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    AJ Styles Disrupts Meet and Greet

    On Friday in Wilkes-Barre, AJ Styles took his frustration with the fans who were allowed access backstage to a whole new level. What started out as a great intermission meet n' greet with the fans backstage, ended up in chaos as Styles and Kazarian interrupted the event in an attempt to have the lucky backstage pass winners thrown out. Luckily, the Pope and TNA officials were on hand to remove the members of Fortune from the backstage area.

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    Drew McIntyre & “Dashing” Cody Rhodes def. WWE Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty (Non-Title Match)
    Kofi Kingston def. Jack Swagger
    Self-professed “co-Women’s Champions” Layla & Michelle McCool def. Kelly Kelly & Rosa Mendes
    CM Punk def. Christian

    DETROIT – Just two days before World Heavyweight Champion Kane will battle The Undertaker at Night of Champions, The Big Red Monster agreed to make their epic showdown a No Holds Barred Match. Moments later, the frightening Superstar demonstrated the full force of his “power” on The Demon of Death Valley.

    World Heavyweight Champion Kane answered The Undertaker’s challenge with horrific authority (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    One week after The Undertaker proposed that his match with Kane at Night of Champions be a No Holds Barred Match, the self-proclaimed “Devil’s Favorite Demon” accepted (Match preview). However, as The Phenom emerged to stand toe-to-toe with his demonic adversary, the lights went dark. When they came back up, Kane was standing behind The Deadman. Catching his prey off-guard, The Big Red Monster launched a vicious assault on his older brother, culminating in a chokeslam-tombstone combination!

    CM Punk def. Christian (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    With Alberto Del Rio sitting in at the announce table, Captain Charisma took on CM Punk. At a pivotal moment, Del Rio grabbed both the microphone and Christian’s attention, opening the door for The Second City Saint to execute the GTS for the pin.

    Afterward, Del Rio put his chair on top of Christian, reiterating that he would not face him at Night of Champions. When Big Show stormed to the ring, Del Rio looked ready to hit The World’s Largest Athlete with the chair. Although this gave Punk time to attack his Night of Champions opponent, Big Show quickly turned the tables, blasting Punk with a knockout punch. (Match preview)

    Self-professed “co-Women’s Champions” Layla & Michelle McCool def. Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    After Michelle threw Rosa off her game with a kick to the back, Layla hit the neckbreaker, paving the way for a “flawless” triumph just two days before Night of Champions.

    Later, in order to determine which member of Team Lay-Cool would face Divas Champion Melina in a Lumberjill Unification Match at this Sunday’s pay-per-view, Michelle proposed to Layla that Kaval pick a name out of a hat (Watch). After Michelle won the right to face Melina, Kaval discovered that Michelle’s name was on every piece of paper in the hat. This infuriated the English-born Diva, who said that Michelle would “stand alone” this Sunday. (Match preview)

    Hornswoggle goes back to school (WATCH)
    SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long’s attempt to get Hornswoggle to talk backfired once again.

    Kofi Kingston def. Jack Swagger (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Before taking on Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston assured the WWE Universe that, not only will he recapture the Intercontinental Championship at Night of Champions, but that he will also rid WWE of the “repulsive” Vickie Guerrero-Dolph Ziggler couple.

    After surviving several attempts by Swagger to make his adversary tap out to his dreaded ankle lock, Kingston reigned supreme over “The All-American American” with Trouble in Paradise. Can he use his momentum to win back the Intercontinental Title this Sunday? (Match preview)

    Drew McIntyre & “Dashing” Cody Rhodes def. WWE Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty in a Non-Title Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    As the reigning WWE Tag Team Champions, David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd are free to compete on both Raw and SmackDown. This Friday night, they journeyed to the latter, with Natalya in tow, to take on the combination of Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes.

    Moments after McIntyre foiled The Heart Attack – hurling Tyson Kidd into the announce table – his “Dashing” partner hit Smith with the Cross Rhodes. This gave the dangerous duo a huge, non-title victory over the Tag Team Champs!

    Since The Hart Dynasty must defend their titles at Night of Champions, could McIntyre and Rhodes’ win make them the No. 1 contenders this Sunday?

    Christian presented the “Peep Show” with special guest Alberto Del Rio (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Tensions continued to build between Christian and Alberto Del Rio on the “Peep Show.” After Captain Charisma questioned whether Del Rio was as great as he presented himself or simply a “cheap fajita,” he challenged the aristocratic Superstar to a match at Night of Champions. When Del Rio once again blew him off with a smile, Christian responded with a humiliating slap across the face. As Del Rio made his exit, he gave Christian a definitive answer ... "no!"

    Friday Night Smackdown 17.09.10

    WWE Smackdown 17/9/2010 Part 1/7 (XviD)
    Uploaded by Nour_TeeeT. - Check out more sports and extreme sports videos.

    WWE Smackdown 17/9/2010 Part 2/7 (XviD)
    Uploaded by Nour_TeeeT. - Discover the latest sports and extreme videos.

    WWE Smackdown 17/9/2010 Part 3/7 (XviD)
    Uploaded by Nour_TeeeT. - Discover the latest sports and extreme videos.

    WWE Smackdown 17/9/2010 Part 4/7 (XviD)
    Uploaded by Nour_TeeeT. - Check out more sports and extreme sports videos.

    WWE Smackdown 17/9/2010 Part 5/7 (XviD)
    Uploaded by Nour_TeeeT. - Basketball, baseball, pro wrestling and more sports videos.

    WWE Smackdown 17/9/2010 Part 6/7 (XviD)
    Uploaded by Nour_TeeeT. - Check out more sports and extreme sports videos.

    WWE Smackdown 17/9/2010 Part 7/7 (XviD)
    Uploaded by Nour_TeeeT. - Discover the latest sports and extreme videos.

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    TNA iMPACT Results - September 16, 2010
    Date Added: September 18, 2010
    Story By: Will Hengelbrok

    We open this week's event with a video package recapping the Kurt Angle-Jeff Hardy match at No Surrender, during which Angle said he never even knew there was a 20 minute time limit.

