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    Tribalwars and hattrick
    The infected doggs and jeugclub de rimpel
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.HT Live and transfer-list
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen HT Live
    HT Live is program where you can see live-commentary of a match. After the match, you can see the positions of the players.
    In the commentary, you can see the bad points/players of your team.

    On the transfer-list, you can buy and sell players. You can search for a goalkeeper, outside defender, midfield player, ... You can buy footballers from all over the world. Some footballers have a specialty like 'head in'and 'powerful'. When you click on a footballer, you can see the stats.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt to play tribalwars?

    First steps

    In the beginning you'll need Resources. The lumber station produces wood, the clay pit clay and the iron mine iron. The more you upgrade these buildings, the more they produce. In the first couple of days it is very impotant to focus on resource production.

    Besides producing resources you also have to try, to protect your resources from plunderers. Because they could just attack you and steal your resources. You should do something to guard yourself against this possibility. Expanding your hiding place is one possibility. The bigger it is the more resources can be hidden. You should use this possibility especially when strong players are in your neighbourhood.

    When you have taken care of your basic resource production, you can start trading and producing troops. In the barracks you can produce spear fighters. They are not too well suited for an attack, but they offer you the possibility to plunder the resources of very weak players.

    If you prefer a little trading, you should build a market . Here you can see what resources your neighbouring villages are offering for exchange and you can perhaps trade your own resources for other resources. But don't forget that with a market of level 1 you only have one merchant available.

    You should also try to join a tribe or establish your own one. A tribe can protect you from enemy plundering and assure a better exchange of resources. And you might make friends too...

    Restart in a late phase of the game

    If you are joining a world that is already started for a while, you should adjust your strategy. Of course it is still important to secure a good resource production. And you should protect yourself from plundering by your neighbours. Construct a wall, upgrade your hiding place and produce a couple of defensive units. Sometimes a nice message to you attackers can make a big difference also. Once you have managed to increase the size of your village you can try to get some resources by plundering other players.

    There are a few major differences to the usual progress, which you usually do not perform:

    Do not make the mistake to concentrate only on the development of your first nobleman. It may seem logical, because after all you want to rule several villages. But this can be a fatal mistake. Much stronger players will try to secure villages in your area of the map, to establish a strong second base here and if you don't protect your village enough you might become there target. If you just produce offenseive troops they can take over your village(s) without even suffering great losses.

    The only strategy against this is to produce many spear- and swordsmen. You should not be an attractive and cheap target at the same time for these players. If they lose a lot of troops in an attack, they will usually leave you alone. In this situation morale can be a great help for you. The attacking troops could be weakened by up to 70%!

    (read more about this later*)

    If you have a good defence consisting of at least 1200 spearmen and 1200 swordmen, you can start creating a nobleman and putting together offensive troops.


    Village Headquarters: In the village headquarters you can construct new buildings or upgrade existing ones. The higher the level of your headquarters, the faster the constructions will be finished. As soon as your village headquarters is upgraded to level 15, you will be able to demolish buildings.

    In the barracks you can recruit infantry. The higher its level the faster the recruitment of troops will be finished.

    Stable: In the stable you can recruit cavalry. The higher its level the faster the recruitment will be finished.

    Workshop: In the workshop you can produce rams and catapults. The higher its level the faster the recruitment will be finished.

    Academy: In the academy you can educate noblemen. They will help you conquer other villages.

    Smithy: In the smithy you can research (and improve) weapons. Upgrading the smithy allows the research of better weapons and decreases the research time.

    Rally point: On the rally point your fighters meet. Here you can command your armies.

    Statue: At the statue the villagers render homage to your paladin(=knight) . If your paladin dies you can appoint one of your fighters new paladin.

    Market: On the market you can trade with other players.

    Timber camp: Outside of your village in the dark forests your lumberjacks cut massive trees to produce wood in the timber camp, which is important for new buildings. The higher its level the more wood is produced.

    Clay pit: In the clay pit your workers dig clay, which is important for new buildings. The higher its level the more clay is produced.

    Iron mine: In the iron mine your workers dig iron, which is important for units. The higher its level the more iron is produced.

