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    Adam Copeland No Longer Edge

    Adam Copeland No Longer Edge
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 10/13/2012 at 02:51 PM

    - Adam Copeland stated during a radio interview in his native Ontario, Canada that he is no longer permitted to use the “Edge” name for public appearances since he is no longer affiliated with WWE.

    “For me, Edge was just a character. I never introduced myself as (Edge). I never really worried about what people can advertise me as. It doesn’t really matter to me. I’ve always just introduced myself as Adam Copeland. I never really thought too much about it”, Copeland said in the interview.

    “I think if I would have wrestled another five or seven years, I would have regrets. At this point, the rest of my body feels great. Once I get the surgery and they take the pressure off of my spinal cord, I’m going to feel like a million bucks. I feel better than most wrestlers my age; most of those guys are walking like Boris Karloff, while I'm able to run laps! I kind of look at it and go, 'Yeah, I think this happened for a reason.' From a physical standpoint, this is the healthiest I've ever felt."

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    Tara Interview : "I'm Thankful We Have Dave Lagana"

    Tara Interview : "I'm Thankful We Have Dave Lagana"

    Posted Image
    TNA Knockout, Tara, real name Lisa Marie Varon, has praised TNA creative team member, Dave Lagana, for the recent upswing in the Knockouts division.

    In an exclusive interview with Diva Dirt, Tara, who will face Brooke for the title at Bound for Glory tonight, credits Lagana, who has also worked in WWE and Ring of Honor, for the strong storyline between her and Knockout champion Brooke Tessmacher.

    “I think that’s a testament to Dave Lagana,” she says. “I think Lagana took us, the girls division, under his wing and he’s really been putting a lot of thought [in it], not just throwing us out there to have a two minute match.”

    Tara continues: “We have a good creative staff now — Bruce Prichard, Eric Bischoff, Dave Lagana. We have a good team. It’s exciting. [...] They see how well the ratings are excelling, and how valuable the Knockouts are. I’m thankful that we have Dave Lagana.”

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    Pictures Of The TNA Hall Of Fame Ceremony

    Pictures Of The TNA Hall Of Fame Ceremony

    The Official TNA Impact Wrestling Website has posted pictures of Sting's TNA Hall Of Fame Ceremony. You can click on the thumbnails below to view larger images.

    Attached Image: 3b.jpeg 
    Attached Image: 3d.jpeg

    Attached Image: 3e.jpeg 
    Attached Image: 43fbcd0015b811e2b8f122000a1e9e4c_7.jpg

    More pictures of the actual ceremony were posted here.

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    Did An Independent Wrestler Reveal Himself As A Member Of Aces And Eights?
    Did An Independent Wrestler Reveal Himself As A Member Of Aces And Eights?
     Attached Image: A5HemYSCEAAaaXn.jpg large.jpg

    Independent wrestler Jay Bradley posted a picture of a skull bandana on his twitter earlier today along with the phrase "almost time". the bandana looks very much like the same ones members of the aces and eights wear.

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    Harley Race & Vader Involved In Fight
    Harley Race & Vader Involved In Fight

    WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race and his former protégé in World Championship Wrestling, Vader, came to blows in front of fans at today's "Legends of the Ring" convention in Monroe, New Jersey.

    Details remain sketchy, but Race punched Vader in the face after the two-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion became belligerent. Vader attempted to punch back at the 69-year-old—who now uses a motorized scooter to get around—but accidentally struck and hurt a worker who came between them.

    Race and Vader then went into the hallway to discuss their issue.

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    John Cena Says He'll Be Ready For Hell In A Cell

    John Cena posted the following today on Twitter..

    "Just finishing four hours of physical therapy. If @CMPunk chooses me @wwe ill be ready for #hellinacell"

    We reported yesterday that John Cena has another medical evaluation scheduled for Monday and the belief is that they will decide if he will be ready to work the Hell in a Cell PPV on 10/28. "Several different possible booking scenarios" were discussed according to this same report. They'll re-write RAW on Monday based on what they hear on Cena during the morning.

    As reported earlier yesterday, a poll conducted by WWE on Twitter showed 69% of fans wanting Ryback to be the one to face CM Punk at Hell in a Cell.

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    Uitslagen smackdown 12 oktober
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    WWE Smackdown Results (10/12/12)
    Posted by: Elio Cannella reporting for on Oct 12 2012


    Welcome to WWE Friday Night Smackdown and this week we come to you from the HP Pavilion  in San Jose California and we kick things off with Smackdown GM Booker T coming out. Booker says in 2 weeks the World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line. For the very first time, Big Show will face Sheamus. Now there’s a buzz going around the WWE which is maneuver is more devastating? The Brogue Kick or the KO punch? Now personally, he wouldn’t want to get kicked with either one but knows both Sheamus and Big Show and both of these men feel like their move is more powerful. Well, we’re going to find out right now.
    Brogue Kick vs KO Punch
    The rules are simple, both are going to have one shot at the punching bag and the winner will be determined by who has the higher score. Big Show begins to protest and the crowd begins to boo and Show tells the crowd not to boo him. He’s knocked out Randy Orton, he’s knocked out John Cena, he’s knocked out every superstar in WWE. Booker calms Show down and Sheamus says he’ll take a crack at it first. Sheamus takes his turn and scores 1,322 pounds/ sq. inch. Show is up next and takes his shot. Show says he’s not going to do this thinking it’s a set up. Sheamus says it’s all about the spirit of competition they’re just here to find out which move is the best. Show takes his shot and tunrs his back ready to walk away as the meter calculates his score and Show scores 1,809 pounds /sq. inch. Booker declares Show the winner and Show and Sheamus have a staredown before Show walks off. Sheamus says he knows he’s been out here joking around and that’s impressive. But let’s face it, he was hitting a machine that was standing still. Tensai attacks him from behind and that leads us into our first match
    Sheamus vs Tensai
    Tensai comes out and Sheamus not waiting as he exits the ring and unloads on Tensai. It’s turned into a donnybrook as Sheamus rolls Tensai back into the ring. The official calls for the bell and this match is officially underway. Huge clothesline in the corner by Sheamus but Sheamus’ onslaught comes to a halt as he gets caught by an elbow from Tensai. Sheamus back on the offensive though as he dives taking Tensai’s left leg out from under him. Sheamus with shoulderblocks in the corner and Tensai comes back with a clothesline.  Suplex by Tensai blocked by Sheamus and Sheamus counters with a suplex of his own.. Sheamus unloading on Tensai with clubs and kicks. A slam by Sheamus. Irish Curse blocked by Tensai and Tensai with another clothesline. Running senton misses its mark and Sheamus hoists Tensai up and delivers White Noise. Sheamus sets up, hits The Brogue Kick and covers Tensai for the three count
    The winner of the match: Sheamus
    Backstage: Alberto Del Rio assures Ricardo Rodriguez that Randy Orton won’t be showing up tonight. He doesn’t care what Orton said on twitter and reminds Ricardo of what he did two weeks ago and what Big Show did to him on Wednesday. Del Rio sends Ricardo to find Orton
    Backstage: Ricardo is looking for Randy Orton and runs into Santino and his Cobra and says Ricardo should be scared because the cobra is one of the deadliest snakes in the world and another snake that’s just as deadly and that’s the viper.
    Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal vs Zack Ryder & Santino Marella
    Drew McIntyre grabs the mic and says what happened on Monday Night Raw was more than just a simple beatdown. It was more like beautiful music. He hands the mic to Mahal and Mahal says as a solo act, their careers were so out of tune but now they’ve formed a supergroup. Slater grabs the mic and says now their a band.
    Ryder and Mahal start out and it’s Ryder into a side headlock and a faceplant off the ropes followed by a dropkick. Tag to Marella. Marella off the top rope with a double sledge. Hoptoss by Marella, diving headbutt misses its mark and Mahal with a clothesline. Slater tags in and low dropkick to Marella. Punch and a stomp by Slater and Slater unloads on Marella and now tag to Mahal and Mahal tags back in and it’s a double team on Marella. Clothesline ducked by Marella and he misses the tag to Ryder as Slater wears Marella down. Marella with an overhead toss and a jawbreaker to Slater. Ryder tags in and unloads on Slater with clotheslines. Dropkick form the top rope and he lands a forearm to Slater and connects with the Broski Boot. Slater with the front faceslam to Ryder and the cover for the three count.
    The winners of the match: Jinder Mahal & Heath Slater
    We see a Tout from Dolph Ziggler earlier in the week challenging Kane to a match for this Friday’s Smackdown
    Kane vs Dolph Ziggler
    Ziggler with the waistlock on Kane and Ziggler off the ropes caught by an uppercut by Kane. Ziggler punching away at Kane in the corner and Kane pushes him away. Ziggler off the ropes caught by Kane and Ziggler counters with a forerarm.  Ziggler with the clothesline but misses and goes over the top rope but skins the cat only to be dumped over the top rope by a boot to the face
    Kane on the offense and Ziggler trying to turn things around. Ziiggler on the apron with a shot to Kane. Ziggler to the top caught by Kane. Kane goes for a chokeslam but Ziggler counters with the Famouser. Ziggler with a straight punch to Kane and Kane with a punch and kick of his own. Neckbreaker by Ziggler. Ziggler with a series of elbowdrops to Kane. Overhead toss by Kane and Ziggler with the dropkick and clothesline misses its mark as Kane lands one of his own. Big clotheslines in the corner to Ziggler. Side slam by Kane. Kane to the top rope and Ziggler cuts him off. Both Ziggler and Kane on the top rope, Ziggler with a series of headbutts and Kane with a headbutt of his own sends Ziggler to the mat. Vickie on the apron and Kane off the top rope gets struck with the MITB briefcase. The official calls for the bell.
    The winner of the match by DQ: Kane
    Post Match: Bryan comes out to help Kane and they begin arguing and Matt Striker breaks it up asking if they agree that it’s this bickering that may cost them the tag titles at HIAC. Striker then asks for Bryan’s thoughts that he may be the weak link of the team. Bryan then puts the No Lock on Striker and Kane pulls him off. Kane helps Striker up sets for the chokeslam and Bryan begins shouting No. Kane chokeslams Striker and Bryan and Kane continue their Yes/No bickering
    Backstage: Ricardo Rodriguez is still searching for Orton and hears his voice coming from behind a door and walks in to find Hornswoggle playing with a WWE Brawling Buddy. Ricardo takes the Brawling Buddy and smashes it against the wall and kicks it before leaving.
    We then see the Larry King Now segment from this past Monday night.
    Big Show vs Kofi Kingston
    Kingston opens with kicks to Show’s legs but Show backs in him into a corner looking for the big chest slap but Kingston ducks, landing more kicks and Kingston off the ropes meets a shoulderblock from Show. Kingston to the outside and Show picks him up by the head but Kingston snaps his neck off the rope sending Show reeling backwards. Kingston with the springboard crossbody onto Show but it has no effect as Show lands the huge slap to Kingston’s chest. Show charges and Kingston gets the boots up. Dropkick from the top rope by Kingston. Kingston with the boom drop on Show, setting up for Trouble In Paradise but Show stops him and counters with the WMD covering Kingston for the three count
    The winner of the match: Big Show
    Post Match: Miz enters the ring and says this is where Kingston should be and isn’t it appropriate that Kofi is lying flat on his back. This is what always happens, Kingston lying on his back beaten again but that’s story of his life. He always comes so close only to come up short and Miz excuses himself and says he’s going to leave with his head held high and the intercontinental title over his shoulder just like how it’s going to be this Wednesday on Main Event when he beats him.
    Backstage: Alberto Del Rio tells Ricardo to be quiet and a shadow is walking down the hall and Ricardo pulls Del Rio out of the way only to find Daniel Bryan walking in. Bryan asks Del Rio if he was expecting someone else and Del Rio says he was expecting a little snake not a smelly goat. Bryan says he’s the tag team champions and Del Rio says everybody knows he has that title because of Kane and Bryan says everybody knows the only reason Del Rio’s talking to him right now is because Randy Orton hasn’t found him yet. Del Rio says it’s not true and Bryan says yes it is and another thing that’s true is Bryan just got out of Booker T’s office and he and Del Rio have a match tonight.
    Backstage: Layla and Kaitlyn are telling Booker T they found the evidence pointing to Kaitlyn’s attacker at NOC. Teddy then says what they’re trying to tell him is Aksana said she found a blonde wig in Eve’s bag. Booker says they need to get some answers and Eve walks in and pulls out a blonde wig telling Teddy she found it in his bag and puts the wig on Teddy asking how do they know it wasn’t him. The divas begin to bicker and Booker breaks it up and leaves with Kaitlyn and Layla to talk about it. Teddy says he doesn’t know what Eve’s trying to pull but he had nothing to do with this.
    Sin Cara vs Damian Sandow
    Sandow pushes Cara and Cara comes back with a kick but Sandow pushes him down again. Kip up by Cara and Cara unloads with a flurry of kicks. Huge armdrag off the top rope. Sandow on the offensive now.  Russian leg sweep followed by the elbow of disdain by Sandow. Titl o whirl by Sandow countered into a jawbreaker by Cara. Back elbow and hurricanrana by Cara. Cara with the kick to the head sending Sandow to the outside and cross body onto Sandow. Kick to the head but Rhodes pulls Cara off the apron tossing him into the barrier and the official ejects him from ringside. Sandow arguing and Sin Cara springboard hurricanrana hooking the legs for the three count
    The winner of the match: Sin Cara
    Backstage: Daniel Bryan runs into Kane and says even if it looks like he’s in trouble out there he doesn’t want Kane coming out
    Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan
    Bryan and Del Rio lock up. Del Rio with an armbar and Bryan with a punch to Del Rio. Kick and an uppercut by Bryan. Snapmare by Bryan. Del Rio with kicks to Bryan. Suplex by Del Rio. Del Rio misses with the clothesline and Bryan connects with the No Kicks. Bryan ties up Del Rio’s legs and jumps up and down on the back of Del Rio’s legs. Clothesline by Bryan. Bryan back with the No Kicks as the crowd chants “Yes!” Dropkick to Del Rio but Del Rio ducks and Bryan misses. Kick by Del Rio and Del Rio has Bryan tied up in the ropes. Baseball slide by Del Rio but holds onto the ropes and Bryan with a kick to the chest sending Del Rio to the floor. Bryan looking for the running knee but Del Rio side steps and tosses Bryan into the barrier
    Bryan with a punch to Del Rio. Tilt o whirl backbreaker by Del Rio and a kick to the shoulder. Del Rio working on the injured shoulder. Bryan to his feet fires shots into the body. Another titl o whirl but Bryan counters with a roundhouse. Del Rio ducks and kicks Bryan looking to lock in the cross armbreaker but Bryan counters into the No Lock. Del Rio crawls to the ropes and forces the break. Del Rio with the cross armbreaker in the ropes. Del Rio slides back in tossing Bryan shoulder first into the ringpost. Cross armbreaker on Bryan and  Bryan taps out
    The winner of the match via submission: Alberto Del Rio
    Post Match;Del Rio says he’s heard the rumours and talking and the social media is messing with the WWE Universe.. It’s fooling them because Randy Orton will not show up tonight and then rolls the footage of his attack on Orton followed by footage from this past Wednesday’s Main Event. Del Rio says Randy Orton is not a viper or apex predator because the new apex predator in the WWE is Alberto Del Rio. Randy Orton is nothing but a garden snake who doesn’t have the cojones to show up tonight but made the right decision and says he’s hiding in the shadows like a little girl. If he was here, he’d give Orton a piece of his own medicine then begins to mock Orton’s pose. Del Rio coils up only to come face to face with Orton and  Orton launches an attack on Del Rio tossing him into the announce table. Orton looking for the draping DDT but Ricardo jumps on Orton’s back allowing Del Rio to retreat back up the ramp. Orton picks Ricardo up and delivers an RKO onto the announce table
    -End Show-

