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  • I will stop smoking!
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    Stop smoking

    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.I will stop smoking!

    Monday March 1st is THE day.

    I will stop smoking, not just attempt to stop NO, I will stop smoking.

    The reason for this blog is to let people know, maybe support others who want to stop but most of all for me to write down the experience I have while I stop smoking.

    I can start to write down all the reasons why I want to stop:

    - My health
    - My wife and kids
    - Hate depending on something
    - Hate smelling like a cigarette all the time
    - Hate being the only one outside after a fine diner in the restaurant
    - Much more

    The main reason is I want to stop because I want to be free of the addiction of cigarettes and to free myself from slavery to cigarettes. Everyone who smokes or ever smoked knows that we are a slave to this habit and that it controls our live.

    Well ... for me it is over soon. Monday March 1st is the first day of a smoke free life.

    You can support me by giving additional reasons in my guestbook, or just send me a support message.


    25-02-2010 om 13:14 geschreven door Gunther  

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