because the actor Liam Cunningham (game of thrones) is in it and he's one of those persons that you recognise. We have no idea how we got him.
    Steve: When we initially got the outline information for the video, Liam Cunningham was an example of the kind of person who would be perfect for the role. Then I just think he heard the song and he liked it and was just.. in it. He's a bit of an Irish hero, plus our bassist Jay is a massive Game of Thrones fan.

    At the start of your career, you were called 21 demands. Why the name change?
    Steve: people talk about the occasionally. Cause we grew up together we've always played together plus everything else in between like skateboarding and stuff. When we sere playing together when we were about 16 or 17 we called ourself 21 demands. We didn't really know what we were doing and didn't really had a voice. Our songs were terrible. In Ireland we did a TV show and we ended up having a mr 1 hit, but then after hat we just completely shied away from everything.
    Mark: We still don't know what we're doing.
    Steve: Yeah, you're always learning. But back then we really didn't know what we were doing. Our music now is very much our diary. Things that have happened to us. You have to grow older a little in order to write about experiences and stuff like that.

    Tell us about working with producer Steve Harris (U2, Kaiser chiefs, ..) on the new album In a perfect world.
    Mark: Another Brummie!
    Steve: he's a good guy
    Mark: he's like, our friend now.

    You sound surprised that you have friends.
    Steve: yeah, well, we've felt like outsiders in england for a while, but we're working our way in. We're best friends with Steve Harris.
    Mark: He lives in Yorkshire, so we spent quite a lot of time up there recording. He and Martin from our label are the ones that suggested we move here.
    Steve: the album was written over the past eighteen months to two years. We wrote a lot of it in the middle of Ireland at mark's parents house. In the back end of nowhere. But a lot of our EP photo's where taken there.
    Mark: We recorded in a few studios.
    Steve: we did a bit in rockafield studios in Wales. It was cool because the pixies where recording there when we were. They'd be playing next door. And then we'd walked along, passing them with a cup of thee saying: 'hay, how y'a doing?' we finished it before Christmas, so we've been sitting on it for ages.
    Mark: We closed the album in Birmingham, did the final mixes here. In highbudy studio with a friend of ours called John Mostyn.
    Steve: It's a bit daunting as the release date approaches, because it's our first album. But the more people who hear it, the better. At the end of the day it's up to them to decide if they like it or not. The response to next songs in the live shows has been good so far.
    Mark: and we still love playing them, which is good.

    What do you feel you're bringing to the music scene right now that sets you apart from other artists whom you might be compared with.
    Both: That's a really good question.
    Mark: Eum.. Brilliance? (laughs) No.. Eum..
    Steve: That's really.. Strange because music is only any one person or a group of people's opinion. All we have is our opinion. It's pretty vague answer, but I don't know. It's what our music is.
    Mark: It's honest with a kick of Irish irony as well.
    Steve: It's four Irish guys.. with no friends (laughs). Nah, we do have friends now, they've said that they're coming tonight s they should be coming.. And given that this show is sold out, I'm pretty sure they did!

    Source: Brumlive
    Interview: 11-04-2013

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.
    Interview met Kodaline

    Picture of Kodaline

    Jullie EP is nog maar pas uit. Daar is twee jaar tijd in gekropen. Dat is langer dan normaal. Hoe komt dat?
    Steve: We moesten gewoon een beetje opgroeien. De songs handelen over het leven en dingen die echt met ons gebeurd zijn. Daar gaat altijd wel wat tijd over.

    Steve, je hebt ook je universiteit studies overboord gegooid om je hiermee bezig te houden. Zorgt dat voor extra druk?
    Steve: Niet echt, Ik zou zoiezo altijd muziek zijn blijven spelen net zoals de rest van de band. Het is wat we altijd al gedaan hebben. Ik heb één jaar gestudeerd en ik kon er niet meer tegen en was toen al de hele tijd met muziek bezig. Dus heb ik het besluit genomen om muziek te spelen en de rest vaarwel te zeggen.

