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  • WWE Confirms Reports of Finn Balor's Injury
  • Awesome Kong released by TNA
  • Christopher Daniels Inks Deal with Ring of Honor
  • Davey Richards Not Returning Anytime Soon
  • Top WWE Diva Suffers Injury
  • Interesting WrestleMania Injury Stat
  • The reason why James Storm turned down WWE
  • James Storm Returns to TNA Wrestling
  • Second Royal Rumble Entrant Revealed
  • News on Rey Mysterio's LU Status
  • Could Taryn Terrell Be Done With TNA Wrestling?
  • Rumored **SPOILER** – Who Is TNA’s ‘The Miracle’?
  • The Lineup For TNA iMPACT!’s LIVE Debut On POP TV
  • GFW Crowns Their Four Champions
  • AJ Styles Suffers An Injury
  • Maria Kanellis' Contract with ROH Expiring
  • Update on Dolph Ziggler's WWE Status
  • Alex Riley Shoots on WWE Tough Enough
  • Adam Rose Name Change
  • Conflicting Reports on Erick Rowan's Injury
  • Big Show Mocks Turning Babyface & Heel
  • King of the Mountain Championship Title Plans
  • Alex Shelley Returning to Ring of Honor
  • Magnus Joins Global Force Wrestling
  • News Regarding Kurt Angle's Neck Surgery
  • SPOILER: Update On Jeff Jarrett And TNA
  • Title Changes Hands at Money in the Bank
  • Global Force Wrestling Results - 6/13/15
  • Kevin Nash & Others Working GFW Event
  • Global Force Wrestling Results - 6/12/15
  • GFW using a six-sided ring for first show
  • New Match Added to TNA's Slammiversary Event
  • Jarrett Reacts to TNA Pulling Tyrus from GFW Events
  • Kazarian Says Suicide Character Wasn't Him
  • Ex-TNA Knockout Retiring from Wrestling
  • Rusev Pulled from Elimination Chamber
  • Major Main Roster Plans For NXT Star?
  • Matt Hardy Comments on Impact Cancellation Reports
  • News Regarding TNA & Shelton Benjamin Deal
  • Ook WCCW naar Destination America
  • Possible Reason Why Sasha Missed Several Events
  • WWE Deal to Keep Samoa Joe Off ROH Television?
  • Rusev Suffers Injury at SmackDown Tapings
  • Update on Scott Hall Being Pulled from GFW
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  • Ook Arnold Schwarzenegger terug voor 'Escape Plan 2'
  • HBO maakt film over productie 'The Godfather'
  • Fraaie IMAX-poster 'Kong: Skull Island' eert 'Apocalypse Now'
  • Anna Brewster (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) komt naar Comic Con Brussels 2017
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    Video: Superstar Profile - Kazarian On Why Wrestling Matters

    Video: Superstar Profile - Kazarian On Why Wrestling Matters

    Over the next few weeks, check back to for special chronicles on Why Wrestling Matters to your favorite Superstars. Each full-length profile takes an in-depth look at the dedication and passion each athlete has for the sport of professional wrestling, both in and out of the ring.

    Watch the next installment, featuring Kazarian

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    Z! True Long Island Story Episode # 21
    Z! True Long Island Story Episode # 21

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    Uitslagen smackdown 8 juli
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    •Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase def. Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson & Daniel Bryan
    •Jinder Mahal def. Trent Barreta
    •A.J. def. Tamina
    •Mark Henry def. Kane
    •Sin Cara def. Tyson Kidd
    •The Usos def. Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater
    •World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton def. Sheamus (Disqualification)

    SmackDown results: 'Money' breeds mayhem
    By: Michael Burdick July 8, 2011
    Tags: SmackDown: July 08, 2011
    TUCSON, Ariz. – As WWE Money in the Bank lurks on the horizon, Christian antagonized World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, Sheamus nearly toppled The Viper in an explosive main event and Mark Henry continued to rage against the machine. 

    World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton def. Sheamus by Disqualification (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    The ultra-resentful Christian – No. 1 contender to Randy Orton’s World Heavyweight Title (Preview) – joined the SmackDown announce team, giving himself a front row seat as The Viper battled Sheamus. And just when it looked as if WWE’s Apex Predator was about to defeat The Celtic Warrior with the RKO, his Money in the Bank adversary attacked, giving Orton the win by disqualification. As Sheamus delivered the big boot to Christian, however, Orton recovered and hit the Irish Superstar with a post-match RKO.

    The Usos def. Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    The explosive Usos scored another impressive victory over three-time WWE Tag Team Champions Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel with an earth-shattering superplex-splash combination from the top rope.

    Sin Cara def. Tyson Kidd (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    In the climactic moments of his fast-paced match with Tyson Kidd, the gravity-defying Sin Cara flipped his opponent off the ropes with extreme velocity, sending him crashing to the canvas for the three-count.

    Mark Henry def. Kane (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    One week after his ruthless attack on a WWE audio technician (Full story), Mark Henry continued his rampage through WWE. After he defeated the monstrous Kane in a brutal showdown with The World’s Strongest Slam, the rage-filled Henry shook up the SmackDown announce team, screaming at color commentator Booker T. At Money in the Bank, Henry will take on Big Show (Preview).

    A.J. def. Tamina (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    With third-generation Superstar Natalya by her side, A.J. once again attempted to overcome Tamina. When the dangerous daughter of WWE Hall of Famer "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka missed her mark – hurling herself toward the allusive spitfire in the corner – A.J. quickly rolled her up for the pinfall. After the bell, Tamina experienced an angry earful from her outraged Diva cohort Alicia Fox over the loss. 

    Jinder Mahal def. Trent Barreta (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    One week after Ranjin Singh revealed that Jinder Mahal had married the sister of The Great Khali and Singh, The Punjabi Nightmare sat in for an “informative” exchange with the SmackDown announce team. Following Mahal’s victory over Trent Barreta with a full nelson, suplex slam, Khali hurled the defeated Superstar back into his brother-in-law’s arms, allowing Mahal to carry out an encore of his devastating finisher on his prey.

    Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase def. Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson & Daniel Bryan (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    In the midst of tag team commotion, Cody Rhodes executed a springboard kick on Ezekiel Jackson, setting up Ted DiBiase to hit the Personification of Domination with Dream Street for the triumph.
    Sheamus attacked the Money in the Bank Ladder Match competitors (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    Sheamus sent his seven opponents in the SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match heading for the hills with a vicious chair assault, just nine days before they face-off at Money in the Bank (Preview). The Celtic Warrior proclaimed that after he triumphs in the career-threatening showdown, he will cash in his newly-acquired briefcase that very night. Predicting Randy Orton would beat Christian, he promised to capture the World Title, while avenging the punt attack he suffered several weeks ago at the hands of The Viper.

    Interrupting Sheamus, Christian revealed that his legal team added a new stipulation to his World Title Match against WWE’s Apex Predator at Money in the Bank. If Orton gets disqualified or there is more “bad officiating,” he automatically wins the coveted title (Preview). SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long then broke up a heated exchange between the two intense Superstars, making the main event between Sheamus and Orton. 


    8th July 2011 - SD Full - Part 1 door TheDelrio48

    8th July 2011 - SD Full - Part 2 door TheDelrio48

    8th July 2011 - SD Full - Part 3 door TheDelrio48

    8th July 2011 - SD Full - Part 4 door TheDelrio48

    8th July 2011 - SD Full - Part 5 door TheDelrio48

    8th July 2011 - SD Full - Part 6 door TheDelrio48

    8th July 2011 - SD Full - Part 7 door TheDelrio48

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    Sarita Suffering From Facial Paralysis
    Posted Image

    TNA Knockout Sarah Stock, known as Mexican America's Sarita, updated her facebook with the following:

    Debido a una paralysis facial que sufri recientemente, no era posible luchar ayer en Pachuca ni hoy en en la Arena Mexico. Estoy enfocada en mi recuperacion y los pido a todos una disculpa.

    Due to a facial paralysis that I recently suffered, I was unable to wrestle yesterday in Pachuca nor today in Arena Mexico. I'm focusing on my recovery and I offer a sincere apology to everyone.


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    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen TNA Impact Wrestling on Thursday, July 7 scored a 1.1 rating averaging 1.6 million viewers, down from last week's 1.8 million viewers for the "limited commercial interruption" edition. Viewership for Thursday's episode was down four percent compared to the 2011 average. On cable TV Thursday night, Impact ranked #9 in overall viewers and #22 in key adult demographics.

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    No Taz at Destination X

    TNA Wrestling color commentator Taz announced on his Twitter account that he won't be on hand for the Destination X pay-per-view this Sunday due to a family obligation. He will, however, be at the subsequent television tapings.

    Jeremy Borash will fill in for Taz. He wrote on Twitter: "Looking forward to joining the announce table for Destination X this Sunday. This is going to be a fun PPV! Don't miss it!"

