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  • WWE Confirms Reports of Finn Balor's Injury
  • Awesome Kong released by TNA
  • Christopher Daniels Inks Deal with Ring of Honor
  • Davey Richards Not Returning Anytime Soon
  • Top WWE Diva Suffers Injury
  • Interesting WrestleMania Injury Stat
  • The reason why James Storm turned down WWE
  • James Storm Returns to TNA Wrestling
  • Second Royal Rumble Entrant Revealed
  • News on Rey Mysterio's LU Status
  • Could Taryn Terrell Be Done With TNA Wrestling?
  • Rumored **SPOILER** – Who Is TNA’s ‘The Miracle’?
  • The Lineup For TNA iMPACT!’s LIVE Debut On POP TV
  • GFW Crowns Their Four Champions
  • AJ Styles Suffers An Injury
  • Maria Kanellis' Contract with ROH Expiring
  • Update on Dolph Ziggler's WWE Status
  • Alex Riley Shoots on WWE Tough Enough
  • Adam Rose Name Change
  • Conflicting Reports on Erick Rowan's Injury
  • Big Show Mocks Turning Babyface & Heel
  • King of the Mountain Championship Title Plans
  • Alex Shelley Returning to Ring of Honor
  • Magnus Joins Global Force Wrestling
  • News Regarding Kurt Angle's Neck Surgery
  • SPOILER: Update On Jeff Jarrett And TNA
  • Title Changes Hands at Money in the Bank
  • Global Force Wrestling Results - 6/13/15
  • Kevin Nash & Others Working GFW Event
  • Global Force Wrestling Results - 6/12/15
  • GFW using a six-sided ring for first show
  • New Match Added to TNA's Slammiversary Event
  • Jarrett Reacts to TNA Pulling Tyrus from GFW Events
  • Kazarian Says Suicide Character Wasn't Him
  • Ex-TNA Knockout Retiring from Wrestling
  • Rusev Pulled from Elimination Chamber
  • Major Main Roster Plans For NXT Star?
  • Matt Hardy Comments on Impact Cancellation Reports
  • News Regarding TNA & Shelton Benjamin Deal
  • Ook WCCW naar Destination America
  • Possible Reason Why Sasha Missed Several Events
  • WWE Deal to Keep Samoa Joe Off ROH Television?
  • Rusev Suffers Injury at SmackDown Tapings
  • Update on Scott Hall Being Pulled from GFW
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  • Ook Arnold Schwarzenegger terug voor 'Escape Plan 2'
  • HBO maakt film over productie 'The Godfather'
  • Fraaie IMAX-poster 'Kong: Skull Island' eert 'Apocalypse Now'
  • Anna Brewster (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) komt naar Comic Con Brussels 2017
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    Matches Capitol Punishment

    Washington D.C. is no stranger to knock-down, drag-out brawls on the legislative floor. But, what will happen when the Superstars and Divas of WWE invade the District of Columbia? Catch all the action tonight at 8 p.m. ET, only on pay-per-view.


    World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs. Christian

    WWE Champion John Cena vs. R-Truth

    United States Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler
    United States Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson

    Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio

    Alex Riley vs. The Miz

    Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk
    Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

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    Why Wrestling Matters To Bully Ray
    Why Wrestling Matters To Bully Ray

    Exclusive videos of the IMPACT WRESTLING stars talking about why Wrestling Matters To Them. From a personal and professional point of view, each star will discuss what drives their passion and dedication for the sport of wrestling.

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    Jeff Jarrett wins Mexico's Heavyweight Championship at TripleMania

    Jeff Jarrett wins Mexico's Heavyweight Championship at TripleMania

    Jeff Jarrett wins Mexico's Heavyweight Championship at TripleMania
    On Saturday night in Mexico City, Jeff Jarrett made history by becoming the Heavyweight Champion of Mexico at TripleMania! Jarrett (cheered on by his wife Karen) defeated El Zorro to win the prestigious title. Jarrett's win was a major shock to the fans in attendance - and chaos erupted after he was declared the new champion. On Sunday morning, all of Mexico will awaken to the fact that Jeff Jarrett is the new Heavyweight Champion of Mexico!

