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    Report by Richard Trionfo &

    We begin with a look back at Vince McMahon’s attempt to fire John Laurinaitis only to get a meeting with Big Show’s fist. What is in store for the main event participants on Sunday?

    AJ Lee makes her way to the ring and she has stars in her eyes. Is she thinking of her new BFF CM Punk, her ex-boyfriend Daniel Bryan, or the center of her universe and owner of AJ’s tongue Kane?

    AJ says that she wanted to say something before the show started. There is a very simple reason for why she kissed Kane on Raw. She says that she did it . . .

    We will never know because Vickie Guerrero had to interrupt. She tells AJ that she is not the story tonight. Everyone is not talking about her kissing Kane. They are not going to talk about Big Show punching Mr. McMahon. They are talking about the winner of the Fatal Four Way Match to determine the number one contender for the World Title. They are talking about Dolph Ziggler.

    Dolph comes out and he has something to say. Dolph says that two weeks ago after a pointless tag match with Jack Swagger, he told everyone that he is better than this. On Monday night, he did what he does best, he stole the show and he proved it. Dolph says that he is going to become the new World Champion. He says that he is not going to let some 95 pound whacked out, hair brained, disgruntled Hot Topic employee go all non compos mentis and steal his spotlight.

    AJ says that she stopped listening half way through what Dolph had to say and she wonders if she is supposed to feel insulted. AJ says that Dolph’s bleach has seeped into his brain. She tells Dolph that he is delusional if he thinks he is going to become World Champion. AJ says that also goes for his grandma.

    Dolph slaps AJ and Vickie tells AJ that she will not talk to them again. She tells AJ to get out of Dolph’s ring or she will throw her out.

    AJ starts to stare at Dolph and this might become a Pentagon of Love, but CM Punk’s music plays and the obsession of Ms. Crazy Chick comes to the ring.

    Punk smiles awkwardly at AJ after their eyes meet. Punk says that after all of the screeching, he thinks she said Excuse Me. Punk says that him, AJ, and the WWE Universe do not have to excuse Vickie simply because she says it. Punk says that there is not an excuse in the world to have to listen to her. Punk says that she is a broken record whether it is Raw or Smackdown. She comes out and touts Dolph Ziggler and he doesn’t come through. Punk reminds Ziggler that he said it in January and he lost. It will be the same thing on Sunday against Sheamus. It will be the same thing tonight against him and Sheamus.

    Punk tells Vickie that if he is the voice of the voiceless, then Vickie is the voice of the pointless.

    Dolph tells Punk that he is the voice of the next World Heavyweight . . .

    Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ramp as his music plays. Bryan says that this is priceless. Punk is AJ’s knight in shining armor. She is making out with Kane on Monday and saving her on Friday. Bryan calls CM Punk ‘the Hero’.

    He says that AJ probably told Punk that she kissed Kane to save Punk from the monster, but AJ has Punk wrapped around her finger without Punk realizing it. The great thing about learning from his mistakes is seeing Kane and Punk make the exact same mistake. That mistake is AJ.

    Bryan reminds everyone that AJ cost him the World Title at Wrestlemania. If AJ is in Punk’s corner, her bad luck will help Daniel Bryan become the new WWE Champion.

    Bryan starts to Yes, but Sheamus’ music plays and we have all four men in the main event in the ring.

    Sheamus says hello to Danny Boy and he asks Bryan if he still thinks AJ cost him the title. Sheamus wants to know how many times we have to prove Bryan wrong and then he wonders which side to listen to because Bryan talks out of his arse so much.

    Sheamus tells Dolph that he will admit that Dolph had an impressive showing on Monday but that was one night. Dolph says that he will become the new World Champion on Sunday. Sheamus says that all Alberto Del Rio’s injury has done is give him another time to beat him.

    Sheamus wants to know if they are all ready for their match, even if it is scheduled for the main event.

    AJ says that she has some old business to take care of and she wants a piece of Vickie Guerrero but Punk and Sheamus keep AJ from going psycho on Vickie.

    We go to commercial.

    Match Number One: Sheamus and CM Punk with AJ Lee versus Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero

    Bryan and Sheamus start things off and Sheamus with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Sheamus catches Bryan and gets him on his shoulders for the rolling fireman’s carry slam and he hits it and gets a near fall. Sheamus works on the arm and Punk tags in and hits an elbow from the turnbuckles. Punk with a hammer lock and sends Bryan into the turnbuckle. Punk with an Irish whip but he runs into a knee.

    Ziggler tags in and Punk with a drop toe hold for a near fall. Sheamus tags in and he hits the slingshot shoulder tackle for a near fall. Sheamus works on the arm and he slams Ziggler and tags Punk back in and Punk with a slingshot senton for a near fall.

    Punk with a front face lock into a delayed vertical suplex and he gets a near fall. Sheamus tags in and he punches Ziggler. Ziggler tags Bryan in and Bryan with a kick and European uppercut. Sheamus with a back elbow followed by a knee and forearm. Ziggler distracts Sheamus and Bryan with a running drop kick into the corner. Ziggler tags in and he punches Sheamus in the corner until the referee pulls Ziggler out of the corner. Bryan chokes Sheamus while Ziggler distracts the referee.

    Ziggler with a leaping elbow drop and an arm bar before tagging Bryan back in. Bryan with a European uppercut but Sheamus with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Punk tags in and he hits a springboard clothesline followed by a leg lariat, clothesline, and swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Punk with an Irish whip but Bryan sends Punk to the apron. Punk stops Ziggler on the apron but Bryan knocks Punk off the apron and Bryan with a running knee off the apron.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Bryan with a seated abdominal stretch but Punk with elbows. Bryan with a knee to the midsection and Ziggler tags back in. Ziggler with a boot to the chest and then he taunts Sheamus before pulling Punk back into his corner. Bryan tags in and he kicks Punk with a resounding Yes. Bryan with a front face lock suplex and then he goes up top for the diving head butt, but Punk moves at the last minute.

    Punk struggles to get to the corner to make the tag and Sheamus does as well as Ziggler. Sheamus with double sledges followed by a shoulder in the corner and a running knee lift and uranage back breaker for a near fall but Bryan breaks up the cover. Punk with a forearm and Bryan is sent to the floor. Bryan sends Punk into the ringside barrier.

    Sheamus avoids a Fameasser and hits White Noise. Sheamus knocks Bryan off the apron and then he looks into the crowd and gets motivation to turn around for the Brogue Kick but Vickie gets on the apron. AJ pushes Vickie into the ring and Sheamus gets distracted long enough to allow Ziggler to get the rollup for the three count.

    Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan

    After the match, Sheamus chases Ziggler through the crowd. Meanwhile, back in the ring, AJ and Vickie are in the ring and Vickie pushes AJ. AJ has that happy go kill someone look on her face and AJ attacks Vickie but Vickie gets out of the ring. AJ goes after Vickie and she grabs Vickie but Vickie kicks AJ into the apron. Vickie goes to the back and AJ is down.

    From out of nowhere, the Big Red Monster comes to the ring to check on his woman.

    Kane picks up AJ and takes her to safety. Punk attacks Kane and Kane drops AJ. Kane punches Punk as they fight to the ring. Kane with an uppercut and then they get into the ring and Bryan joins in and kicks Punk. Kane choke slams Bryan and then he choke slams Punk.

    AJ stares at Kane and she drops to her knees and then she starts to laugh.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and are you ready for some preshow wrestling on Sunday because the Funk faces the Ivy League.

    Brodus Clay says that it is time for some real talk. John Laurinaitis has banned him from Monday Night Raw. If he gets anywhere near the Big Show, he will be fired on the spot. He says that he is confident that John Cena is going to take care of Big Show at No Way Out. He says that he will agree on one condition, that he get some competition.

    Brodus wants to know who Johnny is going to bring out to put him on his back.

    Match Number Two: Brodus Clay with the Funkettes versus Heath Slater

    Clay with a running head butt followed by an Irish whip and splash into the corner. Clay with a Sheeeplex followed by a big splash for the three count.

    Winner: Brodus Clay

    After the match, it is time to dance.

    David Otunga attacks Clay while he was dancing and he clips Clay and works on the hamstring. Otunga slams the leg into the mat and then the apron while Cameron and Naomi stand around and don’t try to get anyone to help Brodus.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Layla joins the announce team for our next match because Divas are wrestling, including Layla’s opponent on Sunday, Beth Phoenix.

    Match Number Three: Beth Phoenix versus Alicia Fox

    Beth with a kick and then she sends Alicia into the turnbuckles. Beth with an Irish hwip but Alicia with a back elbow from the turnbuckles. Alicia misses a flip leg drop and Beth tries for a running boot to the head but Alicia with a rollup for a near fall. Beth with a back breaker as she looks at Layla and then Beth hits the Glam Slam and gets the three count.

    Winner: Beth Phoenix

    We go to commercial.

    We are back with a Raw 1000 Memorable Moment. This week it is Hornswoggle and he says that it is the Muppets guest hosting Raw on Halloween last year.

    It is time for John Laurinaitis to come out and he reminds us who he is and what he does. He says that he apologized to Vince McMahon on Tuesday but he wants to make a public apology. He says that he is sorry and he says that it was a mistake. He says that at Vince’s age, he should stay out of the way of the Big Show.

    We have a video package from Raw showing what Show did to Vince McMahon.

    John says that at Wrestlemania he willingly put up his job and Team Johnny was victorious. At Over the Limit, his job was in jeopardy and he beat John Cena. At No Way Out, his job is on the line, but he put his faith in the man who will defeat John Cena inside a steel cage, the Big Show.

    Show makes his way to the ring.

    He says that he has no reason to lie whether he punched Vince McMahon intentionally. Show says that he could get fired, but he would be paid millions of dollars to stay home. Even when he was in WCW, he was never given the ability to reach his fullest potential by outshining the faces of the company. People like Hulk Hogan, Sting, and Ric Flair.

    When the chance came to be a free agent, he was told by everyone to come to WWE because he could be the biggest star. Show says that he talked to Vince McMahon and Vince told him that he has to be a better business man and let people care about him. He has to know how to put on a show. Your name is now The Big Show.

    For fourteen years, he did it Vince’s way. Meanwhile, John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, and Sheamus rose to the top while Show was on the sidelines being happy about being a special attraction.

    Show says that he smiled and told jokes for ten years. He says that he is proud that he is not John Cena. In this steel cage match, he is going to make up for lost time. He is going to show what he is truly capable of. He will not be burdened by what people think any more.

    Unlike what he did to Vince McMahon, what he does to John Cena will be extremely deliberate and calculated. It will be uncomfortable. Show says that he may be a sell out to some but he will make John Cena suffer.

    For fourteen years, he has been in the WWE. Show says that he is looking at Sunday as his first match. He says that he will be victorious and he guarantees it.

    Michael Cole stops John and he tells John that he has to hear this. Cole says that he has it on good authority that John Cena has left his home in West Newbury, Massachusetts and he will be in the arena tonight.

    Show gets back into the ring and he says that if John Cena is coming here tonight, he won’t be hard to find. He will be right here.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Christian comes to the ring. We see how Christian became the Intercontinental Champion.