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    Uitslagen wwe superstars 11 oktober
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    WWE Superstars 10/11/12 Results:
    Wade Barrett picked up the win over Tyson Kidd with the Souvenir.
    Antonio Cesaro scored the win over Justin Gabriel with the Neutralizer.
    Most of the rest of the show was recaps from this past Monday on RAW.
    WWE Superstars 10/11/12 Review:
    So what did this reviewer think as he watched WWE Superstars for October 11th 2012? This show was light on wrestling action, but the two matches that they had really did make up for it. Of course, they have been matches that we have seen on WWE Superstars in the past, but still it was the thought that counted.
    Wade Barrett went one on one with Tyson Kidd in our first match. I remembered loving this match when it happened last time, and the return match really did hold up to standards. Kidd’s 2011-2012 matches on NXT and Superstars really would make the most awesome DVD set ever. Granted only ten people will buy it, but those ten people will get some quality wrestling. Given Wade Barrett is somewhat pushed, he gets the win.
    Antonio Cesaro and Justin Gabriel step into the ring for your quality main event match. Cesaro really shows that he can fit in any style in the world. Gabriel is always fun in the ring. As a result, we get a well worked main event on WWE Superstars. The conclusion is foregone, with Cesaro picking up the win with the Neutralizer.
    The rest of the show were RAW recaps featuring CM Punk and Mr. McMahon.
    Overall, WWE Superstars was a solid show this week. Two good matches were featured and neither of them were bad.

    DesiRulez.Net Pt1 door dm_50788b372608a

    DesiRulez.Net Pt2 door dm_50788b372608a

    DesiRulez.Net Pt3 door dm_50788b372608a

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    Uitslagen ROH 6 OKTOBER
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    Hello everyone and welcome to this week's ROH on Sinclair recap.

    Back to Baltimore this week, so if you all are ready, then let's get on with the show!

    Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show, from the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. Kelly & McGuinness hype up the main event for the ROH Tag Team Titles, then take us to the opening match.

     Survival of the Fittest 2012 1st Round Match: Ring of Honor Television Champion "The Panama City Playboy" Adam Cole vs. Tadarius Thomas

    Code of Honor adhered to before the bell sounds. Test of Strength to start things off with both men jockeying for position. Cole with a side headlock, followed by a shoulder tackle off an Irish whip. Cole starts to go off the ropes, but Thomas kips up. Cole goes for a superkick, but Thomas catches his foot. Cole then blocks a Thomas kick, then goes for a rana, but Thomas headstands to block it. Thomas with a waistlock, but Cole with a wristlock. Thomas goes back to the waistlock, then into a side headlock. Thomas goes for the arm, then backs Cole into the ropes before whipping him off the ropes. Cole, however, sees a Thomas leapfrog coming and catches Thomas on the way down with an inverted atomic drop. Cole with a Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall. Cole with a forearm, followed by a back elbow off a whip for another nearfall. Thomas fights back, but Cole blocks a right hand and hits a leaping neckbreaker for another nearfall. Cole with a chinlock, then when Thomas gets to his feet, Cole goes for a back suplex, but Thomas lands on his feet. Thomas catches Cole's arm off a clothesline attempt and hits a unique knee strike to the head. Thomas then hits Cole with a combination leg sweep/clothesline. Thomas with a corner whip that bounces Cole's back off the buckles for a nearfall. Thomas with a kick to the chest, but Cole with a forearm. Thomas then with a forearm, but Cole answers with one of his own. Thomas answers back, but then Cole rains in a series of forearms to the head. Thomas hits a pair of kicks to the head, but then Cole fires back with a leaping enziguri, but only for a 1 count. Cole goes for a suplex, but Thomas breaks free with a knee to the head. Thomas with a whip, but ducks his head too early, allowing Cole to connect with the brainbuster across the knee for a close nearfall.

    Cole waistlocks Thomas, but Thomas breaks free with a back elbow. Cole goes for a right hand, but Thomas proceeds to headbutt the hand to block it, followed by a Capoeira style kick. Cole goes for a superkick, but Thomas uses his Capoeira technique to evade it, then dances around and hits a sweeping roundhouse kick to the head of Cole for a nearfall. Thomas feeds off the crowd to fire up, then connects with a Superman punch, a pair of gut shots, and a kick to the chest. Cole then blocks a kick, but Thomas dances around again and hits another Capoeira style kick to Cole, backing him into the ropes. Thomas then hits a running Sleeper style neckbreaker that sends Cole out to the outside to regain his bearings. Thomas gets a head of steam, looking to dive, but when Cole moves out of the way, Thomas does a front flip over the ropes, landing on the apron. Cole tries to go after him, but Thomas evades him with a cartwheel. Thomas leaps off the apron, but Cole drills him in mid-air with a superkick. Back in the ring, Thomas nails Cole with a shoulder to the gut while on the apron, then hits a Sunset flip back into the ring for a nearfall. Cole tries for the Figure Four, but Thomas kicks him off. Thomas then misses a roundhouse kick and that allows Cole to nail him with a superkick to the side of the head.

    Cole then hits the Florida Key for the victory.

    Winner and advancing to the finals of Survival of the Fittest 2012: "The Panama City Playboy" Adam Cole by pinfall (Florida Key)

    After the match, both men again adhere to the Code of Honor.

    Kelly runs down the remaining matches in the Survival of the Fittest on upcoming ROH TV in the month of October as we go to commercial.


    Back from commercial, the local team of Fusion DS & Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team come out as they are scheduled for our next match, however we then hear the music of Rhett Titus as he makes his way to the ring.

    Titus: "Whoa, whoa, whoa , whoa". "Hey Fusion DS, I know you guys want this big opportunity on TV, but I am gonna ask you guys to leave the ring because I have a personal vendetta against Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin and I want the both of you right here and right now in Baltimore".

    Fusion DS leave the ring as Haas grabs a microphone.

     Haas: "Rhett Titus, you gotta be the dumbest son of a b***h I've ever seen in my life". "You come out here demanding a match with Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin?" "We beat you in singles, we beat you with a partner, we beat you every which way but loose, you gotta have brain damage if you want a piece of us right now". "But you know what, I know Cornette is in the back, in the truck, get this match sanctioned (looking to ring announcer Bobby Cruise) and let's whip this ass".

    Rhett wants Cruise to get the match sanctioned also. Cruise then gets a message in his earpiece from Jim Cornette, who says that if all 3 men want the match, then they can have it so the match is official.

    Haas: "Hey idiot, you gotta be stupid if you wanna fight us and you don't even have a partner, you moron".

    Titus: "Hey Charlie, I'm a lot of things, but a moron isn't one of them and I never said that I didn't have a partner, brother".

    BJ Whitmer then runs out and nails Haas & Benjamin with right hands as the bell sounds, leading to......