    We start with Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy already in the ring, and they are soon joined by Eric Bischoff and the lady who almost makes Eric Bischoff segments bearable: ladies and gentlemen, Miss Tessmacher. He starts by congratulating Ken Anderson for making it to the finals of the tournament at Bound For Glory, and as for who his opponent will be, that is what Bischoff will address right now. After 24 years in the wrestling business, Bischoff has never seen a match as intense and hard fought as what these two did at No Surrender. He agrees with the crowd that it was awesome, and it's an honor to be in the ring with these guys, and asks the crowd to give it up for them one more time. The crowd obliges. Bischoff says that the problem they face now is that since there wasn't a winner between these two, we still need a TNA World Champion, so the main event of Bound For Glory will be Ken Anderson, Kurt Angle, and Jeff Hardy in a Three Way Dance. Wait, we're not done yet: Dixie Carter comes out from the back and said she just wants to take a moment to recognize that Kurt and Jeff gave it everything they have and they never let up (crowd starts a Thank You Both chant), and she says it was one of her favorite matches in TNA history, but she knows they weren't happy with the finish. Dixie says that a few weeks ago, Eric overruled her where Ric Flair was concerned, and now she's going to return the favor and overrule him. Tonight: Kurt Angle faces Jeff Hardy with no time limit, and the winner will face Ken Anderson at Bound For Glory.

    We go backstage to the Pope, who is going to find Eric Bischoff because this is BS. He walks over to Kevin Nash and Sting and shares a handshake. Uh oh, what's that about?

    Last week, a TNA camera crew caught up with Tommy Dreamer at a gas station in Yonkers and asked him what's next for EV2.0, and Tommy gets in his car and says it's time to go home, and that's all he has to say. He drives away.

    Time for our opening match...

    Kevin Nash vs Samoa Joe

    Nash opens with a kneelift to the gut and pounds away at Joe, then works him over in the corner with elbows and kneelifts and Joe is flat on the mat early. Nash whips Joe to the ropes and Joe ducks a clothesline and nails him with a running boot, then drops him again with a clothesline. Joe whips Nash to the corner and follows in with a running forearm and an enziguiri, and Nash rolls to the floor. He pulls Joe out by the ankle and rams him into the ring apron, then continues beating him up around ringside. Joe fires back at Nash, but Sting attacks Joe from behind, Jeff Jarrett (who is in Joe's corner) runs over to make the save, and it turns into a big brawl at ringside and both men get counted out.
    Double Countout

    Security comes out and tries unsuccessfully to break the fight up as all four men continue brawling around ringside.

    We go backstage to Madison Rayne and Tara with Lacey Von Erich, who is wearing nothing but a towel. Lacey says she hasn't made her decision yet, so Madison tells her not to hurt herself by thinking and get ready.

    We go to Sting and Nash backstage, who say they're having fun and plan to continue having fun on 10-10-10.

    Back to the ring for our next match...

    X-Division Title Match: Doug Williams vs Jay Lethal

     Lethal earned this title shot by beating Williams on Xplosion. Williams is mad and goes right after Lethal and they go toe to toe. Williams comes out on top, slams Lethal, and gets a kneedrop for 2. He whips Lethal to the corner, catches his boot on a charge, but Lethal hits the pendulum kick. Williams no sells and gets a salto for 2, then he HITS THE CHINLOCK! He quickly releases it and opts to kick him in the head instead, Lethal tries to fire back but Williams cracks him hard in the face and covers for 2, then whips Lethal hard into the corner and covers again for another 2, then goes to an abdominal stretch. Lethal gets out, but runs off the ropes into a back elbow from Williams, who follows that up with a snap suplex for 2. Williams dropkicks Lethal's knees out from under him and gets a bow and arrow, and he sets up for Chaos Theory but Lethal fights out. Williams gets backdropped to the apron, but nails Lethal and goes up top, but eats a dropkick coming off the top and both men are down. Lethal goes for a handspring elbow but Williams catches him and tries the Chaos Theory, Lethal blocks and hits the Lethal Combination and covers but only gets 2. Lethal goes for the Macho Man elbow, but takes too long and Williams moves, Williams goes for a second rope tornado DDT but Lethal shoves him off and hits the Lethal Injection for the win and the X-Division Title.

    Winner and NEW X-Division Champion: Jay Lethal

    Lethal goes out and celebrates in the crowd.

    We go backstage to Abyss, who is dragging a body through the backstage area. Okay then.

    Also backstage, Kurt Angle says that Jeff Hardy went the distance and proved himself to Angle. Hardy's great, but he's not a champion. Angle is a champion, and he's going to beat Hardy and then go on to Bound For Glory and become TNA World Champion.

    Time for our next match...

    Knockouts Tag Team Title Match: Taylor Wilde & Hamada vs Madison Rayne & Lacey Von Erich

    Oh god, Lacey's starting. Taylor wrestles circles around her, then gets a hammerlock. Lacey manages to reverse to a headlock, but Taylor reverses to a headlock of her own. Lacey rams Taylor into her own corner, but eats boot on a charge and Hamada tags in and comes in with a top rope sunset flip for 2. Lacey tags out to Madison, who knees Hamada in the gut and pounds her down, then screams at Lacey and tags her back in so she can hit her stupid backflip elbow. She tries it a second time but Hamada moved out of the way, then slams Lacey and hits the top rope moonsault and Lacey seems to have forgotten to put her shoulder down so the ref can count, so he counts 2 anyway. Taylor tags in and hits a top rope crossbody for 2, and Madison yanks Taylor down by the hair from the outside and tags herself in. Madison with a three quarter nelson and rams knees into Taylor's face, then hits a running clothesline. Madison tags Lacey in and they hit the worst double suplex in history for 2, and Lacey HITS THE CHINLOCK! Taylor escapes with a chinbreaker and tags in Hamada, who kills Lacey with several running kicks and a headbutt, then tags in Taylor, who nails Madison off the apron, then the champs hit a double team rolling neckbreaker thingy for the win.

    Winners: Taylor Wilde & Hamada

    Madison comes in as the champs leave and she does not look happy. She starts screaming at Lacey and shoves her, so Lacey shoves Madison on her butt. Tara comes in and nails Lacey with the motorcycle helmet from behind. Suddenly the Beautiful People music hits and Angelina Love and Velvet Sky come trotting out to make the save, and Tara and Madison bail.