    Match Number Four: Jack Swagger with Vickie Guerrero versus Christian in a Non Title Match

    Christian with a waist lock but Swagger with a standing switch and he sends Christian into the corner and connects with a forearm to the back followed by a shoulder to the midsection. Christian with a pendulum kick and then he ducks down and Swagger goes to the floor. Vickie distracts Christian and Swagger hits Christian from behind.

    Swagger rolls Christian back into the ring and gets a near fall. Swagger with a power slam and a leaping leg drop for a near fall. Swagger rolls back to his feet and he does a lap before trying another leg drop but Christian moves out of the way. Christian punches Swagger and hits a running forearm and then he slingshots himself to the floor and he punches Swagger.

    Christian waits for Swagger to get to his feet and he tries for the spear but Swagger trips Christian and applies the ankle lock. Swagger is sent into the turnbuckles and then Christian with a back elbow from the turnbuckles and he tries for the Killswitch. Christian is sent to the apron but Christian goes up top. Swagger goes up and tries for a superplex but Christian knocks Swagger off the turnbuckles and Christian gets the three count after a frog splash.

    Winner: Christian

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and it is time for Ryback’s latest meal to talk about how they are not going to suffer the same fate as the prior victims of Ryback. This time they tells some jokes.

    Match Number Five: Ari Cohen and Mike Testa versus Ryback

    Testa and Cohen try to surround the marching man but Ryback grabs Testa. Cohen climbs on Ryback’s back and Ryback sends Testa to the floor. Ryback with a power bomb to Cohen and then he focuses on Testa and Ryback hits a fallaway slam that sends Testa into Cohen. Ryback sends Testa into the corner and then the same to Cohen. Ryback with a splash into the corner followed by a lariat to Testa. Cohen doesn’t miss out on a Ryback lariat. Ryback with the double muscle buster for the three count.

    Winner: Ryback

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Tyson Kidd is in the ring waiting for his opponent.

    The music plays and Damien Sandow emerges. Damien says that he is here to help all of us. Last week on this very serial, he was compelled to resort to physical means to liberate their falsely anointed idol from the shackles of his own self imposed inadequacies. He demands that the people remain silent when he is speaking.

    Sadly, before he could impart his lesson, he was accosted from behind by the ignoramus in the ring in front of him. This said ignoramus will learn the consequences for undermining not only his enlightenment, but the enlightenment of everyone. Damien tells everyone thank you.

    Match Number Six: Tyson Kidd versus Damien Sandow

    They lock up and Sandow with a knee followed by a side Russian leg sweep and an emphatic elbow drop. Kidd with a shoulder from the apron followed by a kick to the head. Kidd goes up top and hits a moonsault but Kidd can only get a near fall. Kidd tries for the Dungeon Lock but Sandow kicks Kidd into the turnbuckles. Sandow with knees to the head followed by a strait jacket neck breaker for the three count.

    Winner: Damien Sandow

    After the match, Sandow does a victory cartwheel.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back with another Raw 1000 Memorable Moment. This time, we see Michael Cole’s favorite and it was the night he got ‘knighted’.

    We have an Earlier Tonight Moment from the opening match main event.

    It is time to run through the card for No Way Out.

    We see another Earlier Tonight Moment of what Big Show said about 45 minutes ago.

    We are interrupted by the sight of John Cena walking through the back of the arena and he enters John Laurinaitis’ office while the Booker T Emergency Broadcasting Network Signal sounds. Johnny is not in his office.

    Cena leaves the office and we go to commercial.

    We are back and John Cena comes to the ring and he has something to say. John says that he is sorry for being late, but he wasn’t supposed to be here tonight. Cena says that he was on his way to Hampton Beach and he gets a call from his boy that Big Show called him out.

    Cena says that he didn’t want to disappoint so here he is. He didn’t want the big lug to know he was hiding. Cena tells Big Show that he is the guy in the ring wearing green and jorts. He says that he is not hiding. Cena has been looking for Show and John wonders how you hide a seven foot five hundred pound sell out like Show.

    John Laurinaitis’ music plays and he limps his way to the ring.

    Cena wants to know what is going on.

    Laurinaitis tells Cena that Big Show is not here any more. Laurinaitis tells Cena that what happened to Vince McMahon was his fault. The match will happen no matter what so Laurinaitis sent Big Show home.

    Cena says that is unfortunate because he did not come here to talk. Cena says that either Show was going to knock him out or he was going to knock out Show. Since Laurinaitis sent Show home, that means that Johnny moved up to the number one spot.

    Laurinaitis reminds Cena who he is and what he does because we have never heard it before. Laurinaitis says that if Cena lays a hand on him, he would fire Cena.

    Cena pulls a rabbit of logic out of a hat and tells Laurinaitis that he needs to listen to what he said because the Board of Directors said that the match would happen no matter what. That means that he is just going to move Laurinaitis’ nose a little bit.

    Laurinaitis reminds Cena that he beat him at Over the Limit and he has no problem embarrassing him again.

    Cena says that Laurinaitis is embarrassing. He says that he is embarrassed by the fact that Laurinaitis has a position of power in this company. He says that Laurinaitis’ biggest asset is being the biggest ass kisser. If Show loses on Sunday, Laurinaitis is fired. If Laurinaitis is gone, that means that Cena cannot fire him.

    Laurinaitis tells Cena to think about what he is going to do. If Cena loses at No Way Out, the first thing he will do on Sunday is FIRE JOHN CENA

    Cena thinks about it and he must not be concerned about his match on Sunday because he drills Laurinaitis in the head.

    We go to credits.

    Report by Richard Trionfo &

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    Update on What Orton May Have Tested Positive For

    Update on What Orton May Have Tested Positive For
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 06/14/2012 at 07:13 AM reports that Randy Orton tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone, causing him to fail a WWE Wellness test and be suspended for 60 days. Orton was telling people that he took a tainted supplement that contained the testosterone, causing him to fail. Orton reportedly said he didn't do it on purpose but acknowledged that he should have been more careful. earlier reported that Orton tested positive for Dianabol, an orally-effective anabolic steroid that was commonly used by bodybuilders until Congress banned it under the Controlled Substances Act. Those reports were unconfirmed.

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    Kharma Training for a Return
    Kharma Training for a Return

    - Kharma posted a photo on Twitter of her working out with a trainer and noted that she was working hard to come back strong.

    15-06-2012 om 22:32 geschreven door jefken  

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    HHH Reportedly Against WWE Utilizing Mick Foley

    HHH Reportedly Against WWE Utilizing Mick Foley
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 06/15/2012 at 03:43 PM

    Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer was asked by a reader during his radio show why WWE has not utilized Mick Foley on television more frequently since his return to the organization last November. He said this is due to wrestler/executive Paul 'Triple H' Levesque's lobbying, who is resentful of "The Hardcore Legend."

    Meltzer reports Levesque deprecates Foley whenever his name is broached in creative meetings. While Brian Gewirtz, WWE's Senior Vice President of Creative Writing, feels Foley is a creative and a good performer, Levesque thinks otherwise. He says Foley 'doesn't look tough' and can't be taken seriously as an in-ring performer.

    A former WWE creative writer told Power Slam in 2008 under the condition of anonymity that Levesque would disparage Foley whenever he appeared for the company, and in the process, diminished his value in the eyes of Vince and Stephanie McMahon.

    "Foley is an out-of-shape nobody," Levesque was reported as saying by the writer. "No one cares about him at all. Funaki puts more asses in the seats than Foley does. He should pay us for coming on our shows."

    Meltzer believes the real reason Levesque still holds Foley in contempt is because he gets irritated over the consensus of his closest co-workers that his memorable matches with Foley in 2000 'made him a star.'

    Foley has criticized Levesque in the past; he took several veiled shots at 'H in his 2007 autobiography The Hardcore Diaries. He also took issue online with Levesque belittling ring announcer Lilian Garcia with a remark he felt was hurtful during an April 2010 episode of Raw. Foley acknowledged then that he may have cost himself professionally for speaking out against Levesque, but felt he had to stand by his principles.

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    Eric Young Undergoes Throat Surgery Again

     Eric Young Undergoes Throat Surgery Again
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 06/15/2012 at 11:13 AM

    Eric Young noted on his Twitter account that he had underwent throat surgery yesterday. Young said that the surgery was to remove polyps. Young tweeted the following.

    Throat surgery again today weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Surgery sucks. I have had nothing to eat or dink since last night at 1000pm. I want to kill some body right about now. My surgery starts in 30 mins and I’m still in waiting room ggrrraaaggghhhhhhhhhh

    Still in waiting room for surgery. They have no idea how close they are from death like @REALBobbyRoode after 4 hrs with out food @RobbieEImpact

    Surgery done went great thanks to everyone

    Since 2004, Eric Young has undergone over fifth-teen throat surgeries.

    15-06-2012 om 22:25 geschreven door jefken  

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    Uitslagen wwe superstars 14 juni
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    Zack Ryder vs. Michael McGillicutty
    Winner by pin: Zack Ryder
    The Uso’s vs. Darren Young Titus O’Neil
    Winners by pin: O’Neil & Young
    Justin Gabriel vs. Hunico w/ Camacho
    Winner by pin: Hunico


    15-06-2012 om 22:21 geschreven door jefken  

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    TNA Star Suffers Minor Injury On iMPACT

    TNA Star Suffers Minor Injury On iMPACT
    Today, 03:32 AM Posted by WILDMVS in Latest TNA Wrestling News & Rumors
    TNA Wrestler Kurt Angle revealed on his twitter page that he received an injury during the gauntlet match that took place on tonights iMPACT Wrestling. He tweeted the following ;

    "Chat With You All tomorrow. Got a little Injury tonight. Not too Serious:) I'm Reading All Your tweets, Icing My Injury. Thank You All. Much Love!"

    15-06-2012 om 22:14 geschreven door jefken  

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    Matt Morgan Interview: Has Frustrations With TNA

    Matt Morgan Interview: Has Frustrations With TNA


    TNA wrestler Matt Morgan expressed frustration with TNA management during a radio station interview Thursday promoting this weekend's TNA house shows in Texas. After promoting the tour, Morgan was asked on 102.5 FM The Bear about his status with the company. Morgan said there are a "lot of rumors about Matt Morgan lately" and that his time "may be coming to a pass." He continued, "I'm not going to deny that. I don't feel like I'm getting what I'm putting into TNA." Morgan called himself the "ultimate head-turner in TNA" and said he's tired of a "carrot dangling in front of my face" not being TNA World Hvt. champion.

    Morgan, who confirmed his TNA contract is coming up soon, said he believes TNA has the best wrestling roster, but his "beef is with the company." He said he's appearing on this weekend's house show tour to fulfill his last obligations. He concluded in promo mode that he will take out his frustrations on Crimson at tonight's house show in Belton, Texas. ... Also during the interview, Morgan noted his height is a product of family genes being the youngest of six boys who are all 6'8" or taller.


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    Chris Sabin Suffers Torn ACL

    Dixie Carter posted the following update on Chris Sabin via Twitter… Chris Sabin tore his ACL in last night's Ultimate X match on Impact. He's obviously frustrated but determined to come back ASAP.

