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    Dean Ambrose Talks About The Shield's Goals & More
    Dean Ambrose Talks About The Shield's Goals & More

     - WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose recently spoke to to promote this weekend's WWE live events in Hidalgo, Texas. Here are some highlights:

    What is the goal of The Shield within the company?

    Ambrose: Our goal, from a personal standpoint, is to work harder than everyone else day in, day out. Get up earlier, train harder and work harder in the ring. This business is ours for the taking and we can take it and we’re going to. And if anyone has a problem with that, then, too bad. Also, I wouldn’t call us cheaters, I would call us winners. We’re not mercenaries, we’re not thugs. We just do what’s best for business by whatever means possible. That’s all kind of up to you to make your own decision about whether that’s good or bad.

    Do you still kind of find it amazing that you used to watch wrestling from home and now you’re (a part of it)?

    Ambrose: It’s still very hard to wrap my brain around. I was in a main event overall last night, and that doesn’t sink in. I always expected to be here, from day one … it was just a question of when, but it was going to happen. And from the minute I got (to WWE), I expected to be in main events (I’m not in main events all the time, I’m still climbing the ladder). I try to stay pretty humble. Just being in the locker room with guys that I watched on TV; getting advice from Arn Anderson or William Regal, that kind of stuff is really cool to me; getting to work really closely with Triple H, it’s, no pun intended, a trip. It’s weird because you dream of being in this world one day and then you are and then it’s just everyday life … and it’s like, 7-foot (Big Show) walks into catering and it’s like, "What’s up, Show?"

    If you could meet anyone in the ring...

    Ambrose: I’ve had the opportunity to wrestle pretty much everybody, a huge litany of stars … and in my crystal ball, I see myself and CM Punk crossing paths and colliding. … It’s not anything that’s boiling right now.

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    Former TNA Knockout Arrested
    Former TNA Knockout Arrested

    Former TNA Knockout So Cal Val, real name Paige Nicole Mayo, was arrested on August 31 2013 by Orlando police on suspicion of DUI and leaving the scene of an accident with property damage.

    The police report cites a 500 dollar bond for her DUI arrest and 100 dollar bond for leaving the scene of an accident. Mayo posted the total of 600 dollar bond and was released pending arraignment.

    You can see her mugshot below courtesy of

    Posted Image

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    Three Independent Women Wrestlers Debut In OVW
    Three Independent Women Wrestlers Debut In OVW

    Santana Garrett, who participated in the TNA KO Knockdown PPV, Candice LaRoux, and Marti Belle, all made their debuts in TNA's developmental territory prior to the OVW TV Tapings last night.

    Source : OVWMania

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    Resultaten Impact Wrestling 19/09/13

    TNA Impact Wrestling Results 9/19/13

    Fresh off the heels of last week’s “No Surrender” event Impact opens up with Magnus in the back and he discusses coming up short in the BFG Series. Bobby Roode interrupts him and says Magnus can blame EGO all he wants but the only person he should blame his himself. Magnus gets in Roode’s face and then Bad Influence blindsides him and EGO beats him down until security pulls them apart. Magnus says he wants them tonight.

    Highlights from last week are followed up with Tenay and Taz running down the show for tonight. Magnus’ music hits and he comes down to the ring alone. Magnus says his ribs, knees, and shoulder hurt and he hasn’t been able to chew food right for a week. He says it’s all because of coming up short in the BFG Series and then he says believes AJ Styles is the very best in the business right now and he wishes him luck at BFG. Magnus says he needs to address someone else now, EGO decided to interrupt the Finals last week and he knows St. Louis doesn’t want any part of EGO because it’s Mafia country. Magnus says they just jumped him in the back earlier and now that he’s alone in the ring without his family he dares any one of the members of EGO to come out and face him right now one-on-one.

    Kazarian walks out and accepts the challenge. Magnus hits the ring and the two start trading blows. Magnus beats Kaz down in a corner but then Daniels runs out and hits Magnus from behind. Bad Influence beats Magnus down and Daniels holds Magnus as Kaz goes for a clothesline, but Magnus escapes and Kaz lays Daniels out by mistake! Magnus clotheslines Kaz out of the ring and then starts wearing Daniels out in the corner. Bobby Roode hits the ring and clotheslines Magnus! EGO start beating Magnus down three-on-one.

    Sting’s music hits and he and Samoa Joe hit the ring and chase EGO off! Sting says if EGO wants to fight then it’s on because they want a six man tag tonight! Roode says if they want them they got them but then retreats as MEM starts to approach them on the ramp.

    Footage of AJ’s BFG Series win and then his promo afterward is shown. That was a really well done video package.

    Backstage Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky approach Manik. Sabin says he saw what Manik did last week challenging Jeff Hardy to a match last week. He says that took guts, almost as much guts as it took Sabin to ask out Velvet even though she said yes before he even finished asking. Sabin says he’s proud of Manik even though Sabin was the heart and soul of the X-Division and if it wasn’t for Sabin cashing in the X-Division Title for a World Title shot Manik wouldn’t even have that belt. Sabin mockingly says he’s Manik’s number one fan and as Manik walks away Sabin says he and Velvet should get a closer look at this match.


    Non-Title Match
    “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy vs. Manik

    Last week Manik asked Hulk Hogan for a match with Jeff Hardy to test himself and Hogan has granted it. Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky come out to sit ringside and watch this match. Taz makes fun of the way Sabin dresses and says a guy that has a girl like that should dress better. This coming from the guy who wears a leather vest with jorts and sandals. Manik and Hardy lockup with Manik getting Hardy in a side headlock. Manik transitions into a wristlock and then he slams Hardy down to the mat. Hardy nips up to his feet and reverses into a wristlock of his own. Manik rolls through and then cartwheels and sweeps the legs of Hardy. Manik covers Hardy for just a one count and then Hardy trips Manik and gets a one count of his own. Hardy and Manik stare each other down and then Manik hits Hardy with a European Uppercut followed by a whip into the corner. Hardy uses the ropes to float up and into a headscissors takeover that sends Manik out to the floor! Hardy hits a slingshot dropkick through the ropes and then he dives off the apron with a Flying Clothesline onto Manik on the floor! Hardy tosses Manik back into the ring and then hits him with a Leaping Mule Kick that sends Manik crashing into the corner. Hardy goes for the Hardyac Arrest but Manik rolls out of the way and Hardy crash lands on the mat. Manik ducks a clothesline and then drop toe holds a charging Hardy into the ropes. As Hardy hangs in the ropes Manik then springboards out of the corner and over the top rope into a dropkick to the side of Hardy’s head. Manik follows up with a Springboard Flying Cross Body attempt, but Hardy moves out of the way and then Hardy springs to the top and dives off with the Whisper In The Wind! 1…2…NO Manik kicks out! Hardy goes for the Twist but Manik counters into the Detonation Kick! Manik then goes for the Tiger Breaker, but Hardy blocks it and tries to roll Manik up only for Manik to sit down on top of him! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out! Manik retreats to the corner and then Hardy charges at him, but Manik leaps over him and then goes for his Leaping Neckbreaker but Hardy holds onto the ropes to block it! Hardy hits the Twist of Fate! Hardy climbs up top and dives off with the Swanton Bomb, 1…2…3!

    Winner: Hardy via pinfall (Swanton Bomb)

    After the match Hardy helps Manik up and shakes his hand and then hugs him. After Hardy leaves the ring Chris Sabin comes in and raises the arm of Manik, but then hits him from behind and starts stomping him out in the corner. Hardy runs back to the ring and chases Sabin off as Sabin mocks Manik. Velvet looks surprised by Sabin’s actions.

    Earlier today Dixie Carter arrives and refuses to answer any questions as she walks into the building.


    In the back Chris Sabin is asked why he attacked Manik, but Sabin says Manik is the most disrespectful person he’s ever met. He says everyone is disrespectful in TNA to him and then goes over all of his accolades. He says he’s a trailblazer in TNA but no one in TNA gives him the respect he deserves especially the fans. Sabin says he’ll take his respect and then tells the camera man to get the hell out.

    TNA Knockouts Championship
    “Hardcore Country” Mickie James (c) vs. ODB

    Mickie takes ODB down and then they start rolling around on the mat and hitting each other. ODB gets up and hits a shoulder block but Mickie answers with a poke to the eyes and then a snapmare takeover. Mickie hits a sliding dropkick for a nearfall. Mickie kicks ODB in the gut and then whips her into the corner. Mickie charges but ODB gets her feet up and then climbs up top, but Mickie grabs ODB by the legs and snatches her down to the mat hard. Mickie tries to choke ODB with her belt but the referee stops her so Mickie just chokes her in the ropes with her legs. Mickie then hits the ropes but eats a Spear from ODB! 1…2…NO Mickie kicks out! Mickie answers with a spinning back kick and then a skip front kick. Mickie hits a Flapjack and then nips up to her feet as she taunts the crowd. Mickie climbs up top and dives off but ODB moves out of the way and then hits a Fall Away Slam! ODB does a nipup of her own but Mickie rolls out to the floor to escape ODB. ODB reaches out and grabs Mickie by the hair but Mickie sweeps her legs causing ODB to land hard on the apron. Mickie then pulls the apron away trapping ODB between the apron and then side of the ring and starts beating her across the head.


    Back from the break Mickie hits a Hangwoman’s Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Mickie covers ODB for another nearfall and then puts the boots to her. Mickie attempts to whip ODB into the corner but ODB reverses it and then goes for a splash only to run into a boot from Mickie. Mickie follows up with a back elbow and then she goes for the Mickiecanrana, but ODB counters into a Falling Powerbomb! Both girls are down but they both get to their feet at the 8 count. They exchange strikes with ODB getting the better of Mickie until Mickie gets pissed and kicks Mickie and then hits a series of forearms. Mickie bounces off the ropes but runs into a clothesline followed by a shoulder block from ODB. ODB hits a Vertical Suplex, 1…2…NO Mickie kicks out! ODB starts showing some frustration and then she goes for a splash in the corner but Mickie gets both feet up. Mickie hits the Mick Kick! Mickie doesn’t cover her right away and instead screams at ODB to get up. Mickie picks her up and then drags ODB to the corner. Mickie climbs up top and goes for the Tornado Mickie-DT, but ODB blocks it and hits the BAM! 1…2…3!