    Farm: The farm supplies your workers and troops with food. Without expanding your farm your village cannot grow. The higher its level the more villagers can be supplied.

    Warehouse: The warehouse stores your resources. The higher its level the more resources can be stored.

    Hiding place: Resources in your hiding place cannot be plundered by your enemies. The bigger it is, the more it can hold. Even your enemies' scouts cannot spot your hidden resources. (only important in the beginning)

    Wall: The wall defends your village against your enemies' troops. The higher its level the better the basic defense of your village. It also increases the defensive strength of your troops.


    Reports inform you about all the events that happen to you village. Both military and economic news is reported.

    You start in "All Reports", where you can see an overview of all reports you have received. Next to this overview you can also choose the categories battle reports, trade reports, support reports and unknown reports. These menus contain all reports of the respective category.

    Reports sporting "New" have not been read yet. Once you have read them you should delete them so you do not get drowned in reports. To delete, select the reports you want to delete and click "Delete".

    Category Attacks

    In the Attack reports you can review the battles your village have been involved in.

    At the top you can see who has been fighting who and which side won. Beneath this you can see a bar showing you the luck rating of the attacker. A red bar means misfortune, a green bar represents luck. Maximum misfortune and maximum luck are both 25%t. That means that the troops of the attacker have become at most 25% weaker or stronger.

    Further down you can find your troops involved in the battle and your losses. the attacker only receives a complete battle report if he had at least 50% of the fighting strength of the defending troops or if any scouts survived. Otherwise he only gets the message "None of your troops have made it back home alive" without any information about the number of troops of the enemy. Should you loose as a defender, you will still receive a complete report.

    If rams, catapults or even a nobleman were engaged in battle, you will also get information about the damage and/or the loyalty decrease that you have caused.

    Category Support

    You will receive a support report if troops arrive at your village for support, or if your troops arrive to support another village. Here you can see which villages have supported each other and how many troops are now in other villages.

    Category Trade

    Trade reports inform you about resource transports of your village.

    Accepted offers shows you which of your offers were accepted on the market or which offers you accepted yourself.

    Category Miscellaneous

    Miscellaneous reports contain all reports which could not be classified into one of the other categories. Examples are the Disbandment of your tribe or invitations to a tribe.

    Tribal Wars, a free browser based MMOG

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    Battle system

    The battle system on Tribal Wars is quiet complex. The best way to understand it is to gather experience in many fights. The simulator will help you test different tactics. However, a couple of important aspects of battle are described here.


    The purpose of the morale is to protect active small players from the attacks of very strong players. If a very strong player attacks a very weak player, his troops fight with a lower level of efficiency, because many of his warriors refuse to follow these dishonourable commands, or simply underestimate the strength of the enemy.


    The scouts' task is to gather information about your enemies' villages. They are produced in your stables. To spy on an enemy, attack him with any number of scouts. During battle the attacking scouts will try to gather information about the village. On the other hand the enemies' scouts will try to capture the attacking scouts. The higher the ratio between defending and attacking scouts, the more scouts will be captured.

    If the attacker has half as many scouts as the defender, the chances that scouts survive are about 50 %. But only very few scouts would survive. If the attacker has about the same amount of scouts, the chances that scouts survive are about 100% and about two thirds of the attacking scouts survive. The defender cannot loose any scouts.

    -one scout returns: you will receive a report about the strength of your enemie's army. This information will also be provided on any attack where at least 50% of the defending troops are killed.

    -50% of the scouts survive: you get a report of your enemy's resources.

    -70% of the scouts survive and the scouts have been skilled to at least level 2:you also get information about his buildings and the level they have been upgraded to.

    -90% of the scouts survive andthe scouts have been skilled to level 3: you get to find out how many units of the defending village are stationed in other villages or in transit.

    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.war with B.A.
    There is al little war between the doggs and B.A.
    They're going to attack us but we don't fear them
    If they attack us were going to attack back ofcourse.
    I expect that  within 2 weeks B.A. w'ill have lost a least 30 villages...
    mind my words

    I'm goinng tot put the villages we've captured and lost here every 2 days.