    Hier zit je dan, zonder studies maar met Kodaline. Wat is het doel van de groep?
    Mark: Simpel: muziek maken en op plaatsen komen waar we nog nooit zijn geweest. We hebben de laatste vier maanden al zoveel kunnen reizen en hebben daardoor al voor zoveel mensen kunnen spelen. Al mag daar nog altijd bijkomen natuurlijk. Het is altijd fijn om nieuwe plaatsen te ontdekken.

    Wil je Ierland daarmee ontvluchten?
    Mark: Daar zijn we misschien een beetje in geslaagd. Ach, hoewel het altijd leuk is om terug thuis te komen heeft het toch wat om eens vier maanden weg te zijn. We hebben er enkele uitverkochte optredens in Nederland opzitten. Binnenkort staan er ook not België, opnieuw Nederland, Duitsland, Frankrijk en heel van in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op het programma. We gaan gewoon naar waar we kunnen.
    Steve: We hebben ook voor het eerst optredens in New York en L.A, das toch ook iets waar je naar uitkijkt. Het is cliché en mooi tegelijk. We zijn een gloednieuwe groep, niet veel mensen kennen ons tot nu toe, maar toch komen ze massaal naar onze optredens kijken. Daar doe je het als band voor. We zijn al blij dat we voor mensen mogen spelen. Daarna is het aan hen om te bepalen of ze ons tof vinden.

    Kodaline is nieuw, maar tegelijkertijd ook niet, want jullie hebben eigenlijk al een verleden in de muziekwereld?Steve: Inderdaad. Wat we deden als 21 demands is wel helemaal niet te vergelijken met wat we nu doen. Het verschil is dat we volwassen zijn geworden. Iedereen schaamt zich wel voor de dingen die hij deed toen hij 17 was. We hadden een song die het tot nummer één in de hitlijst schopte maar eigenlijk was dat een verschrikkelijk lied. Ach, we hebben er tenminste plezier aan beleefd, maar daar blijft het wel bij. Je moet geen songs uit de periode in één van onze optredens verwachten, bijvoorbeeld. We hebben een beetje aan 'soul searching' gedaan. Kodaline is wie we nu zijn, 21 demands behoort tot ons verleden. Stel je voor dat je op je 17de een dagboek schrijft en je zou dat nu opnieuw lezen, hoe zou je daarover denken?

    Jullie hebben heel persoonlijke teksten, over stukgelopen relaties en meer universele thema's. Is er een grens aan hoe diep jullie willen gaan met jezelf bloot te geven?
    Steve: niet echt. Eigenlijk onderwerpen we in onze muziek ons dagboek aan het oordeel van de mensen. Daar dient muziek toch voor?

    Is het een doel om 16 jarige meisjes aan het huilen te brengen?
    Jay: Dat is slechts een neveneffect. (lacht)
    Steve: Het spijt ons als het gebeurd. We schrijven gewoon op wat we voelen, zo eerlijk mogelijk. Dat is ook hoe je muziek vers en origineel houdt. Elke relatie en elke persoon die daardoor gaat heeft zijn of haar eigen visie. Ik zie mezelf niet in staat om over andere dingen te schrijven. Je hebt nergens zo'n goede voeling mee als met je eigen gevoelens. Voor ons is dat ook helemaal niet cliché.

    Probeer je daarmee ook persoonlijke wraak te nemen? Als je zingt over stukgelopen relaties, denk je dan bij jezelf: 'Ah, kijk eens waar ik al sta!'
    Jay: Das is dan weer een beetje vijandig en zo zijn we helemaal niet. We beschrijven gewoon hoe we ons voelen op een bepaald moment, zonder het in het gezicht van die persoon te willen wrijven. We proberen eerlijk te blijven tegenover onszelf.

    Een krantenartikel omschreef jullie als een mix tussen Coldplay, Mumford & Sons en de vroegere naïviteit van U2. Nogal wat adelbrieven, hoe staat jullie daar zelf tegenover?
    Mark: we hebben die vergelijking nog al gehoord. We liggen daar niet meer echt wakker van. Het gaat altijd wel zo: als er een nieuwe band opduikt dan moet doe plots vergeleken worden met andere groepen. Ik denk dat mensen een soort houvast zoeken wanneer ze iets nieuws horen, een ankerpunt. Ons steken ze in die hoek, we staan er niet voor te springen maar het stoort ons ook niet.
    Steve: ik snap het ook wel. Niet veel mensen kennen ons, en ze weten sneller waarover het gaat als ze ons ergens mee kunnen vergelijken. Da''s tof, dat zijn allemaal grote bands, dus is het wel een eer om daarmee vergeleken te worden. Onszelf valt die link eigenlijk niet op. Wanneer we in de studio zitten, denken we bijvoorbeeld niet hoe het volgende nummer als Coldplay zal klinken.