    15-06-2012 om 22:05 geschreven door jefken  

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    Joey Ryan Investigates TNA, Featuring Generation Me
    Joey Ryan Investigates TNA, Featuring Generation Me

    15-06-2012 om 18:39 geschreven door jefken  

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    Uitslagen tna Impact wrestling 14 juni
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen Impact Wrestling Results – 6/14/2012
    Location: Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
    Report By: Alex Barie

    TNA's Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package concerning James Storm. It shows him losing the Steel Cage Match he had with Roode. He took a break as he went home and thought about his career. A question from his own daughter had him thinking. He came back at Slammiversary and beat Crimson, now the defeated one. The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Fireworks explode above the ring and on stage. The camera shows the great crowd around the ring. It shows the Ultimate X Match set up. Taz and Mike run down the card for tonight as the crowd continues to cheer. Zema Ion and Chris Sabin are already in the ring. Music hits and here comes the X-Division Champion, Austin Aries. He walks out and the crowd cheers. He gets on the apron to show his cape that says, "The Greatest". He gets in the ring and the bell sounds.

    Zema Ion vs. Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries (Champ) in an Ultimate X Match for the X-Division Title

    All three meet in the middle of the ring. Ion brushes his hair and the hairspray goes into the eyes of both of his opponents. Ion climbs the corner and then the steel structure. He starts to go along the wire. Austin and Chris take him down and toss him across the ring with a double hip toss. Ion rolls out of the ring. Sabin and Austin now fight each other. Chris goes after Austin, but Austin quickly comes back as he lays out Chris and hits him with a spinning elbow drop. Austin goes to the corner, but Ion comes in. They battle it out. Ion is able to take down Austin. Ion is in control, but Sabin comes to light again. He and Ion go at it. He kicks Ion in the gut and then is able to take him out with a huge spinning DDT. Sabin climbs the corner but Austin comes to him. They fight now. Sabin is able to get away. He climbs the corner. Austin comes back and brings Sabin to his shoulders. He rams his head right into the top corner twice. He does an airplane spin for quite awhile that gets both of them dizzy. Austin continues as he gets on the apron and flips over it. He lands right on Chris. Ion pops in as Austin gets up. Ion is able to get away as he knocks him out of the ring. Sabin climbs the corner and does a cross body right on Ion. Austin runs the other direction. He comes back with a huge suicide dive on both men. Aries gets back in and climbs. He is going along the wire as Ion gets in. He pulls Austin down. Austin tries to hit the brain buster on Ion, but Ion slides out. He hits Austin right in the head with an elbow and climbs the corner. Aries walks to him and gets up the corner. Ion is able to elbow Austin down. Sabin comes in and goes after Austin, but Aries takes care of him. Austin goes to the corner and attacks Ion in the corner by raking his back and then pushing him against the steel structure. Ion falls all the way to the outside. Aries grabs the wire again. Ion comes up and tries for a powerbomb, but Austin hits a huge hurricanrona. Ion gets in the corner and Austin runs to him and hits a running dropkick. He then hits the brain buster. Austin runs to the corner and climbs. He goes across the wire with his feet safety untouchable. He gets to the middle as Ion tries to get up. Austin grabs the title and wins.

    Winner and Still Champion: Austin Aries

    Austin grabs a mic. He states that that he made a lot of claims about himself. He then lists those claims about being the best and greatest man that ever lived. Lots of people thought he was full of hot air. They gave Austin an inch and he took a foot. He exceeded every time. Austin is the main event. He is must see TV. He is worth money. He is not satisfied though. He is not here to earn respect…..he his here to take it. Just then, music hits and here comes the General Manager, Hulk Hogan. This is the man Austin wants to see. Hogan comes out on stage. He takes off his sunglasses. He stays on top as he stares at Aries and around the arena.

    Hulk Hogan is in the ring with a mic along with Aries. Hogan says he hears it. The crowd is cheering loudly. Hogan hears all of the fans when he comes out to the ring. He is not deaf. He knows it. Coming out here every week, no matter where he is at on the card, and saying he is the main event is a tall order. Where Austin wants to go, Hogan already been there. Hogan knows what it is like to break records and be in the main event and be THE main event. The crowd chants, "Hogan". Austin calms the fans down. Hogan never got the goosebumps like he did before when he sees Austin wrestle. Austin thanks him. Hogan says Aries is the greatest thing to see in this ring. Aries wants to be the main event. Hogan says he is the GM and if he wants to be the main event, he can make that happen. Austin needs to put his money where his mouth is. He is willing to book Aries vs. Roode but there is one stipulation…..he has to give up the X-Divison Title. Austin wins against Roode and he is World Champion, but if he loses, he walks away with nothing. Hogan doesn't want one champion in both divisions. Hogan believes in Austin though. Aries says he busted his tail for it. Hogan wants him to become greater. He would be World Champion. That is greatness. Aries doesn't want to give it up though. Hogan says Aries has one week to give his decision. Austin thinks that is fair. They shake hands as Hogan's music hits. Hogan claps for Aries as Aries looks at the title.

    A video plays showcasing Dixie Carter at Slammiversary. It was the biggest United States event they ever had. It shows some clips of the PPV. The video ends. Tonight, we will hear from Sting. Another video plays showing the Bully Ray and Mr. Parks match as Parks won with Abyss' help.

    The stars are backstage eating their dinner. Mr. Parks is talking about his match and how he won. People leave. Suddenly, Bully Ray comes along. He throws a chair. Bully asks Parks where his brother is. Parks doesn't know. He says the last time he saw him was when he put Bully through a table. Bully spit in Parks' food and then threw the food. He finally flipped the table over. He says he is not going to rest until he finds Abyss. Bully walks away while Parks shows his great facial expression detailing panic.

    Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this next match. It is for the Television Title. Hernandez walks out. He comes down the ramp and into the ring. The crowd boos. After him, Devon's music plays. He comes out as the crowd cheers. He gets in the ring. As he comes down the ramp, footage is shown from his match at Slammiversary. Devon is at the bottom of the ramp. Hernandez runs the opposite way in the ropes. He runs toward him, jumps above the ropes and lands right on Devon. He gets Devon in and the bell sounds.

    Hernandez vs. Devon (Champ) for the Television Title

    He covers Devon, but he kicks out. Hernandez continues to attack Devon, but Devon gets up and tries to come back with some punches. Hernandez is able to knock Devon down. He covers him again but Devon kicks out. Hernandez applies a bear hug in the middle of the ring. He wrenches his harder and harder. The crowd is trying to get Devon out of it. Devon is using the energy and hit Hernandez in the head. He breaks the hold. Hernandez does a double chop to Devon's head. Devon goes into the ropes and he comes back to hit Hernandez right in the gut. He falls. Devon gets up and gains momentum. He is able to do a flying shoulder block to knock Hernandez down again. Devon continues the attack. Hernandez gets in the corner. Devon runs to him and does a splash. He runs into the ropes. Hernandez runs toward him and just pushes him out of the way. Devon flies across the ring. Hernandez covers but Devon kicks out. Both get up and Devon is able to whip him in the corner. He runs to Hernandez and does a splash. Hernandez falls down in the corner but is able to flip his body up on the corner. He jumps as Devon turns. He lands right on Devon. He covers but Devon kicks out. Both get up. Suddenly, Devon is able to lift Hernandez and slam him down for a spine buster. He gets the pin.

    Winner and Still Champion: Devon

    Footage plays from last week's confrontation between Daniels/Kazarian and Dixie Carter. After the verbal harassment, AJ Styles runs out and clears the ring. Dixie's husband enters and takes a direct shot at AJ. He leaves and leaves an emotional Dixie and confused AJ.

    AJ Styles and Dixie Carter are backstage. This was filmed earlier today. AJ says he wants to end this. They tried to keep it a secret but that didn't happen. They didn't want to hurt people, but they certainly did. Dixie says she didn't want to mess with AJ's mind while his match is tonight. She wants him to wrestle and then wants to talk to him after. He agrees to it.

    Earlier today, Bobby Roode was filmed when he arrived at the Impact Zone. The footage ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. We see Christy Hemme as she announces this Bound for Glory Series Match and it's a Gauntlet Match. The winner of this match will get 20 points in the series.

    AJ Styles makes his way to the ring as the crowd cheers. He comes down through the sparks that fall from above. After he is in the ring, Jeff Hardy enters. He comes down the ramp as the crowd roars. He goes around to interact with the fans in his amazing face paint.

    Bound for Glory Series Gauntlet Match

    Jeff and AJ start the match. They go around the ring and suddenly lock-up. Jeff applies a headlock. AJ tries to get out of it but can't. He throws Jeff into the ropes. He runs back and forth. AJ is finally able to attack Jeff with a dropkick. He nails Jeff's head into the turnbuckle. He lifts Jeff up to throw him over the rope, but Jeff lands on the apron. He jumps over and kicks AJ down. AJ is able to come back and attack Jeff.

    Rob Van Dam enters the match now. He attack AJ and Jeff at the same time. AJ gets in the corner and RVD does a huge monkey flip. He then hits rolling thunder on Jeff. RVD does his finger pointing to himself as the show goes to break.

    Magnus is in the ring and is attacking AJ Styles. As he does, Bully Ray slowly walks down the ramp. He gets on the apron and attacks Jeff in the corner with multiple punches. He gets in and punches Rob in the head and then he hit AJ. He went after Magnus and then kicked Rob down. Bully grabbed AJ and tossed him over the ropes, but he landed on the apron. Ray went after Magnus.

    Kurt Angle's music hits. He comes out and gets in the ring. He does a suplex to Magnus (I believe) and then went right after Bully. He did multiple punch to Ray's head and then kicks him in the gut. RVD and AJ are facing each other while Magnus against Jeff. Kurt lifts Bully up to lift him over the ropes, but Ray fights out of it and leaves Kurt in the corner as he goes away. Magnus now goes over to Kurt.

    The Pope runs down the ramp and gets in the ring. He is back! He gets in the ring and RVD attacks him, but he knocks Rob down. AJ goes after him, but he knocks him down too. Ray comes from behind and knocks Pope down. Ray grabs Jeff and tosses him over the ropes. Jeff lands on the apron. He kicks Jeff in the head and knocks him off.

    Elimination: Jeff Hardy

    As he is down, Abyss comes from under the ramp. He gets on the apron. Bully is facing all of his opponents as they face him. Ray tells them to attack him. They point behind him. Ray slowly turns and sees Abyss right there. Ray is shocked. Abyss grabs him and tosses him over the ropes.

    Elimination: Bully Ray

    Ray is stunned. He has no idea what just happened. They fighting continues in the ring as Pope is trying to eliminate RVD.

    The show returns as Robbie E. is the newest star in the match. Kurt Angle is attacking him like he does on Twitter. RVD is on the corner (second turnbuckle) as Pope quickly goes over and pushes him over.

    Elimination: Rob Van Dam

    Daniels comes down the ramp. He gets it in in the ring. As he does, AJ jumps on the top rope and does a huge springboard elbow shot. Daniels gets up and AJ hits a closeline. He gets up again. Daniels goes to attack AJ, but Kurt grabs Daniels from behind. AJ flips for the pele, but Daniels ducks and he hits Kurt. Kurt is down. Daniels grabs AJ and tosses him out.