    Still to come: Jeff Hardy vs Kurt Angle, but up next, Tommy Dreamer has a message for Fortune!

    Backstage, Jeff Hardy said he was happy with the three way idea, but now he's got to beat Kurt Angle to advance to Bound For Glory, and if the boss says to work, he's going to go work.

    We go back out to the Impact Zone, as Tommy Dreamer makes his way out to the ring and we see clips of the Dreamer-AJ Styles match from No Surrender. Tommy, uncharacteristically, is wearing a suit and tie. He says that EV2.0 is not here tonight, and asks Fortune for no tricks, but to just come out to the ring. Fortune, minus Douglas Williams, comes out and flashes the Fortune hand signal at him. Dreamer thanks them for coming out and says he's sick of seeing his friends get hurt, and wants to call a truce because when he first came here, he tried to make a difference, and this place is so damn special and Dreamer has a history with all of them and saw his company go away, and says that Fortune is the future of this company. If, one day, they can look at him in his shoes, this is his last chance and he's happy to contribute. This is the house that AJ built, but he's just looking for a place to call home. He tells Storm that never has someone gone from as much success as he had with America's Most Wanted and then exceeded that as part of Beer Money, and the only other guy who's done that is Stan Lane. He tells Kazarian that he got him his first job with WWE, but he left because he wasn't happy anymore, and what was bad for WWE worked out great for TNA, and he rembers the kid that came to the Boston shows when he was only in the business for six months, and if it weren't for this business he'd never have met his wife just like Tommy did. Tommy goes to Matt Morgan and says he remembers him when he was just a bouncer at a nightclub, and when he came to WWE, people said he could be the next Undertaker or Kane, but he came to TNA and proved that next time there's some big goofy kid there, he's going to be the next Matt Morgan. Tommy tells Bobby Roode that his tryout with WWE was against him, and when he offered Roode a WWE contract, he turned it down to stay with TNA because he believed in this place and he could help be a cornerstone with building this place. Tommy knows that Roode's favorite wrestlers growing up were Rick Rude and Curt Hennig, and both would look at Bobby Roode and say he's got it. He tells Flair that if he ever thought he'd be standing in a ring with Ric Flair, the one thing he'd ever say to him is thank you. He's seen Flair wrestle Steamboat and do one hour broadways, and he knows he doesn't get hardcore wrestling, but he wants to thank Flair because hardcore wrestling is all about hard work and giving it your all no matter what, and that makes Flair a hardcore wrestler. Flair calls himself the Dirtiest Player In The Game, but Dreamer says he IS the business, and the day Flair decides to never walk the aisle again, it will be the saddest day of all. And finally, to AJ Styles, he did something at the PPV that nobody else has ever done, and he didn't do it because Dreamer had a bad knee, he didn't do it by cheating, he made Dreamer quit because he was better than him. He helped Dreamer elevate his game and he is the best wrestler in the game today. The one thing he wants to do and was not able to do, and the reason he wanted to call Fortune out here for, was because he wanted to shake AJ's hand because AJ was better. AJ takes the mic from Dreamer and says that he can appreciate what Dreamer said about all of them because it takes a big man and that is commendable, and if there's one thing that can be said about Tommy Dreamer, he is all heart because he took a wrestling company in South Philadelphia and turned it into a revolution like no other. He never asked for respect, but he always seemed to get it, and with that being said, he has AJ's respect and he will shake his hand. AJ puts down the TV Title belt and tells Fortune to stay back, and shakes Tommy's hand. AJ says there's one last thing: in his 20 years of wrestling, how many other wrestlers ever made Dreamer say I Quit, then answers his own question: just one, AJ Styles. He doesn't need Dreamer's endorsement and he doesn't need his praise, and then he suckerpunches Dreamer and the entire group engages in an old school, Four Horsemen-style beatdown. Suddenly, Brian Kendrick comes running out and throws himself over Dreamer to save him from a further beating, but Fortune just kicks the crap out of him, too. AJ tosses Kendrick out to the floor and continues the beating on Dreamer, but Kendrick drags himself back in...and gets laid out again. Storm holds Dreamer up for AJ, who just clocks him with a stiff right hand and Dreamer goes down like a ton of bricks. Finally, security comes out to stop the beating and drag Dreamer and Kendrick to safety. AJ says if Dreamer wanted a truce, now he's got it. Fortune leaves, but Brian Kendrick grabs the mic and asks if anyone in Fortune is man enough to fight him now. They thrive on intimidation, but...whatever, he rambles about stuff. The point is that he's not afraid of Fortune, and he wants to know which of them if brave enough to fight him now. We'll find out if anyone will answer his challenge...after this!

    Okay, we're back and looks like we have our match, already in progress...

    Brian Kendrick vs Matt Morgan

    Morgan rips Kendrick's head off with a clothesline, then follows that with a big boot and then mounts Kendrick and rains down punches. Morgan with a nasty kick to the ribs and then hits the rapid fire elbows in the corner. Morgan with a charging splash in the corner and a fallaway slam and goes for the cover, but pulls Kendrick up at 2. Morgan just flings Kendrick across the ring, but wastes time playing to the crowd, and Kendrick hits a running boot and covers Morgan for the win.

    Winner: Brian Kendrick

    Morgan grabs a mic and says that didn't count because he wasn't ready, and he wants the match stricken from his record and wants Kendrick back out here now. Kendrick doesn't come

    Backstage, the Pope walks into Eric Bischoff's office and only finds Miss Tessmacher. She says Bischoff is in a very important meeting right now, so Pope invites Miss Tessmacher to his dressing room instead. She says she thinks she can squeeze him in, then bends over so we can see her boobs. This girl is great.

    Backstage, Abyss has one victim chained to the ceiling and another one strapped to a platform. He tears the second guy's shirt off, and he says that Janice would never cheat on him, and you can't have Janice without love. He then pulls out a hot branding iron (which he has named Bob) that says 10-10-10 on it and uses it to brand the guy strapped to the platform.