     "Ruthless" Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer vs. Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team ("The Outlaw" Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin)

    Titus & Whitmer lay in right hands on Haas & Benjamin, then nail stereo clotheslines off stereo Irish whips. Titus clotheslines Benjamin over the ropes and to the outside. Whitmer corner whips Haas, then hits a back drop while Titus unloads on Benjamin with right hands on the outside. Whitmer with right hands to Benjamin, who was sent back into the ring by Titus as Whitmer then nails Benjamin with a leg lariat. Meanwhile, Titus whips Haas hard into the barricade on the outside. Whitmer tries to tag in Titus, but Benjamin pulls away, then tries to call for a timeout. Whitmer feigns shaking Benjamin's hand, then pulls him in and connects with a back suplex. Tag to Titus, who nails a running kick to the ribs of Benjamin. Titus with right hands to Benjamin, but Benjamin holds onto the ropes off a whip. Titus charges and then lands on his feet on the apron when Benjamin tried to back drop him over the ropes. Titus with another right hand to Benjamin, then tries to springboard, but while the referee is with Benjamin, Haas grabs onto Titus's leg and drops him ribs first across the top rope. Then, when the referee is with Whitmer, Benjamin nails Titus with a running knee to the head while Titus was draped over the ropes.

    Haas with a series of right hands and clubs to Titus on the outside, then back in the ring, Benjamin stomps away at Titus. Tag to Haas, as WGTT hit a double gutbuster on Titus. Haas drives the back of Titus's head into the mat, followed by a running boot to the head. Haas stomps away at Titus, then places him in the Tree of Woe so Haas can stomp away some more. Then, when the referee is with Haas, Benjamin pulls at Titus's neck while he is still trapped in the Tree of Woe. Haas then with a running knee to the ribs of Titus. Haas chokes Titus in the ropes, then tries for a running attack, but Titus moves out of the way and Haas hits nothing but the ropes.

    Tags in to Whitmer & Benjamin, as Whitmer hits a pair of clotheslines to Benjamin, followed by an exploder suplex to Haas. Whitmer then reverses a Benjamin whip and catches him with a spinebuster, but Haas breaks up the pin attempt. This brings in Titus, who nails Haas with a series of right hands. Titus sends Haas through the ropes and to the outside, where Haas crashes into the barricade. Titus then with a double sledge off the apron across the back of the fallen Haas. Back in the ring, Benjamin with a corner whip and he then charges, looking for the Stinger Splash.

    However, Whitmer moves out of the way as Benjamin eats nothing but corner, then Whitmer rolls up Benjamin for the victory.

    Winners: "Ruthless" Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer by pinfall (Roll-Up)

    After the match, Haas comes in and nails Whitmer with a big boot. Haas stomps away on Whitmer, then Titus comes in to help out his partner. However, Benjamin then nails Titus from behind. The assault continues as Haas holds up Whitmer so Benjamin can lay in a series of right hands and kicks. Benjamin then nails Whitmer with Paydirt. Haas spits on Titus as they each get a leg of Whitmer while they go to the outside. Haas & Benjamin then make a wish on Whitmer, driving him groin first into the ringpost. Multiple referees come out to check on the fallen Titus & Whitmer while Haas screams into the camera as we go to commercial.


    "Inside Ring of Honor"

    • The 1st topic is the continued problems between Mike Bennett & Mike Mondo concerning Mondo's infatuation with Bennett's girlfriend, Maria Kanellis. We go to video as Veda Scott interviews Maria about Mondo.

     Maria: "Just hearing his (Mondo's) name makes me want to vomit". "He's disgusting and creepy and a pervert that's been stalking me, he's slimy and.....but, my boyfriend, Mike Bennett, has promised me he is gonna take care of him, cuz I never want to be around Mike Mondo again".

    All of a sudden, we see Mondo creep up behind Maria.

     Mondo: "SURPRISE!!!!"

    Maria shrieks as Mondo grabs her arm when she tries to slap him.

    Mondo: "MARIA, how you doing?" "I made your boyfriend a promise, I made you a promise too". "Say, how does it feel to get kissed by a REAL MAN?"

    Mondo then kisses Maria once again.

    Mondo: "BOOM, YEAHHH!!!" "That's what I'm talkin' about". "Hey, tell your boyfriend I've been lookin' for him". "Vedaaaaaaaaaaa, Veda".

    Mondo leaves as Maria is in a state of shock.

    Maria: "Sanitizer?" "LYSOL?" "SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    • The next topic is Jay Lethal's match with Davey Richards at "Glory by Honor XI" this Saturday. We see video of some of Richards' comments from "Death Before Dishonor X" before we go to video of comments from Lethal.

     Lethal: "Davey Richards, in Toronto, Canada, its me vs. you". "And if this was any other time, we'd shake each other's hands and have a great wrestling contest and maybe I would win, maybe you would win, but now its different, Davey, because I must win, I have to win, I will win". "Davey, you're a former World champion, you've had the opportunity of a lifetime and you've lost it". "I'm out to prove that same opportunity, Davey, I will not crumble, I will not fail, I will be the man who stands tall". "That is why, Davey, in Toronto, Canada, I promise, I will defeat you".

    • The final topic is that one of next week's scheduled Survival of the Fittest qualifying matches is scheduled to be Jay Lethal vs. Tomasso Ciampa. However, Ciampa was injured against Lethal at "Boiling Point" in August and its unclear if he can compete. However, Barrister RD Evans has something to say about this.

    Evans: "Indeed, Tomasso Ciampa did suffer an injury at "Boiling Point". "But, as the embodiment of the principles of "Survival of the Fittest", he toughed it out for 3 falls". "And now, here we stand at the precipice of the "Survival of the Fittest" tournament and it is far too important for a minor injury to keep me...hmmmm.. to keep us from succeeding". "Don't believe the rumors, my man will compete at "Survival of the Fittest".


    Back from commercial, Kevin Kelly is in the ring and he introduces the ROH World Champion, Kevin Steen, who comes out with Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs as S.C.U.M. is in full force.

    Corino grabs the mic away from Kelly before Kelly can say a word.

    Corino: "Kevin Kelly, as your TRUE partner in color commentating, I'm gonna ask you to leave and I'm going to conduct this interview with the ROH World Champion, KEVIN STEENNNNNN!!!"

    "Now Kevin, you've asked for this time, you didn't discuss it with me and Jimmy and we are waiting with baited breath, what do you have to say?"

     Steen: "What I have to say is quite simple". "I will put my Ring of Honor title on the line against "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin".

    Crowd cheers for Elgin.

    "Yeah, you like him, eh?" "You like Elgin a little bit?" "That's very unfortunate for you". "And that's exactly why I'm out here, I have some things to tell Mr. Elgin". "So, uh, if you can please join us , that'd be lovely".

    The House of Truth's music as Elgin makes his way to the ring with Truth Martini in tow.

     Martini: "Kevin Steen, SHOOSH, just SHOOSH". "Nobody here wants to hear what you have to say". "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin, he agrees with me that everything that is coming out of your mouth is a bunch of hoopla".

    Elgin grabs the mic away from Martini.

    Elgin: "Truth, the only hoopla I'm hearing is your voice". "But, I'm not out here for that". "Kevin, I'm out here because you had something to tell me face-to-face". "Truth is, I have something you need to know as well". "But, I'm a man of few words, Kevin, and lately you seem to be a man of so many, so I'm gonna let you say what you have to say, and I'll say what I have to say after".

    Steen: "I called you out here to tell you 3 things". "Number 1, I don't like you". "Now, I'll explain why I don't like you in a second, but before we step into the ring with each other October 13th, I think you need to think about a little something".

    The crowd chants "Hug it out".

    Steen: "Absolutely not".

    "When we stand in that ring in Toronto, I will have Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino, two men I can trust, the current Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions, by my side". "But you, I see Truth Martini over here, but uh, Roderick Strong is not here, Rhino is not here, where's the House of Truth, bud?' "You say you don't need anybody, fine, now let's get to why I don't like you very much". "I came back to Ring of Honor for 2 reasons, I wanna kill this company, but I also want to steal the show every single night". "And I believe that the general rule of thumb is that I do". "But, in Florida a few months ago, you wrestled Davey Richards and that night, you stole the show".

    Crowd cheers for Elgin.

    Steen: "Yeah, let's give him a little round of applause, I'm a man, I can admit when somebody steals the show, but that's the part that I don't like". "I don't like when people steal the show, I don't like when people take my spotlight and let me tell you something, Elgin, that one night in Florida is NOTHING compared to the 6 years that I have spent, pouring my heart and soul to get this (holds up the ROH Title)". "On October 13, in YOUR hometown, you might have the entire city of Toronto behind you, but it will not matter, because I will walk out of Toronto the same way I did on May 12th, as Ring of Honor World Champion and you know why?"


    Elgin: "Now you're done, I was gonna tell you, actions speak louder than words".

    Elgin attacks Steen, then fights off Corino & Jacobs. However, Steen nails Elgin with the ROH Title belt and then S.C.U.M. begins the beatdown of Elgin. Roderick Strong comes out to the rampway, but then just stands there and does nothing while Martini is begging him to help. Finally, the Guardians of Truth & Rhino come out and clear the ring of S.C.U.M. as we go to commercial.


    Main Event for the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Titles: S.C.U.M. ("The Zombie Princess" Jimmy Jacobs & "The Trouble King" Steve Corino) (c) vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

    Coleman & Jacobs will start things off. Jacobs acts like he wants to adhere to the Code of Honor, but instead, nails Coleman with a forearm. However, Coleman fights back with a series of right hands. Coleman with a pair of gut shots, followed by another right hand. Coleman, with a whip, a leapfrog and finally hits a dropkick for a nearfall. Tag to Alexander as Coleman with a snap suplex, followed by a slingshot senton by Alexander. Tag to Coleman, as C & C do their last sequence with an Alexander suplex, followed by a Coleman slingshot senton. Jacobs comes back with a jawbreaker, then tags in Corino, but Coleman catches him with an armdrag into an armbar. Tag to Alexander as Corino counters a whip attempt and goes for an abdominal stretch, but didn't see Alexander's tag in as he nails Corino with a running front dropkick. Coleman pushes Jacobs to the outside as C & C then hit a combination spinebuster/leg lariat on Corino for a nearfall. Corino reverses a corner whip, but Alexander catches him with a back elbow. Alexander goes for a turnaround crossbody off the ropes, but Corino sees it coming and sidesteps Alexander, causing him to crash and burn.

    Tag to Jacobs, as S.C.U.M. hit stereo clubs across the back of Alexander. Jacobs with a snapmare, followed by a dropkick to the back of the head for a nearfall. Jacobs then with a Hangmans style neckbreaker, followed by double stomping multiple times onto the ribs of Alexander and finally hitting a slingshot elbow drop. Tag to Corino, as S.C.U.M. with a double whip and stereo right hands for another nearfall. Crowd wills on Alexander as S.C.U.M. hits a combination straitjacket neckbreaker while we go to commercial.


    Back from commercial as Alexander is trying to fight his way out of the S.C.U.M. corner, with strikes to both Corino & Jacobs. Corino, however, sends Alexander into Jacobs, knocking him off the apron. Corino gains a nearfall, then sends Alexander into Jacobs' boots. Tag to Jacobs as Corino with a backbreaker, but when Jacobs goes for a 2nd rope back senton, Alexander gets the knees up and is finally able to make the tag to Coleman.

