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  • WWE Confirms Reports of Finn Balor's Injury
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  • AJ Styles Suffers An Injury
  • Maria Kanellis' Contract with ROH Expiring
  • Update on Dolph Ziggler's WWE Status
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  • Adam Rose Name Change
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  • Kazarian Says Suicide Character Wasn't Him
  • Ex-TNA Knockout Retiring from Wrestling
  • Rusev Pulled from Elimination Chamber
  • Major Main Roster Plans For NXT Star?
  • Matt Hardy Comments on Impact Cancellation Reports
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  • Possible Reason Why Sasha Missed Several Events
  • WWE Deal to Keep Samoa Joe Off ROH Television?
  • Rusev Suffers Injury at SmackDown Tapings
  • Update on Scott Hall Being Pulled from GFW
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  • Ook Arnold Schwarzenegger terug voor 'Escape Plan 2'
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    *RUMOR* Another TNA Pay Per View Possibly Gone

    *RUMOR* Another TNA Pay Per View Possibly Gone

    The Wrestling Observer, is reporting that in addition to February's Against All Odds pay per view, word comes that TNA's No Surrender is the next pay per view to be on TNA's chopping block for the 2013 schedule. This would leave more build time into Bound For Glory.

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    More On TNA's PPV Lineup Change

    More On TNA's PPV Lineup Change is reporting that TNA's Against All Odds pay per view has been removed from the 2013 schedule. TNA will instead hold Genesis on January 13 2013 and build right into Lockdown in March 10 2013. They also note that 1-2 other TNA pay per views could be on the chopping block next.

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    News & Rumors: Update On Tag Team Name, Morgan Working With Hogan, More
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    News & Rumors: Update On Tag Team Name, Morgan Working With Hogan, More

    - There was a lot of positive sentiment about last night's Impact Wrestling taping backstage after the show. The feeling is that the company has turned the corner on creative with their grand plans mapped out several months ahead and the initial TV scripts put to bed a few weeks ahead of time in order to make sure they are locked in to their plans. There are changes made week to week to tweak and polish the plans but for the most part, the short and long term planning is stronger than it has been in a long, long time for the company.

    - The cape Matt Morgan was wearing is the actual cape from Hulk Hogan's heel run in the 1970s. Hogan has been working closely with Morgan to help him improve as a talent and personality.

    - As noted on last night's Impact, the Daniels/Kazarian team has been dubbed Bad Influence.

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    Uitslagen smackdown 30 november
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    WWE Smackdown Results 11/30/12
    By WZ
    Nov 30, 2012 - 10:05:00 PM

    The cheesy voice over guy can be heard so it must be time for Smackdown. John Cena’s music hits and makes his way to the ring. A clip is shown from Raw of Cena’s win over Ziggler. Cena says he knows something seems mysterious and tells fans not to adjust your sets, he is John Cena and he knows he is not a regular on Smackdown but he is here and he is excited for the main event. He says that tonight’s main event involves Mr Money in the bank, Ziggler. He says he is focusing on Dolph since Dolph had focused on him and his business. Cena says that since Dolph has pointed the finger at him, tonight he points the finger back at him. Cena says Ziggler’s greatest accomplishment is being the champ for 2 minutes and his greatest fear, apart from people discovering he is a teenage girl stuck in a man’s body, is losing the ‘Money in the Bank’ briefcase. Cena says losing the briefcase would cause him to lose his identity. He says he beat Ziggler on Raw. He says tonight Ziggler is not in a match but in a fight and he is going to have to survive Sheamus. Alberto Del Rio’s music hits. He is on the ramp with Rodriguez. He says Cena should not be concerned with Ziggler, he should be worried about him. He says this is his house and his show. Cena says this is a WWE broadcast and the show belongs to the WWE Universe. Del Rio says Smackdown is his show and Cena is a ‘stupid gringo.’ Del Rio says before Cena forgets, he is a former Money in the Bank winner and a Royal Rumble winner, as well as a former 2 time champion. Most importantly, he asks Cena if he has forgotten the last time they were in the ring when he beat him. Del Rio tells Cena to leave his show and leave his ring right now. Cena says he remembers all that stuff but he says he can’t go since he is very interested in tonight’s main event. Cena says since he is here, he figured he would have a match and he does, right now, with Del Rio. Cena then hits Del Rio with a suckerpunch that send him out of the ring. Cena takes off his shirt ready to fight

    That match is up after the commercial break


    John Cena v Del Rio

    Lock up as Del Rio gets in a headlock. Del Rio gets pushed in to ropes and rebounds off as Cena leapfrogs him and hits a hip toss. Del Rio slides out and holds his back out of the ring. Del Rio drops Cena on to the ropes. He kicks Cena as he is down. Cena goes ringside. Del Rio kicks Cena by the announcers table. He slams Cena on table, then throws him back in to the ring. Del Rio lands on Cena off the top rope for a cover and 2 counr. Del Rio goes to work on Cena in the turnbuckle. Cena bursts out with an attack of his own but Del Rio puts him in to the turnbuckle. Del Rio mocks Cena, then kicks him in the face to knock him down. Another kick to the face takes Cena down again. Suplex from Del Rio gets a 2 count as Ziggler is shown watching the match on a monitor backstage. Del Rio has Cena in an armlock. Cena gets kneed in the gut and punched down to the ground. Cena blocks a suplex and hits a suplex of his own. Del Rio is in the corner. Cena runs at Del Rio but misses and runs in to turnbuckle. Del Rio takes Cena down with a kick. Del Rio has Cena in the ropes. Del Rio flies off the turnbuckle and knocks Cena down. Cover gets a 2 count. Another armbar locked by Del Rio.

    Commercial break

    Del Rio is taken down with shoulder blocks by Cena. Suplex from Cena on Del Rio. 5 knuckle shuffle from Cena. He goes for the AA but Del Rio with a backstabber and 2 count. Kick to Cena by Del Rio. Del Rio looks for a cross armbreaker but Cena hits a neckbreaker. Del Rio with a scissor kick to Cena on the turnbuckle and the cover for a 2 count. Del Rio goes for another scissor kick in the turnbuckle but misses as Cena moves. Backbreaker from Del Rio gets a 2 count. Del Rio flies off the ropes but takes a dropkick. Cena goes for the AA but Del Rio counters in to a cross armbreaker, then Cena counters in to the STF, but Del Rio gets to the ropes. Del Rio [while on the apron] locks in an armbreaker on Cena in the ropes. Del Rio gets lifted in to the AA position from the apron, but fights out of it and hits Cena with a German suplex in to a pin for a 2 count. Del Rio kicks away at Cena who is hung upside down in the turnbuckle. He runs at Cena but runs in to steel as Cena lifts his body up on to the turnbuckle. Cena with a fame-ass-er off the turnbuckle to the back of Del Rio followed by a cover for the 3 count.

    Winner John Cena

    As Cena is celebrating his win at the top of the ramp, Ziggler attacks him with his ‘Money in the Bank’ briefcase.


    Kane and Daniel Bryan stare at each other backstage. Kofi Kingston shows up and says he knows they are not going to magically get along but the 3 of them have a 6 man tag match later and wants to know if they will be on the same page for it. Daniel Bryan says why not. He says his partner is a powerful force. Kane says his partner is one of the most dangerous submission wrestlers ever. He says people are about to see how dangerous and lethal they can be. Kane says can they get along? The answer is yes! Kane and Bryan start to chant yes to each other, then walk off.

    John Cena is with Booker backstage. He is angry at what happened. Booker says he knows he is upset but does not want the show breaking down tonight. He asks Cena not to do anything in the main event, just this once, for him. Cena agrees.


    Khali [with Hornswoggle] v David Otunga

    Otunga poses. Otunga tries to attack Khali who knocks him out of the ring. Hornswaggle attacks Otunga at ringside by sitting on him. Otunga chases Hornswoggle at ringside but walks in to a clothesline from Khali. Otunga gets in to the ring. He tries to attack Khali as he is climbing up on to the apron but Khali pushes him away. Khali gets in to the ring and hits a Brain Chop that takes Otunga down. He covers him for the 3 count.

    Winner Khali

    Khali and Hornswaggle celebrate in the ring after the match.


    Darren Young, Titus O’Neil and Barrett v Kane, Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston

    Kane and Bryan make their way to the ring together for this match.

    Kane starts off with Young by attacking him in turnbuckle. Right hands from Kane. He chokes young out with his boot. Bryan is tagged in in as Kane whips Young in to the turnbuckle. Kicks from Bryan in the turnbuckle. Kane with a dropkick to Darren Young gets a kickout after 2. Kane works on Young’s arm. O Neil is in. Big boot to the face of O Neil. Kane clotheslines O’Neil out of the ring. Bryan leaps at him from the apron on the outside.

    Commercial break

    Kofi with a dropkick and cover on Young for a 2 count. Kofi brings Kane in who kicks Darren Young. Kane kicks Young then tags in Bryan and they hit a double slam. Bryan covers for the 2 count. Elbows from Bryan. Kicks from Bryan but Darren Young whips him in to O Neil’s out stuck boot by the ropes. O’Neil tags in and kicks away at Bryan. Bodyslam from O’Neil. Tag to Young and a double team. Knee drop from Young. Backbreaker from Young for a 2 count. Young has Bryan in a submission hold. Waistlock from Young. Bryan is getting double teamed at the turnbuckle. O Neil tags in Barrett who goes in and punches Bryan in gut. Barrett with a pumphandle slam for a 2 count. Rear chin lock from Barrett. Bryan fights out, Barrett puts him in the turnbuckle but Bryan hits an elbow to head. Barrett with a lateral press for the 2 count. O Neil tags himself in. O Neil sticks his knee in to Bryan’s face. Young now attacks Bryan from the outside. O Neil with a [move]. O Neil drops Young on to Bryan for a 2 count. Chin Lock from Young. Both men slug it out. Right hands from Bryan. Suplex from Young and bridge cover for the 2 count. O Neil is in again. 2 back breakers from O’Neil on Bryan, then he just throws him down. O’Neil runs at Bryan in the turnbuckle but right in to Bryan’s feet. Bryan tags in Kane as Young gets tagged in. Kane knocks Young down and then runs in to him in the turnbuckle, then the other turnbuckle, before knocking Barrett off the apron as well. Side Slam from Kane gets a 2 count. Kane goes up top. Top rope clothesline from Kane followed by a cover but O Neil breaks it up. Kofi jumps off the turnbuckle on to O Neil, then dropkicks Barrett off the apron. He runs at Young who ducks and sends Kofi to the outside. Young then drops Kane on the ropes and climbs up top. He jumps off the turnbuckle but Kane catches him by the throat and hits him with a Choke Slam. Tag to Bryan who hits the Flying Goat off the turnbuckle and then locks in the No Lock as Young taps out.