    Speaking of people Abyss has messed up, we've got Rob Van Dam on the phone. Mike asks him how the recovery is going, and RVD says that Abyss has set him back a bit and he's had to train hard to get back to where he was, and nobody knows how to take care of RVD better than RVD does. Taz asks RVD if he was upset about being stripped of the TNA World Title, and RVD says he wasn't happy about it, but he understood that TNA did what they have to do, and when he comes back he'll have to do what he'll have to do because, in his mind, he's still the champion. Tenay asks RVD if he knows when he'll be returning to TNA, and RVD says he feels good and he'll be back in the Impact Zone next week.

    Generation Me come out to the ring looking very pleased with themselves. Nick asks if we saw what happened to RVD, and says that if a champion gets injured and can't defend his title within 30 days, the title gets relinquished. Matt says that after what they did to Alex Shelley at No Surrender, they don't think he's going to be around for quite some time. People have to realize that they are Generation Me, and they represent the Me Generation: it's all about us (meaning them). It took the Motor City Machine Guns about five years to finally just barely win the TNA World Tag Team Title, but Generation Me is not here to pay any dues, they know what they want and they always get what they want, and what they want is for Chris Sabin to come down to the ring and hand them THEIR TNA World Tag Team Title. Chris Sabin comes out by himself and gets in the ring and attacks Generation Me. As you might imagine...yep, there it is, the numbers are too much and Generation Me overwhelms Sabin and...we see Nick Jackson wearing a thong? Whatever, I won't judge. They put Sabin on the top rope and hit a double DDT, then Matt stands over Sabin while holding up the belt.

    Up next: Jeff Hardy faces Kurt Angle to decide who will face Ken Anderson at Bound For Glory!

    By the way, the Shore is coming on 10/7!

    We have another video package hyping the Angle-Hardy match we're about to see, and then, it's main event time!

    TNA World Title Tournament - Semifinals: Jeff Hardy vs Kurt Angle

    They circle each other and tie up, Angle gets a duck under and takes Hardy to the corner and breaks clean. Hardy with a wristlock and changes it up into an armbar, but Angle armdrags out and gets an armbar of his own and Hardy makes the ropes for the break. Angle with a headlock, Hardy fires him into the ropes and Angle takes him down with a shoulderblock and then a side headlock takeover. Hardy gets to his feet and takes Angle to the corner, but instead of breaking clean he kicks Angle in the gut, beats him down, then runs him shoulder first into the ringpost and follows it up with a baseball slide to drive Angle into the post again. Hardy goes after Angle on the floor and rolls him back in and starts putting the boots to Angle. Hardy with a gourdbuster for 2, then he HITS THE CHINLOCK! Hardy fires forearms down at Angle's rib that he dislocated at No Surrender, but Angle elbows his way out of the chinlock, and Hardy tries a charge at Angle but Angle moves and Hardy sails through the ropes to the floor and the ref starts counting. Hardy makes it back to his feet and Angle with a slingshot dive over the top onto Hardy. Ken Anderson comes out from the back and sits down with Mike and Taz at ringside as we go to commercial.

    We come back just as Hardy and Angle hit a double clothesline and both men are down. The referee starts their count as Dixie Carter sits and watches at ringside. Angle recovers first and nails Hardy with a couple of clotheslines and a backdrop. Anderson is with Mike and Taz in the booth and Taz asks him who he'd rather face, to which Anderson says both of them and neither of them. Angle with an overhead belly to belly suplex on Hardy and then goes for the Angle Slam, but Hardy escapes and hits the Twist Of Fate for 2. Hardy slowly goes to the top and tries a dive, but Angle runs underneath Hardy and hits a moonsault, coming down on his head but covering Hardy for 2 anyway. He pulls the straps down as he begins bleeding hardway as he hooks the Ankle Lock on Hardy. Hardy tries to mule kick his way out, but Angle holds on, but Hardy successfully kicks Angle off the second time and hits another spinning kick, then goes up top and hits the Swanton for a very close 2. Hardy goes up top for the Whisper In The Wind, but Angle moves and Hardy wipes out the referee. Hardy checks on the ref, so Angle comes from behind and hits the Angle Slam as a second referee slides in and counts another close 2. Angle with a second Angle Slam, and Hardy kicks out at 2 again. Angle picks Hardy up and brings him to the corner and starts unloading with hard right hands and...the show is off the air. The match rolls over into Reaction.

    Okay, guess we're going into overtime. Angle with a bodyscissors on Hardy, but Hardy regains his feet and fights his way out. He comes off the ropes and runs right into a knee to the midsection from Angle. Angle HITS THE CHINLOCK, but Hardy fights out again and starts hitting running forearms on Angle, followed by a springboard dropkick for 2. Hardy clotheslines Angle to the floor and goes out after him, ramming Angle repeatedly into the ring apron and then rolls him back into the ring. Hardy tries a wild swing, but Angle ducks under and hits the Rolling Germans, hitting five before finally covering and getting...that's right, a 2 count. Angle goes up top and tries a flying headbutt, but Hardy moves and goes for the Twist Of Fate but Angle slips out, rolls Hardy to the mat, and catches him in the Ankle Lock again as the second ref revives. Angle changes it up to a heel hook and cranks back on it so far that not only are Hardy's shoulders down from the pain, but Angle's as well. Each ref counts one man's shoulders down to the mat, and it looks like we have another inconclusive finish. Dixie Carter is standing at ringside looking perplexed, and Eric Bischoff comes out to sort this out as we go to commercial.

    We're back and Dixie and Bischoff are talking it over at ringside, and then Bischoff gets in the ring with a mic and says that he's never seen two competitors who have given it all like they did, and both of them deserve a shot at the World Title, so right now he's going to book the same three way we started with at the beginning of this show. Angle and Hardy share a moment and a hug, and then head to the back. Okay, as far as I'm concerned, we're done. Call it...

    Double Pin


    TNA Impact 16.09.10

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    Uploaded by mrhardylima. - Check out more sports and extreme sports videos.

    Uploaded by mrhardylima. - Check out more sports and extreme sports videos.

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    Uploaded by mrhardylima. - Discover the latest sports and extreme videos.