    Coleman with right hands and clotheslines on both Corino & Jacobs, followed by a standing STO on Corino. Coleman charges at Jacobs, but Jacobs moves out of the way as Coleman catches nothing but turnbuckle. Jacobs goes for more double stomps, but Coleman kicks him off. Coleman lifts up Jacobs and drives him into the corner, then starts hitting a series of Northern Lights Suplexes. On the hat trick, Corino comes in to stop Coleman, but Coleman grabs him and hits a DOUBLE NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX on S.C.U.M. for a close nearfall. Crowd is solidly behind Coleman & Alexander as Coleman hits a Tornado DDT on Corino, using Jacobs' body as a springboard, that sends Corino to the outside. Jacobs reverses a whip, but Coleman sidesteps a back drop attempt with a kick to the chest. Coleman then hits a springboard crossbody onto Corino on the outside. Jacobs goes after Coleman, but Coleman uses the ringpost in 619 fashion to nail Jacobs. Then, Alexander gets a head of steam and hits a somersault plancha, landing on his feet, on both Corino & Jacobs. Jacobs is sent back into the ring as Alexander with a modified Glam Slam, followed by a top rope Coleman leg drop, but Corino breaks it up at the last second. Corino goes for a lariat, but Coleman blocks it. Then, Coleman & Alexander hit a version of Total Elimination on Corino. Jacobs nails Alexander, but Coleman sends Jacobs into the corner. Jacobs goes for the Contra Code, but Coleman waistlocks him to block it. Jacobs counters it while Alexander nails Corino in the corner with a running dropkick. Alexander then with a running dropkick to Jacobs as Corino is fumbling around for something in his ring jacket. Coleman places Jacobs on the top turnbuckle as it looks like Coleman & Alexander are setting up for Overtime.

    Coleman & Alexander hit Overtime, but as Coleman is going to make the cover, Corino wallops Coleman with a roll of quarters and the referee rings the bell.

    Winners: Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander by DQ (Still ROH Tag Team Champions: S.C.U.M.)

    Corino sends Alexander through the ropes and to the outside, then sends him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Corino stomps away on Coleman while Jacobs unloads with right hands. All of a sudden, Michael Elgin runs in and clears the ring of Corino & Jacobs. Crowd chants for Elgin as he wants Corino & Jacobs back in the ring. We see a close up of the roll of quarters used by Corino leading to DQ. Truth Martini heads out onto the rampway as Coleman & Alexander get back to their feet and see Elgin in the ring. Crowd chants for Coleman & Alexander as Elgin shakes both of their hands while Martini is in shock on the entrance ramp.

    Martini pouts on the entrance ramp as Elgin gets in his face while we go to credits.

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    Chavo Has Words for Miz

    - TNA star Chavo Guerrero says WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz was recently talking trash about him. Chavo is looking for a fight the next time he sees Miz. Chavo tweeted:

    "Just found out that the biggest pu$$& in the biz @mikethemiz was talking smack about me. I am going to destroy u next time I see u."

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    Diva Works as a Referee
    Diva Summer Rae Working as a referee at NXT Live Event

    - WWE NXT Diva Summer Rae worked as a referee at last night's NXT live event in Largo, Florida. Here is a photo of her in her referee gear:

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    Matt Striker terug in de ring?

     After being attacked by Kane and Daniel Bryan on last night's SmackDown, WWE has an article up teasing that announcer Matt Striker may return to the ring soon. He told

    "I am having trouble turning my head to the right, and there are pins and needles running down my left arm. I was trained by WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz to take my lumps and never complain. WWE Superstars are the toughest men and women on the planet. I will handle this the way a professional would. I can forgive but the fighter in me won't forget."

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    Why R-Truth Isn't Turning Heel

    - When the decision was made to split R-Truth and Kofi Kingston up for singles runs, there was an idea brought up to turn R-Truth heel. That idea was nixed, mostly because Vince McMahon is a big fan of Truth's character and the Little Jimmy gimmick.

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    Former NXT Diva Recieves TNA Tryout

    Former NXT Diva Recieves TNA Tryout


    Posted Image

    Former NXT Diva and Tough Enough competitor Ivelisse Velevz, better known by her FCW ring name Sofia Cortez, recieved a TNA try out last night after the Impact Wrestling broadcast. Number one contender for the Knockout Championship, Tara, revealed that the pair faced off via her offical twitter page.

    Ivelisse was signed by the WWE to a developmental deal back in 2011, but was released from her contract in August of 2012. Velevz is 25 years old and resides in Tampa, FL.

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    TNA Bound For Glory October 14 2012

    Main Event: Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries © for the World Heavyweight Championship:

    Aces & Eights vs. Sting and Bully Ray:

    AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian © vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match for the World Tag Team Championships:

    Bobby Roode vs. James Storm in a Street Fight w/ Special Enforcer: King Mo

    Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher © for the Knockouts Championship:

    Magnus vs. Samoa Joe © for the TNA Television Championship:

    Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow:

    RVD vs Zema Ion © for the X-division championship

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    The Latest On John Cena's Injury
    The Latest On John Cena's Injury

    John Cena's recovery from his recent elbow surgery is said to be slow after he had chips in his elbow removed. He will be on RAW weekly, but it's unknown if he will be able to physically wrestle at Hell in a Cell at this point.

    It's likely that they will hold off until the last minute to pull Cena from the match, but he could still get involved in a Punk vs. Ryback match as a referee or in some other way.

    Punk will wrestle Ryback this weekend at house shows as a run-through of a possible match.

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    Jeff Hardy To Debut New Song At Bound For Glory
    Jeff Hardy To Debut New Song At Bound For Glory

    TNA Wrestler Jeff Hardy is scheduled to debut a new theme song created by Hardy and TNA music producer Dale Oliver this Sunday at Bound For Glory. The new track is called "Reptilian."

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    TNA IMPACT results 11/10/12
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    Bound for Glory is just a few short days away and the Previously on Impact… video places extra emphasis on that. We get reminded of the King Mo-James Storm-Bobby Roode stuff and the Aces and Eights-TNA war.

    - On tap for the show, Bobby Roode versus Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries versus James Storm. The latter of which starts now as James Storm is out to start the program. Aries is still getting more cheers than boos for those of you keeping track of the turn.

    James Storm vs. Austin Aries

    Aries gets Storm in the corner but the ref breaks it up. Aries tries to anger the crowd. Aries takes Storm down with a headlock but both men are immediately on their feet. They circle the ring and lock up. Aries kicks for the advantage and locks on a headlock. Storm reverses into one of his own. Aries sends Storm into the ropes but Storm takes the Champ down with an armdrag. Aries retreats to the outside. Aries gets back inside and the two lock up again. Austin Aries with the side headlock. Aries knocks Storm down with a shoulderblock. He tries something else but Storm is there with a forearm to the face. Punches from Storm to Aries. Storm tries a clothesline but Aries sends him over the ropes. Storm skins the cat but Aries runs outside. Storm tries to slingshot to the floor but Aries returns back inside. Aries knocks Storm out with a suicide dive. Aries knees Storm in the back and has a chinlock applied. Storm gets to his feet and takes Aries off with the jawbreaker. Storm delivers multiple blows to Aries’ face. Storm tries to rush into Aries but Aries gets a boot up. Cornered, Storm receives chops and punches from the Champ. Storm gets angry and corners Aries. His turn for chops. Aries repeats the process but takes Storm down with a snapmare. Aries climbs the turnbuckle and comes down with a dropkick for two.

    In the corner, Aries mounts Storm. Storm reverses and punches Aries. Aries blocks a manuever but Storm immediately replies with a corner clothesline. Storm mounts and punches Aries six times. Aries turns it around and mounts Storm and he gets in five punches. Storm with a kick-russian leg sweep combo to stop the action for a bit. The two trade blows in the center of the ring. Storm knocks Aries into the ropes and teases the Eye of the Storm. Aries gets out of it but Storm sends Aries onto the apron. Shoulderblock from Aries to Storm and he uses the top rope to send Storm down. Aries tries a top rope missile dropkick but misses. Storm measures for the Last Call but Aries blocks it. Brainbuster attempt from Aries is unsuccessful. Storm tries to roll Aries up but Aries holds on to the ropes. Aries takes Storm down with an armdrag. The two run into each other and collapse on the mat. Bobby Roode rushes out as Aries is being attended to by the ref and slams Storm face first into the steel pole. Aries lifts Storm for the Brainbuster and nails it for the victory.

    Winner: Austin Aries

    - Kurt Angle is in the back talking with somebody. I’m not sure who it was but he asked Angle for a ride to Phoenix. AJ Styles breaks it up and wants to know why Angle volunteered to wrestle with Sting against the Aces and Eights. Styles says he needs to get his head in the game and leaves. Angle says Kaz and Daniels are playing him.

    - Hulk Hogan and Sting are walking to the ring and up after the commercials.

    - This week’s BFG memory is from 2011 with Sting. He says the only thing for sure about Sting is that nothing is sure about Sting.

    - Hogan and Sting are in the ring and have full approval from the fans. Hogan air guitars for a second until his music stops. He says they have a little bit of a situation. Hogan says the A&8s made a deal and Sting is getting in the ring. Sting says he doesn’t care and he’s pissed off because they have to live under their rule. He’s mad they took Anderson out but he says they will take Bully Ray on the team and run with it. Hogan grabs the mic from Sting and says “to keep Aces and Eights out of the company, they had to make a deal with the devil, Brother.”

    This brings out Kazarian and Chris Daniels, sans appletini. Daniels says they can solve the mystery. They bring up Bound for Glory and say they can right the ship. Out of all the people in the lockerroom, Hogan and Sting picked the most untrustworthy guy. Daniels wants to know why the World Tag Team Champions of the World weren’t chosen for the gig. Kaz, calling Hogan Thunderlips, say they don’t have hurt feelings but they do have a solution. Hogan cancels the Tag Team title match at BFG, Bully Ray gets kicked off the team and Hogan puts Kurt Angle in the PPV match against the Aces and Eights.

    Bully Ray’s music interrupts them from continuing and he’s out in anger. He says Angle would have been a great choice but this isn’t a wrestling match, it’s a fight. He calls Angle the greatest pro wrestler ever. He says they are in a fight and need the “baddest mother trucker in the company.” Ray says this is a business and they don’t need friends, they just need partners. Ray says they have a common business in removing the Aces and Eights from Impact. He then suggests a match between the World Tag Team Champions of the World against Bully Ray and Sting. Kaz and Daniels plead but Hogan says the match is happening in the main event.

    - We return with Chavo Guerrero’s music playing. Hernandez and Chavo are out with Christy Hemme letting us know Hernandez is the man in action tonight. AJ Styles, without Kurt Angle, is his opponent.

    Hernandez vs. AJ Styles

    Styles dodges an attack from Hernandez. Styles attacks with a low kick. He gives another one. Hernandez tries a punch but Styles rolls out of the way. AJ cuts Hernandez’s legs and knocks him down. Chavo and AJ trade words. AJ tries a sunset flip but Hernandez lifts him up. Styles is there with an enziguri. More words exchanged between AJ and Guerrero. Styles misses a flying forearm and Hernandez slams his head against the turnbuckle. AJ is then sent flying across the ring by Super-Mex. Styles tries to stop Hernandez with punches to the sternum but Hernandez stops him with an axe handle to the back. Hernandez effortlessly lifts Styles into a bearhug.

    AJ elbows his way out of the maneuver. He tries some offense but Hernandez cuts him off. Hernandez sends Styles into the ropes and grabs him on the rebound. Styles slips out and connects with a dropkick leaving Hernandez stuck on the middle rope. Styles is there with another dropkick that sends Hernandez to the outside. Styles slingshots from the ring onto Hernandez. Chavo distracts AJ with words allowing Hernandez to get up inside the ring. Styles leaps off the top rope but Hernandez is out of the way. He rolls and runs into the ropes for some offense. Hernandez is there with a huge shoulderblock that knocks AJ Styles out. Hernandez covers for the win.

