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    Over mijzelf
    Ik ben André
    Ik ben een man en woon in Aalst (België) en mijn beroep is .
    Ik ben geboren op 27/09/1949 en ben nu dus 71 jaar jong.
    Mijn hobby's zijn: Natuur Bretagne Saint-Malo Festival de Cornouaille Joan Baez KleinKunst.

    18-10-2015 WC VALKENBURG
    JUNIOREN 1• JASPERS Jappe 40'38" 2• DEKKER Jens NL +34"50 3• ROMBOUTS Seppe +50"45
    BELOFTEN U23 1• BERTOLINI Gioele 54'23" 2• ISERBYT Eli +18"50 3• RUSSO Clement FR +34"45
    DAMES 1• LECHNER Eva [60] 44'41" 2• ANTONNEAU Kaitlin US [50] +10" 3• HAVLIKOVA Pavla CZ [45] +21"
    ELITE 1• VAN DER HAAR Lars [80] 1:05'58" 2• VAN AERT Wout [70] +24" 3• NYS Sven [65] +34"
    STAND UCI WORLD CUP 2015-2016 1• VAN AERT Wout [150] 2• VAN DER HAAR Lars NL [140] 3• NYS Sven [135]
    DAMES 1• LECHNER Eva [110] 2• CANT Sanne [85] 3• ANTONNEAU Kaitlin US [65]
    JUNIOREN 1• JASPERS Jappe [60] 2• DEKKER Jens NL [50] 3• ROMBOUTS Seppe [45]
    BELOFTEN U23 1• BERTOLINI Gioele [60] 2• ISERBYT Eli [50] 3• RUSSO Clement FR [45]

    16-10-2015 JOAN BAEZ
  • 1951 • JOAN spends a year living in BAGHDAD IRAQ with her family when her father accepts a job there Upon their return to the US the family moves to CALIFORNIA
  • 1956 • For the first time JOAN hears a young MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr. lecture on NONVIOLENCE WAR FREEDOM CIVIL RIGHTS... JOAN BAEZ buys her first GUITAR
  • 1957 • JOAN commits her first act of civil disobedience by refusing to leave her PALO ALTO HIGH SCHOOL during an air-raid drill Joan also meets Gandhian scholar IRA SANDPERL who becomes one of her strongest political influences
  • 1958 • JOAN graduates from PALO ALTO HIGH SCHOOL CALIFORNIA in 06-1958 Joan also records a demonstration ALBUM but it fails to garner interest from record company executives & the project is shelved In late summer the BAEZ family moves to BELMONT MASSACHUSETTS when JOAN's father accepts a teaching post at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joan's interest in the CAMBRIDGE MASSACHUSETTS FOLK SCENE grows as Joan begins visiting the local coffeehouses Joan registers as a student at BOSTON University but only sporadically attends classes & soon quits school to concentrate on her blossoming singing career
    • JOAN begins performing regularly at Club 47 a folk music club in Cambridge where Joan attracts a large & devoted following Joan meets Bill Wood prior to taping WHRB Harvard Radio Balladeers program which Wood hosts They become friends & begin performing together With Bill & Ted Alevizos JOAN records the ALBUM FOLKSINGERS ROUND 'HAVARD SQUARE a local BOSTON record company At the invitation of impresario Albert Grossman JOAN appears at The Gate Of Horn nightclub in CHICAGO During her two-week stint there Joan meets both Bob Gibson & Odetta Bob is impressed enough with her that he invites her to join him during his set at the NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL 11-07-1959 Her unscheduled appearance makes her the talk of the Festival & establishes her as a talented & exciting new FOLKSINGER
  • 1960 JOAN BAEZ •• VANGUARD • 11-1960 •
    • JOAN appears at the 1960 NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL as a solo performer & makes her NEW YORK City CONCERT debut at the ballroom Manhattan Towers Hotel 92nd Street in NEW YORK on 05-11 First ALBUM JOAN BAEZ is released & becomes a HUGE SUCCESS
  • 1961 JOAN BAEZ VOLUME 2 •• VANGUARD • 10-1961 •
    • JOAN meets BOB DYLAN at Gerde's FOLK City in 04-1961 following his appearance there as an opening act for John Lee Hooker Joan also records & releases her second ALBUM JOAN BAEZ VOLUME TWO & embarks on her first national CONCERT tour
  • 1962 JOAN BAEZ IN CONCERT •• VANGUARD • 09-1962 •
    • As JOAN becomes more involved with the civil rights movement Joan conducts the first of three CONCERT tours to Southern college campuses with a strict no-discrimination policy for audiences Album JOAN BAEZ in CONCERT PART 1 is released & Joan is the subject of the 23-11-1962 TIME Magazine cover story
  • 1963 JOAN BAEZ IN CONCERT PART 2 •• VANGUARD • 11-1963 •
    • JOAN BAEZ IN CONCERT PART 1 is nominated for a Grammy Award in the • BEST FOLK Recording • category JOAN appears at the MONTEREY FOLK FESTIVAL with BOB DYLAN & invites him to be a surprise guest on her summer tour & headlines at the NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL JOAN refuses to appear on & leads a much-publicized artist boycott of ABC-TV's Hootenanny show due to their banning of PETE SEEGER as a result of his political activism In 08-1963 Joan sings • WE SHALL OVERCOME • before an estimated quarter of million people at the CIVIL RIGHTS MARCH on Washington JOAN BAEZ IN CONCERT PART 2 is released & Squire Records releases an unauthorized reissue of •• FOLKSINGERS 'ROUND HARVARD SQUARE ••
  • 1964 JOAN BAEZ /5 •• VANGUARD • 11-1964 •
  • • JOAN protests UNITED STATES involvement in Vietnam by withholding 60% of her income taxes the amount determined used for military purposes The Internal Revenue Service responds by placing a lien against her Joan continues to withhold portions of her taxes for the next ten years & after performing for President Johnson in Washington Joan urges him to withdraw UNITED STATES troops from Vietnam JOAN also continues her civil right work by appearing at a benefit CONCERT at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles protesting the state's Proposition 14 which would allow segregated housing & Joan becomes involved with the Free Speech Movement at the University of California at Berkeley As the students take over Sproul Hall JOAN instructs them to • Have love as you do this thing & it will succeed • The police wait until Joan departs the building before moving in & arresting 800 students Fantasy Records releases JOAN BAEZ in SAN FRANCISCO unauthorized release of the demonstration ALBUM Joan recorded as a teenager in 1958 & Joan files for an injunction to block distribution • JOAN once again headlines at the NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL leads a seminar on • THE NEW FOLK MUSIC • at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur California & travels with the Beatles on a portion of their UNITED STATES CONCERT tour JOAN BAEZ 5 her final ALBUM of all ACOUSTIC MUSIC is released • From 1962 to 1964 JOAN BAEZ was the popular face of FOLK MUSIC headlining festivals & concert tours & singing at political events including the 08-1963 March on WASHINGTON During this period Joan began to champion the work of FOLK songwriter BOB DYLAN & gradually her repertoire moved from traditional material toward the socially conscious work of the emerging generation of '60s artists like him. Joan's ALBUMs of this period were JOAN BAEZ in CONCERT PART 2 11-1963 & JOAN BAEZ 5 10-1964 which contained her cover of Phil Ochs' •• THERE BUT FOR FORTUNE •• a Top Ten HIT in the UK
  • 1965 FAREWELL ANGELINA •• VANGUARD • 11-1965 •
    • •• THERE BUT FOR FORTUNE •• becomes a hit single & is nominated for a Grammy Award in the • Best FOLK Recording • category JOAN does a joint UNITED STATES CONCERT tour with BOB DYLAN gives her first major CONCERT outside the UNITED STATES at London's Royal Albert Hall & FAREWELL ANGELINA is released In March JOAN participates in the civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery Alabama & in 08-1965 Joan participates in a demonstration outside The White House protesting UNITED STATES involvement in Vietnam with IRA SANDERL Joan founds the Institute For The Study Of Nonviolence in Carmel Valley California After area residents claim the onslaught of • HIPPIES & FREELOVE subversives • will threaten property values the Institute closes after one month but re-opens without incident in 12-1965