    Winner & NEW KO Champ: ODB via pinfall (BAM)

    Eric Young and Joseph Park run out and celebrate with ODB. Bro-Mans come out and interrupt the celebration. Robbie asks what the hell is going on here and says he would hate to break up the weird celebration but its one thing for EY to be in the ring. He says EY is “actually married to that” but Joseph Park is just a “third wheel hamster loser, bro.” Robbie congratulates them because this is the creepiest three way in history.

    Park asks who in the hell they think they are trying to diminish the new Knockouts Champion. Park says a bunch of big words and then says Bro-Mans are insulting all the fans by wearing their “ridiculous outfits.” He says if he wasn’t wearing a suit right now he would put up his dukes and teach both of them a lesson. Robbie says it sounds like he just challenged him to a match but Park tries to back out.

    EY says Park has a suit on but unfortunately for Robbie EY doesn’t.

    Robbie E w/Jesse vs. “Showtime” Eric Young w/ODB & Joseph Park

    Robbie charges at EY but EY moves out of the way and then rolls him up! 1…2…3!

    Winner: EY via pinfall (rollup)

    Robbie freaks the hell out for getting beat like that and then screams at EY and Park saying that wasn’t a real match. He says he wasn’t ready for EY, he wanted Park. Robbie asks Park if he’s scared of him and then calls him a “fat bastard.” Park gets pissed off and it looks like he’s ready to fight.


    Joseph Park w/Eric Young & ODB vs. Robbie E w/Jesse

    Robbie charges at Park the same way he did EY and Park does the same thing, sidesteps and rolls him up! 1…2…3!

    Winner: Park via pinfall (rollup)

    Bro-Mans attack EY and Park after the match. They hit their finisher on EY. Jesse holds EY’s legs while Robbie has the head and then Jesse spins EY around into a Spike DDT from Robbie. Bro-Mans throw Park into the steps which busts him open. They go back to beating on EY while Park starts to lose his freaking mind as he sees the blood. Park clotheslines both of them and then Chokeslams Jesse! Park hits the Black Hole Slam on Robbie!

    Park snaps back out of it and EY smiles at what just happened and he hugs Park.

    Highlights from the World Title match at No Surrender are shown.


    The video package of AJ Styles is shown again. Hulk Hogan approaches Dixie Carter in the back and asks her what is going on with AJ, but Dixie ignores him as she reads a text message. She says she’ll handle it and walks away.

    Bully Ray leads Aces & Eights out to the ring. Brooke Tessmacher is wearing assless chaps (she has underwear on under it) and a chain leash which Bully is holding. Bully says it sounds like everyone is very happy to see him tonight and he understands they are all proud of the World Heavyweight Champion. Bully asks where Ken Anderson is mockingly and says he couldn’t make it tonight. Ray says he knows the fans aren’t the smartest people in the world but he needs them to answer on question and then asks if they know who he is. Bully says he’s the World Champion and the president of Aces & Eights and there is nothing they can do about it. Bully says there is someone he needs to thank and he couldn’t have successfully defended his title if it wasn’t for someone special and he pats all the members of A&8 on the back, but then looks at Brooke and says it’s because of her that he continues to be World Champion. A&8 get pissed behind him as Bully says Brooke is the wind beneath his wings. Bully points at Brooke and says that is the reason he is World Champion.

    Bully sees A&8 pissed and asks what the problem is. Wes starts bitching at Bully about giving Brooke the credit, but Bully tells him to shut his mouth. Bully tells Wes to never refer to Brooke as “just her” again and he better not ever look at her again. Bischoff cuts Bully off and takes the microphone from him. Bischoff asks if Bully has forgotten who has had his back since day one and he says since she came along his judgment and priorities have been way out of whack.

    Bully says he likes that Bischoff speaks his mind but then he backs him into a corner and says he better not ever bow up to him again. He says he made all of them and they were nobodies before he brought them into A&8. He says if Bischoff or Wes step out of line again he will smack them in the face.

    Knux asks what about him and asks if he is going to slap him in the face too. Knux says he’s been a member since day one and Bully has a big mouth and maybe he needs to shut it for him. Knux says they sacrifice night after night for him to keep that belt in the club. Knux says they started with like 25 members and now they’re down to four and asks what that says about Bully’s leadership. Knux says now its Bully Ray business not club business, and says Bully forgot about the first rule of the club “bros before hoes.” Bully gets pissed at Knux calling Brooke a hoe and shoves him hard!

    Bully says if Knux ever steps out of line again or ever calls Brooke a hoe again, as the fans chant “hoe” at her, he will knock Knux’s head off. Knux dares Bully to do it and Bully decides to leave the ring with Brooke instead.

    In the back MEM talk about the match tonight. Sting says they’re down in numbers but that doesn’t matter because they’re Main Event Mafia and he tells Magnus not to let next week get him down. Joe says tonight we get revenge.


    Chavo/Hernandez come out followed by Storm/Gunner. If Hernandez & Chavo win this one then they get a shot at the titles. Before the match Chavo grabs a microphone and says as much as he would like to wipe the mat with their faces he is injured and the doctor won’t let him fight tonight. Gunner says they’re a little scared obviously but Gunner came to fight so before he leaves the ring someone is going to fight him. Gunner asks what’s wrong with Hernandez and challenges him to a match. Storm says Gunner can fight and he’ll sit at ringside and drink a few beers and cheer him on.

    Gunner w/James Storm vs. “Super Mex” Hernandez w/Chavo Guerrero Jr.

    Hernandez attacks Gunner and nails him with a forearm and then beats on him in the corner. Gunner turns it around on Mex and then tries to whip him into the ropes, but Hernandez reveres it and lays Gunner out with a shoulder block for a one count. Hernandez chops Gunner and then they exchange forearms. Gunner hits Hernandez with a forearm and then a knee to the gut. Gunner goes for a suplex but Hernandez blocks it and drops Gunner down gut first across the top rope followed by a series of right hands. Hernandez chops Gunner and then whips him hard into the turnbuckles. Hernandez picks Gunner up and hits his over the shoulder backbreaker for a nearfall. Hernandez goes for a Splash but Gunner gets his knees up and then lays into Hernandez with right hands and forearms. Gunner hits the ropes but eats the Get Off Me from Hernandez! Hernandez goes for a Splash in the corner but Gunner backdrops him over the top. Hernandez lands on the apron and forearms Gunner and then runs up the ramp and dives over the top with Air Mexico onto Gunner in the ring! Hernandez beats on Gunner on the mat and then lights him up with chops. Hernandez knees Gunner and then goes for a suplex but Gunner blocks it and hits a Rebound Suplex off the ropes! Gunner hits a clothesline on Hernandez followed by a back elbow and then a series of kicks and headbutts. Gunner hits a running knee in the corner and then a Fall Away Slam. Gunner hits a Uranage Backbreaker! 1…2…3!

    Winner: Gunner via pinfall (Uranage Backbreaker)

    Looked like Gunner may have hurt his knee on that finish. He was noticeably limping after the match. Chavo says they can’t beat Hernandez and Chavo together.

    Backstage AJ Styles in the phone with someone.


    Main Event
    Six Man Tag Team Match
    Main Event Mafia (Samoa Joe, Sting, & Magnus) vs. EGO (Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, & Kazarian)

    Daniels and Joe start the match off and Kaz distracts Joe allowing Daniels to hit him from behind. Daniels whips Joe into the corner and then charges at him but eats a Uranage Suplex out of the corner from Joe! Joe hits a series of jabs followed by some nasty front kicks to the head from Joe. Daniels retreats to the corner but eats a Flying Knee from Joe and then Joe facewashes Daniels repeatedly but before he can finish it off Kaz pulls him out of the ring as EGO regroups at ringside. Back in the ring Daniels tags Kaz and Joe flips him into the ring and lights him up with chops. Joe whips Kaz into the corner but Kaz springs to the top and dives off with a Flying Cross Body. Joe nonchalantly just moves out of the way as Kaz eats the mat. Magnus decks Kaz and then tags Joe. They whip Kaz into the ropes and Joe hits an atomic drop followed by a front kick from Magnus and then a Backsplash Senton from Joe! Magnus hits a series of European Uppercuts on Kaz and then tags Sting into the match. Sting breaks out the dropkick that sends Kaz out to the floor. Sting tosses Kaz into the ring steps and then tosses him into the other side of the steps. Sting tosses Kaz back into the ring and puts the boots to Kaz. Sting whips Kaz into the ropes and hits an atomic drop but as he goes to bounce off the ropes Daniels hits him from behind. Sting knocks both Roode and Daniels off the apron and then goes for an Irish Whip but Kaz reverses it and Daniels trips him from the outside. Kaz then hits a Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop on Sting.


    Back from the break Bobby Roode hits a knee lift followed by a clothesline on Sting for a nearfall. Roode tags Kaz into the match and holds Sting as Kaz hits a body shot. Kaz chops Sting and then slams Sting into the boots of Roode and Daniels. Daniels does the heel phantom tag and tosses Sting into the corner. Daniels hits a Flying Forearm and then tosses Sting into a spinning heel kick from Kaz for another nearfall. Daniels puts Sting in a Half Nelson and wears Sting down on the mat. Sting finally fought out of the hold only for Daniels to catch him with a Snapmare Takeover. Kaz tags in and hits a Slingshot Guillotine Leg Drop for another nearfall. Kaz puts Sting in a Front Facelock as Taz points out that EGO has cut the ring off and kept Sting in their corner. Sting forces Kaz into the MEM corner but as he did that EGO distracts the referee as Sting tags out. Kaz then drags Sting back to the EGO corner as the referee didn’t see the tag and holds Magnus back from getting into the match. EGO beat Sting down three on one in the corner. Kaz chokes Sting with his boot and then and then tags Roode into the match. Daniels holds Sting as Roode beats on him. Roode hits a Vertical Suplex and then puts the boots to Sting. As the referee holds Magnus back again the EGO pull the heel phantom tag again and Kaz taunts Sting as he slaps him in the head. Kaz whips Sting into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Sting kicks him. Daniels grabs Sting from behind and Kaz tries for a clothesline but Sting ducks and Kaz hits Daniels! Sting clotheslines Kaz and they’re both down as Roode freaks out on the apron. Roode tags in and tries to grab Sting’s leg to prevent him from tagging out but Sting dives to his corner and tags in Magnus! Magnus clotheslines Roode repeatedly and then whips him into the ropes and goes for a backdrop. Roode kicks Magnus hard and then bounces off the ropes but Magnus is right behind him with a Lariat! Magnus hits the MDD! 1…2…NO Daniels breaks it up! Joe comes in and kills Daniels with chops and headbutts until Daniels pokes him in the eyes and then tosses Joe out to the floor. Sting comes after Daniels but Kaz hits him from behind. Bad Influence whips Sting into the ropes and attempts a double clothesline but Sting ducks and hits one on both of them! Roode comes in and hits a DDT on Sting! Joe squashes Roode in the corner and then hits him with a Leaping Enziguri! Joe snapmares Roode across the ring as Magnus dives off the top with a Flying Elbow! 1…2…NO Daniels breaks it up! Daniels hits Joe from behind and then Bad Influence whips Joe into the ropes and attempts a backdrop. Joe stops and kicks Daniels and then chops Kaz. Joe knocks Kaz out of the ring and then Daniels grabs him from behind and whips him into the ropes. Daniels goes for a clothesline but Joe ducks and dives through the ropes with the Elbow Suicida onto Kaz on the floor! Daniels sets up for a dive of his own but Sting catches him with a backdrop and then the Stinger Splash in the corner! Sting locks in the Scorpion Death Lock! Kaz distracts the referee as Roode rolls into the ring with a bat. Roode goes to hit Sting with it but Magnus steps in front and takes the bat shot. Kaz pulls Sting out of the ring and then Roode covers Magnus for the pin!

