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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Cricket


    Cricket is a typical English sport which is not played in Belgium much. This comes because the game rules are this way complicated. I will try them explain as well as possible . 

    The field

    The cricketveld are ovaalvormig and are delimited by a pulse polsdik rope that in the grass lie.  Dimensions of the field have a doorsnede of approximately 140 meters. In the middle of the field there is no grass, or very short grass in a rectangle. That area is called pitch. This dimension  to be 20.12 at 3.05 meter. On the short sides of the pitch is itself knee-high houten constructions, which become wickets called. Whole of wickets and pitch the wicket are called. The largest part of the game takes place on and at the wicket. The wickets to exist from three erect paaltjes which with such case-bay on a row have been persevered that the ball is not possible there. Paaltjes are called stumps. The tops of it are bridged by two small houtjes: bails . The this way arisen construction is this way unstable that the bails fall already at a small contact of the wicket on the ground.

    On the pitch some lines have been drawn, which creases mentioned. They give to where wants he does not have be himself the batter gestumped become, where the bowler the ball must throw and between what must be run to make runs.  Game course

      The cricketbat link-convex back, Right the battle side, generally made  wilgenhout.

    Professional cricketwedstrijd go approximately as follows:

    The game goes in battle turns. In the most of games each team one has battle turn. Each battle turn lasts until 10 there of 11 battle people (batsman) from, or is a quantity balls by team is agreed. A group of six balls is concerning.

       the battle turn has been concluded as: 10 of 11 battle people has been eliminated or the number has been agreed overs it has been played or if the battle team decides stop with beat.

    The game has two adjudicators, one of them establish himself behind of the wickets (on the side where gebowld become). The other one keeps the second wicket in the eye as from the they side. The leaders to toss to bowl be possible decide if they want profits firstly or.

    Afbeelding:Cricket ball G&M.jpgThe red cricketbal such as use for test matches

    The team which beats firstly, the battle plough, sends then the field which will beat first to two players. They form the first partnership of the game. They have both a beater and have necessary body protection against the ball.

    The team which must throw out firstly, puts all 11 man on the field. One of them become wicketkeeper called, he is the some of the bowlingteam that hand shoes and leg guards aanheeft. This is because he places himself exactly behind the battle man. He has a specialist role, because he the gebowlde ball must catch if that battle man passes is. He is also generally the player responsible for stumpen of battle men.

    Another player of the bowling team is bowler. He is the man who throws the ball to the battle man. The bowler overgooit 6 time (correctly) direction battle man, this serial of 6 is called. After concerning one changes of side where one throws and must the bowling team new bowler indicate.  A team needs therefore several bowlers, also one has several types bowlers (fast and spider bowlers). In a team is generally 4 to 5 good bowlers in house, which varies each other. Concerning can count sometimes more than six balls. This is the case when the bowler have thrown a bad ball , name lyno-ball or wide'. In both cases get the plough to battle extra manage again and must the ball be thrown.

    The task of the battle men is as many score runs. They do this beating the ball and at the same time to the overkant to run. Then they one have manages, they can stop with to run or again to the overkant run two or even several runs score. If the ball is this way beaten that he concerns the rope then scores the battle man 4 runs (boundery) without being finished the danger. He beats the ball which goes out without touching the ground then 6 runs is granted.

    A battle man can as long as to beat if he wants as long as he is not finished . Can finish in some manners:

    1. : a battle man is finished because the ball is directly caught after he has beaten the ball (most attentive)

    2. thrown out : the bowler throw out the battle man by throwing the ball against the wickets

    3. ball touches: a battle man cannot touch the ball intentional with the hands with as an aim of preventing that the ball would touch the wicket (seldom attentive)

    4. led: a player who is not concerning the crease and is wicket break is from

    5. uitgebaild: a battle man beat whom for the crease stands and misses the ball can uitgebaild by the wicketkeeper as the wicketkeeper the ball catches and the bails to be removed

    6. two times beat: a battle man cannot beat two times, he can use, however, its beater to stop if the ball the those wicket would break

    7. wicket touch: a battle man who is wicket touches and the bails leave falls are from. This rule does not apply if this happens because he jumps away for a ball which descends on its body or to that prevent he is led

    8. time-wasting: a new battle man has three minutes for on the field at        to come             

      English batsmanAfbeelding:Billy Caffyn.jpg

    Batsman are moreover just from if he leaves or after a committed error himself the field, or after the field plough the adjudicator asks for a decision. Such a request is called appeal and can be done by each field player to the adjudicator by the question: How's That?  