  • 1966 NOEL •• VANGUARD • 12-1966 •
    • JOAN's first three VANGUARD recordings are certified GOLD by the Recording Industry Association of America & NOËL is released Joan also begins recording an ALBUM of contemporary popular songs produced by her brother-in-law Richard Farina but the project is shelved after Farina's untimely death in a motorcycle accident in late April While in West Germany JOAN leads an Easter Day anti-war march & in September Joan participates in a march with Dr Martin Luther King Jr in Grenada Mississippi protesting the beatings of black school children as schools were de-segregated When JOAN attempts to enroll five black children in a formerly segregated school Joan is barred from entering the school In 12-1966 Joan both performs at a benefit for striking farm workers in California & participates in a Christmas vigil at SAN QUINTEN Quentin Penitentiary urging the commutation of death sentences for 64 prisoners
  • 1967 JOAN •• VANGUARD • 08-1967 •
  • 1967 == PORTRAIT OF JOAN BAEZ compilation •• PHILIPS VANGUARD • -1967 •
  • 1967 == LIVE IN JAPAN •• VANGUARD • -1967 • Tokyo 01-02-1967 • • Re-issued 1976 JAPAN ONLY
  • 1967 == JOAN BAEZ IN ITALY •• VANGUARD • -1967 • Milan 29-05-1967 Vienna 02-06-1967 • • Re-issued 1972 JOAN BAEZ EUROPA • 1992 on CD JOAN BAEZ LIVE Music of The World
    • While performing in JAPAN Joan's political comments are intentionally mistranslated The interpreter claims & later denies that a CIA agent pressured him to mistranslate her political remarks The CIA denies any involvement in the matter Back in the UNITED STATES JOAN is denied permission to perform at Constitution Hall in Washington DC by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) due to her anti-war activities Joan responds by performing in a free CONCERT at the base of the Washington Monument before an estimated audience of 30000 Later in the year JOAN joins 56 others in filing suit in California's Federal District Court to reclaim portions of their 1965 & 1966 income taxes on the grounds that they are conscientious objectors to the Vietnam War The suit is dismissed from court in 01-1968 JOAN headlines at the •• NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL •• in 07-1967 Joan also appears on the Women Strike For Peace benefit recording •• SAVE THE CHILDREN •• as well as appearing in the films •• DON't LOOK BACK •• & •• FESTIVAL •• Her own JOAN is released In 10-1967 JOAN is among 119 people arrested for blocking the entrance to the Armed Forces Induction Center in Oakland California Joan is sentenced & serves ten days at the Santa Rita Rehabilitation Center In December Joan is again arrested with 49 other demonstrators for blocking the entrance of the same induction center Joan receives a 90 day prison sentence (45 days suspended) but is abruptly released after just a month because prison officials fear an inmate uprising on her scheduled release date
  • 1968 ANY DAY NOW •• VANGUARD • 12-1968 • [SONGS BOB DYLAN]
    • The EUROPEan Exchange System reveals that the sale of JOAN BAEZ recordings has been banned in Army PXs because of her anti-war activities JOAN BAEZ trouwde marries op 26-03-1968 met DAVID HARRIS draft resister & activist They tour the country on a joint CONCERT & lecture series advocating draft resistance Later in the year twenty young men spontaneously present JOAN with their draft cards during her CONCERT at the Los Angeles Forum BAPTISM A JOURNEY THROUGH OUR TIME an ALBUM of poetry recited & sung is released JOAN again appears at the NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL & ANY DAY NOW Songs of BOB DYLAN a two-record collection of BOB DYLAN songs is released Daybreak a memoir penned by JOAN is published & is a bestseller
  • 1969 DAVID'S ALBUM •• VANGUARD • 05-1969 •
    • During a taping of CBS-TV's •• The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour •• Joan's remarks pertaining to draft resistance are censored prompting a pre-emption of the show When it finally does air her remarks are deleted from the tape & soon thereafter CBS cancels the controversial program DAVID HARRIS begins serving a three year prison term for draft resistance in July JOAN gives birth to their son GABRIEL EARL 12-1969 HARRIS is released in 1971 after serving 20 months •• ANY DAY NOW •• is nominated for a • Best FOLK Recording GRAMMY AWARD • DAVID'S ALBUM is released & on 08-1969 JOAN is a headliner at the WOODSTOCK FESTIVAL
  • 1970 ONE DAY AT A TIME •• VANGUARD • 01-1970 •
  • 1970 THE FIRST TEN YEARS compilation •• VANGUARD • 10-1970 •
  • 1970 == JOAN BAEZ ON VANGUARD compilation •• VANGUARD • -1970 •
    • Both ONE DAY AT A TIME & THE FIRST TEN YEARS are released JOAN appears at the ISLE of WIGHT FESTIVAL the BIG SUR FOLK FESTIVAL & the INTERNATIONAL SONG FESTIVAL in SOPOT POLAND The film •• CARRY IT ON •• featuring JOAN & DAVID HARRIS is released as is the film of •• WOODSTOCK •• which features Joan's performance of • JOE HILL •
  • 1971 CARRY IT ON soundtrack •• VANGUARD • 1971 •
  • 1971 BLESSED ARE... •• VANGUARD • 1971 •
  • 1971 == JOAN BAEZ I MILANO 1970 •• VANGUARD • -1971 •
  • 1971 SACCO E VANZETTI •• RCA VICTOR • -1971 •
  • • Digital
    • DAVID HARRIS is released from prison on 15-03 He & JOAN later separate & eventually divorce The book •• COMMING OUT •• written by JOAN & DAVID HARRIS is published Also the soundtrack ALBUM to the film CARRY IT ON Soundtrack Album is released The CHICAGO Business Executives Move for Vietnam Peace honor JOAN with an award for her anti-war work In 10-1971 JOAN gives three sold-out CONCERTs at University of California at Berkeley's Greek Theatre including a benefit for the Greek Resistance attended by Melina Mercouri Jules Dassin & other exiled patriots The film •• SACCO & VANZETTI •• & its soundtrack recording are released Both feature songs sung by JOAN & written by JOAN with ENNICO MORRICONE The film •• CELEBRATION AT BIG SUR •• comprised of highlights of the 1969 BIG SUR FOLK FESTIVAL & featuring several performances by JOAN is released JOAN's own BLESSED ARE... is released & • The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down • reaches the Top Ten & is certified GOLD by the Recording Industry Association of America
  • 1972 COME FROM THE SHADOWS •• A&M • 04-1972 •
  • 1972 THE JOAN BAEZ BALLAD BOOK compilation •• • -1972 •
    • •• BLESSED ARE •• & •• ANY DAY NOW •• are certified GOLD & JOAN is nominated for a Best Female Vocalist Grammy Award JOAN having left VANGUARD Records the previous year signs with A&M Records & records & releases COME FROM THE SHADOWS as her debut with A&M While working in Nashville Joan co-produces Jeffrey Shurtleff's ALBUM •• State Farm •• also contributing vocals to the project In 06-1972 JOAN helps to organize an anti-war demonstration for women & children called Ring Around The Congress Though plagued by political sabotage & Hurricane Agnes 2500 women & children succeed in surrounding the Congress Back home JOAN devotes almost a year to helping establish Amnesty International on the west coast Joan gives benefit CONCERTs for the fledgling organizations & later serves on the Advisory Council In December JOAN travels to Hanoi at the invitation of The Liaison Committee to distribute mail & Christmas presents to the American prisoners of war While Joan is there Hanoi is subjected to heavy aerial bombings from UNITED STATES forces later known as the • Christmas Bombings •