    As noted above, Taz will be back for the TV tapings on Monday and Tuesday.


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    TNA Destination X 2011: This Sunday On PPV

    PPV events air on Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Charter Cable, Cablevision, AT&T U-Verse, Verizon FIOS, DIRECTV, Dish Network, Viewer's Choice and more. The live PPV will also be available for everyone around the world at - register now to watch it online!

    X Division Championship
    Brian Kendrick vs. © Abyss

    Posted Image

    The Return Of The Daredevil "ULTIMATE X Match"

    Posted Image

    Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles

    Posted Image

    Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

    Posted Image

    Samoa Joe vs. Kazarian

    Posted Image

    Winner Gets Contract
    Zema Ion vs. Jack Evans vs. Low Ki vs. Austin Aries

    Posted Image

    An Open Challenge From Douglas Williams

    Posted Image


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    Ziggler, Tyson Kidd & Gail Comment on TNA Impact

    Ziggler, Tyson Kidd & Gail Comment on TNA Impact
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 07/08/2011 at 11:08 AM

    - WWE United States Champion Dolph Ziggler wrote the following on Twitter last night about the TNA Impact Wrestling match between Jack Evans, Jesse Sorensen and Tony Nese:

    "Cool ultimate x qualifier match on impact tonight! Evans does some pretty sick stuff! #seewrestlingcanbefun"

    Tyson Kidd then wrote that it was good to see his friend Jack Evans back on TV. Gail Kim then chimed in and asked Kidd and Ziggler what she missed. She wrote: "a few peeps tweeting about evans. Did I miss some good s**t??"

    Ziggler replied: "x qualifier was fun to watch, and seeing lynn and rvd in the ring together was cool too"

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    We start with a recap from last week when Crazy Joker Sting assaulted and terrorized Hulk Hogan to try and get him to turn good again.

    We then go to the Impact Zone where Bully Ray is in the ring with Gunner and Scott Steiner, and calls Ken Anderson out to the ring to discuss how egregiously the Yankees blew their game against the Mets on Sunday. Anderson stops at the top of the ramp, gets his special mic, and reminds Immortal of his name, THEN he heads to the ring to chit chat with Bully Ray. Bully Ray mocks Anderson's catchphrase and tells Anderson (or, as he put it, you jackoff) to shut his mouth and listen because a lot of people are pissed off at him. He asks Anderson if he's noticed Sting running around attacking people, and asks what makes him think that he can beat Sting next week? He can't because Anderson needs Immortal as much as Immortal needs Anderson and the TNA World Title, and Immortal will have his back as long as he makes them happy and takes Sting out. Steiner tells Anderson that he has to decide if he's with them or against them, and then Gunner reminds Anderson that tonight will be all of Immortal against Sting and Kurt Angle, and Immortal wants an answer by the end of that match, or Immortal will make sure he never sees the light of day on Impact ever again.

    Gunner says to hit Immortal's music, but instead we get Sting's music and we see Crazy Joker Sting up in the rafters laughing at Immortal. The lights go out, and when they come up, Kurt Angle is in the ring and lays out Steiner and Gunner while Bully Ray runs. Angle tells Anderson that he has a decision to make tonight, and not to make it hard on himself.

    James Storm is backstage with Bobby Roode and asks him if the arm is okay, and Roode says not really, but he needs points.

    Time to catch up on the Bound For Glory Series with last weekend's events in Brooklyn and Asbury Park, and Crimson is back in first place with 24, closely followed by Gunner with 21.

    Bound For Glory Series: Robert Roode vs Crimson

    Crimson takes Roode down with a shoulderblock, targeting Roode's bad arm, but Roode comes back by whipping Crimson to the ropes and wiping him out with a back elbow. Crimson doesn't miss a beat, ramming Roode into the corner and laying in some shoulderblocks, but Roode reverses to shoulderblocks of his own, then hits a snapmare and Mr Perfect necksnap for 2. Crimson catches Roode on a leapfrog attempt, dumps him throat first on the top rope, then hits a flying shoulderblock that sends Roode tumbling to the ring apron. Crimson brings him back in with a Falcon Arrow suplex for 2 and then ties Roode up in a three quarter nelson, ramming knees into the forehead of Roode and turning it into a swinging neckbreaker that only gets 2. Crimson ducks a wild swing and hits a T-bone suplex for 2, but Roode gets his elbow up on a charge in the corner and comes off the second rope with a Blockbuster. Both men get back to their feet and Roode unloads with right hands and gets a spinebuster, but hurts his arm and hesitates before covering just long enough to get a 2 count. Roode tries a Perfectplex, but Crimson slips out and gets a schoolboy rollup, and Roode rolls right through at 2 and gets a Fujiwara armbar. Crimson makes the ropes and heads to the apron, then hits a HUGE shoulderblock to the ribs from the outside, Roode dodges the Red Sky but gets rammed into the corner and then Crimson hits the Red Sky for the win.

    Winner: Crimson

    Crimson extends his lead to 31 points to Gunner's second place 21.

    We see a quick video profile of Tony Nese, who is in tonight's Destination X tournament match, then Abyss is freaking out because he can't find his mask, and we see Brian Kendrick wearing it while walking around the back.

    We see a video package of Jack Evans, who will be making what I believe is his TNA debut tonight in the Destination X tournament.

    Brian Kendrick is in the ring with Abyss' mask and promises to give it back if Abyss will come out and hear him out. Abyss comes out with a towel slung over his head (didn't he have a red mask or something last time someone stole his mask? And haven't we seen his face before?), and Kendrick says stuff that basically amounts to Abyss' ego keeping him from doing what he can to help the X Division, and he wears the mask to hide the pain within. He wants to help Abyss shed his ego and fulfill his potential, but his mission is to beat him for the X Division Title. He hands Abyss the mask back, Abyss puts it on (I would have put itching powder or something in it first), and Abyss bears me out on that by laying Kendrick out, then taking him to the outside and beating him up more out there. He tosses Kendrick back in the ring and Kendrick tries to fight back, but Abyss continues beating him down and flattens him with Shock Treatment. He goes to leave, but comes back and gives Kendrick the Black Hole Slam, THEN leaves.

    Jesse Sorensen is backstage, he's from Texas, and he's going to be in the Destionation X tournament tonight.

    Destination X Tournament: Tony Nese vs Jesse Sorensen vs Jack Evans

    Evans gets a big reaction from the crowd, and they do a three way Greco-Roman knucklelock. They roll each other up until Neese LAUNCHES Evans to the floor and then Sorensen small packages him for 2. Evans kicks Nese in the face and then gets a rolling senton from the apron for 2. Evans uses various acrobatic stuff to dodge around Nese's stuff and wipes him out with a dropkick, but then Nese rips his head off with a clothesline for 2. Nese goes up top and Sorensen hits a leaping enziguiri that sends Nese to the floor and takes him out with a dive. Yes, you know what this is setting up for: Jack Evans slingshots onto the top rope and hits a 450 dive that wipes both guys out. Evans tosses them both back in (great planning) and covers Sorensen for 2, Nese for 2, Nese dodges a carge in the corner and then destroys Evans with a running forearm for 2. Sorensen boots Nese in the head and kills Evans with a Wave of the Future, but Evans gets his foot on the ropes for 2. Nese pops Sorensen into the air and flapjacks him and then gets a bridging German suplex, but Evans hits a standing 450 on Nese for 2. Sorensen puts Evans up top but Evans dumps him to the floor. Nese hits a leaping enziguiri on Evans and tries a superplex, but Evans hits a gourdbuster into the ring and finishes Nese with a 630.

    Winner: Jack Evans

    The British Invasion (all three of them) are backstage talking about how they need to win the title back so they're taken seriously again, but first Doug Williams needs to make his mark at Destination X.

    Speaking of Destination X, we go to comments from Alex Shelley, Amazing Red, Robbie E, and Shannon Moore, who are all in this weekend's Ultimate X match.

    Velvet Sky is backstage talking about how she's done taking **** from anyone, and she'll sound like a total ***** saying this, but she's smart and beautiful because she suckered them into this stipulation and will cleanse TNA two ugly hogs at a time.

    Sting is backstage singing on top of the lockers, and Kurt Angle asks him if he's okay. Sting says he's doing great because next week is Midsummer Nightmare, and he's going to win the title back and get the power back in his court. Angle says Sting is out of his mind and he doesn't think he can trust him tonight, but Sting says he knows exactly what he's doing, then starts singing again as Angle walks off. Sting keeps singing and talking to himself for about another thirty seconds after Angle leaves until we cut back to the ring.