    Elimination: AJ Styles

    Daniels grabs Kurt and throws him out too.

    Elimination: Kurt Angle

    Samoa Joe comes out and gets right in the ring. He attacks everyone in the ring (first is Daniels). Robbie E. goes up to him, but Joe grabs him and throws him out.

    Elimination: Daniels

    Magnus whips Daniels in the ropes and does a huge big boot. Just then, Magnus and Joe meet face to face. They go back and forth with punches. Magnus knocks Joe back. Magnus runs to him, but Joe ducks and Magnus goes straight over.

    Elimination: Magnus

    Daniels and Pope go after Joe, but Joe fits off both of them.

    Just then, music plays and here comes James Storm. Storm takes off his trench coat and hat. He gets in the ring and quickly takes Pope over.

    Elimination: The Pope

    He goes after Daniels. He attacks him until Daniels is leaning on the ropes. James goes for the Last Call super kick, but Daniels grabs his foot. He lets go and James closelines him over.

    Elimination: Daniels

    Joe and James meet face to face. They go right at it. It's back and forth. They try to get the last word, but each comes back. Joe grabs James and tries to toss him over, but James stops himself. He spins and tosses Joe over. Joe lands on the apron. James hits him to make him fall, but Joe doesn't. James backs up and hits the Last Call and Joe falls down.

    Elimination: Samoa Joe

    Winner: James Storm

    James Storm is in the ring to celebrate. He gets a mic. He says the last time he was there, he was talking about how his luck ran out. He says he spent time with his family and farm….the farm where he built from ground up…just like his wrestling career. He has been doing that for 2 months. His daughter asked him if he was going back to wrestling. James states that he knows what professional wrestling means to him. He didn't know what it meant to his daughter. Last Sunday and tonight, he didn't know what he meant to all of the fans, so he thanks them. The fans chant, "Welcome Back!" James said he made a promise to him and his little girl and he is going to make the promise to all of the fans. That promise is to become the World Champion. The fans chant again. If James didn't make himself clear, then James Storm "The Cowboy" is BACK! He wants Bobby to listen right now. He hopes and prays that he is champion after the Bound for Glory Series is over as it will be a bonus for him to beat his @ss. Sorry about your damn luck! James takes a beer and takes a huge gulp. He quickly leaves the ring.

    Bobby Roode is backstage. He is watching it on a monitor. The camera guy asks him about it. Roode says he isn't scared. James is just jealous. Roode has no problem facing James sometime. As of tonight, he has bigger problems as he will face a bigger @sshole.

    Impact Wrestling returns and a video plays showing the TNA Tag Team Titles on the line. AJ and Kurt win.

    After the video, Kurt meets with AJ backstage. Kurt asks AJ what is wrong with him. He messed up tonight, he wasn't there at the tag match at the PPV, and he almost didn't show last week. Kurt tells AJ to get the stuff with Dixie out of his head. AJ says he will after long head down thinking. Kurt walks out.

    A video plays showing the Knockout Match at Slammiversary. Ms. Tessmacher won the title.

    Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this match. Madison Rayne comes out as Mike Tenay states that this match is for her crush (Madison said herself on Twitter today). After she is in the ring, Ms. Tessmacher comes out.

    Madison Rayne vs. Ms. Tessmacher

    They lock-up and Tessmacher applies a side headlock and does a quick takedown. Both get up and Tessmacher continues to attack as she does a drop toe hold. Both get up and Madison is able to ram Tessmacher in the corner. She turns around and back to Tessmacher only to get kicked. Madison backs away but then comes to Tessmacher and pulls her legs to make her fall from the corner. She brings Tessmacher to another corner. She continues the attack. Rayne brings her out of the corner. She bounces off the ropes and Rayne drops Tessmacher down on her head. Both get up and Tessmacher comes back. She knocks Rayne down with multiple closelines. Rayne gets up in the corner. Tessmacher jumps on the second corner and then drills Madison face first down after jumping. She covers but Madison kicks out. Both get up and Madison tries to come back. She tries to do the knee to the back of the head, but Tessmacher comes back and knocks Madison down with a Side Effect time move. She gets the win. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night.

    Winner: Ms. Tessmacher

    Brooke Hogan is backstage. Gail Kim meets with her. Brooke says she has been thinking. Next week is Open Fight Night. She wants to have Four Knockouts. Gail quickly breaks the news that she has a rematch clause as well as being the best knockout around. Brooke says Gail can't pick when she has her rematch, so she tells Gail to have a good little vacation. Brooke turns around, makes a face, and walks out while Gail is very bitter.

    A video plays showing the #1 Contender Match at Slammiversary. Mr. Anderson wins. The video ends and Mr. Anderson is backstage. He says he did not forget Bobby breaking that bottle over his head about a month or two ago. Anderson is ready to get revenge on Roode. Their match is next.

    The camera changes to Bobby Roode as he is walking backstage.

    Video plays from Slammiversary as it shows the World Title Match. It's Sting vs. Roode. Roode is able to hold onto his title, but Sting gets the last laugh at the end.

    Mr. Anderson's music plays. The lights dim and the spotlight shines. He appears on the stage. He walks down the ramp as he looks around the arena. After he gets in the ring, Bobby Roode's music hits. He has the TNA World Title around his waist. He slowly walks down the ramp as the crowd boos him. Both are in the ring now as Jeremy Borash introduces the two superstars.

    Mr. Anderson vs. Bobby Roode (Champ) for the TNA World Title

    The match starts and both lock-up. They push each other and suddenly Anderson applies a headlock. Roode throws him into the ropes. Anderson comes back and knocks Roode down. He gets Roode up and whips him in the corner. He rams right into him to knock him down. He then whips him in another corner and rams him again. Roode goes through the ropes as he stands on the apron. Anderson lifts him up and plants a suplex. Roode needs a break. He tells Anderson to stop. Anderson goes to him, but Roode grabs his tights and pushes him through the ropes. Ken lands on the outside. Roode gets out. He gets Ken up. Ken is able to whip Roode right into the steel steps. He goes shoulder first. Roode is down screaming in pain. Ken is loving this right now.

    Roode is now in control as he had Ken in the ring with a headlock/sleeper hold. As he has it locked in, a video plays showing what happened during the commercial break. Ken runs around the corner to attack Roode, but Roode hits Ken right then and there to knock him down. In the ring now Ken gets out of the hold. He runs into the ropes. He spins around and pins Roode, but he kicks out. Both get up and Roode goes to attack Ken, but Ken grabs Roode's arms and does a back slide. Roode kicks out. Both get up and the same thing happens…almost, as Roode gets out and grabs Ken's head from behind and hits a neck breaker. Roode now comes back with a knee shot to the back of Ken. Roode continues as he wrenches the head of Ken sideways. Ken gets up and punches Roode in the gut. Roode is able to punch Ken right in the head. Ken gives one of his own. They go back and forth. Roode grabs Ken to take him to the corner, but Ken blocks it and smashes Roode's head in the corner. He whips him in the opposing corner. Ken continues as he does a huge kick to the back of Roode's head. Bobby slowly gets up. Ken is eyeing him. Roode is up and Anderson goes for the Mic Check, but gets out of it and locks in a cross face. Ken is able to turn Roode to have his shoulders down. Roode breaks up the count. Roode slowly crawls away as he gets by the apron. Ken comes back. Roode fights him away. Roode gets in and rams Ken shoulder first into the corner and locks in the cross face again. Ken tries to get out of it, but he can't. He taps.

    Winner and Still TNA World Champion: Bobby Roode

    Roode gets the title and holds it up as Ken watches on.

    AJ and Dixie are backstage. AJ says he can't take it anymore. Dixie says there is no time today, but they can do it next week. AJ is having difficulty at work and his personal life. Dixie says they will fix it next week. She says she is sorry. They hug each other.

    A video plays from Slammiversary about the first TNA Hall of Famer. It's Sting.

    The video ends and Sting is shown walking backstage. He is coming to the ring next.

    We see a replay from the Gauntlet Match that happened earlier tonight. We seen Abyss eliminate Bully Ray along with a ton of other eliminations. The winner is James Storm! He gains 20 points in the Bound for Glory Series.

    Next week is Open Fight Night! Do not miss it!

    After promoting next week's show, footage is shown from the Ultimate X Match that kicked off the show. It then shows the segment between Aries and Hogan. Aries will decide what he will do next week. We then see the Knockout Match as Ms. Tessmacher wins. Finally, we see Dixie and AJ backstage from earlier as they will come forward next week.

    Jeremy Borash is in the ring. He says that Dixie made a huge announcement and that was the TNA Hall of Fame. The first inductee is Sting! A video is played showing the huge amount of influence the guy had on the company. It has commentary from stars about The Icon. It is a great video put together to showcase the Stinger. The video ends and Borash welcomes the first inductee, Sting! The lights go out as the music hits. Sting comes out and the crowd goes crazy. Sting walks down the ramp and climbs the steps.

    Sting grabs a mic. He says Slammiversary 2012 will be one of the best moments he experienced in pro wrestling. He says the 2 weeks leading to the PPV and at that PPV is to take a huge chunk out of Roode….and he did! Being the first inductee is so huge, he doesn't know what to say. He says there are others who are just as deserving or maybe more deserving. He wants to thank a few people. First, he thanks Jerry Jarrett and Jeff Jarrett. He then thanks Dixie Carter. Suddenly, someone comes out and attacks Sting. Two other men follow. They attack Sting in the ring. They punch him, stomp on him, knee him and more. They are destroying The Icon as the show fades.

    IW 14th June Re uploaded Rulez Part3 door drmasti5050

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    Vince McMahon 'Livid' With Randy Orton

    Rumors continue to swirl that Randy Orton's continued employment with WWE is in jeopardy following their announcement May 30 that he was being suspended for 60 days for his second violation of the Talent Wellness Program.

    A WWE source notes that Vince McMahon is livid with Orton, particularly since he was so "outspokenly indifferent" to the suspension. Another source says Orton was hastily benched to ensure that he return before SummerSlam on August 19, but "something happened" shortly after the announcement that infuriated the WWE Chairman. This has led to discussions of Orton not being brought back at all after his suspension concludes.

    Former WCW announcer Mark Madden stated last Thursday via Twitter that WWE is looking to terminate their partnership with Orton since he's considered difficult to deal with and due to the belief that his value has plateaued.

    There are people within WWE saying Orton's time away from the squared circle 'isn't going to be that big a problem.' For the first time, officials are openly categorizing CM Punk as the second-ranked babyface rather than the two as equals. Many also feel SmackDown's babyface side will be sufficient with Sheamus, Christian, Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio returning soon from suspension and the option to turn Daniel Bryan at a moment's notice. Orton has made and saved a lot of money during his career and resides in an area where he could live comfortably for several years without financial worry. His wife Samantha also comes from a well-to-do family, so not having a steady income is reportedly not a major concern for him.