    The TripleMania event also featured Mr. Anderson, Rob Van Dam, Abyss, Velvet Sky, Mickie James and Angelina Love all in action!

    Check back to on Sunday for footage from the event, as well as comments from Jeff Jarrett!

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    Ziggler Gets Advice, Ziggler vs. Alex Riley News

    Ziggler Gets Advice, Ziggler vs. Alex Riley News

    - Dolph Ziggler noted on Twitter last night how he had an "off night" and wasn't able to steal the show at last night's WWE Supershow in Lowell, MA. Steve Austin asked on Twitter why the hell he didn't steal the show and Ziggler replied: "i aim to every night, tried some things that just did not work! Will fix it tomorrow!"

    Austin gave Ziggler some advice: "you've got to learn to form a bond with each and every single crowd you work for. Pay attention to what everybody's doing...."

    - Speaking of last night's Supershow, there was no appearances by The Miz or Randy Orton. Ziggler filled in for The Miz and took on Alex Riley. Several fan reports noted how the match never clicked and the crowd was dead for it. This is the match Ziggler was talking about when Austin offered him some advice.


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    Mysterio Posts Punk Video
    - Rey Mysterio released the following video on YouTube about his match with CM Punk at Sunday's pay-per-view:

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    Orton's Injury Update

    - World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton announced on Twitter that he passed the Impact concussion test. This means he's cleared to wrestle Christian at tomorrow's WWE Capitol Punishment pay-per-view.


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    Desmond Wolfe en TNA uit elkaar

    - According to a report by, TNA has released Desmond Wolfe (also known as former Ring of Honor star Nigel McGuinness). Wolfe was last used by TNA as the Commissioner of the internationally syndicated show Xplosion. He had been out of the Ring with TNA since September of 2010 for an undisclosed health issue.

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    Uitslagen smackdown 17 juni
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    •Ezekiel Jackson, Sin Cara & Daniel Bryan def. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes
    •Jinder Mahal def. Vladimir Kozlov
    •Big Show vs. Mark Henry (No Contest)
    •Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes & Tamina def. Natalya, A.J. & Kaitlyn
    •The Usos def. Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater
    •Christian def. Sheamus

    SmackDown results: A “Capitol” offense
    By: Michael Burdick June 17, 2011
    Tags: SmackDown: June 17, 2011
    PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island – Just two nights before WWE’s newest pay-per-view Capitol Punishment unleashes its fury on the WWE Universe, Sheamus fell to Christian in a brutal bid to grab his place at the golden table. And the fierce tempers of World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton and Big Show threatened to rock SmackDown to its very foundations. 

    Christian def. Sheamus (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    Just when The Celtic Warrior looked ready to execute a superplex to Christian off the top rope, his crafty opponent dropped back and caused Sheamus’ head to smack against the steel ring post. Seizing the opportunity, the No. 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship jumped into the ring and quickly pinned his Irish adversary. As a result, Sheamus was denied an opportunity to join the World Title match this Sunday at Capitol Punishment. 

    When Randy Orton jumped into the ring moments after the bell, Captain Charisma fled up the ramp. Nevertheless, The Viper sent him a powerful message by punting the war-torn Sheamus in the head. Will a concussion keep WWE’s Apex Predator from overcoming the resourceful Christian this Sunday? (Preview)

    Big Show went berserk (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    After Alberto Del Rio claimed he would spit in the face of Big Show if he were standing in front of him, the furious World’s Largest Athlete nearly broke SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long’s earlier order not to lay a finger on his aristocratic adversary. When the giant charged to the ring, focused on attacking his Capitol Punishment opponent, Del Rio quickly retreated into the crowd and up the stairs, leaving the irate giant to rip apart the ringside area. 