  • 1973 WHERE ARE YOU NOW MY SON ? •• A&M • 03-1973 •
  • 1973 HITS GREATEST & OTHERS compilation •• • -1973 •
    • WHERE ARE YOU NOW MY SON ? is released This recording features taped segments from Joan's trip to HANOI Joan also does more fundraising & outreach for AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - Divorce DAVID HARRIS
  • 1974 GRACIAS A LA VIDA •• A&M • 03-1974 •
  • 1974 THE CONTEMPORARY BALLAD BOOK compilation •• • -1974 •
    • GRACIAS A LA VIDA a Spanish language ALBUM is released JOAN tours around the world including JAPAN AUSTRALIA ISRAËL LEBANON TUNISIA ARGENTINA Also the film •• SING SING THANKSGIVING •• featuring JOAN & taped at SING SING PRISON in OSSINING NEW YORK is released
  • 1975 DIAMONDS & RUST •• A&M • 04-1975 •
  • 1975 ••• SINGLE BLUE SKY • 1975 ••• SINGLE DIAMONDS & RUST
    • DIAMONDS & RUST is released & later in the year it is certified GOLD In 01-1975 JOAN begins touring with BOB DYLAN's Rolling Thunder Revue In 05-1975 JOAN appears at The WAR IS OVER! rally in NEW YORK's Central Park In 08-1975 Joan receives the PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD at the first annual ROCK MUSIC AWARDS & is honored with • JOAN BAEZ Day • on 02-08-1975 in ATLANTA GEORGIA

  • 1976 FROM EVERY STAGE •• A&M • 01-1976 •
  • 1976 GULF WINDS •• A&M • 11-1976 •
  • 1976 THE JOAN BAEZ LOVESONG ALBUM compilation •• VANGUARD • 05-1976 •
  • 1976 == GOLDEN HOUR PRESENTS JOAN BAEZ compilation •• VANGUARD • -1976 •
  • 1976 == LIVE IN JAPAN Re-issued 1967 •• VANGUARD KING • -1976 • Tokyo 01-02-1967 •
  • 1976 JOAN BAEZ in CONCERT •• • -1976 •
    • FROM EVERY STAGE an two-record set comprised of performances from Joan's 1975 UNITED STATES CONCERT tour is released & later in the year GULF WINDS the first ALBUM to consist solely of her own compositions is also released Joan also tours for a second time with Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue JOAN travels to Northern IRELAND & marches with the IRISH PEACE PEOPLE calling for an end to the violence plaguing the country Joan also promotes the plight of jailed Czechoslovakian musicians through a mass mailing to members of the music industry
  • 1977 BLOWIN' AWAY •• CBS • 07-1977 •
  • 1977 THE BEST OF JOAN C. BAEZ compilation •• A&M • -1977 •
  • 1977 == NOEM compilation •• • -1977 •
  • 1977 == THE SONGBOOK compilation •• • -1977 •
    • JOAN appears at a KENT STATE rally protesting the building of a gymnasium over the site where four students were gunned down in 1970 & while touring in Spain Joan sings • NO NOS MOVERAN We Shall Not Be Moved • on a LIVE national television show ignoring a sanction imposed by the late dictator Francisco Franco 40 years earlier prohibiting the song from being performed BLOWIN' AWAY is released on Portrait Records & JOAN tours both EUROPE & the UNITED STATES CONCERTS in the UNITED STATES include one at California's Soledad Prison & one as part of the Bread & Roses Festival of Acoustic Music presented at the University of California at Berkeley's Greek Theatre in 10-1977
  • 1978 • The film •• RENALDO & CLARA •• comprised of footage from the Rolling Thunder Revue & featuring JOAN is released in 01-1978 JOAN appears at various demonstrations & rallies on behalf of the nuclear freeze movement & Joan also performs at several benefit CONCERTs in California to defeat Proposition 6 (Briggs Initiative) legislation that would have banned openly gay people from teaching in public schools Joan is also scheduled to perform a CONCERT in Leningrad on July 4 with Santana & The Beach Boys but the CONCERT is abruptly cancelled without explanation by Soviet officials Despite the cancellation JOAN travels to Moscow & meets with dissidents including Andrei Sakharov & Yelena Bonner bringing them messages & gifts from their friends & relatives in the UNITED STATES JOAN brings suit under the Freedom of Information Act to obtain National Security Agency files pertaining to her A Federal judge orders all documents with the exception of two paragraphs in one report released in November The NSA protests the judge's ruling claiming that the de-classified information would prove harmful to • national security • Also late in the year JOAN participates in the candlelight memorial march to City Hall following the assassinations of SAN FRANCISCO Mayor George Moscone & Supervisor Harvey Milk & later presents a free CONCERT on the steps of SAN FRANCISCO's City Hall as her Christmas gift to the city
  • 1979 HONEST LULLABY •• CBS • 04-1979 •
  • 1979 THE JOAN BAEZ COUNTRY MUSIC ALBUM compilation •• VANGUARD • -1979 •
  • 1979 SATISFIED MIND compilation •• • -1979 •
    • The SONGBOOK & •• THEN I WROTE •• containing Joan's original songs & sketches is published Also HONEST LULLABY is also released this year & JOAN receives the SAN FRANCISCO Bay Area Music Award (BAMMY) as top female vocalist for 1978 In the fall Joan again performs at the Bread & Roses Festival of Acoustic Music & Joan also receives the American Civil Liberties Union's • Earl Warren Award • for her commitment to human & civil rights issues JOAN founds Humanitas International Human Rights Committee a human rights organization Joan will head for the next 13 years The first course of action for Humanitas is to publish the • Open Letter to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam • in five major UNITED STATES newspapers The letter protests human rights violations occurring in that country JOAN travels to Southeast Asia to substantiate reports of human rights violations there & back in the UNITED STATES Joan successfully prevails upon President Jimmy Carter to dispatch the Seventh Fleet to rescue large numbers of • boat people • fleeing the region Humanitas along with KRON-TV & the SAN FRANCISCO Examiner newspaper forms the Cambodian Emergency Relief Fund & raises over one million dollars in aid
  • 1980 Il ROCK 10 EPIC
  • 1980 == EUROPEAN TOUR •• • -1990 •
    • JOAN is bestowed Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degrees by both Antioch University & Rutgers University for her political activism & the • universality of her music • Joan also receives the Jefferson Award presented by the American Institute of Public Service & Joan receives the SAN FRANCISCO Bay Area Music Award (BAMMY) as top female vocalist for 1979 The recording •• Tournee EUROPEene (EUROPEan Tour) •• comprised of songs from her EUROPEan CONCERT tour is released in EUROPE & Latin America Joan also gives a free CONCERT in front of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in PARIS on Christmas Eve & begins working with members of the Grateful Dead on a record which is never released in its entirety In another trip to Southeast Asia JOAN assists in an effort to take food & medicine into the western regions of Cambodia & participates in a United Nations Humanitarian Conference on Kampuchea CAMBODIA
  • 1981 • During a five-week CONCERT & human rights fact-finding tour of Latin America JOAN is forbidden to perform publicly in Argentina Chile & Brazil While there Joan is subjected to police surveillance & death threats The country of Nicaragua however allows her to perform
  • 1982 VERY EARLY JOAN •• VANGUARD • -1982 •
    • The film •• THERE BUT FOR FORTUNE JOAN BAEZ in Latin America •• documenting her 1981 Latin American tour premieres on Public Broadcasting System television JOAN also makes several appearances in support of a nuclear weapons freeze including performances with BOB DYLAN at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles & Paul Simon in BOSTON Additionally Joan joins Jackson Browne in an ecumenical vigil in Washington DC in memory of assassinated Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero VERY EARLY JOAN a two-record set comprised of Joan's LIVE CONCERT performances recorded between 1961-1963 is released by VANGUARD Records
