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    The winner of the poll was 2Moons (with 7votes)!
    Our games, your fantasy, everyone's pleasure!
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    We love all kinds of stuff, soccer, basketball, watching TV.
    But the most we love games, that's why we made this blog ofcourse.
                  You can help us improve our blog by leaving comments in the guest book.
                  But if you do, do it in English please.
                  You can also join the poll, it's fun.

    Thank you


    09-10-2007 om 20:07 geschreven door Dude36  

    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.About our blog
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen Our blog is about gaming, and everything that has to do with it.
    We all have a favourite game, and somethimes, we don't like games that other people like.
    In this blog I (Sam) 'm gonna talk about 2Moons. That's an online game, that you can download.
    Joris is gonna talk about Medieval 2 : Total War. A strategic game, that is hard to play, so newbies might not be able to play it very good.
    But always remember, if you practice, it will be OK.
    Of course we will discus many other games, but these games wil be the main topic for now.

    18-10-2007 om 00:00 geschreven door Dude36  

    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.2Moons

    2Moons is a MMORPG, that means Masive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. that is a difficult name for role playing game on the internet. You can download the game on When you first start the game, you have to register, it's for free, it's even free to download the game. After you register, you have to make a character; you can chose between:
    Azure Knight (warrior) :                      
    Segita Hunter (archer) :
    Incar Magician (mage) :       
    Vicious Summoner (warrior/beast summoner) :
    Segnale (healer) :            
    Bagi Warrior (beast/warrior) :       


    So these are the classes you can choose. You also have stats, these help your character to determine their abilities.
    the stat points are : -Strenght (STR) : used to increase the power of physical attacks.
                                  -Health (HEAL) : adds health and physical defense.
                                  -Spirit (SPR) : =Mana, the energy used to use special moves, magical skills.
                                  -Dextirity (DEX)
    : increases the basic defense of the character.
    Each level you rise, your character gets 5 points to spend on this stats, use them wisely, so it fits with your class!

    A big part of your 'job' in 2Moons is to kill 'the pitborn', that are all the monster you encounter in the world of 2Moons. If you kill these, you wil often get money (DIL) and sometimes you get useful items (for your class), but more likely the items are not really very useful because they are for the other class. If you have items you dont use, or if you dont need them, you can trade them to other players, or you can sell them to shops you freely encounter in the land.

    Here there are a few links to get to know 2Moons better :
    -Intro of 2Moons :
    -The classes :
    -Cosmo skills of the Vicious Summoner :
    -Some of the classes in action :

    20-10-2007 om 00:00 geschreven door Dude36  

    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Intro on Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms

    Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms (trailer:  is (for me) thé strategy game of 2007. It has the engine of Rome: Total War, the graphics of Medieval 2: Total War (kingdoms is his expansion) and takes it to interesting environments and cool battlefields. Plus you get 4 campaigns for the price of 1. I will give you a short preview of each campaign.

    Brittania Campaign:

    This campaign takes you to the epic, large scale battles for the British Isles. Who thinks this is a ordinary copy for the first Medieval game is so wrong. You can take over 5 different factions to glory. The English and Scottish look familiar to the original game, but the real fun starts when you take one of the 3 new factions into battle. You have the Norwegians, who wield powerful shock infantry; the Irish, who command a strong mix of units and the Welsh, who have the finest archers available.
    It’s also nice to fight for the small fortresses that are scattered across the map. They’re extremely valuable because they guard key-strategic points (such as bridges and mountain passes) and garrison units for free, allowing the freedom to build bigger armies than ever before.
    Each faction also has its own emerging hero:

    Norway: Haäkon Haäkonsen arrives with a strong fleet of invaders.
    England: King Edward returns from the Holy Lands with the force of the Templars.
    Scotland: William Wallace emerges with hordes of Highland warriors.
    Ireland: Brian O’Connor has a tremendous command ability.
    Wales: King Llwellyn fortifies his power with each border settlement he takes.

    Teutonic Campaign:

    The Teutonic campaign is the most ‘boring’ one because it takes a long time to build a large enough treasury to finance war expansions. As this is historically correct, we can’t blame them for that. However it’s not nice to see that you have few units and that the enemy is building up huge armies.
    On the other side, it’s cool to have support of Western nobles who seek papal favour by assisting you in your conquest of pagan Europe. Achieve victory alongside this temporary allies, and the Order will be richly rewarded.
    This campaign also features the coolest units. Fully armoured knights running at poorly equipped pagans and catapults shooting barrels of oil at the enemy.

    Crusades Campaign:

    This is one of the coolest campaigns. You can choose 2 Christian factions (Kingdom of Jerusalem and Principality of Antioch), 2 Muslim factions (Egypt and the Turks) or the Byzantine Empire, who wait to tip the balance in their favour and so regain their lost glory.
    Will you take the side of Christendom, and conquer all in the name of Christ, or will you drive out the infidels in the name of Allah? Or perhaps you’ll choose to burn your enemy with the Greek fire thrower, the most powerful weapon of the Byzantines? The choice is yours!

    Americas Campaign:

    This is without doubt the coolest campaign of all. You can take either the Spanish ‘Conquistadores’ or the native factions, like the Aztecs or the Apachean Tribes. Which side you want to choose, it will be harder than in the other campaigns to lay ambushes or to evade enemy armies, because no one, not even the inhabitants, know the lands well enough.
    I won’t spoil the fun by telling you everything about this campaign. It’s the coolest because everything is new. So find everything out by yourself!

    Closing Comments: It’s a good game with nice graphics, no doubt. But there are still some points that could be better. For instance, you have to train units in different settlements, and then move them together across the map. That makes you lose time.

    Players who seek to play a fast strategy game, skip this one, because it takes weeks to complete a campaign with 1 faction.

