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    Brock Lesnar Considering Switching Back To UFC
    Brock Lesnar Considering Switching Back To UFC

    As previously reported, former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar was in attendance on Saturday night’s UFC 146 main event, watching UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior dos Santos defeat Frank Mir to retain his Championship.

    During the UFC 146 post-fight PPV press conference, UFC President Dana White was asked about Lesnar’s appearance and revealed Lesnar is considering a return to MMA.

    White was asked whether Lesnar’s appearance tonight meant anything, where White confirmed there was, replying only by saying, “maybe” with a smile. He was also asked if Lesnar will be returning to the UFC and if his spoken to the former UFC Champion. White said he hasn’t spoken to him yet but he will let everyone know if anything happens.

    White also confirmed that Lesnar maybe making a return to MMA.

    Lesnar retired from MMA in December 2011 and made his return to WWE in April, reportedly signing a one year deal with the company.

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    Update on UFC Fighter Calling Out Brock Lesnar
    Update on UFC Fighter Calling Out Brock Lesnar

    Now that former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Muhammed Lawal has split his time between mixed martial arts (MMA) and professional wrestling, the flood gates are officially open.

    At least for Roy Nelson.

    “Big Country,” who fights Dave Herman on the main card of UFC 146 this Saturday night (May 26, 2012) at the MGM Grand Garden Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, already has his sights set on another wrestler-turned-fighter-turned wrestler.

    Brock Lesnar.

    The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 Champion tells MMA Weekly that after he disposes of “Pee Wee” Herman at the “Dos Santos vs. Mir” pay-per-view (PPV) event this weekend, he “might have to call out Brock Lesnar, go to WWE and whoop his ass.”

    “I think [King Mo opened] a lot of doors for a lot of different fighters, and it actually opens up a lot of fighter’s eyes that there’s other ways to make a living, that you can actually do both sports. It’s like it’s okay to be a Deion Sanders playing football and baseball, or like a Bo Jackson playing football and baseball. It’s good that athletes can do that. After I beat Pee Wee, I might just have to call out Brock Lesnar. I might just have to go to WWE because I might just have to call him out, go to WWE, and whoop his ass.”

    He also tells Ariel Helwani the former UFC Heavyweight Champion’s title run was “set up” on a silver platter and that using Lesnar logic, he should expect his own crack at the crown after a win on Saturday night in “Sin City.”

    Those comments after the jump.

    “You know what? If Brock belongs in the hall of fame, so do I. It’s not that hard to win the title when it’s set up that way for you. Pretty much [a silver platter]. After Dave Herman, I guess I get a title shot. Interim! Because someone’s gonna get hurt.”

    Nelson is, of course, referring to Lesnar’s transition back to the squared circle after his retirement last December, which stemmed from a bout with diverticulitis and a couple of first-round ass-kickings inside the Octagon.

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    Update on the Chris Jericho Flag Incident

    Update on the Chris Jericho Flag Incident
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 05/26/2012 at 08:37 AM

    - After the incident in Brazil the other night, Chris Jericho did not immediately return home to the United States. He flew onto Ecuador with the WWE crews and just flew back into Miami this morning. He wrote:

    "Just landed in Miami and its the longest walk to passport control ever! Like I'm talking I need a staff and a donkey.... Longest immigration line in the world. The last five days have been like a really bad video game-"Worst Business Trip Ever!" by Activision"

    - PWInsider backs up TMZ's report that WWE officials did not know of Chris Jericho kicking the Brazilian flag before it happened. The incident was something improvised by Jericho on the spot to draw heel heat.

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    Shawn Michaels & Storm React To Y2J's Suspension
    Shawn Michaels & Storm React To Y2J's Suspension

    - Chris Jericho’s close friend, Lance Storm, gave his thoughts on Jericho’s suspension on Twitter Friday, writing, “Thoughts on @IAmJericho He didn’t do anything that hasn’t been done a million times in wrestling. Wrong place & times change.”

    - Shawn Michaels also commented on Jericho’s suspension, writing on Twitter, “I’ll stand behind @IAmJericho any day of the week & twice on Sunday…what’s the big ‘E’ stand for in WWE anyway!!”

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    Jericho Comments After Brazil Incident

    - Chris Jericho, who was suspended for kicking the Brazilian flag last night at a WWE live event, wrote the following on Twitter after the incident:

    "Just for the record I love Brazil and wish we could've spent more time here. Beautiful country!"

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    Uitslagen smackdown 24 mei
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen Yes sir, we promised you a great main event..." The WWE video leads us into the show.

    They show some still photos of John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis from the Over The Limit PPV. Laurinaitis beat Cena following Big Show's interference in the match. The next night on Raw, Cena asked Big Show why he sold out. Big Show talked about how he got no sympathy from the people while he was crying in the ring. Big Show said he'd knock Cena out at No Way Out. Big Show then knocked Cena out at the end of Raw.

    The Smackdown video plays, and we're brought into the arena with a big fireworks display. Josh Mathews, Booker T, and Michael Cole welcome us to the show. They wonder whether Sheamus will apologize to John Laurinaitis for knocking him over on Raw.

    Lillian Garcia introduces John Laurinaitis's executive administrator, Eve Torres, to the ring. Eve says that John Laurinaitis is still the General Manager of both Raw and Smackdown. Mr. Laurinaitis pinned John Cena at Over The Limit to cement his physical superiority. However, due to an international WWE business trip, she regrets to inform the crowd that Mr. Laurinaitis is not there tonight. Tonight, she's in charge. Her boss will deal with John Cena on Monday night, but tonight she'll deal with the World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus. Two things will happen. One is that Sheamus will apologize for bumping into John Laurinaitis on Monday. The second is that she'll name his opponent for No Way Out.

    Alberto Del Rio's music hits, and he makes his way to the ring. Del Rio says Eve is not only beautiful, but also smart. If she's looking for an opponent for Sheamus then she should stop looking because there's no one better than him. Plus, what happened to him in his quest for the World Heavyweight Championship was horrible. Del Rio says she's smart and perfect, but she needs to ask if she wants to make John Laurinaitis proud. Del Rio says the answer is, "Si." Del Rio wants to be made the number one contender. Eve says he makes a very compelling case.

    Randy Orton's music hits, and he makes his way to the ring to a great reception. Orton says he knows that Eve is new to the job, so he introduces himself. He says she has a big decision on her hands, so he suggests they use the crowd to help make the decision. Orton asks if they want to see Del Rio, but they boo. Orton asks if they want to see him, and they cheer. Orton says in the name of "People Power" that she has her answer.

    Kane's pyro explodes on the stage, and he makes his way to the ring. Kane says neither of the two men have the qualifications that he does. That pasty white Irish ghost should have to face him, the Devil's favorite demon. In case she needed anymore convincing, tonight's episode is number 666. Eve says there's only one way to settle this. The superstar who will face Sheamus at No Way Out for the World Heavyweight Championship will be the winner of tonight's triple threat match.

    They show still photos of Christian winning a "People Power" Battle Royal at Over The Limit and then beating Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Championship later in the evening. Christian's music hits, and the new Intercontinental Champion makes his way to the ring. He'll be in action next.

    -Commercial Break-

    Christian vs. Hunico w/ Camacho

    They circle the ring, and Hunico quickly gets a side headlock applied. Christian whips him off, drops down, and flattens him with a flying forearm. Hunico kicks and punches away at him. Hunico chops the chest, but he has a whip reversed on him. Christian hits him with a back body drop, and Hunico rolls out of the ring to recover. Hunico sidesteps a baseball slide and runs away. Christian chases, but Camacho distracts him enough for Hunico to throw him shoulder first into the ring post. Hunico then lays him out with a suicide dive. Hunico throws him into the ring for a two count. Hunico stomps away at him before hitting a scoop slam.

    Christian rolls out of the way of a senton and lays him out with a flapjack. Hunico reverses a whip, but Christian clotheslines him down. Christian goes for a missile dropkick, but Hunico counters into a jackknife pin. Christian counters into a rollup of his own for a near fall. Christian punches him, goes to the second rope, and hits a flying elbow. Christian goes for the Kill Switch, but he stops to dropkick Camacho off the apron. Hunico goes for his finisher, but Christian counters into the Kill Switch! Christian then goes to the top rope and hits a Frog Splash for the win!

    Winner by Pinfall: Christian
    Match Rating: 3/4 *

    Cody Rhodes's music hits, and the former champion comes out to the stage. Rhodes says for eight months he spent his time wiping the dirt off that title to restore it back to the pinnacle of its prominence because it was held by jokes. It was abused by the likes of Santino Marella, and he made it mean something again. It was held by greats like Razor Ramon, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, and Shawn Michaels. In one night Christian ruined it. Nobody cares about that title because nobody cares about Christian. It won't take eight months to rectify that because when he gets the rematch that he's entitled to, it'll only take him three seconds.