    'All I want' groeit langzaam uit tot een radio hit. Komt dat als een verrassing?
    Jay: toch wel, het kan succes niet voorspellen. Je denkt bij het maken van een EP niet: 'dat zal onze eerste hitsingle worden.' Je brengt ze gewoon uit en je ziet wat er gebeurd.
    Mark: Succes voorspellen is een riskante bezigheid; Alles komt neer op persoonlijke smaak en die is zo divers dat je dat onmogelijk vooraf kunt inschatten. We hadden zelfs niet verwacht dat 'All I want' een single zou worden. We hebben een EP gemaakt met een video voor 'All I want' en plots pikten enkele radio deejays die op. We zijn onder meer langs geweest bij BBC radio 1, en dat heeft absoluut geholpen. Nadien is het langzaam maar zeker op gang gekomen in de UK.

    Zou je een jaar geleden voorspelt hebben dat je nu persdagen zou houden in België?
    Steve: niet echt, België is een geweldige stad trouwens. We verwachtte niet dat..
    Mark: Zei je nu dat België een schitterende stad is?
    Steve: Excuseer, ik ben al sinds zeven uur op vanmorgen. We zijn nooit echt bezig geweest met waar we binnen afzienbare tijd zouden staan of hoe populair we zouden kunnen zijn. Opnieuw, het enige wat we ons voorhielden was gewoon de hand op het hart leggen en vertellen wat we te zeggen hebben. Voor al de rest ben je afhankelijk van persoonlijke smaak van mensen. Dan blijf je gewoon beter jezelf in de hoop dat andere mensen dat appreciëren.

    Wanneer zijn jullie door een groot label als Sony opgepikt?
    Mark: ergens in de zomer. We werden eind 2011 opgepikt door een klein indielabel 'B-unique, en daar heeft sony ons opgemerkt. Veel verschil geeft dat niet. Mensen vinden leuk wat we doen en dat proberen we zolang mogelijk vol te houden.
    Steve: Het leuke is ook dat we volledige controle behouden over wat we doen. We kunnen dus niet meepraten over grote labels die je vrijheid afnemen.
    Jay: Ze duwen ons ook niet in een bepaalde hoek. Geen idiote discussies over wat we mogen dragen en wat niet, geen problemen met plaatsen waar we willen optreden enzovoort. Sony was trouwens ook al onze verdeler toen we nog bij B-unique zaten dus op dat vlak is er niet veel veranderd.

    Jullie hebben ook op het eurosonic-showcase festival in Groningen gespeeld. Is dat een goede manier om je als band bekend te maken met het grote publiek?
    Steve: dat is niet zeker, maar het was alleszins een geweldige ervaring. 300 acts speelden daar dus je kon altijd en overal naar een groep gaan kijken. We hebben negen optredens op twee dagen gespeeld. Dat was hectisch maar wel fijn. De reactie van het publiek was meer dan behoorlijk, dus we zouden het gerust een miljoen keer opnieuw doen. Het is natuurlijk niet gemakkelijk om op te vallen tussen zo een groot aanbod, maar meer dan het beste van jezelf geven kan je toch niet doen.