    Velvet Sky vs ODB & Miss Jackie

    Velvet doesn't come out from the entrance, and instead runs out of the crowd and wipes Jackie out with a chair, then nails ODB with it. She comes in with shoulderblocks in the corner on ODB and wipes her out with a clothesline. Velvet lets out a big “WHOOOOOOOOO!” as she chops ODB in the corner, then continues to unload on ODB with the heavy artillery. ODB has gotten literally no offense in so far as Velvet hits a bulldog, but Jackie comes in and nails Velvet from behind. Insert your own joke there. Jackie throws Velvet across the ring by the hair, but Velvet clotheslines her and gets a full bodyslam and goes for the cover, but ODB dives across the ring to break the count. She tries a charge in the corner, but Velvet moves and goes back after her, but Jackie blindsides her again. Velvet finally nails Jackie with a clothesline and then dodges a chairshot from ODB, and ODB knocks Jackie out. Velvet kicks ODB to the floor and hits her spike DDT on Jackie for the win.

    Winner: Velvet Sky

    By virtue of this win, Velvet Sky has forever rid TNA of the twin scourges of ODB and Miss Jackie. ODB says, and I quote, “YOU AIN'T GETTING RID OF ME, YOU LOOSE HUSSY! BAAMMM!”

    Pope and Devon are backstage and Pope tries to solidify their partnership by offering him shades, but Devon says that he better not think of doublecrossing him, and walks off.

    Christopher Daniels talks about he's been a wrestling fan his whole life, but AJ Styles has been more consistent than him. This Sunday is about proving himself, and he wouldn't put his body through what he has for the last 18 years ifh e didn't care so much about wrestling and being the best.

    Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles vs Jerry Lynn vs Rob Van Dam

    Daniels and RVD start, but RVD quickly tags out to Lynn and lets him go at it with Daniels. They do a quick back and forth exchange and Daniels scores with a leg lariat for 1. Lynn gets a big flying headscissors and sends Daniels into the corner where AJ tags himself in. Now AJ and Lynn, who certainly have history with one another, go at it with some chain wrestling. Lynn gets a flying victory roll for 2 and they wind up in an indy standoff. Lynn points over at RVD, and AJ walks over to tag him in and now RVD and Lynn will face off for the first time in ten years on TV. Way to go, TNA! They do a quick back and forth sequence with neither guy able to connect on anything, and then Daniels tags himself in off of Lynn and takes RVD out with an STO. Daniels with a running forearm in the corner, but RVD gets the stepover leg lariat and a standing moonsault, then hits Rolling Thunder for 2. Daniels hits a jawbreaker, but RVD takes Daniels out with a spinkick to the chest. Daniels makes a hot tag to AJ and RVD tags out to Lynn, and now Lynn takes AJ out with a leaping enziguiri and puts him up top and hits a super Frankensteiner. Daniels tags himself in and drop toeholds Lynn into the second turnbuckle and then hits the second rope curb stomp for 2. RVD comes in and nails Daniels, but AJ wipes him out with a springboard forearm, but Lynn hits an inverted suplex that dumps AJ onto the top rope. Daniels hits a uranage on Lynn and tries the BME, Lynn moves so Daniels goes for the Angel's Wings, but Lynn hit an Air Raid Crash. Unbeknownst to Lynn, RVD had blind tagged himself in and comes off the top rope with the Five Star Frogsplash and gets the win.

    Winner: Rob Van Dam

    Bound For Glory Series: Matt Morgan & James Storm vs The Pope & Devon

    Okay, so in tag matches in the Series, only the person scoring the fall earns points, not his partner. Pope gives one of Devon's sons his Pope shades on his way to the ring, causing Devon to look concerned. Devon and Storm start us off, and Storm kicks him in the gut and gets a shoulderblock for 2. Morgan tags himself in and nails Devon with a back elbow and a big slam, then hits a legdrop off the ropes for 2. Morgan sets Devon up for the machine gun elbows, but Storm tags himself in and promptly takes a flying shoulderblock, slam, and leaping headbutt from Devon for 2. Pope frantically yells for the tag, so Devon obliges and Pope quickly winds up on the receiving end of a hiptoss and tags right back out. Devon stares out at Pope and Storm sneaks in with a rollup for 2, then tags out to Morgan, who now hits the machine gun elbows. Morgan gets a side suplex for 2 and tags out to Storm, but Devon gets the boot up on a charge and gets a shoulderblock off the second rope, then makes the tag to Pope. Pope comes in with a flying clothesline, then an inverted atomic drop and clothesline. Pope dropkicks Morgan off the ring apron and goes up for the ten punches on Storm, but Storm ducks a shot and gets a lungblower and goes for the cover, but Morgan drags him off at 2. Storm and Morgan get into a shoving match, allowing Devon to sneak in and attack, but Morgan hits a clothesline that sends both of them to the floor. Storm and Pope hit heads and Pope goes out to the floor as we see Morgan holding his knee in pain, and Morgan's production distracts the referee so Pope can nail Storm with one of the tag title belts. Storm is out, but Pope tags out to Devon and lets him come in to get the win.

    Winners: The Pope & Devon

    Devon still looks like he's wondering what Pope's game is, but Devon has now miraculously risen to a second place tie with Gunner.

    Ken Anderson is backstage, and he says that he's not a good person to give ultimatums to, just ask his former employer.

    Jeff and Karen Jarrett are at the Sport Palace in Mexico City, and Jeff's looking at the glass as being half full, and next week when they return to the Impact Zone, they're going to throw a fiesta like it's never seen before. Karen says they have something for all the members of Immortal, and Jeff has something even bigger for Hulk and Eric.

    Sting is backstage letting Hulk Hogan beat the crap out of him with some really fake sounding punch sound effects like in a movie, and Hogan grabs Sting's bat and comes after him. Sting says “oh, crap!” right before Hogan cracks him with it and reminds Sting that he'll never embarrass him again.

    It's main event time!

    Kurt Angle & Sting vs Abyss, Gunner, Scott Steiner & Bully Ray

    Sting obviously doesn't come out since he just got knocked out backstage, and Steiner blindsides Angle. Angle comes back with an overhead release suplex on Steiner for 2. Bully Ray tags in, tears Angle's shirt off, and chops him hard on the chest. Ray with a neckbreaker for 2 and goes for the Bubba Bomb, but Angle reverses to a German suplex. Gunner tags in and Angle quickly backdrops him and hits a snap suplex for 2. Angle tosses Gunner to his corner and lets him tag Abyss in, and Abyss tries a powerslam, Angle slips out, Abyss tries a chokeslam, but Angle rolls out of it and gets Abyss in the anklelock. The rest of Immortal comes in to go after Angle and make him break the hold, and Abyss is able to tag out to Steiner, who comes in with a belly to belly suplex for 2. Gunner comes in and puts the boots to Angle and drills him with a back elbow for 2. Ray takes a chain and goes to hit Angle with it, but Ken Anderson's music hits and he comes down the aisle. Ray is distracted by his entrance and allows Angle to hit an Angle Slam on Ray, then hops up on the apron and extends his hand. Angle tags him in and clears out Immortal and sets up for the Mic Check on Ray, but changes his mind and gives it to Angle instead. He “tags” Angle back in and drags him out to the middle of the ring so Bully Ray can cover him for the win.

    Winners: Immortal

    Immortal seems confused with what happened and ask Anderson what his deal is, and he responds by leaping into the arms of Abyss with his hands raised in victory. Immortal celebrates as Hulk Hogan comes out to the top of the ramp and applauds his boys.

    Report by Stuart Carapola & Part 1 door desiweekly Part 2 door desiweekly Part 3 door desiweekly Part 4 door desiweekly Part 5 door desiweekly Part 6 door desiweekly

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    WWE Superstars Destroys Cm Punk
    WWE Superstars Destroys Cm Punk

    08-07-2011 om 21:11 geschreven door jefken  

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    Gail Kim responds to yesterday's report

    -- Gail Kim responded to yesterday's report concerning comments she made on Twitter venting about the WWE Divas being underutilized. She says she never mentioned 'creative team' and feels the report blew her remarks out of proportion.

    She wrote, "Wow! Haha people are blowing up my twitter. I'm glad everyone is as p#!@%*#ionate as I am when it comes to wrestling but you're also feeding into these gossip reporting sites that blew a reply to someone out of proportion, but hey I guess it all comes with the territory.

    "I replied in a truthful way but I never used the word(s) creative team etc. But people will read what they want and interpret it the way they want as well so I can't stop enjoy! Go nuts gossiping!"


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    Uitslagen wwe superstars 7 juli
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    WWE Superstars Results - 7/7/2011
    Report by: Sam Tindall of


    We open to a huge pop as "Oh, Radio!" hits and The Long Island Iced-Z, Zack Ryder makes his way to the ring. Josh Mathews informs us that it is "time for some fist pumpin'!"

    In a match I personally am looking forward to, 'The Chosen One' Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring as his usual unhappy mug graces our presence.