    Tonight's main event will see Randy Orton take on Kane and Alberto Del Rio in a Triple Threat Match. The winner will face Sheamus at No Way Out for the title.

    -Commercial Break-

    Jimmy and Jey Uso vs. Darren Young and Titus O'Neil

    They show footage from earlier in the day with both these teams making fun of one another. The Uso's made fun of O'Neil and Young's dance, and they made fun of the Uso's dance.

    Titus O'Neil and Jey Uso will start it out. Jey punches away at him, but he can't whip him. Jey kicks O'Neil in the face and tags in his brother, Jimmy. They head-butt him, and Jey is tagged back in. Jey hits O'Neil with a forearm, but he quickly comes back with some punches. O'Neil reverses a whip into the ropes, and Young kicks Jey in the back. Jey slaps him down, and O'Neil takes him out with a big boot. Young is tagged in, and O'Neil gives him a front suplex onto Jey for a near fall. Young kicks him and hits a neckbreaker. O'Neil is tagged in, and he stomps him down. Young is tagged in, and he sends Jey to the corner. Jey catches him running with a back elbow.

    Jimmy is tagged in, and he clotheslines Young down. Jimmy knocks O'Neil off the apron and clotheslines Young again. Jimmy sends him into the ropes and hits Young with a nasty Samoan Drop. Jimmy hits a running butt bump, but O'Neil breaks the pin up. Jey runs in and pulls O'Neil out of the ring. O'Neil throws him into the apron. Jimmy superkicks Young and goes to the top rope, but O'Neil distracts him. Young knocks him off the top rope, tags O'Neil in, and they hit the backbreaker/elbow drop combination for the win.

    Winners by Pinfall: Darren Young and Titus O'Neil
    Match Rating: *

    The announcers wonder whether Sheamus will issue John Laurinaitis a public apology. That'll come later. Ryback is in action, next.

    -Commercial Break-

    A video plays that hypes up Sin Cara. He'll return to Smackdown next week.

    JOBBER ALERTS: Brian Edwards and Kevin Bendl, two jobbers, are in the ring with no TV entrance. They make fun of Wilkes-Barre for the many ways of saying the name. Ryback has beaten two guys before, but never at the same time.

    Brian Edwards and Kevin Bendl vs. Ryback

    Ryback is sporting a nasty black eye. The "Goldberg" chants cue up. Ryback pushes one down, lifts another one up in a powerbomb position, uses him to knock the other over, and he powerbombs him down. Ryback hits one with a nasty spinebuster and immediately follows up with a powerbomb. Ryback delivers a nasty lariat to one before picking them both up. Ryback lifts them both up at the same time and hits a double fisherman's suplex buster for the win.

    Winner by Pinfall: Ryback
    Match Rating: N/A

    Santino Marella will take on Ricardo Rodriguez, next.

    -Commercial Break-

    Santino Marella vs. Ricardo Rodriguez

    They replay the pretty funny exchange these two had on Raw. Ricardo Rodriguez then gave himself a ring introduction while rolling all his "r's". He's going to wrestle in his tuxedo. They go to lock up, but Ricardo botches it on purpose. Santino gets a headlock applied and shoulder blocks him down. They go into the ropes until Santino stops. Ricardo hits the ropes back and forth until he collapses from exhaustion. Santino then picks him up and gives him an airplane spin. They both fall down. Santino crawls under the ring, so Ricardo goes to the opposite side. Santino comes out from where he went under with the Cobra out, taps Ricardo on the shoulder, and hits him with it for the win.

    Winner by Pinfall: Santino Marella
    Match Rating: N/A

    Will Sheamus apologize? We'll find out next.

    -Commercial Break-

    Will Sheamus apologize to John Laurinaitis?

    Sheamus's music hits, and the World Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring. Sheamus channels his inner Lance Storm and says, "If I can be serious for a minute..." Sheamus says he's been sent out here to apologize to John Laurinaitis. It's funny because in his retrospect you shouldn't have to apologize for an accident. He was simply running to the ring, and he hit into John Laurinaitis. Some people say he did it on purpose, so if that's true then it's accidentally on purpose. Sheamus takes a while before issuing his apology. Sheamus says he'd like to apologize for John Laurinaitis being a massive arse. While we're talking about his arse, if you look hard enough, you'll find Eve and David Otunga so far up there that they could probably tell you what he had for breakfast. He'd also like to apologize for everyone else who kisses his arse, like a giant 7-foot arse kisser.

    Sheamus wants to talk about something important to him. Sheamus says if he had his way then he'd defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton at No Way Out.

    EXCUSE ME! Vickie Guerrero comes out to massive heat. Her dear friend Eve has told her that Sheamus will face someone right now. That someone is her client, the All-American-American, Jack Swagger.

    Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger w/ Vickie Guerrero

    They circle the ring and lock up. They tussle around the ring to jockey for position before Sheamus gives him a clean break. They circle the ring, and Swagger takes him down with a waistlock takeover. Sheamus elbows him off and runs into a boot. Sheamus sidesteps him charging, and they have another standoff. Swagger knees him in the midsection and punches. Sheamus punches back before sending him to the ropes for a shoulder block. Sheamus goes to the top rope for a diving shoulder block for a two count. Swagger rolls out of the ring to recover. Sheamus shoulder blocks him down before throwing him back in the ring. Vickie distracts Sheamus on the apron, and Swagger knocks him off. Sheamus appears to have tweaked his ankle.

    -Commercial Break-

    We come back from the break to see Swagger kicking away at Sheamus's ankle while Vickie laughs. Sheamus comes back with a bear hug, but Swagger gets him off. Swagger smashes the ankle off the ring post, and he DDTs the limb for a two count. Swagger applies a leg lock, but Sheamus refuses to give up. Sheamus kicks him off, and Swagger clotheslines him a few times in the corner. Swagger twists the injured leg around the ropes, but Sheamus fights him off. Sheamus sidesteps a big boot and hits a neckbreaker.

    Sheamus looks intense as he gets to his feet. Sheamus hits a trio of hammer throws before going for a powerslam. Swagger slides off, but Sheamus is able to tie him up in the ropes for the clubs to the chest. Sheamus suplexes him back into the ring for a near fall. Sheamus goes for the White Noise, but Swagger fights out. Swagger takes him down and goes for the Ankle Lock, but Sheamus fights him off. Swagger sidesteps the Brogue Kick, chop blocks him, and hits the Swagger Bomb for a near fall. Swagger goes for the Gutwrench Powerbomb, but Sheamus flips out. Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick for the win.

    Winner by Pinfall: Sheamus
    Match Rating: * 1/4

    Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, and Kane will fight in a triple threat match to determine who will face Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship at No Way Out. We'll also hear from the Big Show on why he's changed so much.

    -Commercial Break-

    JOBBER ALERT: Yoshi Tatsu is in the ring with no TV entrance. They show Damien Sandow beating him down last week.

    Damien Sandow begs our indulgence for a moment. He's here to help all of us. Last week, out intellectual savior was caught in a conundrum: subject the WWE Universe to a contest between himself and an unworthy opponent, a bout that would serve to only propel us further into our self-imposed ignorance, or do the honorable thing by abstaining from such a mockery so we can all continue to place him on the pedestal of enlightenment. They boo, and he asks them to remain silent while he speaks. However, he chose to depart without incident when he was accosted by the sophomoric bantering by the ignoramus that stands before him. The dunce did not grasp the concept he was trying to teach, so tonight he will impart his lesson physically. This is for the benefit, welfare, and common good of everyone. "You're welcome!"

    Yoshi Tatsu vs. Damien Sandow

    Sandow puts himself between the ropes to keep Tatsu away. He kicks him, knees him in the guts, and hits a Russian leg sweep. Sandow hits an arm trap neckbreaker for the win.

    Winner by Pinfall: Damien Sandow
    Match Rating: N/A

    Damien Sandow celebrates with a perfect cartwheel in the ring as "Hallelujah" plays through the arena.

    -Commercial Break-

    Big Show addresses the WWE Universe

    Big Show's music hits, and he makes his way to the ring to a chorus of boos. Big Show says he was fired the Monday before Over The Limit. Most people know what it's like to be fired, but he doesn't. The difference between him and us is that he loves this job. He's a giant that loves dominating people. When he lost his dream job, he didn't know what to do. He didn't have a means of supporting his family. He became despondent. He couldn't eat or breathe. He felt betrayed by his so-called friends. He felt betrayed by the WWE Universe. Not one of them, or the superstars, or the technical crew came to his defense. After all the years and things he's done, that's what he gets.