    There is a 'small, vocal pocket' within the sports entertainment organization lobbying for Orton's termination. Those opposing his return feel his lucrative ten-year contract—signed in January 2010—can no longer be justified if he is brought back in a mid-level role. His second suspension hinders WWE from continuing to feature Orton in headline role since a third drug-testing policy infraction would result in automatic termination, or, as some have stated, a "one-year suspension."

    In another potential factor, there is concern over the physical state of Orton, who has incurred numerous injuries over his twelve-year career. Some officials believe his body is breaking down and there are questions regarding the state of his neck and spine.

    According to, the nine-time world champion’s suspension stems from a positive drug test for the anabolic steroid Dianabol, which is banned by the United States Congress under its Controlled Substances Act. However, that is not confirmed. Orton claimed to test positive for a tainted supplement.

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    Several WWE Releases Confirmed

    Several WWE developmental releases have been made in the last week, reports Mike Johnson of

    Eli Cottonwood, who appeared on WWE NXT, requested for his release from the company and had it granted. Reports suggest Cottonwood received a job offer outside of the wrestling business and decided to take it.

    Jiro, who was originally trained in Japan by TAKA Michinoku's Kaientai-Dojo, has also been released, along with Benicio Salazar, a Mexican talent who worked under a mask in Mexico as El Hijo del Medico Asesino, and Sonny Elliot, a developmental talent from Australia, who have all been released from their developmental contracts.

    All four wrestlers have been removed from the Florida Championship Wrestling roster page earlier this week.

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    WWE Attorney Responds To TNA Lawsuit, Says WWE Does Not Want TNA Talent

    WWE Attorney Responds To TNA Lawsuit, Says WWE Does Not Want TNA Talent

    According to, following their statements made to the court about WWE computer network and how they policed it looking for evidence that the file former office worker Brian Wittenstein had dispersed confidential TNA information to anyone beyond John Laurinaitis, the temporary restraining order against WWE was dissolved officially on 6/8.

    The order against Wittenstein remains, demanding he return any confidential information and not tamper or destroy it.

    Also filed with the court on 6/8 was a letter from WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt to TNA legal counsel Erika Blonquist, stating that he wanted to document several facts for the record before the case moved forward, writing:

    "First, and as I advised you orally on the phone during our recent conference call, WWE has not solicited Ric Flair to leave TNA and enter into a contract with WWE. WWE has made no offer to Flair and has no intention of doing so.

    Second, as I also advised you, WWE has not solicited any other current TNA talent to repudiate their contracts and enter into a contract with WWE. WWE has no interest in current TNA talent."

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    Uitslagen raw 11 juni
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    Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow opens up with the normal opening video. We’re live from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut as the pyro goes off and Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW. Justin Roberts introduces John Laurinaitis and out he comes to the ring.
    Laurinaitis goes to introduce himself to everyone when No Chance hits and out comes Vince McMahon to a big pop from the crowd.
    Vince won’t shake his hand because he doesn’t know where it’s been. Vince wants to get right to the job evaluation. Vince asks why he shouldn’t fire Laurinaitis right now. Laurinaitis says two words – people power. He fumbles his words and says he listens to the people, he empowers them and they love him for it. Vince asks the fans if they love Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis sucks up to Vince. A “fire Johnny” chant breaks out in the crowd. Laurinaitis says he and Vince have a lot in common. Laurinaitis says they’re both astute businessmen. Vince brings up the Brock Lesnar situation and Laurinaitis blames it on Triple H. Vince brings up re-signing Big Show to a big contract with a bonus. Vince says Show hasn’t performed well since 1999 and calls him a horrible investment for WWE. Laurinaitis says this is a new Big Show. Laurinaitis goes on and Vince insults him. The music of Sheamus hits and out comes the World Heavyweight Champion.

    Sheamus says he felt it was his duty to come out here. Sheamus says Laurinaitis was right, he’s a friend. He’s such a good friend that he will fire you half-a-million dollars and hold a personal vendetta because you bump into him. Vince says “Fire Johnny” is now trending worldwide on Twitter. The crowd pops for Vince. Sheamus calls Laurinaitis the worse General Manager in WWE history. Sheamus asks Vince to kick Laurinaitis out on his ass. Laurinaitis says Sheamus does not represent the locker room. Laurinaitis is going to the back to find an opponent that will make Sheamus sorry. He storms off but Vince stop him. Vince says it better be a good opponent. Vince says every match tonight better be impressive. If not, then at the end of the night, Laurinaitis will hear these two famous words: “YOU’RE FIRED!” Laurinaitis leaves the ring as No Chance plays again. Vince takes a seat on Ace’s scooter and rides it up the ramp as the crowd pops and Sheamus looks on. Vince rides the scooter to the top of the stage and runs it off the stage. Vince strolls off to the back as we go to commercial.
    Sheamus vs. Tensai
    Back from the break and Sheamus waits for his opponent. Cole mentions Alberto Del Rio’s concussion. They’re blaming it on the overhead shots from The Great Khali on SmackDown. John Laurinaitis comes out and says the opponent for Sheamus is not in a good mood. Tensai’s music hits and out he comes with Sakomoto.
    The bell rings and they lock up. They tangle around and go to the corner before locking up again. Tensai drops Sheamus with a big shoulder. They lock up again and Sheamus applies a headlock. They collide with shoulders. Tensai smacks Sheamus. Sheamus unloads with rights and backs Tensai into the corner. Tensai runs into a big boot and Sheamus takes out Tensai’s leg. Sheamus with knees and elbows to the head now. Tensai turns it back around and beats Sheamus down in the corner.
    Tensai drops Sheamus again with an elbow to the mouth. Sheaums tries for another comeback and clotheslines Tensai over the top but Sheamus also falls out. We go to commercial.
    Back from the break and they’re trading big shots in the corner. Sheamus goes down after a knee to the head. Tensai whips Sheamus hard into the corner and he goes down again. Tensai with a big splash to the back. Tensai climbs to the second rope and comes down with a big splash but Sheamus kicks out at 2. We see that Sheamus is busted open now. Sheamus comes back with headbutts and big right hands. Sheamus with a spear in the corner and a big knee lift. Sheamus takes Tensai down with a forearm for a 2 count. Tensai fights back with elbows to the head. Sheamus gets dumped to the apron but fights his way back in. Sheamus with a series of big forearms to the chest now.