    'The Ultimate Broski' Zack Ryder Vs. 'The Chosen One' Drew McIntyre

    Intense lock up goes into the corner. Drew kicks Zack right in the head. Drew brings him back into the corner and stomps a mudhole in him. Drew finds Zack reversing and laying some shots into him. He blocks one and scurries out of the ring with his tail between his legs.

    Nunzio begins the count as Scott hypes up Ryder's internet following. Josh shoots it down by saying that what counts is what happens between those ropes. I think it's interesting to see two of the most asked about Superstars ("Where have they been?") are now facing each other on Superstars (an internet show)!

    Zack launches himself with a slingshot Crossbody smashing McIntyre into the padded floor. "WOO, WOO, WOO!" Fist pumps to a mixed reaction. He puts Drew back in only for Drew to dart out of the ring again. Zack follows only to be met with a cheap shot. Drew carries him up the steel steps and goes for a Backbreaker, but instead of slamming him on his knee, he slams him HEAD FIRST onto the apron! (Wow, can you say injury?)

    Zack appears to be okay despite a shot to the weakest part of the skull. Drew throws him into the ring. 1 ... 2...

    Kickout. They trade a few shots and in a classic heel-vs-face match-up, Drew again gets the upper hand with a beautiful dropkick! He then kips up for good measure to some heat as Ryder sells his head. McIntyre chokes Ryder against the second rope, he pulls him into the corner and hits a clothesline. He pulls him out of the corner and hits ANOTHER CLOTHESLINE. 1 ...

    Kickout. Drew continues to dominate as he lures Ryder into the corner again. At this point you begin to wonder how Ryder is doing, and to the eye he appears fine. Drew climbs to the second rope and Ryder pulls him off!

    "The Ultimate Broski" takes to the ropes, knocking Drew down with a few smashes to the chest. He hits a shot on Drew in the corner before taunting the big L-I to the fans. He hits the shot to McIntyre which puts him down and taunts for the WOO! WOO! WOO! with about three guys yelling "You know it!" He proceeds to completely botch the running boot to Drew's noggin. Ryder drags him out of the corner for the cover. 1... 2...

    Kickout. "Come on! Are you serious, bro?" He sets up for the Ruff Ryder and goes for it. He leaps up to Drew's shoulders and it is reversed into a Sit-Down Powerbomb by Drew! 1... 2...

    Kickout by Ryder. Drew seems to get hot, but then calms himself down. He sets up for his finish and Ryder drops him, hooks his legs and jumps over for the cover! 1 ... 2 ... 3!

    Winner: Zack Ryder by pinfall.

    We then see a promo for RAW's confrontation between Vince McMahon and Cena as well as last week's SmackDown! contract signing between Christian and Orton in which Sheamus interfered.


    A replay from last Friday's SmackDown! in which Christian continues to make his case against the "Golden Boy" Randy Orton.

    Orton says he used to have respect for Christian, but now he just makes him angry. Sheamus interferes and destroys them both, tearing up the contract.

    We are then promoed for MitB: World Heavyweight Championship: Christian Vs. Orton without the contract ever being signed. Typical...Do you smell Triple Threat?

    Promo for Cena/McMahon from RAW and promo for the Best of the Steel Cage Matches. Did I mention TV-14? :)


    Did You Know? WWE programming is available in over 600 million homes world wide? (That's it?!)

    Natalya is already in the ring.

    Alicia Fox makes her way to the ring and we are left wondering where the other 4 divas in this rivalry are.

    Natalya Vs. Alicia Fox

    The two Divas circle each other. Fox hits a shot to Natty. Natalya goes for a kick, Alicia locks her leg and quickly finds herself on her back in a Bow-n-Arrow submission. She gets out and the two exchange ending in a monkey flip. Natty hits a shoulder block. 1... 2...

    Kickout. Natty then reveals she has a piece of Alicia's red hair (or extensions.) Alicia irish whips Natty into the corner and charges only for Natty to go right over her head. Natalya pulls her with her and rolls her up, bridging over. 1... 2...

    Kickout by Fox. Fox again charges and Natalya reverses and locks her from behind at the waist. Holding on, Natty pushes Fox into the ropes. Fox pushes back with a thrust, sending Natalya to the mat. Fox turns around and finds Natty has alread kipped-up and arm drags Fox to the mat. She presses her knee into Fox's head and pulls on her rotator cuff. Fox pushes out of it.

    Once again Natty arm drags Fox and stretches her, Stu Hart style! Natty brings her out and hoists her up for a Running Powerslam. Fox aborts out of the back and hits a monster slap to Natty's face. She then grabs her hair and WHIPS her to the mat. She then slingshots her throat into the bottom rope. Commercial break.

    Promo for CM Punk's final RAW. "Will it be Cena's final RAW as well? (Oh, no!)


    Alicia Fox has Natalya in a sleeper hold as we come back. Natty tries to fight out and is whipped by the hair to the mat again. Fox stomps on her, flipping her own hair. She then grabs Natty's hand and bites off her nails! (Come on, Natty! You were trained in the dungeon! What is this?) Fox wraps Natalya's arm around the rope. 1... 2... 3... 4...

    Fox relinquishes the hold avoiding a DQ. Fox locks her into a chinlock, Natty again rallies out of it. She goes for a bodyslam, Fox reverses into a Crossbody. 1... 2...

    Kickout by Natty. Fox chokes Natty in the corner telling her she "owes her new hair." Alicia pulls her out and fails to score the pinfall. Natty roles her up and also fails. (It's sad how this rivalry that started somewhat over Natty trying to help the rookies has come down to hair pulling.)

    Alicia locks in ANOTHER sleeper hold. She Snapmares Natty over and locks her legs around her head for a Scissors Submission hold. She slaps Natty's abdominal region and then acts as if her palm hurts. Natty roles onto her stomach, gets to her feet, leaving Fox helplessly hanging from Natty's neck. She backs her into the corner, Fox lets go falling to the mat.

    Natty backs into the other corner trying to regain her senses. Fox misses a running knee, Natty with a big slap! She follows it up with a series of clotheslines. Cover, 1 ... 2 ...

    Kickout by Fox. Natty then graces us with her delayed Suplex as the blood rushes to the skull of Fox. Pin, 1... 2...

    Kickout. Natty reverses back and forth attempted pins before going for the Sharpshooter. Fox hits a boot to the chin and uses all of her bodyweight for a pin. 1... 2...


    Winner: Alicia Fox by pinfall.

    Cena/McMahon promo, promo, Punk/Cena MitB Promo.


    Wade Barrett makes his way to the ring.

    A Tucson, AZ pop for the hometown jobber - Don Gonzales. (Wow, haven't seen one of these matches in a while!)

    Wade Barrett vs. Don Gonzales

    Wade questions Don. Don hits a shot to Wade, Wade proceeds to smash Don with a Clothesline and pummel him. He then chokes him against the ropes. 1... 2... 3...

    Wade avoids DQ. He pulls Don against the ropes for another choke and makes a four count. He pummels him some more and blasts him in the skull. Don attempts to pull himself up by Wade's knee pads. "You suck!" chants from the fans directed at Barrett.

    Wade irish whips Gonzales off the ropes for Don's second offensive move - a kick to the skull of Barrett. Barrett does not allow this again as Don comes off the ropes he is caught in Wade's signature spinning side slam. "Imagine that maneuver off of a 20-foot ladder," Matt exclaims!

    Wade then sets up for the Wasteland and looks into the audience before connecting. 1... 2... 3!

    Winner: Wade Barrett with only two offensive moves by Don.

    Matt plugs a potential appearance by Barrett tomorrow on SmackDown!

    Plug Cena/McMahon, Best of Nitro, Christian/Orton/Sheamus storyline for tomorrow's SmackDown!


    Replay from Monday's RAW concludes the show where Cena threatens to walk out if McMahon does not reinstate CM Punk. McMahon agrees with the condition that if Cena loses the WWE Title, he will be fired.

   SUPERSTARS 7.7.11 Part 1 door wmvii SUPERSTARS 7.7.11 Part 2 door wmvii SUPERSTARS 7.7.11 Part 3 door wmvii SUPERSTARS 7.7.11 Part 4 door wmvii

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    Video: Superstar Profile - James Storm On Why Wrestling Matters

    Video: Superstar Profile - James Storm On Why Wrestling Matters

    Posted Image
    Over the next few weeks, check back to for special chronicles on Why Wrestling Matters to your favorite Superstars. Each full-length profile takes an in-depth look at the dedication and passion each athlete has for the sport of professional wrestling, both in and out of the ring.

    Watch the next installment, featuring multi-time World Tag Team Champion "Cowboy" James Storm of Beer Money

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    Gail Kim vents about the WWE's Divas Division

    Gail Kim vents about the WWE's Divas Division
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 07/06/2011 at 11:03 PM

    Gail Kim posted several messages on her Twitter account criticizing WWE creative for not utilizing the Divas to their fullest extent.