    They chant that he sold out which seems to anger him. Big Show says he didn't sell out. After all he's done, this is the thanks he gets. He realized at that moment that he has no friends. He realized that he is alone in this world. Then he got the call. When you're drowning, do you really care where the lifeline comes from? He made a deal. If he helped John Laurinaitis defeat John Cena, then he'd get his life back. He got a new contract and a big, fat bonus. All Laurinaitis had to do was escape from Cena and it was all set. Big Show set the ruse for John Cena. When he threw Laurinaitis to Cena, he knew exactly what would happen next. With one punch, he knocked John Cena out cold. Then he watched Laurinaitis pin Cena for the win. At No Way Out he'll do it again. He understands that the people really never cared about him. Now he damn sure doesn't care about us.

    Big Show leaves the ring, and Kane's pyro explodes. Big Show and Kane walk by one another giving a look. All of a sudden while Kane is getting ready to make the ring posts explode, Daniel Bryan viciously assaults Daniel Bryan with a chair! Bryan absolutely lays into him with the chair, probably about twenty times before the referees pull him back!

    -Commercial Break-

    Sin Cara returns to Smackdown next Friday.

    They show a replay of Daniel Bryan assaulting Kane with the chair. Kane is still in pain, but he's insistent on taking part in the match. He seems to be favoring his left arm.

    #1 Contender's Match
    Kane vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton

    Kane and Del Rio go after Orton. Orton throws Del Rio out of the ring, and Kane big boots him down. Kane hits a low dropkick for a two count. Kane sends him to the corner and hits a clothesline. Kane tries to repeat the move, but Orton kicks him in the face. Orton hits his patented backbreaker, but Del Rio breaks up the pin. Del Rio stomps both men before punching away at Orton. Kane uppercuts Del Rio, and Orton clotheslines him out of the ring. Orton turns, and Kane clotheslines him out of the ring. Kane drives Orton into the ring apron and boots Del Rio. Orton blocks a shot into the barricade and reverses it on Kane. Orton bounces Del Rio into the barricade and bounces Kane on the announcer's table. Orton goes for his hanging DDT, but Del Rio hits him with a step-up enzuigiri. All three men are down as we go to commercial.

    -Commercial Break-

    We come back from the break to see Kane stomping Del Rio in the corner. Orton charges into an uppercut from Kane for a near fall. Kane hits a body slam and drops an elbow for a two count. Kane punches Del Rio down in the corner, but Del Rio kicks him in the injured arm. Del Rio kicks away at Orton and chokes him with the boot. Orton drops Del Rio to the apron and dropkicks him off the apron. Kane reverses a whip to the corner and hits a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Kane goes to the top rope, and Del Rio catches him with a step-up enzuigiri. Kane falls to the outside.

    Del Rio kicks and punches away at Orton. Orton avoids a running boot and punches back. Del Rio reverses a whip, but he lowers his head to eat a kick. Orton hits a pair of clotheslines, ducks a clothesline from Kane, and hits him with a powerslam. Del Rio runs into a powerslam for good measure. Orton clotheslines Kane out of the ring and clotheslines Del Rio in the corner. Orton goes for the ten punches, but Del Rio fights back. Del Rio goes to the second rope, but Orton catches him with a hanging DDT. Orton begins to stalk Del Rio, but he gets out of the RKO. Kane pulls Orton out of the ring and sends him into the ring steps.

    Kane snaps Del Rio off the top rope and goes for his flying lariat, but Del Rio moves. Del Rio goes for the Cross Arm Breaker, but Kane counters into a Chokeslam! Daniel Bryan gets on the apron with the chair, and Kane chases him off. Kane goes to get back in the ring, but Daniel Bryan returns. Orton hits an RKO, but Del Rio breaks up the pin with a kick to the head. Del Rio then picks up the scraps by pinning Kane for the win!

    Winner by Pinfall: Alberto Del Rio
    Match Rating: **

    Alberto Del Rio will face Sheamus at No Way Out for the World Heavyweight Championship. Del Rio celebrates up the ramp until Sheamus takes him out. Sheamus congratulates him on becoming the number one contender. Sheamus poses with the title.

    WWE Smackdown - 5/25/12 - May 25th, 2012 | *720p HD* | Watch Online Part 01
    WWE Smackdown - 5/25/12 - May 25th, 2012 | *720p HD* | Watch Online Part 02
    WWE Smackdown - 5/25/12 - May 25th, 2012 | *720p HD* | Watch Online Part 03
    WWE Smackdown - 5/25/12 - May 25th, 2012 | *720p HD* | Watch Online Part 04
    WWE Smackdown - 5/25/12 - May 25th, 2012 | *720p HD* | Watch Online Part 05
    WWE Smackdown - 5/25/12 - May 25th, 2012 | *720p HD* | Watch Online Part 06

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    Brooke Hogan Interview: Talks Meeting With Dixie, What Knockouts Could Carry KO Division, More

    Brooke Hogan Interview: Talks Meeting With Dixie, What Knockouts Could Carry KO Division, More

    Posted Image

    Busted Open satellite radio show with Brooke Hogan
    Host: Dave Lagreca and Doug Mortman
    Airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on Sirius 94 and XM 208 from 2-4 ET
    Visit for more information

    Brooke Hogan on getting into the wrestling business:
    "I love that I get to prove people wrong, because people think 'Oh it’s Hulk Hogan’s daughter.' But I have seen behind the scenes. I have heard the meetings. I have watched the creative process. I mean I am the best intern there is. I’ve been around it for so long. Me and Dixie Carter were throwing around some ideas and as I was doing that, she was like 'you know more about this than I thought you would.' So that’s how the whole thing came about. My dad didn’t actually even know that I was talking to her about doing this. Actually I think I gave him a heart attack."

    Brooke on meeting with Dixie Carter:
    We have been working together for the past year and a half on my music and we would always have lunch and creative meetings about my music. But it would always turn into wrestling, and she would always tell me about what happened on the show that night. I would then throw out an idea and she would say ' I had no idea you knew so much about it.' I’m like, ‘Duh.’ I came from the household that the main plans were going on in. She said 'ever since Karen Jarrett left and isn’t managing the Knockouts any more, we haven’t had anybody to wrangle them in. I’m so busy on focusing on everything else, do you think while you’re recording your album, you can take a day or two out of the week and come help me out the girls?
    So I said, ‘Man I always said I wouldn’t get into wrestling.’ Not because I didn’t want to, because I love it, and I’m not the type to worry about public opinion. I just thought it was such a humongous deal for me to get into wrestling and I knew there would be so many people hating it or loving it. It’s more about helping Dixie who helped me with my music. She is bogged down with so much. It’s like where do you find a woman who knows wrestling as much as I do and who has been around it so long, to be able to trust and make decisions that you would make. There is no one out there right now in the business that can kind of take the load off Dixie and trust to make the right decisions. I don’t know how long this will last."

    What can we expect from the Knockouts division:
    "I think everyone is forgetting that they have a story and they have drama in their lives. What I admire so much about TNA is right now fans think that they know wrestling. They are like 'oh everything is set up, all the storylines, all the plans, it’s a soap opera for men.' And its true, that’s been happening for years in the wrestling business. What TNA is doing now is, and they couldn’t do it without whats really going on right now, these girls, they all actually have drama happening.
    There are people that are divorced, both working for TNA, dating other people. There is craziness going on. What’s great about TNA is that they are going back to real life and these matches are going to be between people who really have something to fight out. If they want to hurt each other, that’s their thing. But as far as I’m concerned we are making this more real. That’s why I’m coming in. There are personal issues behind closed doors that we need to resolve."

    Thoughts on her dad Hulk Hogan:
    "I think when he saw TNA, he saw a baby egg that he could crack and make something of it. It takes years and years and years to grow a company like Vince McMahon. The whole time Vince was growing his company , my dad was right there next to him. My dad worked with Vince Sr, when Vince Jr came in and he asked my dad to help him. So my dad for years helped Vince run WWF. My dad was there for the whole thing. I don’t think people realize that he was behind some of the creative stuff and storylines. My dad is just so seasoned. I think if TNA had 20 years under their belt, the PR, and the machine, and the publicity that Vince McMahon has, I think actually they could run neck and neck. But the thing is, it’s a little boutique company that they are trying to grow slowly and it doesn’t happen overnight."

    On what Knockouts could carry the division:
    "I think Velvet Sky is incredible. I think she is really, really good. ODB I think has already made a name for herself. I think she is self-sufficient. She has her little gimmick. She is a little raunchy. That’s what I love about her. But if you met Velvet in person, she is the sweetest, sweetest person. So polite. Such a sweetheart. That girl works so hard. She is dieting and training. She is wrestling in the ring even when they are not taping or filming. She is just working her butt off. I really think she deserves a push. I think she could be the next big thing in the Knockouts division."


