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  • WWE Confirms Reports of Finn Balor's Injury
  • Awesome Kong released by TNA
  • Christopher Daniels Inks Deal with Ring of Honor
  • Davey Richards Not Returning Anytime Soon
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  • Second Royal Rumble Entrant Revealed
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  • Could Taryn Terrell Be Done With TNA Wrestling?
  • Rumored **SPOILER** – Who Is TNA’s ‘The Miracle’?
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  • GFW Crowns Their Four Champions
  • AJ Styles Suffers An Injury
  • Maria Kanellis' Contract with ROH Expiring
  • Update on Dolph Ziggler's WWE Status
  • Alex Riley Shoots on WWE Tough Enough
  • Adam Rose Name Change
  • Conflicting Reports on Erick Rowan's Injury
  • Big Show Mocks Turning Babyface & Heel
  • King of the Mountain Championship Title Plans
  • Alex Shelley Returning to Ring of Honor
  • Magnus Joins Global Force Wrestling
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  • Kazarian Says Suicide Character Wasn't Him
  • Ex-TNA Knockout Retiring from Wrestling
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  • Possible Reason Why Sasha Missed Several Events
  • WWE Deal to Keep Samoa Joe Off ROH Television?
  • Rusev Suffers Injury at SmackDown Tapings
  • Update on Scott Hall Being Pulled from GFW
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  • Ook Arnold Schwarzenegger terug voor 'Escape Plan 2'
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    Final Card for Sunday's WWE Hell In a Cell PPV

    Final Card for Sunday's WWE Hell In a Cell PPV
    - Coming out of last night's WWE SmackDown, here is what looks to be the final card for Sunday's WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view unless they add any late matches:

    Hell In a Cell for the WWE Title
    Ryback vs. CM Punk

    World Heavyweight Title Match
    Big Show vs. Sheamus

    WWE Tag Team Title Match
    Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes vs. Kane & Daniel Bryan

    WWE Intercontinental Title Match
    The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston

    Triple Threat for the WWE Divas Title
    Layla vs. Kaitlyn vs. Eve Torres

    Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

    YouTube Pre-show
    John Cena will address the AJ Lee controversy

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    Uitslagen wwe smackdown 26 oktober
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    Smackdown begins with Randy Orton going to the ring. He grabs a mic and says that Alberto Del Rio made a mistake messing with him and says that he is going to get the beating of his life on Sunday. Del Rio is out with a mic. He says Orton is just a snake but he is a predator. Orton tells Del Rio he is a bottomfeeder. Barrett then attacks Orton in the ring before he makes his way up the ramp.

    Theodore Long confronts Barrett with Del Rio about what happened. He says Barrett will fight Orton in the main event.

    Kane v Cody Rhodes

    Daniel Bryan and Sandow are on commentary. Kane swings at Cody but misses. Kane kicks Cody in face. He throws him to turnbuckle and hits him with some right hands. He whips Cody in to the other turnbuckle and runs in to him, then does the same with the turnbuckle opposite and pulls him out, clotheslines him and covers for a 2 count. Kane climbs up top and hits a big top rope clothesline. Cody Rhodes elbows Kane but then gets taken down with clothesline. Kane whips him in to the turnbuckle and goes for a side slam but Cody slides out of Kane’s arm and kicks him in the mid section, then off the ropes and a kick to Kane. Dropkick off the ropes from Cody, cover gets him a 1 count. Shining Wizard by Rhodes on Kane. Springboard Dropkick off the turnbuckle by Cody gets barely a 1 count. Cody drops to the floor and pokes Kane in the eyes then kicks him in the shin to take him down. Cover gets a 2 count. Cody is hammering away on Kane now. Kane manages to whip him in to ropes. Cody drops on the return and tries to hit a right hand to the face but Kane grabs him off the floor by the throat and hits a Choke Slam for the 3 count. Kane looks at Daniel Bryan after the match.

    Winner: Kane

    Big Show is sitting backstage in the lockeroom. Booker T goes in and says he wants professionalism tonight in the confrontation with Sheamus. Big Show tells him to save his breath and says he has got nothing to prove to Sheamus tonight. He says he has already proved what he wanted to and he will prove it once again at HIAC. He says that Sheamus won’t do anything since he is frightened.

    Miz v Yoshi Tatsu

    Lock up. Amr bar, then a headlock by Miz. More kicks to the mid section as Tatsu is down. Miz off the ropes and dropkicks Tatsu out of the ring, then gets up and raises his arm. Bodyslam on tatsu on the outside. Miz drives tatsu in to apron and then throws him in to ring but keep his head on the apron, then hits his head and knees it. Miz slides in and sticks his fingers in Tatsu’s eyes and then hits some hard rights across his neck. Miz trash talks Tatsu and pulls him up by hair, then bounces from the ropes and kicks him in the face. Miz eat an elbow as he run in to turnbuckle. Tatsu with some kicks, then runs at Miz in the turnbuckle but Miz run out and knocks him down. Miz grabs Tatsu by the head and hits a snap DDT on him. Skull Crushing Finale from Miz for the 3 count.

    Winner: Miz

    Re caps from raw and Main event

    Booker T is with Aksana, Eve, Layla and Kaitlyn. He asks Eve if she sent the text. Theodore Long walks in and says Kaitlyn was meant to fight Layla but Eve sent a message to Aksana to take her out. Long tells Eve that the jig is up and she is exposed as a liar. Booker says if this is true then he can’t have her as part of his staff. Eve says she trusts people too much and left her ipad, so someone must have used it. Booker says he doesn’t know who to believe. He says at HIAC it will be Kaitlyn v Layla v Eve in a triple threat match and tonight they will fight in a tag team match, Layla and Kaitlyn v Eve and Aksana.

    Randy Orton v Barrett

    They pace around the ring. Orton clotheslines Barrett out of the ring. Stomps to Barrett from Orton. Orton throws him back in the ring. He stomps on Barrett’s leg and then his head. An uppercut takes Barrett back down. Orton chokes out Barrett a while. A back suplex on Barrett from Orton and cover gets a 2 count. Punches from Barrett. Punch to the head from Orton. Kick from Orton. Now Barrett throws him in to turnbuckle. Barrett whips him in to the other turnbuckle but eats a clothesline after he goes over. Knee to face from Orton and pin for a 2 count. Orton with a big suplex and cover gets another 2 count. Barrett slides out of ring. Orton goes after him. Kick from Barrett on the outside of the ring. Barrett slams Orton on the apron. He throws Orton in to the ring but gets kicked in the gut as gets up on apron. Orton gets thrown over on to the apron and kicked in the gut that causes him to fall to ringside. Barrett goes out after him. He throws him in to turnbuckle on the outside.

    Commercial break

    Barrett has randy Orton in a headlock. Orton fights out of it, bounces from the ropes but takes a knee to mid section. Barrett has Orton tied up in ropes. Knees to the face in the ropes from Barrett. Kick to the face knocks Orton down and has him hung up in the ropes upside down. Barrett gets him back in the ring. Orton is thrown in to the turnbuckle and hit with a backbreaker for a 2 count. Rear chin lock from Barrett on Orton. Eventually Orton gets to his feet while still in the lock. Orton then turns around and head butts Barrett twice to break out of the hold. More head butts from Orton. Now Orton off the ropes but catches a kick to the face, followed by a cover for a 2 count. Right hands to the ribs from Barrett, then a big clothesline for a 2 count. Barrett gets up on to the second rope but Orton walks over and punches Barrett, then head butts him and hits some hard right hands. Orton climbs up to 2nd rope and hits a superplex followed by a cover that gets a 2 count. Clotheslines on Barrett till Barrett reverses but a kick to the head from Orton. Now Barrett takes Orton down and gets a 2 count. Barrett sets up for a Souvenir elbow but Orton ducks and takes him down. Orton has Barrett on the apron. He pulls him in through middle and top rope and hits a DDT. Orton now taunts his opponent. Del Rio walks down ramp to the ring with his manager staying at the top of the ramp. Barrett tries to attack a distracted Orton but Orton sees it and avoids the attack. Del Rio is up on the apron. Orton tries to get him but Del Rio jumps off. Barrett with a Souvenir elbow on Orton and gets a 3 count.

    Winner: Wade Barrett

    Alberto Del Rio gets in ring and kicks Orton while he’s down. He beats away on the grounded Orton. He puts Orton in the turnbuckle and goes for a big kick but he misses. Orton staggers out of the turnbuckle and catches a kick from Del Rio but stays on his feet. Del Rio sets him up but Orton reverses and goes for an RKO that Del Rio manages to avoid and quickly slides out of ring. Del Rio heads up the ramp as both men stare each other down.

    Layla and Kaitlyn v Eve and Aksana

    All the divas start off arguing. The ref breaks them up. Aksana and Layla brawl. Aksana with a kick. She rolls up Layla for a 2 count, then Layla with a roll through on Aksana for a 2 count. Cross body off the ropes from Kaitlyn who is tagged in. Now she does a roll up for a 2 count [do divas know any other way to pin other than a roll up or roll through?]. Kaitlyn with a weird move [might be legit but I’ve never seen it. Looked to be botched]. Kaitlyn pulls Eve’s hair by the turnbuckle. Clothesline from Aksana who starts to pull Kaitlyn’s hair and slams her head in to canvas [by her hair]. Kicks from Aksana who then drags her opponent over to Eve and Eve tags herself in. Snapmare from Eve on Kaitlyn, then a kick and cover gets a….0 count [honestly]. Eve drags Kaitlyn to the ropes and knees her. Eve with an RVD like cartwheel rolling thunder [although much crapper] but Kaitlyn gets her knees up. Eve tries to grab Kaitlyn’s foot but gets kicked for her trouble, then she hits Kaitlyn with an elbow in return. Roll up from Kaitlyn out of nowhere for a 2 count. Elbow and kick to Eve by Kaitlyn that takes Eve down again. Kaitlyn then flips Aksana up and over in to the ring from the apron. Clothesline on Eve, Aksana, then Eve again. Layla gets in to the ring and kicks Aksana right in the mid section. Layla accidently takes out Aksana with a kick and Eve knocks her out of ring before covering Kaitlyn for a 3 count.