    If the adjudicator notes that a player is according to the laws from, but nobody of the players seems notice it, then the adjudicator keeps its mouth. This is the consequence of the law which an adjudicator takes a decision exclusively on application. When an adjudicator remunerates appeal, he does that putting up its we finger . When he finds that the player is not from he does not put up its finger and says he loudly and clearly: not out and can shake thereby its head.

    If a player from is, becomes he replace by a plough half-measure. Until there 10 players from its continue continue collection. If collection is done of side it is changed and it is played.

    The game finishes if also the second team is ready with its battle turn, or the moment the second team has scored more runs than the first team.


    The prehistory of the cricket

    British historians say that the sport 1600 in Zuidoost-Engeland have arisen. According to French historians cricket however a French game is and has the english it during Hundred-year-old war taken over. The Vlamingen showed that on the paintings of Bruegel alcricket werdt played.

    Concerning the origin of the word cricket a similar misfiring exists. It is or originating from cricce - the Anglo-Saxon word for a shepherd staff - or of krikstoel, the name with which in the low countries of the middle ages kerkbankje were indicated. In French was called bankje such a a cricket.

    At early forms of cricket wickets which had indeed something of a low bankje, were used. Cricket in its current form - with rechtop staande wickets - dates of a later time and is without doubt English.

     Lord's and MCC


    The oldest kept cricketbat from 1729

    In the eighteenth century cricket had developed into of the favoriete sports of the British island. The London elite disturbed himself however to the fact that their games on a lawn in Islington could become by Jan and everybody gadegeslagen. Thomas Lord in 1787, in the district Marylebone closed jack-rage-clean for this reason arranged. The associated association - Marylebone Cricket club or kortweg: MCC - a year introduced later the first cricketwetten and manages these up to on the day of today.

    Lord, moved in 1811 its stadion nasty Regent park and in 1814, to the current location St John's Wood where it already rapidly the nickname The home or Cricket acquired.

     In 1880, the first serious game between the country teams of United Kingdom and Australia took place in United Kingdom. MCC in the years for that a couple time had already drawn Australia, but those games were not seriously taken this way. Australia also came to United Kingdom, there became  played on the London Kennington Oval. United Kingdom had to, because of a disastrous going second battle turn, large effort win the game. Eventually W.G. gave. Grace disruption: United Kingdom won with a difference of 5 wickets but the Australiërs had delivered their visiting-card.


     world championship

    world championship cricket for the four years it is kept. West-Indië the first championship won in 1975. Up to and including 2007 nine championships have been kept. Australia won four times (1987.1999, 2003 and 2007), West-Indië two times (1975 and 1979). India (1983), Pakistan (1992) and Sri Lanka (1996) won each one time.  United Kingdom has never gained the title. The following game finds in 2011plaats Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

     Cricket in Belgium

    Belgium becomes represents internationally by Belgian cricketelftal that on the fourteenth place stands in the regional non-test ranking.

    The clubs which have been registered at the BCF:


    Antwerp CC

    Antwerp Indians CC

    Crescent C.C


    Royal of Brussels CC




    Kortrijk CC


    Optimist CC


    Mechelen Eagles CC


    Oostende CC


    Pakistan CC Belgium

    12 rigid CC

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.American Football

    American football


    American football is a competitive team sport known for mixing complex strategy with intense physical play. The object of the game is to score points by advancing the pointed-oval shaped ball into the opposing team´s end zone. The ball can be advanced by carrying or by throwing it to a teammate. Points can be scored in a variety of ways, including carrying the ball over the goal line, throwing the ball to another plyer past the goal line, tackling an oppoing ball carrier in his own end zone, or kicking the ball through the goal posts on the opposing side. The winner is the team with the most points when the time expires and the last play ends.

    Greets Jasper

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.

    Gaelic Football


    Gaelic football, commonly referred to as “football”, is a form of footbal played mainly in Ireland. It, together with Hurling, is the most popular sport in Ireland. The modern game is shaped in 1887.




    Gaelic football is played by teams of 15 players on a rectangular (stretching 130-145 metres long and 80- 90 metres wide) grass pitch with H-shaped goals at each end. The primary object is to score by kicking/striking the ball in the goals with your hands or feets.


    A Gaelic-Football match last for 60 minutes, divided into two halves of 30 minutes.

    Draws are decided by replays or by playing 20 minutes of extra time, divided into two halves of 10 minutes.

    The game is played with a round leather football, but he’s heavier then a soccer ball.


    This is a Gaelic Football goal. If you want to score, you have to try to get the ball between the to vertical bars. If the ball is in the net, you have 3 points. If the ball is above the drossbar, you have one point.




    A gaelic football match is watched over by eight officials: The referre,

    two linesman, sideline official and four umpires.



    Greets Jonas (De latin Guys2)





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