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    TNA Vs. WWE Lawsuit Updates

    TNA Vs. WWE Lawsuit Updates

    - The Associated Press picked up the story of TNA suing World Wrestling Entertainment and former employee Brian Wittenstein on alleged breach of confidentiality concerning TNA contracts. The new report includes more comments from WWE lead attorney Jerry McDevitt, who claims, according to the AP report, that "WWE never asked Wittenstein to disclose the information and that the company fired him when he did. Furthermore, WWE told TNA officials about the breach and sent back the information Wittenstein leaked."
    TNA's contention in the lawsuit filed this week is that a WWE employee notified TNA of the breach three weeks before WWE officially responded to TNA.
    McDevitt also dismissed TNA's claim that WWE tried to lure Ric Flair "or any other wrestlers under contract" with TNA. A hearing is scheduled for June 11 in Nashville to begin sorting out the dispute.

    - At this time, no one within TNA wants to talk about the WWE lawsuit, not even privately and off the record, reports PWInsider.

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    TNA Impact Wrestling Rating For May 24 2012
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    TNA Impact Wrestling Rating For May 24 2012
    Yesterday, 10:05 PM Posted by ILWyep in Latest TNA Wrestling News & Rumors


    According to PWTorch, the 5/24 edition of Impact Wrestling did a 1.02 rating with 1.43 million viewers.

    On cable TV Thursday night, Impact Wrestling ranked #24 on cable TV, #13 among males 18-34, and #12 among males 18-49. As has been the case the previous few weeks, Impact Wrestling's top competition was the NBA Playoffs, which averaged 6.9 million viewers. Also, History Channel's "Swamp People" averaged 3.8 million viewers.

    In the demographic ratings, Impact Wrestling rebounded from a year-low in m18-34 last week to be restored to the yearly average. Also, Impact Wrestling was slightly up in m18-49 compared to last week to be restored to the yearly average.

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    Fans Choose Who Devon Defends The TV Title Against On Thursday's Impact Wrestling

    Fans Choose Who Devon Defends The TV Title Against On Thursday's Impact Wrestling


    Posted Image

    On Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast LIVE on SpikeTV at the new start time of 8/7c - Devon will defend the Television Championship against the choice of the fans! Who will be the choices? Starting this Monday, visit and we'll reveal one challenger each day. Then, voting will open at noon eastern time on Thursday, May 31st! YOU pick who Devon defends the title against that night! The power will be in YOUR hands during the LIVE television broadcast on Thursday!

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    uitslagen wwe superstars 24 mei
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen WWE taped the Raw portion of this week’s WWE Superstars tonight from The Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia. Below are full results:
    Dark Match:
    * Dean Ambrose defeated Alex Riley
    WWE Superstars (Airing Thursday on
    * WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth defeated JTG & Michael McGillicutty
    * Zack Ryder defeated Heath Slater

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    Preview Thursday's Impact Wrestling: Sting Vs. Roode, Brooke Hogan's Debut, More

    Preview Thursday's Impact Wrestling: Sting Vs. Roode, Brooke Hogan's Debut, More


    - It's a historic broadcast as IMPACT goes LIVE all summer on SpikeTV with a new start time at 8/7c!

    - Impact will come on the air live at 8PM with the return of "The Icon" Sting to action as he faces World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode in a Lumberjack Match with the ring surrounded by TNA Superstars.
    Posted Image

    - Brooke Hogan will make her IMPACT WRESTLING debut. How will the Knockouts react?
    Posted Image

    - The countdown is on to the June 10 "Slammiversary" event - IMPACT will feature news on our big 10 year anniversary spectacular

    - Plus, all of your favorite IMPACT WRESTLING superstars including General Manager Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Bully Ray, the high-flying X Division Superstars, the lovely but lethal Knockouts and more!

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    *Video* TNA's Greatest Moments: #6 - Sting Defeats Hulk Hogan To Regain Control Of TNA Wrestling
    *Video* TNA's Greatest Moments: #6 - Sting Defeats Hulk Hogan To Regain Control Of TNA Wrestling

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    Should Joey Ryan Receive An Impact Wrestling Contract?

    Should Joey Ryan Receive An Impact Wrestling Contract?


    Should Joey Ryan receive an IMPACT WRESTLING contract? Vote now! #Gutcheck

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    Uitslagen tna impact wrestling 24 mei
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen Here are the results for this week’s TNA Impact Wrestling.
    1st Match
    Gail Kim and Madison Rayne beat Eric Young and ODB.
    2cnd Match
    Rob Van Dam beat Gunner.
    3rd Match
    Devon and Garett Bischoff went to a No Contest for the TNA TV Title. A new tag team interfered but Devon and Garett cleared the ring together.
    4th Match
    Austin Aries beat Joey Ryan.
    Bully Ray called out Joseph Park in the crowd. Ray attacked Park and beat him with a chain.
    5th Match
    Hulk Hogan makes Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles in the main event. Roode wins and celebrates being the longest reigning TNA champion. Hogan crashes the party and introduces Sting. Sting attacks Roode and clears out the ring. Roode vs. Sting in a Lumberjack Match is announced for next week

    iMPACT Wrestling - 5/24/12 Part 3/6 (HDTV) door 12-tellytv

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    Jericho Suspended

    According to several sources within WWE, the incident with Chris Jericho denigrating the Brazilian flag at WWE's 5/24 Sao Paulo live event, and his subsequent suspension, is completely legitimate and is said to be a major issue for WWE at the moment.

    WZ has learned that Jericho was nearly arrested for the incident, and several within WWE feel the incident will irrevocably effect the company's relationship with the country of Brazil.

    "This was not a case of Shawn Michaels sticking a Canadian flag up his nose," a source told WZ. "This is a different era, one in which you don't do things like this. You'd think WWE or Jericho would have learned from the mistake Dave "Fit" Finlay made."

    We will continue to bring you the latest information on this story as it develops.

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    TNA Sues WWE
    TNA Sues WWE

    TNA has filed a lawsuit against WWE and former TNA and WWE employee Brian Wittenstein. The company filed the lawsuit yesterday in Nashville with charges of interference with existing contracts, conversion, breach of contract, civil conspiracy, unfair competition, and violation of the Tennessee Uniform Trade Secrets Act. Wittenstein is also being sued for breach of duty of loyalty.

    The suit claims that Wittenstein, who worked for the company for three years from 2008 – 2011, gave WWE inside information on contracts and other details from his time working with the company and that WWE is trying to steal talent from the company via that information. Wittenstein was hired by WWE earlier this year but was let go in April, which TNA claims is after they were presented with the information. However, WWE did not inform TNA that they had been given that information for several weeks.

    TNA claims that they were informed of the insider information on May 7th and that several days later, Ric Flair approached TNA trying to get out of his contract so he could go to WWE. The company says Flair hasn't appeared at events since. Alex Shelley, who is rumored to be heading to WWE, was not mentioned in the lawsuit.

    An injunction has been issued demanding that WWE and Wittenstein return whatever confidential material Wittenstein obtained from TNA and were specifically instructed not to destroy any of the material. A hearing is set for next month.

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    Resultaten WWE NXT 23/05/12

    WWE COO Triple H comes out to open the broadcast. He takes the opportunity to thank Florida's Full Sail University for becoming the new location for NXT to emanate from, then thanks the fans for coming to the show. Triple H says that NXT is the future of this business.

    -WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes is introduced as the new General Manager of NXT, replacing William Regal.

    -Bo Dallas defeated Rick Victor

    -Conor O'Brian and Kenneth Cameron defeated CJ Parker and Mike Dalton

    -Damien Sandow was scheduled to face Jason Jordan next, but cut a promo instead.

    -In the main event, Tyson Kidd defeated Michael McGillicutty

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    HHH Gets Praise for NXT
    HHH Gets Praise for NXT

    Last week's WWE NXT tapings at Full Sail University were said to have ran far more smoothly than WWE's RAW and SmackDown tapings. These are Triple H's project and there was a lot of talk about how good he ran things.

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    Resultaten TNA Xplosion 23/05/12
    Eric Young vs Gunner

    24-05-2012 om 19:30 geschreven door jefken  

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    Update On Alex Shelley's Future
    Update On Alex Shelley's Future

    According to The Wrestling Observer, while Alex Shelley has gotten phone calls from WWE, he has not agreed to a deal there. Shelley in leaving was looking at working in Japan and maybe for Dragon Gate USA until he got a phone call from WWE.

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    Top WWE Star's Move Banned
    Top WWE Star's Move Banned

    Responding to a fan on Twitter, Randy Orton suggested that the his punt kick move is banned. When Orton replied to the fan's suggestion of using the punt kick on Chris Jericho again, Orton wrote, "the punt has been banned. 'Concussional' awareness."