    Winners: Eve and Aksana

    Raw re-cap is shown of the general manager mess....I mean situation.

    Sheamus is backstage. Booker T walks up to him. He wants Sheamus to promise that he is going to keep a cool head since the Big Show promised him that he would do the same. Sheamus says that lie is bigger than the Big Show himself. Sheamus says he is not promising anything.

    Daniel Bryan is warming up. Kane is there. Bryan says ‘what?’ Kane tells him he won his match and tells Bryan that it means he is not the weak link. He tells Bryan that if he loses his match then it is obvious who the tag champions ‘is.’ He says no pressure to Bryan as his [Bryan’s] music starts to play. He then gives Bryan a slap on the ass. Bryan says ‘No!’

    Daniel Bryan v Sandow

    On the way to the ring Bryan takes a sign from a fan, reads it, then rips it.

    Kane is at the commentary table, as is Cody Rhodes who is holding an ice pack to his neck.

    Both men lock up. Punches from Bryan on Sandow who slides out of ring. Bryan slides out too and hits him with some right hands on the outside. Bryan throws Sandown back in to ring. Head butt to the midsection of Bryan from Sandow who then whips Bryan in to the turnbuckle and runs in to him. He whips him in to the other turnbuckle and runs at him again but Bryan moves and kicks him in to the turnbuckle instead, then dropkicks him as he staggers out of the turnbuckle and covers for a 2 count. Bryan has Sandow in the centre of the ring and pulls away at his fingers.

    Commercial break

    Sandow is outside. Bryan kicks him. He throws him back in to ring. Sandown kicks Bryan down when in the turnbuckle then kicks away at Bryan and knees him by the ring. Sandow with a Russian legsweep and elbow drop. Cover gets him a 2 count. Hard right hands to the face. Sandow with a headlock. Bryan off the ropes but right in to an elbow. Sandown whips Bryan in to turnbuckle but he flips off the ropes with a moonsault and impressively lands on his feet. Bryan shouts ‘No!’ and runs at Sandow, dropkicking him in the turnbuckle. Cover gets a 2 count. Bryan throws Sandow in to turnbuckle but catches a stuff kick that sends him in to the ropes. Sandow runs at him and gets flipped over the ropes by Bryan who then does a suicide dive through ropes in to Sandown. He then pushes Cody Rhodes [who got off his seat] to the floor. Sandow takes Bryan down. Kane is out of his seat and Sandown backs off. Rhodes is back up and throws Bryan in to the ringpost and then in to the ring. Sandown slides in to the ring and hits a neckbreaker for 3 count.

    Winner: Sandow

    Josh is in the ring to host the confrontation between the Big Show [the largest athlete in the world, according to Josh who also says Big Show claims to have the strongest move] and Sheamus. First he introduces ‘the great white’ known as Sheamus, who makes his way to the ring. Then Big Show is introduced making his way to the ring, sporting a hooded top. There are lots of security guys standing in the ring. The security is blocking off both men, forming a line through the ring. Big Show tells Josh there is nothing self proclaimed about his KO punch. He says its stronger than the rock bottom, Stone Cold Stunner or the Attitude Adjustment. He says his punch is clearly more lethal than Sheamus’s Brogue kick. Sheamus says if Big Shows wants to believe this to feed his own ego that’s fine. He says that for it to be lethal you’ve got to actually hit someone with it. Big show says that at HIAC Sheamus is going to fail just as he did before. He shows footage from Raw a few weeks ago where Sheamus tried to hit Big Show with the Brogue kick but the Big Show just grabbed his foot and threw him out of the ring. Big Show asks Sheamus if he remembers that and says his boot did not get high enough to kick his head off his shoulders. He tells Sheamus that he does not have what is takes to Brogue kick him in the head and if he thinks he is going to kick his head off his shoulders then he is either stupid or delusional. Sheamus says there 2 things he likes, a pint of ail on a hot day and a fight. Sheamus says when the Big Show knocked down Randy Orton he was happy that he would be fighting a legendary wrestler that has dominated for the past 10 years. He says he has beaten everybody so far since Wrestlemania but Big show is a different case. He calls Big Show a mountain he is going to conquer. Big Show responds saying that he is not ready and he is afraid of the Big Show. Sheamus tells Big Show that if he has to chop him down, he will, or if it takes 10 brogue kicks to win, then do be it. Sheamus says that it won be easy but it never is. He says there was a lot of talk but he has counted the days and they are only 48 hours away from HIAC. Sheamus says the time for talking is over and the time for fighting is now [says it 3 times]. Sheamus breaks the security line and attacks the Big Show but gets pulled away by the security. Both wrestlers beat up the security guys in the ring and clear it quickly. Sheamus then goes for the Brogue kick but Big Show slides out [Brogue kick attempt looked horrible]. Sheamus Brogue kicks a security guy instead. Sheamus and the Big Show stare at each other in traditional pre PPV hype style as Smackdown goes off air.


    More Videos at WWW.BOLLYRULEZ.NET SD Pt1 (1) door rockvscena

    More Videos at WWW.BOLLYRULEZ.NET SD Pt2 door rockvscena

    More Videos at WWW.BOLLYRULEZ.NET SD Pt3 door rockvscena

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    Uitslagen wwe superstars 25 oktober
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen WWE Superstars for October 25th 2012 was headlined by a huge main event featuring Jinder Mahal of the 3 Man Band against Tyson Kidd. As always, Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre will be at ringside. Plus tag team action featuring the Usos taking on the duo of Titus O’Neil and Darren Young, or as you like to call them, the Prime Time Players. WWE Superstars is live and in living color right now.
    WWE Superstars 10/25/12 Results.
    The Usos defeated The Prime Time Players.
    Jinder Mahal defeated Tyson Kidd with the Camel Clutch.
    WWE Superstars 10/25/12 Review.
    So what did this reviewer think as he watched WWE Superstars for October 25th 2012? The show was a bit of a mixed bag. As always during the past couple of weeks, there were two matches. The matches kind of varied. Jinder Mahal against Tyson Kidd might have achieved a divide by zero effect. Let’s review this show in all of its glory.
    The Usos and the Prime Time Players had another rocking tag team match. Granted, it’s a match that we have seen a few times before. However, these are two teams who can really go in the ring. They can have some rather entertaining matches. The result ends with the Usos picking up the win, so the feud if you can call it that has been rater even.
    Then we had the main event with Jinder Mahal taking on Tyson Kidd. Kidd has had great matches with some rather average wrestlers throughout 2012. The Three Man Band is an interesting act, and the most engaging Jinder has been since ever. Kidd puts in his usual entertainment performance. Jinder gets the win, and there you go.

    By Rulez SS 2012.10.24.HDTV Pt1 (1) door drmasti5050

    By Rulez SS 2012.10.24.HDTV Pt1 (2) door drmasti5050

    By Rulez SS 2012.10.24.HDTV Pt1 (3) door drmasti5050

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    Uitslagen roh 20 oktober
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    Hello everyone and welcome to this week's ROH on Sinclair recap.

    If you all are ready, then let's get on with the show!

    We see video highlighting last week's Survival of the Fittest match between Davey Richards & Mike Bennett before the usual intro.

    Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show, from the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. Kelly & Nigel run down tonight's 3 Survival of the Fittest Qualifying matches before we go to the 1st of the 3 encounters.

     Survival of the Fittest 2012 Qualifying Match: Roderick Strong w/Truth Martini vs. "The Notorious 187" Homicide

    No Code of Honor before the bell sounds. Strong with a waistlock, Homicide drops down, Strong with a headscissors, but Homicide breaks free. Strong with a wristlock, but Homicide with a drop toe hold to take him down into a chinlock. Homicide fish hooks Strong, Strong goes for a snapmare, but Homicide goes into a wristlock. Homicide then hammerlocks Strong in the ropes, but is forced to break. Shoving match ensues, Strong with a whip, then a leapfrog, but Homicide hits a headscissors takeover, followed by a flying back elbow that sends Strong to the outside. Homicide sets to dive, but Truth Martini pulls Strong to safety. Homicide, though, goes out after Strong and sends him into the barricade. Homicide then chokes Strong with a television cable and gives chase to Martini. However, that allows Strong to come back with a chop. Homicide with a boot to the face, but then Strong sends him into the barricade. Homicide then reverses a whip and sends Strong again into the barricade. Homicide with right hands to Strong, then back in the ring, Homicide runs into boots by Strong off a corner charge. Strong stomps away at Homicide, then hits 10 punches in the corner. Homicide comes back with an uppercut, then bites at Strong's ear in the corner. Homicide with a right hand, but Strong catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a nearfall. Strong chokes Homicide in the ropes as we go to commercial.