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    Matt Hardy hints at joining TNA

    Matt Hardy hints at joining TNA
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 09/17/2010 at 03:54 PM

    Matt Hardy is strongly hinting on Twitter that he's headed to TNA Wrestling. A fan asked him if there was any chance he'd team up again with his brother Jeff to re-form The Hardy Boyz. Matt replied:

    "A 100% chance :) And I can't wait.."

    Another fan also tweeted the following to Hardy:

    matt comon man you got a losing streak ur not the matt I watch a long time ago. He received the following reply from Hardy:

    "You're right-plan on changing that. It's time for me to go somewhere that'll I'll be given a fair chance-that's all I want."

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    Sean Waltman comments on his arrest

    Sean Waltman comments on his arrest
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 09/17/2010 at 02:25 PM

    Sean Waltman posted the following at his Twitter account TheRealXPac:

    “Some c— stole my wallet with 1500.00 in it & my id. Got arrested for possession of half a joint’s worth of weed. Still in NY 4 some biz.”

    “Im in NY area with no weed 2 smoke. Cops took it. Anyone in the area want to hook a brother up?”

    “i love the websites that say i was arrested 4 drugs. like they dont know it was just weed. I didnt have an 8 ball 4 f—’s sake. 1/2 a joint”

    18-09-2010 om 23:11 geschreven door jefken  

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    Uitslagen wwe superstars 16 september
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    Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov def. The Usos
    The Great Khali def. Primo
    MVP def. Luke Gallows

    Don’t know where to catch “WWE Superstars”? Find WGN America in your area. Can't see “WWE Superstars” on WGN America in your area? Stay with for full results, photos and video clips of all the action.

    MVP def. Luke Gallows (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    After falling to Big Show on last Thursday’s edition of “WWE Superstars,” Luke Gallows vowed to eliminate MVP tonight. But just like last week, CM Punk’s most loyal soldier was unable to back up his words with actions. Despite bringing his trademark viciousness to The Ballin’ Superstar, Gallows was unable to stop MVP from connecting with an explosive Playmaker to score the win.

    The Great Khali def. Primo (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    On the third season of WWE NXT, Primo has been trying to teach his Rookie Diva A.J. how to make it in WWE. But tonight, the Puerto Rican Superstar only showed his beautiful pupil how to take a beating as Primo was completely devastated by The Great Khali. After being slapped around the ring by The Punjabi Playboy, the Raw Superstar was driven into the mat with a huge Punjabi Plunge for the merciful finish.

    Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov def. The Usos (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    The unspoken attraction between Santino Marella and The Usos’ alluring manager, Tamina, heated up in the opening bout of “WWE Superstars.” Although her team came up short in their match against the Italian Superstar & Vladimir Kozlov, Tamina didn’t hesitate to get in a little flirting with Santino after the loss. Asking to learn how to perform Marella’s trademark “cobra” strike, Tamina got more than she bargained for when Santino planted a very big kiss on her hand. What will happen next in the budding romance between these star-crossed lovers?

    18-09-2010 om 22:55 geschreven door jefken  

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    Wrestlicious Champion Glory HAALT UIT NAAR NXT

    - Inaugural and reigning Wrestlicious Champion Glory (Christie Ricci) posted the following message on her Facebook account after watching prospective WWE Diva AJ's match on Tuesday's episode of NXT:

    "I just saw a match on NXT. Obviously these girls are not trained! This girl, "AJ" went from a total dead sell to getting up, flipping her hair and beating the crap out of a dude! BRILLIANT! I have a good idea, WWE! Why don't you get Orton to sh*t in a bag, then through it in the ring... at least that would be interesting and more realistic. And just think.. next year this girl will be PWI's top wrestler!!!"

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    WWE makes a major change to their drug policy
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 09/15/2010 at 11:20 PM

    According to, WWE has made a change to their wellness policy by banning Carisprodol (somas). The ban extends to prescriptions.

    Somas are generally used as a muscle relaxant, but they're also a popular party drug among wrestlers. This has led to some embarrassing incidents of wrestlers passing out in public after taking too many. 1990's wrestler Louie Spicolli died after an overdose of somas and wine.

    This ban will undeniably have a major effect on WWE's roster, many of whom are said to rely on somas to wind down and ease pain.

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    WWE Working with Modeling Agencies; New Talent

    WWE Working with Modeling Agencies; New Talent

    - WWE is getting ready to sign several new developmental stars as some talents were recently sent to Pittsburgh, PA for complete physicals and drug testing. If they pass, they will receive developmental deals.

    - WWE is still actively working with modeling agencies to recruit new Divas to help build up that division. Former Playboy model Tifanny Selby was recently looked at by the company in Las Vegas.

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    Former TNA/WWE star Sean Waltman arrested

    Former TNA/WWE star Sean Waltman arrested
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 09/16/2010 at 08:46 PM

    According to, former TNA/WWE performer Sean Waltman was arrested and charged with drug possession on Sunday at the Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey. Airport officials processed him before eventually releasing him without bail.

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    Wordt Naomi de nieuwe Shelton Benjamin???

    Naomi's reputation


    - People within WWE are referring to NXT Rookie Naomi Night as a “female Shelton Benjamin.” This is being said about her in a good way as Shelton was respected for being one of the most athletic stars on the roster for a long time.

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    Worden de tag teams belangrijker in wwe?

    WWE trying to improve their tag-team division?
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 09/15/2010 at 06:56 PM


    After doing away with the Unified Tag Team Titles a few weeks ago, WWE has been wanting to make the belts more important and create more tag teams to contend for the titles.

    Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre will face The Hart Dynasty in a non-title match on this week’s Friday Night Smackdown but it’s not confirmed yet if they will get a title shot at Night of Champions. It is possible WWE may add the match at the last minute.

    There has been discussion this past week about building the tag titles up. The idea is to make a few regular teams on both RAW and Smackdown so the champions will have several credible challengers.

    One idea is to do a Survivor Series style match at the PPV in November with tag teams from both brands. The match wouldn’t necessarily be a RAW vs. Smackdown match but a heels vs. faces match.

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    More on why WWE is upset with Matt Hardy

     More on why WWE is upset with Matt Hardy
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 09/15/2010 at 06:31 PM


    According to Dave Meltzer, members of the WWE creative team have been told that Matt Hardy will not be used for the foreseeable future. However, he has not been released or even suspended at this point.