    Kim wrote the following regarding her match last week with Beth Phoenix on WWE Superstars: "Thank u! The response of our match has been unbelievable and it was TRULY a dream come true. Imagine if we were given a storyline or some more time behind it! Sigh...."

    She then wrote the following in response to a Twitter follower wishing WWE would bring former Women's Champion Trish Stratus back to the fold: "There's not a lack of talent, it's the lack of time, storylines and use of talent!"

    Kim then wrote a message to Stratus longing for days gone by: "I would love to go back to what we had back in those years! Those were like ironwoman matches back then compared to now lol."

    Following Kim's critical messages, a follower remarked to Kim: "Instead of bitching; why don't you leave? People could perceive your tweets a bad attitude?" Kim, however, feels she's telling the truth.

    She responded, "Oh thats not #!@%*#ing lol just the truth :) and I don't live my life based on what people perceive. Can't please everyone all the time."

    Kim then said she's happy to be a regular on WWE Superstars because she gets to "wrestle."

    "Sometimes I don't realize how long I haven't been on RAW because I still wrestle on superstars," Kim wrote. "Which I love because I get to WRESTLE for longer than 3 min and actually have singles matches! Hopefully soon...:)))"

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    This week's RAW rating sees a big drop
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    This week's RAW rating sees a big drop
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 07/06/2011 at 08:40 PM

    This past Monday's 4th of July edition of WWE RAW, with the fallout from CM Punk's controversial promo, did a 2.4 cable rating with 3.717,000 viewers. This week's show did hours of 2.34 and 2.45.

    The low rating can be blamed on RAW falling on the 4th of July holiday.


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    Sangriento Dropped

    - For one reason or another, TNA has decided to drop the masked Sangriento character from Mexico. TNA introduced the character shortly after WWE debuted Sin Cara. Amazing Red was the wrestler under the mask playing Sangriento.


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    Ring of Honor Wrestling returns to TV on 9/24/11
    Ring of Honor Wrestling returns to TV on 9/24/11

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    Uitslagen wcw Thunder 23 Februari 2000
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    Thunder airs from Reno, Navada in the last show we see with Kevin Nash as Commissioner. Kevin Nash arrives, Evan Karagias vs. Fit Finlay - Hardcore match, Ric Flair on the mic, Berlyn vs. La Parka, Buff Bagwell vs. David Flair, Tank Abbott vs. Mike Jones, Vampiro vs. Ric Flair, Dustin Rhodes on the mic, The Artist(c) vs. Crowbar - Cruiserweight Title, The Wall vs. Disco Inferno, Billy Kidman and Booker vs. The Harris Brothers, Lex Luger vs. Sid Vicious, Jeff Jarrett sends a message to the Executive Committee.

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    WWE Determined To Re-Sign Rey Mysterio

    WWE Determined To Re-Sign Rey Mysterio
    Posted by Dave Mitchell on 07/06/2011 at 11:16 AM

    Several key WWE sources have informed us that the new priority for talent executive John Laurinaitis is to re-sign Rey Mysterio, whose contract expires early in 2012.

    "Laurinaitis has a lot of egg on his face right now," we were told, "think about all the talent that has refused to re-sign. Jericho wouldn't re-sign. MVP wouldn't re-sign. Punk won't re-sign. Even undercard wrestlers like Chavo (Guerrero) won't re-sign right now. Laurinaitis needs a key re-signing to keep his corporate credibility alive right now!"

    With the serious fallout from CM Punk's homophobic remarks in Australia, Laurinaitis has targeted keeping Rey Mysterio in the fold as a demonstration to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon he still has the talent under control. "Laurinaitis always had big shoes to fill since he took over from Jim Ross," we were told, "now he has to produce results. This is going to be very interesting to watch!"


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    Impact Wrestling Quarter-Hour Ratings For June 30 2011
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    Impact Wrestling Quarter-Hour Ratings For June 30 2011   kingleviathan - 07-06-11 01:36 - 25 comments
    First Hour Break Down

    Q1: Impact opened with a 1.23 rating for Immortal, Mr. Anderson, and Sting's weekly talking segment. (up 0.6% vs. 2011 average)

    Q2: Impact increased to a 1.30 rating for the end of the opening segment, Samoa Joe vs. Brother Devon, and the first commercial of the show. This was the high-point of the first hour. (up 9.5% vs. 2011 average)

    Q3: Impact dipped slightly to a 1.25 rating for the end of Joe-Devon and the X Division three-way match. (up 4.5 percent vs. 2011 average)

    Q4: Impact reached its low-point of the first hour with a 1.21 rating. The 15-minute block contained the end of the X Division match, various video packages and backstage segments, and the second commercial break of the show. (up 5.3% vs. 2011 average)

    Second Hour Break Down

    Q5: Impact increased slightly to a 1.27 rating to begin the second hour. It was only slightly ahead of the previous week's 1.23 rating in Q5. This week's segment included the six-Knockouts tag match and the third commercial break of the show. (up 1.0% vs. 2011 average)

    Q6: Impact scored its second-highest quarter-hour rating of the show with a 1.32 rating for the X Division-themed contract signing and A.J. Styles vs. Gunner match. (up 10.1% vs. 2011 average)

    Q7: Impact dipped to a second-hour low-point of a 1.23 rating. The 15-minute block opened with the fourth commercial break of the show, then continued with a promo exchange between Mexican America and British Invasion. (up 4.9% vs. 2011 average)

    Q8: Impact jumped to a show-high 1.36 rating in the final portion of the show. The segment included Jeff & Karen's video message from Mexico, Sting vs. Scott Steiner in the main event, and the show-closing angle with Sting and Hogan. (up 11% vs. 2011 average)


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    major heat On the Nature Boy

    According to the wrestling observer, TNA wrestler Ric Flair has major heat on him for the incident at this past Friday's house show. The report claims several TNA wrestlers who have confirmed plenty of backstage heat on Flair following his refusal to sign autographs during the event. Flair is said to have arrived very late to the show; Flair did sign autographs along with many other TNA wrestlers during intermission, but then adamantly refused to participate in the after-show meet and greet with the fans. Flair claimed backstage he was never asked to do it.

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    Smackdown Rating
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen  The July 1st edition of Smackdown did a 1.63 rating with 2,333,000 viewers. With it being the start of a holiday weekend, low numbers are expected.

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    WWE Stars Dealing with Injuries

    - The Great Khali and Kane are said to be banged up and hurting a lot lately. Khali's mobility as of late has been bad while Kane is hurting but not letting it effect his in-ring work. NXT Rookie Conor O'Brian, before being eliminated, was nursing a knee injury. He had ice on his knee a lot at last week's WWE TV tapings.

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    Updated TNA Bound For Glory Series Standings

    Updated TNA Bound For Glory Series Standings
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 07/05/2011 at 11:05 PM

    - Friday night's TNA BaseBrawl show in Brooklyn, New York saw Rob Van Dam pin AJ Styles and Brother Devon pin Bully Ray in Bound For Glory Series matches. Saturday night's live event in Asbury Park, New Jersey saw Crimson pin Van Dam and Ray pin Devon in two more Bound For Glory Series matches.

    Following this weekend's TNA live events, here are the updated Bound For Glory Series standings:

    * Crimson - 24 points
    * Gunner - 21 points
    * Rob Van Dam - 14 points
    * Bully Ray - 14 points
    * Brother Devon - 14 points
    * James Storm - 14 points
    * Matt Morgan - 14 points
    * AJ Styles - 14 points
    * Scott Steiner - 7 points
    * The Pope - 0 points
    * Robert Roode - 0 points
    * Samoa Joe - 0 points


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    Uitslagen nxt 5 juli
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    We begin this week’s episode of NXT with a look back at the eliminations that have taken place so far in Season Five. We then see the return of Derrick Bateman.

    We are live on tape from Tucson, Arizona and your announcers are Todd ‘Kenny Lofton’ Grisham and William ‘Steve Kerr’ Regal. Your hosts are Matt ‘Sean Elliot’ Striker and Maryse.

    Matt and Maryse are in the ring and Maryse welcome her rookie to the ring.

    Young and O’Neil are still not happy that Derrick Bateman is back on NXT. Matt reminds everyone that they are looking for redemption because that means you get to be on Season Six. Matt says that there is no immunity but we have Redemption Points. Titus has 22 Points. Darren Young has 7 Points. Derrick Bateman has 0 Points.

    Matt tells us that the redemption points will be the tiebreaker.

    It is time for the Talk the Talk Challenge and it is worth three points. The topic is winning NXT.

    Darren Young goes first and he says that there is a problem. There were supposed to be two finalists. However, NXT threw a swerveball at him and Titus and they bring back Derrick Bateman. For seventeen weeks, he has proven that he belongs here. He is going to win without a pro and he will do it himself.