    Sheamus comes off the top rope but Tensai catches him and powerbombs him for a close 2 count. Tensai with headbutts to the face. More back and forth. Tensai turns around to a big Brogue Kick from Sheamus for the win.
    Winner: Sheamus
    - Vince McMahon is backstage with Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis. Vince says that’s strike one against Ace for tonight. Vince asks who’s going to face Sheamus for the World Title. Vickie Guerrero walks in and suggests Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger for a three-way against Sheamus. Laurinaitis says he has a better idea but wants to know what Teddy thinks. Teddy brings up Ziggler, Swagger, The Great Khali and Christian. He suggests a four-way elimination match with the winner facing Sheamus at No Way Out. Vince likes that idea. Ace sends Teddy off to get some coffee. Ace offers Vince a fist bump. Vince says he has small hands and walks away as we go back to commercial.
    Back from the break and Tensai is in the ring yelling at Sakomoto. He smacks him around and then beats him to the mat, yelling something in Japanese. Tensai throws Sakomoto over the top rope and goes out after him. Tensai slams his face into the announcers table and continues to beat him up around the ring. Referees finally come out and get Tensai to the back.
    - Cole and Lawler hype the 1000th RAW in just six weeks. We go to a video with stars looking back at their favorite RAW moments.
    One-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions R-Truth is backstage with Matt Striker. Striker asks how he is after the Big Show attack two weeks ago. Truth talks about how Little Jimmy was traumatized. Truth talks to Jimmy and gets back to the interview. Truth says Show is going to lose to John Cena this Sunday in the steel cage. Out of nowhere, Big Show’s fist appears and lays out Truth. We see Show before going back to commercial.
    Back from the break and we see what just happened to R-Truth at the hands of Big Show.
    Santino Marella and Layla vs. Beth Phoenix and Ricardo Rodriguez
    We go to the ring and out comes the WWE United States Champion Santino Marella. His partner WWE Divas Champion Layla is out next. Out next comes Beth Phoenix and her partner Ricardo Rodriguez. Beth practically pulls Ricardo to the ring as he’s hesitant.
    Beth and Layla start things out. Beth runs her mouth and they lock up. Layla with a headlock. Ricardo reaches for a tag but Layla kicks him. He comes in but gets kicked in the head. Beth takes Layla down and stomps away on her for a 2 count. Ricardo tags himself in as Beth hits a slingshot suplex. Santino comes in and Ricardo runs to Beth and grabs her waist. Beth tells him to get out of the ring and stay out. Layla comes back on Beth. Layla springboards into a crossbody. More back and forth action. Ricardo gets involved but Layla throws him out to the floor. Santino pulls out the Cobra but Ricardo runs into the ring post. Beth and Layla go at it in the ring. Beth kicks the injured knee and hits the Glam Slam for the win.
    Winners: Ricardo Rodriguez and Beth Phoenix
    - After the match, Ricardo brags in the ring about the win. Santino comes in and rips off his shirt, revealing a tight Justin Bieber t-shirt underneath. Santino tends to Layla to end the segment.
    - David Otunga is backstage with Vince McMahon. Otunga says if Laurinaitis does get fired, he should be the replacement. Vince doesn’t like the way Otunga puckers up and doesn’t like lawyers. Kofi Kingston runs in and is looking for Laurinaitis. Kofi wants Big Show because he took Truth out. Laurinaitis walks in and says Truth isn’t doing good. Laurinaitis makes Kofi vs. Show inside a steel cage for tonight. Kofi walks off and Vince says that’s not a bad idea. We see Daniel Bryan walking backstage as we go back to break.
    - Back from the break and out comes Daniel Bryan. He says he is nothing like CM Punk or Kane. He says they both have a weakness in the form of AJ Lee. Bryan says Punk is jealous of him and trying to make him jealous by getting with his ex-girlfriend. Bryan says Kane thinks he’s getting to second base with a woman when she looks him in the eye and doesn’t vomit. Bryan says AJ is still in love with him. Bryan says he’s only interested in the WWE Title and will get it this Sunday. Bryan starts chanting YES when CM Punk’s music hits and out he comes to the stage.
    Punk walks to the ring and says AJ is pretty cool. He says she is way out of Bryan’s league and inside the ring, Bryan isn’t even close to Punk’s league. Punk says AJ is crazy but he digs crazy chicks. Punk says regardless of who he has to beat, he’s walking out WWE Champion on Sunday. Bryan says he used to respect Punk but he has changed. Bryan says Punk is the biggest sellout in WWE. Punk says he spoke his mind last summer but he has not changed one bit. Punk says he achieved success on his own terms but can’t say the same thing for Bryan. Punk runs down Bryan and calls him names. Punk goes on until Kane’s music hits and out he comes.
    Kane comes out and talks about some of the crazy things he’s done over the years. Kane says his pipebombs are actual pipebombs and that’s why he will leave No Way Out with the WWE Title. AJ comes down in a CM Punk t-shirt and wants them to stop arguing. AJ says she looked into Kane’s eyes last week and she saw that he actually had a heart. AJ admits she hasn’t gotten over Bryan, her first true love. She looks at Punk and smiles now. She says he is the coolest guy she’s ever known in her entire life. AJ says she knows the best man will win on Sunday. Laurinaitis appears on the big screen and says we’re going to have a first. He announces Bryan and Kane vs. Punk and AJ for tonight. AJ looks worried as she talks it over with Punk.
    - We see footage from earlier tonight when Vince McMahon threatened to fire John Laurinaitis if he’s not impressed with tonight’s matches.
    - Up next is the #1 contender’s match. Back to commercial.
    Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match: Christian vs. The Great Khali vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger
    The winner of this one will face World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus at No Way Out. Out first comes the WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian. The Great Khali is out next. Vickie Guerrero hits the stage next to introduce Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger.
    The match starts and Khali strikes everyone first. Khali gets shots in on everyone and hits Swagger with a big chop in the corner. Khali with a big chop and a headbutt for Ziggler now. Khali beats up Swagger and Ziggler in the corner now. Another big chop for Swagger. Ziggler tries to stop him but Khali grabs him. They finally take his knee out and Khali goes down. Christian hits a frogsplash and all three men pin Khali. Khali is eliminated as we go back to commercial.
    Back fro the break and Christian is trying to fight off both men. Ziggler and Swagger come back with the double team. Swagger with a 2 count on Christian. Vickie comes over and slaps Christian while the ref isn’t looking. The double team continues until Ziggler gets dumped out to the floor. Christian fights off Swagger. Back and forth action until Christian hits the back elbow from the corner. Ziggler comes in and rolls Christian up for a close 2 count. Christian responds with a right hand. He throws them both in the corner and hits Killswitch on Swagger. Swagger blocks it. Christian goes down in the corner. Swagger misses the Swagger Bomb. Christian rolls Swagger up for another 2 count. Swagger applies the ankle lock but Christian counters. Christian finally hits Killswitch but Ziggler runs in and steals the pin on Swagger. Swagger is eliminated.
    Christian rolls up Ziggler for a close 2 count. They trade shots and Christian slams Ziggler for another pin attempt. Ziggler comes back with a dropkick and a close 2 count. Ziggler stomps away and works on the injured ankle of Christian. Christian fights back but Ziggler applies the sleeper hold. Christian rolls out of it and drops Ziggler again. Christian tries for a spear but his leg gives him problems. Christian catapults Ziggler and then hits the spear for another close pin attempt. Christian readies for Killswitch but Ziggler kicks his ankle and hits the big leg drop for 2. Christian hits the inverted DDT for another close call. Christian climbs to the top but Dolph runs up. Christian knocks him back to the mat. Christian comes down but Ziggler moves. Ziggler hits Zig Zag for the win and the #1 contendership to face Sheamus at No Way Out.
    Winner: Dolph Ziggler
    - Ziggler backs up the ramp talking it’s about damn time. He turns around to Sheamus. They have words and Sheamus raises the World Title in Dolph’s face.
    - Natalya is backstage with Vince McMahon. Natalya is talking about how the match Bret Hart had with Vince at WrestleMania was important to the Harts. She wants to do the whole Harts family thing again. Vince promises to talk about it more with her later. Vince walks off but is stopped by Cameron and Naomi dancing. They want Vince to undo Ace’s ban on Brodus Clay from being on RAW. He won’t but they heard Vince can get funky. Vince says somebody call his momma. The music hits and Vince dances with the Funkettes. They end it and Vince turns around to Zack Ryder standing there shocked. Vince says “Woo, Woo, Woo you know it” and walks off.
    - Still to come, Show vs. Kingston in a steel cage match plus AJ & CM Punk vs. Kane & Daniel Bryan. Back to commercial.
    Ryback vs. Willard Fillmore and Rutherford “PS” Hayes
    Back from the break and out comes Ryback. Willard Fillmore and Rutherford “PS” Hayes come down the ramp running their mouths. The bell rings and one of them charges. Ryback slams him and powerbombs him twice. The other guys looks scared and just exits the ring. Ryback meets him on the floor with a huge clothesline. Ryback throws the guy over the top rope and back into the ring. The crowd chants Goldberg as Ryback hits the double Samoan drop for the win.
    Winner: Ryback
    - We see the steel cage being lowered over the ring. Show vs. Kingston is up next as we go to commercial.
    Vince McMahon is backstage with Hornswoggle. Vince does an impersonation of Jim Ross. John Cena comes in to a very mixed reaction from the crowd. They go back and forth and Cena wants Vince to use those two words tonight when it comes to Laurinaitis. Otunga walks in and tries to change Vince’s mind about lawyers. Vince doesn’t like Otunga sucking up. Vince says nobody respects a man who would kiss another man’s behind. Vince looks over and William Regal is there looking around. Vince says no disrespect and that’s it.
    Steel Cage Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Big Show
    We go to the cage and out first comes one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston. We see Big Show walking backstage as we take another commercial break.
    Back from the break and David Otunga vs. Brodus Clay is announced for the No Way Out pre-show match on YouTube. Big Show makes his way out to the cage next as Kofi waits.
    Show enters the cage and Kofi starts beating on him. Show knocks him off and here we go. Show throws Kofi into the side of the cage wall. Show takes control and beats Kofi around the ring. Show presses Kofi’s face into the steel of the cage. Show throws him face first again into the cage. Show keeps up the assault and keeps ramming Kofi into the side of the cage. Kofi tries to fight back but Show cuts him off with big kicks.
    Show runs his mouth and turns around to boots from Kofi. Kofi tries to make a comeback but Show stops him. Kofi leaps to the cage and somehow knocks Show down with Trouble in Paradise but can’t get a pin. Kofi tries to crawl out of the cage door but Show pulls him back in. Kofi kicks him back and goes for the door again. Show pulls him back in. Show grabs a kick this time and levels Kofi with the knockout punch. A referee checks on Kofi as Show walks out of the cage door. He takes his time before stepping on the floor and winning the match.
    Winner: Big Show
    - Big Show heads straight up the ramp as Kofi is still laid out in the cage. We go back to commercial.
    Sin Cara vs. Curt Hawkins
    Back from the break and Curt Hawkins is already waiting in the ring. Sin Cara comes out next. The bell rings and they lock up. They trade arm holds and Hawkins slaps Cara in the back of the head. Cara takes Hawkins down and sends him out of the ring. Cara corkscrews over the top and takes Hawkins out on the floor.
    Hawkins turns it back around and works Cara over in the ring. Cara comes back with a big superkick to the face and a springboard back elbow. Cara with a pair of dropkicks and a big arm drag. Cara with a stomp on the hand, a kick and another big arm drag. Cara plants Hawkins with his finisher for the win.
    Winner: Sin Cara
    - Still to come, Vince McMahon’s decision about the future of John Laurinaitis. Back to commercial we go.
    - We get hype for No Way Out.
    - Daniel Bryan is backstage warming up when Vince McMahon walks in and wishes him good luck. Bryan is surprised because he didn’t think Vince would like someone like him. Vince says if Bryan was walking down the street with groceries, he wouldn’t be mistaken for a WWE Superstar. Bryan cuts Vince off and says he’s been fired before and he proved Vince wrong. Vince goes on and leaves Bryan to think.
    - We see a locker room for a mystery man from RAW’s past that has been brought by John Laurinaitis in honor of the upcoming 1000th episode. Back to commercial.
    - Back from the break and more hype for the 1000th RAW.
    Heath Slater vs. Vader
    Justin Roberts is in the ring and says the following match was arranged by John Laurinaitis in honor of the upcoming 1000th RAW. Slater takes the mic and doesn’t want to talk about former Superstars. Slater says it’s time, it’s time, it’s Slater time. He’s interrupted by Vader’s music! Vader returns to a big pop from the crowd.
    The bell rings and the crowd chants Vader’s name. They lock up and Vader shoves Slater back. Vader gets the crowd hyped again and they chant some more. Vader takes Slater to the corner and unloads. Slater comes back with a cheap shot and hits right hands. Slater runs the ropes but Vader runs over him with a clothesline. Vader with another clothesline. Vader continues beating Slater down.
    The crowd chants “you still got it” to Vader as he continues the assault. Vader with a big suplex for another 2 count. Slater tries to fight back again but can’t get Vader down. Slater scoops him but Vader falls on top for another 2 count. The crowd chants for a Vader Bomb now. Vader slams Slater in the corner and climbs to the second rope for a big Vader Bomb. Vader covers for the win.
    Winner: Vader
    - We get a “be a STAR” video.
    - AJ Lee is backstage freaking out about the main event. CM Punk walks up and tries to calm her down. He tells her to stay on the apron and don’t do anything crazy, she will be fine. AJ kisses Punk on the cheek and walks off as we go to commercial.
    Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk and AJ Lee
    We go to the ring and out comes Kane first for the next match. His partner Daniel Bryan is out next. WWE Champion CM Punk makes his way out last with his partner AJ. Punk starts things off with Kane and here we go.
    Kane and Punk with back and forth action to start. Kane drops Punk with a back elbow and tags in Bryan. Bryan with a series of kicks before trying for a pin. Bryan with a submission now. Punk comes back with a dropkick and a neckbreaker. Punk with the high knee in the corner and a bulldog attempt. Punk with a powerslam for another 2 count. Punk climbs to the top but misses the big elbow drop as Bryan moves. Kane tags in again.
    Punk goes at it with Kane and somehow AJ is tagged in as Punk gets dumped on the outside. AJ comes in to Kane in the middle of the ring. She smiles at him and starts skipping around him in a circle. AJ jumps onto Kane and wraps her legs around him. She gives him a big kiss. Kane stops and stares at her. He tags in Bryan and leaves the ring, going to the back slowly. Bryan charges Punk and gets knocked back. Punk climbs to the top and connects with the top rope elbow for the win.
    Winners: AJ and CM Punk
    - We see Kane looking back from the stage as AJ smiles as Punk. Punk looks a little confused as AJ sits down in the ring and smiles.
    - Up next, Vince McMahon’s decision on John Laurinaitis. Back to commercial.
    Back from the break and out comes Vince McMahon with a team of security right behind him.
    Vince talks about his love for the city of Hartford and the state of Connecticut. Vince calls out John Laurinaitis to the ring and out he comes with his crutch. Laurinaitis says he doesn’t appreciate what happened to his scooter earlier. He says Vince doesn’t need security because he would never think about hitting Vince. Vince says the security isn’t for him, it’s for Laurinaitis.
    Laurinaitis tells Vince not to make a decision he will regret. Laurinaitis says he has improved WWE since coming on. Laurinaitis tells Vince to let him stay and run People Power. Vince goes to fire Laurinaitis but Big Show’s music hits and out he comes.
     Show comes out defending Laurinaitis and talks about his iron-clad contract. Show says he has done everything Vince wanted over the years. Show says he no longer has to be the entertainer Vince wanted him to be. He can now be the giant he is supposed to be. Show says Vince should be worried about what’s going to happen to John Cena at No Way Out. Cena’s music interrupts and out he comes.