    Back from commercial as Homicide with an inverted atomic drop, then hits the 1st of the Three Amigos, but seemed to hurt his back afterward. Strong blocks the 2nd and gourdbusters Homicide ribs first across the top rope for a nearfall. Strong with a suplex for another nearfall. Strong locks in a reverse bearhug as the crowd wills on Homicide. Strong switches to a regular bearhug, but Homicide is able to break free with a pair of double ear claps. Homicide then with a roll-up for a nearfall. Strong misses a clothesline and Homicide catches him with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Homicide with a corner charge, but Strong catches him and places him on the top turnbuckle. Homicide with a right hand to Strong, then hits a leaping knee to the back of Strong's head for a nearfall. Homicide goes for the Gringo Cutter, but Strong blocks it. Strong goes for an O'Connor Roll, but Homicide holds onto the ropes. Homicide then counters a Strong clothesline and hits a Hangman's style neckbreaker for a nearfall. Homicide has words with the referee, but Strong drives him into the corner. Strong runs into a Homicide forearm off a corner charge, then Homicide goes onto the middle turnbuckle. Homicide points at Martini and goes for a Tornado DDT, but Strong breaks free. Strong then avoids a corner charge and nails Homicide with an enziguri to the back of the head. Strong then with a back suplex into a backbreaker for a nearfall. Strong motions that its over as he goes for the Gibson Driver, but Homicide counters with a back drop. Homicide with a running shoulder to the ribs in the corner, places Strong on the top turnbuckle, then goes up with him. Strong tries to lift up Homicide for something, but Homicide counters and hits a super rana off the ropes for a nearfall. Homicide can't believe it, then hits a exploder suplex for another nearfall and again Homicide can't believe it. Homicide removes his elbow guard, then goes for the Gringo Killa, but Strong slips out and backs him into the corner. Homicide charges, but Strong snake eyes him across the top turnbuckle. Strong hits the Death by Roderick, followed by the Sick Kick, but somehow, Homicide is able to kick out.

    Strong then hits the Gibson Driver, and that is enough to put away Homicide for the victory.

    Winner and advancing to the finals of Survival of the Fittest 2012: Roderick Strong by pinfall (Gibson Driver)

    After the match, Strong celebrates, but has words with Martini as we go to commercial.


    Back from commercial and before the next match, we see footage of when Kyle O'Reilly defeated ROH TV Champion Adam Cole back in September at a house show in Charlotte to earn a future ROH TV Title shot.

    Survival of the Fittest 2012 Qualifying Match: Kyle O'Reilly vs. "No Fear" Mike Mondo

    Both men adhere to the Code of Honor as the bell sounds. Mondo with a waistlock, but O'Reilly goes for the arm. Mondo with a side headlock takeover, O'Reilly with a headscissors, but Mondo gets out. Mondo with another side headlock takeover, but this time O'Reilly can't get the headscissors applied to counter out. O'Reilly switches to his own side headlock as we see Davey Richards come out to ringside to get a closer look at the action. O'Reilly with a shoulder tackle off a whip, but then Mondo with a leapfrog, followed by a monkey flip. Mondo with a slam, then a drop toe hold. O'Reilly takes him down, goes for a La Magistral, but Mondo breaks free. They go to a Test of Strength, with O'Reilly taking Mondo down, but Mondo gets back to his feet, then starts to take down O'Reilly into a bridging position. O'Reilly gets to his feet and takes Mondo down, with the knucklelock still applied. O'Reilly flips over, but Mondo now takes him down with the lock still applied. They both get their shoulders up at the count of 2, then both go into back bridges until O'Reilly breaks and knee drops Mondo's chest. Mondo goes to the apron, but O'Reilly nails him with a pump kick to the arm. O'Reilly goes out to the apron, shoves Mondo off the apron and into the barricade, then charges and connects with the running dropkick off the apron and into Mondo, who was taking a seat by the barricade. O'Reilly sends Mondo back into the ring as we go to commercial.


    Back from commercial as both men exchange forearms until Mondo hooks O'Reilly in a backslide for a nearfall, however O'Reilly comes right back with a front dropkick for his own nearfall. O'Reilly chokes Mondo with his boot in the corner, but Mondo fights back with right hands and chops. O'Reilly then with a knee strike and a series of kicks to the back. They exchange forearms once more, with Mondo having to hold onto O'Reilly to be able to stand. O'Reilly stops himself on a corner whip, ducks under Mondo and kicks him in the gut. O'Reilly then with a cravate into a suplex for a nearfall. O'Reilly heads up top, but Mondo stops him. Mondo heads up with O'Reilly and is able to connect with a top rope superplex and both men are down.

    They get to their feet at the count of 8 as Mondo blocks a pair of O'Reilly's kicks, hits a series of jabs, then connects with a snapmare driver for a nearfall. Mondo goes for a suplex, but O'Reilly breaks free with a knee strike. O'Reilly hits a series of strikes, but Mondo avoids a leg sweep and nails O'Reilly with a dropkick to the side of the head for a close nearfall. Mondo motions for his kill shot, then goes for the Double Arm DDT, but O'Reilly counters out. O'Reilly tries for a full nelson suplex, but Mondo slips out and rolls up O'Reilly for another nearfall. Mondo catches an O'Reilly kick and nails him with a series of gut shots, but then O'Reilly hits a series of elbows to the back of Mondo's head. Mondo with a series of knees to the gut, but then O'Reilly with some more elbows. Mondo then with more knees and gut shots, followed by a big kneelift that sends O'Reilly onto the apron. O'Reilly slips out of being suplexed back in the ring, but Mondo nails him with a forearm. O'Reilly then nails Mondo with a leaping knee. Mondo then avoids a basement roundhouse kick and rolls up O'Reilly for a nearfall.

    O'Reilly avoids the leaping curb stomp, Mondo avoids another roundhouse kick, O'Reilly avoids left and right hand attempts, then nails Mondo with a spin kick. O'Reilly then with an axe kick, a roaring forearm, a reverse rana and finally a Regalplex, but somehow, Mondo is able to kick out. O'Reilly with a pair of kicks to the chest, but Mondo tells him to bring it on. Mondo then catches an O'Reilly kick, but O'Reilly with a flying armbar takedown into a cross armbreaker.

    Mondo then breaks free and hooks O'Reilly in a version of the Kondo Clutch and O'Reilly hits the referee, who is checking for the submission, 3 times in the back of the head with the motion that he is trying to tap out and the referee calls for the bell.

    Winner and advancing to the finals of Survival of the Fittest 2012: "No Fear" Mike Mondo by submission? (Kondo Clutch)

    Richards, from ringside, as well as O'Reilly can't believe that the referee called O'Reilly tapping on the back of his head a tap out from the submission hold as we go to commercial.


    "Inside Ring of Honor"

    • We see what happened last week when Barrister RD Evans turned on his client, the injured Tomasso Ciampa, and revealed his new client, "God's Gift" QT Marshall. Marshall & Evans had then attacked Ciampa with his own crutch and left Ciampa laying. We then see footage of Marshall's Survival of the Fittest qualifying match with Jay Lethal that he lost. We also see towards the end of the match when once again, Prince Nana attacked Evans.

    We now go to comments from Evans.

     Evans: "It is so unfortunate that Tomasso Ciampa suffered such an injury with such severity". "Especially since I cancelled his insurance premiums 3 months ago". "As to the once Prince, now peasant, Nana, that plebeian dare put his hands on me again, I'll have him thrown in prison, because I have a restraining order filed against him".

    • The Survival of the Fittest finals will take place next week on ROH TV in a 6-Way Elimination Match between Jay Lethal, Adam Cole, Davey Richards, Mike Mondo, Roderick Strong and the winner of the final qualifying match later on this show.

    • Also, November 3rd, ROH returns to Pittsburgh, PA for a TV Taping at the Rostraver Ice Garden. On the taping, Mike Bennett challenges Kevin Steen for the ROH World Title and Kyle O'Reilly gets his TV Title match that he earned against champion Adam Cole.

    We go to comments from Cole.

     Cole: "Kyle O'Reilly, the last time we faced off, you earned a right to face me for my Ring of Honor Television Championship, taking advantage of an opportunity". "To be honest, Kyle, I have no problem with that, because a win is a win". "But Kyle, let's talk a little bit about opportunity, because in Pittsburgh, I have an opportunity to continue my reign as Ring of Honor Television Champion". "I also have the opportunity to prove once again to you that I am the better wrestler". "And I have the opportunity to hurt you for what you did to me in New York City". "Kyle, each and every time me and you face each other, we bring out the very best of each other". "We prove how tough the other one is and we go to war each and every night we're in the ring". "Kyle O'Reilly, I can promise you this, with every fiber in my being in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I will do all that I can to walk out of Pittsburgh, STILL Ring of Honor Television Champion". "And I will do all that I can to make sure that you feel more pain in your life than you've ever felt before".


    Before the main event, Truth Martini has a mic.

    Martini: "I OBJECT!" "Rhino, Elgin, we do not have to do this, we do not have to do this". "Survival of the Fittest?" "A random drawing?" "RANDOM?" "Random my booty!" "Its a plot, Its a plot, they're trying to break us apart, nobody likes to see family fight, do you guys wanna see them fight?"

    Crowd cheers for it and begins the "YES" chant.

    "Rhino, I pay you lots of money, do the right thing, we're about unity, do the right thing, step down from this match".

    Crowd with a "NO" chant as Rhino screams, " I STEP DOWN TO NO MAN!"

    Martini goes to Elgin, "Elgin, look at the bigger picture, the House of Truth, Elgin, you do the right thing, step down from the match".

    Crowd with another "NO" chant as Elgin screams, "THERE'S NO WAY I'M STEPPING DOWN FROM ANYONE!"

    Rhino goes after Elgin and the bell sounds.