    Meltzer reports that the recent Cody Rhodes promo on Hardy's weight was, similar to Mickie James and Serena, WWE's way of sending him a warning message.

    In an interesting note regarding Hardy's YouTube video, it was said that WWE was particularly upset about Hardy reading a wrestling website headline that mentioned John Cena's movie Legendary bombing at the box office.

    16-09-2010 om 14:19 geschreven door jefken  

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    Aloisia ontslagen

    We can now confirm that Aloisia (Lindsay Hayward) has been released by WWE.

    She will begin taking independent bookings soon.

    I'm guessing WWE won't make an official announcement on this.

    According to sources within World Wrestling Entertainment, the reason 6'9" lady grappler Aloisia was pulled from the third season of NXT was not because she posed suggestively in the past, but rather that the photos in question are believed to be tied to an escort service. We noted several days ago here on the website that there were 'far sleazier' photos of the 'fired' NXT Rookie Diva Aloisia online.

    16-09-2010 om 14:14 geschreven door jefken  

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    Current WWE superstar calls NXT "awful"
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 09/15/2010 at 02:31 PM

    WWE star MVP was asked about last night's episode of NXT on his official Twitter account and had the following to say:

    "NXT is awful. I'll be glad when it ALL over!"

    15-09-2010 om 20:29 geschreven door jefken  

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    What Happened After Raw
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    What Happened After Raw, Ezekiel Update
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 09/14/2010 at 08:39 PM

    - As noted before, Ezekiel Jackson made his return to the ring before last night's RAW in a dark match, defeating Zack Ryder. Jackson reportedly did well in his first match back and impressed some officials backstage who were watching closely. It's expected he will be returning to the RAW roster full-time soon.

    - Eric sent the following: After RAW last night ended, Edge and Chris Jericho tried to attack Randy Orton but he laid them both out with an RKO.


    15-09-2010 om 20:24 geschreven door jefken  

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    Matt Hardy said to be on "very thin ice" with WWE

    Matt Hardy said to be on "very thin ice" with WWE
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 09/14/2010 at 04:45 PM


    The dirt sheets continue to be against Matt Hardy as Bryan Alvarez is reporting that Hardy is on "very thin ice" with the company. According to Alvarez, WWE initially didn't want to release him since he would be able to reform the Hardy Boyz with brother Jeff in TNA. However, things have apparently changed following this weekend and the video blog Hardy made that WWE was not happy with at all. Lastly, Alvarez mentions that the "punk stooge" comment in Hardy's video was a reference to CM Punk, who Hardy is said not to get along with.

    15-09-2010 om 20:21 geschreven door jefken  

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    Blijft Nash bij TNA?

    Update on Kevin Nash's status with TNA
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 09/14/2010 at 02:31 PM


    According to Dave Meltzer, it is true that Kevin Nash's TNA contract does expires on October 12th. Despite what he said on Twitter that he'll be finishing up with the company, the belief in TNA is that he'll stay and agree to a new contract. Unlike the Matt Hardy situation, there doesn't seem to be significant heat on Nash for his actions.

    15-09-2010 om 20:15 geschreven door jefken  

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    Matt Hardy in verschrikkelijke staat

    In light of World Wrestling Entertainment’s confirmation to Newsday that Matt Hardy was pulled from two recent live events, the SmackDown Superstar issued the following statement this evening on his Twitter account:

    “Here’s a quick hello to all my people & a reassurance to everyone that I’m fine, healthy, & in good spirits. Thx for all of your support.

    “When the time is right, I’ll put everything out there as far as what “really” went down. I know I have to protect me & my brand, & I will.

    “I appreciate my fans so much that I’ll always be honest with them, & the whole story certainly isn’t out there now.

    “I appreciate all of the things the WWE has done 4 me in the past, they have been gracious to me-but now, it’s decision time for me. Thx all.”

    15-09-2010 om 20:10 geschreven door jefken  

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    Mickie James' Takes A Shot At Batista

    On Twitter, a fan suggested to former WWE Women's Champion Mickie James that she and former WWE performer Batista would "make a cute couple." The fan added, "he's a good guy. don't judge anyone cause no one knows what's going to happen in the future." James said in response that she would rather run head first into a brick wall.

    "I think I'd much rather run head 1st in2 a brick wall... Without judgment... Lmao!" she tweeted.

    Regarding the former WWE Diva's source of contention with "The Animal," it was reported shortly after her departure from WWE earlier this year that she had a few backstage "run-ins" with him during her final few months in the company. Things become so heated that he reportedly threatened to quit the organization if she wasn't terminated. The Undertaker attempted to fuse the situation by calming him down.

    Additionally, former WWE performer Brian Kendrick noted during a recent shoot interview with that years ago, Batista printed out nude photos of Mickie and plastered them on the locker room walls after he became agitated with her.

    Speaking of James, she returned to WWE Hall of Famer Dory Funk's BANG! TV over the weekend in Ocala, Florida, taking part in a tag team bout. Video of the match can be viewed at

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    Uitslagen NXT 14 SEPTEMBER
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    Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn def. Primo & A.J.
    Jamie def. Aksana

    Week two results:

    Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn def. Primo & A.J. (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    NXT Rookie Diva Challenge: Jamie won the Joke Off (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Jamie def. Aksana (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    NXT Rookie Diva Challenge: Kaitlyn won the Obstacle Course (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    NXT Rookie Diva Records:
    A.J.: Challenge wins: 0, Win/Loss record: 1-1
    Aksana: Challenge wins: 0, Win/Loss record: 0-2
    Jamie: Challenge wins: 1, Win/Loss record: 1-0
    Kaitlyn: Challenge wins: 1, Win/Loss record: 1-0
    Maxine: Challenge wins: 0, Win/Loss record: 0-1
    Naomi: Challenge wins: 2, Win/Loss record: 1-0

    WWE Universe, visit NXT.WWE.COM Wednesday night at 7 ET/4 PT for the WWE NXT replay featuring “Shootin’ Straight with Joey Styles” – a controversial live chat with’s Joey Styles and special guests, including WWE Superstars and Divas.