    Winner: Hernandez

    - We’re sent to a mystery room with the Aces and Eights. They let us know Joseph Park is fine. They give him some food which he quickly begins eating. The mystery man says it’s funny how common causes bring enemies together. He calls Bully Ray a surprise but not one they can’t overcome. He repeats once again “did you lock us out, or did you lock us in?” He says they may have to put that to the test tonight but regardless of the outcome, they will be face to face on Sunday. Commercials.

    - We return to the show with the X Division champion, Zema Ion, not in wrestling gear. Tenay says it’s shocking how little remorse Ion has for his action. Taz says it’s tough to watch. Ion says he’s living proof that humbleness gets you nowhere in life. He says he’s broken necks, arms and has ended careers to keep the X Division title. He calls it bittersweet though, because he doesn’t have a match for Bound for Glory. There is no X Division. Great decision there to leave ROH, Kenny King.

    Rob Van Dam is out now. He says he’s without a BFG match and was just talking to Hulk Hogan. Hogan gave RVD permission to wrestle anyone he chose. RVD kicks Ion to the ground and raises the X Division title in the air.

    - We’re in the back with Hogan and Sting. Hogan says “he” doesn’t fit in. Sting lets us know he’s talking about Bully Ray. Ray is in the room now and says they’re up next. Hogan says he doesn’t trust Bully. Ray says he hasn’t done anything Hogan hasn’t done. He shook Hogan’s hand last week. Hogan says this is Ray’s test run and if he messes up, he’s done. Sting tells Hogan to cut the crap because he needs his endorsement. Hogan says he’s with Sting but unsure about Ray. Ray leaves and Sting follows sending us to another break.

    - Brooke Hogan is with Taryn Terrell, asking her if she’s ready for Sunday. Tara sends Terrell off and hands Hogan a sheet of paper. It’s a media list. Tara said it’s from her Hollywood boyfriend letting her know what to do on Monday after she wins the belt. Tara says her Secret Hollywood Boyfriend is going to be at the show Sunday. Hogan tears up the paper and says Tara isn’t the champ yet. Tara leaves saying “Kim and Khloe were so right about you.”

    - The tag team champions are out for next match as Tenay and Taz wonder who Tara’s boyfriend is going to be. Ray and Sting, with separate entrances, are out after. Tenay lets us know this match will happen after the commercial break.

    Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs. Bully Ray and Sting

    The ref rings the bell and Bully Ray starts the match with Christopher Daniels. Daniels kicks Ray before hanging a side headlock on him. Ray shoves Daniels off and shoulderblocks him down. Daniels is up but brought back down with a clothesline. In the corner, Daniels gets headbutted in his chest. Ray chops Daniels bringing him down. Ray delivers another chop to the chest. Daniels gets slammed head first into the top turnbuckle. Ray follows that up with elbows to the shoulder. Ray controls Daniels on the mat and asks the fans if they want Sting. He gets them to chant for the Stinger and tags him in.

    Wrestling in a shirt, Sting comes in and punches Daniels. He takes him down with an armdrag. A pin gets two. Daniels stuns Sting with a quick knee and tags in Kaz. Kaz gets armdragged when he hops into action. Ray gets tagged in. Sting and Ray are there with a double arm drag. Clothesline from Ray to Kaz. After a back body drop, Ray covers and gets two. Ray sends Kaz to the face corner and chops him. More chops from Bully. Sting is the legal man now and he kicks Kaz in the stomach area. Vertical suplex from the Stinger gets a two.

    Ray is back in and the pair deliver a double clothesline to Kaz. Huge suplex from Ray to Kaz. Sting is back in as Kaz crawls to a corner. Sting is there with the Stinger Splash. You can hear someone breathing heavily, I’m not sure who it is. Sting tries another splash but Daniels gets Kaz out of the way. Daniels grabs Sting’s legs from the outside and crotches him with the steel pole. The tag champs beat on Sting on the outside until Bully Ray chases them off with a chair. Sting is back in and Daniels joins him. He kicks Sting multiple times. The fans are hot for Sting. Daniels beats on Sting in the corner. Kaz chokes him as Daniels distracts the ref. Daniels delivers a snapmare and follows it up with a slingshot elbow. Kazarian comes in with a slingshot leg drop for a two count.

    Rear chinlock from Kazarian to Sting. Sting gets to a vertical base and elbows Kaz off of him. Sting tries something but Kaz takes him out with a spin kick. Daniels is tagged in and Daniels boots Sting in the face. He covers and gets two. Taz hypes the importance of the match as Daniels points to the sky. Sting gets dropped down with a jab to the face. Daniels climbs the turnbuckle but Sting is up and throws him off. Daniels and Sting both get up and run at each other with a double clothesline. Both men are down.

    Both men tag in their partners. Ray punches both Kazarian and Daniels in the head. He then delivers a backdrop to the tag team champions. Ray whips Kaz into Daniels and delivers a splash to both men. A samoan drop gets a two before Daniel breaks it up. Sting evens the score by beating on Daniels. Daniels and Ray pair up on the outside as Sting and Kaz brawl on the inside. Sting tosses Kazarian to the outside and Daniels grabs the belt. Ray alerts the Stinger and lands a big boot to Daniels. Kazarian tries to catch Ray off-guard but Sting catches him with a punch to the sternum. Sting and Ray shake hands in the middle of the ring. Sting shoves Ray in the chest and demands him to GET THE TABLES.

    Ray grabs a table as Sting takes Kazarian out with the Scorpion Deathdrop. Ray climbs the turnbuckle and Sting gives him Christopher Daniels. Bully Ray drives Christopher Daniels into the table with a powerbomb for the disqualification.

    Winners: Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

    - Sting’s music hits as he and Bully Ray celebrate by pointing at one another. Kazarian is on the outside attending to his partner.

    - A video package for Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy plays. Hardy says winning the title is the last chapter in his redemption. Aries repeats his belief that this isn’t Hardy chasing Aries, it’s Aries chasing Hardy.

    - An interview from earlier today plays. Jeff Hardy says he’s going to give the Creatures what they are waiting for. He’ll be the best wrestler on planet earth after he wins. Later tonight, Jeff Hardy versus Bobby Roode but next after the break is Gail Kim and Miss Tessmacher.

    - We’re met back from the commercial break with video hyping the Al Snow-Joey Ryan feud. Snow is ecstatic over having the ability to legally beat on Ryan. Ryan says he’s overcome so much. He overcame losing out on Gutcheck, getting thrown out but they will be on the West Coast, Joey Ryan’s home coast (?).

    - Samoa Joe is walking backstage as the interviewer catches up to him. The interviewer asks Joe for his thoughts on Sunday. Joe starts talking about Magnus before Magnus comes in. Magnus says he’ll win the belt on Sunday. Joe won’t be able to hide behind politics and Hogan anymore. Joe suggest fighting tonight but Magnus declines. Magnus says Joe isn’t TV but he is. He then says he’s a businessman and won’t fight tonight but will on Sunday when “millions” of people buy the PPV.

    Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher

    Gail Kim stops Miss Tessmacher from raising the title in the air with a boot to the side. Kim slams Tessmacher into the corner and chokes her with her boot. Gail comes flying with a forearm to Tessmacher’s head. Uppercut from Gail Kim. Tessmacher tries to mount some offense but Kim stops her. Kim whips Tessmacher into the corner and charges. Tessmacher gets out of the way. Headscissors takedown from the Knockouts Champion. Tessmacher poses for the Stinkface but Kim scurries out of the ring. Tessmacher grabs Kim hairfirst but Kim turns it against but snapping her head against the rope. Kim delivers a dropkick and drops down for the pin. Two count.

    Kim delivers a bodyslam to the Champ. She plays with her hair for the fans before kneeing Tessmacher in the shoulder. Kim shoves Tessmacher’s face against the ropes with her knees. Clothesline into the ropes gets another two count. Kim continues the domination with a backbreaker. Forearm from Kim. Kim whips Tessmacher into the ropes and comes flying in with a shoulderblock to the midsection. Kim claps and the fans follow her lead. Tessmacher starts mounting some offense with punches to Kim’s stomach but Kim shoves her back down. Kim tries a maneuver but Tessmacher catches her and catapults her into the top turnbuckle. Kim tries to charge but Tessmacher is there with kicks. Tessmacher punches Kim multiple times before taking her out with a flying forearm. Kim gets taken down with a neckbreaker and Tessmacher climbs the ropes. Kim stops her. Kim places Tessmacher in a fireman’s carry but Tessmacher comes down with a pin. Two count. Tessmacher tries a hurricanrana but Gail Kim counters into a big powerbomb. Gail Kim climbs the ropes but jumps down when Tessmacher rolls out of the way. Tessmacher slams Kim face down with the belly to back facebuster for the win.

    Winner: Miss Tessmacher

    - Tara rushes the ring after the match she pounds Tessmacher and tries the Widow’s Peak. Tessmacher squirms out and takes Tara out with the facebuster.

    - Bobby Roode is talking about Bound for Glory when he’s interrupted by James Storm. Storm screams at him for costing him the opener. Roode tries to walk off when Storm chokes him. Roode fights back but they’re separated by Muhammed Lawal.

    - Jeff Hardy is up with his Bound for Glory memory. His is from the 2005 incarnation where he delivered a Swanton Bomb “from 20 feet” onto Abyss.

    - We get a video package for Sting’s induction into the TNA Hall of Fame on Saturday.

    - Tenay and Taz run down the Bound for Glory card. It looks like it’ll be a fun show.

    - It’s main event time as Bobby Roode is out for the match. The commentators talk about King Mo’s backstage interference in the little brawl that just occurred and say he’s used to fighting. That sends us to a commercial break.

    We return with Jeff Hardy’s entrance. Tenay and Taz talk about Hardy’s match with Austin Aries on Sunday. Hardy circles the ring and gives out hugs to multiple people. I haven’t noticed whether or not that’s a weekly ritual but it’s put to an end by a Bobby Roode sneak attack from behind. Roode sends Hardy face-first into the steel barricade. Roode does it again and tells to referee to shut up. Roode punches Hardy in the face. Roode tosses Hardy into the ring and joins him to start the match.

    Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy

    A cornered Hardy gets punches by Bobby Roode. Roode switches it up with kicks until the ref forces him to stop. Roode taunts the fans but is caught off guard with a Jeff Hardy forearm. Roode reverses a whip but Hardy is there with another forearm. Hardy delivers his legdrop and covers Roode for a two. Hardy wrenches the arm and punches Roode in the shoulder. Roode gets to his feet and corners Hardy. Roode delivers a knee. He follows that up with a pair of punches. Hardy fires back with kicks and punches and whips Roode into the corner. He sends Roode over his head. Roode recovers on the apron but Hardy sends him out with a clothesline.

    Roode takes Hardy down by his feet but Hardy sends Roode into the steel barricade. Roode recovers but Hardy flies off with a body splash that takes out both men. Hardy sends Roode shoulder first into the barricade. The referee demands him to send Roode back inside but Hardy slams Roode’s face into the apron. Hardy finally returns both men inside the ring and Roode begs Hardy off. Hardy ignores Roode and kicks him into the corner. Roode reverses another whip and sends Hardy onto the apron. Hardy delivers a shoulderblock and jumps in the ring and into a Bobby Roode clothesline. Roode boots Hardy in the face. He follows that with an elbow. He uses the ropes for leverage as he places his boot on Hardy’s neck. The ref forces him off but Roode immediately returns to Hardy with more blows to the head. Roode throws Hardy out of the ring. Roode retrieves Hardy and tries a suplex. Hardy counters and delivers a vertical suplex of his own sending us to a commercial break.