  • 1983 LIVE EUROPE '83 •• GAMMA • 01-1983 •
    • LIVE EUROPE '83 a LIVE ALBUM comprised of performances recorded during her spring 1983 CONCERT tour of EUROPE is released in EUROPE & Canada The ALBUM is awarded a GOLD record in France & the Academy Charles Cros Award for the • Best Live Album of 1983 • Also while on tour in France JOAN presents a free CONCERT dedicated to nonviolence in Paris on the Place de la Concorde on July 15 attended by an estimated crowd of 120000 & Joan receives the French Legion D'Honneur Award In the UNITED STATES JOAN appears on the GRAMMY AWARDS telecast for the first time performing • BLOWIN' IN THE WIND • & Joan embarks on her first UNITED STATES CONCERT tour in three years
  • 1984 • The American Civil Liberties Union brings suit on behalf of 15 organizations & 37 individuals including JOAN against the conservative Western Goals Foundation The plaintiffs charge that the organization illegally accessed Los Angeles police department databases & intelligence files on dissident organizations & individuals The suit is later settled for $18 million dollars JOAN appears in the film •• Hard Travelin' •• a documentary on Woody Guthrie & contributes a song to the film's soundtrack ALBUM Joan also tours the UNITED STATES & EUROPE & begins work on her second autobiographical book The •• VANGUARD collection •• Greatest Hits •• is released
  • 1985 • JOAN attends Club 47's 25th Anniversary CONCERT held at BOSTON's Symphony Hall & also performs with the BOSTON Pops Orchestra for a segment of PBS's Evening At Pops television program In the summer Joan opens the UNITED STATES portion of the •• Live Aid •• benefit CONCERT Joan also tours the UNITED STATES Australia & Canada & appears at the NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL in 08-1983 the first Festival since 1969 In 11-1983 JOAN travels to Poland with her friend & fellow activist Ginetta Sagan & among others meets Lech Walesa
  • 1986 • JOAN is featured as a performer with Amnesty International's Conspiracy of Hope tour & Joan appears at Bill Graham's Fillmore Auditorium reunion CONCERT in SAN FRANCISCO which is later broadcast on television as •• A 60s Reunion With Bill Graham •• Also at the time of the summit meeting between UNITED STATES President Ronald Reagan & Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev in REYKJAVIK ICELAND JOAN performs • The People's Summit • CONCERT which is broadcast LIVE throughout ICELAND
  • 1987 RECENTLY •• GOLD CASTLE • 07-1987 •
  • 1987 THE NIGHT THEY DROVE OLD DIXIE DOWN compilation •• • -1987 •
  • 1987 A&M CLASSICS VOLUME 8 compilation •• A&M • -1987 •
    • •• A VOICE TO SING WITH •• JOAN's autobiography is published by SUMIT BOOKS (Simon & Schuster) & becomes a NEW YORK Times bestseller RECENTLY Joan's first studio ALBUM in eight years is released by Gold Castle Records •• JOAN BAEZ •• a PBS documentary featuring CONCERT & other footage & an interview premieres JOAN travels to the Middle East to meet with & sing for the people of Israel West Bank & Gaza Strip Joan also performs in a sold-out benefit CONCERT at NEW YORK's Carnegie Hall for Countdown '87 a coalition formed to lobby against the UNITED STATES support of the Nicaraguan contras Through Humanitas JOAN together with Bill Graham co-produces a benefit CONCERT for the AIDS Emergency Fund at Graham's Warfield Theatre in SAN FRANCISCO The show features JOAN & Mimi Farina as well as members of the Grateful Dead
  • 1988 JOAN BAEZ IN CONCERT compilation •• • -1988 •
    • The song • ASIMBONAGA from RECENTLY • is nominated for a Best Contemporary FOLK Recording Grammy Award JOAN is featured as a special guest performer on Amnesty International's Human Rights Now! CONCERT tour While touring in EUROPE Joan leads a candlelight march in Rome on July 28 seeking repeal of a death sentence against a UNITED STATES teenager
  • 1989 SPEAKING OF DREAMS •• GOLD CASTLE • 11-1989 •
  • 1989 QUEEN OF HEARTS •• CEDE • -1989 •
    • In 05-1989 JOAN performs in CZECHOSLOVAKIA in a CONCERT attended by many of that country's dissidents Joan is later credited by President Vaclav Havel (who was in attendance at the CONCERT) as having been a great influence in the subsequent nonviolent • Velvet Revolution • JOAN also receives the Leadership Award from the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern CALIFORNIA DIAMONDS & RUST IN THE BULLRING recorded in CONCERT in Bilbao Spain in 1988 is released in 04-1989 SPEAKING OF DREAMS featuring songs recorded with Paul Simon Jackson Browne & the Gipsy Kings is released in 11-1989
  • 1990 == THE ESSENTIAL JOAN BAEZ FROM THE HEART-LIVE •• A&M • -1990 • • edited version FROM EVERY STAGE
    • The video •• JOAN BAEZ In CONCERT •• featuring a guest appearance by Jackson Browne premieres on PBS television in 03-1990 JOAN tours EUROPE in the spring & the UNITED STATES in the summer including six dates with the Indigo Girls in which they open & close the shows as a trio
  • 1991 BROTHERS IN ARMS compilation •• GOLD CASTLE • 09-1991 •
  • 1991 == DIAMONDS-THE BEST OF VANGUARD YEARS box set •• • -1991 •
    • •• BROTHERS IN ARMS •• a Gold CASTLE Records compilation ALBUM featuring two previously unreleased songs is released in 09-1991 In a benefit performance for Humanitas International Human Rights Committee JOAN performs in a vocal quartet appropriate titled Four Voices For Human Rights with Indigo Girls & Mary Chapin Carpenter in Berkeley California in 10-1991 The four women perform together numerous times throughout the next few years
  • 1992 PLAY ME BACKWARDS •• VIRGIN • 10-1992 •
  • 1992 NO WOMAN NO CRY compilation •• • -1992 •
    • PLAY ME BACKWARDS is released on VIRGIN Records & JOAN embarks on a world tour lasting through 1993 Humanitas International HUMAN RIGHTS Committee ceases operations after thirteen years of work
  • 1993 RARE LIVE & CLASSIC 3-CD box set retrospective •• VANGUARD • -1993 •
    • At the invitation of Refugees International & sponsored by The Soros Foundation JOAN travels to war-torn Bosnia-Herzegovina in an effort to help bring more attention to the suffering there Joan is the first major artist to perform in Sarajevo since the outbreak of the civil war In October JOAN becomes the first major artist to perform in a professional CONCERT presentation on Alcatraz Island (former Federal Penitentiary) in SAN FRANCISCO in a benefit for her sister Mimi Farina's Bread & Roses organization •• Play Me Backwards •• is nominated for a Best Contemporary FOLK Recording Grammy award •• RARE LIVE & CLASSIC •• a box-set retrospective chronicling her career from 1958-1989 is released on •• VANGUARD Records The set contains 60 tracks 22 of which are previously unreleased
  • 1994 • JOAN tours the UNITED STATES & EUROPE extensively Joan performs at the Kennedy Center Honors Gala in WASHINTON DC in honor of one of the recipients Pete Seeger Along with Janis Ian JOAN performs for the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force's • Fight the Right • fundraising event in SAN FRANCISCO
  • 1995 RING THEM BELLS •• GUARDIAN • 08-1995 • LIVE Recorded New York 04-1995 •
  • 1995 THE BEST OF JOAN BAEZ compilation •• • -1995 •
