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    Irish Blessing:

    Like the warmth of the sun
    And the light of the day,
    May the luck of the Irish
    Shine bright on your way.

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    Irish Wolfhounds of Beltine
    Litter from Faith of Beltine and Wolfhouse Umberto
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Sunday - Visitorsday.

    Today it's Sunday... this means Visitorsday! A lot of people that come to caress and hug us, all day long! Boy I love that!
    My children also seem to enjoy it.
    It should be Sunday every day, don't you agree?

    Some of the visitors are quite brave... I would not recommend this behavior to everyone!

    Some of my puppies had a hard time, chosing between tearing the shoes or getting hugged by the lady...

    They look already big... outside....

    But if you see the adults, they still look rather small...

    I still love to spoil them like real baby's.

    They can be gentle!

    Christa's choice... But to judge them in the right way... they decide to put them in show-pose, again...

    Jaxx, male number one.

    Jaxx from the left side.

    Jazzlyn, less willingly...

    Jazzlyn's left side.


    Jellianlee in the mood to play...

    Jellianlee from the left side.

    Jovian, the second male, only wants to sleep!

    Jovian again, didn't want to stand on 4 legs...

    Jovian on the floor.

    Juno, also started to sleep before she was put on the table... 

    Juno from the left... tired.

    They should have started earlier... the last ones were so tired... This is Jools, almost sleeping while she stands...

    She bends her back like a cat...

    And her left side is just as tired as the right... She is much better then her picture!

    They still continue... but Jameson is also too tired to stand up.

    On the floor he stays for a moment, but the picture doesn't do him credit..

    Jools feels she should wake Ianina...

    And even Ianina is too tired to show...

    Souper-time! Ok. That's a better reason to stay awake!

    Quickly a walk outside to make pipi...

    And then... looking for a place to sleep... with eyes already dreaming...

    Wauw... I saw a light!

    Just a flash... pfff.... more puctures.... Juno, Jools and Jellianlee on a row.

    Preparing for a long nap. (at least half an hour!)

    Jameson and Juno.

    Jellianlee, falling a sleep, eye by eye...

    Both eyes almost closed...

    Cosy, together...

    A full house!

    HELP !!!!
    This seems strange, but don't worry...

    It's Jameson, sleeping like a real Irish Wolfhound!

    14-03-2010 om 00:00 geschreven door Faith of Beltine  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.8 weeks old !!!

    It's their Weekday again! 8 weeks already!
    I stiil give them milk twice a day. They love it far more then their food! But they need to be careful with my breasts, I have no problem to make them understand!
    I wonder who will be llowed to stay with us... it still seems undecided...
    Of course, at 8 weeks... it's time to take the new 'show' pictures... Here they are, and... you also get to know their official names!

    First they tried to let a kind visitor put my children on the table... but then they decided to change jobs.

    Not that this made a big difference... Jaxx still didn't like to do this at first...

    But... he is willing to learn... My first born son, 'Black', now called : Jaxx.

    This is my daughter 'Heart', they call her Jazzlyn now.

    Jazzlyn from the other side.

    Another daughter, 'Horseshoe', got a name of the elves: Jellianlee.

    Jellianlee again.

    My second son, 'Gold', was given the name Jovian.

    My daughter 'Atomic', wears the name Juno.

    Juno from the other side.

    Remember 'Snowwhite'? She is now called Jools,... sometimes...

    Always ready to jump and have fun... Jools, again.

    And the last one, another son, 'Grey', named Jameson, now.

    Jameson, again.

    Afterwoods they were quite happy to take a nap... all together! Oh, I was asked to thank Ankie and Marja for their patience and help to take these pictures! Thanks a lot!!!!

    13-03-2010 om 00:00 geschreven door Faith of Beltine  

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