    Winners Kane, Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston


    Striker is backstage with Sheamus who says that the positive news for Ziggler is that Cena will not interfere in the match. The bad news is he has to face Sheamus. He says he is not facing Dolph. After all the weeks of cheating from the Big Show, every opponent that he now faces looks like the Big Show to him. He says because of this, he now fights even harder. He says once he is done with Ziggler he is going to beg for Cena to put him out of his misery. He says Ziggler is a show off but after he is finished with him, he can walk around and show off his head because he is going to kick it right off his shoulders.

    Sandow makes his way down the ramp with a mic in hand. Sandow says for the last few months he has attempted to better people, but to no avail. He says he is going to select a member of the audience to be his apprentice. He picks a young guy. Sandow tells the audience member he has a great privilege to be his apprentice. They get in to the ring and Sandow says he will be asking him 3 questions. First question. How many wheels on a tricycle? The fan answers 3. Sandow congratulates him on the correct answer. Second question. How often does the US hold presidential elections? The fan answers every 4 years. Sandow says he is smarter than he looks. 3rd question. What is the orbital velocity of Jupiter’s moon Europa? The fan says he has no idea. Sandow says the answer is 13.74 kilometers. Sandow tells the fan he is an embarrassment with his knowledge and his haircut and tells him to leave the ring, leave the arena, leave town and leave the United States of America. He then tells the fans ‘you are welcome.'


    Damien Sandow v Tyson Kidd

    Kicks from Tyson Kidd. Sandown is beating Kidd down at ringside. Kicks from Sandown to Kidd back in the ring. Sandow with a Russian legsweep. Elbow of distain from Sandow on Kidd and cover gets him a 2 count. Now an armlock from Sandow. Crossbody off the ropes from Kidd. Kicks from Kidd. Dropkick to Sandown by Kidd. Kick to the back of the head from Kidd in the turnbuckle. Kick to gut from Kidd. Dropkick to the legs and cover for a 2 count. Kidd dives out through the ropes in to Sandown at ringside and then throws him back in to the ring. Elbow drop off the turnbuckle from Kidd but Sandown gets his knees up to block it, then hits a neckbreaker for the 3 count.

    Winner Damien Sandow


    Backstage Striker asks Ziggler if he feels he has something to prove after his loss to John Cena. Ziggler says it was not a loss. He says it was like a handicap match when AJ got involved in his business and John Cena had no problem taking advantage. He says tonight will probably be another handicap match for him since he is sure Cena will interfere once again. He says Cena is a liar and he will get what is coming to him, a shot to the back of the head. He says he is so damn sick of being so damn sick. Ziggler says that Sheamus says he sees Big Show in his opponents but this time when he looks at his opponent he is going to be seeing a future World Heavyweight Champion.


    Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal [with Drew McIntyre] v The Usos

    The Usos go to work early on Slater. Eventually Slater turns it around and kicks away at Jimmy Uso. Mahal is in. Butterfly suplex in to a cover gets a 1 count. Headlock on Jimmy Uso. Clothesline from Jimmy Uso. Tag to Jay Uso who knocks Slater off the apron. Kick to gut of Mahal. Big Samoan Drop from Jay Uso who then runs, ass first, in to Mahal in the turnbuckle. Cover gets only a 2 count as Slater breaks it up. Jimmy Uso knocks Slater out of ring. Slater kicks Jimmy Uso and Mahal hits the full nelson slam for the cover that gets a 3 count.

    Winners 3MB


    Sheamus v Ziggler

    Lock up. Sheamus has Ziggler in the corner but Ziggler slides out. Waist lock from Ziggler. Takedown from Sheamus. Shoulder block from Sheamus and clothesline back from Ziggler. Right hands from Sheamus in the turnbuckle. Sheamus whips Ziggler in to the ropes but takes a kick on the return. Shoulder block from Sheamus knocks Dolph down. Right hand from Sheamus. Bodyslam from Sheamus on Ziggler. Elbow drop from Sheamus gets a 2 count. A suplex from Sheamus is unsuccessful as Ziggler blocks and throws Sheamus through the ropes out of the ring. Sheamus catches Ziggler on his leap from the apron and hits a fallaway slam in to the barrier. Ziggler tries to crawl away up the ramp but Sheamus grabs him and throws him in to the ring. Sheamus is on the apron and headbutts Ziggler in the gut. Ziggler drops him throat first in to the ropes then kicks him off the apron.

    Commercial break

    Ziggler kicks away at Sheamus in the corner. Big running splash and pin for a 2 count from Ziggler who beats away at Sheamus. Big elbow drop for a 1 count for Ziggler. Headlock from Ziggler. Sheamus gets to his feet and hits a back suplex. The 2 men slug it out. Sheamus takes his opponent down to the canvas. Kick to face from Ziggler and cover gets a 1 count. Ziggler is choking Sheamus with his boot at the bottom of the turnbuckle. Kicks from Ziggler. Heabutts from Ziggler in the turnbuckle. Sheamus flips Ziggler over the ropes then grabs him on apron and hammers away with 10 shots across the chest. Suplex to Ziggler in to the ring from the apron. Now Sheamus goes up top but Ziggler moves away and avoids what was coming up. Sheamus misses a dropkick. Ziggler hits a DDT for a 2. Ziggler motions for Sheamus to get up. Sheamus is up, avoids an attack and hits a backbreaker for a 2 count. Kick from Ziggler. Roll up from Ziggler gets a 2 count. Sheamus hoists up Ziggler but Ziggler fights out and rolls him up again but Sheamus reverses it and locks in a Texas cloverleaf. Big Show is on he apron and headbutts Sheamus who goes over to him. Big Show gets in the ring and beats away at Seamus. Both Ziggler and Big Show are attacking Sheamus. Cena runs down to the ring. He goes for Big Show, then hits an AA on Ziggler who runs over. Big Show grabs Sheamus and Cena but the throat but they fight out and double suplex him. They then both knock him out of the ring.

    Winner No contest

    Cena and Sheamus raise each other’s arm as Smackdown goes to credits.

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    By.Rulez.SD.2012.11.30.720p.HDTV Pt1 (2) door solution26

    By.Rulez.SD.2012.11.30.720p.HDTV Pt1 (3) door solution26

    By.Rulez.SD.2012.11.30.720p.HDTV Pt1 (4) door solution26

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    WWE taped this week’s WWE Superstars from the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana. Below are the results:
    Santino Marella b. David Otunga
    Brodus Clay b. JTG
    Source: Wrestling News World


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    Legendary Tag Team Wrestler Passes Away

    Legendary Tag Team Wrestler Passes Away

    WWE announced  that Buddy Roberts has died. He was 65. Roberts was one-third of the Fabulous Freebirds along with Michael “P.S.” Hayes and Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy.

    After stints in WWE, AWA and Cowboy Bill Watts’ UWF, Roberts returned to WCCW. Buddy Roberts left the industry shortly after WCCW’s closing in the late 1980s.

    After he left the ring, Roberts survived a battle with throat cancer. Buddy Roberts will always be remembered as a tenacious competitor.

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    Raw to Remain 3-Hours
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     Despite Comcast listing a rerun of NCIS: Los Angeles for this Monday night on the USA Network at 8:00 p.m., Raw will remain three hours in its regular time slot.

    WWE officials confirmed to Wednesday night that Raw will remain a three-hour show airing from 8:00 to 11:05 p.m. The cause of this miscommunication is currently unknown.

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    Raw Going Back to 2 Hours?
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen - Coming off the heels of the third and final hour of Monday's Raw broadcast suffering a fifteen percent drop in viewership, Comcast's listing for Monday programming on the USA Network (available at has a rerun of NCIS airing during the 8:00 p.m. time slot with Raw listed as a two-hour program beginning at 9:00 p.m.

    The first hour of Monday's show garnered 4,147,000 viewers, with hour two slightly dropping 4,126,000. The third hour, however, suffered its sharpest decline since the program was lengthened to three hours in July, dropping to 3,488,000 viewers. It marked as the fifteenth consecutive week and eighteenth week out of nineteen weeks in which viewership dropped off during the third hour.

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    Former Knockout Amazing Kong "I Won't Be Back In TNA"

    Former Knockout Amazing Kong "I Won't Be Back In TNA"


    Posted Image

    Former TNA Knockout Kia Stevens, better known from her ring name Awesome Kong, recently took part in a interview with In this interview, Kia, who was released from her WWE contract earlier this year, spoke on her time with TNA Wrestling. When she was asked about if she'd ever return, she replied with ;


    I think the WWE is where my heart lies now. I do appreciate the opportunities I was given by TNA, Dixie Carter, and Terry Taylor. I really do. My time was good there, until it wasn't. *laughs*

    On being asked if she has been in talks with TNA ;


    No. No, no, no. None whatsoever. I think it may be because of the legal tangle they are in with my new home company.. That's all though.

    Do you pay attention to what TNA is doing, with Gail being back and all?


    Oh, TNA. No. I... no. My fiance watches, but he is interested in any type of wrestling really. No, I check in on the WWE, but you know, for anyone who was released it may be hard to watch- knowing that your not there. That's the only company I watch really. Nothing against TNA. I am very grateful because TNA are the ones who introduced me to the US market, but that time is gone.


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    TNA Impact Wrestling Report - 11/29/12
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 11/29/2012 at 08:21 PM

    Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package. It shows the Wes Brisco Gut Check Challenge as Kurt Angle got him the try out. Wes won and we will find out tonight if he will get a contract. It switches to the Aces and 8s storyline as they took out Eric Young last week. Eric was their latest vicim. It then goes to Austin Aries as he talks to Brooke Hogan and how she is going with Bully Ray. Ray came out and Austin fled the scene. How will Hulk react to this though?