    • In 04-1995 JOAN performs four shows at the legendary Bottom Line club in NEW YORK City with guest artists Mary Black Mary Chapin Carpenter Mimi Farina Tish Hinojosa Janis Ian Indigo Girls Kate & Anna McGarrigle & Dar Williams The best of these performances are released on the CD RING THEM BELLS on •• GUARDIAN Records
  • 1996 GREATEST HITS compilation •• • -1996 •
  • 1996 LIVE AT NEWPORT •• VANGUARD • 1996 •
  • 1996 == DIAMONDS compilation •• • -1996 •
    • JOAN receives the SAN FRANCISCO Bay Area Music Award (BAMMY) for Outstanding Female Vocalist for 1995 •• Greatest Hits •• a compilation by A&M Records is released as part of their Backlot Series releases LIVE AT NEWPORT a CD of previously unreleased performances from Joan's 1963 1964 & 1965 NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL appearances is released by VANGUARD Records Joan tours the world in support of •• RING THEM BELLSs •• In 10-1996 Joan once again returns to Alcatraz Island in SAN FRANCISCO in a benefit CONCERT for Bread & Roses along with Indigo Girls & Dar Williams
  • 1997 GONE FROM DANGER •• GUARDIAN • 09-1997 •
    • GONE FROM DANGER JOAN's second project for Guardian Records is released on 23-09-1997 Joan begins a world tour in EUROPE in 10-1997
  • 1998 • JOAN continues to tour in support of •• Gone From Danger •• Joan also appears at a fundraising event to benefit the legal defense fund for her cousin Peter BAEZ fighting charges stemming from his operating a medicinal marijuana clinic
  • 1999 • JOAN & Bonnie Raitt visit environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill in a 200 foot redwood tree named Luna several hundred miles north of SAN FRANCISCO to encourage her during her two-year stay to protect the tree from the logging industry
  • 2000 • JOAN continues extensive touring in the UNITED STATES & EUROPE Joan joins an all-star cast & participates in three Honor the Earth benefits on reservations in Montana A CONCERT performance taped in Philadelphia is broadcast over the internet At the first BBC2 FOLK Awards in London JOAN is presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2001 • JOAN cancels her UNITED STATES & Canadian tour due to the illness of her sister Mimi Farina Mimi succumbs to a rare form of cancer on July 18 & JOAN eulogizes her sister at a memorial service a Grace Cathedral in SAN FRANCISCO JOAN accepts the limited engagement role of • La Contessa • as part of the cast of Teatro ZinZanni in SAN FRANCISCO In 08-2001 •• VANGUARD Records begin re-releasing Joan's catalog as part of their Original Master Series The series will encompass all 13 original ALBUMs Joan recorded while under contract from 1960-1972 Each reissue will feature digitally restored sound bonus cuts new & original artwork & new liner notes essays written by Arthur Levy
  • 2002 • JOAN returns to touring in the UNITED STATES & Canada JOAN also rejoins the Teatro ZinZanni cast for another limited run
  • 2003 DARK CHORDS ON A BIG GUITAR •• KOCH • 10-2003 •
    • The Bay Area Chapter of NARAS presents JOAN with their Governor's Award Joan is also presented with an special award by the John Steinbeck Society For the third time JOAN reprises her role as • La Contessa • in Teatro ZinZanni In August Universal follows •• VANGUARD's lead & releases a mini-boxed set of Joan's six complete •• A&M ALBUMs with bonus material & new liner notes by Arthur Levy JOAN joins Emmylou Harris Steve Earle Billy Bragg & Chrissie Hynde in London for the Concert for a Landmine Free World Grammy Award-winning classical guitarist Sharon Isbin presents her debut performance of The JOAN BAEZ Suite Opus 144 Composed for Isbin by John Duarte & commissioned by the Augustine Foundation the piece features songs from Joan's early career DARK CHORDS ON A BIG GUITAR is released & JOAN begins to tour in support of the CD
  • 2004 • JOAN tours the UK in January & February & presents Steve Earle with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the BBC2 FOLK Awards JOAN & Steve also do a series of CONCERT dates together in June after which Joan heads to EUROPE for a summer tour In the fall JOAN joins the west coast leg of documentary filmmaker Michael Moore's • Slacker Uprising Tour • in advance of the UNITED STATES elections
  • 2005 BOWERY SONGS •• KOCH • 09-2005 •
    • After some well-deserved time off in the winter & spring JOAN returns to Teatro ZinZanni as the Gypsy • Calliope • In 08-2005 Joan joins antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan in Crawford Texas for the weeks long protest outside President BUSH's ranch Sheehan's son Casey was killed in combat while in IRAQ JOAN returns to touring in the UNITED STATES in the fall after the release of her LIVE CD BOWERY SONGS recorded on 06-11-2004 at the Bowery Ballroom in NEW YORK City
  • 2006 • JOAN tours the UK FRANCE GERMANY & ITALY in 03-2006 & 04-2006 In late 05-2006 JOAN joins Julia Butterfly Hill & others in an effort to save a community farm in south central Los Angeles In 07-2006 JOAN is honored by the Legal Community Against Violence a public interest law center dedicated to preventing gun violence In October JOAN travels to the Czech Republic to help honor Vaclav Havel at the annual conference of Forum 2000 JOAN tours the UNITED STATES in 10-2006 & 11-2006
  • 2007 RING THEM BELLS •• PROPER • 02-2007 • • reissue 1995 double-disc with bonus tracks
    • RING THEM BELLS reissue double-disc with bonus tracks JOAN returns to the UK EUROPE for a CONCERT tour in the winter On the night of 11-02-2007 at the 49th annual GRAMMY AWARDS telecast viewed by more than a billion people worldwide it was announced that JOAN BAEZ had received the highly prestigious Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award the greatest honor that the Recording Academy can bestow In turn Joan introduced the LIVE performance of •• Not Ready To Make Nice •• by dark horse nominees the Dixie Chicks It was an ironic moment as Joan's •• lifetime •• of activism resonated in sync with the trio They had been blacklisted by country radio & the Academy Of Country Music (ACM) when they criticized the President & the impending WAR in IRAQ back in 03-2003
  • 2008 DAY AFTER TOMORROW •• BOBOLINK RAZOR & TIE • 09-09-2008 •
    • DAY AFTER TOMORROW JOAN was seen by a billion tv viewers around the world standing center stage behind NELSON MANDELA at the 90th birthday celebration in his honor at LONDON's HYDE PARK on 28-06-2008 - JOAN BAEZ has never sounded wiser or more deeply human - the sublimest bunch of songs to have graced a JOAN BAEZ disc since the mid-1970s - This ALBUM sung by an angel (Joan's voice is a remarkable instrument still capable of great beauty & power) keeps faith with JOAN BAEZ's long-established tradition of taking contemporary songs & making them sound like they've always been here
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    14-10-2015 GAZON
    MAAIEN gazon Tondre pelouse Mowing lawn Mähen Rasen
    MAAIEN gazon (klavers) op BLAD dag groeit ZEER snel nadien, MAAIEN gazon (klavers) op BLOEM dag groeit ZEER traag nadien
    • • In het vroege voorjaar kan je gazon er treurig bijliggen. Een lange natte winter zorgt ervoor dat je grasmat een vale kleur heeft en overwoekerd wordt door mos en viltplekken. Tijd om de handen uit de mouwen te steken!
    • • Ook tijdens de zomermaanden heeft je gazon je aandacht nodig. Nu groeit het volop, dus vaak maaien is de boodschap!
    • • De herfst is het moment voor het jaarlijkse gazononderhoud. Nu slaat je gazon reserves op om de winter door te komen.
    • • Ook in de winter is het mogelijk een groen gazon te hebben! Een gezond en goed vertroeteld gazon komt immers zonder problemen de winter door.