    We hebben in de coulissen opgevangen dat een meisje in de catering bij iedereen wel in de smaak viel maar dan Dan Smith van Bastille ermee ging lopen. Is die klap al verwerkt.
    Steve: Daar willen we niet over praten! (lacht)
    Vinny We spreken niet meer met Bastille.
    Mark: We hebben eigenlijk niet eens met Bastille kunnen spreken. Dat is het probleem van een festival met zoveel bands. Het is onmogelijk om iedereen te ontmoeten terwijl dat net het fijne is aan festivals. Maar we hebben genoeg kunnen eten en drinken met andere artiesten.
    Steve: En heel wat goede groepen gezien: de villagers, die net als wij Iers zijn of Bastille was ook zeer goed. En nog een groep maar de naam ontglipt me even. Waren ze Nederlands? Nee, ze waren Engels.. Nee, sorry, vergeten. Kijk uit naar een goede Engelse groep! (lacht)

    Heeft Dublin een bruisende muziek scene?
    Mark: wel, zoals gezegd heb je de Villagers, daar hebben we tonnen respect voor.
    Steve: Het tweede album stond non-stop op terwijl we onderweg waren op onze tournee. Geweldige plaat.
    Mark: Ierland is zo'n klein land dus iedereen kent al snel iedereen in de muziekwereld. Als er een goede, nieuwe groep opkomt, praat iedereen daar vrijwel meteen over. Er is nog zo'n nieuwe groep 'Little green cars', zij stonden ook op Eurosonic en zijn zeker het uitchecken waard.
    Steve: In Ierland heb je als band op een week tijd zowat elke goede zaal bezocht, met een weekendje rust tussenin.
    Vinny: de markt is klein en dus is de sector dat ook. Toch bied de Ierse muziekbranche nog veel kwaliteit. Ik vind dat we redelijk wat goede groepen hebben.
    Steve: Al zijn wij meer op het Verenigd Koninkrijk gericht. We wonen daar ook, er zijn meer zalen en het is er groter. Als band heb je meer mogelijkheden. Het is dan ook in de UK dat we echt opgepikt zijn.

    Steve, ik heb je zowel de piano als de gitaar zien spelen, welk instrument verkies je?
    Steve: Dat is zo'n moeilijke vraag. Ik schrijf het meeste van de songs op de piano dus misschien dat ik dat verkies. Ik weet het niet, ik speel ook heel graag gitaar en andere instrumenten. Maar ik speel het meeste op de piano. Het is zelfs voor Mark een hele moeilijke vraag en jij bent onze guitarist!
    Mark: Ja, ik zou niet goed kunnen kiezen. Een mooie piano sound is heel moeilijk te kloppen.
    Steve: Ik zie mezelf nog wel een piano-gitaar aanschaffen, een keytar noemen ze dat. Verschrikkelijk is dat. Degene die dat heeft uitgevonden moet van zichzelf gedacht hebben dat hij een geweldige ingeving had. Maar hoe belachelijk is dat?
    Ze zijn enkel goed voor Stevie Wonder en Matt Bellamy!
    Vinny: Die kan spelen met wat hij wilt en er nog mee wegkomen, dat is geen eerlijke vergelijking.

    Dus je kan de nieuwe Matthew Bellamy worden?
    Steve: Niet te veel druk, asjeblieft! (lacht)

    Source: Indiestyle
    Interview: 25-02-2013

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.interview

    Interview met Steve Garrigan

    Kodaline, Stephen Garrigan, King Tuts

    Who are your heroes?
    Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Dave Groh, Sam Cooke, to name a few.

    What is your favourite place in Ireland?
    Swords is a great town, we also spend a lot of time at the Old Bailey in Howth. It's beautiful. Anywhere in Galway or Kerry, my nana will be happy I mentioned Kerry.

    What is your most treasured possession?
    My phone, I lost it a few times and lost a lot of notes and lyrics I write, which is a killer.

    What makes you angry?
    Animal cruelty, racism, small mindedness in general. But on a lighter note: stepping on a plug barefooted first thing in the morning.

    What book influenced you the most?
    Bob Dylan's 'Chronicles' really opened up my eyes to the power of music. It also made me fall in love with New York without ever being there.

    If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?
    There are too many things to mention, I wish I wasn't so insecure.

    What gives your life meaning?
    Music, family, friends

    Can you tell me a joke?
    What's big, red and will kill you it it falls out of a tree?
    A firetruck.
    It's not a very good joke, sorry about that.

    Can you recommend an interesting website?, for all your non-real word news. When everything else gets a little bit too heavy, I'd recommend a look at that.