    Winners: EGO


    Back from the break the #1 contender, AJ Styles, makes his way out to the ring. AJ says he’s been in TNA since day one busting his ass with his brothers to try and make an alternative for the fans. He says they busted their asses to put TNA on the map and then Dixie Carter’s “daddy bought her a wrasslin’ company.” AJ says she had no experience in wrestling and she put no blood, sweat, or tears into it. He says that she broke up the chemistry that made TNA what it was. He says all because she had stars in her eyes. AJ namedrops Jerry Lynn and Low-Ki and says she traded guys like that in for MMA stars and guys that “needed 2 year paid vacations to do absolutely nothing and go right back where they belong” (AJ just threw Christian under the bus, ouch).

    AJ namedrops Jay Lethal, Alex Shelley, and Petey Williams too and says those guys aren’t here because of that very thing and it pisses him off. AJ asks if he’s the only one that’s pissed off about that and gets a big cheer. He says Dixie’s biggest mistake is starring her right in the face. He says that she has given him a chance to win the World Title and despite what the internet says he doesn’t have a contract in TNA right now. AJ says there isn’t a contracted wrestler in the back that has any respect for her anyway. AJ says all of those guys that she “picked off” one by one there is just one left standing, AJ. He says that he will win the World Heavyweight Title and he’s going to win it for himself and for all those guys that she kicked to the curb and for the fans. AJ says he is going to make her get on her knees and beg… and then he is going to make her PAY him.

    Dixie Carter walks out to the ring looking none too happy. Dixie looks at AJ without saying something and AJ tells her to say something and says he expected at least a tweet because everyone knows she can at least do that. Dixie says she’s known AJ a long time and she knows that for AJ to come out and say these kinds of things in this public way she knows he means them from the bottom of his heart. Dixie apologizes to AJ and says as president of TNA she has to be accountable. She says she is accountable to the investors in TNA, the staff, the fans, and to him. She says that she owes AJ an apology “and I’m sorry…I’m so, so sorry… THAT I EVER, EVER, EVER ALLOWED YOU TO THINK THAT YOU WERE IMPORTANT IN THIS COMPANY!” Dixie says she should have told him a long time ago that he was nothing better than an average fish in ANY pond he might be in. Dixie says that the whole “Phenomenal One” is an illusion that she created.

    Dixie says she created that as a marketing tool for all the “wonderful 5 star matches you USED to have…and I say USED to have because I can’t freaking remember the last time you had one.” Dixie says everything about AJ lately has been so subpar that he would be lucky if they started calling him “the marginal one.” Dixie says he is nothing like he used to be and the fans are killing her right now. Dixie thanks AJ for allowing her to come into HER ring on HER show to respond to all of the crap he has criticized her about. Dixie says she hopes now they are a little bit more clear about things. Dixie says without “her daddy’s paycheck” AJ would still be in a trailer and the house that everyone claims AJ built (TNA) SHE is the one that built it. She says that he is lucky that she ever let him play in her house. Dixie screams at AJ that he asked for this.

    AJ says before she leaves she should stick that microphone where it belongs and then Dixie screams at one of the staff guys to cut his microphone off, and then she forces them cut the lights and the show.

    TNA iMPACT Wrestling - 9/19/2013 - 19th September 2013 - *720p* HDTV - Watch Online Part 1
    TNA iMPACT Wrestling - 9/19/2013 - 19th September 2013 - *720p* HDTV - Watch Online Part 2
    TNA iMPACT Wrestling - 9/19/2013 - 19th September 2013 - *720p* HDTV - Watch Online Part 3
    TNA iMPACT Wrestling - 9/19/2013 - 19th September 2013 - *720p* HDTV - Watch Online Part 4
    TNA iMPACT Wrestling - 9/19/2013 - 19th September 2013 - *720p* HDTV - Watch Online Part 5
    TNA iMPACT Wrestling - 9/19/2013 - 19th September 2013 - *720p* HDTV - Watch Online Part 6

    By.Rulez.IW.2013.09.19.HDTV Ptt1 (1) door drbestuploader

    By.Rulez.IW.2013.09.19.HDTV Ptt1 (2) door drbestuploader

    By.Rulez.IW.2013.09.19.HDTV Ptt1 (3) door drbestuploader

    By.Rulez.IW.2013.09.19.HDTV Ptt1 (4) door drbestuploader

    By.Rulez.IW.2013.09.19.HDTV Ptt1 (5) door drbestuploader

    By.Rulez.IW.2013.09.19.HDTV Ptt1 (6) door drbestuploader

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    Ricardo Rodriguez's WWE Future & Plans

    The current plan is for Ricardo Rodriguez to remain alongside Rob Van Dam until Van Dam takes his break from the company. Once that happens, it has been rumored that they will pair Rodriguez with Rey Mysterio.

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    Fans Demand Refunds Over Night Of Champion Finish

    Some fans are turning their disappointment with the current WWE storyline into a refund for Night of Champions. Several fans claim to have called Cox Cable and asked for a refund after Daniel Bryan's WWE Title win at Night of Champions was overturned on RAW. The fans have reportedly received refunds.

    A Cox representative has confirmed that other people have called and received refunds because the finish of the show they paid for were invalidated.

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    CM Punk Working with Injuries Again

    CM Punk has been injured for several weeks now, which is why he's barely been wrestling a full match at recent WWE live events. Word is that Punk's knee and ankle are injured but he's dealing with other nagging injuries. The attack from Ryback at Night of Champions will allow Punk one or two weeks off TV.

    A lot of people within WWE are talking about how Punk's deal expires next summer and what that means for his future. It's probably too early to tell what's in store for him but it is something being talked about among the other wrestlers.

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    Hulk Hogan's Contract with TNA Expiring Soon

    It's said that Hulk Hogan has not been happy with things in TNA, especially his daughter Brooke's departure. Hogan was not happy with how TNA handled her departure, feeling that they should have informed him first and let him deal with it.

    Communication between Dixie Carter and The Hulkster may have broken down around that time. The recent Impact Wrestling tapings in Cincinnati was the first time Dixie, Hogan and Eric Bischoff were together at the same time in a while.

    Multiple sources have confirmed that Hogan's contract expires on October 1st.

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    Rob Van Dam Taking Time Off from WWE In October

    Rob Van Dam is scheduled to exit the WWE storylines some time in October, either after the Battleground pay-per-view or after the Hell In a Cell pay-per-view.

    Van Dam reportedly has 90 day blocks in his new contract where he will work for 90 days and then take some time off to rest before coming back to work another 90 days.

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    Update on Jeff Jarrett's Status with TNA Wrestling

    TNA's founder Jeff Jarrett was backstage at Thursday's Impact Wrestling tapings in St. Louis, Missouri. Jarrett was involved in a backstage production meeting and was also working in some kinda of agent role.

    There has been a lot of talk that Jarrett is starting to be more involved in the week to week operations of Impact again, as opposed to working only behind the scenes in Nashville on new potential projects and international deals.

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    Mickie James gone from TNA

    As noted earlier today here on the website, TNA Knockout Mickie James' contract has officially expired, making her a free agent as of today. According to reports, TNA made James an offer on a new contract, but she rejected it so she is gone from the company as of now.

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    Matt Morgan open to a TNA return?

    Matt Morgan recently spoke with Between the Ropes and said he's open to a potential TNA return.

    When asked if he would consider going back, Morgan said, "Definitely if the timing is right. Timing is everything in this sport. I've always said that and it's the truth. But I do not want to go back somewhere where it's business as usual and let's do the start – stop stuff again. It's got to be full guns blazing, let's do this thing. You've got a seven-foot, 330-pound steroid-free monster that is the most durable thing there is right now. Please tell of someone who is my size and hasn't had an injury in ten years. I've never missed time for anything. That being said, let's go. Let's just come out of the gates blasting."

    He also said that he's aware of what's coming for him, saying, "I'll put it to you this way without saying too much. I know exactly what I'll be doing and where I'll be heading and when I'll be doing that."

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    TNA taking Impact off the road?

    TNA officials are reportedly considering the idea of taking iMPACT! off the road and heading back to a single location for their tapings. According to multiple sources close to the situation, both Las Vegas and Orlando are under consideration for such a locale.

    It is said to be a "foregone conclusion" that the tapings will come off the road, with one source noting that it will be early next year at the latest. The company has incurred new expenses with going on the road and this would be a cost cutting measure.

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    Resultaten WWE RAW 16/09/13

    WWE RAW Results 9/16/13

    WWE Monday Night RAW Results

    Cleveland, Ohio
    September 16, 2013
    Commentators: Jerry Lawler, JBL & Michael Cole
    Reported by: David Stephens of

    Justin Roberts introduces the NEW holder of the WWE Championship – Daniel Bryan.

    The crowd is lifted to their feet as they enthusiastically point their fingers towards the sky and chant along with the versatile star. Yes, yes, yes.