    We return with Jeff Hardy back first on the mat. During the break, Roode sent Hardy shoulder first into the steel steps. Hardy returned the favor by sending Roode shoulder first into the steel post. Roode applies a variation of a chinlock as the fans chant “LET”S GO HARDY.” Hardy rolls over but Roode changes his hold and wraps his arms around Hardy’s upper body. Hardy gets some punches in but Roode elbows him in the face. Roode climbs the turnbuckle and comes flying off with the blockbuster. That gets a two count.

    Roode is frustrated with his inability to put away Hardy. Hardy rolls to the outside so Roode joins him. Roode slams Hardy’s head into the steps and rolls Hardy back inside the ring. Roode tries a reverse neckbreaker and it’s successful despite some fight from Hardy. The pin gets two. Roode picks Hardy up but Hardy is there with multiple punches to the sternum. Hardy tries a clothesline but Roode counters into a rear naked choke. Hardy falls to the mat as Roode keeps the hold applied.

    The referee lifts Hardy’s arm to check for consciousness. He reaches two and goes for three. Hardy screams and keeps his arm up. Hardy gets up and sends Roode and himself to the corner but Roode maintains possession of the hold. Hardy falls to the mat but is up again. He tries to shake Roode off but Roode keeps it on. Hardy drops down between the turnbuckle sending Roode face first into the top turnbuckle. Hardy leaps off the top rope with the Whisper in the Wind but can’t pin. The referee begins counting both men out. Both men get up at the same time. Roode strikes but Hardy blocks. Roode tries another but Hardy blocks it. Dragon whip from Hardy to Roode gets a two count.

    Roode sends Hardy into a corner and charges. Hardy gets his feet up and sends Roode down. Hardy leaps onto the turnbuckle and comes down with a splash for a two. Roode and Hardy get up. Hardy tries to take Roode out but Roode counters it into a spinebuster for two. Hardy gets places on top of the turnbuckle by Bobby Roode. Roode climbs and tries a superplex. Hardy fights him off and Roode falls backfirst onto the mat. Hardy flies off with the Swanton but it misses. Big spear from Roode to Hardy gets a nearfall. Roode tries the fisherman suplex but Hardy counters it into a quick Twist of Faith. Roode gets up and Hardy tries another one. Roode gets out of it and low blows Hardy for the disqualification.

    Winner: Jeff Hardy

    - Bobby Roode grabs a chair. The referee tries to stop him but can’t. Roode almost hits Hardy but the ref steals the chair and tosses it out of the ring. Hardy is there with a Twist of Faith to Bobby Roode. Hardy gets his arm raises by the referee as Roode rolls out.

    Austin Aries is out now. He says he won’t let the night end with Hardy sitting in the middle of the ring. He has a sheet of paper and says he has some things to say. He says that sheet is what “they” want him to say. Ugh. Aries says since he won the belt. People have been telling him what to think, how to act and what to say. They’ve been telling Aries to embrace the fans and Aries says he’s done with that. Aries says the picture that has been painted says Aries is jealous of what Hardy has. Aries says that isn’t true. Aries isn’t jealous of Hardy’s rapsheet. Aries isn’t jealous that Hardy is half crippled and can’t play with his little girl. He’s jealous of the special treatment Jeff Hardy gets. He says he’s been set to fail. He’s been asking for new music and a new entrance but they’ve been too busy making Jeff Hardy videos. He says he’s tired of people catering to Hardy. He says he’s set up to fail but it won’t happen. He says it’s him against the system and that’s when he works best. The only failure at Bound for Glory will be Jeff Hardy.

    Hardy takes the mic and says his nuts hurt. His neck hurts. He says this Sunday, he’s going to end Aries’ cocky ass. Aries says that’s fine but until he does that, the ring belongs to him. He can kick Hardy out of it but he’s going to give Hardy one last chance to soak in the fans admiration. He then asks Hardy to leave so they can bask in his glory. Aries stops Hardy from leaving with a kick. He hits the Brainbuster and asks if this is what the people want ending the show.

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    WWE NXT Results 10/10/12.
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    CM Punk stopped by WWE NXT this week, as Seth Rollins put his NXT Championship on the line against Michael McGillicutty in the main event. It is now time to run down the results and review WWE NXT for October 10th 2012.

    WWE NXT Results 10/10/12.

    Bo Dallas picked up the win over Johnny Curtis with the Spear.

    Paige and Audrey Marie scored the win over Alicia Fox and Kaitlyn when Paige pinned Alicia Fox with a roll up.

    Leo Kruger picked up the win over Dante Dash.

    NXT Champion Seth Rollins retained his title over Michael McGillicutty.

    Uploaded By Rulez TXN.2012.10.10.HDTV Pt1 (1) door drmasti5050

    Uploaded By Rulez TXN.2012.10.10.HDTV Pt1 (2) door drmasti5050

    Uploaded By Rulez TXN.2012.10.10.HDTV Pt1 (3) door drmasti5050

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    CM Punk comments on the fan incident

    CM Punk comments on the fan incident
    Posted by Aaron Rift on 10/09/2012 at 09:54 PM posted the following comments from CM Punk regarding the fan incident on Monday's RAW:

    “I think the whole situation sucks,” Punk told “It’s an unfortunate and isolated incident. I was up in the stands, surrounded.”

    “Somebody said, ‘let’s push him down the stairs,’” Punk explained. “I got hit in the ribs three times. I was getting shoved and I was getting punched…Then I started getting tagged in the back of the head. Unfortunately, I lashed out in the heat of the moment and I apologize. I’m really just glad nobody was hurt."

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    Big update on the CM Punk/fan incident

    Big update on the CM Punk/fan incident
    Posted by Aaron Rift on 10/09/2012 at 08:59 PM

    CBS 13 reporter Laura Cole posted the following update on the CM Punk/fan incident via Twitter:

    "Just got an update from the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department about the alleged incident involving @CMPunk. The Sheriff's Department says at this point the Fan does not want to proceed any further and there is no evidence that a crime occurred. The Sheriff's Department also says the video is not part of the investigation because there is no investigation."

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    Matt Morgan 'Invades' More House Shows

    Matt Morgan 'Invades' More House Shows


    Matt Morgan 'invaded' more TNA live events; This time around Morgan attended the house show in Hot Springs, Arkansas this weekend. Morgan attempted to pick a fight with RVD Friday night. On Saturday's show in Fort Smith Arkansas, Morgan tried to get involved again.

    Following the Fort Smith show, Morgan wrote the following on his twitter account:

    "Fort Smith AR. Statement? MADE! Biggest one? Still to come!"

    Morgan's taunts and attacks were addressed by Bruce Prichard and D'Lo Brown on this past Thursday's episode of Impact Wrestling.

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    WWE Issues Statement On The CM Punk Fan Attack

    WWE Issues Statement On The CM Punk Fan Attack
    Posted by Dave Mitchell on 10/09/2012 at 03:50 PM

    WWE has issued an official statement regarding CM Punk striking a fan in the face twice at the conclusion of Monday's WWE RAW.

    WWE told

    "WWE security was unfortunately not in the appropriate place at the time. Given CM Punk's persona as a 'bad guy' fans were naturally heckling him, but unfortunately a few fans began shoving him and one struck him in the kidney and on the back."

    "WWE regrets that proper security measures were not in place, and CM Punk apologizes for reacting in the heat of the moment."

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    Fan bragging about his role in Punk incident

    Fan bragging about his role in Punk incident
    Posted by Aaron Rift on 10/09/2012 at 01:47 PM

    Twitter user @DarioTeyes has been commenting on the CM Punk fan incident from RAW. Here is an exchange between himself and another person:

    @DarioTeyes: “@YCDannyBoy: Just saw @DarioTeyes on tv WWE idk how the f*** this dude does it but he does it! Lol” lmao dope huh?

    @YCDannyBoy: @DarioTeyes YesZirr You see that fan get knock the f*** out? Lol

    @DarioTeyes: @YCDannyBoy bro I'm the one that was f***ing with him lmao them he rocked an innocent fan

    @YCDannyBoy: @DarioTeyes haha wtf you do to him? So homeboy is getting paid?

    @DarioTeyes: @YCDannyBoy that guy is about to be a millionaire!!! I punched his kidney and slapped his back hella hard������

    @YCDannyBoy: @DarioTeyes �������������� stfu!! I seen that dude just turn run an clock sum one! Lol

    @DarioTeyes: @YCDannyBoy bro he straight pounced on a poor day white guy. I hit him ran away then ran back and stood next to him cause I saw the camera

    @YCDannyBoy: @DarioTeyes how did ppl not snitch you out? Lol but that shit said that fans saw him hit CM Punk? So idk ha

    @DarioTeyes: @YCDannyBoy cause I dipped fast! Come on now poor fat guy is just hanging out putting his glasses on

    @YCDannyBoy: @DarioTeyes haha calm yourself you aint flash ⚡ ������ for real that's all bad poor dude

    @DarioTeyes: @YCDannyBoy lol I made power moves!! He's not poor anymore lol bout to make some money

    @YCDannyBoy: @DarioTeyes they going catch you slipping an you going be f***ed lol

    @DarioTeyes: @YCDannyBoy no one ever has and no one ever will

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    Recent Incident With WWE Star and Vince McMahon

    Recent Incident With WWE Star and Vince McMahon
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 10/09/2012 at 09:21 AM

    - As we have noted, Vince McMahon was upset at last night's RAW and told the writers that he needs results now or he needs resignations. The scene was described as frightening in terms of Vince's tone and demeanor. Besides pressure from NBC Universal to fix the ratings, it's said that last week's 2.5 rating was a big slap in the face to Vince after a number of top talents voiced their concern to him.

    A number of top talents have reportedly gone to Vince in recent weeks to complain about how the writing is bad and change is needed. At last week's RAW, Vince was in a bad mood after having a back-and-forth with one of the top talents in front of other people.

    We have not been able to confirm who the top talent was but they basically told Vince in front of other people that the WWE writing sucks, that Vince is doing whatever he wants and that WWE is going off a cliff without anything being done about it. The talent then told Vince that he needs to listen to everyone else because he doesn't have his finger on WWE's pulse anymore, basically telling Vince that he's out of touch. The talent told Vince that when WWE goes to "hell in a handbasket" then it will be all Vince's fault.

    Apparently several other people got through to Vince during the week and these factors played a big part in the changes made at RAW last night. As noted, expect to hear about more changes in the next few weeks.

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    Fan That Was Attacked By Punk Files Police Report

    Fan That Was Attacked By Punk Files Police Report
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 10/09/2012 at 09:07 AM

    - The incident with WWE Champion CM Punk striking a fan at last night's RAW in Sacramento, California has been picked up by mainstream media outlets this morning. People in WWE expect it to be a major story over the next week or so.

    The fan who was seen in the video being hit by Punk spoke with CBS 13 reporter Laura Cole, who was in attendance for RAW last night. Cole approached the man for comments. He told her he never hit Punk. The fan says his face was "a little warm" after the assault and says Punk broke his glasses. Police walked up as Cole was interviewing the fan and asked to speak with him. Cole added that the man was filing a Police report against Punk.