    Main Event in the final Survival of the Fittest 2012 Qualifying Match: "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin vs. "The Man Beast" Rhino (Truth Martini at ringside)

    Elgin with a series of right hands, followed by a back elbow off a whip. Elgin with more right hands in the corner, but Rhino fights back with some of his own. Elgin with a kick to the gut, followed by an elbow to the top of the head. Elgin stomps away at Rhino in the corner, but then Rhino sidesteps a back drop attempt and sends Elgin through the ropes and onto the apron. Rhino runs into a boot off a charge, then Elgin with a slingshot back elbow that sends Rhino to the outside. Elgin goes out after him and hits a pair of forearms, but then Rhino whips Elgin into the barricade. Rhino breaks up the referee's count and continues to attack Elgin as we see Roderick Strong make his way to ringside to get a closer look at the action. Elgin whips Rhino into the barricade as Strong has words with Martini. Back in the ring, Elgin hits a top rope shoulder tackle for a nearfall. Rhino then counters a whip attempt and connects with a belly-to-belly suplex. Rhino setups for the Gore, but Elgin avoids it and Rhino goes into the corner. Elgin with a roll-up for a nearfall. Rhino with a club to the back, but Elgin with right hands. Rhino reverses a whip, but Elgin sidesteps a back drop attempt. Rhino then catches Elgin with a spinebuster for a nearfall.

    Rhino stomps away at Elgin, followed by another club. Dueling chants for both men as Rhino whips Elgin hard into the corner. Rhino chokes Elgin in the ropes, then hits a short-arm clothesline for another nearfall. Rhino locks in a chinlock, with his knee driven into Elgin's back as the crowd wills on Elgin. Elgin backs Rhino into the corner to break free, ducks under a clothesline and nails Rhino with a leaping enziguri and now both men are down.

    Elgin with a series of right hands, Rhino reverses a whip, but Elgin avoids a charge and begins peppering Rhino with a series of clotheslines in the corner. Elgin sends Rhino into the turnbuckle, followed by a pump kick. Elgin then with a version of a Bossman Slam for a nearfall. Elgin motions that its over as he setups Rhino for the 360* Powerbomb, but Rhino breaks free and kicks Elgin in the gut. Elgin then counters a whip and connects with a roaring forearm. Elgin with a German Suplex for a nearfall. Elgin fires up and tries for the powerbomb again, but Rhino counters out with a back drop. Rhino runs into a boot by Elgin, but then drills him with a running shoulder to the gut. Rhino lifts up Elgin and hits a version of a TKO for a close nearfall.

    Strong can't believe it and he hops up on the apron to argue with the referee while Rhino is setting up Elgin for the Gore. While the referee is distracted, Martini comes in, gets in Rhino's path, and pleads with Rhino to stop the match. Rhino then lifts up Martini and places him on the top turnbuckle so he is out of his way. Elgin then nails Rhino with a forearm that backs Rhino into Martini, who's leg gets caught in the ropes and is left hanging upside down. Rhino misses a clothesline and then Elgin drills him with his own version of the Gore.

    Elgin fires up again, lifts up Rhino and this time hits the Revolution Elgin Bomb for the victory.

    Winner and advancing to the finals of Survival of the Fittest 2012: "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin by pinfall (Revolution Elgin Bomb)

    Elgin celebrates his win as we go to credits.

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    WWE Nixes Tag Team Plans

     As noted before, Justin Gabriel is in line for a singles push. This would mean that WWE has nixed plans for Gabriel and Tyson Kidd to team together. On a related note, there had been some talk of putting Kidd with Evan Bourne for another tag team when Bourne is ready to return.

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    Ziggler Says He Looks Up To and Hates Cena

    Ziggler Says He Looks Up To and Hates Cena
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 10/26/2012 at 08:08 AM

    Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal.) of the Score TV in Canada and the Baltimore Sun recently had the chance to speak with WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler about a number of topics. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

    How he feels about Zack Ryder's show 'Z: True Long Island Story' potentially ending: "You can't blame that kid for making something out of nothing. He's the reason we have a partnership with YouTube. He's one of the main reasons we have all this new social media interaction and WWE is so big on twitter and we get so many different things trending. All because this kid tries something new outside of the box, to go out there and try and get the fans and WWE to notice him and boy did it pay off for him. And not matter what happens in the end, it was a ground breaking, outside of the box maneuver and he did it and I was more than happy to be a part of it because I thought it was something really unique and really cool."

    His thoughts on 3 hour RAW and how the extra hour benefits himself and others: "There's a lot of up and coming Superstars who get maybe 30 seconds of a backstage scene, or maybe get to talk for a quick second, or you see him for a minute or two on T.V., every Superstar is fighting every week to be a part of 'I just want to be on T.V. for a few minutes. I just want to let everyone see how good I am at this'. I'm one of the ones who's constantly fighting every week for 30 seconds of air time, or maybe 5 seconds of a promo. And with this extra hour, it's a chance to create new Superstars."

    Where a rivalry with John Cena ranks for him in his career: "He's been someone that I've looked up to, but also hated for the last five years, because he is the face, he is the franchise of the WWE. And there's been guys that have become World Champion and WWE Champion who are still second fiddle to what John Cena and whatever he has going on in his life. So this guy is the guy to be in the ring with. This is the guy to go toe to toe on the mic with. This is the guy to be in the matches with that you will be in the main event. And instead of everyone going 'Hey you had a great match. You should have been in the main event' people will be telling me 'Hey, it was a great match. There's a reason why you're in the main event out there with John Cena, because you do what you do better than everyone else.'"

    Other topics discussed include:
    His reputation of making others look good in the ring and being pigeon holed as "that guy"
    What does he need to do to be more selfish in his matches and career
    His 'preemptive' comments as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
    Is he looking forward to the next chapter: The Main Event?
    WWE's Partnership with HULU
    Is he the type of guy to boast about his hits on online programming?
    How often he watches his own matches?

    The full interview is available here.


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    WWE Star Changes Brands

    WWE Star Changes Brands

    - Ryback, who has primarily competed on Raw in recent weeks, is now listed as a member of the Raw roster on the official WWE website. It is his second official stint with the brand, with the first taking place in 2010 when he was a member of The Nexus.

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    New Announcer
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    TNA debuted a new announcer on last night's Impact. Todd Keneley worked as the co-host of the first hour with Jeremy Borash while Taz and Mike Tenay called the second hour. Apparently this change was done as a way to freshen up the show and was a call made by Eric Bischoff.

    Keneley has done announcing work for Hollywood Championship Wrestling in the past and was given really high marks for his performance last night.

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    Uitslagen tna impact wrestling 25 oktober
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    TNA Impact Report - October 25th, 2012
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 10/25/2012 at 07:30 PM

    We go right to Hulk Hogan's office, as the Hulkster is thanking Jeff Hardy for taking Impact Wrestling where it's never gone before. There's four contenders tonight and he's going to pick one, but he wants Hardy to know that he's ready for his first title defense. Hogan wishes Hardy the best of luck, and says to get ready since it's championship Thursday. Hardy walks out into the hallway where his contenders are hanging out waiting for their audience with Hogan, and we are somehow able to hear Hardy's thoughts as he thinks that Angle is a machine, Storm drinks too much, Anderson is always going to be an asshole, and Bully is dangerous but his mind is preoccupied.

    Jeremy Borash and Todd Kenely are our new announcers for the first hour of Impact, and Taz and Mike will join us for hour two. Let's go right to the ring for our first title match!

    X Division Title Match: Rob Van Dam vs Zema Ion

    They do a quick back and forth sequence early on, trading dropkicks and takedowns, but neither guy gets an advantage. Another back and forth ends with RVD press slamming Ion, the only time I ever remember seeing him do that, and Ion rolls out to the floor where RVD baseball slides him into the barricade. Ion rams RVD into the barricade and tries a dive of his own, but RVD pops up on the apron and spinkicks Ion in the face. Ion ducks a running crossbody and RVD flies over the top rope to the floor, followed closely by Ion as he takes RVD out with a somersault dive. Ion springs off the bottom rope as he comes back into the ring and uses the momentum to hit a tornado DDT for 2. That looked great. Ion goes up top and goes for a Spiral Tap, but RVD rolls out of the way and the count is on. RVD with a slingshot thrust kick, Rolling Thunder, and the Five Star Notebook Splash, and that's all she wrote.

    Winner: Rob Van Dam

    One would assume that Ion is completely out of the title picture at this point, which I find a little strange given that I thought the big showdown he eventually has with Jesse Sorensen would be for the title. One way or another, Matt Morgan runs in and takes RVD out with the Carbon Footprint, then Joey Ryan slips in after him and takes the X Division Title, dangling it in RVD's face as Morgan says that Hogan wanted to see a different side of Matt Morgan, but to be careful what you wish for because he's not gonna like it.

    Austin Aries is listening outside Hulk Hogan's office window, saying he doesn't have to do all the lip smacking these guys do since he has a rematch in the bank. He makes fun of Mr. Nanny, then says he's going to hang around outside Hogan's office and get people's reactions after Hogan tosses them out.

    Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian come out to the ring, and Kazarian says they're the victims of a conspiracy because Mr. Nanny altered his travel arrangements last week to keep him away from the Impact Zone where he could stand by his partner, and (as the fans chant that they suck) at Bound For Glory, their titles were taken from them illegally by two guys who are probably in this country illegally. Daniels says they need to slow it down because the fans are a little slow, and he tells Suburban Commando that it's not really Championship Thursday because Zema Ion got his rematch, Miss Tessmacher is getting her rematch, but the best team in the world (who tells the truth and aren't liars or manipulators like Chavo and Hernandez) isn't getting their rematch. Chavo comes out here and mentions every member of his family they need to to get the fans to chant like Pavlovian dogs, and Dixie Carter is so determined to court the Spanish-speaking audience that they come out here in ponchos and with Mexican tattoos. He suggests they go the full nine yards and wear sombreros, drink Margaritas, and call themselves Los Stereotypicos. Daniels says they're done messing around, and Kazarian goes out to ringside with a clipboard to get the fans to sign a petition to get them a rematch. Hernandez and Chavo's music hits, and Los Stereotypicos come out to the ring to say they'll be happy to sign their petition because nothing would make them happier than to give them a rematch and shove those title belts down their throats. Hernandez shoves both Daniels and Kazarian on their asses, then they sign the petition because they'll give Daniels and Kazarian a rematch anytime, anyplace.