    24-10-2007 om 14:22 geschreven door DJ  

    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The game Fifa 08

    This is the new game of Fifa. Fifa is a fantastic football game with a lot of competitions in England, Italy, and many others. There is our own 'Jupiler League'.
    You also can play with countries. I hope that the person who playes with Belgium, can play better than our own "Red Devils".

    You can play "Champions League" with the best teams in Europe.
    The best teams are FC Barcelona from Spain, Manchester United from England and AC Milan from Italy.
    The best players are Ronaldinho and Messi of  FC Barcelona, Didier Drogba of FC Chelsea, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United and Kaka of AC Milan.

    You also have great stadiums. An example is Anfield, the stadium of  Liverpool F.C.!
    Or in Belgium, the Constant Vanden Stock Stadium, the stadium of RSCA Anderlecht!
    The greatest stadiums are the Stadio San Siro of the clubs Inter and AC Milan, and of course Nou Camp. It has 98 000 seats. Incredible, isn't?

    You also have fantastic trucks.

    oRonaldinho is going to kick the ball in the goal. Or not?

    Lionel Messi knows a few fantastic trucks.

    Rooney scores each match.

    Kaka in the real (on the right), and left, the version of Kaka in the game.
    You can watch a very good review of this game (see above).
    You can watch many moves and shots of players.
    I chose it because you only can win when there's a goal.

    26-10-2007 om 00:00 geschreven door gladiator  

    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The game Battlefield II
    The game Battlefield II:
    You can watch a review (see above).
    You see a soldier with a gun, a sniper and he is shooting. 
    I chose it because it resumes the game.

    Text :

    Maps in this game:

    The game Battlefield II offers the gamers fifteen maps to play. These maps are diverse, from jungles such as
    Songhua Stalemate, to urban areas such as Strike at Karkand, or an unfinished dam known as Kubra Dam.

    In all the maps and faces, the USMC is present.
    You have also the MEC and the PLA, depending on the map.
    Especially, the PLA is present in Far East theaters such as Dragon Valley and Daqing Oilfield.
    But there is of course the MEC, it is present in Middle East theaters such as Gulf of Oman and Zatar Wetlands.
    The BF2 series, including the expansion and boosterpacks, puts the map count at 29 maps. 
    BF2 maps have 3 variations, each suited for a certain number of players. Each map has 16, 32 and 64 player-suggested variations in which the area of battle or playing field is small, medium or large. 
    There is one exception, it is Wake Island 2007. It is my favourite.
    Wake Island 2007 is locked at 64-player size.
    An other contrast between these, other than the size, is the difference in the number and position of control point. 
    A second contrast is the availability and the third contrast is the number of some of the vehicles.
    The result is that the gameplay of the map is different depending on the variation.
    In June of this year, EA officially released a beta map. It was Highway Tampa. In July 2007, Highway Tampa has
    become an official ranked Battlefield II map. It is a large map with rolling terrain and favors armored warfare.

    I have played  Battlefield II on holiday. My favourite maps are Highway Tampa and Wake Island.
    I like shooting with a sniper because the enemy doesn't know that I 'm shooting.
    I often play on-line but I like normally.

    02-11-2007 om 00:00 geschreven door gladiator  

    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Review of Imperial Glory
    Imperial Glory is a game of quite a long duration. It isn't suited for players who seek a fast-paced strategie game. It also requires some strategic ability to deal with threats of opposing empires, alliances with other country's, trade agreements and so on. The most special thing is that the management of your empire is divided of the actual battles. Those battles are also divided in land- and seabattles. You must applause the creators about the graphics in the two types of battles, but the controls for the seabattles can sometimes be very frustrating. There are no comments on the landbattles. In the management view, you have to deal with loads of things (like mentioned before). E.g. you have to think: can I defend a territory when I conquer it? What will the other Empires do? How will they react? Can I handle such a military force or will my food stockage collapse? So you have to have lots and lots of patience to be Europes greatest hero!!!!!

    01-12-2007 om 15:12 geschreven door DJ  

    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The beginning of 2Moons
    The beginning of 2 Moons.
    To start in the world of 2 Moons you have to make a character. You can chose between six characters, like I showed you in my other post.
    Once you have chosen your character, you will have to chose between 2 starting places, Loa Castle or Braiken Castle. Once you have chosen, you spawn in the designated area, where your adventure starts. For your first assignement, you have to lvl up, and then go to your skill master.
    You start with no armor at all, and you only have a dagger, or a sort of laser whip if u have chosen a segnale to start. Just start to kill a few Blaverus, or some Mofa's, since they are almost no danger at all, you can kind of compare them with a moth and a cokrouch. The way you lvl up, the better armor and weapons u can buy. The lvling at the start is no problem at all, since you can get to lvl 6-7 in 15-25 minutes easy. At lvl 7 you can get a fishing skill, wich adds a really fun, new level to the game, because if you are a little tired of grinding², you can fish some, not that it's such big fun, but it can be quite amusing. And at the beginning it even provides good money, if you sell the fish. Ofcourse you can buy lots of new skill, which are very different for each class. The real grinding² begins from level 15-20. From lvl 40 and so on, you can have a new lvl that is added to the game, the PK (Player Kill), in certain maps you can PK other players, wich is such fun. Why you only can do this from lvl 40, well, you can do this a soon as you want, but you wil not be as strong as the other players, so around lvl 40 you are not a noob anymore. You're strong enough then, so go out and have a great PK event. It's really fun.
    There are so many other things to do, but I will not say everything, or all the fun will be gone.
    So download the game, and have the greatest time you ever had.

    A 2Moons addictet man

    ²grinding : nonstop lvling, killing without a brake.

    01-12-2007 om 18:17 geschreven door Dude36  

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