    Bryan enters the ring with a microphone. He soaks up the chanting and cheering as the ruckus crescendos towards its peak. His first words as the new Champ are directed towards the audience: “You guys are awesome”. He claims that his feelings can be summed up by one word, “YES”.

    Triple H’s music hits. The King of Kings makes his way down to the ring in a suit and tie. Hunter wants to stop Bryan before he goes too far into his celebration. Triple H needs to address the so-called fast count from the end of last night’s match. HHH claims that social media is full of that controversy. The victory is tainted because of the count. Triple H calls down the official from last night’s match.

    Scott Armstrong makes his way down to the ring. Triple H first shows Armstrong making a count while Orton was pinning Bryan. He next compares that count to the count from the finish. Hunter plays them side-by-side to illustrate that the final three count was the same duration as a two count earlier in the match.

    Armstrong has no explanation other than to admit that it was a fast count and he doesn’t know what happened. Hunter mocks his reply. Armstrong admits that he made a mistake. Hunter asks for the truth behind the count. Armstrong looks to Bryan and mouths, “they are on to us”. Hunter stops him in his tracks and Bryan looks flabbergasted. Hunter sends Armstrong to the back.

    Hunter says that Bryan was clearly involved in a conspiracy. He strips Daniel Bryan of the Title due to the tainted victory and supposed corruption. HHH claims that he is not going to give them belt to Orton. Instead, there will be no Champion at the present. There may be a rematch in the future. He asks Bryan to hand over the belt.

    Bryan is beside himself as he shakes his head. Hunter is disappointed and says that he would have thought that Shawn Michaels would have taught him better. Hunter demands the Title, but Bryan refuses. He begins to yell at HHH saying that he has no idea what is going on.

    Randy Orton’s music hits. Triple H tells him to calm down as he jumps up to the apron. Hunter says that there will not be a fight as he is in control of the situation. Orton steps into the ring. Hunter tells Bryan that he is no longer the WWE Champion. As of this moment there is no Champion until Hunter can get to the bottom of the conspiracy. He demands that Bryan hand the belt over. If he does not, then Hunter will take it from him by force.

    Bryan stares down as he clutches the Championship in his hands. With a look of resignation he glances towards Hunter as the crowd screams, “NO”. Bryan refuses to hand over the belt. In one swift motion Hunter grabs the Title as Orton hits Bryan with an RKO. As the show heads towards commercial the fans are chanting, “Randy Sucks”.


    Stephanie McMahon is in the back with Triple H. She says that she can’t believe what happened. Orton approaches and gets in Triple H’s face and demands the Title. Stephanie asks, what happened last night? What happened to the man that psychologically and physically tortured both her and her husband? She is disappointed in his showing last night. Orton does not deserve the Title until he can find is old beast of a self.

    Night of Champions Rematch (Non-Title)
    Dean Ambrose v. Dolph Ziggler

    They brawl back and forth at the start. Ziggler leaps on Ambrose back to try and weaken him with a Sleeper. Ambrose stays on his feet and whips Ziggler into the ropes. Ambrose applies a Sleeper of his own. Ziggler breaks free with a jawbreaker. Ziggler pushes Dean towards the corner and stomps him repeatedly. The referee separates them. Ambrose tosses Ziggler out of the ring.


    Back from the break Ambrose is in control with a rear headlock. Ziggler escapes and goes for a cover. Ambrose kicks out. Dean drops an elbow and covers. Ziggler kicks out. Ambrose locks on an arm bar. Ziggler attempts to free himself with headbutts. Ambrose responds but knocking him down to the mat. Ambrose lifts him to his feet and sets him up, hanging over the top rope. After a few punches, Ziggler senses an opportunity. Ziggler connects with a high swinging DDT. Cover, but Ambrose kicks out.

    Ziggler mounts Ambrose in the corner and sets in for a swift ten-count punch. Ziggler follows with a running clothesline. Dolph next drops a series of elbows. The crowd goes wild as he delivers the final blow. Ambrose retakes control and pounds on Ziggler. Ambrose tries to hit a similar finish as in last night’s match. Ziggler has the move scouted and hits a Zig Zag.

    Winner: Dolph Ziggler

    Brad Maddox and The Big Show are in an office together. Maddox says that Stephanie and Triple H will address him later.


    The show returns to the office with Big Show and Brad Maddox. Stephanie and Triple H have joined them. Stephanie addresses Big Show and reminds him of his financially broken state. She tells him that he is to remain in the office tonight, unless she needs him and summons his services.

    Daniel Bryan will face Roman Reigns later tonight on RAW.


    R-Truth v. Fandango w/ Summer Rae

    Truth catches his opponent’s leg and punches him in the face. Truth hits a big hip toss. He follows with a split punch and then drops a leg. Cover, but Fandango kicks out. Truth tosses Fandango over the top rope. Back inside, Fandango tries to take control. He whips Truth hard into the turnbuckle. Fandango gets behind him on the mat to apply a rear headlock. Truth responds by fighting free and hitting a clothesline. Cover, but Fandango kicks out. Fandango climbs to the top turnbuckle and leaps for a leg drop. Cover and this match is over.

    Winner: Fandango

    Dusty Rhodes is backstage with several Superstars. His appearance will be featured in the next segment.


    The American Dream theme hits for Dusty Rhodes. He makes his way into the ring. He thanks the fans for their ovation, but says he is not here as the American Dream. Tonight he is here as Virgil Runnels. This is not about him; this is about his son’s job. Dusty paints a picture of life outside the ring and the struggle to raise his sons. Virgil asks, “what the hell is good for business?”. He is upset that the hard work and dedication of Cody has been mitigated by Hunter’s personal bias. Runnels puts over Goldust’s showing last week on RAW. He claims that God’s greatest gift is the gift of children to raise and teach them to be the best. Runnels states that he did not ask for a conversation with Stephanie McMahon tonight. All that he is interested in is finding out how his son can have a chance to earn back his job. Stephanie has a business proposal, so he is ready to hear it.

    Stephanie McMahon makes her way down to the ring. She applauds Virgil’s speech. She acknowledges the wedding from this past week. She apologizes if the recent happenings cast a shadow over the proceedings. She hands Virgil a gift card for Bed Bath & Beyond for Cody Rhodes. He is not amused. Stephanie is confused seeing as how that is where the wedding gifts were registered.

    Stephanie cuts to the chase. She says that she is out here to offer Cody his job back. Runnels nods in agreement and says that they are finished. Stephanie stops him in his tracks. She offers him another option. There is only one roster spot available. Virgil has the choice between either Goldust or Cody. It’s a choice between the son that was fired and the son that he neglected for years while he was on the road. Runnels is not pleased with the ultimatum. He says that he is not going to make that choice. Stephanie rebukes a speech from Runnels in which he tries to involve her children. Runnels refuses to decide. He tells Stephanie to go to hell. Stephanie claims that she is sorry to hear that decision.

    The Shield’s music hits. They come down and surround Runnels. Stephanie says that she has someone in the back that can help even things out. Big Show’s music hits. Instead of being brought in to assist, Stephanie has other ideas. Since Runnels will not make a choice between sons, he is presented with another choice. He can either be beaten down by The Shield or knocked out by The Big Show.

    The Big Show is furious. Since Runnels won’t make a decision, and Show is starting to tear up, she tells The Shield to attack. Show stands in their way and commands them not to touch the Hall of Famer. Roman Reigns heads out of the ring and grabs three chairs for The Shield. Knowing that Runnels may not survive an attack by The Shield, Show has no choice. He whispers that he is sorry to Virgil. Show delivers a brutal Weapon of Mass Destruction. Show catches Virgil in his arms as he starts to fall and sets him down gently on the mat. Medics race toward the ring. Show kneels over Runnels bawling his eyes out.


    The Funkadactyls & Brie Bella v. Layla, Alicia Fox & Aksana

    AJ Lee is on commentary. Naomi starts the match against Layla. She hits a Rear View and then tags in Cameron. Layla takes control and takes the action towards her corner. Alicia Fox and Aksana are tagged in turn. They hit a couple of punches and continue to work on Cameron. Fox gets the tag again but misses a Steen Flip. Cameron makes it over to the corner and brings in Brie. Aksana gets the tag as well. Brie plants Aksana in the middle of the ring. There must be a spontaneous shoe sale because all of the Divas hit the ring at the same time. Bella goes for the cover and this match is over.

    Winners: The Funkadactyls & Brie Bella


    Damien Sandow v. RVD w/ Ricardo Rodriguez

    They lock up and RVD is pushed towards the corner. Sandow stomps and goes for a cover. RVD kicks out at one. Sandow plays with his face and then covers again. RVD kicks out. Sandow is placed in the corner. He counters a whip and hits Rob with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Cover, but RVD kicks out. After a few headlocks, RVD begins to fight back. RVD heads to the top rope and looks for the finish. He flies halfway across the ring to hit a 5 Star Frog Splash.

    Winner: Rob Van Dam


    Triple H is in an office with referee Scott Armstrong. Hunter claims to be a in a jam. He reminds the audience that because of the actions on last night’s show there is no current WWE Champion. Hunter says that Armstrong has been a loyal employee for 20 years. Given his years of dedication HHH is going to give him a generous severance package, but his time with the company is complete. Armstrong appears broken hearted. Triple H assures him that he will take care of him.

    The Miz v. Randy Orton

    Orton enters first. The Miz is in his hometown and says hello to friends and family members around ringside. Orton attacks him from behind and tosses him into the steel steps. Ringside crewmembers try and separate them.


    The Miz flies at Randy at the start of the match. Orton is taken aback at first. Randy is able to reverse in the corner and begins to pound on his foe. Miz is sent to the apron to set up for a suspended DDT. Miz counters and sends Orton out of the ring. He pushes him into the apron and then tosses him into the barricade. Orton is able to retake control by pushing Miz head first into the steel post. The referee calls for the bell as a double count out is reached.

    Winner: No Contest

    Orton tosses Miz over the commentators’ table. Orton beats on Miz directly in front of Miz’s parents. At no point during any of this attack does Miz’s father show any emotion. Orton culminates the attack by using the barricade to deliver a suspended DDT. Miz’s mother begins to cry. At this point the camera starts to crop Miz’s father out of the shot due to his lack of any emotion or storytelling. Orton lifts up the lifeless body of The Miz and rolls him into the ring. Orton grabs a steel chair and takes it into the ring. Orton opens the chair and places Miz’s head between the seat and back rest. Orton takes a running start and then leaps to deliver a knee to the chair and decapitate The Miz.