    The Usos def. Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    In an extremely physical match-up, The Usos scored a huge victory over former WWE Tag Team Champions Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel, likely propelling themselves high into contention for a tag title opportunity. As Jimmy disposed of Slater with a jaw-dropping kick, Jey delivered an earth-shattering splash on Gabriel from the top rope to secure the victory.

    Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes & Tamina def. Natalya, A.J. & Kaitlyn (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    In spite of another strong effort by the combined forces of A.J. & Kaitlyn – as well as their mentor, Natalya – Tamina took control, defeating A.J. with the Samoan Drop.
    Big Show vs. Mark Henry ended in a No Contest (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    With criminal and civil charges being considered against Big Show for his actions against Ricardo Rodriguez on Monday Night Raw four days earlier, SmackDown GM Theodore Long made it clear that The World’s Largest Athlete would not lay a finger on Alberto Del Rio if he showed up on SmackDown as rumored. If he did, both Big Show and Long could be fired. So, to keep the gigantic Superstar busy, Teddy put him in a match against Mark Henry.

    Before the match could begin, however, Big Show’s rage took over. Without warning, he executed a vicious assault on The World’s Strongest Man. As the smoke cleared, the WWE Universe watched in awe as Henry had to be carried out on a stretcher.

    Jinder Mahal def. Vladimir Kozlov (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    After The Great Khali delivered a vicious Khali Chop from outside the ring, Jinder Mahal triumphed over Vladimir Kozlov with a full nelson, suplex slam.

    Ezekiel Jackson, Sin Cara & Daniel Bryan def. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    Following an explosive dropkick to Ted DiBiase in the corner, Daniel Bryan attempted the pin on his fallen foe. Although it was later determined that DiBiase’s shoulder did, in fact, raise off the canvas before the three-count, the referee failed to notice it. As a result, he awarded the victory to the team of Bryan, Jackson & Sin Cara.

    Sheamus earned the opportunity to compete for the World Title (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    Despite the fact that Randy Orton was diagnosed with a concussion, he made it clear he wanted immediate physical retribution against Christian. However, because GM Theodore Long had not received Orton’s official medical clearance, he refused to allow The Viper to compete on SmackDown.

    Interrupting Christian’s subsequent taunting of the World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus made it clear that his non-title victory over Orton one week ago should have earned him a World Title match. As a result, Teddy Long decided that Christian and Sheamus would face off in the main event, giving Orton a ringside seat. If The Celtic Warrior won, he would be added to the World Title Match at Capitol Punishment this Sunday.


    Friday Night Smackdown 17.06.11

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    TNA Star Gets Stitches

    - Gunner noted on Twitter that he had to get 10 stitches in his head after Mr. Anderson hit him in the head with a pitcher of beer on this past Thursday's Impact Wrestling.

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    iMPACT Rating
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     iMPACT Rating

    - Last night's 6/6 Impact Wrestling drew a 1.25 cable rating with 1.7 million viewers.This is up from last week's 1.01 rating and is the highest rating since early May.

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    Wrestler Removed From Roster

    Wrestler Removed From Roster

    -- Desmond Wolfe has been removed from's roster page. This is often an indication that a wrestler has parted ways with TNA Wrestling.

    Wolfe has been sidelined from in-ring competition since September due to medical leave. He resurfaced on TNA programming last month as the commissioner of Xplosion.

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    Z! True Long Island Story Episode # 18
    Z! True Long Island Story Episode # 18

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    Uitslagen wwe superstars 16 juni
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    WWE Superstars Results - 6/16/2011
    We start off this week’s show with the Raw brand and your announcers are Scott Stanford and Josh Mathews.

    Zack Ryder comes to the ring and he has something to say. He tells us that everyone is here to see him. His Broskis are here. His dad is here and so is his girlfriend. He says that there is no stopping the Ryder Revolution. He mentions all of the signs in the crowd and then he asks who wants to be the Broski of the Week. He says that you need to dress to impress, fist pump, and take care . . . spike your hair. Woo Woo Woo, you know it.