    13-10-2015 TUINKALENDER

    TUINONDERHOUD • Opbergen • Trek steunstokken van planten uit de grond, borstel ze schoon en berg ze droog op. • Nestkastjes • Maak de nestkastjes schoon of hang nieuwe kastjes op. De vogels kunnen dan de hele winter aan hun nieuwe onderkomen wennen. • Emeltenalarm • Controleer het gazon op emelten. Dit zijn de larven van de langpootmug. Emelten doen zich te goed aan de wortels van het gazon. Neem op tijd maatregelen. • Spitwerk • Spit de kale grond in de tuin 15 tot 20 cm om.
    VIJVER Haal dood plantmateriaal en bladeren uit de vijver. Span eventueel een net over de vijver met bijvoorbeeld plastic plantensteunen. Zo voorkom je bladeren in het water. Bekijk of de vissen ziekteverschijnselen vertonen. Als dit het geval is, zet zieke vissen dan apart en probeer ze met behulp van speciale medicijnen beter te maken. Haal vorstgevoelige waterplanten uit de vijver en houd ze op een vorstvrije plek, bijvoorbeeld in een aquarium. Haal de pomp uit de vijver, maak hem schoon en berg hem droog op.
    WINTERONDERHOUD • Bescherming tegen kou • Leg een heuveltje grond rondom de onderstam van ROZEN AZALEA'S RODODENDRONS en HORTENSIA'S. Zo bescherm je de planten tegen vorst. Omwikkel de entplaats bij STAMROZEN met stro en wikkel er plastic omheen. Verhuis vorstgevoelige kuipplanten naar hun winterverblijf. Het best is een lichte ruimte met een temperatuur van 5°C. Let op dat er geen slakken stiekem meeverhuizen onder of in de pot. Bedek vorstgevoelige bomen en struiken met een laag afgevallen bladeren. • Compost en mest • Breng wat compost aan tussen de vaste planten en heesters. Geef winterbloeiers als CAMELIA en HELLEBORUS organische mest en geef CLEMATIS en ROZEN wat beendermeel. • Rozen planten • Plant rozen zonder potkluit. Rozen in pot kun je het hele jaar planten. • Winterkleur • Beplant winterharde potten met winterbeplanting. VIOOLTJES en SIERKOLEN zijn hiervoor geschikt, net zoals heide SKIMMIA en HEBE. Bedek eventueel de binnenkant van de pot met noppenfolie als bescherming tegen vorst. • Weg ermee • Eenjarige planten zoals PETUNIA'S en GERANIUMS hebben hun beste tijd gehad en kun je wegdoen. • Scheuren • Tot half oktober kun je vaste planten scheuren. Scheuren betekent dat je de plant in meerdere delen scheurt en zo meerdere kleine planten overhoudt. De dode delen gooi je weg. Knippen en snoeien Knip oude bloeitakken uit de HEIDE die in de zomer en herfst bloeit. Knip de heg aan de bovenkant om een strakke bovenlijn te krijgen. Bladverliezende planten (behalve hagen) kun je terugsnoeien.
    BOLLEN Haal uitgebloeide vorstgevoelige ZOMERBOLLEN die je over wilt houden, nu uit de grond. Laat ze drogen en bewaar ze op een donkere, vorstvrije plek . Voorjaarsbloeiende BOLLEN kun je nu planten. Ze zullen nu nog snel wortelen. Tegen de tijd dat het gaat vriezen, zijn de bollen al genoeg ontwikkeld om de vorst te overleven. Om ook in de herfst van kleur te kunnen genieten, kun je op de plaatsen waar de bollen in de grond zitten winterdoorbloeiende violen planten.
    FRUIT Fruitbomen en -struiken kun je vanaf nu tot in het vroege voorjaar planten. Spit eerst de grond om en schep er compost door. Het fruit aan de bomen pluk je begin oktober en bewaar je op een koele, donkere plaats. Pluk de kiwi's zo laat mogelijk (in november), maar wel voor de eerste vorst.
    GAZON Maai het gazon eens per twee weken en hark het gemaaide gras van het gazon. Zaai de kale plekken in het gazon in. Strooi bij regenachtig weer wat gazonmest.
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12

    12-10-2015 BP RONSE
    U23 1• ISERBYT Eli 2• DEGROOTE Jonas 3• HOEIJBERGHS Daan
    STAND BPOST BANK TROFEE 2015-2016 1• VAN AERT Wout [59'06"] 2• PAUWELS Kevin [+4"] 3• VAN DER HAAR Lars NL [+8"]
    DAMES 1• HAVLIKOVA Pavla CZ [46'46"] 2• VERSCHUEREN Jolien [+15"] 3• HARRIS Nikki GB [+34"]
    NIEUWELINGEN 1• KOPECKY Tomas [30'55"] 2• HAZEKAMP Bart [+33"] 3• VANDEPUTTE Niels [+59"]
    JUNIOREN 1• DEKKER Jens NL [43'46"] 2• JASPERS Jappe [+15"] 3• ROMBOUTS Seppe [+46"]
    BELOFTEN U23 1• ISERBYT Eli [55'17"] 2• DEGROOTE Jonas [+46"] 3• HOEIJBERGHS Daan [+53"]

    11-10-2015 PARIS TOURS

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    2014 1• Jelle Wallays BEL 2• Thomas Voeckler FRA 3• Jens Debusschere BEL

    10-10-2015 MARIA THUN KALENDER 2016
    MARIA THUN : 04-1922 † 09-02-2012

    Gedurende meer dan 40 jaar, heeft MARIA THUN haar op kleine schaal gestarte onderzoek voortgezet De lezing van het werk van Rudolf Steiner "Culture, pratique de la pensée" "Cultuur, praktijk van het denken" bracht haar ertoe te experimenteren met biologisch dynamisch tuinieren Haar ZAAI kalender, vertaald in 18 talen, dient als leidraad voor de landbouw met respect tot de natuur De methode van MARIA THUN maakt gebruik van de gunstige kosmische invloeden bij het zaaien, planten, verzorgen, oogsten en bewaren van gewassen MARIA THUN ontwikkelde nieuwe inzichten in verband met parasieten en ziektes op gewassen Zij geeft advies om beter geparfumeerd fruit te oogsten, om snijbloemen langer fris te houden en om mooie wortelen te telen.
    NIEUW! De Biologisch -Dynamische zaai-, plant en oogst kalender zit in een nieuw kleedje! Er zijn 24 pagina's en vanaf bladzijde 7 is er plaats voorzien om als bio-tuinder een dagboek bij te houden. Hoe de Biologisch-Dynamische zaai-, plant en oogst kalender 2016 te verkrijgen? Voor leden Koninklijke Volkstuinen Kluisbergen is de Biologisch-Dynamische zaai-, plant en oogstkalender 2016 gratis. Voor niet leden Koninklijke Volkstuinen Kluisbergen. €8 (Pdf.file) voor de Biologisch-Dynamische zaai-, plant & oogstkalender 2015 Altijd aanvragen per mail naar j.orins@skynet.be Of vragen op Gastenbook Of €13 (€8 + €5 verzend kosten) om op te sturen per post. na het storten van € 8 of € 13 op rekening BE23 4447 5897 7191 - ((BIC) (KREDBEBB)) van de Koninklijke Volkstuinen Kluisbergen met vermelding: BD Kalender 2016 zal de B-D kalender 2016 u worden opgestuurd.