    The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Fireworks explode above the ring and on the entrance stage. The crowd is hyped up for this live episode. Music plays and here comes Hulk Hogan! Hulk comes on the stage and fireworks explode. The crowd is going crazy. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Hogan says there is a lot of energy in the Impact Zone tonight. His life almost exploded last week. He is in charge but he is also a father. The GM and father collided. Hulk needs to know what is going on though. He calls out Bully Ray to give him a straight answer. Bully Ray’s music plays. Here comes Ray. He gets in the ring with a flannel button shirt. He grabs a mic. Hulk tells him to give him the straight and real story. What is going on? Ray says Hulk doesn’t trust him, but he wants to know what is going on. Hulk did not trust Ray since day 1. He didn’t trust Ray when he teamed with Sting. Hulk knows it. Now he wants answers. Hogan tells him to cut the crap. What is going on between him and Brooke? Ray’s face looks surprised. He asks Hogan if he really wants answers? Does he really want to know who the #1 man is in his daughter’s life? Brooke’s music hits and here comes The Hulkster’s daughter. Brooke gets right in the ring. She pushes her dad back as he is right in the face of Ray. Hulk asks Brooke what is going on between them. Brooke says she is not 18 years old. Hulk doesn’t care how old she is. As long as Hulk is on this planet, he doesn’t want her with any wrestler. Not even Bully Ray. Brooke tells him that it’s not what you think. Just then, the titan tron shows Austin Aries on top of Hulk Hogan’s desk in his office. Other wrestlers are in the room like Kid Kash and Zema Ion as well as others. Austin tells Hulk that he should be in the back to manage the wrestlers in his wrestling company. Austin says he isn’t going anywhere because it is Championship Thursday. Austin is just going to lie on the desk and wait. He asks Brooke how she does it because it’s so uncomfortable. Maybe she is on her back when she does it. Brooke can’t believe it. Hulk is furious. He gets right out of the ring and marches up the ramp.

    We see Todd Keneley, Taz and Mike Tenay as they welcome us to the show. They run down the line-up.

    Mickie James is shown backstage as she is warming up for her match. Gail Kim is then shown as they fight each other next.


    Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces the first match. Gail Kim comes out and makes her way to the ring. As she does, we see footage from two weeks ago when Mickie James won the Knockout Battle Royal to be the #1 contender. After she is in the ring, Mickie James comes out with smiles. She skips down the ramp and slides in the ring. The crowd cheers.

    Gail Kim vs. Mickie James

    The bell sounds and both move around the ring. They lock-up, but Gail slides behind and does a roll-up. Mickie quickly kicks out. They lock-up again. Gail slides behind her and locks her arms around her waist. She then pounds on the back of Mickie. She falls to the mat. She gets up. Gail grabs her arm and starts twisting it. She works the arm and then grabs the hair and pulls Mickie down. Mickie slowly gets up. Gail goes right back on her as she puts her in the corner. Gail walks away. She turns and runs back. She smashes Mickie in the corner. She gets Mickie up and does a reverse neck breaker. She covers. Mickie kicks out. Gail slams Mickie’s head into the mat and then applies the scissor lock around Mickie’s neck. Gail twists up and then falls down planting Mickie’s face into the mat. It was a beautiful move. Gail covers but Mickie kicks out. Gail gets up and goes for the figure four leg lock, but Mickie pushes her away. Mickie gets up and is able to slam Gail’s face right down in the mat. Mickie climbs the corner. She jumps as Gail is on her feet facing her. Gail moves. Mickie lands on her feet, but Gail was able to attack her. Mickie is down. Gail gets her up, but Mickie is able to get away and then kick Gail right in the face. It looks to be the end. She covers but Gail’s leg is under the ropes. Mickie fixes that but Gail kicks out. Both get up. Mickie hits multiple closelines and then a neck breaker. She covers. Gail kicks out again. Both get up. Mickie kicks her in the gut and goes for the DDT, but Gail pushes her back into the corner. Gail runs to her, but Mickie lifts her legs up and Gail goes right into the turnbuckle. Mickie slides down as she grabs Gail’s head and hits the tornado DDT. She covers and wins.

    Winner: Mickie James

    James Storm is backstage. He says he makes his choices in his life. They could be good or bad, but he made them. You don’t talk about his family though. It went too far. AJ Styles is right there. He tells Chris that he is complaining too much. He tells Storm that he can’t get a title shot in around a year. Storm tells him to forget about that and move on. They are in a tag team match tonight and need to get on the same page. AJ leaves the scene. Storm tells him that he is just trying to look out for him.


    Hulk Hogan bust his door open to his locker room. Everyone jumps. Even Austin Aries. Aries grabs his coat and goes to put it on. He goes to leave but Hogan tells everyone to stay and sit down. He brings up Kenny King. He is going with Austin in this whole invading the office. Why should he be fighting? Kenny gives his short explanation on how he is the X-Division. Kid Kash stands and says he is a 2X X-Division Champion. Austin interrupts and says he lost it 3 times then. That’s 3 more than Aries. Hulk tells Kenny to get out of the office. He is done tonight for Championship Thursday. He then tells Kash to leave. Kash is furious. He tells Hogan to remember the heirs of this family (As I think that is what he said. Austin closes the door.

    Bobby Roode’s music hits and he slowly walks down to the ring. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Roode says he will be the next TNA World Champion in several weeks. Last week was Open Fight Night. Jeff almost lost to Christian York last week while Roode put the man down with one move. Jeff is a paper champion and Roode is going to prove that at Final Resolution. If you want to make a name for yourself, then you call out the longest reigning champion in history. You don’t call out a paper champion. Suddenly, Christian York’s music hits and he comes right down the ramp. He gets in the ring. Roode tells him to stop as this is his time. You don’t interrupt his time. He tells York and his hair to get out of the ring. York slaps Roode in the face and he falls to the mat. York bends over and yells at him. Roode slides out of the ring. He walks around to the ramp as he holds his face. York gets on the mic. Roode wanted him to call Roode out, so he is calling Roode out. Roode can’t believe it. He angrily takes off his shirt and throws it down. Roode says it’s on.


    Bobby Roode vs. Christian York

    They lock-up and Roode quickly works on the arm. He then applies the headlock. York pushes him into the ropes. Roode returns with a shoulder block. he runs in the ropes, but Roode jumps over his challenger. York pops up. He hits Roode with a hip toss. York continues the attack. Roode isn’t ready. He slides out of the ring and regroups. He goes on the apron. York goes to him, but Roode jumps down and pulls York out. He goes after him. He goes to whip him but York reverses it and Roode goes right into the steel steps. York gets him up and slides him in the ring. York climbs the corner, but Roode hits the ropes and York falls right down on the turnbuckle. He slowly gets down. Roode keeps him in the corner and kicks him in the gut. York slides down till he sits on the mat. Roode gets him up and whips him in the opposing corner. Roode runs, but York smashes his boot into Roode’s face. Roode stumbles. York goes after him, but Roode is able to counter. He has York down. He climbs the corner to the second rope. He jumps, but York lifts his leg and he catches Roode right in the chin. Roode falls. Both get up. Roode continues the attack, but York comes back. He knocks Roode down with a closeline and then a dropkick. He whips Roode in the ropes. He lifts him up and Roode falls chest first into the mat. York climbs the corner. Roode gets up and tries to knock him down again, but York is able to hit him and then hit the double stomp. Roode is down. York puts him in the corner. York runs to him and does a summersault right into Roode. He covers. Roode kicks out. Both get up. Roode tries to come back, but York does a inside cradle. Roode barely kicks out. Roode crawls to the ropes. York follows him on his feet. He grabs Roode, but Roode turns and closelines him down. He applies the cross face and York taps out.

    Winner: Bobby Roode

    Roode slides out of the ring. He grabs a steel chair and enters the ring again. He scares Hebner away. As he is about to take a swing, Jeff Hardy slides in the ring. He and Roode fight. Jeff kicks Roode in the gut and goes for the Twist of Fate, but Roode is able to get away. He slides out of the ring. He sits on the floor. He’s quite surprised how fast Jeff can turn the tide. Jeff stares at him and then checks on York.
    Footage plays of Aces and 8s as they attacked Sting a couple weeks ago. Then they attacked Eric Young last week with the ball peen hammer. Eric was taken away on a stretcher.

    Aces and 8s are in their clubhouse. The main guy speaks. He says some people thing Aces and 8s go after people whoever they want. That is not the case though. He goes on to say that Doc will face Kurt Angle next week. Devon turns to the camera. He says he wants something that was stolen from him. He wants his Television Championship. He demands Hulk Hogan to give it back. If not, expect consequences.

    Footage plays showing Bruce Prichard, Al Snow, and Taz backstage as they discuss Wes Brisco. Taz brings up Kurt Angle and how he recommended Wes. Bruce says that is great but people recommend others all the time. Taz thinks it is still something to consider since it is Kurt Angle.


    James Storm makes his through the curtain. He gets on the stage and fireworks explode in the air. He walks down the ramp. As he does, footage from Turning Point is shown as James Storm won the #1 contender’s match. AJ Styles’ music plays and he walks through the sparks that fall from above. He comes down the ramp and gets right in the ring.

    Daniels and Kazarian vs. James Storm and AJ Styles

    AJ Styles is ready as he starts off the match. He calls one of them in as they are both on the apron. Kazarian enters. They walk around and then lock-up. AJ pushes Kaz back into the corner, but Kaz slides away and AJ goes right into the corner. He slaps it as Kaz got away. He turns and runs to Kaz, but Kaz trips him. AJ falls down. He gets up as Kaz applies a headlock. AJ pushes him in the ropes. AJ goes for the dropkick, but he misses. AJ gets up and is able to tag James. James gets in and puts Kaz right in the corner after doing multiple right hands. Kaz goes down. James talks to AJ and then turns around. Daniels enters as he and Kaz tag. James continues the attack with punches. James tags AJ is as he is ready to enter. They double team Daniels. James goes on the apron. AJ bounces off the ropes to do a knee drop, but Daniels moves. He hits AJ and then tags Kaz. Kaz enters and continues to go after AJ. AJ is able to tag James. James enters and stays in control. Kaz tags in Daniels. Daniels doesn’t last long though as James demolishes him. Daniels tags Kaz in. Kaz gets in and finally gets on the offense with James as they put him in their corner. He works on him. Daniels tags in and he stomps right on Storm. He tags Kaz. Daniels goes on the apron though and does a leg drop from the apron. Kaz jumps over the ropes too and hits a leg drop. Kaz continues as he whips James into the ropes. He knocks him down. He tags Daniels in. Both work on Storm again. They stand above him and they do the gangnam style dance. James is able to pop up and attack them. He squeezes through and tags AJ. AJ gets in and closelines both men down. He could finish it, but Kaz is able to knock AJ out of the ring. Both go out and double team AJ. AJ gets away and tags Storm. Storm is knocked down though as Daniels and Kaz attack him. They continue the double team move on AJ. AJ tries to fight back as he knocks Kaz out of the ring. Daniels grabs AJ and sets up for the Angel Wings, but Storm enters and does the Last Call Superkick. He covers and wins. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. AJ walks away from the ring as James Storm looks on. AJ doesn’t join in on the beer celebration that Storm has. Winners: James Storm and AJ Styles
    A video package plays to announce the location of TNA Lockdown 2013. It shows footage from pasts Lockdowns. It will be in San Antonio, Texas for the first time ever on Sunday, March 10 in the Alamo Dome.