    Match Number One: Zack Ryder versus Primo

    Zack pumps his fist before locking up. Primo backs Ryder into the corner and he pushes Ryder in the corner but Ryder pushes back. Ryder with a rollup for a near fall. Reyder with an arm bar and he takes Primo to the mat. Primo tries to escape but Ryder maintains the arm bar until Primo gets to the ropes.

    They lock up again and Primo works on the arm and he takes Ryder down with a drop toe hold and then he messes with Ryder’s hair. Ryder sends Primo into the turnbuckles followed by a back body drop. Ryder clotheslines Primo over the top rope to the floor. Ryder hits a pescado onto Primo as the action moves to the floor.

    They return to the ring and Primo sends Ryder into the turnbuckles and then he chops Ryder. Primo with an Irish whip and he misses a charge into the corner and Primo gets caught in the tree of woe. Ryder with kicks but Primo gets down. Ryder with forearms to Primo. Primo with a kick to Ryder and then he sends Ryder into the ring post.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Primo with a reverse chin lock on Ryder. Ryder gets back to his feet and he connects with a few elbows and then he hits a sunset flip and gets a near fall. Primo with a drop toe hold into a Muta Lock but Ryder does not give up. Primo with shoulders in the corner. Primo with an Irish whip and drop kick followed by a cartwheel from Primo. Primo with a knee drop to the head and he gets a near fall. Primo with a knee in Ryder’s back as he stretches him.

    Ryder gets to his feet and he kicks Primo but Primo with a knee and then Primo rakes the eyes with his boots and then he kicks Ryder. Primo with an elbow drop for a near fall. Primo applies a modified camel clutch on Ryder as he continues to work on Zack’s back. Ryder with a forearm and both men are down. Ryder with punches to Primo followed by double thrusts to the throat and a flapjack. Ryder with a leg drop for a near fall.

    Ryder with an Irish whip and running forearm into the corner. Ryder with a running boot to Primo in the corner for a near fall. Primo with a jawbreaker on Ryder and then Primo tries for a lungblower but Ryder holds on to the ropes. Ryder with a Rough Ryder for the three count.

    Winner: Zack Ryder

    It is time for an Obama Press Conference Dream Sequence.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Did You Know that WWE has a lot of Facebook fans?

    Drew McIntyre tells the people of Long Island that he has a question for all of them. How many of you were chosen by your boss to be the future of their company? Drew says that there is only one ‘chosen one’ in this entire arena and he says that he never lies. Here is some truth for us. The truth is that in order to pursue his WWE dream, he has to rid the United States of laziness. It is time for the chosen one to do some choosing of his own. He chooses to become the monster that they have created. He suggests that we call him the Great American Nightmare.

    Match Number Two: Drew McIntyre versus Vladimir Kozlov

    Drew with punches and kicks as the bell rings. Kozlov sends Drew into the corner and he punches Drew and connects with knees followed by a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Kozlov with a forearm to the head. Drew sends Kozlov into the bottom turnbuckle and then he follows that with a kick to the ribs. Drew with punches to Kozlov and then he sends Kozlov’s arm into the ring post. Drew with a single arm DDT for a near fall.

    Drew with a key lock on Kozlov. Kozlov with punches to Drew but Drew with a drop kick to Kozlov followed by a kip up. Drew gets a near fall on Kozlov. Drew with an arm bar on Kozlov but Kozlov with punches followed by a shoulder tackle. Kozlov traps the arms and connects with head butts to the midsection. Kozlov puts Drew on the top turnbuckles and then Kozlov with a kick that sends Drew to the mat and Kozlov with another kick that sends Drew into the turnbuckles. Kozlov with a near fall.

    Drew with a forearm to the back of the leg and then he sends Kozlov’s shoulder into the ring post. Drew sets for the Future Shock DDT and he hits it for the three count.

    Winner: Drew McIntyre

    We go to commercial.