    23-05-2012 om 21:34 geschreven door jefken  

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    Online Feud Between Jericho and Regal Continues
    Online Feud Between Jericho and Regal Continues

    - The war of words between Chris Jericho and William Regal has continued on Twitter. A fan asked Regal who would win in a technical match - he or Jericho. Regal replied:

    "Someone would have to teach him a proper hold before he could enter."

    Jericho responded:

    "Is this the guy who used to be on Raw 5 years ago? Not sure I remember who you are..."

    Regal once again ended the back and forth:

    "You know,I'm the one who copied you and wore a 3 piece suit and talked intelligently and menacing."

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    Former WWE Tag Team Champions Heading To TNA?

    Former WWE Tag Team Champions Heading To TNA?

    Thrasher, one half of the former WWF and NWA tag team The Headbangers teased on his twitter page that he and his partner will be making an appearance for a one of the three major US wrestling promotions soon, writing:

    "we will be on someones TV real soon can't say who but will it be WWE, ROH or TNA"

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    Jericho Explains Role Of Girl In Return Promos

    Jericho Explains Role Of Girl In Return Promos
    Posted by Andy Steven on 05/21/2012 at 11:59 AM

    In an interview with the The UK Sun, Chris Jericho explained the little girl in his return promos.

    “They were looking too deep into it — WAY too deep. It was just supposed to be a creepy thing. My idea was that it was the Mayan calendar in 2012 saying it’s the end of the world and I was going back and it’s the ‘end of the world as you know it’”

    “The girl we just put in because she was creepy looking. There was never supposed to be a girl coming in with me — there wasn’t a change of plan. It was exactly what it was intended to be — a cryptic little cool thing that led to me coming back and doing what I did.”

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    What Happened After RAW Went Off The Air
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    What Happened After RAW Went Off The Air
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 05/22/2012 at 12:17 AM

    Thanks to reader Sam Goodman for sending in the following live note.

    After RAW went off the air last night, CM Punk defended the WWE Championship by defeating Daniel Bryan.


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    Uitslagen raw 21 mei
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    John Cena's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Cena says that he has had a lot of matches but win or lose he has come out on RAW and congratulated his opponent and moved on. But what the hell happened?? John Laurinaitis beat him. Cena says that JL has been a selfish power hungry bully. Last night he got a taste of his own medicine. It was great; it was everything that it was supposed to be. But then he ran away and Big Show brought him back. Everything was set for Cena to finish the job so JL would be terminated, but then Show knocked Cena out cold. Cena says he is glad that he humiliated JL because he deserved it and ten times more. What Cena is not glad about is the Big Show deciding to sell out after being fired last week. Cena says that no matter who the next GM was, even the computer, Big Show would have been hired back. But, because of the interference last night, Show has ensured that the People Power garbage continues. This is crap.

    The People Power music hits and the gorgeous Eve Torres makes her way out to the ramp. Cena says that Laurinaitis got really hot but he still sucks. Eve introduces John Laurinaitis. He makes his way out onto the ramp on an electric scooter. Eve helps him up and he leans against a crutch. JL says that after the match last night he was rushed to the emergency room. He has several possible injuries. But it's okay because he proved last night that when he is in the ring he is a fierce competitor. But when he is outside of the ring he is a WWE executive. JL says that he wants the entire roster to know that they cannot lay a finger on him or he will be terminated. Enough about him, it is time to introduce the man that on Saturday he rehired with a generous bonus. It's the man that Cena will face at the next WWE PPV – The Big Show.

    The Big Show's music hits and he joins his co-conspirators on the entrance ramp. Show knows that Cena would like an explanation for his actions, but he doesn't deserve it. Show says that last week he was on his knees for JL begging for his job. No one loves the business more than Big Show. He was so upset that he actually found himself crying. Everyone saw the giant crying on worldwide television. Show says that he received no sympathy from anyone. He did what he had to do, what anyone would have done. He now has an iron clad contract and is proud of it. How dare anyone judge him? Show says that he will be judging Cena on June 17th, because there will be No Way Out. Show is going to knock him out.

    David Otunga's music hits and he makes his way out onto the entrance ramp in his ring gear with a microphone. Otunga tells him that his boss beat Cena, so now he is going to beat him. Cena says that he is not in the mood so David should go into the back and watch reruns of Law and Order because if he gets in the ring Cena is going to hurt him. Otunga says so be it, and dedicates this match to John Laurinaitis.


    John Cena v. David Otunga

    Cena charges at Otunga and the referee backs him off. Otunga slips out of the ring and a fired up Cena tries to follow after. Otunga slips back into the ring to frustrate Cena. Cena gets back in and Otunga heads out. Cena fakes getting out in order to catch up with Otunga. Both men are in the ring and Otunga connects with a couple of punches. Otunga poses for JL which allows Cena to get to his feet and hits a clothesline and shoulder block. Cena lifts Otunga up in the air for the AA and flashes You Can't See Me to JL. The move connects and Cena locks on the STF! This match is over.

    Winner via STF: John Cena

    After the match Cena continues to hold on the STF. Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks, Darren Young & Titus O'Neil hit the ring to attack Cena. Sheamus runs out from the back and bowls over Laurinaitis on his way to the ring. Sheamus and Cena clear the ring, throwing everyone else to the outside. JL gets on the mic and asks what his guys are doing because he did not give them permission to be out here. He sends them to the locker room. JL says that in the name of People Power, Sheamus & Cena will be teaming up in a two on three handicap match. Actually, for the first time on RAW they will be teaming up in a two on three handicap lumberjack match.


    Ricardo Rodriguez is introduced in the ring, but Santino's music hits. He comes down and says that he is sorry to be out here, but Ricardo's accent is ridiculous. He doesn't even know how to roll his "r's". They get into a back and forth exchanging rolled r's. Santino ends up knocking him out with the cobra. Santino tells them to hit Alberto Del Rio's music and does the introduction.

    Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler announce that on July 23rd RAW is moving to 3 hours.


    Randy Orton v. Alberto Del Rio

    They lock up and Rio backs him into the corner. He kicks Orton in the gut but quickly gets reversed. Orton hits a scoop slam and then tries to drop a knee. Rio moves out of the way and punches Orton in the shoulder. Rio tries an arm breaker but Orton counters and unloads on Rio with punches. Orton smiles as Rio falls onto the apron. He sets up for the suspended DDT, but Rio counters and pulls his head down across the top rope.


    Back from the break, Rio tries for a cover. Orton kicks out. Rio continues to work on the shoulder and stomps across it. Another cover, but Orton kicks out. Del Rio lock on an arm bar. Orton gets to his feet and punches his way free. Rio kicks him in the shoulder. Orton dodges a baseball slide as Rio flies out of the ring. He gets back into the ring back walks into a couple of punches and a snap scoop slam. Orton sets him up on the apron and connects with the suspended DDT. Orton drops to the mat and begins to pound.

    Chris Jericho appears from behind and hits a Code Breaker on Orton! This match is over.

    Winner via DQ: Randy Orton

    Jericho stands over Orton in the middle of the ring and calls for a microphone. Jericho says that he is the best in the world at what he does. He repeats himself. He asks if Orton understands and repeats himself once again. Orton gets to his feet and walks right into a second Code Breaker. Jericho again screams to ask if Orton understands what he is saying. He again utters that he is the best in the world and looks to exit the ring. Jericho decides against it and reenters. He lifts Orton to his feet and hits a third Code Breaker! Orton is bleeding from his forehead.

    # In the back, Daniel Bryan is shown getting ready to call out CM Punk.


    Daniel Bryan is in the ring and says that last night a great injustice was done. He throws footage of last night's PPV in which Punk was tapping to him. He should have become Champion. It's time for Q & A with Bryan. Did he make Punk tap out? Yes. Should he be WWE Champion? Yes Yes Yes. The only reason that he is not Champion is because of the gross incompetence of one WWE referee, so he demands a rematch.

    Punk's music hits and he says that it was one of the greatest matches of his career, but the fact remains that he beat Bryan 1,2,3. Punk then shows footage of attacking Kane but making it look like it was Punk on Friday Night Smackdown. Kane went after Punk, softening him up for Bryan. Punk shakes his head and says that it was pretty clever. Punk says that it is now his pleasure to introduce Bryan's opponent for tonight.

    Kane's pyro explodes and he makes way down to the ring. Punk joins in on commentary.