    What's the best advice you've ever been given?
    Listen to and take in advice but follow your own instincts.

    When did you last cry?
    I got a bit emotional at a gig a few weeks ago. I was singing one of our songs and it just hit me hard, really didn't see it coming.

    What do you see when you look in the mirror?
    A shy, blonde haired boy in desperate need of a haircut.

    What is your favourite film and why?
    It's a wonderful life. It really is the simple things in life that matter the most. It's very easy to get caught up in things that don't matter. Just watch it.

    What is your passion?

    What do you have hanging on your walls at home that you like looking at most?
    A few landscape paintings and a big photograph of New York City skyline in the nighttime. There are also a few famous quotes of general encouragement stuck in random places.

    What was your most formative experience?
    Probably being heartbroken or dropping out of college. Until then I really hated what I was doing but I was too scared to drop out, it was soul destroying.

    What do you believe in?
    Ghosts, God and aliens, anything that can't be proved or disproved. I'm a true believer in following your own instincts.

    What trait do others criticise you about?
    I can obsess over things if they're not right. Sometimes it's frustrating for others.

    What is the funniest thing you've even seen or heard?
    It changes from time to time. Youtube is a gold mine for random videos.

    What is your favourite word one-liner of retort?
    'Yeah, that' cool man' or 'nah man'.

    What would your motto be?
    Positive thinking is the most powerful think in the world.

    As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    I think a fireman or a lawyer but I think those choices where put into my head by other people. Music was and is what I love

    What are the best and the worst things about where you live?
    We live in Moselei in Bermingham at the moment. Although we haven't got to see the place properly as we've never there, but it's a very cool vibe about it.

    Which Irish work of art would you recommend most highly?
    Astral weeks by Van Morrison

    The best thing about the past 12 months was?
    Meeting new people, travelling to new places, playing sold out shows and writing music.

    My biggest goal over the next 12 months is?7
    That we play to as many people as possible or that music reached the ears of many people as possible.

    Source: Irishpost
    Photo: Contactmusic
    Interview: 1-04-2013

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Kodaline BBC redio Nottingham

    Interview met Steve en Mark van Kodaline:

    Kodaline, good to see you. I was privileged some of the soundcheck there. Pretty amazing stuff going on at the moment.
    Mark: Yeah, it's a good sounding venue. The rescue rooms. We've played here before, supporting 'We are augustines' and the sound was good then and it's good now. Now we're back to do our own show.

    We've been playing you since, I guess, Last autumn. And at the time I started playing you, it seemed like only a few people have heard of you but now everybody seems to know your name. How does that feel for you?
    Steve: We're just really excited about releasing our album whish is out on june but eum.. It's great that.. Thanks a million for playing us.  

    I wasn't saying it to get you to thank me!
    Steve: No, I know, that's really, really cool. People seem to be slowly discover us, getting behind us. So it's really great.

    High hopes is the current single. Tell us a little bit about the history about High hopes.
    Mark: It's a pretty old song.
    Steve: Yeah, it's.. High hopes is our oldest song on the album. It's about two and a half, almost three years old, yeah. It's just a song about when times are tough and nothing seems to be going right, the best thing that you can do - in our opinion - is think positive so, I mean, or try the best to think positive. So High hopes, that's why it's called High hopes. It's a very personal song for us but the reaction for us so far has been great so it's really cool.

    Now I'm aware of the massive succes that you had in Ireland. And it does feel like things are building really quickly for you at the moment as well. Cause you have a slice of succes there and now the same things are happening over her. So does that feel any different here?
    Mark: I think we kind of started with both theratories but it's just that we're Irish. And when an Irish band does well or put some music out, Irish people just really, really get behind it, so that could be the reason for that.

    What is life like on the road? Because I just glimpsed into your little window in your dressing room for a few minutes and when I walked and it was like one big mess. Is it ike that the whole time?
    Mark: It's like: look at that big mess. We've been here for about an hour and the place is fithy. My suitcase's just open and my clothes are everywhere. because you live out of your suitcase. There's no point in outpacking if you stay for a night. I don't really know who that person is who just walked in..
    Steve: For the most part, it's just travelling, so I mean it's not as exciting as you think it would be but you walked in at a busy time with  the soundcheck and everybody's running around but for the most part it's just pretty chilled.