    We go to Hogan's office and, as usual, he lets each man plead their case as to why they deserve a title shot. Storm says he'll whup somebody's ass because he's tired of taking backseats, Bully is still steaming over his brother, Angle says he'd still be champion if he didn't get hurt and he wants the title back, and Anderson doesn't know what Hogan wants unless Hogan wants him to grovel at his feet. Hogan says he made it easy, and Anderson is out first. Aries catches him on the way out and asks him if he didn't train enough or say enough prayers, and says that he's a better wrestler, better dresser, and even a bigger asshole than Anderson. He throws his water in Anderson's face, and Anderson proceeds to kick his ass, break a table over his head, and proceeds to get on top of Aries and punch him in the face while Aries goes "YOU'RE A BIGGER ASSHOLE, HUH?" Anderson gets up and walks off, and Aries challenges him to a match tonight. Anderson says he's on, then the director yells "CUT!" and we go to commercial.

    We go to the Aces & Eights Clubhouse, where Devon says he talked to the President, who says that the masks don't come off under any circumstances since those are their identities. Devon says he brought some ladies so they can have some good times like in the old days. But before that, they need to take someone out, and they need to do it tonight. The Vice President gets up and throws a dart at a board with pictures of the TNA roster on it, and Devon says it looks like they figured out who their target is tonight.

    TV Title Match: Samoa Joe vs Robbie T

    T powers Joe into the corner, and Joe tears into him with a pair of hard chops. A shoulderblock doesn't budge T, and T takes Joe out with a double axhandle before pummeling him with forearms in the corner. Joe responds with forearms of his own, but T hits a leaping spinkick (!) and goes for a chokeslam, Joe fights his way out but T gets him a second time and lifts him up. Joe floats out behind T and gets the Kokina Clutch, T backs Joe into the corner, Joe gets the hold again and T fights out again, so Joe jumps onto T's back and gets the hold again. T falls backward and drops all his weight on Joe to break the hold, but Joe goes right back to the Kokina Clutch and T taps out.

    Winner: Samoa Joe

    We look back at Tara beating Miss Tessmacher for the Knockouts Title at Bound For Glory, then we go to Tessmacher as she says she couldn't wait to get her hands on Tara so she can win the title and send Tara and Jesse back to the D-list where they belong.

    Back to Hogan's office, as he asks Angle what he thinks of Bubba. Angle says he thinks Bubba is too focused on his brother, and he understands it, but he'd want to kick his brother's ass. Storm says he got stabbed in the back by his brother, and he doesn't think Bubba is focused on the title match. Bubba says he sure is focused on his brother, and he wants to get ahold of him and get some answers out of him. Hogan says that just gave him the answer he needs, and tells Bubba to go take care of his brother. I guess he's eliminated too.

    We go to...somewhere in the back, as Ken Anderson is yelling at some guy (presumably the director we heard before) and says that he's sick of Aries walking around like some kind of peacock, and since Hogan says it's okay, to go get him right now.

    Oooooh, Anderson's already in the ring as we come back from commercial, that's not a good sign.

    Ken Anderson vs Austin Aries

    Anderson takes Aries to the corner, breaks clean, and goes "COME ON, BITCH!" Well, I guess we know his mindset. Aries takes Anderson to the ropes and takes a swing, but Anderson blocks and drills him back, sending Aries scurrying out to the floor. Aries takes a long count to break the momentum, then comes in and takes Anderson to the corner, shoving him on the break and getting drilled in the face in return. Anderson gets on top of Aries and drills him with more punches, but Aries rolls out to the floor to avoid an elbowdrop. He again takes a walk to break Anderson's momentum, then comes back in and catches a back elbow to the face. Anderson pulls brass knucks out of his tights and stares at them for a moment, and Aries swoops in and nails Anderson before he decides what to do. Okay, looks like Aries planted the knucks on Anderson and I missed it. Regardless, Anderson goes back to unloading on Aries but winds up getting dumped out to the floor where Aries takes him out with a heat-seeking missile through the ropes as we go to commercial.

    We're back, and Aries is beating Anderson up in the corner. Anderson starts firing back and whips Aries hard into the corner, but charges right into his boot and is down again. Aries with a kneedrop to the back of the head for 2, then he drills Anderson with forearms but gets turned inside out with a clothesline. Anderson with more back elbows and a discus clothesline, followed by a rolling neckbreaker. Aries blocks a Finaly roll, misses a roaring elbow, and gets nailed with a spinning enziguiri from Anderson that sends Aries out to the floor. Anderson comes over the top rope and takes Aries out with a crossbody, then rolls Aries inside and covers for 2. Anderson tries the Finlay roll again, but Aries holds onto the referee and falls on top of him. He gets the brass knucks out of the referee's pocket and goes after Anderson with them, but Anderson gets the knucks and the referee sees and takes them out of his hand. While the referee is busy disposing of the knucks, Aries takes another set of knucks out of his tights and drills Anderson with them...then pulls Anderson on top of him and magically kicks out at 2. Anderson is out cold, and Aries quickly gets him in the Last Chancery and the referee stops the match when he sees that Anderson is out.

    Winner: Austin Aries

    Tara and Jesse are backstage telling Brooke Hogan about how many tomato baths they had to take after getting touched by ODB last week. Brooke tells Tara to get to the ring for her title defense, but tells Jesse to stay put and to watch out because she heard ODB had an eye on him.

    Mike Tenay and Taz take over on commentary as we head to the ring for our next title match!

    Knockouts Title Match: Tara vs Brooke Tessmacher

    Jesse comes out with Tara anyway, but Brooke dropkicks Tara on her way into the ring and starts kicking the crap out of her. She hits a snapmare and connects with repeated indy kicks to the back before slamming Tara's face into the mat repeatedly. Jesse gets up on the ring apron and takes his shirt off to distract Brooke and allow Tara to nail her from behind. Tara goes out after her and rams Brooke's face into the apron, then rolls her back inside and now slams Brooke's face into the mat several times before gouging at her face. Tara stops to make out with Jesse, then goes back to working Brooke over. Brooke starts coming back, but Jesse pulls the ropes open as Brooke runs into them and Brooke goes to the outside. Jesse rolls Brooke back inside and Tara hits the Widow's Peak for the win.

    Winner: Tara

    Tara and Jesse make out a bunch, and then Brooke Hogan's music hits and she comes out to tell Tara that next week is Open Fight Night, and she just got off the phone with a very feisty ODB who wants to challenge Jesse to a match. Jesse looks really unhappy at this and cowers at Tara's feet.

    Bully Ray is backstage, and he's...WALKING!

    Joseph Park comes into Hulk Hogan's match to follow up on their meeting last week, and Hogan doesn't want to let him get in the ring with Aces & Eights, but Park says Hogan wasn't the one who was denied his basic human rights. Hogan says he's responsible for everyone who works there, and Park hands him a contract and says that he's free to do whatever he needs to and tells Hogan to help him if he wants, and otherwise just stay out of his way.

    Bully Ray comes out to the ring and says he's been in the business for over 20 years and nothing shocks him anymore, but when the mask came off and he found out that Devon was behind Aces & Eights, he was shock. Devon said a bunch of nothing last week, so he tells Devon to come out and tell him why he did what he did face to face. Devon comes out with the entire group in tow, and hides behind them as he says he doesn't owe Bubba an explanation. They are no longer a team, they're no longer family, they're nothing. Devon did what he did two years ago, and he did what he did, enough said because it has nothing to do with Bubba. It all has to do with Hogan (crowd starts a you sold out chant), because he said he wanted Devon back because he's such a great wrestler and a great champion, but he never called or texted Devon. Hogan and Dixie did nothing for him when he was down and out, and it was Aces & Eights who had his back and picked him up. It doesn't end here, and when everything is said and done, they'll take out each of the people who wronged them one by one. He tells Bubba to go home and leave it be because it's done and Bubba isn't even a threat anymore. Bubba says it's over when he says it's over, and as far as what he did to Devon two years ago, Devon knows exactly why he did it and it is between them. Devon is hiding behind Aces & Eights and is a lying sack of crap, because they had planned to retire as champions, but Chris Sabin kicked out of their finish, and nobody ever kicked out of their finish anywhere they've ever been, but Sabin kicked out on him. The part nobody knew that nobody ever thought Devon would tell the world is that when Bubba had his head down and felt like crap, Bubba will never forget that Devon asked him what the big deal was because they're rich and to screw the fans. Bubba tells Devon to go ahead and deny he said it. Devon said it is true and says to screw these idiots because he doesn't care about them, but Bubba says they're doing too much talking since they were always about fighting, so he tells Devon to get rid of the guys they're hiding behind so they can fight right now. Devon says no because it's not on Bubba's time, and to get his head out of his ass because the world doesn't revolve around him. Devon says he's going home, and Aces & Eights heads to the back. Bubba says this is so typical of Devon because he's a coward who hid behind him, he had no balls then and he has no balls now. Bubba tells Devon to do himself a favor because next week is Open Fight Night, and Bubba doesn't have to think about it because he's challenging Devon. Somebody's going to get his ass kicked, and somebody's going through a table.