    Kane v. Daniel Bryan

    The referee rings the bell and Bryan tries to kick Kane. Kane pushes him down and pushes him into the corner. He punches away until the ref backs him off. Bryan is whipped into the corner and hit with a hard splash. Bryan dodges a second splash and connects with a dropkick. Bryan climbs to the top rope, but Kane catches him and tries for a chokeslam. Bryan scurries away and sends Kane to the outside of the ring. Bryan flies out after with a suicide dive. Punk grabs a chair and tries to hit Kane with a steel chair in the vein of Bryan's actions, but Bryan grabs the chair. Kane gets to his feet and sees Bryan with the chair. He grabs it from him and begins to wail on Bryan. This match is over.

    Winner via DQ: Daniel Bryan

    Kane rolls Bryan into the ring and follows after. He connects with a chokeslam! Kane lifts Bryan back to his feet and hits a second chokeslam.

    Punk gets into the ring, claiming that he wants to check on Bryan and make sure he is okay. Punk locks on the Anaconda Vice! Bryan is furiously tapping.


    Christian v. Jinder Mahal

    Jinder whips him into the ropes, but Christian gets behind him for a neckbreaker. Christian climbs to the second rope and hits a dropkick. Jinder is on the apron and tosses Christian out of the ring. He rolls him back inside and stomps on his chest. Jinder hits a hiptoss and goes for a cover. Christian kicks out. Back on his feet he springs out of the corner for a sunset flip. Mahal kicks out. Christian is whipped into the ropes but hits a shoulder block. Christian punches him in the face and heads back to the second rope. He hits a spinning European Uppercut and looks for the Killswitch. Mahal reverses and hits a big boot. Christian dodges a Camel Clutch and hits the Killswitch. He heads to the top rope and hits a frog splash! This match is over.

    Winner via Frog Splash: Christian


    Beth Phoenix v. Kelly Kelly

    Layla is watching the match from a monitor in the back. A highlight saw Phoenix nail Kelly in the back of the neck during her cartwheel towards the corner.

    Winner via Glam Slam: Beth Phoenix


    2 on 3 Handicap Lumber Jack Match
    John Cena & Sheamus v. Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger & Tensai

    Ziggler and Sheamus start things off. They lock up and Sheamus pulls him to the mat in a side headlock. Ziggler pushes him into the ropes and gets hit with a shoulder block. Ziggler gets back to his feet but gets tossed high up into the air for his efforts. Cover, but Ziggler kicks out. Cena gets the tag, as does Swagger. Jack takes Cena down and then takes a moment to gloat. Cena gets back to his feet and hits a hard shoulder block. Tensai gets the tag.

    He elbows Cena in the face and then backs him into the corner with shoulder thrusts. Swagger is tagged in and pushes Cena into another corner for a shoulder thrust of his own. Swagger tries for the second rope splash but completely whiffs. Sheamus gets the tag and bowls over Jack. He pushes him into the corner and knees him hard in the chest. Sheamus hits a scoop slam and tries for the cover. Ziggler is tossed to the outside of the ring. The Lumberjacks don't touch him and Tensai has gained the tag. Sheamus is tossed out of the ring and the lumberjacks try to attack. Sheamus fights them off and makes his way back into the ring. Tensai takes control and drags him to the corner and hits a headbutt. Swagger gets the tag and stomps on Sheamus.


    Tensai gets the tag and whips Sheamus into the corner. He headbutts him down to the mat and the referee makes him back away. Swagger gets the tag, but Sheamus punches him in the head. Swagger regains control and tags in Ziggler. He connects with a leg drop and goes for the tag, but Sheamus kicks out. Ziggler locks up Sheamus' ankle and tags in Swagger. Big Show walks out onto the entrance ramp.

    Swagger holds Sheamus down on the mat and then chokes him on the second rope. Ziggler gets in a kick to the head as Swagger distracts the referee. Tensai gets the tag and kicks Sheamus in the gut. Sheamus begins to fight back and Tensai is bleeding from the forehead. Tensai hits a scoop slam and goes for the cover.

    Ziggler gets the tag and unloads on Sheamus. Swagger gets the tag and continues the attack in the corner. Sheamus tries to fight back and hits Swagger with a rolling senton! The crowd is hot as Cena runs into the ring at the newly tagged in Ziggler. He hits a huge side slam and signals for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Cena abandons the move as he notices the Lumberjacks have pulled Sheamus off the apron. The fight spills back into the ring as Cena and Sheamus are largely outnumbered.

    The cavalry arrives to make the save. Nearly the entire locker room has hit the ring. Cena heads to the back to look for The Big Show. Cena is shown in the back and approaches Laurinaitis. He asks where Big Show is. JL reminds him that he can't touch him or he is fired. Cena turns his head and walks right into a Knock Out Punch.


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    *RUMOR* Massive Heat On TNA Star, May Never Return

    According to sources close to Flair and TNA have confirmed that the two sides are at a major impasse as there is a ton of heat on Flair for conduct outside the ring. It was described to me by one TNA source as, "being at the point it's not worth keeping Flair around."

    There have been a number of incidents involving Flair at local establishments and bars in Orlando since coming to the company. At one point, sources indicate Flair was banned from drinking at the Hard Rock Cafe in Citiwalk due to an incident with him "acting inappropriate", according to one source, leading to venue management banishing him.
    There are also stories aplenty within the company of Flair not being able to cover bar tabs and company management getting a call from the hotel and/or bar seeking payment. Most recently something similar went down at the hotel TNA utilizes for their wrestlers and staff, which the company has had a great relationship with for years, that was the final tipping point. At that point, Flair was pulled from several Louisiana house shows and the final TV Tapings before Impact Wrestling goes live on 5/31.

    A similar issue led to Flair's meltdown last year on the European tour, where TNA's Craig Jenkins, after several days of fronting Flair money to cover a bar tab, refused to do so again. This led to Flair screaming at Jenkins in front of the entire crew and refusing to get on the TNA tour bus to head to the next date. Flair was left behind, missed a show and then returned to the tour the next day, apologizing to the locker room when he arrived. Publicly, Flair blamed the matter on the company not giving him "advances" like he would get when touring for WWE, citing that he was "used" to that treatment. Those comments upset people within the company because of the perception that the company "wasn't taking care of talents."

    There have been a number of forces within TNA that have been against having him as a regular since he came into the company, noting that while he carries a high price tag, he hasn't translated into drawing money or ratings for the company - and now, his work in the ring isn't "Ric Flair level" anymore, but "Ric Flair level behavior" remains.
    There are also some in the company that feel that Flair and WWE put them in a "no win situation" when Flair was announced for the WWE Hall of Fame, noting that the company had no choice but to allow him to go in, or else they would look like they were denying Flair and the fans. To be fair, Flair didn't know in advance he was getting inducted but he publicly told fans he would be there "on stage" before a deal was signed that would allow him to appear at Wrestlemania and the Hall of Fame.

    Spike TV sources also note that there have also been a number of requests from the network end to keep Flair dressed and not have him "near nude" (i.e., in his wrestling gear) and bleeding at his age on TV. Flair debuted for TNA on 1/4/10, the first episode of the Hulk Hogan/Eric Bischoff regime. He was made the mentor to AJ Styles and manager of Fortune with the idea of creating a modern day Four Horsemen style group. That led to Flair being part of Immortal and until the Gutcheck Judging role, he had most recently been managing Gunner and running with Eric Bischoff in their feud designed to get Garett Bischoff over.

    Since departing WWE, there have been a number of issues with Flair. He signed for a number of appearances with Ring of Honor, then pulled out of them, citing his relationship with WWE (although it was more likely that he realized they weren't going to use Reid Flair following a drug arrest). When Flair didn't pay back an advance given to him, ROH filed a lawsuit against him. Flair also landed in court over money lent to him by and at one point, there was an order of arrest out for him if Flair did not pay the agreed settlement by a certain date. That order was issued because Flair had missed several agreed dates for payment of the settlement. The money was eventually paid and the NWA World title belt, which was holding as collateral, was seen displayed at WWE AXXESS this year, potentially pointing to WWE as having paid the debt and acquiring the title for their own archive.

    There was word making rounds over the weekend that Flair was done with TNA, but we have not been able to confirm that.
    When contacted today, TNA declined comment on the Flair matter, citing that he was still officially on their roster.

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    *Rumor* WWE Teasing Matt Morgan's Return?

    *Rumor* WWE Teasing Matt Morgan's Return?


    Posted Image

    PWTorch readers have pointed out that included in World Wrestling Entertainment's new "Revolution" web video released Monday is a close-up shot of who appears to be current TNA Wrestling Superstar Matt Morgan. As reported earlier this month, Morgan has near "free agent" status due to TNA using up his contracted dates. Assuming it is Matt Morgan in the video, WWE is able to loosely reference a non-contracted talent since they own footage from his career, similar to WWE teasing Sting potentially joining the company in the 2-21-11 videos last year when he was in-between TNA contracts.