    Titus O’Neil is next and he says that he understands why Darren is back that they brought back the knockoff Andy Samberg back, but he does not care. Titus says that he has dominated in the ring, on the mic, and in the challenges. Titus says that he has so many Redemption Points that he can make it rain. Titus tells Derrick that whoever wins NXT will have earned it instead of joining in the middle of the competition.

    Derrick Bateman says that the Andy Samberg comment was creative. It is almost as creative as his talent. Derrick says that Titus was telling him how much better the Gators were than the Arizona Wildcats. Derrick says that if he was in the same situation as Darren Young, he would be angry that he was back on NXT after main eventing SummerSlam and being in Nexus. Him and Daniel Bryan are the biggest thing on the internet and he says that they are the biggest thing since kitten videos.

    Maryse ask the WWE Universe who should win and the winner is Titus O’Neil.

    Todd asks Regal about Derrick Bateman being back on NXT and Regal says that after their performances, they should be sacked.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and we see the footage from last week when Tyson Kidd broke the Yoshi Tatsu action figure in the locker room.

    Tyson comes to the ring with the leg of Yoshi’s action figure around his neck on a chain.

    Match Number One: Yoshi Tatsu versus Tyson Kidd in an It doesn’t matter what show this is on, hooray for this feud Match

    Tyson backs into the ropes to get under Yoshi’s skin. Kidd continues to retreat from Kidd but Kidd with a kick. Yoshi with a flying double knee into the corner followed by more knees to Yoshi followed by a kick to the back. Yoshi with Kawada kicks to the head followed by a round kick and Kidd goes to the floor.

    They fight on the floor and Kidd with a kick. Yoshi sends Kidd into the ringside barrier and he chops Kidd repeatedly before they return to the ring. Kidd with a kick to Yoshi and he sends Yoshi into the turnbuckles. Kidd with a kick to the head and the referee warns Tyson. Yoshi with an Irish whip but Kidd moves when Yoshi tries for a running forearm. Kidd with a rollup for a near fall. Yoshi with a chop to Kidd and then he tries to suplex Kidd to the floor but Kidd goes to the apron. Kidd with a shoulder. They fight on the apron and Kidd hooks his foot on the ropes. Kidd with a kick and a drop kick on the apron that sends Yoshi into the ring post.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Kidd with a kick to the head followed by punches to the head. Kidd with a kick to the upper back and he gets a near fall. Kidd with his knee in Yoshi’s back while he stretches him. Kidd with a knee to the back but Yoshi with a lateral press to counter a suplex attempt. Kidd with a kick and drop kick to the back and Kidd gets a near fall. Kidd chokes Yoshi in the ropes.

    Kidd with a neck breaker and he gets another near fall. Kidd locks the arms as he tries to wear down Yoshi. Kidd with an elbow to the head and he returns to work on the arms. Yoshi with a kick and punch but Kidd with a sunset flip but Yoshi rolls through and Yoshi with a kick but Kidd hits Yoshi in the throat to stop him.

    Yoshi with chops to Kidd and then he turns it into kicks and Kidd goes down. Yoshi with a rolling mare and then he hits a kick to the chest for a near fall. Yoshi goes up top for the spinning heel kick but Kidd is able to get up and he leaps to the turnbuckles but Yoshi with a gourdbuster. Yoshi hits the spinning heel kick from the top turnbuckle but Kidd kicks out at two.

    Yoshi wants Kidd to get up for a clothesline but Kidd with a drop kick to the knee followed by a back heel kick and swinging fisherman’s buster for the three count.

    Winner: Tyson Kidd

    We go to commercial.

    We are back with a Derrick Bateman video package. He reminds us that he was in Season 4. He says that he finished third in the soap box derby and he raised a new cat. He is on Season Five for Redemption. Some say it might not be fair. Is he fair he got fired before the finale of his season in his home town? Derrick says that he saw doubt in Darren and Titus’ faces. Derrick says that he doesn’t do a dog bark, but he has a personality. He also says that he has a pro. He has the greatest pro in professionalism.

    Hornswoggle has a bouquet of a lot of rotten things for Maryse and Titus tells him to let it go. Things haven’t work so far. Hornswoggle gives it to Maryse and she says that Hornswoggle is so cute. She says that she loves flowers and she wants to know how he got them. Maryse tells Hornswoggle that this deserves a kiss and then she hits Hornswoggle over the head with the bouquet and she walks away. Titus tells him to let it go and there are other women around for him.

    Match Number Two: Darren Young and Titus O’Neil versus Daniel Bryan and Derrick Bateman

    Bateman and Young start things off and they lock up. Young with a punch in the corner followed by a kick. Bateman with a kick and drop kicks to Young. Young goes to the floor and Bateman with a clothesline and then he mocks Titus’ dog bark. Bateman makes the cover but his foot was under the rope. Bryan tags in and hits a double sledge from the top turnbuckle. Bryan works on the arm followed by a knee to the midsection. Bryan gets a near fall. Bateman tags back in and he goes up top and hits a double sledge.

    Young hot shots Bateman on the top rope and both men are down. Young with a short arm clothesline and Titus is tagged in. Titus with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Titus chokes Derrick in the ropes and then he hits an elbow drop followed by a short arm clothesline. Titus barks because he wants to. Derrick with chops and punches to Titus but Titus with a knee to stop Derrick.

    Young tags in and he snap mares Bateman and connects with forearms to the chest and then he applies a reverse chin lock. Derrick with a head lock take down but Young gets a near fall.

    Young runs Derrick into the corner and Titus tags in. Titus with elbows in the corner but Derrick with a chop. Titus slams Derrick and gets a near fall. Titus with a front face lock and Young is tagged in and he kicks Derrick in the corner. Darren punches Derrick but he moves out of the way and Young accidentally knocks Titus off the apron.

    Bryan tags in and he flips over Darren in the corner and he hits a flying clothesline. Bryan with a running drop kick into the corner and he gets a near fall. Bryan with a snap front chancery suplex. Bryan goes up top and he hits the diving head butt and gets a near fall.

    Young with a standing switch but Bryan with an elbow. Young with a kick but Bateman tags in and he takes Young down with a drop kick. Bryan knocks Titus off the apron with a drop kick and then Bateman gets the three count on Young.

    Winners: Derrick Bateman and Daniel Bryan

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and it is time to take a look back at what happened at the end of Raw between John Cena and Vince McMahon.

    We go to credits.

    WWE NXT 7.5.11- Part 1 door desiweekly

    WWE NXT 7.5.11- Part 2 door desiweekly

    WWE NXT 7.5.11- Part 3 door desiweekly

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    Preview Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV

    Preview Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV - what's next for the maniacal Sting? Plus, Mr. Anderson gets an ultimatum!

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    Update Destination X

    TNA posted the following on their Official Facebook page:


    Thursday on IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV, the participants will be announced for The Ultimate X Match at Destination X next Sunday, July 10!

    - Amazing Red via Twitter:

    That's what Im talking about!!! Finally in some X-Division clips, and Yes guyz, I'm in the Destination X PPV... match is announced next week

    - Here is the current card for Destination X 2011:

    X Division Championship
    Brian Kendrick vs. © Abyss

    Posted Image

    Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles
    Posted Image

    Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn
    Posted Image

    Samoa Joe vs. Kazarian
    Posted Image

    Winner Gets Contract
    Zema Ion vs. ??? vs. Low Ki vs. Austin Aries

    Posted Image


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    CM Punk apologizes for using gay slur

    CM Punk apologizes for using gay slur
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 07/04/2011 at 07:43 PM

    CM Punk posted the following on Twitter today regarding the gay slur he used on a fan at a weekend WWE event:

    "I'm glad TMZ posted that video because everybody needs to be held accountable for their bullshit, me included. What I said was bullshit. I'm embarrassed. I own up to being a total douche in this situation and I offer a sincere apology to anybody I hurt with careless words."

    05-07-2011 om 12:04 geschreven door jefken  

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    WWE responds to CM Punk's gay slur

    WWE responds to CM Punk's gay slur
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 07/04/2011 at 07:39 PM just issued the following statement from WWE.

    UPDATE: A rep for the WWE tells TMZ, "WWE does not condone this type of language or bias and we reinforce that with our talent who are independent contractors."


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    Colt Cabana Says Punk Doesn't Care Anymore

    Colt Cabana Says Punk Doesn't Care Anymore
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 07/04/2011 at 05:04 PM

    - Colt Cabana spoke with Mike Mooneyham of The Post & Courier this weekend about CM Punk's promo on last Monday's RAW. Here are some quotes from the article:

    "He’s worn my shirt before doing commentary. He doesn’t care anymore, and he’s looking out for his buddies."