    Ryback’s music hits. He makes his way onto the entrance ramp with a wheelchair bound Paul Heyman. Heyman introduces himself as the best in the world. He tells the fans that they can boo him all they want. Heyman is proud to say that he pinned CM Punk. Heyman can say it over and over again, because every single time it will be true. The crowd starts to chant for Punk. Heyman claims that the best part is that the history books will reflect that the first time he and Punk came face to face resulted in a victory for the walrus-esque star. The loser was CM Punk. Heyman admits that Punk gave him one of the most vicious beatings in the history of the WWE. Heyman says that when all other Heyman guys sat down, Ryback came to the rescue. Ryback saved his life. Heyman gives Ryback a peck on the cheek. Ryback takes the mic and says that he will have no problem dissecting CM Punk. Ryback Rules.

    Los Matadores promo airs.


    No. 1 Contender's Match
    The Real Americans v. Tons of Funk v. The Usos

    This is a three way in which only two men are eligible at a time. Swagger and Clay start the match. Swagger gets in a bit of offense and then tags in Jimmy. He pushes Clay towards the corner and leaps up for a crossbody. Clay catches him and slams him down to the mat. He follows with another scoop slam. He hits a back breaker and drops an elbow.

    Trent Richardson is sitting at ringside. Michael Cole reveals that Richardson is married to a cousin of The Usos.

    Cesaro gets the tag. He hits a hard uppercut. Tensai tags himself in off of Uso. He grabs Cesaro with a double underhook and holds him suspended in the air before slamming him to the mat. Jey tags himself in off of Cesaro. Sweet T winds up and pops Uso in the mouth. He goes for a cover. Cesaro has apparently tagged himself into the match off of Uso. Antonio slides behind Sweet T and rolls him.

    Tons of Funk has been eliminated.


    Cesaro delivered a Big Swing during the break. Swagger jumps and stomps on Jey’s chest. Cesaro gets the tag and falls down to the mat to apply a rear headlock. Cesaro lifts up Uso and stops him from making a tag. Cesaro blocks a Sunset flip but is pushed back towards the corner. Swagger and Jimmy get the tag. Jimmy flies in with a huge springboard clothesline. He follows with a Samoan drop. Cesaro tries to make the save but is sent out of the ring with Swagger. The Usos both fly out of the ring over the top rope to knock down their opponents. Jimmy rolls Swagger back into the ring and follows after. Swagger applies a Patriot Lock. Jimmy escapes and hits a Superkick. He climbs to the top rope. Swagger leaps up after and throws him towards the middle with hip toss. Jey trips Cesaro into the apron. Jey climbs to the top turnbuckle as he tags himself in off of his brother’s back before his brother was hit with the hip toss. Jey hits a splash and picks up the win.

    Winners: The Usos


    Promo airs for Bray Wyatt.

    Daniel Bryan v. Roman Reigns w/ The Shield

    Randy Orton’s music hits before the match can get started. He joins the auxiliary members of The Shield at ringside. They hold a pow wow and then Orton takes a seat in a rolling chair near the commentators.

    Reigns and Bryan lock up. Roman sets in with a few punches but is pushed away by a retaliating Bryan. Bryan grabs the leg of Roman and twists it around. He pulls back to cinch on a leg bar. Roman escapes and throws Bryan into the corner. Daniel hits the turnbuckle front first and is clubbed in the back. Bryan uses his feet and speed to fight back. Reigns tries to shake off the kicks and gets to his feet. Bryan returns to twisting back on his opponent’s leg.

    Reigns gets to his feet and pushes Bryan towards the corner. He hits him with a few arm lariats and then sets up and connects with a vertical suplex. Bryan is whipped into the corner. He counters a Reigns charge by tripping him into the ropes. Bryan climbs to the top rope. Orton gets to his feet. Bryan jumps for a big missile dropkick. Reigns rolls out of the ring. Bryan leaps to the outside with a suicide dive. Reigns tries to catch him. He misses at first but is able to relocate his grip and tosses Bryan hard into the barricade.


    Back from the break Bryan flips through for a roll up. Reigns kicks out. Bryan plants Reigns and looks for a high-risk spot. Orton clutches his head, as Bryan looks ready to capitalize. Bryan leaps for a headbutt. Reigns rolls out of the way and covers the damaged star. Bryan kicks out. Roman doubles down and goes for another cover. Bryan kicks out again.

    Reigns whips Bryan into the ropes but is caught with a kick to the gut. He catches Bryan on a crossbody attempt. He hits a modified fall away slam and a cover. Bryan kicks out. Reigns whips him towards the corner but Bryan flips free. The crowd gets behind Bryan as he starts to hulk up. Bryan unleashes with a series of hard kicks. Bryan misses the last kick and is caught with a Samoan Drop. Bryan quickly kicks out. Bryan sneaks in a roll up, but Reigns kicks out. Bryan kicks him square in the jaw and goes for another cover. Reigns kicks out again. Seth pulls Roman to the outside for comfort. Bryan flies at them both and hits a baseball slide. Rollins’ head crashes hard into the commentators’ booth. Bryan knocks Ambrose off the apron. Reigns catches Bryan with a vicious arm lariat. Bryan responds by locking on the Yes Lock.

    Randy Orton charges into the ring to attack Bryan. The referee calls for the bell.

    Winner via DQ: Daniel Bryan

    Bryan is at first able to keep Orton down and try for the Yes Lock. The rest of The Shield make the save. Orton and The Shield take control. Orton brings a steel chair into the ring. He looks to hit Bryan with the same devastating attack as Miz fell victim to later in the meeting.

    The Usos charge down to the ring. Following them are the Primetime Players, R-Truth, Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Justin Gabriel & Rob Van Dam. Together they take control and clear the ring. The crowd is on their feet. Rollins is staggered on his feet. Bryan charges across the ring and hits him with a vicious knee lift. The Primetime Players lift Bryan up into the air to celebrate. The Superstars and the crowd join in with chants of, “Yes”.

    WWE Raw - 9/16/2013 - 16th September 2013 - *720p* HDTV - Watch Online Part 1
    WWE Raw - 9/16/2013 - 16th September 2013 - *720p* HDTV - Watch Online Part 2
    WWE Raw - 9/16/2013 - 16th September 2013 - *720p* HDTV - Watch Online Part 3
    WWE Raw - 9/16/2013 - 16th September 2013 - *720p* HDTV - Watch Online Part 4
    WWE Raw - 9/16/2013 - 16th September 2013 - *720p* HDTV - Watch Online Part 5

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    Resultaten Night of Champions 2013


    The Kickoff Show opens with Josh Mathews introducing us to the show. The “expert panel” for tonight includes Alex Riley, Booker T and Santino Marella. The panel breaks down some of the top matches for tonight’s show.

    We go to the lounge with Renee Dupree, who informs us on how to interact via social media tonight. She runs down some polls for best tag-teams of all-time, etc.

    We shoot backstage and Paul Heyman is shown rocking like Jesse Ventura. Brad Maddox walks by and asks Heyman if he’s ok. Heyman says he’s anything but ok. Maddox asks him what’s wrong. Heyman runs down all his concerns, namely, CM Punk. Heyman explains that he taught Punk how to get around the system, so he’s concerned that Punk is gonna massacre him in the middle of Maddox’s ring…unless. Heyman says if Punk beats Axel, then he’ll punch the ref in the mouth. This means Punk will be DQ’d and if he touches Heyman, he can sue for assault. Maddox then makes the match a no-DQ rules match. Heyman looks scared.

    Back to the panel, where the guys talk about the new no-DQ stipulation that was just added to the Handicap Elimination match involving Axel, Heyman and Punk. They shift gears to talk more about other top matches on tonight’s show.

    Tag-Team Turmoil: The Prime Time Players vs. The Usos vs. 3MB vs. Real Americans vs. Tons Of Funk

    The PPV commentary team, consisting of Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler hype up the Tag-Team Turmoil match, which is up now. Out first is 3MB. Out next is Tons Of Funk. Representing 3MB will be Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre. Slater and Brodus Clay start things off. New teams will come out as people are eliminated. Slater beats up Clay for a while before he tags out to Tensai.

    Tensai comes in the ring and runs right back out to the floor. McIntyre tags himself in and does a huge dive over the top, barely catching Tensai and crashing on the floor. Back in the ring, Tensai and McIntyre continue their battle. Nearfall by Tensai but McIntyre is tied up in the ropes. McIntyre misses a big elbow in the corner and Tensai rolls him up for the 1-2-3. 3MB are eliminated.

    Out comes The Real Americans. 3MB are still in the ring beating down Tons Of Funk. The Real Americans, in specific, Antonio Cesaro, picks up where they left off. We head to a mid-match commercial here on the Night Of Champions pay-per-view Kickoff Show.

    We return from commercial and Cesaro is going to suplex Tensai. Tensai reverses and suplexes Cesaro instead. He immediately tags in The Funkasaurus, Brodus Clay. Clay cleans house of both Swagger and Cesaro. Cesaro is still the legal man. Clay splashes him in the corner. Clay tries a pin on Swagger, but doesn’t get it. Not even sure he was the legal man. Commentators aren’t sure either. It turns out Swagger is the legal man. He applies the Patriot Lock on Clay and Clay taps out. Tons Of Funk are eliminated.

    Out comes The Usos. The Usos race down to the ring and immediately throw both of The Real Americans out of the ring. One of the Usos goes flying over the top onto the floor on Swagger. The other flies over the top onto Cesaro. Back in the ring, Cesaro and Uso are the legal men. Uso comes off the top and splashes Cesaro. 1-2…Cesaro kicks out. Uso with another nearfall on Cesaro. Swagger tags himself in and the Real Americans double-team Uso. Swagger goes for a pin attempt but Uso kicks out at two. A loud “Let’s go Usos” and “We The People” dueling chant breaks out as Cesaro, now the legal man, is in control of the offense. We head to another mid-match commercial.

    We return from commercial and one of the Usos is on the top rope. He leaps off but Swagger catches him by the leg coming down. Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock and Uso has no choice but to tap out. The Usos are eliminated. The Prime Time Players are now the only team left, along with The Real Americans.