    We are back with the Smackdown portion of the show and your announcers are Jack Korpela and Matt Striker.

    Match Number Three: Yoshi Tatsu versus Chavo Guerrero

    They lock up and Chavo backs Yoshi into the corner and Chavo with punches and kicks until the referee warns him. Yoshi with a hip toss and Japanese arm drag and drop kick for a near fall. Yoshi works on the arm and he puts Chavo into an arm bar. Chavo backs Yoshi into the corner and Chavo punches Yoshi and kicks him.

    Chavo with a cannonball into the corner and he gets a near fall. Chavo with a Saito suplex and he gets a near fall. Chavo with a reverse chin lock on Yoshi and then he turns it into a key lock. Yoshi punches Chavo but Chavo with a drop kick and Chavo gets a near fall. Chavo punches Yoshi but Yoshi chops Chavo followed by a hip toss and kicks to Chavo.

    Yoshi with running knees into the corner followed by a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Yoshi with a kick to Chavo and then he goes up top but Chavo gets out of the way. Chavo with a spinning heel kick to Yoshi for a near fall. Chavo does the Guerrero shimmy and he sets for the Three Amigos but Yoshi blocks after the second one. Chavo with an elbow to Yoshi. Chavo flips over Yoshi, but Yoshi with a kick to the head for the three count.

    Winner: Yoshi Tatsu

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and we run through the card for Capitol Punishment.

    JTG makes his way onto the stage. He tells the city of haters that he is here to teach everyone about hunger. He is from Brooklyn so he is hungry. He is not talking about the hunger with the children. He is talking about the hunger for success. Hunger brought him to the WWE. That same hunger is going to make JTG the flyest manager that WWE has ever seen. JTG says that he can bring the same success to the most technically sound sports entertainer. He brings out Tyson Kidd.

    Match Number Four: Tyson Kidd with JTG versus Kane

    They lock up and Kane pushes Kidd to the mat. Kidd with a waist lock but Kane sends Kidd to the mat. Kidd wants Kane to back up as he gets up. Kidd with kicks to Kane but Kane sends Kidd over the top rope to the floor. Kidd drops Kane across the top rope and Kidd tries for a springboard move but Kane with an uppercut for a near fall.

    Kane works on the arm. Kidd with a back elbow and then he avoids a boot from Kane and Kane gets caught up in the ropes. Kidd with a neck breaker for a near fall. Kidd with kicks to Kane but Kane with a clothesline. Kane with an Irish whip and Kane runs into an elbow. Kidd comes off the turnbuckles and Kane catches Kidd. Kidd is able to counter into a DDT but he can only get a near fall.

    Kidd tries for the Sharpshooter but Kane grabs Kidd by the throat. Kidd is able to get away from Kane. Kane with a big boot. Kane with an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner followed by a side slam. Kane gets a near fall and then he goes up top for the clothesline and he hits it. Kane signals for the choke slam and he hits it for the three count.

    Winner: Kane

    We go to credits.

    Source: PWInsider




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    Promo Summerslam 2011
    -- WWE has released a commercial ad promoting SummerSlam, which takes place August 14, 2011 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. It is branded as "The Biggest Event of the Summer."

    The commercial features The Miz, Chris Masters, John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, Eve Torres, Alicia Fox and The Bella Twins emerging from the ocean and scurrying to a beach house to watch SummerSlam.

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    Haalt wwe voormalig roh team binnen?

    -- Former ROH World Tag Team Champions Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli were on hand for this week's WWE television tapings in New York and Rhode Island. Both worked out in the ring in front of officials before each show.

    Castagnoli signed a developmental contract with WWE in November 2006 but was released a short while later for reasons that have yet to be publicly disclosed.