    The album is 'In a perfect world' and to my mind it must be complete now, it must be finished and yet you where in the studio yesterday, so what's that all about?
    Mark: We just write a ridiculous amount of songs whenever we have time off. We just write and instead of sitting in our hotel we just, we were near the studio where we started the album in, Veil studios, it's in Worcester. So we just thought we just roll out there for a day and put down some stuff.

    Which part do you enjoy the most? Is it writing songs? Is it recording them? Is it standing in front of a crowd and being adored? Which part of it really does it for you?
    Steve: Being adored as.. I don't know.. I mean.. I don't know that. That's not my answer. But I'd say the best thing is writing songs cause expecially because we travel a lot now and like with all the new experiences and new people we meet and new places we see.  There's so much to write about. It's all cool, music is great, really. Isn't it?

    No it's great, it is great. I mean, it's great when it's working for you. It definitely is at the moment. We thank you very much indeed, have a really great gig tonight. The release date for the album it's somewhere in june, I think?
    Mark: It's out on the 10th of June, yeah. It could be the sound of our summer because we're playing the album every single day.

    Voor het audio interview kan je naar deze tumblr gaan:
    Source: Radio Nothingham, Tumbr
    Interview: 6-04-2013

    22-07-2013 om 18:52 geschreven door Kodaline Fansite  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.interview

    een interview met Steve Garrigan

    Congrats on making the BBC's sound of 2013 shortlist. Did the Sound of 2013 nomination come as a suprise?
    Cheers, yeah we didn't expect it. It means a lot. Hopefully it gets our music out and into the ears of more people. It's pretty cool.

    The song and video for your track 'All I want' has been quite a success. How bad should I feel if I exactly looked  like the guy in the video?
    Well, the old age saying answers that question: 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. As cliché as that quote is, I hope it cheers you up.

    How did the Grey's Anatomy song feature come about? And - not to be sexist - but as a guy, do you even like Grey's anatomy?
    We went over to L.A a few months back and we played for a few people, they liked us and decided to put 'All I want' on the show. Funnily enough, we ran into Billy Joel in a bar over there too.. But I suppose that's another story. We've never watched Grey's Anatomy but we do like the music they have on the show, so it's a cool feeling that they chose a song of ours for it

    As the music industry changes, bands are now licensing their music to television and commercials? This used to be considered sell outr territory. Having done this yourself with Greys Anatomy, do you think fans' views are changing and more understanding?
    I've been introduced to alot of great music through films and television programmes, it's a great way to discover new music, for instance I discovered a guy caled Warren Zevon and his song 'keep my in your heart' from the film funny people. In short, it's a way to discover music.

    Complete this sentence: All I want..
    Are gloves and scarves, before the cold tears me apart. The heavy snow in Birmingham, was not a part of my weekend plan. I'm cold and I have to walk to rehearsals.

    Becoming succesful with only 1 EP must make the set lists for live shows a little repetitive. How excited are you to have new songs that the crowds will know?
    Playing gigs is fun in general. Although I can't wait to release the album. It's out on the 25th of March, it will be interesting to see how people will react to it. Hopefully they like it.

    Why is your next EP being released a week before your debut album? You're not afraid of Kodaline Overload?
    We write a lot of songs so we decided to put a few on another EP before the album.

    2013 promises to be another busy year for the band. What do you hope to get out of 2013?
    To play to as many people as possible, that's pretty much it. Well, also to write more and buy a decent pair of gloves.

    The question every band loves - What does the name 'Kodaline' mean?
    It's very personal, we'd like to keep it a secret if that's ok.

    WHat's the biggest misconception about Irish music or Ierland's music scene?
    That every one knows each other. It's not that small of a place

    Besides Kodaline, what bands should people rushing to check out?
    Tame Impala are great, Lianne La Havas, Little green cars, Hudson Tayor and Gabrielle Aplin to name a few.

    Interview: 30-01-2013

    22-07-2013 om 17:52 geschreven door Kodaline Fansite  

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    Categorie:interviews written


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