    Austin Aries, Kid Kash, and Zema Ion are outside Hogan’s office. They say he is in a real nasty mood today. They go through his door as the second round is now. Zema says he is all about the hair gel as well as Hogan from Hogan Knows Best. He knows what it’s all about. Hogan tells Zema to sit down. He focuses on Kash. Kash says he fought RVD all around the world. They two can fight. They two know each other. Hogan now wants to hear Austin Aries. Aries promotes himself like non-other. Hogan says the only person who hates him (Aries) as much as Hulk is RVD. With that being said, Ion and Kash are eliminated and RVD is going to snap Austin tonight. Kash says he is getting tired of this. Hogan tells him that his day will come.


    Samoa Joe is backstage. He is facing the camera. Joe says he heard Devon’s challenge. Devon is the guy who is suppose to go around attacking people, but all he hears is words. He tells Devon that he could get it. If he tries to get the belt next week, he will get beat.
    Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces this next match. Douglass Williams comes out and gets in the ring. After him, Joey Ryan comes out. He stands on the stage all dressed with white. He has this so he tells Christy Hemme to leave the ring and make a sandwich. He asks the Impact Zone how they are doing and then says hi to Todd Keneley. He is going to show why size does matter. He introduces Matt Morgan. Matt comes out wearing Hogan’s cape. He raises his arms and fireworks explode on the stage. They walk down the ramp and get in the ring. Matt shows off his muscle body in the ring as he takes off his cape.

    Douglass Williams vs. Matt Morgan

    Williams goes after him, but Matt pushes him down. Williams gets up and goes after him again, but Matt slams him down on the mat. Williams slowly gets up in the corner holding his shoulder. Matt grabs him and throws him in the corner. He raises his foot and chokes Williams. He whips Williams in the opposing corner. Williams comes out and Matt lifts him up for a huge side walk slam. Matt stands and has a scary look on his face. Doug slowly gets up and tries to fight back. He jumps up but Matt grabs his throat and does a huge chokeslam. He steps back. Williams slowly gets up. Matt does The Carbon Footprint. He covers and wins. Joey gets in and celebrates with the no-emotion Matt.

    Winner: Matt Morgan

    Bruce Prichard is backstage on the phone. D-Lo Brown walks up to him. He says he has to go and hangs up. He tells D-Lo that it was Al’s wife. She doesn’t know where he is at either. Bruce is getting worried. Gut Check is coming up and they can’t have two judges. What if one says yes and one says no. It will be ruined. D-Lo says he can stand in as he watches all of the Gut Checks and did watch Wes’ match. Bruce says that is a good idea as Al is not around.


    Next week will be Devon vs. Samoa Joe for the Television Title as well as Kurt Angle vs. Doc. It will also bee Roode, Kaz, and Daniels vs. Storm, Styles, and Hardy.

    Jeremy Borash is in the ring with the Gut Check judges. He introduces Wes Brisco. Wes walks down the ramp. He is smiling and is pumped. He gets in the ring as the crowd is behind him. Bruce asks Jeremy if he can borrow the mic. Bruce says Al Snow did not come today. They don’t know where he is at, but they will inform us if they find anything. The show must go on though. D-Lo will take his place. Bruce will now start. He knew Wes since he was a child. He traveled the world with his father and beat his father a couple times internationally. He watched Wes grow. He says his Gut Check match wasn’t great. He won, but it wasn’t his best. If he judges what his match was like last week, his vote would be different. He knows he is capable of more and wants to see him in Impact Wrestling. Bruce votes yes! Taz gets the mic. Taz knew Wes’ father. He also knows Kurt Angle as Kurt lobbied for this to happen. He respects both, but with his match last week, he has to vote no. Jeremy gives Wes the mic for 30 seconds. He thanks Bruce for the support and respects Taz for his decision. He dreamed about standing in this ring since he was a little child. This is all he wanted to do. It makes him think of his family and, of course, Uncle Jack. Give him the chance. D-Lo gets the mic. The crowd is cheering “Yes, yes, yes” like it’s Daniel Bryan. D-Lo thanks Taz and Bruce for this opportunity and will take it seriously. He says Wes had some powerful words. He doesn’t know if he is ready, but he respects Taz and Bruce and since Kurt is behind Wes, he knows he is something special. He votes yes! Wes falls to his knees as he can’t believe it. Kurt Angle comes out and celebrates with Wes. They hug. Garett Bischoff comes out and joins in the celebration.

    Hulk Hogan walks out of his office. The camera man asks Hogan what the reason was behind the double elimination. Hogan tells him that he is not himself today. Hogan walks away but Bully Ray is right there. He asks if Austin Aries offended him. He asks if Aries offended his daughter. He asks if Austin offended himself (Bully). Yes, yes, yes. If he wanted Aries face kicked in, Ray could have done it. Ray tells Hogan that he is putting personal problems in his job. Hogan says the same thing about Ray. Hogan walks away. Bully stares at the wall. He is staring at a poster of Hulk Hogan.


    A video preview plays that shows Jeff Hardy on Ink Master. He will be on Tuesday night at 10 PM EDT.
    ODB is backstage as she expresses how she feels. Eric was out for quite sometime, but came back and it was great between them. But, it all ended when he was attacked. ODB knows Eric is in the hospital. She can’t finish the segment. She walks away.
    The commentators give the updated line-up for Final Resolution.

    Austin Aries and Hulk Hogan is backstage. Aries asks Hogan if he knows what this is all about. Aries is going to get the title as it will be his ticket to the TNA World Championship. As Hogan talks back, audio is played over his voice. He thanks Aries for letting him know, but it’s time for Aries to get some dental work. Aries walks away as his music plays. He comes out and gets in the ring. After him, Rob Van Dam walks out with the X-Division Championship in his hand. He goes halfway down the ramp, raises his arms, and fireworks explode. He continues. Jeremy Borash introduces these two as it is the main event.

    Austin Aries vs. Rob Van Dam for the X-Division Title

    Both move around the ring and then try to lock-up, but RVD moves forward while Austin moves back into the corner. RVD backs up. Austin meets him in the middle of the ring. RVD goes for his taunt, but Aries kicks him in the gut. RVD comes back with a punch. He works the arm of Austin and then snaps his head back. Austin falls on the mat. He gets up and grabs the hair of RVD and snaps him down on the mat. RVD gets up and pushes Aries into the corner. Both let go. They come out and RVD is able to put Austin in another corner with a whip. He does multiple shoulder shots in the gut. He takes Aries out and whips him in the ropes. RVD goes for a dropkick, but Aries holds the ropes. Aries keeps him down and then goes on the apron. He jumps over for a rolling thunder type move, but RVD puts his knees up. Austin rolls away. RVD gets up and goes for rolling thunder, but Aries rolls out of the ring. RVD is right at the ropes and does a small dropkick. It pushes Aries back into the guard rail. RVD gets up and jumps over the ropes. He lands right on Aries.


    RVD whips Austin in the ropes. Austin holds onto the ropes so he doesn’t bounces back. RVD runs after him, but Austin lifts him up over the ropes. RVD lands on the apron. Aries hits him with an elbow and RVD falls. Austin runs in the ropes. He comes back for a suicide dive but RVD jumps on the apron and stops him. RVD gets him out of the ring. He lifts him up and plants him gut first on the guard rail. RVD goes on the apron. He tries to his the one leg drop across Austin’s back, but he pops up and RVD’s leg gets stuck on the guard rail. He is screaming in pain. Austin brings the leg down and then grabs RVD’s head for the neck breaker on the railing. RVD flip flops over into the crowd. Austin hops over. He gets RVD up and slides him in. He covers. RVD kicks out. Austin gets him up and goes to plant him in the corner, but RVD fights back. He kicks Austin in the face and goes for several punches, but Austin comes back to hit a DDT. He covers. RVD kicks out. Austin gets up and climbs the corner. He jumps and lands on Rob. He slowly gets Rob up, but Rob jumps on the ropes and flies back for a kick to the face. RVD hits the rolling thunder and then the split legged moonsault. He covers. Austin barely kicks out. Both get up. Austin is able to come back with a closeline. He has RVD down. He starts to mock Rob with his taunts. RVD is up. Austin turns around. RVD has him and whips him in the ropes. He comes back. RVD throws him in the air and then hits a dropkick. He goes to the corner for the five star frog splash. Austin gets up and pushes RVD down. He lands right on the guard rail. He is down and out. Austin gets out. He brings RVD in the ring. He grabs a mic. He enters the ring and says RVD is a mess. His hair is messed up and he’s sweaty. He looks like Brooke Hogan while Austin will look like the X-Division Champion. He puts the mic away. He goes to finish RVD, but Bully Ray runs down the ramp. He slides in the ring. Austin tries to run away, but Bully grabs him. The bell sounds. As Ray tries to hurt him, Austin gets away. He walks backwards up the ramp as he stares at Ray. Hulk Hogan walks on stage now. The crowd roars. Austin wonders why. He turns around and sees Hogan. Austin stops in his tracks. He finds his way to get away. Ray gets out of the ring. He is at the bottom of the ramp. Hogan’s eyes are fixed on Ray. Ray knows Hogan still doesn’t trust him. They stare at each other as the show fades.


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    Velvet Sky Returning to TNA

     PWInsider reports that TNA has quietly re-signed Velvet Sky. This is why she has seemingly disappeared from the indies. No word yet on when she will return but it will likely be in early 2013. This is something that Dixie Carter wanted done herself.

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    Hello everyone and welcome to this week's ROH on Sinclair recap. If you all are ready, then let's get on with the show!

    We see video of when Nigel McGuinness was named the new ROH matchmaker and announced the main event of Final Battle 2012 last week before the usual intro.

    Kevin Kelly welcomes us to the show, from the Rostarver Ice Garden in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania. Kelly hypes up tonight's main event tag title match as S.C.U.M. defends against Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer. We then go to the ring where the new matchmaker, Nigel McGuiness, has something to say.