    Nieuwe Biodynamische Zaaiagenda 2016 bestellen De nieuwe full colour biodynamishe zaaiagenda van uitgeverij Christofoor is de opvolger van de Kosmosagenda. De nieuwe editie van onze Zaaikalender verschijnt in NOVEMBER Als u zeker wilt zijn van een exemplaar kunt u zich abonneren. U ontvangt de nieuwste uitgave dan ieder jaar per post op het door u opgegeven adres. Deze handige, Nederlandstalige agenda toont u de juiste dagen om te zaaien, zaailingen te verplanten, uw planten of bomen te snoeien, maar ook wat de geschikte dag is om te oogsten en op welke dagen u het beste kunt werken met de bijen. De agenda bevat ook de unieke inzichten van Maria en Matthias Thun, die vaak verder gaan dan de informatie in de meeste MAANAGENDA'S. MARIA THUN [1922 † 09-02-2012] en haar zoon Matthias baseerden zich voor het samenstellen van deze agenda op zo’n 50 jaar ervaring met en research van de biodynamische landbouwmethoden op hun eigen landerijen in Duitsland. Elk jaar behandelen ze enkele treffende aspecten van hun onderzoek. Deze Nederlandstalige MARIA THUN zaaikalender is de vervanger van de Kosmosagenda die niet meer wordt uitgegeven De agenda is in kleur en bevat heldere symbolen en uitleg. Uniek en zo uitermate handig is de uitneembare kalender die u op de muur van uw tuinhuisje, schuurtje of in huis kunt ophangen voor een snel overzicht. Prijs: 12.50 EUR Incl. 6 % BTW plus Verzending
    CALENDRIER DE SEMIS 2016 €10.00
    Biographie de MARIA THUN [1922 † 09-02-2012]
    Depuis plus de 40 ans, MARIA THUN poursuit ses recherches commencées à toute petite échelle La lecture de l'ouvrage de Rudolf Steiner "Culture, pratique de la pensée" l'a amenée à effectuer des expériences sur la culture bio-dynamique des plantes Son calendrier des semis, traduit aujourd'hui en 18 langues, sert de référence pour pratiquer cette méthode agricole en accord avec la nature
    Semer, planter, soigner, récolter et conserver en bénéficiant d'influences cosmiques favorables, c'est cela la méthode de MARIA THUN. MARIA THUN à développé de nouvelles voies permettant de réguler les parasites et les maladies des végétaux Elle indique comment obtenir les fruits les plus parfumés, garder les fleurs coupées fraîches le plus longtemps possible ou obtenir les plus belles carottes
    The BIODYNAMIC SOWING and PLANTING Calendar 2016 £ 8.99
    During more than 40 years, MARIA THUN [04-1922 † 09-02-2012] have continued her on small scale started research The reading of the work of Rudolf Steiner "Culture, pratique de la pensée" "Culture, practice of the mind" brought her to it to experiment with biologically dynamic gardening Her SOW calendar, translated today in 18 languages, serves as a guiding principle for the gardening and agriculture with respect to nature The method of MARIA THUN uses of the the favorable cosmic influences at to sow, plants, looks after, harvests and preserve or keeping plants MARIA THUN developed new insights concerning parasites , sicknesses and diseases on vegetables and plants She gives recommendation to harvest better scented fruit, to keep cut flowers longer fresh and the most beautiful roots to grow The seeding calendar describes the planetary constellations for each day of the year and gives corresponding suggestions for seeding. Detailed descriptions of the days and months help to find ideal dates for applying EM and for seeding, nurturing, harvesting and treatment

    The NORTH American BIODYNAMIC SOWING and PLANTING Calendar 2016 $ 5.43
    MARIA THUN [1922 † 09-02-2012]
    During more than 40 years, MARIA THUN have continued her on small scale started research The reading of the work of Rudolf Steiner "Culture, pratique de la pensée" "Culture, practice of the mind" brought her to it to experiment with biologically dynamic gardening Her SOW calendar, translated today in 18 languages, serves as a guiding principle for the gardening and agriculture with respect to nature The method of MARIA THUN uses of the the favorable cosmic influences at to sow, plants, looks after, harvests and preserve or keeping plants MARIA THUN developed new insights concerning parasites , sicknesses and diseases on vegetables and plants She gives recommendation to harvest better scented fruit, to keep cut flowers longer fresh and the most beautiful roots to grow
    STELLA NATURA 2016-2012
    Biodynamic Planting Calendar This Calendar has many aspects: a basic introduction to astronomy, a simple ephemeris, a planting guide, a star map, aid for following the movement of the planets in the night sky, and articles by ten different authors. All of these attempt to provide a true picture of the world outside us and ideas to assist in developing a healthy relation to that world
    AUSSAATTAGE MARIA THUN 2016 € 9.00 € 11.00
    Mit Pflanz-, Hack• und Erntezeiten und günstigen Arbeitstagen für den Imker
    MARIA THUN [1922 † 09-02-2012] Während mehr als 40 Jahre haben MARIA THUN sie auf Kleinbegonnener Forschung fortgesetzt Die Vorlesung von der Arbeit von Rudolf Steiner Culture, pratique de la pensée" "Kultur, Praxis vom Denken sie zu ihm geholt, zum mit der biologisch dynamischen Gartenarbeit zu experimentieren MARIA THUNs Aussaatkalender, heute übersetzt in 18 Sprachen, dient als Führungsprinzip für die Gartenarbeit und Landwirtschaft in Bezug auf Natur Die Methode Gebräuche der Maria•Thun von den vorteilhaften kosmischen Einflüssen durch das Säen, Pflanze, Aussehen nach, Ernte und Konserve der Pflanzen aus MARIA THUN entwickelte neue Einblicke hinsichtlich der Parasiten und der Krankheiten auf Gemüse und Anlagen Sie gibt Empfehlung, bessere duftende Frucht zu ernten, um der Schnittblumen zu halten längeres frisches und die schönsten Wurzeln um zu wachsen
    Calendario De Agricultura Biodinámica 2016
    Calendario delle semine e dei lavori 2016 (Agricoltura biodinamica)
    De KOSMOS AGENDA 2008-2013 naar Maria en Matthias THUN door Rob Hesper Corry Zaagsma Guurtje Kieft : is gebaseerd op 50 jaar onderzoek van o.a. MARIA THUN. Uit de inhoud: Kosmische constellaties voor: zaaien, plantenteelt, bijenteelt, het weer e.a. Tevens staan er tabellen in voor teelt, handleidingen en is er een privé agenda in opgenomen. De agenda wordt soms ZAAIKALENDER genoemd, maar geeft niet alleen de kosmisch gunstige constellaties voor zaaien, maar ook voor plantenteelt, bijenteelt, leervaardigheid, het weer e.a. Tevens privé-agenda. 168 pp. 18,5x10,5 cm. De bekende, Nederlandse biodynamische ZAAIAGENDA, gebaseerd op MARIA THUN en Matthias Thun. Dagelijks wordt u getoond of het de juiste dag is om te zaaien, zaailingen te verplanten, uw planten of bomen te snoeien. Daarnaast kunt met de agenda bepalen welke dagen uitermate geschikt zijn om te oogsten of om met de bijen te werken. Deze agenda bevat tevens een korte uitleg over maanbanen, aspecten en planeten en hun invloeden op het telen van de diverse gewassen in onze tuin en moestuin. Daarnaast geeft de agenda inzicht in de beginselen volgens welke MARIA THUN, al experimenterend, heeft leren werken met de kosmische invloeden. De agenda vertelt u meer over de perioden met gunstige en ongunstige invloeden op wortel-, blad- bloem, en vruchtgewassen. De praktische toepassing van deze informatie vindt u terug bij elke dag; met icoontjes wordt u duidelijk wat u die dag kunt doen. De producent van de Aussaattage, waarvan de Kosmos-agenda een vertaling-bewerking is, heeft naar aanleiding van het niet verschijnen van de agenda 2014 geheel onverwacht onze licentie ingetrokken en bleek niet tot andere gedachten te brengen. We mogen dus de agenda niet meer uitgeven, maar hij wordt overgenomen door een andere Nederlandse uitgever, Christofoor, waarbij de door onze klanten aan Hesperia gedane betalingen voor de Kosmos-agenda 2014 in aanmerking zullen worden genomen voor die van 2015, die u door Christofoor in het najaar zal worden toegezonden. Wie Lesgeven met de Kosmos heeft besteld, krijgt dit boek toegezonden mèt de agenda 2015

    • Agenda 2014 ISBN 978-90-79176-19-9 • Deze Julejaar agenda staat helemaal in het teken van magische groente (verhalen) en ideeën en initiatieven over natuur in je stad. Daarnaast vind je de 13 maanden van Het Julejaar, leven met de seizoenen, de biologisch-dynamische maankalender met siderische dierenriem, jaargetijden- & maanfeesten, de Tzolkin, kruiden en dus heel veel groenten. Gedrukt op FSC papier in Nederland. Handzaam formaat 10,5 x 15,2 cm, met spiraalbinding en boekenlegger. Exclusief in de webwinkel: met een pakje zelfgemaakte wierook voor het 10jarige jubileum.