    Since last night, it has been made clear that Punk struck the wrong fan.

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    News from House of Hardcore

    Here are some more notes from this past weekend's House of Hardcore debut show from Tommy Dreamer:

    * ECW Original Tony DeVito worked backstage helping to run things. Edge was also helping out backstage. Backstage visitors included former WWE developmental Diva Ivelisse Velez, TNA's Rosita, Beulah McGillicutty and indy talents.

    * Scott Steiner, Rick Steiner and Edge were all big draws for the pre-show autograph session.

    * There are plans for a House of Hardcore 2 show but word is that it may not happen until May of 2013. The event will be edited for a DVD release. There was talk of doing an iPPV but the feeling was that there are too many internet pay-per-views out there right now.

    * The only injury of the night was Daivari getting a tooth knocked out thanks to a stiff kick from Crowbar.

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    WWE Tag Team Splits Up

     After losing to The Prime Time Players in the WWE Tag Team Championship No. 1 Contenders' Tournament last Friday on SmackDown, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth have amicably parted ways. The duo announced in a video posted on that they have accomplished everything they wanted to do as a tag team and want continue their careers as singles competitors.

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    What Happened After WWE Raw
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    What Happened After WWE Raw
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 10/09/2012 at 12:07 AM

    - After Raw went off the air, Sheamus faced CM Punk in a match. Sheamus got the victory after Punk grabbed the mic and said "This is how you win" and then used it to low blow Sheamus. Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick afterward.

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    Big change to WWE's creative team

    Big change to WWE's creative team
    Posted by Aaron Rift on 10/08/2012 at 07:32 PM


    According to Dave Meltzer, Brian Gewirtz has been removed as the head writer of RAW after having the job for more than ten years. Gewirtz is still under contract as a consultant.

    Vince McMahon is said to be in a bad mood backstage at RAW. "I want results or I want resignations" was a quote from McMahon provided to Meltzer.

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    CM punk slaat toeschouwer

    Punk baande zich na z'n kamp een weg door het publiek. Aanvankelijk gingen de fans uit hun dak en probeerden ze allemaal een glimp van de bad boy op te vangen. Maar door het gedrum viel de WWE Champion even uit z'n rol. Een fan die ongelukkig tegen Punk werd geduwd, moest dat prompt bekopen met een mep op z'n muil.

    Op 7 november houdt de WWE Smackdown World Tour halt in Vorst Nationaal. Fans met kaartjes mogen alvast op hun beide oren slapen: CM Punk reist niet mee af naar Brussel.

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    Uitslagen raw 8 oktober
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    - Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up from Sacramento, California with Michael Cole welcoming us. We go right to the ring and out comes John Cena to a very mixed reaction.
    Cole is joined by Jim Ross and JBL on commentary as Cena makes his way to the ring. Cena says he missed everyone and asks if the fans missed him. He’s answered with cheers and boos. He says one week off felt like a year but it’s good to be back in the ring. Cena says it took him a week off to realize what really was going on in WWE. He talks about Team Hell No, Antonio Cesaro, the WWE Divas and AJ Lee. Cena says AJ has lost her mind but not her charm. Cena says he would like to take AJ on a date. Cena brings up Vince McMahon being here and Arnold Schwarzenegger being the Social Media Ambassador. Cena says Larry King is here tonight. Cena gets the fans riled up. Cena says he and the fans don’t have a voice. He says CM Punk stole the voice of WWE. Some fans start chanting for Punk. Cena talks about Hell In a Cell and says that match could be a moment people remember Punk for. Cena hopes the fans tell Punk how they feel when he comes out tonight. Cena wants the match at Hell In a Cell. Cena says Punk sometimes simply just isn’t a man.
    Cena tells Punk not to be a punk and face him at Hell In a Cell. Cena thanks the fans for letting him speak and goes to leave. Ryback’s music hits and out he comes.
    Ryback vs. Primo and Epico
    Ryback and Cena exchange a look as they walk past each other on the ramp. Ryback hits the ring as we see a replay from last week of Ryback coming out at the end of the Jim Ross Appreciation Night segment with Punk and Paul Heyman. Back to tonight and out comes Ryback’s opponents Primo and Epico with Rosa Mendes.
    Ryback drops Primo and catches a kick from Epico. Ryback drops Epico and slams Primo onto him. Epico tries to attack from behind but it doesn’t phase Ryback. They double team him and get him on the mat. Primo and Epico stomp away and drop elbows on Ryback. They try a few pin attempts but barely get a count. More double teaming but the fans start chanting for Ryback. Primo holds Ryback while Epico slaps him. Ryback fights them off and hits two pairs of clotheslines. Ryback grabs them both for a double Shellshocked and nails it for the win.
    Winner: Ryback
    - We get hype for Vince McMahon’s return before going to commercial.
    Brodus Clay vs. R-Truth
    Back from the commercial and out comes Brodus Clay with Naomi and Cameron. R-Truth waits at ringside and comes in with Little Jimmy. Truth takes a mic and apologizes to Brodus. Truth says they can fight some other time because Jimmy is going through puberty and he wants to dance. Truth has Clay’s music played again. The invisible Little Jimmy dances with Truth, Clay, Cameron and Naomi. Vince McMahon appears on the big screen and tells them to dance up the ramp so he can give the State of WWE Address. Vince has the music played again as everyone dances out of the ring. Back to commercial.
    - Back from the break and out comes Vince McMahon to give a State of WWE Address. Vince heads to the ring to a big pop from the crowd.
    Vince says the state of WWE is an invisible little boy dancing in the ring. He says there’s room for that in WWE with other stuff like goat faced vegans, masked luchadors and more. Vince says the most important thing in WWE is the action. The fans want to see the best of the best. He’s interrupted by the music and out comes WWE Champion CM Punk with Paul Heyman right behind him. Punk mocks Vince as he heads down the ramp.
    Punk is wearing his new yellow t-shirt and Vince calls it ugly. Punk circles around Vince and stops. Vince says Punk is disrespecting him by interrupting his address. Punk says disrespect is Vince out here talking about what the fans want to see and talking about the best without mentioning him. Punk says that must have been a shot at him because he wont face Cena at Hell In a Cell. Pun says the General Manager Vince hired is the one who left the decision up to him. Punk says he gave Cena a shot at Night of Champions and he couldn’t get the job done. Punk knocks the fans now and they boo him. Punk then rips into the fans who cheer him. He says people in the back don’t respect him and neither do the fans. Punk asks Vince if he respects him.
    Vince respects Punk’s current title reign but doesn’t respect the fact that Punk considers himself a “Paul Heyman guy.” Vince says he’s not a “CM Punk guy.” Punk is glad Vince found his grapefruits and can say that to his face. Punk says Vince should be a Punk guy because Punk is the best in the world. Punk says he used to just be a spoke on the wheel but now he’s the wheel. Punk says he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to WWE and he’s the best thing Vince has right now. Punk gets in Vince’s face now. Heyman tries to calm Punk down but can’t. Punk says Vince should be on his knees right now. Punk says fans don’t care about Jim Ross or Jerry Lawler and asks where CM Punk Appreciation Night is. Punk says maybe if he doesn’t get the respect he deserves, he will hop the rail and quit. Punk says maybe he will blow Vince a kiss but this time he’s not coming back.
    Vince asks Punk if he thinks he’s the reason for all WWE’s success. Punk says he’s the reason Vince still has money to fuel up his jet. Vince says no individual makes WWE a success – the WWE Universe does. Vince says he listens to the fans everywhere, every tout, every tweet. Vince says right now the fans want someone to shut Punk’s mouth. Vince says Punk is nowhere near the caliber of Andre the Giant, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Triple H or Steve Austin. Punk says he is nothing like Steve Austin. Punk says Austin made it to the top by taking shortcuts and starts ripping into him. Punk says Austin got famous by beating up a clueless and inept millionaire. Punk says that clueless inept millionaire is now a senior citizen. Punk asks Vince if he’s getting mad. Punk goes on and slaps Vince in the face, knocking him to the mat. Punk exits the ring laughing as Vince gets up. Punk and Heyman head up the ramp. Vince says he should fire Punk but right now that’s too good for him. Vince says he will fire Punk unless he fights him in the ring tonight. Vince says Punk may beat his ass but he will learn about respect before the night is over. Heyman tells Punk no but Punk is smiling. Heyman says things just went wrong but Punk says they have Vince right where they want him. Back to commercial.
    - Back from the break and we see what just happened between Vince McMahon and CM Punk. Cole plugs tonight’s Social Media Ambassador Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    Tag Team Tournament Match: Titus O’Neil and Darren Young vs. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara
    We go to the ring and Darren Young is dancing with Titus O’Neil. Out come their opponents Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara for a semi-finals tournament match.
    Young starts off with Cara and they go at it. Cara takes control and unleashes on Young. Rey tags in and they dump Young to the floor. Rey runs from the apron and splashes Young on the floor. Titus comes over but Rey ducks. Cara leaps out of the ring and takes Titus down on the floor as we go to commercial.
    Back from the break and Titus is in control of Mysterio. Young comes in and they double team him. Young with a bear hug now. Young takes Cara to the top and works him over. Cara comes down with a tornado DDT. Cara tags in Rey. He comes off the top with a senton on Young. Rey knocks Titus off the apron and goes back to work on Young. Rey with a 2 count as Titus breaks the pin. Cara kicks Titus and dropkicks him out of the ring. Young goes for Cara and drops him over his knees. Rey slides out of Young’s finisher and nails 619. Rey goes to the top for the splash and the win. Rey and Cara advance to the finals.
    Winners: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara
    - Paul Heyman and CM Punk are backstage. Punk wants to annihilate Vince tonight but Heyman doesn’t want a crazy billionaire trying to make their life miserable. Punk says he will win and they have nothing to worry about.
    - Still to come tonight, Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus. Back to commercial.
    - Back from the break and we see John Cena’s appearance and the segment with Punk and Vince from earlier.
    Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus
    We go to the ring and out comes Wade Barrett. The World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus is out next.
    They lock up and go to the corners but fight out. Before they can even break, the music hits and out comes Big Show. Sheamus watches as Show walks down to ringside. Barrett backs Sheamus to the corner and works him over. Sheamus ducks a clothesline and takes Barrett to the mat. Sheamus with another headlock takedown. Sheamus with a shoulder and a pin attempt. They go back to the corner and Barrett turns it around. Sheamus comes back in with a battering ram and another headlock takedown.
    Back from the break and they’re going at it. Sheamus clotheslines Barrett to the floor. Sheamus with a big uppercut. Sheamus goes to toss Barrett into the steel steps but he steps over and back kicks Sheamus in the face. Barrett poses as the crowd pops and Big Show smiles. Barrett brings it back in the ring for a 2 count. Barrett continues the assault on Sheamus and keeps him grounded on the mat now. Sheamus fights to his feet but Barrett drops him with a knee to the gut. Barrett with right hands to the face now. Barrett with knees to the front now. Barrett knocks Sheamus down on the apron with a huge boot to the face. 2 count for Barrett.
    Barrett with an elbow from the ropes but Sheamus moves. Sheamus makes a comeback and knocks Barrett down several times. Sheamus with shoulder thrusts and a knee lift. Sheamus scoops Barrett but he slides out. Barrett with a kick to the gut. Sheamus blocks a pumphandle slam and throws Barrett to the floor. Barrett comes back in but Sheamus hits him with forearm shots to the chest on the apron. Out of nowhere Tensai attacks and beats Sheamus down for the DQ.
    Winner by DQ: Sheamus
    - After the bell, Tensai and Barrett continue the beatdown on Sheamus. Big Show gets up smiling and walks over to the ring. Sheamus drops Tensai with a Brogue Kick and sends Barrett out of the ring. Show comes in and blocks a Brogue Kick. Show dumps Sheamus over the top rope and he hits the back of his head hard on the floor. Sheamus gets back in the ring ready to fight but Show walks up the ramp and to the back.
    - More hype for Vince vs. Punk as the announcers argue. JR says he’s going to talk to Vince right now and gets up to walk to the back. Still to come tonight is Team Hell No vs. Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio. Back to commercial.
    - Still to come, Larry King will interview The Miz.
    - We go backstage and AJ Lee is there when CM Punk walks in. Punk asks if she’s given any thought to him beating up an old man on her show. Punk says he is going to break Vince. AJ says Punk is too scared to fight Cena and wonders if he’s too scared to fight Vince too. Punk says he was just giving AJ a chance to save her job but now anything that happens will be her fault. Punk walks off.
    - JR is backstage looking for Vince. JBL and Cole show us footage from Cena’s earlier appearance on Live with Kelly & Michael.
    Antonio Cesaro vs. Tyson Kidd
    Back from the break and we see footage of Antonio Cesaro defeating Brodus Clay last week. Tyson Kidd waits in the ring as the WWE United States Champion makes his way out.
    We see footage from earlier in the day where Cesaro was in the arena dissing the concession food and American fans. They lock up and go at it. Cesaro takes Kidd down and mocks him before working on the arm. Kidd goes back and forth now. 2 count by Kidd. Cesaro cuts Kidd off with a big boot and works him over in the corner. More back and forth action. Cesaro drops knees to the face and Kidd ends up on the floor.
    Kidd turns it around on the floor and leaps through the ropes to take Cesaro down. Kidd brings it back in the ring for another unique pin attempt. Kidd goes on and leg drops Cesaro’s head on the apron. Kidd springboards in with an elbow drop but Cesaro moves. Cesaro lifts Kidd in the air and hits him with the big uppercut on the way down. Cesaro nails the Neutralizer for the win.
    Winner: Antonio Cesaro
    - Still to come, Del Rio and Ziggler vs. Team Hell No. Back to commercial.
    Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan and Kane
    Back from the break and out comes Vickie Guerrero to introduce Dolph Ziggler. Ricardo Rodriguez is out next to handle the introduction of Alberto Del Rio. Out next comes one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan. Kane is out next.
    Kane and Bryan argue to start the match. Bryan starts out with Ziggler. Ziggler drops Bryan and shows off some. Bryan turns it around and teases Kane with a tag. Ziggler works Bryan over and tags in Del Rio. Kane tags himself in and works over Del Rio in the corner. More back and forth. Ziggler comes in and Kane drops him with a right hand. Kane with more offense and a dropkick to the face. Ziggler turns it around and beats on Kane in the corner. Kane tosses him to the floor and Bryan tags himself in. Bryan leaps from the apron and hits knees on Ziggler on the floor. We go to commercial.
    Back from the break and Kane drops Ziggler with a boot. Bryan comes in and continues the offense on Ziggler. Bryan drops Ziggler in the corner and tags him up top. Bryan with a hurricanrana but Ziggler turns it into a roll up for 2. Ziggler dropkicks Bryan. Del Rio comes in for some double teaming and a 2 count. Del Rio with a headlock now. More back and forth action with Del Rio and Ziggler in control. Ziggler shows off and hits a neckbreaker. Ziggler with another pin attempt. Del Rio comes back in with a suplex and a 2 count on Bryan. Bryan turns it around and kicks Del Rio down. Bryan misses a dropkick in the corner and Ziggler tags back in for a 2 count. Bryan fights out of a headlock and dodges a splash in the corner from Ziggler. Ziggler stops a tag and back in comes Del Rio. More back and forth. Del Rio with a backbreaker on Bryan for 2. Ziggler comes back in but Bryan trades shots with him. The end finally comes when Kane tags himself in and chokeslams Ziggler.
    Winners: Team Hell No
    - More hype for Vince vs. Punk. Jim Ross is backstage with Vince McMahon now. Ross talks about the JR Appreciation segment from after RAW last week. Ross said Vince called him a friend and Ross doesn’t want Vince to fight Punk tonight. Ross brings up what happened to Jerry Lawler after he faced Punk. Vince wants Ross to call his match tonight. Vince has Ross do some play-by-play right now and Vince likes it. Ross says Vince is making a mistake. Back to commercial.
    - Back from the break and Larry King is out set up on the stage with his wife and Larry King Now co-host on Hulu Plus. The music interrupts and out comes WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz. Miz talks about it being his birthday. Miz wants Larry and his wife to sing happy birthday to him. King says nobody cares if it’s Miz’s birthday. King says he’s going to replace a boring guest with a new guest and out comes Kofi Kingston.
    Kofi comes out and takes a seat. He talks about doing media for WWE and Miz cuts him off. Miz insults King and Kofi. Miz insults King and tells him to get off the stage. Miz goes no and King’s wife stands up. She tosses water in Miz’s face. Kofi attacks Miz and tosses him off the stage. Kofi leaps off the stage and takes Miz out. They brawl into the back as King and his wife wave goodbye to the fans.
    - Still to come tonight, Punk vs. Vince. We get plugs for WWE ’13 before going back to commercial.