    The Mystery Cameraman catches up backstage with Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan, who says that the rules don't apply to them, and maybe it's time to get some X Division gold around his waist. Morgan says that Hogan's days of holding him down are over, and Matt Morgan will do what he wants, where he wants, and where he wants, and dares Hogan to try and stop him.

    We look at this month's contestant in the Gut Check...and it's Christian York! How about that? He says that he's been wrestling for 16 years and had a chance in TNA ten years ago, and he teamed with Joey Matthews and watched him go to OVW and wind up on TV, and wishes they had been able to do it forever. He knows he's not getting any younger and needs to make his mark, and he plans to do it next week in the Gut Check.

    Hulk Hogan is backstage with James Storm and Kurt Angle, and he says that Storm has been through a war and he has a big plan for him, but that Angle's getting the title shot tonight. Hogan tells Storm they need to talk as Angle makes his way out to the Impact Zone for the main event.

    World Title Match: Jeff Hardy vs Kurt Angle

    Angle takes Hardy to the corner and breaks clean, then they tie up again in the middle of the ring and Hardy takes Angle down with an armdrag. Hardy bars the arm and Angle gets to his feet and takes Hardy to the corner, but this time he drills him in the jaw and Hardy goes down like a ton of bricks. Angle continues working Hardy over in the corner, but Hardy comes back and stomps Angle down in the corner and hits the springboard basement dropkick in the corner. Angle tries coming off the second rope but leaps right into an inverted atomic drop, and Hardy does the double leg takedown/basement dropkick/double legdrop to the crotch combo for 2. Angle responds by crotching Hardy on the top rope and charging with a forearm that sends Hardy tumbling out to the floor as we go to commercial.

    We're back as both men wipe each other out with a double clothesline. Hardy recovers first and dumps Angle out to the floor and then wipes him out with a clothesline off the apron. They go back inside and Hardy hits the Whisper In The Wind for 2, Angle blocks the Twist of Fate and gets hits a trio of rolling German suplexes for 2. Angle goes for the Hacker Slam, but Hardy counters to the Twist of Fate and goes up top for the Swanton. He takes about six years to get up there and gives enough time for Angle to pop up to the top rope and hit a release suplex for 2. Angle powerbombs Hardy for 2 and catches Hardy in the anklelock on the kickout. Hardy rolls through and hits an inverted enziguiri, then he goes back up top and goes for the Swanton, but Angle rolls out of the way and Hardy crashes and burns. Angle hits the Hacker Slam and covers for 2, he goes for another German suplex, but Hardy shoves him off and hits two Twists of Fate, then goes back up and hits the Swanton, but only gets 2! Wow, this is a hell of a match, and the crowd is really into it too. Angle backdrops Hardy out to the floor, and immediately goes and rolls Hardy back inside. The straps come down and Angle goes for another Hacker Slam, but Hardy shifts his weight and comes out behind Angle, rolling him up for 3.

    Winner: Jeff Hardy

    Great match, these guys really kicked ass out there. Speaking of kicking ass, Austin Aries runs in and knocks Hardy out, then gets a mic and said with all the pairs of eyes he has, he thought he'd have some in the back of his head. He says that he'll cash in his rematch at Turning Point, not for the Hardy belt, but for the World Championship he had. Hardy's going back to the outhouse and Aries is headed back to the penthouse, and he's so confident that he's going to win at Turning Point that he's taking the original title belt with him for safekeeping.

    Wait a minute, something's going on in the back1 Aces & Eights is kicking the crap out of Kurt Angle, and they run off when Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff come in and chase them off. Wes Brisco yells for help for Angle as we call it a week.


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    Uitslagen wwe nxt 17 oktober
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen Results
     Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match. (c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match. ■Alex Riley defeated Jinder Mahal (3:49)
     ■Trent Barreta defeated Jake Carter (6:23)
    ■Damien Sandow defeated Brandon Traven (6:07)
    ■Kassius Ohno & The Ascension (Conor O'Brian & Kenneth Cameron) defeated Richie Steamboat & The Usos (Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso) (10:26)

    By.Rulez TXN.2012.10.18.HDTV Pt1 (1) door drmasti5050

    By.Rulez TXN.2012.10.18.HDTV Pt1 (2) door drmasti5050

    By.Rulez TXN.2012.10.18.HDTV Pt1 (3) door drmasti5050

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    New Report on The Undertaker's Health and Status

    New Report on The Undertaker's Health and Status
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 10/24/2012 at 08:14 AM

    - New details are coming out about The Undertaker's status for WrestleMania 29 and it's said that The Deadman is not in good shape at all. One thing that wasn't reported after his WrestleMania match with Triple H this year is that the hip replacement he had a few years back was damaged pretty bad.

    There is talk that some of the surgical work he has had done over the past few years is really beat up to the point that he's back to square one. Taker had been going to see specialists in New York but he is so beat up now that WWE has been flying the doctors to his home in Texas instead.

    There is also a lot of talk within WWE that if he does end up doing anything at WrestleMania 29, it likely won't be a big time physical match like we are used to. As we have noted, there is talk of having Taker work the Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant with the idea he can do a few memorable spots before being eliminated.

    Right now The Undertaker is not being figured into any major WrestleMania plans internally. The feeling is if he wants to do it and feels like he can do it, WWE will make room for him. It wouldn't be the first time but it's possible could see The Undertaker skip a WrestleMania in 2013.

    Some people within WWE are under the impression that the "end of an era" hype from this year's WrestleMania against Triple H really was the end as far as big time WrestleMania matches for The Undertaker go.

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    Former World Champion Returning to WWE at RAW?

    Former World Champion Returning to WWE at RAW?
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 10/24/2012 at 07:50 AM

    - People close to Ric Flair are saying that he will be returning to WWE at the October 29th RAW from Charlotte, North Carolina. The belief is that he will be getting involved in the storyline with AJ Lee, Vickie Guerrero and John Cena.

    We've noted before that there have been rumblings of Flair returning but the lawsuit from TNA was preventing that. Flair has canceled at least one upcoming independent wrestling appearance that was booked in North Carolina.

    24-10-2012 om 22:24 geschreven door jefken  

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    More On OVW Airing On SpikeTV

    More On OVW Airing On SpikeTV

    Frank Miller, Director of operations for OVW tweeted the following announcement adding some credence to the rumors that SpikeTV is indeed going to be airing a show based on OVW, TNA's developmental territory. Miller tweeted the following:

    "Come out to Ovw tomorrow oct 24th. Spike tv will be there filming a new show you don't want to miss and your truly will be on it !"

    24-10-2012 om 22:18 geschreven door jefken  

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    *Rumor* OVW Coming To Spike TV?

    *Rumor* OVW Coming To Spike TV?


    TNA's developmental league, OVW tweeted the following indicating that Spike TV cameras will be filming the show tomorrow.


    Big news!! Tomorrow night Spike TV cameras will be in Davis Arena for OVW TV! Be a part of our live studio.

    24-10-2012 om 22:17 geschreven door jefken  

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    Antonio Injured?
     As seen on last night's RAW, WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro wrestled with his right hand taped up. Michael Cole noted that Cesaro was wrestling with torn tendons in the hand.

    23-10-2012 om 20:36 geschreven door jefken  

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    AJ Lee Resigns as General Manager of Raw

    AJ Lee Resigns as General Manager of Raw
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 10/22/2012 at 09:33 PM

    - AJ Lee announced on tonight's episode of WWE Raw that she is resigning as General Manager of Raw due to fraternizing with a member of the RAW roster.

    - After Paul Heyman was denied the position of General Manager of Raw, Vince McMahon announced that Vickie Guerrero has been appointed the managing supervisor of WWE Raw.

    23-10-2012 om 20:31 geschreven door jefken  

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    Uitslagen raw 22 oktober
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    WWE Raw Report - October 22nd, 2012
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 10/22/2012 at 07:39 PM

    Tag Team Tournament Finals: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes

    Tonight's WWE RAW opens right up with Rey Mysterio making his way out to the ring for the finals of the tag team tournament. Michael Cole hypes a tweet from AJ Lee where she was called into an emergency meeting at WWE headquarters earlier. Jim Ross says AJ will be here at RAW within the hour. Out next comes Sin Cara to join Mysterio.

    Out next comes the team of Rhodes Scholars - Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. Mysterio goes at it with Rhodes and gets an early 2 count. Cody drops Rey with a right hand and tags in Sandow. Rey and Sandow go at it. Rey drops him for 619 but Cody pulls Sandow to safety. Cara and Rey splash out onto the floor and take their opponents out. We see Kane and Daniel Bryan watching backstage.

    Cara tags in and gets a pin attempt on Sandow. Sandow turns it around with a pin attempt of his own. Cody tags back in and keeps up the offense on Cara with a big standing suplex. Cody with a 2 count. Sandow comes back in and takes Cara to the corner. Cody tags in for some double teaming and a stomp to the gut. Another tag to Sandow and more double teaming in the corner. Sandow with a suplex and a big knee drop to the chin. Sandow bows and the crowd boos. Sandow stops Cara from tagging and takes him back to the corner. Cody tags in for more double teaming. Rhodes keeps Cara down and taunts Mysterio. Cara comes back with a big enziguri kick as we go to commercial.

    Back from the break and Cara is fighting Cody back but Cody slams him to the mat and drops a knee. Sandow comes back in for more shots to Cara. Sandow drops Cara and hits another elbow drop for 2 as Mysterio breaks the pin. Cody tags back in for more double teaming on Cara. Cody takes Cara to the top but he fights back. Cara with a counter and a tornado DDT. Rey comes in off the top and takes out Cody. Sandow goes down on the floor. Rey takes Cody down with a head scissors and drops him in the corner. Rey with a moonsault and a 2 count. Rey dropkicks Cody and Sandow for 619 and nails it. Rey goes to the top and splashes Cody for 2 as Sandow jumps in front of the referee and breaks the count. Cara kicks Sandow in the head. Rey kicks Sandow to the floor. Cody comes from behind and hits Cross Rhodes on Rey for the win and title shot at Hell In a Cell.