    Nigel says he is going to be blunt, there are 2 wrestlers who have refused to come out and wrestle until they get a chance to speak, so he'd like to call out Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team to the ring.

    Haas & Benjamin come out and want Nigel to explain why they can beat the hell outta Titus & Whitmer, but don't get a shot at the ROH Tag Team Titles and Titus & Whitmer can. Nigel says that Titus & Whitmer beat WGTT on TV several weeks ago. Haas says that they beat them in Toronto. Nigel says if you want a title shot so bad, beat the team you are scheduled to face right now, bringing out WGTT's opponents.

    Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team ("The Outlaw" Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) vs. The C & C Wrestle Factory (Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander)

    C & C want to adhere to the Code of Honor, but Haas flips them both off. Alexander & Benjamin will start things off. Benjamin with a side headlock, then to a hammerlock. Alexander counters to his own hammerlock, then Benjamin counters, hits a back club and sends Alexander through the ropes and to the outside. Referee is with Coleman as Haas gets a cheap shot in and rolls Alexander back in the ring. Benjamin with an armbar, but Alexander counters into a side headlock. Alexander gets caught up in the ropes, then Benjamin again sends him to the outside. Haas gets another cheap shot in as the referee is with Coleman and Haas rolls Alexander back in. Benjamin with a slam for a nearfall. Alexander fights back with right hands, but yet again Benjamin sends him to the outside. Haas goes to get another cheap shot in, but Alexander is ready this time as he nails Haas with a right hand. Benjamin is distracted by Coleman as Alexander heads up top and hits a front missile dropkick. Tag to Coleman as C & C with a dropkick to the knee/leaping legdrop combo on Benjamin for a 1 count. Coleman with a leapfrog off a whip, followed by a dropkick. Coleman with a springboard turnaround clothesline for a nearfall. Benjamin comes back with a knee to the gut, then tags in Haas, who nails Coleman with a right hand, followed by a back club. Haas with a headbutt, but then Coleman puts on the brakes off a whip attempt and hits Haas with a leaping leg lariat for a nearfall. Haas shoves Coleman into the corner and hits a forearm, then sends him into his corner. Haas with a series of stomps and right hands, then distracts the ref so Benjamin can choke Coleman. Coleman fights back with right hands to Haas, but Haas moves out of the way on a corner charge, then Coleman does the same, but while the ref is with Alexander, Benjamin nails Coleman with a clothesline from the apron. Haas with an exploder suplex for a nearfall, then locks in an armbar as we see Whitmer & Titus come out to ringside to get a closer look while we go to commercial.


    Back from commercial as Benjamin with a powerslam for a nearfall while we see Whitmer & Titus have joined Kevin Kelly at the commentary table. Benjamin with a snapmare and a chinlock as the crowd wills on Coleman. Coleman breaks free, then hits some right hands, followed by a crossbody for a nearfall. Whitmer on commentary says he is ready for a fight, while Titus mentions that he has more wins against WGTT than anyone on the ROH roster. Benjamin comes back with a knee to the gut, followed by a snap suplex. Tag to Haas as Benjamin slams Coleman across Haas's knee for a nearfall. Haas draws in Alexander, allowing him to stomp away on Coleman while Alexander is with the referee. Haas chokes Coleman, then locks in a chinlock. Crowd again wills on Coleman as he tries to break free, but Haas with a series of forearms. Coleman tries to leap to make the tag, but Haas catches him and hits a running slam for a nearfall. Haas goes back to the chinlock as the crowd again wills on Coleman. Coleman again tries to break free, but Haas knocks him back down with a pair of back clubs. Whitmer mentions on commentary how much it would mean to become a 5-time tag champion if he & Titus defeat S.C.U.M. in tonight's main event. Haas goes for a slam, but Coleman counters with a Tornado DDT.

    Tags to Alexander & Benjamin as Alexander with a series of right hands. Benjamin reverses a whip, but Alexander with a pair of running forearms. Alexander with a go-behind, but Benjamin holds onto the ropes. Benjamin charges, but is drilled by an Alexander Trouble in Paradise style kick. Benjamin avoids an Alexander corner charge, but Alexander runs up the ropes and catches Benjamin with a flying roundhouse kick for a close nearfall. Alexander with some more right hands, Benjamin misses a clothesline and Alexander with a spinning headscissors takeover. Alexander with a dropkick to Haas, knocking him off the apron, then C & C with a Total Elimination style double team on Benjamin, but Haas breaks up the pin attempt. Haas knocks down Coleman, then hits some forearms to Alexander. Alexander then sidesteps a back drop attempt and clotheslines Haas over the ropes and to the outside as Alexander goes out with him. Coleman with a spinning back kick to Benjamin, but Benjamin avoids a spinning roundhouse kick. Coleman then avoids the Dragon Whip kick and hits 2 of the 3 Northern Light Suplexes, however Benjamin breaks free of the 3rd and hits a powerbomb. Haas then gets too close to Whitmer, who shoves him off, then Haas retaliates with a hard slap. Whitmer & Titus then go after Haas as they brawl around ringside. Multiple referees come out to break them up, but to no avail as the fight continues on the outside. While the melee is going on outside the ring, in the ring Coleman heads up top, but Benjamin leaps to the top and takes Coleman over with a super belly-to-belly suplex.

    However as soon as they land, Alexander, out of nowhere, leaps off the top and nails Benjamin with a Frog Splash for the victory.

    Winners: The C & C Wrestle Factory by pinfall (Top Rope Frog Splash)

    C & C celebrate their win as we go to commercial.


    Back from commercial, we go to the next match.

     Bobby Fish (debut) vs. Ryan McBride

    Fish, making his ROH TV debut, has recently teamed with Eddie Edwards over in Japan for Pro Wrestling NOAH.

    Code of Honor adhered to as the bell sounds. Fish with a go-behind, but McBride breaks free with a back elbow. Fish comes back with a spinning back kick, a snapmare, then leaps to the top, looking for a moonsault, but McBride moves out of the way, however Fish lands on his feet. McBride rolls out to the outside to catch a breather, but Fish nails him with a slingshot plancha. Crowd chants for Fish as he rolls McBride back in, heads up top and hits a beautiful top rope headbutt for a nearfall. Kelly mentions that Fish was discovered at a training camp run by former NWA champion Harley Race. Fish with a forearm, but McBride reverses a corner whip, hits a running back elbow, followed by a leaping enziguri. McBride then with a suplex for a nearfall. McBride heads up top, but Fish moves out of the way on a Frog Splash attempt. Fish with a series of knee strikes to the head for a nearfall as Kelly mentions that he is hearing that there may be a new color commentator soon to replace Nigel McGuinness. Fish goes for a Cobra Clutch, which McBride blocks, but Fish with a forearm to the back of the head.

    Fish then hits a big roundhouse kick to the head for the victory.

    Winner: Bobby Fish by pinfall (Roundhouse Kick to the Head)

    After the match, Veda Scott gets in the ring and interviews Fish. Fish says he owes a lot to Eddie Edwards with their team in Japan and his debut tonight in ROH and is looking forward to see what is about to happen between Davey Richards & Kyle O'Reilly, as their face-off is NEXT!


    Back from commercial as Davey Richards heads out to the ring.

    Davey says he returned recently and he said he was an a**hole. He listened to the wrong people and trusted the wrong people. Now, he has 2 goals: to put on the best wrestling matches possible and to right the wrongs with the right people. One of those is Eddie Edwards, who is in Japan currently, the other is Kyle O'Reilly, who Davey calls out to the ring.

    Davey starts to speak, but O'Reilly cuts him off. O'Reilly says Davey held him back and threw him under the bus. O'Reilly says that Davey's self-righteous pedestal he puts himself on, he's sick of. O'Reilly says he is sick of being a doormat and that's why he did what he did in New York.

    Davey says ever since he met O'Reilly in Vancouver, he has wanted to make his life better. Who flew him out to live in St. Louis? Who gave you money for food? Who gave up flights to drive 36 hours with you? Davey says newsflash to the fans, O'Reilly just recently got married. Who introduced you to "Erica?" Who did that? Davey says all he has tried to do is make O'Reilly's life better. But somewhere, O'Reilly became a little b***h and took it all for granted. After all that, ignoring calls, missing the gym, spreading rumors about me, I don't miss my protégé, I don't miss my training partner......

     "I miss my best friend".

    Davey says if O'Reilly ever wants to get his head on straight, reform Team Ambition and go after the ROH Tag Team Titles and do the best wrestling in the world, let me know, but until then, I'm done playing games.

    Davey starts to leave, but O'Reilly grabs his arm as Davey puts up a fist. O'Reilly says Davey is right, I'm sorry. O'Reilly says Davey is the reason I have this job, the reason I get to do what I love, the reason I met my wife, you're my best friend, you're the closest thing I've ever had to having an older brother, that's the honest truth. O'Reilly says if Davey and fans will forgive him, he wants to reform Team Ambition and do what we never did and that's win the ROH Tag Titles.

    Richards & O'Reilly shake hands and embrace, but then O'Reilly, as Davey raised his hand, sweeps out Davey's leg from under him. O'Reilly attacks Richards, but Richards gets O'Reilly in the Anklelock. Referees come out to stop Richards, but Richards won't let go. Bobby Fish comes out, looking like to play peacemaker, but then O'Reilly breaks free, sending Richards right into a Fish roundhouse kick to the head. Fish then locks Richards in a Crossface, who taps out as O'Reilly says "How does that feel to choke, how does that feel to suffocate?" "That's how I felt". "You have no more friends, Davey, you ran everybody off".

    "This time, do everyone a favor and STAY GONE!"

    Fish finally breaks the hold and he & O'Reilly leave together while referees check on a fallen Richards as we go to commercial.


    "Inside Ring of Honor"

    The 1st topic is that even with Truth Martini's pleads of not to do it, the match is made for Final Battle as Michael Elgin will face Roderick Strong. We go to comments from an upset Martini.

    Martini says he asked Nigel not to do it, but he did it anyway. But, he went to Roderick & Elgin, who still listen to him and he told them that the match can't happen. "It won't happen, I won't let it happen". "They can't break the foundation that I have worked so hard for, my whole life to get to this point". "The match ain't happening, it ain't happening, I refuse, I refuse, DONE!" as he takes his jacket off and laughs in a crazy manner.

    We see footage of El Generico's match with Kevin Steen at Final Battle 2010 in which Steen lost and was banned from ROH for a year.