    Tag Team Tournament Match: Zack Ryder and Santino Marella vs. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow
    The team of Zack Ryder and Santino Marella are out first followed by Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. Cody starts things off with Ryder and takes control. Ryder with an early pin attempt. And another. More offense and another pin attempt from Ryder. Sandow tags in, drops Ryder and works him over for a 2 count. Double teaming and more offense from Sandow and Rhodes.
    The end comes when Cody blocks the Cobra and hits a Disaster Kick for the win. Rhodes and Sandow advance to the finals.
    Winners: Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow
    - After the match, Rhodes and Sandow leave. Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre come out. They count to three before attacking both men. They dump Ryder out of the floor before stomping away on Santino and trying to act like rock stars.
    - Vince is backstage warming up when Paul Heyman walks in. He’s here to apologize for Punk’s action. Heyman said he knew nothing about the challenge or the slap. Heyman wants to broker the peace between Vince and Punk. Vince asks if Heyman even knows when he is lying or telling the truth. Vince says Heyman has been poisoning Punk’s mind for years. Heyman says he’s here for Vince’s sake, not Punk’s sake. Heyman begs Vince to not let Punk do to him what Brock Lesnar did to Triple H. Heyman walks off.
    - WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres is headed to the ring as we go to commercial.
    WWE Divas Title Match: Kaitlyn vs. Eve Torres
    Back from the break and Layla is on commentary. WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres makes her way out. Kaitlyn is out next. This is her title shot from Night of Champions.
    The match starts and Kaitlyn unloads on Eve. Kaitlyn with an early pin attempt. Kaitlyn continues and goes for another pin attempt. Kaitlyn lifts Eve up on her shoulders for a backbreaker submission. Eve counters and takes out Kaitlyn’s leg. Kaitlyn comes back with another backbreaker but her ankle goes out. Eve takes out the leg again and goes to work on it. Eve stands on Kaitlyn’s injured ankle and continues the attack on it.
    Eve with a submission in the middle of the ring now. Kaitlyn finally taps out to end it.
    Winner: Eve Torres
    - After the match, Eve won’t let go of the submission. Layla comes in and Eve breaks it. Layla checks on Kaitlyn as Eve acts like she’s concerned. Layla shoves Eve into the ropes. Eve plays nice and heads to the back.
    - Alberto Del Rio is backstage walking with Ricardo. Josh Mathews shows a tweet from Randy Orton where he says he’s coming to SmackDown. Del Rio doesn’t want to hear about it. Del Rio gets upset when he hears Orton will be at SmackDown and walks off. Back to commercial.
    - Larry King is backstage walking with his wife. Daniel Bryan walks up. Bryan needs advice on people calling him a goat face. Bryan hits on King’s wife but she doesn’t make a habit of dating trolls who live under bridges. King tells Bryan he should just accept the nickname. Kane comes up and they start arguing. King and his wife have already walked off.
    - Punk is backstage warming up. Heyman is still trying to talk him out of the fight with Vince. Heyman has an idea – Punk delivers such a beating to Vince that he’s helpless and hopeless so bad that he can’t make another decision for the rest of his life. Punk says he’s going to victimize Vince and enjoy every second of it. Back to commercial.
    Vince McMahon vs. CM Punk
    Back from the break and out comes Vince McMahon to the ring. CM Punk attacks from behind and beats him down in front of the ring. Punk wails away on Vince and beats him while he’s down. Punk rolls Vince in the ring. Vince stands up and spears Punk with a tackle. Vince with right hands. Punk rolls over and mounts him with right hands. Vince rolls back over for more offense. Punk drops Vince with a kick to the head and the bell still hasn’t rang yet.
    It appears Vince is bleeding now. Punk tosses him out of the ring and follows. Punk slams Vince’s head into the announcers table a few times. Punk snatches Cole’s headset, yells something at Vince and slams his face into the table again. Punk scoops Vince and walks with him on his shoulders but Vince slides out and shoves Punk into the ring post. Vince’s eye is messed up also. Vince tosses Punk over the top of the announce table. Vince grabs a mic and says now he’s going to teach Punk about respect. Vince leaps over the table and attacks Punk. Vince beats him repeatedly with the microphone. Vince with a low blow now. Vince brings it back in the ring.
    Vince goes under the ring and brings out a kendo stick. Punk retreats and crawls out of the ring. Vince dares Punk to come back in. Punk tells Heyman to bring him the belt. Vince cuts Heyman off and grabs the belt. Vince slaps Heyman to the floor. Vince climbs back in the ring with the kendo stick and the WWE Title belt. Vince drops the belt and dares Punk to come get it. Punk comes towards the ring and Vince swings. He tries to get back in but Vince won’t let him. Punk grabs his own kendo stick from under the ring now. Punk enters the ring but Vince wails away. They trade a bunch of kendo sticks but Punk ends up on his knees begging Vince. Vince charges but Punk uppercuts him below the belt. Vince goes down and Punk starts laughing.
    Punk beats Vince with both kendo sticks and throws them away. He calls for GTS and grabs Vince for the mover but Ryback’s music hits and out he comes. Ryback hits the ring and Punk quickly retreats. Punk turns around and there is John Cena. Cena throws Punk in the ring and Ryback levels him with a clothesline as the crowd erupts. Ryback grabs Punk for Shellshocked but Punk slides out and escapes. Punk grabs his WWE Title belt and runs through the crowd with it. Vince grabs the mic and hopes Punk learned something about respect tonight. Vince tells Punk it’s decision time and calls him a creep. It looks like Punk hits a fan in the crowd. Vince says at Hell In a Cell, Punk faces either Ryback or John Cena. Vince gives Punk until next Monday to decide or Vince will decide for him. No Chance hits and RAW goes off the air.


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    Rhodes Black eye

    - Cody Rhodes suffered a black eye during his tag match with Damien Sandow against Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio at last night's WWE SmackDown live event in Reno. Sandow commented on Twitter:

    "Mr. Sandow is outraged! Mr. Rhodes was struck in the face causing his complexion to be alterd! Sincerely, Ignatius. #outrage"

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