    "He mentioned Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar — two guys Vince knows very well. He also mentioned a little-known wrestler from Chicago named Colt Cabana. Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar weren’t trending on Twitter worldwide, but Colt Cabana was. Hopefully this promo was revolutionary in terms of maybe making them recognize that his real feelings will bring them so much attention. Hopefully that will open some eyes and open some doors for wrestlers like myself and Zack Ryder to get a better opportunity using real-life situations."

    "There were a lot of ‘thank you’s’ from those guys in the back. Everyone wants to say it, but no one has the gall to. But Punk is Punk, and that’s what has made him so amazing over the years. He had a live mic, and he was able to do it."

    "We said that wrestling needs some kind of spark. And you never know where it’s going to come from. Thank God it was from an unscripted promo. It wasn’t from some writer telling Punk what to do. It was unscripted, live television, and I hope this has the ability to turn wrestling around if done right. I hope they go the right way with it."


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    TMZ Picks Up on CM Punk's Homophobic Slur at Event

    TMZ Picks Up on CM Punk's Homophobic Slur at Event
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 07/04/2011 at 04:49 PM has picked up on the video which surfaced on the internet, featuring WWE star CM Punk hurling a homophobic slur at fans during today's live event in Australia.

    The story notes, "WWE bad guy CM Punk was caught on camera screaming "You homo!" at a fan during a verbal altercation in Australia today ... this as the WWE has said repeatedly they are trying to curb homophobic slurs.

    The wrestling organization works directly with GLAAD and even produced a series of anti-bullying commercials following incidents involving announcer Michael Cole and wrestler John Cena."


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    Uitslagen raw 4 juli
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen


    •Divas Champion Kelly Kelly & Eve def. The Bella Twins
    •WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty def. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov
    •Jack Swagger def. Sgt. Slaughter
    •Alberto Del Rio def. Rey Mysterio and R-Truth in a No. 1 Contender's Triple Threat Match
    •Alex Riley def. The Miz

    Raw results: Stars and gripes
    By: James Wortman July 4, 2011
    Tags: Raw: July 4, 2011
     LAS VEGAS – While the United States of America let freedom ring in celebration of Independence Day on Monday night, the WWE Universe around the globe was still reeling from CM Punk’s controversial “declaration of independence” one week earlier. The Straight Edge Superstar’s inflammatory words and unprofessional conduct on Raw resulted in a suspension that would essentially end his WWE career three weeks before his contract expiration – and his anticipated WWE Championship clash with reigning titleholder John Cena at WWE Money in the Bank.

    However, support for Punk’s reinstatement would ultimately come from an unlikely source: The Champ himself.

    John Cena convinced Mr. McMahon to reinstate CM Punk (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    Following CM Punk’s inflammatory outburst the previous week, the WWE Universe eagerly anticipated how WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon would respond on Raw, but few could have expected Punk’s actions to spark an emotionally charged confrontation between The Chairman and WWE Champion John Cena.

    The Champ lauded The Second City Savior for speaking his mind, and criticized the strong-willed CEO – who famously went toe-to-toe with Ted Turner and won – for being thin-skinned the previous week following Punk’s rant against the company. However, it’s all about “calculated risks” with Mr. McMahon, who was quick to correct The Champ. He didn’t suspend Punk for his words; he suspended him because he doesn’t think Cena can beat him. As such, The Chairman didn’t want to risk Punk leaving WWE with its grandest prize in his possession.

    Questioning what the WWE Championship stands for in light of Mr. McMahon’s refusal to lift Punk’s suspension, Cena handed the title to the WWE CEO and turned his back on the boss. Irate, Mr. McMahon reluctantly agreed to reinstate The Straight Edge Superstar, under a single condition: If CM Punk leaves Chicago with the WWE Title, The Chairman will fire Cena personally in the middle of the ring.

    Alex Riley def. The Miz; Miz assaulted his former protégé (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    For Alex Riley, Independence Day likely takes on a whole new meaning this year following his liberation from his overbearing former employer, The Miz. Holding multiple victories over The Awesome One since their falling out – including an impressive win at Capitol Punishment in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. – A-Ry added to his accolades by decisively pinning his former mentor once again.

    Never quite graceful in defeat, The Miz erupted after the match, sending his former apprentice into and over the ringside barricade before throwing him into the steel steps and onto the announce table. Putting a sickening exclamation point on the attack, a frustrated Miz stunned Riley with a boot to the face, leaving his season two NXT Rookie in a heap on the floor.

    Vickie Guerrero threw  U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler a “birthday” party
    Independence Day is a celebration of America’s birth, so it stands to reason that it should also be considered the birthday of United States Champion Dolph Ziggler, right? Well, in the Dolph-centric mind of Vickie Guerrero, this all makes perfect sense.

    After presenting the blond braggart with a star-spangled birthday cake, Vickie urged the Las Vegas crowd to join her in screeching “Happy Birthday” to Ziggler, who proceeded to inform the WWE Universe of how lucky they are to be in the presence of “the greatest sports-entertainer in the history of WWE in his prime.”

    Vickie and her business associate continued their celebration of all things Ziggler, but they hadn’t counted on Kofi Kingston crashing the party, who reminded his longtime nemesis that he will never be able to beat him in a fair fight without WWE’s resident cougar in his corner. A brawl between Ziggler and The Dreadlocked Dynamo ensued, which left Vickie falling right into Ziggler’s “birthday” cake – twice. Covered in frosting, an ashamed Vickie strode up the entrance ramp, knowing she’d gotten her just desserts.

    Alberto Del Rio def. Rey Mysterio and R-Truth to become the new No. 1 contender (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    Alberto Del Rio believes he is destined for championship glory … but we already know that. Nevertheless, The Mexican Aristocrat had his work cut out for him in a Triple Threat Match against R-Truth and Rey Mysterio to determine the No. 1 contender to John Cena’s WWE Title.

    Although all three of these ring warriors were scheduled to compete in the Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match on July 17, a victory in this bout would allow them to bypass that harrowing, high-risk encounter.

    At the end of an incredible match that pushed all three of these Superstars to their limits, The Ultimate Underdog seemed to have sealed a victory after nailing Truth with a 619 followed by a frog splash. However, as Mysterio had the conspiracy theorist pinned, the moneyed Mexican pounced, locking in the cross armbreaker on the surprised Master of the 619. As Del Rio seemed to nearly wrench Mysterio’s arm out of its socket, the masked Superstar had no choice but to tap out, earning The Mexican Aristocrat a No. 1 contendership.

    Jack Swagger def. Sgt. Slaughter, Evan Bourne retaliated (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    A Fourth of July edition of Monday Night Raw just wouldn’t be complete without a visit from WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter, who aimed to teach All-American American Jack Swagger about what it means to be an true patriot.

    Unfortunately, even after taking this “maggot” to boot camp, fueled by “U.S.A.” chants echoing throughout the arena, Sarge suffered defeat after the former World Heavyweight Champion landed his signature splash. Not content with merely humbling Slaughter, Swagger trapped the veteran in his excruciating ankle lock. As Slaughter vigorously tapped the mat, it was Evan Bourne who swooped in to save the WWE Legend and send his Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match opponent staggering back to the locker room. Then, Slaughter led “Air” Bourne and the entire WWE Universe in a proud recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. A-ten-hut!

    WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty def. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    Their leader might be leaving WWE, but The New Nexus stands strong. With the coveted WWE Tag Team Titles clasped around their waists, David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty entered the ring with fire in their eyes as they prepared to battle former titleholders Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov.

    Otunga ultimately fell victim to Santino’s dreaded Cobra, but it was McGillicutty who sent the international oddballs packing. Speaking of oddballs, The New Nexus’ victory celebration was cut short by Long Island Iced Z himself, Zack Ryder. The self-proclaimed “Internet Champion” left Otunga & McGillicutty with a cryptic warning as only he can deliver: “Woo woo woo, you know it.” Just what are they supposed to know?

    Divas Champion Kelly Kelly & Eve def. The Bella Twins (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    When will Nikki & Brie learn? One week after a double-team attack on Kelly Kelly was thwarted by the Divas Champion’s friend Eve, the devious duo’s arrogance once again got the better of them, this time in tag team action against both of these gorgeous and powerful competitors. For the third straight week, Kelly Kelly demystified the Bellas’ “Twin Magic,” getting the pin following a K2 Legdrop.

    WWE Champion John Cena defended CM Punk, called out WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon
    John Cena might not have agreed with what CM Punk had to say about him one week prior on Monday Night Raw, but he’ll do whatever it takes to defend his right to say it. On the day the United States of America annually celebrates its freedoms, including the Freedom of Speech, The Champ vehemently criticized the WWE Chairman’s decision to suspend The Second City Savior and strip him of his scheduled WWE Title opportunity in two weeks at WWE Money in the Bank, emanating from Punk’s hometown of Chicago. After all, if Punk is unable to speak his mind, where does the censorship end?