    The next topic is the Triple Threat ROH Tag Team Title match at Final Battle between Corino & Jacobs, The Briscoes & Coleman & Alexander. We go to comments from #DemBoys.

    Jay says Nigel threw #DemBoys a curveball. Mark says "Screwball, Knuckleball, Slider!" "Come on, McGuinness, we like that heat, straight down the middle, like Nolan Ryan!" Jay says what "chicken" is trying to say is that at Final Battle, there is 3 teams, but only 1 pinfall, no elimination, the 1st team that can pin S.C.U.M. will be ROH Tag Champions. Somebody is gonna beat them b***hes because we restoring honor back in ROH. Its gonna be a horse race and C & C, don't mean to burst your bubble but we are gonna be the 8-time ROH Tag Team Champions and ain't nothing you can do about it as Mark does a chicken motion, squeaking like a chicken.

    The next topic is the match between Adam Cole & Matt Hardy at Final Battle. We go to comments from Cole.

    Cole says some people view Hardy's comments as complimentary, while he sees it as condescending. Cole says Hardy has done so much talking to say he is a wrestling icon, but Cole says he can see right through that. Cole says Hardy is trying to convince himself that he still has what it takes. At Final Battle, Cole says Hardy will have to convince him that he still has what it takes, cuz Cole says he will give it his all and at the end of the match, Hardy will respect Adam Cole.

    The final topic is a newly announced match for Final Battle as an unhappy Jay Lethal will take on Rhino. We go to comments from Lethal.

    Lethal says that Generico got the title shot he deserved and now he has to face the hard-hitting Rhino. Win or lose, I get nothing. Lethal then says "F it", removes his mic and storms off.


    Back from commercial, its time for our main event.

    Main Event for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles: "The Buzzsaw" B.J. Whitmer & "Ruthless" Rhett Titus vs. S.C.U.M. ("The Zombie Princess" Jimmy Jacobs & "The Trouble King" Steve Corino) (c's)

    Whitmer & Titus attack the champs before Bobby Cruise finishes the ring intros and we are underway. All 4 men brawl around ringside as its Whitmer with his archrival Jacobs and Titus with Corino. Whitmer & Jacobs go back to the ring as Jacobs avoids a clothesline and takes Whitmer over with a spinning headscissors. Jacobs charges, but runs into a back elbow by Whitmer, who then connects with a running big boot. Corino then nails Whitmer from behind and sends him to the outside. Titus now in, but Corino ducks under a right hand and hits some of his own. Corino with a corner whip, but Titus leaps over a charge and hits a snap powerslam for a nearfall. Titus with a right hand, Corino reverses a whip and Jacobs nails Titus coming off the ropes. Titus nails Jacobs with a boot, but misses a clothesline to Corino, who connects with a Russian Leg Sweep.

    Tag to Jacobs as S.C.U.M. hit their stereo back clubs. Jacobs with a corner whip, then stomps away on Titus. Jacobs with another corner whip. Titus avoids a charge, but Corino nails him with a left arm lariat. Tag to Corino as S.C.U.M. with a double whip, followed by stereo right hands for a nearfall. Corino sends Titus into Jacobs' outstretched boots, then S.C.U.M. with another double whip, but Titus with a Sunset flip attempt to Corino, however Jacobs holds onto him. Titus then sends Corino into Jacobs, Corino holds onto the ropes, then Titus catches him with a dropkick. Titus goes for a tag, but Jacobs pulls Whitmer off the apron. Corino sends Titus to their corner, then while the ref is with Whitmer, S.C.U.M. lay in the double team on Titus, stomping away at him. Corino yells "Who's the best?" as Jacobs with a corner whip, but Titus with a forward roll to avoid a charge and tags in Whitmer.

    Whitmer with clotheslines to Jacobs, followed by a twisting spinebuster for a nearfall. Whitmer charges and connects with a high knee in the corner, followed by a snap suplex/Northern Lights suplex combo for a nearfall. Whitmer goes for an Exploder suplex, but Jacobs counters with a roll-up for a nearfall. Whitmer then misses a clothesline and Jacobs nails him with a Spear for another nearfall. Whitmer reverses a corner whip, but Jacobs catches him with a back elbow. Jacobs leaps to the middle rope, but Whitmer stops him and goes for an Electric Chair, but Jacobs counters with a reverse rana. However, Whitmer pops up and nails Jacobs with a big clothesline.

    Tags to Corino & Titus as they trade forearms until Corino gains the advantage. Titus then blocks a Corino running forearm with his boot, then hits a big boot, followed by a discus clothesline for a nearfall. Titus fires up and charges, connecting with a running dropkick, followed by a tilt-a-whirl slam, but Jacobs breaks it up. Whitmer now in as all 4 are now in the ring at the same time. Whitmer & Titus go to send the champs into one another, but Corino reverses the whip, allowing Jacobs to nail Titus with a Spear. Whitmer with a right hand, but Jacobs blocks a suplex. Then, Whitmer suplexes himself & Jacobs over the ropes and to the outside. All of a sudden, Haas & Benjamin come out and attack Whitmer at ringside, where they do a double team backdrop on Whitmer across the metal barricade. Back in the ring, Corino misses a pair of clotheslines on Titus, who then goes for the Rhettribution, but Jacobs stops him. Titus nails Jacobs, then rolls up Corino for a nearfall. Titus tries for the Rhettribution on Jacobs, but Corino nails him with a clothesline. Titus comes back with a big boot, but then Jacobs hits the Inward Ace Crusher.

    Corino then hits the Lou Thesz Suplex for the victory.

    Winners and STILL Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions; S.C.U.M. by pinfall (Lou Thesz Suplex)

    After the match, S.C.U.M. celebrate their win as Whitmer is still out on the outside. S.C.U.M. then motion to Haas & Benjamin that Titus is all theirs as they leave while Haas & Benjamin get in the ring and begin to lay the beatdown on Titus. Referees try to come out and help, but Haas keeps them at bay. Benjamin then lays out Titus with Paydirt as we go to credits.

    By.Rulez HOR.11.24.PDTV Pt1 (1) door drmasti5050

    By.Rulez HOR.11.24.PDTV Pt1 (2) door drmasti5050

    By.Rulez HOR.11.24.PDTV Pt1 (3) door drmasti5050

    By.Rulez HOR.11.24.PDTV Pt1 (4) door drmasti5050

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    Kenny King to Return from Impact Absence?

    Kenny King to Return from Impact Absence?

    TNA X-Division wrestler Kenny King, who has not appeared on Impact Wrestling since before August's Hardcore Justice Pay-per-view, commented earlier today on his official twitter account that he will be travelling to Orlando, hinting at a possible appearance on Impact Wrestling or Xplosion.

    “Going going back back to Orlando, lando.”

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    Could Jeff Hardy Be Leaving TNA? His Brother Matt Hardy Says 'Iikely'

    Could Jeff Hardy Be Leaving TNA? His Brother Matt Hardy Says 'Iikely'

    jeff hardy et matt hardy et leur ceinture
    Yesterday, 08:37 PM Posted by 404 in Latest TNA Wrestling News & Rumors
    Promoting an upcoming match for World Of Hurt Wrestling, Former TNA Wrestler Matt Hardy spoke with Passing The Torch Radio. During the interview Hardy was asked about the possibility of a Hardy Boys, Matt and Jeff Hardy reuniting in the WWE next year when his brother's TNA contract is up. Matt Hardy responded with a simple comment: “Very likely!”

    On the other hand, TNA President Dixie Carter posted a message on her Official Twitter Account yesterday revealing that Hardy was at the TNA offices yesterday and were said to be working on "exciting things together". She wrote:

    "Look who was at the TNA office today! @JEFFHARDYBRAND. Lots of exciting things we are working on together."

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    CM Punk Undergoing X-Rays

    CM Punk tweeted a message on afternoon indicating that he might be injured. Knowing his tweet would get websites like this one buzzing.

    "I am getting X-rays. Thought you should know. @davemeltzerWON #scoop"

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    Latest Promo for Fandango

    Latest Promo for Fandango

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    Ryback Reacts

    - As noted earlier, Ryback will get his WWE Title shot against CM Punk at the TLC pay-per-view in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match. He reacted via Twitter:

    "I get what I want. Feed me Punk. #WWETLC"

    Regarding the match at TLC, changes were made in the past week as recent local advertisements had Ryback and Punk facing off in a Tables Match.

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    Uitslagen raw 26 november
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    WWE Raw Report - November 26th, 2012
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 11/26/2012 at 07:43 PM

    - Tonight's WWE RAW opens up with a look at the AJ Lee and John Cena scandal with footage of them kissing last week and the locker room incident. We see Cena retaliating on Dolph Ziggler at SmackDown. The video shifts focus to CM Punk, Ryback and the NXT 3 - Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

    - We're live from the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana as Ryback makes his way out. Michael Cole welcomes us and he's joined by Jerry Lawler.

    Ryback vs. Titus O'Neil

    Titus waits in the ring as Ryback makes his way out. Titus takes Ryback to the corner early on and works him over. Ryback turns it around but Titus drops him in the corner and then hits a shoulder tackle. Titus takes Ryback down again with a big clothesline. We see Darren Young at ringside.

    Ryback comes back and unloads. They end up on the floor and Ryback levels Titus. Ryback brings it back in the ring but Titus catches him with a big sitdown powerbomb for a 1 count. Titus goes for it again but Ryback catches him and tosses him into Young on the apron. Ryback slams Titus and hits the Meat-hook clothesline. Ryback hits Shell Shocked for the win.

    Winner: Ryback

    - After the match, Ryback takes the mic and addresses CM Punk and the NXT 3. He says he's going to stand here all damn night until he gets what he wants. Ryback gets a "Feed Me More" chant going as we go to commercial.

    - Back from the break and Ryback is still in the ring as security makes their way out to the ring. One guy steps up to Ryback and gets tossed out of the ring. Ryback faces off with the other guys until Vickie Guerrero comes out. She says she knows how Ryback feels and why he's upset. Vickie says Ryback will not be allowed to put his hands on security. She has no choice but to... Ryback interrupts her and says he wants CM Punk at TLC. He's not going anywhere until he gets the match. Vickie says she will give him the match but asks him to leave. He tells her to shut up because he wasn't finished. Ryback says he wants Punk at TLC in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. He says there's no amount of security that can stop him from tearing the ring up if he doesn't get what he wants. Vickie says he can have the match under one condition - he must leave the ring so she can get on with the show. Security approaches Ryback now and he drops the mic. Ryback scares them all out of the ring and they run off. Ryback gets another pop from the crowd before slapping hands with fans at ringside.