    Op 09•02•2012 overleed op 89•jarige leeftijd MARIA THUN. Ze genoot bekendheid door de Biologisch•Dynamische 'zaaikalender' (in Nederland uitgegeven door Hesperia), die zij maar liefst 50 jaar verzorgde
    Vandaag las ik dat MARIA THUN overleden is. Zij was de grondlegster van biodynamisch tuinieren. Toen ik vorig jaar tuinieren met de maan als leidraad, volgde ik haar. Biodynamisch tuinieren is veelomvattender dan wat ik deed, laat ik daar duidelijk over zijn http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/9146710/Maria-Thun.html
    Enkele vragen aan MARIA THUN, pauzin van de biologische dynamische landbouwmethode en ontwikkelaarster van de astrale ZAAIKALENDER voor de succesvolle toepassing van deze werkwijze
    Bron: http://www.sauterwijnen.nl//nl/biologische-wijnen
    “In 1924, juist na het ontstaan van de chemische landbouw heeft de Oostenrijkse filosoof en pedagoog Rudolf Steiner de basis gelegd van de biodynamische cultuur voor de landbouwers.
    Hij constateerde dat de grond ziek was en zorg nodig had.
    Hij stelde zich de vraag: Hoe kunnen we een toekomst voor de landbouw ontwikkelen?
    Het basisidee van Steiner was het begrijpen en respecteren van de natuur van ieder levend wezen en hem in verbinding te brengen met de elementen die hem omgeven.
    Concreet, het gaat er voor de landbouwer om de in de plant en bodem aanwezige natuurkrachten te stimuleren teneinde een beter product te verkrijgen.
    Deze manier van denken verwerpt het gebruik van pesticiden en kunstmest die, micro-organismen en insecten dodend, de bodems verarmen.”
    “De Biodynamie houdt rekening met subtiele effecten en met de kennis van de ritmes en de kosmische invloeden.
    Rudolf Steiner heeft aanbevolen om altijd preparaten te gebruiken die ons door de natuur geschonken worden (o.a. koeienmest, kiezelaarde, quartz) en plantenaftreksels (brandnetels).
    Ze worden aangebracht hetzij op de grond, hetzij op de plant in extreem beperkte (homeopathische) hoeveelheden,
    vergelijkbaar met de katalysatoren in de chemie, die actief zijn in zeer kleine concentraties. Opgelost en onder astrale invloeden gedynamiseerd kunnen deze preparaten een zeer krachtige uitwerking hebben.
    De planten en bodems die deze preparaten ontvangen reageren veel sterker op kosmische invloeden.”
    “De effecten van de kosmische invloeden en ritmes zijn bij ieder bekend.
    Bijvoorbeeld de wisseling dag/nacht: bloemen die ’s ochtends openen en ’s avonds sluiten, de wisseling van de getijen, de opeenvolging van seizoenen, de aan de zonne-erupties gelieerde magnetische stormen etc.
    Ze beïnvloeden voortdurend het (vegetale) leven op aarde.
    Om goed te kunnen groeien hebben planten de invloed van alle planeten nodig en niet alleen die van de zon en de maan.
    Bijvoorbeeld, voor de wijngaard zijn de invloeden vanuit Mercurius en Saturnus belangrijk.
    De beste jaren en kwaliteit van de wijn wordt verkregen wanneer deze twee planeten voor de sterrenbeelden van het vuur (Fornax) staan, en dit is om de drie jaar het geval.
    Uit mijn gedurende 54 jaar bijgehouden geschriften en observaties, blijkt dat volgens de astrale configuratie op het moment van een menselijke handeling (werk aan de bodem, verzorging van de wijnstokken, oogst), de plant een ander gedrag heeft; ze groeit beter of minder goed, geeft mooier of minder mooi fruit.
    Bepaalde periodes van het jaar zijn meer of minder geschikt , afhankelijk van de het type plant en de te verrichten werkzaamheden.
    Ze zijn aangegeven in de zaaikalender die ik ieder jaar uitgeef.
    MARIA THUN, who has died aged 89, was a leading authority on “biodynamics”, an approach to agriculture and horticulture which uses the waxing and waning of the moon and the position of the planets and constellations to determine when to sow and harvest; her annual Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar was regarded as a vital land practice tool by aficionados
    The principles of biodynamic agriculture were first proposed by the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in 1924. He spoke of life forces not detectable by the physical senses, yet linking together the universe and all living things. He believed that the energy of plants can be affected not only by human actions and the weather but also by the energy of the moon, stars and planets. Decisions about when to sow and prune, he suggested, should be made according to patterns of lunar and cosmic rhythms.
    Beginning in the 1950s MARIA THUN decided to subject his principles to controlled trials on her farm on the outskirts of Darmstadt in Germany, beginning with radishes. Planting the vegetables when the moon was in different constellations, she discovered, resulted in their growing into different forms and sizes. Over years of research she concluded that root crops (including onions and leeks, which are not technically root crops) do best if sown when the moon is passing through constellations associated with the earth element; leafy crops do best when the moon is associated with water signs; flowering plants do best associated with air signs, and fruits did better with fire signs.
    Beginning in 1962, she produced a series of annual sowing and planting calendars and later set out the principles of her methods in Gardening for Life: the Biodynamic Way (published in English in 1999). In 2010, with her son Matthias, she published When Wine Tastes Best: A Biodynamic Calendar For Wine Drinkers, setting out the most propitious days for wine-tasting based on the position of the moon.
    Though sceptics dismissed biodynamics as hocus-pocus and were wont to point out that movement’s guru, Rudolf Steiner, had arrived at his theories after consulting telepathically with unearthly spirits, biodynamics has attracted some prominent adherents. Several leading supermarkets reportedly try to ensure that their wine tastings are held when MARIA THUN’s moon-related biodynamic calendar dictates that wines will be at their best, as does Les Caves de Pyrène, the leading proponent of natural and organic wines. Other followers include such respected gardeners as John Harris at Tresillian House Gardens in Cornwall.
    MARIA THUN was born near Malburg, Germany, in April 1922. Her father had a small farm and the children were involved in the farm work. In the early 1940s she met her future husband Walter Thun, who introduced her to farmers who were attempting to put Steiner’s ideas about biodynamic farming into practice. Fascinated, she attended an introductory course at the Institute for Biodynamic Research in Darmstadt.
    Rudolf Steiner had pointed out the connection between cosmic forces and the growth of plants. MARIA THUN began studying the astrological calendar of the Goetheanum (the centre of Steiner’s philosophy) and discovered that every two or three days the moon passed into in a different constellation of the zodiac. This led her to study whether the crop cycle might be affected by the astrological calendar.
    Maria THUN is survived by her son and daughter

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