    Out comes The Prime Time Players. Titus O’Neil and Swagger are the legal men, as the fresher O’Neil goes to work immediately on Swagger. Big fall-away slam by O’Niel. Swagger chop-blocks O’Neil to slow him down. He’s going for yet another Patriot Lock but Darren Young comes in and kicks Swagger to break things up. Young encouraging O’Neil to make the tag, as both O’Neil and Swagger are down in the ring. O’Neil makes the tag and comes in a ball of fire, only to immediately be grabbed by Swagger for a Patriot Lock attempt. Young breaks free and hits his finisher immediately on Swagger. 1-2-3. The Prime Time Players win. The Prime Time Players now advance to take on Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns of The Shield for a shot at the WWE Tag-Team Championships. Young and O’Neil celebrate their victory in the ring as the announcers put over the tag-title match later on tonight at the PPV.

    Winners and NEW #1 Contender’s to the WWE Tag-Team Titles: The Prime Time Players

    We shoot back to the “expert panel” where the wrestlers break down the main event between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. We have four minutes left until the Night Of Champions pay-per-view show begins. Stick with us!

    WWE Night Of Champions 2013 Pay-Per-View:

    The typical badass video package airs to open tonight’s WWE Night Of Champions pay-per-view show. From there, we head into the live arena where Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcomes us to tonight’s big event.

    In-Ring Segment: Triple H

    The ring announcer introduces us to the WWE COO Triple H. HHH comes out and talks about “what’s best for business.” He’s proud to put his stamp of approval on tonight’s matches because tonight will be one of the greatest nights in WWE history. And to show the fans that he’s not the villainous guy that WWE superstars think he is, and that he’s listened to the fans, and they, and he both want what’s best for business. So tonight, in the WWE Championship match, where Daniel Bryan takes on Randy Orton, there will be no interference from anyone. No Shield, no Big Show, nobody, just Orton and Daniel Bryan one-on-one. We’ll find out who should be WWE Champion. Hunter asks the crowd if they’re ready. He’s interrupted by Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel.

    Heyman says he’s been calling, e-mailing, texting, leaving messages with everyone. He doesn’t know what it takes to get a reply from Hunter, but Heyman has a desperate need to talk to Hunter. He didn’t want it to be in front of the world, but Hunter thinks it’s best for business. Hunter says Paul looks terrible and asks him when the last time he slept was, or when he showered. He says Paul looks like a wreck, and Paul screams of course he’s a wreck. He apologizes and compliments Hunter on the line-up for NOC, but he says tonight Hunter has made a serious error in judgement, by putting Heyman, a non-athlete and father of two, into a handicapped elimination match against a fighter of such dominance, WWE accepted Heyman’s branding him as Best in the World. A fighter that gave Brock Lesnar all that he could handle. And Punk wants to beat Heyman up, to hurt him. Punk wants to give him such a beating that Heyman will never be seen in WWE again. Heyman begs Hunter to cancel the match with Punk.

    Hunter thinks it over, and says that Paul makes some good points. He asks about if it has anything to do with the match being made no DQ. Hunter says he’s tried to weasel out of things, and he doesn’t see it happening here. Hunter says Heyman doesn’t need to tag in, he can let Axel handle it. Because Heyman should believe in Axel. Hunter asks if Heyman believes in Axel. Heyman hesitates, and Hunter says the match is on. Heyman asks if there’s no more honor among thieves. Axel grabs the mic and asks Hunter if there’s something personal going on. He knows what it is. The first day Axel became a Heyman guy was on Monday Night Raw and Axel beat Hunter in a match. Hunter says there’s an old saying, don’t poke the bear. Heyman brought up the fact that Hunter made a mistake, and tonight is Night of Champions, and all championships are defended. Luckily this is a mistake that Hunter can fix tonight on September 15th, in Detroit. He’s going to walk down the aisle and defend the Intercontinental Championship against the first person he crosses in the back, and that match is going to take place right now.

    WWE Intercontinental Title: Curtis Axel (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

    After HHH walks to the back, Heyman says a few more words but it interupted by Kofi Kingston’s music. Out comes Kingston, who is wrestling Axel tonight in the opener in an I-C Title match. Heyman heads to the floor, the bell sounds, and our first match of the evening is officially underway!

    The two lock up. Axel is able to clamp on a headlock and Kofi fights out of it. Axel works over Kingston’s arm, but Kingston flips out of it and gets a quick near fall. Axel backs into the ropes. Axel stands and Kofi goes behind, but Axel is able to get Kofi back into a headlock. Kofi fights out and falls to a shoulder block. Kofi pops back up and leap frogs Axel, and Axel bails to the outside, sitting on the ring apron.

    The match goes back in the ring and Axel bullies Kofi in the corner with a series of rights and kicks. The ref backs Axel off and when he comes back in, Kingston turns it around and kicks at Axel’s gut. Kingston kicks at the back of Axel’s leg, dropping him to the mat and leading him to bail outside. Axel limps around on the outside and Kofi pulls him up to the apron, but when he tries to suplex him into the ring, Axel lands on his feet. Kingston lands a big kick and gets a two count. Axel gets up and is able to land a sloppy dropkick before clotheslining Kofi over the top rope to the outside.

    Axel goes out after Kofi on the floor, but Kofi pops up, runs up to the top turnbuckle, and leaps off with a huge crossbody to the floor. Kingston takes things back into the ring and gets another two count. Kofi heads to the top and Axel sweeps out the legs, trapping Kofi in the tree of woe. Axel holds Kingston up and hits him with several huge clubbing blows before backing up and hitting a big spear in the corner. Axel gets a two count. Axel hits Kofi with a big right, then an elbow to the top of the head before catching Kofi in a rear chin lock and grinding him to the mat.

    Curtis Axel with a big slam on Kofi. Axel nails Kofi with a big German suplex and it’s good for two. Axel wrenches Kofi’s neck putting pressure on Kingston. Kofi fights up to his feet and out of the hold. Kofi ducks a clothesline, but runs into another. Axel pins Kingston but Kofi kicks out at two. Axel walks over Kofi’s face in a disrespectful display. Axel picks Kofi up to his feet and buries his knee in Kofi’s midsection. Axel hits a snap mare then flips over and snaps Kingston’s neck for another two count. Axel goes right back into another rear chin lock, but Kofi fights back up and out of it. Kofi avoids a clothesline and reverses into a crazy DDT.

    Kingston hits a chop, then another, then a dropkick. Kofi misses a flying forearm, but catches Axel with the boots in the corner. Kofi hits an insane cross body for another two count. Kingston hits Axel with a running knee to the face, then follows it up with the boom drop. Kingston goes to the corner and begins hyping up the fans. Kofi misses trouble in paradise and is backed into the corner. Axel buries his shoulder in Kofi’s midsection, but runs into a kick in the corner. Kofi leaps off the top and Axel hits a giant dropkick to Kingston’s stomach, but Kingston doesn’t stay down.

    Axel plows right over Kingston for a two count of his own. Axel hits Kofi with a series of right hands, then gets up to his feet. Kofi tries for the SOS but Axel counters. Kofi misses trouble in paradise. Axel tries for a neckbreaker but Kofi counters into the SOS. Kofi pins Axel but only gets two.

    Kingston nails Axel with a bunch of kicks. Kofi goes up in the corner and Axel catches him in electric chair position, but throws Kofi into the ropes. Axel hits Kingston with his finisher. 1-2-3. That’s all she wrote. Axel retains. Heyman seems relieved. The announce team point out that he still has to get by “The Best In The World” later tonight.

    Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel

    Backstage: RVD & Ricardo Rodriguez

    Backstage, RVD is with Ricardo Rodriguez, who is wearing a sling. RVD asks Rodriguez how to say a number of different terms in Spanish. Finally, RVD asks him how to say “World Heavyweight Champion” in Spanish. Rodriguez says that’s easy. He does the “R-V-D” thing with the thumbs. He and RVD do it together a bunch of times. RVD pats him on his hurt arm, apologizes, and then walks off.

    Backstage: AJ Lee Abandoned By Divas

    Backstage, we see AJ Lee skipping down the hallway. She runs into her Diva friends. She talks about the match tonight but the Divas are tired of being her helpers. They abandon her, all except Layla. AJ says she and Layla are friends. She says they’ll go out together. Layla says ok, but let me go try and talk to the other girls. AJ is worried, as the match is next.

    WWE Divas Title: AJ Lee (c) vs. Brie Bella vs. Natalya vs. Naomi

    The bell sounds and here we go with Divas Championship action. AJ tries running away and everyone chases her. She runs out to the floor on both sides of the ring and Natalya throws her into the barricade, then Naomi does the same, and Brie gives her a third shot for good measure. Natalya brings things back into the ring and Brie knocks AJ right back out to the floor. Brie hits a double clothesline on Naomi and Natalya before hitting them both with huge running knees. Brie dropkicks Natalya from the ring apron to the floor. Naomi hits a huge dropkick on Brie, then after a nice little series, hits a decent hurricanrana. Brie runs into Naomi in the corner and AJ almost sneaks in a roll up on Natalya.

    Brie goes for a superplex on Naomi, but is pulled down by Natalya. Natalya rolls up Brie, gets a two count, then ducks a cross body from Naomi. AJ tosses Naomi and Natalya from the ring. Naomi is quick to recover on the apron, scoring a kick to Natalya’s head, but AJ pulls her off the apron. AJ heads to the apron but is dropkicked off by Natalya. Brie and Natalya fight in the ring with Natalya suplexing and slamming Brie to the mat before clotheslining Naomi. Natalya sets up the sharpshooter, but punches Brie and slams her on top of Naomi instead. Natalya grabs Brie’s legs and Naomi’s legs and wraps them up for a double sharpshooter, she turns them, but it’s broken up by AJ. AJ catches Natalya in the octopus hold. Nattie taps out. AJ retains.

    Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: AJ Lee

    World Heavyweight Title: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

    RVD’s music plays are the crowd ERUPTS. Out comes Van Dam, accompanied by Ricardo Rodriguez. Out next is current World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio. Our World Heavyweight Championship match is about to get underway.

    Del Rio kicks and hits RVD with a couple of rights before drilling him with a shoulder block. RVD responds with a huge back kick to the chest. RVD fights Del Rio into the corner before whipping him across the ring and hitting him with a running spinning heel kick. RVD monkey flips Del Rio across the ring before hitting a standing moonsault that’s good for two.