    - Cole and Lawler show us footage from last week where Rosa Mendes was sprayed with water by Hornswoggle. We see footage from earlier today where Rosa confronted Hornswoggle backstage. He tells her to calm down because it was just a joke. They start arguing when Alberto Del Rio walked up. He ripped into Hornswoggle. Del Rio added that he would be more than happy to give Rosa revenge. The Great Khali walked up and told Del Rio to leave his family alone. Del Rio backed off as Hornswoggle and Khali left together.

    Alberto Del Rio vs. The Great Khali

    We go to the ring now and Ricardo Rodriguez begins the introduction for Alberto Del Rio and in he comes driving a Maserati. We go to commercial.

    Back from the break and Khali has Del Rio in the corner. Khali connects with a big chop to the chest and we see Rosa Mendes watching from backstage. Khali with an-other big chop in the corner. Khali chops Del Rio in the back and he goes down. Del Rio counters and starts working on the legs. Del Rio dropkicks Khali's leg out and kicks him in the face. Del Rio unloads and starts working on the arm now.

    Del Rio continues working on the arm and gets a 2 count as we see Hornswoggle at ringside now. Del Rio hits a big kick to the arm. He charges again but Khali gets his elbow and a big boot up. Khali with a pair of clotheslines and a big overhead chop. Ricardo gets on the apron and ducks a chop. Hornswoggle bites RR in the rear end and they run away. Del Rio takes advantage and hits the armbar on Khali. Del Rio with the cross armbreaker for the win as we see Rosa cheering him on backstage.

    Winner: Alberto Del Rio

    - Vickie Guerrero is backstage when CM Punk and Paul Heyman walk in. Punk is upset about Vickie giving Ryback another shot at TLC. Punk says he has beat Ryback already and asks her if she knows what kind of danger she has put him in. Heyman chimes in and says maybe Vickie isn't thinking with a clear head because of the AJ Lee stuff. Heyman accuses Vickie of playing politics. She says she gave Ryback a title shot because of what happened to him at Survivor Series and Hell in a Cell. Punk says he has nothing to do with Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose. Vickie says Punk will face the winner of tonight's RAW Active poll - either Kane or Daniel Bryan. Fans can tweet #WWEBryan or #WWEKane to choose his opponent for tonight.

    - Still to come - Cole's interview with Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose. Back to commercial.

    - Back from the break and we see footage of Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose attacking Ryback on last week's RAW. Cole and Lawler talk about the attack. Cole leads us into his interview with them, taped earlier today.

    Cole starts talking and Ambrose interrupts him first. Ambrose says if Cole has a question to ask them, just ask it. Cole asks if they are working directly for CM Punk. Ambrose says nope. Cole asks then why are they here. Rollins says that's the question Cole should be asking. Rollins says they sat down in NXT and saw things clearly - people around here answer to Vickie Guerrero and Booker T, they answer tot he Board of Directors and the Board ultimately answers to the fans. Rollins calls that a popularity contest and says that's wrong. Rollins says they righted the wrongs and they are a shield from injustice in WWE. Rollins says it's a coincidence that their actions have helped Punk twice so far. Ambrose talks about how it was wrong how Punk had to defend his title and says they would have done the same thing if it was Ryback or Cena in Punk's shoes. Cole asks Reigns for comment. He says when he wants to say something, he will and that's it. Ambrose says they're not Nexus and not the nWo. He says they're about principle and honor - a shield from injustice. Ambrose declares that they are The Shield. Reigns interrupts Cole and says the interview is over because they have said enough. The NXT 3 walk off and end the interview. We go back to Cole and Lawler.

    - Vickie Guerrero has a surprise for AJ Lee and John Cena later tonight. Also still to come, CM Punk vs. Kane or Daniel Bryan. Back to commercial.

    - Back from the break and we get a vignette for Fandango.

    Alicia Fox vs. Tamina Snuka

    Alicia Fox waits in the ring as her opponent Tamina Snuka makes her way out to new theme music. A side video airs of Tamina talking about AJ Lee not knowing her place. Tamina says this match is a warning not to mess with Vickie again.

    Alicia strikes first and takes Tamina to the corner, putting the boots to her. Tamina turns it around and rams Alicia back in the corner. Tamina with a big clothesline and more offense. Tamina hits a clothesline to the back of the head. Alicia tries for a small package but has no luck. Tamina with another clothesline. Tamina scoops Alicia for a big Samoan Drop and then goes up top for the Superfly Splash. Tamina covers for the win.

    Winner: Tamina Snuka

    - Cole shows us photos of Vince McMahon, R-Truth, The Miz, Eve Torres and Layla meeting with the Troops over the weekend.

    - We see John Cena walking backstage and he's headed to the ring. Back to commercial.

    - Back from the break and out comes John Cena. We see footage from last week. He says people have been asking him all week long if AJ Lee is a good kisser. Cena goes on but is interrupted by Vickie Guerrero. Out she comes to the ring.

    Vickie says it is the season to give and she has a gift for Cena and AJ. She has a box handed to her in the ring and it's matching bath robes for Cena and AJ. Vickie calls it a token of her appreciation. Vickie says Cena and AJ's whole world will implode and come crashing down on them. She points out how crazy AJ is to Cena. AJ runs down some of AJ's moments this year. AJ's music interrupts and out she comes.

    AJ comes out and says it's true - she has had a lot of issues in the past but she's trying to learn from her mistakes and become a better person. AJ says now that she's not General Manager, she can date who she wants or do what she wants. AJ says she can do this - she touches Cena on the face and gazes in his eyes. Or she can do this - she smacks Cena on the rear, it looks like, and causes him to drop the mic. Or she can do this - she goes to kiss Cena it looks like and Vickie interrupts her. They have more words. AJ says she isn't a lovesick puppy anymore. Dolph Ziggler's music hits and out he comes now.

    Ziggler comes to the ramp and says he has to interrupt this episode of Jerry Springer. Ziggler says the real story is how he tackled Cena through a bathroom wall last week and he just took it. Ziggler says then Cena hit him with a cheap shot on SmackDown and attacked him from behind. Ziggler wonders why Cena resorted to cowardly tactics. Ziggler says it hit him - he knows what's eating Cena up inside. Ziggler says last week when Cena and AJ kissed, AJ was thinking about Ziggler the entire time. Cena says that's funny. Cena gets the crowd hype and goes to fight Ziggler but Vickie stops him. Vickie says they will settle it tonight - Ziggler vs. Cena.

    - Still to come tonight - Punk vs. Kane or Daniel Bryan, picked by the WWE Universe. Also tonight - Sheamus vs. Antonio Cesaro. Back to commercial.

    - Back from the break and we see footage of Washington Redskins quarterback RGIII being presented with a WWE Title replica by his teammates.

    Tensai vs. Kofi Kingston

    Wade Barrett makes his way out for commentary as Tensai waits in the ring. Out next comes WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston.

    The bell rings and Tensai strikes first. Kofi leaps to the top and comes down but Tensai catches him. Kofi slides out and ducks a clothesline but gets leveled with a big elbow. Tensai drops an elbow and connects with a headbutt. Another elbow drop from Tensai and more big shots. 2 count by Tensai. Tensai keeps Kofi grounded to the mat now. Tensai beats Kofi down with chops and leg drops the arm. Tensai with an armbar submission now.

    Kofi fights to his feet and out of the hold. Tensai with a knee to the face. Kofi jumps to the top and comes crashing down with a big right hand. They trade shots and Kofi hits a dropkick. Kofi with a big right hand off the ropes and Tensai goes down. Kofi hits the Boom Drop. Tensai blocks Trouble In Paradise. Tensai then blocks the kick in the corner and drops a big elbow on Kofi for 2. Tensai goes to the second rope for a big splash but Kofi moves. Kofi kicks Tensai in the head and springboards in with a big crossbody for the win.

    Winner: Kofi Kingston

    - After the bell, Barrett grabs the Intercontinental Title and brings it in the ring. He hands it to Kofi and walks right back out of the ring and to the back. These two will face at the TLC pay-per-view. Kofi looks on puzzled as Barrett keeps walking.

    - Kane and Daniel Bryan are backstage arguing about who will win the RAW Active poll tonight. Bryan has data and shows a map of the United States on a TV screen and everyone has voted for him. Then he shows a map of the world and the whole world has voted for him, according to Bryan. Bryan says maybe Kane is winning in hell. Kane grabs him by the throat when Josh Mathews walks up. Mathews has results of the poll and the winner is Kane with 58% of the vote. It will be Kane vs. Punk tonight. Mathews informs Bryan he will face Rey Mysterio next.

    Daniel Bryan vs. Rey Mysterio

    Bryan rushes off to the ring for a first-time ever match against Mysterio. We go to commercial.

    Back from the break and Rey Mysterio is making his way out. The bell rings and they lock up. Bryan takes Rey down first and stalls some. More back and forth. Rey dumps Bryan out to the floor and leaps off the apron but Bryan moves. Bryan comes off the apron now and takes Rey down with a knee to the jaw. Bryan brings it back in and keeps control.

    Bryan runs over Rey with clotheslines. Bryan throws Rey out to the floor but he lands on his feet. Rey comes back in as Bryan goes to the floor. We have a stalemate as RAW goes back to commercial.

    Back from the commercial and Rey is in control now. Rey goes to the top but Bryan pushes him down. Rey gets turned upside down in the corner as Bryan kicks him and then dropkicks him in the face. More kicks from Bryan while Rey is stuck in the corner. Bryan applies a submission now. Bryan goes on and sends Rey flying out to the floor. Bryan throws Rey into the ring post and brings him back in the ring. Bryan with a 2 count. Bryan with another submission now. Rey fights out but Bryan knocks him to the mat.

    Bryan takes Rey to the top for a superplex but Rey fights him off and knocks him to the mat. Rey with a seated senton and head scissors takedown. Rey runs into a kick but rolls through a pin attempt and kicks Bryan in the head for a 2 count. Rey dropkicks Bryan into position for 619 but Bryan avoids it. Bryan goes for the No Lock but Rey makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold. Bryan with more kicks and another submission attempt. Rey fights out and catapults Bryan into position for 619. Rey does 619 around the ring post and goes to the top for the big splash. Rey covers for the win.

    Winner: Rey Mysterio

    - Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez are backstage when Rosa Mendes walks up. She thanks Del Rio for beating Khali earlier. Del Rio tells her whatever she needs, winks at her and walks off.