    ... - October the 15th (8)
    - 560|653 * gigigeoffe      conquered by violet
    - 574|625 * gate              conquered by axel-.-
    - 587|624 * malys            conquered by --ramirez--
    - 572|632 * RPOB          conquered by axel-.-
    - 588|622 * malys            conquered by king123456789

    - 525|646 * benj              conquered by nijlpaard
    - 540|642
     * zwervertje     conquered by dr-phil
    - 540|639
     * zwervertje     conquered by dr-phil
    - 546|628 * arvidt            conquered by dr-phil
    - 546|633 * dr-phil           conquered by and1neman

    October the 16th - October the 17th (1)
    - 544|631 * arvidt            conquered by Tha PiZZA
    - 589|633 * maxopotier   conquered by gangstarxx

    - 570|671 * one-eye        conquered by luke1600

    October the 17th - October the 19th (5)
    -557|637 * hinko             conquered by pater piet
    -557|639 * hinko             conquered by pater piet
    -545|632 * and1neman    conquered by Tha PiZZa
    -557|638 * hinko             conquered by axel-.-
    -556|640 * hinko             conquered by pater piet

    October the 20th

    the war is over and the winner is.......: *I.D*

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.TW-tools
    TW-tools is a very good tool for Tribalwars.
    On this site you can make maps, search for player, tribes...
    I'm going to expain the site a little and show you some pictures of it.
    I'll start with the map

    => Go to the site
    => Chose your language
    => Chose your world
    => Chose map, player information, ...

    Display custom maps of this gameworld. You can define, which part of the worldmap should get displayed and in which size. Additionally it is possible to colorize multiple players, allies and even specific villages. Integrated to this map is a traveltime-calculator, which optionally can be started.

    => Click on MAP
    => Now you can enter this for example:

    Common settings Special markers
    Zoom   Choose a color
    Centering  |   Choose a color
    Ally marking Player marking Village marking
    Choose a color

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.tribalwars compared with hattrick

    Here you see the differences and the similarities between the two games.

    tribalwars hattrick
    you are the 'mayor' of village(s) you are the manager of a football club
     buy players with money 'buy' units with resources
    federations tribes
    same game for different countries separate worlds

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.meaning of hattrick

    The original meaning of 'hattrick' is when a player scores a sequence of 3 goals.
    In this movie, you see Messi, one of my favourite players, making a hattrick.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.geographic distribution of hattrick

    Continental Distribution of Hattrick Teams



    Total Users

     % Users

    Total Teams

     % Teams







    South America












    North America






























    Data current as of 16 Oct, 2007

    As you see, the two largest markets for hattrick are Europe and South America. Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Portugal, Liechtenstein and Sweden (the game's home country) are the largest percentage userbases in relation to their population. Countries such as India, China and Japan have failed to attract a significant userbase in hattrick.

    Hattrick rules the world

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Tw-tactics

    Farming a player is attacking him repetitively for his resources.
    Before you want multiply villages you'll have to get a farm.
    In the early stages of the game you'll have to use spearmen for farming.

    - With 30-50 light cavalry you can farm 1000 of each resource.
    - When you sent spearmen they will most likely die if they meet resistance, so it's beter to send some axemen with them.
    - It's also very usefull when you have several farms.


    Conventionel wisdom states that the number of defensive troops should be equal tot your points. 
    e.g. 1000 points ~> 500 spearmen and 500 swordsmen.

    noble trains

    A "noble train" consist of multiply nobles (with their army)  arriving at the village in sequence and close together.
    Just before the noble train arrives the village has to be cleard by a clearing force.
    The 3 first nobles need an attacking army, the finishing one a defensive army.

    - Sometimes you'll have to send 5 nobles.
    - When your nobles are in different village it's not very smart to send them al at once.
    First of all you must send the nobleman that travels the longest time
    The last nobleman is the one that travels less of all.
    you can work this out on 2 ways.
    1) use an attack calculator from a site, such as tw-tools.
    2) send each attack but don't hit the "OK" button
    - Don't send more then one nobleman in each attack.


    Surround your enemy with lots of villages and the co-ordinate your attacks on him.

    Bad tactics

    -point collecting: upgrading your villages without building army. 
    -getting you resouces and troop-production to high without getting barracks,smithy and village headquarters.
    Then you'll need to much time to produce things.

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