    Del Rio catches RVD with a huge dropkick, but misses another kick and ends up tied up in the ropes. Del Rio ends up dropkicked to the floor and Van Dam dives to the outside to wipe out Del Rio. RVD kicks Del Rio into the barricade before suplexing him chest first on top of the barricade. RVD heads up to the ring apron and hits a spinning back kick to Del Rio, who’s laid out over the barricade.

    Del Rio gets back to the apron and blocks a suplex, bringing Van Dam back into the ring. Van Dam puts Del Rio back into the ring, and Del Rio hangs Van Dam up on the top rope, causing him to fall to the floor. Del Rio dives to the outside on top of Van Dam, then throws him into the barricade hard. Del Rio brings things back into the ring and gets a two count before clamping on a rear chin lock. Van Dam fights to his feet, and rolls Del Rio up for two. Del Rio suplexes Van Dam and kicks him in the back of the head.

    Del Rio chokes Van Dam against the bottom rope before kicking him in the back of the head again for another two count. Del Rio goes right back to the rear chin lock, and Van Dam fights right back up to his feet. Del Rio hear butts RVD and drops him with a belly to back suplex. RVD rolls to the apron and Del Rio scores with an enzugiri to knock Van Dam to the floor.

    Del Rio goes for another dive through the ropes, but Van Dam moves and Del Rio hits the ground. Back in the ring, Van Dam scores with a couple of kicks to the face, but Del Rio is able to whip him into the corner. RVD hits another huge kick that’s good for a two count. RVD hits a slingshot leg drop over the ropes to the ring apron on Del Rio, then he heads up to the top rope. Van Dam hits a huge single leg drop kick from the top, then follows up trying for rolling thunder. Del Rio pops up and hits the backstabber for a two count.

    Del Rio slaps the back of Van Dam’s head in the corner before seating him backward on the top turnbuckle. Del Rio hooks his arm around Van Dam’s head, but Van Dam blocks it with a series of elbows and Del Rio falls to the mat. RVD stands and hits a giant cannonball senton to a standing Del Rio for another two count. RVD gets to his feet first and he and Del Rio begin trading punches. Van Dam runs right into a big tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, then Del Rio follows up with a double stomp to the back for two.

    Del Rio calls for the cross armbreaker. He tries to lock it in, but Van Dam scores with a kick to the side of the head and a roll up for two. Van Dam hits the spilt legged moonsault in the corner that’s good for another two count. RVD gets to his feet and Del Rio scores with an arm breaker, then a kick to the face for yet another near fall. Del Rio stomps at RVD’s face, then he heads to the top rope. Del Rio waits for RVD to stand, but jumps right into a big heel kick. Van Dam hits a big leg drop, then leaps to the top rope. RVD tries for the five star frog splash, but lands on Del Rio’s knees. Del Rio clamps on the cross armbreaker in the middle of the ring. Van Dam fights, and works his way to the ropes to force a break. Del Rio holds the armbreaker past a five count and gets intentionally disqualified.

    Winner via DQ: Rob Van Dam

    After The Match:

    Post-match Del Rio continues the beat down on RVD, stomping the back of his head. Del Rio heads to the outside and grabs a chair, but when he gets back into the ring, the chair is snatched by Ricardo. RVD hits Alberto with a DDT. RVD seats Del Rio in the corner and Ricardo holds up the chair while RVD heads to the opposite side of the ring. RVD heads to the top and goes coast to coast with a dropkick driving the chair into Del Rio’s face. RVD and Ricardo stand while Del Rio remains slumped over in the corner. Doctors are out to check on Del Rio after the match as he falls to the floor looking pretty dazed. Del Rio is helped to the back by refs and the doctors, stumbling on his way to the back.

    Backstage: Axel & Heyman

    Curtis Axel is shown backstage holding his belt happily. Heyman walks up and says he wants Axel to understand what’s at stake tonight, because if he’s left alone in the ring, Heyman won’t be around anymore and Axel will not have Heyman around to help him. He says Axel made an enemy of Triple H, and Triple H will do everything he can to take everything his family has built away. But he won’t be here if he’s left alone with CM Punk. Axel says Heyman believes in him. Heyman says he’s believed since day one, and tonight he needs Axel to believe in himself.

    Fandango vs. The Miz

    Out first comes Fandango, dancing with Summer Rae. Out next is The Miz. This match is about to get underway next.

    The bell rings and Miz and Fandango begin circling each other. We get a lock up and Miz backs Fandango into the corner, breaking somewhat cleanly. Fandango dances a bit in the corner before catching Miz with a kick to the gut and punch to the back. Fandango locks in a head lock, but Miz fights it off, only to fall to a shoulder block. Miz catches Fandango with a quick neckbreaker, and tries for the figure four, but Fandango fights it off and sends Miz out to the apron. Miz comes back in with a roll up, then follows it up with a big slam, and the corner clothesline. Miz heads to the top and is distracted by Summer Rae, so Fandango kicks him off the ropes to the mat, where he stomps away at him.

    Fandango whips Miz into the corner hard and gets another two count. Fandango traps Miz in a body scissors, working in a rear chin lock too. The crowd doesn’t seem to be into this one at all. Miz fights out of the hold, and lands on his feet off of a belly to back suplex. Miz sends Fandango crashing out to the floor, and dives through the ropes with a big dropkick to the outside. Miz gets up to the apron and leaps off into a huge kick to the stomach from Fandango.

    Back in the ring, Fandango scores a two count, then traps Miz in a seated bear hug. Miz fights up to his feet and out of the hold, but Fandango hits him with an elbow to the back of the head. Miz follows up with a big clothesline, and a kick to the chest. Miz runs into the corner and kicks the inside of Fandango’s leg before following up with a quick dropkick to the leg. Miz tries for the figure four, then kicks away at Fandango’s leg and plants him with a DDT for two. Miz tries for the SCF, but Fandango fights it off and suplexes Miz to the mat for another two count.

    Miz rolls out to the apron and Fandango grabs the arm, whipping him into the turnbuckles before pulling him back into the ring and trapping him in the ropes. Fandango heads to the top and hits a leg drop to drop Miz from the ropes and get another two count. Fandango heads to the top again and goes for the leg drop but Miz sits up. Miz gets a two count, and Fandango rolls Miz up for two, but Miz clamps on the figure four, and Fandango taps out quickly.

    Winner: The Miz

    No-DQ Handicap Elimination Match: Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman vs. CM Punk

    Out first comes Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman. Heyman looks petrified. Axel has a kendo stick. Out next is CM Punk, who has a kendo stick of his own. Heyman and Punk roll out to the floor as Punk makes his entrance. Heyman looks worried again and Axel is assuring him everything will be ok.

    The bell rings and here we go folks! Crazy energy in the building for this one. Punk swings the stick at Axel. Axel ducks and hits Punk in the gut, but Punk hits Axel with the first full force shot to the stomach, then back, then chest. Heyman looks shocked. Punk grabs the stick and uses it to choke Axel, hitting him with a Russian leg sweep. Punk dives through the ropes to wipe out Heyman on the floor before picking him up and bringing him into the ring. Punk grabs Heyman by the throat, then picks up the kendo stick, Axel hits Punk with a low blow.

    Axel hits Punk with a series of rights to the face before getting up and grabbing one of the kendo sticks. Axel whacks Punk across the back, then puts the stick in Punk’s face and brings it down over Punk’s shoulder. Axel pins Punk for a two and Heyman screams that he believes in Axel. Axel goes under the ring for a chair and he brings it into the ring, but Punk catches him with a couple of kicks, a Mongolian chop and a big forearm before Punk grabs the chair. Axel hits a big dropkick that gets him another two.

    Axel wedges the chair into the corner, and Punk tries to whip him in. Axel avoids it and hits Punk with a clothesline to the back of the head but it’s still not enough to keep Punk down for three. Axel goes back under the ring and pulls out a table, the crowd goes nuts. Axel slides the table into the ring and props it up in the corner. Heyman tells Axel to drive Punk through the table. Axel tries to suplex Punk but Punk fights it off and tries to reverse it. Axel finally suplexes Punk away from the table for another two count.

    Axel goes to the middle rope and drops an elbow to Punk’s face for another two count before putting Punk in a rear chin lock. Punk fades and falls to the mat and Axel stomps on his face, then heads to the middle rope for another elbow. Punk rolls out of the way, and sends Axel into the steel chair wedged into the corner. Axel falls to the floor.

    Punk catches Axel with a kick, then a double forearm, and a swinging neckbreaker. Punk hits Axel with the running knee in the corner followed by a clothesline. Punk heads to the top rope and points to the sky. Axel rolls to the outside. Punk drops to the mat and dives to the outside. Axel hits Punk with a glancing blow to the back of the head on his way out. Axel brings things back into the ring and gets a two count. Both men get to their feet and Axel hits a swinging neckbreaker for two. Axel pounds away at the back of Punk’s head, grinding his forearm against the back of Punk’s head.

    Axel grabs the kendo stick and blasts Punk with a nasty series of shots to the back, but Punk refuses to stay down for three. Axel tries for the swinging DDT, but Punk counters. Punk tries for the GTS, but Axel drops down. Punk grabs a stick and blast Axel in the gut. Punk hits the GTS and locks on the anaconda vice. Axel taps out.

    Curtis Axel Has Been Eliminated

    Heyman looks shocked and he immediately begins running away, up the entrance ramp, through the crowd and back by the announcers into the ring where he’s caught by Punk. Punk rips at Heyman’s face before grabbing a kendo stick. Punk listens to Heyman begging, and lets Heyman hug him with a big smile on his face before he shoves him off and blasts him with the kendo stick. Punk hits Heyman repeatedly and Heyman screams in pain.

    Punk props Heyman up against the ropes. He says, “I broke your heart, huh? Now I’m gonna break your face.” As he winds up, Ryback appears behind him. Ryback spears Punk through the table propped up in the corner. Punk’s back is bleeding legitimately pretty bad. Ryback puts Heyman, still in cuffs, completely out of it, on top of Punk. The ref counts. 1-2-3. Heyman wins.