    Cena cuts a promo on Laurinaitis, Show and No Way Out. He says if Show doesn’t pummel him at No Way Out, then he’s out of excuses. Cena says Show has to win or that’s it for him. Vince says he is going to be sitting at ringside on Sunday with Laurinaitis. Vince says if Big Show is a disappointment like everyone thinks he is, then Vince is going to fire Laurinaitis. Show grabs Cena by his neck. Security comes in but Show tosses them all off. Laurinaitis gets involved and it’s chaos. During all this, Vince gets knocked down by a Big Show knockout punch meant for Cena and everyone is shocked. RAW goes off the air with Cena looking shocked as Vince is laid out.

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    TNA Issues Press Release On Current Legal Issues Against The WWE

    TNA Issues Press Release On Current Legal Issues Against The WWE

    TNA has issued a Press Release concerning the current ligitation against the WWE:

    NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- TNA Entertainment, LLC President Dixie Carter releases a statement in regard to the recent TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) the company filed against WWE in the Davidson County Circuit Court in Nashville, Tennessee.

    TNA President Dixie Carter states, "We were not surprised that the Court originally granted a swift temporary restraining order against WWE to prohibit interference with TNA's contracts and business relationships. I'm pleased that the Court has now replaced that temporary measure with the most recent judicial Order. The Judge's current Order sends a strong message about the importance of TNA protecting its trade secrets. Obviously, the accuracy of what WWE has represented remains important, so I look forward to the discovery process and what is revealed during litigation. As always, we will vigorously protect TNA and its brand from damage at the hands of any and all sources, no matter who is involved."

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    TNA Impact Wrestling Quarter Hour Ratings For June 7 2012
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    TNA Impact Wrestling Quarter Hour Ratings For June 7 2012


    TNA Impact live on Thursday, June 7 leading into Slammiversary officially scored a 0.98 rating. The show scored a 0.88 rating in the new first hour and a 1.08 rating in the new second hour (old first hour). Impact gained one-tenth of a rating each hour compared to last week's poor start in the new timeslot.

    Impact was boosted by a 1.14 quarter-hour at the top of the second hour for the Joseph Park and Bully Ray contract signing. Comparing Q5 to the old Q1, it was the sixth-highest-rated 9:00-9:15 p.m. EST segment of the year out of 23 weeks.

    Impact then slid for the remainder of the second hour before rebounding at the end of the show with a 1.09 rating for the main event six-man tag match.

    First Hour Break Down

    Q1: Impact opened with a show-low 0.81 rating as the audience continues to need more time to adjust to the new start time. The segment featured Dixie Carter's attempted explanation of the A.J. Styles "photo scandal" and one commercial. (Last week's new Q1 scored a 0.72 rating.)

    Q2: Impact increased slightly to a 0.85 rating for the unannounced Crimson vs. Austin Aries match, one commercial, and Brooke Hogan introducing herself to the Knockouts backstage. (Same rating as the new Q2 last week)

    Q3: Impact increased again to a 0.92 rating for Hulk Hogan and Bobby Roode's in-ring exchange, one commercial, and the start of a Knockouts four-way match. (Impact declined to a 0.81 in the new Q3 last week)

    Q4: Impact increased slightly to a 0.95 rating for the second-half of the Knockouts tag match and two commercial breaks dragging down the score. (Impact decreased to a 0.75 in the new Q4 last week)

    Second Hour Break Down

    Q5: Impact started the first segment in the old timeslot with a show-high 1.14 rating for Park and Bully Ray. Also of note is the segment only included half of a commercial break, which benefited the score. (Impact grew by the same two-tenths of a rating in Q5 last week.)

    Q6: Impact slid to a 1.07 rating for TV champion Devon vs. Robbie E., plus one-and-a-half commercial breaks. (Last week's new Q6 scored a 0.99 rating.)

    Q7: Impact slid to a second-hour-low 1.00 rating for Hogan bringing out the parade of #1 contenders - Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, and RVD - and one commercial break. This was the only quarter-hour of the show below last week's corresponding quarter-hour. (Impact scored a show-high 1.03 rating in Q7 last week.)

    Q8: Impact increased to a 1.09 rating for the main event six-man tag match, plus one commercial. (Last week's Q8 slipped slightly to a 1.01 rating.)


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    R-truth injured

    - Sources within WWE have confirmed that WWE Tag Team Champion R-Truth suffered a broken foot. He did not go on the Raw brand’s tour of Spain last week-Kofi Kingston partnered with Zack Ryder and Brodus Clay at events.

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    Former WWE Star Believes Cena Wants Orton Fired

    Former WWE Star Believes Cena Wants Orton Fired
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 06/10/2012 at 03:16 PM

    Fueling rumors that WWE may part ways with Randy Orton as a result of his second violation of the Talent Wellness Program, former WWE talent Kenn Doane (a/k/a Kenny Dykstra) said on Twitter that he believes John Cena is among those within the sports entertainment organization lobbying for the SmackDown wrestler's termination. Doane's belief is based on Cena admitting to him in 2006 that he wanted Orton fired for his first Wellness Program infraction.

    "When I was there and Orton got suspended for the first time, Cena told me he wanted Orton fired. So now I'm sure it's probably him trying for RKO's release," Doane wrote Friday. "Regardless, hopefully he don't get fired since he has a young child and is the best story teller in WWE. They do still tell stories in the ring right?"

    Cena admitted in WWE's 2011 Randy Orton video release, The Evolution of a Predator, that he was not fond of the "old Randy."

    "I always joke around there's old Randy and then there’s new Randy," Cena stated. "Old Randy was an asshole."

    Orton was quietly suspended for thirty days without pay in August 2006, before WWE publicly announced suspensions for Talent Wellness Program violations. He tested positive for an anabolic steroid that he did not have a valid prescription for. Orton missed live events but continued to appear at televised events—including SummerSlam for a match against Hulk Hogan—for the duration of the suspension. He privately claimed he was taking time off from live events to remodel his home, but it was later confirmed that he was, in fact, suspended.

    Cena has expressed strong support for the criminalization of the non-medical use of anabolic steroids by athletes. He has advocated the incarceration of athletes found to be using anabolic steroids or other performance enhancing drugs. "They should send the guys to jail," said Cena during a February 2009 interview with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in response to a question about New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez admitting to using steroids and Major League Baseball's anti-doping efforts. Cena elaborated on this belief in an interview with the New York Daily News.

    "[Steroids] are the personal choice of the athlete," said Cena while promoting 12 Rounds. "And [Rodriguez] got defensive, saying he used because he felt he needed to. If there was a set of [legal] stipulations set in place, he may never have even considered it.

    "The government should take the initiative, and if you get caught using drugs, then you should go to jail. A criminal record will hurt your endorsements and long-term contracts."

    According to, the nine-time world champion's suspension reportedly stems from a positive drug test for the anabolic steroid Dianabol, which is banned by the United States Congress under its Controlled Substances Act. However, that is not confirmed. The only person in WWE who commented on the matter to Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer believes Orton actually tested positive for a tainted supplement.

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    Alberto Reportedly Suffers Serious Concussion

    Alberto Reportedly Suffers Serious Concussion
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 06/10/2012 at 11:57 AM

    A WWE source told sports blog Corey Unfiltered ( Friday that Alberto Del Rio suffered a "serious concussion" at last Tuesday's SmackDown taping in Columbia, South Carolina. During a skirmish, Sheamus slammed Del Rio's head against the metal WWE logo, leading to his concussion. Kane replaced Del Rio as Sheamus' Steel Cage Match opponent in the post-taping bout and at Saturday's SmackDown live event in Salisbury, Maryland.

    Del Rio's injury puts his World Heavyweight Championship Match against Sheamus at No Way Out on June 17 in jeopardy since WWE officials believe he will not receive medical clearance in time for the pay-per-view event. Contingency plans are being discussed in case Del Rio is unable to compete, including removing Kane from the WWE Championship Match against CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Other plans broached include a Battle Royal or a Beat the Clock Challenge to take place at this Tuesday's SmackDown taping in Manchester, New Hampshire

    Meanwhile, WWE heads Vince McMahon and Triple H are becoming increasingly worried that Del Rio cannot be relied on due to injury concerns. He is being compared to former WWE star Mr. Kennedy (now known as Mr. Anderson in TNA Wrestling), whose reputation for being injury prone partially led to his release from the organization in 2009.

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    Del Rio Misses House Show; Suffering Concussion

    Del Rio Misses House Show; Suffering Concussion
    Posted by Andy Steven on 06/10/2012 at 04:10 AM

    Alberto Del Rio did not appear as scheduled for Saturday’s SmackDown live event in Salisbury, Maryland, which would confirm reports that he suffered a concussion during last Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Columbia, South Carolina. WWE officials brainstormed alternative scenarios Friday in case Del Rio is unable to wrestle Sheamus at No Way Out on June 17.

    Looking to get under the skin of the World Heavyweight Champion, Del Rio brought out Ricardo Rodriguez on this week’s episode of SmackDown to make light of the Irish brawler by mimicking his distinctive red hair, outfit and gestures. The real Sheamus then appeared, where the fight would eventually spread to the steel stage. The Celtic Warrior slammed Del Rio’s head against the metal WWE logo, leading to his possible concussion.

    At Saturday’s house show, Sheamus defended his strap against the winner of a match pitting Kane against The Great Khali.

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    Kelly Kelly Contract News, Wrestlers Burned Out

    Kelly Kelly Contract News, Wrestlers Burned Out
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 06/09/2012 at 11:03 PM

    Following reports that Kelly Kelly was accepting endorsements and appearance requests during her hiatus from the WWE ring, organization officials offered the Raw Diva a new contract with a pay raise. They don't want her to leave WWE since she's considered their most marketable female performer.

    Meanwhile, a number of talents are reportedly feeling exhausted from the company's current travel schedule, which requires most to attend every television taping. Some feel Nikki and Brie Bella may have started a trend with the female performers to take away from WWE rather than continuing working on a never-ending basis. The twin duo, as well as Lilian Garcia, have cited exhaustion from WWE's grueling travel schedule as their reason for leaving the sports entertainment organization.

    "It was crazy, Brie and I-when our contracts were coming to an end, we kind of both looked at each other one day and were like, "I'm exhausted." And she was like, "I'm exhausted." We were like, "Let's take a break," Nikki Bella stated last month to "I don't know if that's the twin connection, or the twin bond, that we both kind of felt it but we just looked at each other one day and we were just tired. We were really tired and sore. We were like, okay, let's do this. It was scary."

    Garcia explained on her official website in 2010, "Leaving the WWE was one of the hardest decisions I had to make because I was very close to everyone there and loved my job, but after 10-plus years of being on the road it was time to take a break."

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    The Official TNA Destination X 2012

    Posted Image


    On Sunday, July 8, TNA and Direct Auto Insurance present "Destination X" live on Pay-Per-View and online around the world at from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida! The thee-hour event will feature your favorite superstars, including the high-flying daredevils of TNA's X Division!


    The PPV will be available on DirecTV, Dish Network, InDemand, TVN, Viewer's Choice and more! Check your programming guide for availability and replay times! Tune into IMPACT WRESTLING every Thursday night LIVE on SpikeTV at 8/7 for news and info!