    Cena had it on good authority that Mr. McMahon would be in the building later in the night, and demanded that The Chairman meet him face-to-face to explain Punk’s exile. Also later that night, with Cena’s WWE Championship opponent on July 17 in question, Rey Mysterio, R-Truth and Alberto Del Rio would collide in a No. 1 Contender’s Match.


    4th July 2011 - MNR - Part 1 door desiweekly

    4th July 2011 - MNR - Part 2 door desiweekly

    4th July 2011 - MNR - Part 3 door desiweekly

    4th July 2011 - MNR - Part 4 door desiweekly

    4th July 2011 - MNR - Part 5 door desiweekly

    4th July 2011 - MNR - Part 6 door desiweekly

    4th July 2011 - MNR - Part 7 door desiweekly

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    Video: Superstar Profile - Velvet Sky On Why Wrestling Matters

    Video: Superstar Profile - Velvet Sky On Why Wrestling Matters

    Video: Superstar Profile - Velvet Sky On Why Wrestling Matters
    Over the next few weeks, check back to for special chronicles on Why Wrestling Matters to your favorite Superstars. Each full-length profile takes an in-depth look at the dedication and passion each athlete has for the sport of professional wrestling, both in and out of the ring.

    Watch the next installment, featuring Knockout Division superstar Velvet Sky

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    AAA Teases More TNA Appearances For Their Upcoming PPV
    AAA has just put up the latest poster for their upcoming Pay Per View, Verano De Escandalo which roughly translates to Scandalous Summer. In the poster, you can clearly see TNA Wrestler Mickie James along with a series of other AAA female wrestlers. You can view the poster below and can click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

    Attached Image: veranodeescandalo.jpg

    As we noted earlier, a promotional poster for AAA's Verano De Escandalo Pay Per View was released showing TNA Knockout Mickie James. Now, AAA has released another promotional poster for the event showing Abyss and Jeff Jarrett. You can view the poster below and can click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

    Attached Image: veranodeescandalo2.jpg

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    Independent Wrestler Lays Out Gimmick Theft Accusations

    As we pointed out yesterday, Independent wrestler, along with the help of former TNA booker Scott D'Amore began sending links to D'Amore's facebook page to internet wrestling sites. Now, Conrad Kennedy himself has issued a formal response in the form of a letter to TNA President Dixie Carter. A copy of the letter was supplied to wrestlingnewsworld. You can read the full letter below:

    Dear Mrs. Carter

    My name is Justin T. Carnes, I was trained by Scott D'Amore along with Alex Shelley, Petey Williams, and Chris Sabin. I have been working for almost 11 years, nine of those as Conrad Kennedy III (CK3), and for the last two years I have been working as "Krimson," in the states and in the UK, a character based off the Joker. I have been sending promos to TNA since I started doing the character, and last September, when I was on the road with Rhino, who is one of my best friends, D-Lo Brown approached me at the show in Windsor and told me he wanted to bring me in for a try-out as "Krimson, the Joker character." I went again on Rhino's last loop with the company, and was told by D-Lo to keep sending promos, the more I send, the more he could pass on to creative, and the better my chances of getting a job. So I did.

    In January, I learned from one of my promoter's in the UK that TNA had taken my name, "Crimson." I was obviously upset by this. Tommy Dreamer, another friend, called me and told me that although it's upsetting, think of a different name, at least it's not your character. So I did just that. I continued to send promos under a different name, "Villain." A few weeks ago I even received an email from D-Lo praising them and told me he has sent all my stuff to creative, and will let me know. Now, I see Sting doing a character eerily similar to the promos I have sent.

    I realize TNA has promised me nothing, but I feel though, that the appearance of the new "Joker-Sting" character, years after the film debuted, and after a year of me sending promos, is more than mere coincidence. Now I am faced with the problem of trying to find bookings throughout the states, Canada and Europe, and potential promoters, taking a look at my work and saying, "You have TNA's 'Crimson's' name and Sting's Character. No thanks."

    I'm quite certain that you were unaware of this happening, and truthfully, I don't know if anything can be done. I feel though, that the manner in which I was handled on TNA's part was nothing less than unprofessional and appalling. I would have much preferred a "creative has nothing for you" than encouragement to keep sending in my work, just to see them steal my name and gimmick, and to watch Sting doing essentially the same character on TV. Furthermore, instead of injecting a fresh and undiscovered face into your product who writes his own promos, and is more than willing to go on the road full time with an established company, your writers see fit instead to giving the character to an already established star such as Sting, who is in the twilight of his career and does not even work house shows?

    In conclusion, I thank you for your time in reading this. I have included all the promos I have sent D-Lo both as Krimson and as Villain. I invite you to watch them and I feel you will see why I am upset by this situation. I have always wanted an opportunity to be a part of the TNA family, as I feel I have a lot to offer the company. I'm sure your creative team would agree. At the behest of my Attorney, I will also be sending you a certified letter with a disc of the promos and a copy of the emails from D-Lo as well."


    Justin T. Carnes

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    John Cena Rips The Rock at WWE Live Event

    John Cena Rips The Rock at WWE Live Event
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 07/03/2011 at 01:25 PM

    WWE Champion John Cena ripped into The Rock during a post-match promo at the July 3 live event in Perth, Australia. "Where is the so called captain of Team Bring It?," Cena asked. "And if he is the captain of Team Bring It, what are they bringing a doctor's note that he can't fly all the way to Australia and entertain the WWE Universe out here in Perth?

    "I don't care if I've got to play G.I. Joe, Fast Five, Fast Six, Godzilla, King Kong, and Julius Caesar all rolled into one, I want to be in the middle of this ring, defending this championship in front of all of you, because I am not an actor, I am a professional wrestler. That is what I do because of crowds like you.

    "So if you cried (inaudible) tears for an actor to get back in the ring, you take your tears and your t-shirt with a bull, fold them up real nice, put them in your dresser and wait until April 1st because that is the only time The People's Champ will say that he loves all of you. But tonight from myself, from all the WWE Superstars who flew 20 hours to be here in front of you, I simply say thank you."

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    Maximum IMPACT European Tour - January 24: Brussels, Belgium
    Posted Image
    IMPACT WRESTLING is proud to announce its first ever visit to Belgium for the “2012 MAXIMUM IMPACT” Tour.

    Kurt Angle heads up the roster of stars from TNA’s flagship television program IMPACT WRESTLING coming to the Forest National in Brussels on January 24th.

    Also featured at the event will be Mr. Anderson, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Velvet Sky, Matt Morgan, Bully Ray, Mexican America and many more.

    Tickets are currently on sale now at or through the FNAC shops. Tickets can also be purchased by phone at 0900 84 007.

    Complete info on Facebook at: http://www.facebook....215936988444331

    La Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling est fière d'annoncer sa toute première visite sur le sol belge dans le cadre de la tournée « 2012 MAXIMUM IMPACT IV ».

    Le légendaire catcheur Kurt Angle sera la tête d'affiche des stars issues de la célèbre émission télévisée IMPACT WRESTLING lors de leur passage à Forest National, à Bruxelles, le 24 janvier.


    Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling kondigt met trots zijn allereerste bezoek aan België aan voor de tournee 2012 MAXIMUM IMPACT IV.

    Wrestlinglegende Kurt Angle leidt de resem sterren van het topprogramma van TNA, IMPACT WRESTLING, naar Vorst Nationaal in Brussel op 24 januari.

    Zullen ook het beste van zichzelf geven op het evenement:
    “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles
    “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe
    TNA Knockout Velvet Sky
    Mr. Anderson (Huidige TNA-wereldkampioen, maar het is mogelijk dat hij geen titelhouder is wanneer hij naar België komt)
    Matt Morgan
    Bully Ray
    Mexican America
    en nog veel meer, te bevestigen in de komende maanden.

    Kurt Angle zei: “Het is een hele eer voor ons om naar België te komen en alle fantastische fans daar te tonen BECAUSE WRESTLING MATTERS”

    “Als je ons tot dan toe nog nooit live hebt gezien, verwacht je dan maar aan de gigantische actie en geladen gevechten die je elke week op IMPACT WRESTLING kan zien.”

    WRESTLERS TE KRIJGEN vanaf 18.00 uur


    Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling is de meest vernieuwende ervaring in professioneel worstelen ter wereld: het topprogramma IMPACT WRESTLING wordt in meer dan 100 landen wereldwijd uitgezonden.

    Kom op  genieten van Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Sting, olympische gouden medaillewinnaar Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, de fantastische fatale TNA-Knockouts en de extreme X-Division.


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    Ik ben een man en woon in Dworp (Belgie) en mijn beroep is .
    Ik ben geboren op 05/06/1989 en ben nu dus 30 jaar jong.
    Mijn hobby's zijn: Worstelen en films.

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