    Winner: Paul Heyman

    After The Match:

    Following the match, Ryback shoulders Heyman and carries him off to the back. Doctors are in to check on Punk who had a pretty nasty cut on his back from being driven through that table. Punk shoves away some of the refs checking on him and looks extremely upset. Punk walks to the back and tells the doctors to stay away from him.

    WWE U.S. Title: Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Dolph Ziggler is out first. Out next is all three members of The Shield, who come out through the crowd as usual. Ambrose comes down by himself, and we have WWE U.S. Championship action coming up now.

    The bell rings and Ziggler takes Ambrose down to the mat for a quick one count. Ambrose avoids Ziggler as much as possible, staying close to the ropes. Ambrose works Ziggler down to the mat, working on his arm and floating into a hammerlock. Ambrose transitions into a head lock, and hits Ziggler with a big shoulder block when he’s thrown off. Ambrose tries to play mind games with Ziggler and ends up dropkicked. Ziggler hits a snap mare and drops a series of ten big elbows for a one count. Ziggler clotheslines Ambrose over the top rope, tumbling to the outside himself. Ziggler slams Ambrose’s head on the apron and brings things back into the ring, pounding on Ambrose in the corner. Ambrose turns things around and slams Ziggler face first into the turnbuckle. Ziggler and Ambrose continue to trade chops and rights until Ambrose hits a big Alabama type slam to Ziggler to stop his momentum.

    Ambrose shoves Ziggler’s face into the canvas and traps him in another rear chin lock. Ziggler fights to his feet and Ambrose brings things right back down to the mat. Ziggler sits up, but refuses to quit, even when Ambrose turns it into a straight jacket style chin lock. Ziggler fights to his feet and out of the hold, rolling Ambrose up for a two count. This leads to a series of roll ups for both men. Ziggler counters out of a suplex and hits Ambrose with an elbow. Ziggler goes to the top but he’s stopped by Ambrose. Ambrose rakes at Ziggler’s back before hitting a double underhook superplex. Ambrose pins Ziggler for two.

    Ambrose goes to the top rope but Ziggler is right up there with him, hitting a giant facebuster off the top, but it’s still not enough for a three count. Ziggler rolls up Ambrose for two before kicking him into the middle turnbuckle. Ziggler mounts Ambrose in the corner and hits him with a series of punches before dropping and hitting a huge running clothesline for another two count. Ziggler counters something crazy and works it into a sleeper hold, but Ambrose works out of it and slams Ziggler to the mat for another near fall. Ambrose leaps in with a kick, but Ziggler turns it into a roll up. Ambrose rolls up Ziggler for two. Ziggler hits the rocker dropper but Ambrose grabs the ropes.

    Ziggler tolls out to the apron, and Ambrose stops him coming back in. Ziggler rolls up Ambrose for two, but Ambrose drives him into the corner, and plants him with the fact first DDT, getting the three count.

    Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Dean Ambrose

    WWE Tag-Team Titles: Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns (c) vs. The Prime Time Players

    Out first comes The Prime Time Players, who earned the shot at the titles tonight by winning the Tag-Team Turmoil match during the Night Of Champions Kickoff Show prior to the pay-per-view. Out next are the current WWE Tag-Team Champions, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

    Titus O’Neil and Seth Rollins start things off. Rollins bitch-slaps O’Neil. O’Neil looks pissed. Rollins taunts him. Now O’Neil is manhandling Rollins. He catches him coming off the ropes and nails him with some kind of spin-bodyslam move. He follows that up with another powerful slam, followed by a leg-drop. O’Neil tags in Darren Young. Young immediately goes to work on Rollins, grounding the fast Shield-member with a headlock.

    Rollins fights up to his feet. Young hits a shoulderblock, then catches Rollins for a quick powerslam. Rollins tags out to Reigns, and Reigns is caught with a series of rights. A blind tag from Rollins doesn’t help as Young scores with a huge elbow.

    O’Neil chokes Rollins and then stomps on him in the corner. Young and Titus clothesline Reigns over the top rope. Young heads to the outside, ducks a clothesline from Reigns and hits him with a huge right hand. Young heads back into the ring and is hot-shotted into the top rope by Rollins. Reigns tags back into the match and throws Young to the outside hard. Reigns tosses Young up onto the apron and catches him with a knee to the chest before rolling him into the ring for two. Rollins tags in and traps Reigns in a modified rear chin lock.

    Darren tries putting up a fight, but Rollins slams him to the mat. Rollins misses a short arm clothesline and Young follows up with a belly to belly suplex. Reigns tags in and shoves Young into the corner, but he trash talks Titus and misses a splash in the corner. Young kicks Reigns away and Rollins tags in. Young hits a back drop and tags in Titus. Titus hits a giant tackle for a two count. Titus goes to work on both opponents with giant kicks and series of strikes. Titus hits Rollins with a giant slam. Rollins comes back with a kick to the head, but Titus hits a giant sit out powerbomb for two. Reigns breaks up the pin. Young sends Reigns to the outside. In the ring, while the ref is distracted with Young, Reigns hits the spear, and Rollins pins Titus for three.

    Winners and STILL WWE Tag-Team Champions: Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns

    WWE Title: Randy Orton (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

    After a long video package, out comes the challenger, Daniel Bryan. Bryan receives a huge pop coming out. After standing in the ring while the crowd chants his name for a few seconds, Randy Orton’s music hits. Out comes the WWE Champion. Orton slowly walks to the ring with a look of extreme confidence on his face. The announcers put over how confident/arrogant Orton is as he heads to the ring for tonight’s big main event.

    The bell sounds as both guys have a long staredown. They lock up and Bryan backs Orton into the corner and Orton turns it around, breaking clean. Bryan gets right back in Orton’s face, working over the Viper’s arm. Orton head butt’s Bryan in the face before clamping on a side headlock. Bryan pushes Orton off and falls to a shoulder block. Orton hits the ropes and runs right into a knee to the gut from Bryan. Bryan hits Orton with a series of kicks in the corner before hitting a big armbreaker. Bryan kicks at the arm, then hits yet another arm breaker. Bryan continues the assault with more kicks to the arm in the corner before mounting Orton and hitting him with a series of rights. Orton pulls Bryan off the second rope into his across the back backbreaker.

    Randy Orton pins Bryan for a two count. Orton stands and stomps on Bryan’s hand, then on his ankle. Orton and Bryan trade right hands. Orton kicks Bryan and suplexes him across the top rope. Orton covers Bryan for two. Orton rips at Bryan’s beard and locks in a rear chin lock. Orton wrenches away at Bryan’s head. Bryan fights up to his feet and out of the hold. Bryan ducks a clothesline and takes Orton down, mounting him and hitting him with a series of punches. Orton is up quickly and hits a big clothesline for another two count. Orton stomps away at Bryan’s joints, then goes for another pin for two.

    Bryan slumps down in the corner after Orton beats on him a bit. Orton pulls him up by the beard and head butt’s Bryan. Orton whips Bryan across the ring. Bryan flips over Orton and follows up with a running clothesline. Bryan gets to his feet and hits a huge dropkick in the corner, then a second. Bryan kicks at Orton’s chest repeatedly, then seats him on the top turnbuckle. Bryan hits a top rope hurricanrana and Orton rolls to the outside. Bryan doesn’t stop there, leaping through the ropes to wipe out Orton. Bryan brings things back into the ring and heads for the top rope. Bryan hits the shotgun missile dropkick and Orton goes outside again. Bryan dives through the ropes to the outside to wipe out Orton again.

    Bryan goes through the ropes into an Orton forearm that stops him cold on his third attempt at a floor-dive. Bryan slumps to the apron and Orton pulls him out for an apron assisted DDT to the floor. Bryan is up and back in the ring at a count of 9. Bryan is slow to get up as Orton drops down to the mat. Orton goes for the RKO but Bryan pushes him off and hits a dropkick that sends Orton into the ref, and the ref crashing out to the floor. Bryan wrestles Orton down to the mat and tries to put Orton into the yes lock. Orton fights it off and hits the snap powerslam on Bryan for two. Orton tosses Bryan to the apron and tries for the suspension DDT into the ring, but Bryan gets his feet under him, and clamps Orton into the yes lock. Orton is able to make it into the ropes to force Bryan to break the hold, but Bryan did a good bit of damage to the champ. Bryan hits Orton with another series of vicious kicks, but when he tries for a corner dropkick, Orton moves. Orton slides over and pins Bryan for a two count. Orton pulls Bryan to his feet and seats him on the top turnbuckle. Orton blasts Bryan with a right before climbing up and trying for a superplex. Bryan ducks through and seats Orton on the top. Bryan pulls Orton down into a tree of woe and kicks at Orton’s chest before backing up and hitting a low dropkick to Orton’s face. Bryan seats Orton on the top and Orton fights it off, knocking Bryan to the mat.

    The two battle back-and-forth a bit more before Byan has Orton down. Orton is on his knees. Bryan nails Orton repeatedly with kicks to the chest. Bryan winds up for one more big kick but Orton catches him and cradle-suplexes him. A roll-up attempt for a pin fails and out of nowhere, Bryan hits a runing-knee to the face of Orton. 1-2-3 (semi-fast count, in my opinion) and we have a new champion. Daniel Bryan did it. Yes.

    Winner and NEW WWE Champion – Daniel Bryan

    After The Match:

    Still almost ten minutes until 11pm ET. Will we have a reverse here? Bryan celebrates in the ring. He talks a bit of smack to Orton as he celebrates. Bryan continues his celebration outside the ring. He continues his celebration up the aisle. The PPV goes off the air with Bryan celebrating at the top of the ramp. That’s all folks!

    WWE Night of Champions 2013 - 9/15/13 - 15th September 2013 - Full Replay - *720p* HDTV - Watch Online Part 1
    WWE Night of Champions 2013 - 9/15/13 - 15th September 2013 - Full Replay - *720p* HDTV - Watch Online Part 2
    WWE Night of Champions 2013 - 9/15/13 - 15th September 2013 - Full Replay - *720p* HDTV - Watch Online Part 3
    WWE Night of Champions 2013 - 9/15/13 - 15th September 2013 - Full Replay - *720p* HDTV - Watch Online Part 4
    WWE Night of Champions 2013 - 9/15/13 - 15th September 2013 - Full Replay - *720p* HDTV - Watch Online Part 5
    WWE Night of Champions 2013 - 9/15/13 - 15th September 2013 - Full Replay - *720p* HDTV - Watch Online Part 6



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