    Attending the PPV in Orlando? Get the VIP Treatment and meet your favorite wrestlers with the Ultimate Fan Xperience - GET THE DETAILS AT SHOPTNA


    Visit the official website at

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    Bound For Glory Series return

    - As noted before, TNA will be bringing back the Bound For Glory Series this year with the first match taking place on Thursday's Impact.

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    TNA HOF News

    - Dixie Carter announcing Sting as the first inductee into TNA's Hall of Fame was a surprise to everyone in the company with the exception of a very small number of people. Both Sting and Hulk Hogan did not know before Sunday.

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    Update on Sarita & Rosita TNA Status

     Update on Sarita & Rosita TNA Status
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 06/10/2012 at 11:20 PM

    Sarita, who has not competed for TNA Wrestling since April, was asked Sunday on Facebook whether she is still apart of the organization.

    She responded, "Absolutely! Heading up to Belton, TX on Thursday for a TNA Live event. On a good streak in Mexico as well!"

    Her tag team partner Rosita, who too has not competed at a TNA event since April, addressed her whereabouts Friday when asked whether she is injured. "No. Thank God," she wrote on Twitter. "I'll be gracing your tv soon.. For now, TX June 14! TNA house show! Let's go."

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    *Photo Bobby Roode and Christian At Slammiversary

    *Photo Bobby Roode and Christian At Slammiversary

    TNA President Dixie Carter via Twitter

    "Fun to have @Christian4Peeps in the house & on Slammiversary PPV 2night. Great to see you!"

    Posted Image

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    Icon" Sting Becomes The First TNA Hall Of Fame Inductee At Slammiversary
    "The Icon" Sting Becomes The First TNA Hall Of Fame Inductee At Slammiversary
    "The Icon" Sting Becomes The First TNA Hall Of Fame Inductee At Slammiversary


    TNA IMPACT WRESTLING announced the beginning of a “TNA Hall of Fame”, with "The Icon" Sting announced as the first inductee at this year’s 10th Anniversary celebration, “Slammiversary”.

    This is TNA’s chance to recognize the great contributions of the people who gave so much to make this 10-year anniversary possible.

    “This 10 year milestone is an incredible achievement for TNA,” stated TNA President Dixie Carter. “In honor of that, we felt it was time to begin recognizing the contributions of those who have made the greatest impact on our success."

    TNA Wrestling was founded in Nashville in the summer of 2002 and June marks the 10th year anniversary.

    Congratulations to "The Icon" Sting for becoming the first member of the TNA Hall Of Fame!

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    Uitslagen slammiversary 10
    Slammiversary Results: New Champions, 1st TNA Hall Of Famer, Christian and more!
    Slammiversary Results: New Champions, 1st TNA Hall Of Famer, Christian and more!
    xml:namespace prefix = fb />

    On Sunday night, "Slammiversary" aired live on Pay-Per-View and on the internet from College Park Center in Arlington, TX in front of the largest live US crowd in TNA Wrestling history. Catch the replay all this week on your cable or satellite provider, or watch it online around the world at

    Scroll down for results, plus images below from the Pay-Per-View event

    Tune into Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike TV at 8/7c for the aftermath from the event, plus exclusive footage! If you can't watch it, set your DVR to record it.

    Quick Results from the Pay-Per-View:

    X-Division Championship: Austin Aries def. Samoa Joe
    Hernandez def. Kid Kash
    TV Champion Devon & Garett Bischoff vs. Robbie E & Robbie T
    #1 CONTENDER'S MATCH: Mr. Anderson def. Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy
    Open Challenge: James Storm def. Crimson
    Hall of Fame Announcement: Sting announced to the Hall of Fame
    KNOCKOUTS CHAMPIONSHIP Brooke Tessmacher def. Gail Kim
    Joseph Park def. Bully Ray
    WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP AJ Styles & Kurt Angle def. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian
    WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Bobby Roode def. "The Icon" Sting

    Results from the Slammiversary Pay-Per-View

    X-Division Championship
    Aries began unleashing some blows on Joe but Joe brought on a firestorm of hits in retaliation. Joe kept control of for much of the first part of the matchup up and he seemed to land quite a few hits on Aries. Aries was finally able to get back n the match by landing a suicide dive on Joe and things went back and forth between the two for some time. Joe finally went for submission and into a rollup for the pin but Aries kicked out. This did not stop Joe as he continued to wear down on Aries. In an attempt to implement a move from the top rope Joe was thrown to the mat by Aries, then did a flip onto Joe. The fierce back and forth between these two continued at length and all seemed to be over for Joe after Aries reversed a muscle buster on Joe which seemed to almost finish him off. After a few short offensive moves Aries performed his finisher and got the pin on Joe.

    Kid Cash vs. Hernandez.

    The match started with these two going face to face but then immediately kicked off with Kid Kash hammering on Hernandez. The size advantage obviously went to Hernandez who started throwing Kash around. Kash was able to turn things around and take the offensive and maintain the upper hand in the match. Hernandez was able to get a few hits in but Kash was in control and displayed an impressive tornado sweeping DDT. Thanks to the leaping ability of Hernandez, he acquired the upperhand leading up to an amazing leap over the top rope to the floor to take out Kash. After a top rope splash Hernandez was able to get the pin for the win.

    TV Champion Devon & Garett Bischoff vs. Robbie E & Robbie T
    Garett and Robbie E faced off in the ring to start the match, after Garett dominated Robbie E he retreated and tagged in Robbie T. Garett couldn’t seem to lay out Robbie T at all. During the middle of the match Madison Rayne appeared at the ramp and watched. With the help of Robbie E the duo was able to break down Garett. Finally, Garett was able to take out Robbie E long enough to tag in Devon who was able to even things up and even avoid some outside interference from Robbie T. Through his offensive flurry he turned things to the favor of his team and was able to get a near pinfall but was stopped by Robbie T. This did not stop the duo as Garett was later able to stop Robbie T long enough to allow Devon to get a pin on Robbie E.

    #1 Contenders Match:
    The three men faced off in the ring with it seeming to be every man for themself. Hardy was able to get a lot of offensive in which led to a near pinfall. Following this things went back and forth between all men. Anderson was able to implement a top rope superplex on Hardy and RVD attempted to take advantage of the situation with a frog splash but missed and caused all three men to be laid out on the mat. All three men seem to be back to square one and they all went to war on one another. After bringing the match outside of the ring we saw Hardy fly off the top rope onto his opponents and take control of the match. Hardy was able to nail a Swonton Bomb off the top rope to attempt a pin on RVD, but the count was stopped by Anderson who pulled out the ref. All three men had near pinfalls but in the end Anderson was able to pull off a mic check and get the pin for the win.

    Open Challenge
    After talking himself up in the ring Crimson awaited the person who would accept his open challenge. To the delight of Texas, the challenge was answered by the Cowboy James Storm. Storm came in to start the match with a vengeance giving Crimson no chance to retaliate. After turning his back on him, Crimson was able to get things moving in his favor for a short time. James Storm came to answer his short offensive with his own version of southern justice and finished it off with a last call superkick leading to a pin officially ending the streak of the former undefeated Crimson.

    Hall of Fame Announcment
    After thanking the fans of TNA Wrestling Dixie Called out the TNA IMPACT WRESTLING roster to the stage. Carter thanked everyone and introduced Sting as the first inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame. Sting came to the ring where Dixie shared a few words and said the formal induction would happen at Bound For Glory. Sting gave a brief speech and thanked the fans, the roster and Dixie.

    Knockouts Championship
    Brooke started that match in control actually driving Gail Kim out of the ring to gather herself. She was able to turn it around and bring the offense to Tessmacher. Gail wore down Tessmacher with a head scissor and continued to wear her down. Kim finally seemed to hurt her with a necktie neck breaker followed with Tessmacher getting knocked down to the floor where Kim could have won via countout, After returning to the ring Tessmacher was able to pull a reverse on Gail Kim to get the pin for the win and be crowned the new Knockouts Champion.

    Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park
    In an anything goes match Ray and Joseph faced off but not before Joseph took off his glasses. Ray instigated Park inviting him to throw the first shot, which he obliged and missed terribly. Ray continued with taunting him and smacking him after his many misses. To top things off, Ray spit in the face of Park. In a surprise move Park was able to get a slap in on Ray but was blindsided immediately afterwards. Ray stepped outside the ring to bring a chair into play but as he returned Joseph kicked the rope causing Ray to trip allowing for him to grab the chair dropped by Bully. Joseph was not able to use it as he turned his back allowing for Bully Ray to get the chair and hit him numerous times in the back. After avoiding contact, Park was able to unleash a series of awkward punches on Ray. But Ray kept things on his favor by bringing out his trademark weapons. Though before Ray was able to use the kendo stick, Joseph low blowed him, grabbed the kendo stick and hit him over the head. Park immediately went under the ring. To Bully’s surprise Abyss came out and threw him through the table and disappeared back under the ring. Joseph came back out to get the cover and the pin for the win.

    Christian Cage made his appearance and addressed the crowd then presented the #1 Moment in TNA Wrestling History.

    World Tag Team Championship:
    The match started with AJ exploding into the ring to kick things off against Kazarian. Styles and Kazarian ended up outside of the ring and AJ did a Springboard off the railing. After bringing it back into the ring AJ threw more offensives at Kazarian then tagged in Kurt Angle who ended up facing off against Daniels shortly after being tagged in. Kurt was able to break down Daniels then tag in AJ. Kazarian was brought back in and as AJ attempted to climb to the top rope he was stopped by Daniels allowing Kazarian to kick him making AJ fall and get hung up in the ropes. The two continued to work on AJ. Styles was finally able to get his opening with a suplex, giving him time to tag in Angle who was able to bring in a massive offense on the champs all the way to getting a near pinfall. In a massive showin of Strength Angle was able to Suplex both Daniels and Kazarian. The champs however were able to stop the challengers from gaining any ground. After a very impressive set of offenses from Angle and Styles, the match was nearly over but the count was stopped by Daniels to which Styles responded by doing an amazing flip outside of the ring. With Daniels out of the picture Angle was able to work Kazarian into submission and new tag team champs were crowned.

    World Heavyweight Championship
    The Match Started out with Roode avoiding Sting but Sting would not have it as he brought out an offense on him that Roode could not get away from. Things ended up outside the ring thoughout the match as Roode tried to get away from the Stinger numerous times. Finally Roode was able to get into a groove and take control of the match from Sting. Sting was able to conjure up the strength to get back into the game with a suplex off the top leading to a scorpion death lock which brought the crowd to its feet. Roode was able to escape this and promptly left the ring and attempted to leave the arena but Sting stopped the attempt and pounded on him outside of the ring bringing things to the announce table where he implemented the Scorpian Deathlock on him on top of the table but was stopped by the Ref. In the scuffle Roode grabbed a six pack that was sitting by the table and later used the bottle to bash Sting over the head leading to a pin for the win keeping Roode the World Heavyweight Champion. Something snapped in Sting and he beat on Roode throughout the arena and gave a scorpion death drop on Roode off the entrance ramp.

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