    WWE Next Generation S03E02

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    Update on Rey Mysterio's WWE status

    Update on Rey Mysterio's WWE status
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 09/13/2010 at 04:55 PM is reporting that WWE Smackdown star Rey Mysterio currently has no plans to have surgery on his knee.

    It was reported back in the beginning of 2010 that Mysterio would work through his knee issues until Wrestlemania, and then have surgery after the big PPV. When that did not happen, the feeling was that he would hold off until after Summerslam to have surgery. That has not happened either, and instead it's being said that Mysterio had cartilage injections awhile back to help with the pain.

    14-09-2010 om 22:36 geschreven door jefken  

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    Hardy sent home from WWE European tour?

    Hardy sent home from WWE European tour?
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 09/12/2010 at 02:42 PM is reporting that Matt Hardy was sent home from the WWE's ongoing tour of Europe today and WWE sources have confirmed the report.

    According to Mike Johnson, there have been concerns about Hardy's "condition" at yesterday's live event, in addition to a live event his past week in New York state. As the latter event, Hardy was supposed to team R-Truth against CM Punk and Luke Gallows. However, after a discussion with WWE officials, he left the building and didn't return for the match.

    Update: Matt Hardy has since posted a video disputing this report.

    14-09-2010 om 22:36 geschreven door jefken  

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    Update on former WWE Diva Serena

    Update on former WWE Diva Serena
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 09/13/2010 at 01:12 PM

    Former WWE Diva Serena made a surprise return to the ring at Saturday’s SHIMMER DVD taping in Berwyn, Illinois. The former Straight Edge Society member defeated Kelly Skater in what was described as a “great match.”

    While Serena’s 90-day no-compete clause with WWE prohibits her from appearing on national television for rival wrestling organizations, she is still able to work independent shows.

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    Update on Team 3D's TNA status

    Update on Team 3D's TNA status
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 09/13/2010 at 11:50 AM


    TNA is currently advertising Team 3D for upcoming house show events in New York, Philadelphia and Rahway from September 23-25th. So either they have agreed to new deals with the company or are simply being brought in to work those specific dates. As reported on earlier, Brother Ray is still working backstage with TNA as an agent and part of creative.

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    News on Kip James and an alleged mistress

    News on Kip James and an alleged mistress
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 09/11/2010 at 03:56 PM

    The following is an excerpt from an article on regarding a Kip James/mistress story:

    A pro wrestling star who had a turbulent affair with a Winnipeg woman sought help from police to put an end to her phone calls, text messages and e-mails.

    In a complaint to the Lake County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office in August, Monty (Kip) Sopp accused his former mistress, Deborah Simmons, of harassing him on a daily basis after his wife became aware of the tryst and the affair fizzled.

    Simmons, who was aware of the marriage, denied harassing the Sopps and claimed she was responding to the couple’s calls or messages to her.

    The sordid, “he said, she said” ordeal grabbed headlines and was fodder for gossip websites because Simmons uploaded Sopp’s angry, profanity-laden phone rants to a website.

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    Uitslagen Raw 13 september
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    Daniel Bryan vs. United States Champion The Miz ended in a No Contest
    Daniel Bryan def. Alex Riley in a Submission Match
    Edge def. Evan Bourne in a Body Slam Challenge
    Mark Henry def. Edge in a Body Slam Challenge
    R-Truth & Eve def. Ted DiBiase & Maryse in a Song and Dance Match
    WWE Champion Sheamus def. John Morrison in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
    Chris Jericho def. WWE Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty in a Steel Cage Handicap Match
    Goldust def. William Regal in a Trading Places Match
    Randy Orton def. John Cena in a Tables Match

    CINCINNATI – With just six days until Night of Champions, several competitors in that night’s Six Pack Elimination Challenge pushed their luck with Raw’s Roulette Wheel. Some hit the jackpot in their matches, while others saw their fortunes dwindle at the tables.

    Randy Orton def. John Cena in a Tables Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    John Cena and Randy Orton hadn’t faced one another in singles competition since December of 2009. That lapse in no way diminished the animosity that has always simmered just below the surface. During their Tables Match in the night’s main event, those callous feelings could no longer be contained.

    As the battle progressed, various Superstars would power through more lumber than a Home Depot. In the end, Barrett (and his Nexus cohorts), Edge and Jericho, and The Celtic Warrior would all invade the ring.

    Barrett and The Nexus attempted to upend both Cena and Orton, but together the two would dispose of the five members, mostly by sending them through tables.

    Next up, The Ultimate Opportunist and the ever-conceited Canadian attempted to disrupt the proceedings. Instead, The Viper sent the two of them headlong into the same piece of splintering lumber.

    Meanwhile, outside the ring, Cena seized the WWE Champion, heaved him atop his granite shoulders and sent him hurtling onto the cold, hard arena floor with an Attitude Adjustment.

    Finally, Cena snatched Orton up onto his shoulders and readied him for yet another Attitude Adjustment. Just when it appeared The Apex Predator would soon crash through one of the tables, though, he turned the AA inside out, coiling his arm around Cena’s neck and administering a mid-air RKO. The lethal maneuver sent his opponent crashing through the long lumber platform for the win and a sizable helping of momentum heading into Sunday evening. 

    Goldust def. William Regal in a Trading Places Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Lookin’ good, Regal! Feelin’ good, Goldust! In one of the more bizarre bouts in WWE, William Regal faced off against Goldust in a Trading Places Match, meaning the two men must swap ring attire and entrance music before battle. With Regal (as Goldust) snapping and biting, it was Goldust (as Regal) who pulled brass knuckles out of his trunks and locked in the win for Mother England and, well, weirdoes everywhere.

    Chris Jericho def. WWE Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty in a Steel Cage Handicap Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    After ruining John Morrison’s opportunity to replace him in the Six Pack Challenge at Night of Champions, Chris Jericho chucked a tantrum. He sat in the ring until the GM finally acknowledged him. Rather than allow ever-conceited Superstar to grind the show to a halt, the GM arranged a Steel Cage Handicap Match pitting Jericho against WWE Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty. If Jericho prevailed, he would then be included in the Six Pack Challenge Match. However, the Six Pack Challenge is now a Six Pack Elimination Challenge – beginning with six men, then once someone is pinned or submits, that Superstar is eliminated until there is a sole winner.