    - Still to come, Sheamus vs. Cesaro later tonight.

    - Josh Mathews is backstage with Dolph Ziggler. Mathews asks about his match with John Cena tonight. Ziggler says he can't wait to see the look on AJ's face when he beats up her boyfriend tonight. Back to commercial.

    : - Cole and Lawler show us footage of AJ Lee storming into the locker room last week and confronting Dolph Ziggler, leading to Cena and Ziggler brawling. Another recap video with what happened on SmackDown between the two.

    Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena

    We go to the ring and out comes Dolph Ziggler. John Cena is out next. The bell rings and they lock up. They run the ropes and Cena arm drags Ziggler and takes him to the mat. They break and lock up again. Cena applies a headlock and they run the ropes again. Cena counters and hits a hip toss and a headlock takedown. Ziggler turns it around and hits a jawbreaker as we go to commercial.

    Back from the break and Cena is down outside of the ring. During the break, Ziggler whipped him into the steel steps. Ziggler brings it back in the ring now and unloads on Cena with right hands. Ziggler shows off and does sit ups. Cena scrambles and covers Dolph for 2. Ziggler breaks it and clotheslines Cena. Ziggler drops a bunch of elbow drops and shows off some more before missing the final elbow. Cena comes back with shoulders and the backdrop. Dolph blocks the five Knuckle Shuffle and hits a huge flying DDT for a 2 count.

    More back and forth. Ziggler applies a sleeper hold. Ziggler keeps it locked and Cena goes down to one knee. Cena fights up and applies the STF. Ziggler breaks it and hits a big dropkick. Ziggler climbs to the top and hits a crossbody but Cena rolls through and goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Ziggler counters and drops Cena for a close 2 count. They trade right hands and kicks now. Ziggler rolls Cena up for 2. Cena ducks a clothesline and slams Ziggler. Cena goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but his knee gives out and he goes down. Cena goes to the floor and ringside doctors check on him, playing off the injury from last week. Ziggler takes the cover off the turnbuckle as the referee isn't looking. AJ runs down and stops him. They argue when Vickie comes down. She brings AJ off the apron and they have words now. The referee tries to get Vickie to leave and has his back turned. Dolph swings the briefcase at Cena but he ducks and nails the Attitude Adjustment for the win.

    Winner: John Cena

    - After the bell, Cena hits the turnbuckles to celebrate and AJ enters the ring. Cena turns around to AJ smiling at him. They meet in the middle of the ring and Cena puts his hand out. She takes it but brings him in for a big kiss. They make out again and we go to replays. Cena and AJ raise their hand and bow to the fans before leaving together.

    - Still to come tonight, Punk vs. Kane. We see Sheamus walking backstage. Back to commercial.

    Sheamus vs. Antonio Cesaro

    Back from the break and out come Sheamus. WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro is out next for this non-title match.

    The bell rings and they lock up. Cesaro takes Sheamus down first and they lock up again. Sheamus with a headlock and a big shoulder. Sheamus takes Cesaro to the mat with a headlock. Back and forth action now. Sheamus comes out of the corner and runs over Cesaro. Sheamus with a suplex and a 1 count. They trade shots and Sheamus goes to the apron. He drops Cesaro back over the top rope and comes back in but Cesaro kicks him to the floor. Sheamus pulls Cesaro out to the floor and throws him into the fan barrier. Sheamus gets dropped over the steel steps as we go to commercial.

    Back from the break and Cesaro is in control now. They get up and trade shots. Sheamus with a pair of clotheslines. Sheamus rams Cesaro back in the corner but Cesaro comes out with a big clothesline for a close 2 count. Cesaro hits a big gutwrench slam for another pin attempt. Sheamus goes on and hits the forearm shots from the apron. Sheamus launches himself in with the big shoulder and then the Irish Curse backbreaker for 2. More back and forth. Cesaro slides out of White Noise and Sheamus scoop slams him for 2. More back and forth. Cesaro scoops Sheamus high and drops him with a big slam for 2. Sheamus ends up on top. He comes down with the battering ram but Cesaro stops him in mid-air with a huge uppercut. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer but Sheamus counters. Sheamus barely his a Brogue Kick and sends Cesaro to the floor.

    The referee begins to count Cesaro out as Big Show comes out to the ramp with a chair. Cesaro is counted out.

    Winner by Count Out: Sheamus

    - Big Show turns around and heads to the back from the ramp but Sheamus grabs a mic. Sheamus dares Show to use that chair he's holding. Sheamus wants to retire Big Show at TLC. Sheamus continues and Show gets pissed. Show destroys the steel chair and walks off to the back as Sheamus looks on.

    - Still to come, Punk vs. Kane. Back to commercial.

    Damien Sandow vs. Zack Ryder

    Back from the break and out comes Damien Sandow with a mic. Sandow cuts a promo as he heads to the ring his opponent is Zack Ryder.

    Back and forth action to start the match. Sandow works Ryder over on the apron and rushes back in for a 2 count. Sandow stomps away at Ryder's ribs and covers for another 2 count. Sandow with a headlock now. Sandow keeps control and drops the Elbow of Disdain for another pin attempt. More offense from Sandow. Ryder fights back with knees to the jaw and a missile dropkick from the top. Ryder with a big right hand in the corner. He goes for the Broski Boot but Sandow rolls to the floor. Ryder decks him anyway and brings it back in the ring. Ryder goes to the top but Sandow knocks him off. Sandow with the neckbreaker for the win.

    Winner: Damien Sandow

    - Mathews is backstage with Paul Heyman for comments. Heyman brings up Punk passing Randy Savage on the all-time WWE Champion list. Back to commercial.

    - Back from the break and for the second time tonight they show Michael Cole's interview with Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

    Kane vs. CM Punk

    We go to the ring and out comes one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Kane. Out next comes WWE Champion CM Punk with Paul Heyman.

    Kane takes Punk to the corner but Punk turns it around and chops him. Kane just gets upset and they meet in the middle of the ring. Punk with kicks and forearm shots. Punk takes it back to the corner but Kane turns it around. Kane beats Punk down. Kane continues the assault in the corner as Heyman looks on. Punk kicks Kane in the face and fires back with chops and forearm shots. Kane counters a move and drops Punk over the top rope. Kane clotheslines him out to the floor as we go back to commercial.

    : Back from the break and Punk is in control, working on Kane's leg. Kane ends up on the floor and Punk suicide dives through the ropes and takes him out. Punk brings it back in the ring and stomps on Kane in the corner. Punk with the high knee in the corner. He hits a second knee in the corner and goes for a third but Kane runs over him with a big right hand. Kane takes Punk back to the corner and works him over. Kane with a sideslam and a 2 count. Kane goes to the top and comes crashing down with a right hand as the crowd pops. Kane calls for the chokeslam but Punk ducks it and hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2.

    Kane turns it around and hits the chokeslam. He goes for the pin but Heyman puts Punk's foot on the bottom rope. Kane goes for the Tombstone piledriver as Heyman screams at ringside. Punk slides out as roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose appear in the crowd. Punk nails GTS for the win.

    Winner: CM Punk

    - The Shield make their way to ringside now as Punk looks on from the ring. They surround the ring and enter as Kane gets to his feet. Punk backs into the corner. Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns attack Kane and beat him down as Punk looks on and sneaks out of the ring. Daniel Bryan runs down to save his partner but The Shield beat him down also. They kick Bryan out of the ring and go back to Kane. Ryback's music hits and out he comes to a big pop. Punk leaps over the barrier and runs through the crowd. Ryback hits the ring but The Shield beat on him. He fights them off and unloads. Ryback powerbombs Rollins and hits the big clothesline on Ambrose and Reigns. Punk attacks Ryback from behind but Ryback fights him off. Ryback goes to powerbomb Punk but Reigns spears him. The Shield go back to beating on Ryback now. They do the triple powerbomb as Punk leaves the ring and looks on. Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose stand over Ryback and look at Punk. Punk looks to be entering the ring as we go to replays. The Shield leave through the crowd as Punk's music hits and he poses over Ryback with the WWE Title. RAW goes off the air.

    By.Rulez MNR.11.26.12.HQ Pt1 (1) door drmasti5050

    By.Rulez MNR.11.26.12.HQ Pt1 (2) door drmasti5050

    By.Rulez MNR.11.26.12.HQ Pt1 (3) door drmasti5050

    By.Rulez MNR.11.26.12.HQ Pt1 (4) door drmasti5050

    By.Rulez MNR.11.26.12.HQ Pt1 (5) door drmasti5050

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    Reason Ziggler Hasn't Cashed In

    - One of the reasons Dolph Ziggler hasn't cashed in his Money in the Bank contract yet is because his feud with John Cena was pushed back from original plans, until now, and there's a feeling that Ziggler needed to feud with Cena first before having a run with the World Heavyweight Title.

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    Ryback Teaming with Kidd & Marella?

    - WWE is teasing that Ryback could team with Santino Marella and Tyson Kidd to face Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Ryback, Kidd and Marella have all been attacked by the group from NXT.

    26-11-2012 om 15:54 geschreven door jefken  

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    Sandow Talks Comparisons

     Damien Sandow was asked about his character being similar to Tripe H's "Hunter Hearst Helmsley" character during an interview with Mike Mooneyham of The Post and Courier.

    "We both were trained by Killer Kowalski, but I think if you look at the history of our business, you can draw comparisons to a lot of guys that have come before. There's the Gorgeous George element and so many other things. I think what makes people successful is just being able to be themselves. Throughout the course of time there's been so many characters and personas, and there's going to be comparisons drawn. However I believe I am the first-ever 'Intellectual Savior of the Masses.'"

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    Championship Thursday Next Week: RVD To Defend X Title, Styles/Storm vs Kaz/Daniels
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    Championship Thursday Next Week: RVD To Defend X Title, Styles/Storm vs Kaz/Daniels

    Thursday's live episode of TNA Impact will carry the "Championship Thursday" theme. Included will be Rob Van Dam defending the X Division Title against an opponent to be named by Hulk Hogan during the show.

    Also announced for Impact is A.J. Styles & James Storm vs. Daniels & Kazarian in tag team action.

    The top non-wrestling item is a confrontation between Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode promoting their TNA World Title match at the Final Resolution PPV.

    Also advertised is Wes Brisco facing the Gut Check judges and reaction to the end of last week's Impact when Austin Aries alleged an inappropriate relationship between Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan.

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