    Winners: Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow

    - After the match, Kane and Daniel Bryan appear on the big screen to congratulate Rhodes and Sandow. They say "hell no" to Rhodes Scholars winning the titles. Kane makes the ring explode with pyro and his music plays as we go to commercial.

    Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty

    Back from the break and The Miz has joined Cole and JR for commentary. Out comes new WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston as we see a replay of how he won the title on Main Event. McGillicutty starts the match and beats Kofi down in the corner. McGillicutty with more offense and trash talking. McGillicutty throws Kofi and takes him back to the corner.

    McGillicutty continues to dominate the match and hits a backbreaker for a 2 count. They go on and Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere for the win.

    Winner: Kofi Kingston

    - We get a look back at last Monday where the contract signing for Hell In a Cell took place.

    - John Cena will speak next. Back to commercial.

    - Back from the break and we see some of the NFL's New York Giants sitting at ringside.

    - We go to the ring and out comes John Cena.

    Cena talks about Hell In a Cell and CM Punk's reign as WWE Champion. Cena says the most truthful thing Punk has said was right before he became WWE Champion. Punk saw change and Cena says at Hell In a Cell, we will finally see change in the form of Ryback. Cena puts over Ryback and says he stands for one thing - destruction. Cena says the face of WWE will change this Sunday. CM Punk's music hits and out comes the WWE Champion with Paul Heyman.

    Punk comes out and rips the NY Giants. He brags about being WWE Champion for 337 days and best in the world. Punk promises that he will walk out of Hell In a Cell still as our WWE Champion. Punk says he likes Cena's new role in WWE - being Ryback's cheerleader. Punk says Cena finally realized that he can't beat Punk. Cena says he came out to let everyone know how excited he was for Hell In a Cell. Cena says it's not that he can't beat Punk, he just wasn't allowed to. Cena says he is now officially medically cleared to wrestle. Cena says he won't mess up the title match for Sunday but wants to whoop Punk's ass tonight. Punk heads down the ramp but Heyman tries to talk him out of it. Punk makes it to the apron and Cena is ready to fight but Heyman is ranting about Punk shouldn't fight for free. Punk drops off the apron and heads back up the ramp as the crowd boos.

    - More hype about AJ Lee and her emergency meeting from earlier. Also still to come tonight is Big Show vs. Kane. Back to commercial.

    Justin Gabriel vs. Antonio Cesaro

    Back from the break and Justin Gabriel waits in the ring as WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro comes out for a rematch from last week. Cesaro slides out of the ring and grabs a mic before they begin. Cesaro says something not in English and turns around to a splash from Gabriel. Gabriel brings it back in the ring but Cesaro turns it around on him. Cesaro with a big uppercut after some stomps.

    Cesaro with a gutwrench slam and more offense on the mat. Cesaro with a huge high knee in the corner and another 2 count on Gabriel. More back and forth action. Cesaro throws Gabriel by the back of his head on the corner. Gabriel fights out of the corner. Gabriel counters a move and goes to the top for the 450. Cesaro hits the rope and Gabriel falls in the corner. Cesaro climbs up for a superplex but Gabriel fights him off. They trade shots on the corner and Cesaro falls to the mat. Cesaro comes right back and knocks Gabriel to the apron. Gabriel kicks Cesaro in the head and he falls to the mat again. Gabriel goes for the 450 and nails it for the non-title win.

    Winner: Justin Gabriel

    - We see a limousine pull up in the back and out comes Vince McMahon as the crowd pops. He has AJ Lee with her and she looks worried. They walk off and we go to commercial.

    - Back from the break and Vince McMahon is in the ring with AJ Lee. Vince says AJ met with the Board of Directors earlier today about her tenure as RAW General Manager. Vince lets AJ tell the results of that meeting and hands her the mic. AJ says because of allegations that she has been fraternizing with a member of the RAW roster, she is now resigning as GM. AJ says some of her decisions may have been unorthodox and some people may consider her unstable but she thinks some people just like a crazy chick. The crowd starts chanting yes.

    AJ says she has come so far and talks about growing up 15 minutes from the arena. AJ says she grew up with nothing, she's lived in cars and motels and gone from being homeless to being the boss. She thought she would always be a poor girl who made nothing of her life but the fans accepted her. AJ thanks everyone and says she has loved every second of the job. She thanks Vince for giving her the opportunity. Out comes Paul Heyman.

    Heyman talks about AJ's story but says there needs to be a new General Manager of RAW. Heyman says Vince needs someone with class, education and dignity, someone who can demonstrate ruthless aggression when needed. Heyman says if the Board needs him to step in, then he will. Vince says no. He introduces someone who is not the GM and who is not the interim GM but a managing supervisor - Vickie Guerrero.

    Vickie speaks as the crowd boos. Heyman suggests that Vickie's first decision as managing supervisor should be reversing Vince's decision of putting Punk into the Cell against Ryback. Heyman calls Ryback a punk eating carnivore. Vickie cuts him off and says Punk will still face Ryback at Hell In a Cell. Vickie is going to show everyone how she will do things better than Booker T on SmackDown by booking Punk vs. Sheamus at tonight's main event. Heyman says she can't do that. Vickie adds that it will be the largest Lumberjack Match in RAW history. Heyman drops his mic and walks off screaming. Vickie turns to AJ and says she knew all along AJ wasn't right for the job. Vickie goes on ripping AJ and says soon she will be the General Manager. Vickie reveals the allegations against AJ are more than fraternizing. Vickie says AJ had an affair. Vickie orders AJ backstage to pack up her things. Vickie tells AJ to leave her ring. AJ goes to leave and Vickie runs her mouth. AJ tackles Vickie and they brawl. AJ shoves Vickie out of the ring and she heads to the back screaming. AJ skips away.

    - Up next is Miz vs. Ryback. Back to commercial.

    Ryback vs. The Miz

    Back from the break and out comes the #1 contender to the WWE Title Ryback. Out next comes The Miz.

    Miz hesitates on his way down but finally enters the ring. He calls the referee over. Ryback comes over and pulls him over the top rope. The referee separates them and here we go. Miz tries to get away but Ryback tosses him out to the floor. Ryback follows but Miz goes in the ring. Ryback enters and blocks a kick. Miz tries to fight back but Ryback scoops him. Miz slides out and Ryback hits a big boot. Ryback slams his head on the mat and misses the big clothesline as Miz moves. Ryback comes right back and knocks Miz on the mat. Miz with a jawbreaker before going to the top. Ryback catches him in mid-air and slams him on the mat. Ryback nails the big clothesline as the crowd chants "feed me more." Ryback hits Shell Shocked for the win.

    Winner: Ryback

    - We get a video for "be a STAR" before going back to commercial.

    - Eve Torres is backstage talking to someone on the phone about AJ Lee messing around with people like Zack Ryder and Primo. Kaitlyn walks up behind her and says Eve is the one who's unprofessional. Kaitlyn has proof that Eve was behind the attack on her. Eve is going to Booker T about this. Kaitlyn grabs her and tells her to stop the nice girl act. Eve smacks Kaitlyn and they start brawling. Layla runs over and gets involved until referees break it up.

    - Josh Mathews is backstage with a Sheamus Brawlin' Buddy toy. The real Sheamus walks in and talks about facing CM Punk in the largest lumberjack match in WWE history tonight. Sheamus says he loves the unpredictability. Mathews asks about Hell In a Cell and in walks Big Show. Show punches the Sheamus toy and Sheamus gets mad. Show tells Sheamus he better get serious real quick because the same thing will happen to him on Sunday.

    Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler

    We go to the ring and out comes one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan before we go back to commercial.

    Back from the break and out comes Dolph Ziggler. They lock up and trade holds. Ziggler ducks a roundhouse kick and they go to lock up again. Ziggler kicks Bryan and takes control. More back and forth action. Ziggler drops Bryan with a big dropkick and stomps some more. Bryan blocks a suplex and goes for the No Lock. They run the ropes and Bryan slams Ziggler hard on his face. Bryan with a submission now.

    Ziggler beats Bryan up in the corner. Bryan turns it around and takes Ziggler to the mat for a Figure Four leglock. Ziggler makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold. Bryan unloads with kicks and fights Ziggler on the apron. Ziggler suplexes Bryan from the apron out to the floor. Bryan goes down clutching his leg as the pyro goes off and out comes Kane. A referee tends to Bryan as Kane makes his way down and we go to commercial.

    Back from the break and Ziggler has Bryan on the mat as Kane watches from ringside. They fight it out and Bryan makes a comeback. Bryan hits the big dropkick in the corner and covers for 2. Bryan with kicks to the chest while Ziggler is on his knees now. They go on and Ziggler applies the sleeper. Bryan counters but Ziggler hits a big DDT for a 2 count. Ziggler misses a splash in the corner, hits the ring post and falls out to the floor. Bryan runs the ropes and dives out onto Ziggler. Ziggler runs up for a big facebuster off the top. Ziggler covers for 2. Bryan kicks Ziggler's legs out and kicks him in the face. Kane gets the crowd hype with "yes" chants but it upsets Bryan, who chants no. Ziggler attacks from behind while Bryan is distracted and gets the win.

    Winner: Dolph Ziggler

    - After the match, Kane comes in the ring and they argue. Kane says he tried to help Bryan. Bryan shoves him. Matt Striker comes down the ramp and tries to get them to stop arguing. Striker says Vickie Guerrero sent him out because she has a surprise for them. Vickie has made up a "therapeutic game show" for tonight that Team Hell No will participate in. Striker has to host it. Their opponents for the contest tonight are Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes. Striker says the game show is up next as we go to commercial.