    Once the sinister structure was lowered into place, Jericho went about attempting to dismantle David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd. Not an easy task. While Hart Smith escaped the cage, Kidd opted to face Jericho, to prove his bones. The young Superstar, though, had underestimated his foe. The wily Canadian struggled mightily and finally overcame Kidd, forcing him to tap out to secure both the victory and his slot in the Six Pack Elimination Challenge.

    WWE Champion Sheamus def. John Morrison in a Falls Count Anywhere Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    It was the opportunity of a lifetime. John Morrison had defeated Chris Jericho the week prior, and now he would be competing against WWE Champion Sheamus in a Falls Count Anywhere Match to earn a spot in the Six Pack Challenge at Night of Champions. Unfortunately, Chris Jericho, the man he might replace, wasn’t about to step aside so easily.

    The Guru of Greatness leveraged his athleticism and agility against The Celtic Warrior, who appeared determined to make a statement just six days before Night of Champions. As the duo battled up the entrance ramp, Jericho appeared and bashed Morrison from behind with a steel chair, allowing the Irishman the victory.

    R-Truth & Eve def. Ted DiBiase & Maryse in a Song and Dance Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Ted DiBiase may have millions of dollars, but he certainly hasn’t spent any on singing lessons. The “Fortunate Son” and his special lady friend, Maryse, competed against R-Truth & Eve in a Song and Dance Match. Truth dropped his new joint, “Krunk,” to which Eve did some sexy shaking. For his part, DiBiase strangled the Sinatra classic, “My Way,” while Maryse pranced around him.

    The audience determined the winners, Truth & Eve, which didn’t sit well with the moneyed menaces. DiBiase & Maryse proceeded to attack, but before any damage could be done, Truth & Eve busted a few moves of their own to emerge unscathed.

    Edge def. Evan Bourne in a Body Slam Challenge; Mark Henry def. Edge in a Body Slam Challenge (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    It’s safe to say that Edge and Raw’s General Manager will not be exchanging Christmas cards this year. Last week, the GM punished The Rated-R Superstar for earlier transgressions he made by requiring him to battle The Great Khali twice.

    This week, the GM arranged for Edge to compete against Evan Bourne in a Body Slam Challenge as designated by the Raw Roulette Wheel. The Ultimate Opportunist used his size advantage to prevail in the contest, but then he crossed the line and Speared Bourne for no apparent reason.

    That’s when the GM prescribed a second dose of punishment in the form of Mark Henry. The Rated-R Superstar was forced to take his medicine against The World’s Strongest Man with the same stipulation. This time, Edge would have too much difficulty powering his sizable foe overhead and was eventually slammed in defeat by Henry.

    Daniel Bryan def. Alex Riley in a Submission Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Subbing for his WWE Pro, The Miz, Alex Riley appeared eager to avenge his mentor. The season two WWE NXT Rookie grappled with Daniel Bryan in a Submission Match after the United States Champion forfeited the match due to a “hernia” (insert eyeroll here). Riley, however, was no match for the submission specialist and eventually tapped out.

    In a miracle that will undoubtedly be documented in countless medical journals, Mr. Money in the Bank then appeared in perfect health as he bolted into the ring to ambush his Night of Champions opponent. Daniel Bryan, however, countered the attack and locked Miz into the agonizing LeBell Lock. (More on LeBell Lock)

    Daniel Bryan vs. U.S. Champion The Miz ended in a No Contest (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    During his match against Daniel Bryan, The Miz came dangerously close to tapping out. In an odd coincidence, all the struggling Miz did to try and break free must have caused him to develop the world’s fastest growing hernia – or so he claimed. The United States Champion insisted on dropping out of the Submission Match due to the phantom hernia, so that he could save himself for his title defense against Daniel Bryan at Night of Champions. He then nominated his season two WWE NXT Rookie Alex Riley to fill his boots.

    Raw special guest star Chad Ochocinco confronted U.S. Champion The Miz (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Even his fellow Ohioans can hardly stomach The Miz. The United States Champion patted himself on the back before insulting Raw’s special guest star, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver and VH1 reality show star Chad Ochocinco.

    As the two outspoken athletes traded barbs, Raw’s anonymous General Manager interrupted to reveal the stipulation Miz must compete in, as determined by the Raw Roulette Wheel: A Submission Match. Much to Miz’s chagrin, the GM then allowed Ochocinco to choose Mr. Money in the Bank’s opponent. Despite protests from Miz, you guessed it, the football player chose submission specialist Daniel Bryan.

    John Cena to face Randy Orton in a Tables Match in the night’s main event
    Who’s feeling lucky? John Cena and Randy Orton watched as the Raw Roulette Wheel spun to decide the type of match they must compete in. The Viper seemed pleased when the wheel stopped on a Tables Match. Orton’s demeanor may have had everything to do with the fact that the last time Cena competed in a Tables Match, he dropped the WWE Championship to Sheamus. As Cena reminded announcer Josh Mathews, however, that happened right around the time the “Legendary” star last faced and defeated Orton.

    Pay-Per-View Schedules

    WWE Raw 13/09/10 1/7 {HD}
    Geüpload door WrestlingChamp619. - Meer video's over het professionele leven, studie en sport.
    WWE Raw 13/09/10 2/7 {HD}
    Geüpload door WrestlingChamp619. - Basketbal, honkbal, worstelen en meer sport video's.
    WWE Raw 13/09/10 3/7 {HD}
    Geüpload door WrestlingChamp619. - Ontdek de laatste en beste sport fragmenten.
    WWE Raw 13/09/10 4/7 {HD}
    Geüpload door WrestlingChamp619. - Basketbal, honkbal, worstelen en meer sport video's.
    WWE Raw 13/09/10 5/7 {HD}
    Geüpload door WrestlingChamp619. - Ontdek de laatste en beste sport fragmenten.
    WWE Raw 13/09/10 6/7 {HD}
    Geüpload door WrestlingChamp619. - Ontdek de laatste en beste sport fragmenten.
    WWE Raw 13/09/10 7/7 {HD}
    Geüpload door WrestlingChamp619. - Meer video's over het professionele leven, studie en sport.

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