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    TNA Knockout Makes Knockouts Championship History

    TNA Knockout Makes Knockouts Championship History


    Posted Image

    TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim has officially broken the record for single longest Knockouts Championship reign. Marking 190 days as champion today, Gail surpasses Madison Rayne‘s 188 day reign to take the crown for single longest title reign.

    Kim returned to TNA after three years in WWE last October, quickly winning the Knockouts Title in her very first pay per view match at November’s Turning Point pay per view, and the rest, as they say, is history.


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    *Rumor* Alex Shelley/TNA Update

    *Rumor* Alex Shelley/TNA Update
    Today, 01:45 AM Posted by ILWyep in Latest TNA Wrestling News & Rumors
    According to The Wrestling Observer, Alex Shelley will be leaving TNA when his contract expires, which is imminently. It was his decision not to renew.


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    *Rumor* Former Tag Team Champion Reportedly Done With TNA

    *Rumor* Former Tag Team Champion Reportedly Done With TNA


    Posted Image

    According to, Alex Shelley is done with TNA Wrestling.
    Apparently WWE will fill extra TV time with, among other things, a Cruiserweight division and/or tag teams, and are looking for smaller wrestlers by way of stocking either, or both. While it has not been confirmed, Shelley will likely go to WWE. There has also been talk of WWE running a Cruiserweight show on the new Network, which could also be a possibility for Shelley.


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    TNA Intrested in morrison and melina

    - According to The Wrestling Observer, TNA officials are interested in acquiring former WWE Superstars John Morrison and Melina, as their names have come up in recent creative meetings. Bruce Prichard, Senior Vice President of Programming and Talent Relations, is said to be a big proponent of the couple joining the organization.

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    Austin Aries Re-Signs With TNA

    Austin Aries Re-Signs With TNA

    Austin Aries via Twitter:


    Amidst their recent signings, I'm happy to say I've also re-signed with TNA. I'm excited for this next year, and see #GREAT things ahead...

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    Resultaten WWE Over The Limit 20/05/12

    Christian won the battle royal, last eliminating Miz.
    Kofi Kingston and R-Truth retained the tag team titles over Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger by virtue of pinfall after Kofi landed Trouble in Paradise to Ziggler.
    Layla defeated Beth Phoenix to retain the Diva's title, following a neckbreaker.
    Sheamus retained the world title in the four way, when he pinned Chris Jericho.
    Brodus Clay big splash pinned Miz.
    Christian won the IC title from Cody Rhodes via pinfall, post Killswitch.
    CM Punk pinned Daniel Bryan to retain the WWE championship.
    Ryback defeated Camacho.
    John Laurinitis pinned John Cena.


    Josh Matthews and Matt Stryker introduce us to the show, as they pan the line of fans filing into the building. They talked about Over the Limit, and the key matches as well as the pre-show match between Kane and Zack Ryder. Ring introductions occur and we are underway.

    Kane vs. Zack Ryder

    Ryder used his speed to avoid Kane, who started off by muscling Zack into the corner. Ryder got Kane to the outside with a flurry of offense, including a tope. Kane inevitably overwhelmed Ryder, and abused him with kicks, punches, a fling to the buckle, a sidewalk slam and a bear hug. Ryder tried to fight out of it, but Kane continued to wear him down. Kane got a nearfall, and grabbed a body vice. Ryder fought out with elbows, a neckbreaker and by snapping his neck off the top rope. Ryder went for the RoughRyder, but Kane countered into another sidewalk slam. Kane scaled the top rope, but was crotched on the buckle. Kane lied in agony on the mat as Zack kicked him in the face and went for another RoughRyder, that Kane countered into a Chokeslam to Hell for the win.

    The hosts gave a rundown of the card, which looks promising. WWE chose to feature Cena vs. Laurinitis with a video recap covering the events between the two over the past month.

    Backstage, Santino Marella and Cody Rhodes bickered about who is the most credible champion, and which title is more valuable. Eve informed them that there will be a Battle Royal, right now, where the winner gets a shot at the championship of his choosing: Intercontinental or United States. The title match will take place later tonight.

    Michael Cole, Booker T and Jerry Lawler came to ringside and replaced Stryker and Matthews at the broadcast booth. Santino and Rhodes came out for a ringside view.

    Participants introduced included: Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks, Khali, McGillicuddy, Miz, Zeke Jackson, Yoshi Tatsu, the Usos, Jinder Mahal, Tyson Kidd, Drew McIntyre, Titus O'Neil, Darren Young, Alex Riley, David Otunga, William Regal and Christian.

    Over The Limit PPV hits the air live, with the battle royal underway:

    Some early eliminations included Tatsu and Jay Uso and Zeke Jackson. McIntyre Hawkins, Mahal and Reks were tossed out by Khali. The remaining guys tried teaming up on Khali, who was eventually eliminated by several of them, much to the luck of the others. Titus O'Neil was eliminated with a savate kick, as the other Uso was clotheslined over the top rope. Regal was tossed out by Christian. Riley threw out Young, and gave Miz a spinebuster. He went to the top, but was crotched and eliminated by Miz, leaving it down to the final four: Kidd, Otunga, Miz and Christian. Kidd was eliminated by Otunga as he tried to skin the cat back in. Christian battled both of them, but they began to work him over. Otunga and Miz tried in vain to eliminate Christian, as he continued to fight back, and he eliminated Otunga. Down to Miz and Christian. They both fought on the apron, but Christian got the better of that, and eliminated Miz to win the battle royal. Christian pointed to Santino, indicating his choice for later tonight.

    A hilarious ad ran for John Laurinitis' People Power initiative. It was ran almost like a political ad campaign, focusing on Laurinitis' strong points, including his superstar motivation, and fan appreciation made possible by his wealth of experience and his dedication to excellence. Funny.

    Vicky Guerrero came out onto the ramp, and talked about the possibility of replacing Laurinitis if he should be fired tonight, and then introduced her tag team for their tag title match. Kofi and Truth came out next, as is tradition.

    Kofi Kingston and R-Truth (c) vs. Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler

    Kofi started off with Swagger, who went back and forth with arm and headlocks. A nearfall by Kofi after an elbow led to a tag to Truth who maintained control, with some fancy footwork and a legdrop. Swagger tagged out to Ziggler, who was hit with a top rope body block. A suplex by Dolph was followed by a tag to Swagger and he distracted the ref long enough to get a cheap shot leading to the momentary advantage by the challengers. R-Truth made a solid comeback, with some innovative kicks, until Vicky distracted the ref long enough to give her team the advantage again. They made frequent tags and pin attempts in between wearing Truth down. Truth went for a backslide cover out of a neckbreaker attempt by Ziggler, but this was followed by a high dropkick by Dolph. Truth did his damnedest to fight out of their corner, but was stopped by a double team face plant. Ziggler showed off in front of Kofi as he held a headlock. A suplex attempt was countered into a small package effort by Truth, who was again cut off and punished by the heels. The big break for Truth came when he countered a top rope suplex attempt by Swagger into a DDT. Hot tag to Kofi saw a flurry of offense. Things broke down, as Swagger and Truth went to the outside and Kofi hit the Touble in Paradise on Ziggler to win the match and retain their tag team titles.

    Backstage, Eve delegated Reks and Hawkins to the duty of confiscating signs in the crowd that were anti-Laurinitis. Otunga said they were completely within their legal right to do this, and thusly approved.

    Layla (c) vs. Beth Phoenix

    Layla did her best to hold her own with Beth early on, but a slip up in the corner tweaked her already vulnerable knee. Beth capitilized on this bullseye, and worked it over with various locks. An Oklahoma Roll style pin attempt surprise by Layla warranted only a two count. She continued to try to fight back against Beth and even reversed a gorilla press slam into a DDT, and another pin attempt. Beth continued to come on strong on the weakened champion. Out of nowhere, however, Layla landed a neckbreaker, which proved enough for her to retain her title.

    Backstage Stryker talked with Randy Orton about Sheamus' victory over him on Smackdown! this week, and his subsequent RKO after a handshake. Orton said Sheamus should have seen it coming. Jericho interrupted to say that he will win this four way match because he is the best in the world at everything, to which Orton scoffed and threatened an RKO to him as well.

    Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton and Sheamus (c) - Fatal 4 Way

    They paired off, and Sheamus and Orton started inside. Sheamus was low roped and tossed into the guardrail by Jericho, and the heels teamed up on Orton. Del Rio and Jericho targeted the injured shoulder of Sheamus on the outside, and threw him into the broadcast table. Orton hit a suplex and knee into a pin attempt on Del Rio, that Jericho broke up. The alliance of the two heels didn't last as Del Rio and Jericho fought and Del Rio hit a backbreaker on him. Sheamus tried to re-enter, but was slide kicked back out by Jericho, and slowed things down with a side headlock on Orton. The heels continued to double team Orton. Sheamus finally re-entered and hit a shoulder block on Jericho, and pounded away on Alberto, and landed the rolling senton. Enziguiri by Alberto yielded only a two count. He went to work on Sheamus' shoulder. Sheamus made a comeback and slammed Alberto, but only got a two count. Sheamus pounded Alberto's chest with forearms, but was dropkicked from behind, knocking him into Rodriguez on the outside. Alberto locked in an armbar extention, that was broken up by Jericho. A lionsault was stopped by lifted knees from Del Rio. Orton re-entered the ring and knocked Jericho and Sheamus to the outside and hit a double DDT on Del Rio and Rodriguez. Jericho knocked Orton to the outside and got the Walls of Jericho on Del Rio. Sheamus broke it up, but got knocked on his ass for his efforts. Walls of Jericho on Sheamus, center ring, was stopped by an RKO. Everyone took turns hitting their top move set on each other, until a Sheamus Brogue Kick on Orton. Sheamus "Don't call me O'Shaunessy" O'Shaunessy hit a variation of the fallaway slam on Jericho for the victory.

    An advert aired for WM 28 DVD/Blu-Ray available now.

    Cody Rhodes talked backstage with Eve about how, if he had the match against Christian tonight, he would easily defeat him. Christian overheard this, and said he changed his mind, and decided to give Cody the opportunity to back up his claims.

    Miz hit the ring, mic in hand, and complained about the poor taste of the WWE Universe for supporting Funkasaurus, while they should be supporting him (Miz). Miz danced in the ring to his theme, but was interrupted by the introduction of Broadus Clay, who came out in his usual fashion.

    Miz vs. Broadus Clay

    Smart to put the pee break/concession match on after the previous match. Sorry for my unprofessional coverage of this match, but this match is really immaterial. The former WWE world heavyweight champion was pinned following a big splash. Typical Raw quality match. They all danced with children in the ring afterwards.

    Hawkins and Reks were shown in the first few rows taking "inappropriate and offensive" signs from fans.

    Cody Rhodes came to the ring and ran down the Carolina audience prior to his title defense against Christian, who came out next.

    Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Christian

    Cody took early offense with a cheapshot, followed by kicks, punches and a suplex. Christian retaliated and the fight went to the outside. Back in the ring, a Russian Leg Sweep by Cody got a two count. He grounded Christian with an armbar. He continued with stomps and cornered him with stomps. Christian and Cody battled at the top rope, and Cody suplexed him from there. A stiff right hand and an over the top rope clothseline by Christian. They fought back to the inside, and Cody was caught from the 2nd rope with a punch, a kick to the face and a drop that saw only a 2 count. Tornado DDT attempt by Christian was countered as he was tossed belly first to the mat. Cody hit a moonsault, followed by a pin attempt that Christian kicked out of. Christian hit the Killswitch, and got the pin and the win. Christian looked a bit emotional as he held his Intercontinental title for all to see.

    Backstage interview: CM Punk. They reviewed the happenings involving Daniel Bryan this past Friday on SD! He talked about being glad that Laurinitis might be fired tonight, and being proud of both himself and Daniel Bryan wrestling on a WWE PPV...something that would have been unheard of, even a few years ago, let alone for the WWE world title. He spoke of knowing Bryan for years, but is not the same man he knew when they were coming up in the business together. AJ interrupted to say how fun this match would be to watch. Punk walked away from her.

    CM Punk (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

    They started off with a feeling out process, that saw some kicks, armbars, and an armdrag by Punk. He held sway with a side headlock. Punk began to work the leg of Bryan. Bryan retaliated with kicks in the corner. Punk kicked him hard and continued his legwork on the challenger, including an Indian Death Lock. Bryan got aggitated and landed some stiff forearms and some kicks, and a European elbow. Punk kicked at him again and went back to work on his knee, and dropped him to the outside. A dodged baseball slide to the outside gave Bryan a chance to drive Punk into the ringide barrier. They got back into the ring after the ref's count got to 6. Bryan landed a missile dropkick, and wore down Punk with a seated abdominal stretch, and drove elbows into Punks ribs. Bryan is working Punks ribs, and Punk is targeting Bryan's knee. (Jim Ross should be calling this match for sure) Bryan applied the Surfboard/Bow and Arrow submission attempt. Punk escaped with elbows to Bryan's head and face, and landed punches and elbows. Bryan took a breather, but landed a few leaping knees to the back of Punk. He missed a third, and Punk capitilized and landed a Fisherman's Suplex for a 2 count. They traded chops and punches. Bryan hit a top rope headbutt, and applied a chinlock. He fought out and a crisscross led to a mid air double high cross body block. Punches, forearms and a heel kick by Punk, was followed by a rolling neckbreaker, and a scoop powerslam that yielded only a two count. Bryan was dropped to the outside again and hit with a plancha. Punk rolled him back in, but a top rope clothesline attempt was blocked with a dropkick by Bryan, who kicked at Punk. Punk blocked a kick with a leg whip. Punk appled the figure four. Bryan and Punk punched and slapped each other, until Bryan reached the ropes, forcing the break. Both went for near falls after key moves. Bryan went for the "Yes Lock" but Punk escaped. The crowd chanted "This is awesome" as Bryan drove Punk to the corner with knees and climbed the rope, but was knocked to crotch the rope. Punk hit a clothesline to a prone Bryan, but only got a two count. Multiple pin attempts, a GTS attempt, and a Yes Lock were all blocked and/or countered. Punk blasted him hard with a kick. Punk slammed him at the corner, and ascended the rope for his elbow drop. His sore ribs prevented him from following up. He eventually covered him unsuccessfully. Bryan drove some stiff knees to the ribs. Bryan wasted time yelling "Yes" and then charged Punk, but missed in the corner. Bryan thereafter applied the Yes Lock again, but Punk rolled his shoulders back. He scored the pinfall, eventhough he tapped a second after the 3 count. CM Punk is declared the winner, as Bryan protests in anger.

    Backstage, Eve and Otunga walked and talked as they bumped into Teddy Long, who said that after tonight, he might talk to the Board of Directors about either suggeting the two of them be the new GM's or that they just be fired.

    Ryback vs. Camacho

    Ryback more or less destroyed him. Ryback showcased his power moveset arsenal. He got the pin after a Musclebuster-esque fallaway slam.

    They promo'd the Best of WCW Clash of the Champions DVD set, avaiable 5/22.

    The announcers spoke again about the main event, and the angles that led up to it, including Laurinitis' finer moments that helped to plummet his approval rating. They said he went to the Board of Directors earlier to get some last minute provisions for tonight's match. They rejected his request.

    John Laurinitis vs. John Cena

    Laurinitis was in wrestling gear that looked like scuba wear. Laurinitis tried to run, but Cena grabbed him and pulled his shirt over his face and gave him a red belly with a big slap and slapped his back. Cena gave him an airplane spin, and let him flop around. Cena grabbed the ring bell and banged it in his ear and face smashed him into the announce table (Wow, after what we saw tonight, this is the main event?) He continued to make a mockery of Laurinitis. He sat him in a chair and put a headset on him, and the GM was half conscious and did Booker's "5 time" bit. Cena slammed him into the ring apron, face first. Cena grabbed the mic, mid STF application, and said if Laurinitis can last 10 seconds, he'd release it. He actually did last ten seconds. Cena re-applied the move, and he once again lasted 10 seconds. This is just a comedy match. Abysmal. Cena got a drink of water, had a gulp, and poured the rest of it on the GM's head and down his pants. Cena grabbed a fire extinguisher, and threatened Laurinitis with it. He blasted him with it, ofcourse. Cena grabbed a garbage can and dumped its contents on Laurinitis' head. Laurinitis tried to run through the crowd. Cena reached for him over the barrier, but Laurinitis grabbed his arm, and pulled it over the barrier. He hit Cena with a chair in the ring. Cena blocked it and returned the favor, and hit a chair/elbowdrop. Laurinitis hit a low blow. Laurinitis escaped through the crowd by the time Cena got to his feet. Big Show, in street clothes grabbed Laurinitis in the crowd and dragged him to the ring and tossed him in. They both stood on either side of him. Laurinitis tried to crawl away, but Show stepped on his hand. Show went to chokeslam him, but instead he threw him into Cena who went for the AA. Big Show punched Cena in the face, knocking him out. Laurinitis crawled over to Cena, and pinned him for the win. Show, with a serious look on his face, held the GM's arm in the air in victory. They replayed what just happened, as King and Booker expressed shock at Show's actions, and Cole raved about Laurinitis maintaining his GM position. Laurinitis looked in rough shape, limping up the ramp as the show went off the air.

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