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    Irish Wolfhounds of Beltine
    Litter from Faith of Beltine and Wolfhouse Umberto
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.In labour.

    I didn't feel well this morning, I could only eat half my breakfast.
    She knew immediately what that might mean and she left for work with a worried look on her face.
    He was sure she was being overanxious again.
    Ena was being very sweet. She had a litter last year, I guess she understood exactly how I felt.
    When she came home from work she looked at me again with big eyes. Then I overheard her telling him that it might be better to call Icewolf's new owners. They planned to come and get him tomorrow, but she explained to them that they would have to wait, if I was giving birth that day, until all my puppies would be born.
    I wanted to skip the evening meal as well, but he did put something special in it, so I forced myself to almost finish it.
    Early that evening Icewolf's people came and took him with them, and afterwards he started to prepare my whelping-quarter.
    He was convinced I would wait until Sunday to start delivering. I was due for the 18th of January.
    She said we could not wait any longer and so I was moved to that special part of the house. 
    She introduced me to the little light grey whelp from Devlynn and Embassador, the one that would stay with us. They call her Nina.
    I didn't like it when she tried to suck, but once she understood I was not just another mother to her, we did get along quite well.
    Nina felt something was wrong with me, so she did do her best to support me all night.
    She also staid awake, but sometimes she left me for a while to play with her washing- and other machines, which I didn't like at all!
    I slept a little bit that night, in between contractions, but only when she staid awake to watch over me.

    Icewolf's last evening with Nina...

    When he was gone Nina cried a little, while they cleaned and rebuild the giant wooden box the other way 'round... and then finally... I could return to my favourite place!

    Oh lord, they really want me to share the place with this little one ?

    Once I was there I realized I've also had a lot of fun with Ena in the kitchen.. mmm.... indeed a very nice place to be.. you never knew what would come up before your nose, or fall out of the air! But I don't feel hungry now... My belly seems kind of full...

    So it might be for the best to get adjusted over here... the little one seems to have respect for adults...

    I hope he will keep her on his knees, so I can take a nap... I feel tired...

    I wonder how long he will be able to keep her, you see him losing his attention? He likes to watch TV....

    I''l have a chat with the little one myself...

    Ok.! She's a clever one! It didn't take her long to understand!

    15-01-2010 om 00:00 geschreven door Faith of Beltine  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Love at first sight!

    I was not happy they took me away from Deus and Arttu, just as they finally noticed how beautiful I was. They were following me all of the time, washing my ears, and even my heels... I had a slight preference for Deus, the leader of course...
    But, as soon as we arrived in the Wolfhouse Kennel in Denmark and I saw Umberto... I didn't think of them anymore!
    I guess you can call it love at first sight. Umberto wanted to run and play just as much as I did...
    I must admit I had some problem with him jumping on my back... but hey...
    Hmmmm, sometimes I still dream of him... I really liked him a lot, and I believe this was mutual...

    Here he is, my loverboy, waiting like a gentleman, because I wanted a drink...

    Then I wanted to play some more...

    See what I can do with my ears?... only when I'm in a crazy mood... I wanted to impress him. I do hope he still remembers...:oops:

    10-01-2010 om 00:00 geschreven door Faith of Beltine  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.My name is Faith, Faith of Beltine.

    I am an Irish Wolfhound, at least that's what I'm told...
    My mother was Zygryn of Beltine and my father Wolfman's Kingscourt.
    I grew up with a lot of other Irish Wolfhounds and I have many Irish Wolfhound friends as well.
    I also like most human beings and some really make me jump from joy!
    If they don't want to bend over to caress me, no problem, I will jump on their shoulders to help them get to me!
    I like driving, but she always claims the driver's seat. I know the way to all places we attend to regurarly. I always tell her when she picks the wrong direction, but... sometimes I believe she's really stupid.

    Two months ago they took me away from home and drove for hours. They already left in the wrong direction, so it was impossible for me to get them on track again. Besides, Luc, a friend, was driving, and he did not seem willing to obey me.
    After driving for hours, they stopped and taklked to a man in a cage. He gave them a paper and we drove a little bit further. A few people started waving at us... but we drove by... on a narrow bridge and then inside of a long room, filled with cars. I had never seen anything like that before.
    They took me out of the car, telling me 'not to make pipi'... strange, usually they want me to do it straight away when they take me out of the car...
    I learned to climb the stairs, take an elivator, and when they took me outside, I discovered we were surrounded by water!!!
    So they took me on a boat?
    Half an hour later we started driving again, for some more hours.
    In the middle of the night we stopped in the dark... in the rain... They begged me to make pipi... but, hey... if you don't need to... how can you?
    They arranged the car inside and I enjoyed the soft bed and the company and tried to sleep. I wonder if they also managed to sleep???
    They looked quite tired in the morning, complaining about the space I took...
    Hey, I didn't ask for all this.... But I must admit... if I knew what was going to happen... I would have begged for it !
    In the morning we drove again, a very short while and.... There he was : A handsome young man, a Danish Irish Wolfhound, and... he liked me just as much as I liked him!!!!!!!!!!!

    10-01-2010 om 00:00 geschreven door Faith of Beltine  

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