    - We get a look back at AJ announcing her resignation earlier tonight and Vickie Guerrero being named managing supervisor.

    - We go to the ring and chairs are set up and game show music is playing. This is the Newly-tag Game. Kane and Bryan are sitting in chairs while Striker is standing. Striker has Kane and Bryan introduce themselves. They end up arguing until Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow come out. Sandow asks how dare he invite them to take part in such tomfoolery. Sandow goes on and says they will not be participating. Cody says Team Hell No will get to know them when they beat them at Hell In a Cell for the titles. Sandow says you're welcome and they walk off. Kane says Striker's little game show was a total bust. Striker tries to save it and announces Team Hell No the winners by forfeit. They chase Striker out of the ring. He stops on the stage and doesn't wish them luck for Sunday. Striker backs into a pissed off Big Show. Show throws Striker across the stage and heads down.

    Kane vs. Big Show

    Back from commercial and they're going at it. Show hits a big spear on Kane. Kane fights back but Show beats him down in the corner as Bryan looks on from ringside. Kane fights back with right hands but Show scoop slams him. Show with another and a 2 count. Show with a bearhug now.

    More back and forth. Kane fights out of the corner with right hands. Show fires back with shots of his own. Kane hits a big DDT and covers for 2. Kane comes off the top with a big shot and covers for another 2 count. Rhodes and Sandow come down the ramp for a distraction which leads to Show getting the win.

    Winner: Big Show

    - After the match, Rhodes and Sandow beat Bryan down at ringside and bring him into the ring. They hit Cross Rhodes on Bryan while Kane is still laid out.

    - Santino Marella is backstage with AJ. He thinks she did a good job. John Cena walks up and Santino leaves. Cena says if he can ever do anything for AJ, just let him know. AJ says she did a lot of things she should have been fired for but not this. AJ brings up Vickie saying she had an affair. Cena offers to get to the bottom of it, or something. AJ says it was Cena. She didn't want to drag his name into this. Cena says they had a business dinner once and that was it... how can someone make something out of it? AJ says someone went to the Board and now it's a mess. She thinks it was Vickie. AJ starts crying and Cena hugs her. Cena says he will take care of it and we go to commercial.

    - Back from the break and John Cena catches up with Vince McMahon. He's upset about the whole AJ and Vickie thing. Vince says this isn't the time or the place. Cena tells him to cut the corporate crap. Vince says there was some incriminating evidence. Cena says it was just a business dinner. Vince says Vickie getting the job is likely an interim thing but it is what it is. Vince gets in his limousine and drives off.

    Alberto Del Rio vs. Zack Ryder

    Alberto Del Rio is being introduced by Ricardo Rodriguez as we go back to the ring. Zack Ryder waits in the ring and gets beat down as soon as the bell rings. Del Rio unloads and applies a submission. Ryder fights out with a roll up but Del Rio drops him for a 2 count. Del Rio takes Ryder back to the mat.

    Ryder looks to make a comeback with knees in the corner. Ryder misses the Broski Boot and Del Rio goes to work on his arm. Del Rio ends up getting the win with the cross armbreaker.

    Winner: Alberto Del Rio

    - After the match, Del Rio takes the mic and addresses Randy Orton. Del Rio says he will cut Orton's head off at Hell In a Cell. Del Rio puts the armbreaker back on Ryder as Ricardo screams his name.

    - Cena confronts Vickie Guerrero backstage. Cena calls her a backstabbing liar. Vickie says Cena's little girlfriend AJ can't keep business from pleasure. Cena says it was just a business dinner. Vickie says Cena asked AJ out on RAW, went out with her and now AJ got what she deserved. Vickie says Cena cost AJ her job. Cena walks off.

    - Still to come, over 30 Superstars will surround the ring for the largest Lumberjack Match in history for the main event. Back to commercial.

    - Josh Mathews is backstage with Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler is happy about his victory earlier but brings up the AJ situation. He says one person is really to blame for all this and that's John Cena.

    - We get a hype video for Ryback vs. Punk.

    - We get a hype video for Ryback vs. Punk.

    - Punk is backstage with Heyman. He's not happy about tonight's main event. He says he's already missing AJ and Heyman says not to worry about her. Heyman talks about how Punk will retain the WWE Title at Hell In a Cell and gets him hype for the match.

    Lumberjack Match: Sheamus vs. CM Punk

    We go to the ring and over 30 Superstars begin to make their way out to ringside for tonight's main event. We go to commercials.

    Back from the break and out comes WWE Champion CM Punk with Paul Heyman. The ring is surrounded by Superstars as World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus makes his way out.

    The match starts and they lock up, going to the mat then the corner. Sheamus goes to the floor but the lumberjacks don't attack. Sheamus tosses Punk out now and they throw him in after he runs his mouth. Sheamus drops knees on Punk now and covers for a 2 count. Sheamus with a headlock takedown as Big Show stares at him. Sheamus keeps Punk on the mat. They get back up and Sheamus keeps control with slams and another elbow for 2.

    Punk gets knocked back to the floor and rolled in by the lumberjacks. Sheamus with a neckbreaker and another 2 count. Punk goes to the apron and Sheamus beats him in the chest with forearms. Sheamus ends up on the floor and assaulted by the lumberjacks. They roll him back in and Punk covers for 2.

    Back from the break and Sheamus fights back against Punk. Sheamus ends back up on the floor and the lumberjacks attack him. Other lumberjacks jump in and a fight breaks out. They roll Sheamus back in and Punk hits a neckbreaker. Punk goes to the top and comes down crashing on Sheamus as he stands up. Punk goes back to the top and takes Sheamus down with a flying forearm. They go on and Punk is back on the too. Punk steps down instead and drops a normal elbow drop. Punk hits another neckbreaker and covers for 2.

    Sheamus fights out and runs over Punk twice. Sheamus with a clothesline in the corner. Sheamus puts Punk on his shoulders and rolls through. Sheamus with forearm shots to the chest on the apron again. Sheamus suplexes Punk in and covers for 2. Punk catches Sheamus with a dropkick for a 2 count. More back and forth with pin attempts. Sheamus with a superplex for 2. Punk drops Sheamus into the turnbuckles for another pin attempt. Punk drops Sheamus again and covers for another 2 count. Punk goes back to the top but misses the big elbow. Sheamus hits the Irish Curse backbreaker for 2. More action at ringside. Sheamus hits White Noise and calls for the Brogue Kick. Antonio Cesaro runs in and gets a Brogue Kick. One for Jinder Mahal also. Big Show comes up and chokeslams Sheamus. Punk covers for the win.

    Winner: CM Punk

    - As soon as the bell rings, Ryback's music hits and he comes out. Punk tries to leave but the lumberjacks throw him in. Ryback manhandles Punk and slams him. Punk tries to leave again but they throw him back in. Ryback with a huge slam. Punk tries to go through the crowd again but the lumberjacks throw him in. Ryback presses Punk up high and throws him into a bunch of lumberjacks at ringside. Heyman gathers with a beat up Punk on the ramp. RAW goes off the air with Ryback standing tall in the ring.


    By Rulez MNR 2012.1.22 HQ Pt1 (1) door drmasti5050

    By Rulez MNR 2012.1.22 HQ Pt1 (2) door drmasti5050

    By Rulez MNR 2012.1.22 HQ Pt1 (3) door drmasti5050

    By Rulez MNR 2012.1.22 HQ Pt1 (4) door drmasti5050

    By Rulez MNR 2012.1.22 HQ Pt1 (5) door drmasti5050

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    TNA Knockout Wants To Join The WWE?

    TNA Knockout Wants To Join The WWE?
    Today, 03:21 AM Posted by 404 in Latest TNA Wrestling News & Rumors
    TNA Knockout Sarita, who has not been seen in TNA for quite a while now was recently interviewed by ESPNDeportes, the Spanish language branch of ESPN. In the interview she mostly talks about her time in CMLL, winning the first womens mask match at the Arena Mexico and her accomplishments abroad. Sarita does however give a very interesting off hand remark about her aspirations for the future. Quite a few wrestling publications that ran this story have either no experience translating spanish and/or have botched this article translation completely.

    On joining the WWE:

    "I have many short term goals for myself. The first being to win the CMLL womens title. I would also like to wrestle in the WWE. I am focused on big goals in wrestling on a larger scale."

    Sarita also briefly mentions TNA:

    "In the united stats, [wrestling] is more focused on television and time. We have time limits, it's more focused on [non wrestling] encounters and the style is a bit more dynamic and spectacular. In companies like TNA, where I also wrestle, I try to demonstrate a bit of each style that I have learned in my career."

    23-10-2012 om 20:15 geschreven door jefken  

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    Locker Room Behind Ryback

     Booker T revealed in PWTorch's latest Podcast that Ryback has the support of the WWE locker room during his mega-push.

    "Definitely, I think the locker room is rooting for him. He knows what the respect issue is in the business. He knows what that really, really means, and how far he's going to go or not go (based on respect)."

    Booker also noted Ryback has been around longer than most people think, which has helped him gain respect in the locker room.

    "He's a humble kid. I do think the locker room is pulling for him to do well. The tale is going to be told after he goes out there in the big main event slot," Booker said. "If he can pull that match up and pull that match together. If he can do that, his stock is going to go way up. If he goes out there and flops, it's going to go way down. So, I look forward to Ryback going out there and being able to pull the job off. I really think he can get it done."

    23-10-2012 om 20:14 geschreven door jefken  

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