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    DeMott Discusses TE Winner Andy Leavine

    DeMott Discusses TE Winner Andy Leavine
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 06/17/2011 at 04:49 AM

    - WWE Tough Enough trainer Bill DeMott recently spoke with Alex Marvez of Scripps News. Here are some highlights:

    Returning for Tough Enough:
    "When I got the call from (WWE) about 'Tough Enough,' I told my wife how funny it is that the guy who got chastised for what he does and how he does it is going back to TV. I guess in some people's mind I make a good TV character, even though I don't see myself that way. When I was offered the job, I didn't think twice about taking it."

    This season's cast:
    "The premise this season is that everyone had experience from the independent (wrestling) scene. That shows you how the business has changed. Anybody who has bought a pair of boots from the Internet or been on an indy show is now a 'professional.' I don't think these kids were as hungry as they were seven years ago. The contestants were more laid-back. Some were just interested in being a reality-TV star. I tell them that they will get their 15 minutes of fame, but they won't do a thing when that's over."

    TE winner Andy Leavine:
    "He's 23 years old, he's a monster (at 6-feet-5 and 270 pounds) and you can see he's coachable. But this is not a place for someone weak. I've seen great athletes stop doing this because they couldn't take the travel or handle themselves in the locker room. Andy's wife just had a second newborn. He's going to have to man up and really prove he's worthy of the chance he was given. Everyone who wins 'Tough Enough' isn't necessarily WWE material. I'm going to go out of my way to make him understand what he did was nothing compared to what he's going to have to do now. It will be interesting to see if he continues to grow and run with the opportunity or fall short."

    An in-ring return for WWE:
    "I don't plan to make any debuts, but this is WWE. You never know when they're gonna say, 'Hey, do you want to do this?'"

    17-06-2011 om 14:08 geschreven door jefken  

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    Batista talks about his dislike of the PG WWE era

    Batista talks about his dislike of the PG WWE era
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 06/16/2011 at 10:07 PM

    Former World Heavyweight Champion Batista was a guest on's Wrestling Observer Radio this week to discuss his time with WWE, MMA, the future and lots more. Here are highlights from the excellent interview:

    * Batista said he left WWE because he felt like he didn't fit in anymore. He feels like wrestling is in a bad spot right now and has gone down hill since the whole PG direction. Batista said it leaves a bad taste in his mouth and became too unbelievable & hokey. He added that the things he learned from guys like Triple H and Ric Flair, you couldn't do anymore. He said you couldn't use your tools anymore. Batista said he felt like he became disconnected from the business and became unhappy with it. He still believes in WWE as a company but there wasn't a place for him anymore.

    * Regarding his most recent run where some felt it was the best work of his career, Batista said he knew he was leaving and basically did what he wanted to do and eventually it worked. He didn't care about pissing anyone off on the pic and just put his thoughts out there more without worrying about upsetting anyone. He said this started to work so Vince McMahon let him work with it. He recalled one promo before his last WrestleMania in San Jose, California where he let it run how he wanted to do it, ripping on several people. When he got backstage, Vince told him that he went too far with the promo and gave him a good earful.

    * The spotlight that he was using before leaving WWE was an idea that Michael Hayes came up with.

    * Regarding his departure, Batista gave WWE about 7 months notice that he wanted to finish outright. He wanted to go out the right way and give WWE plenty of notice. That 7 months ended up turning into 9 months because they needed him longer. Batista made it clear that Vince left the door wide open for him to come back. He said he enjoys having that opportunity there to go back, if he wants.

    * He had reached out to Strikeforce while with WWE and the MMA promotion expressed interest but he didn't actually sit down with them until he left WWE. His intentions were doing a MMA fight when he first left WWE. At one point he had a 3 fight deal with Strikeforce that would have him do a CBS fight, a Showtime fight and then a pay-per-view fight, all leading to a fight against Bobby Lashley. Batista cited scheduling, his movie work and financial differences, among other things, as to why the deals never worked out. They had another deal almost ready to be signed that would have sent him directly to pay-per-view to fight but his manager Cesar Gracie didn't think everything was fair. Strikeforce was bought by UFC and that was that as far as Batista fighting for Strikeforce goes.

    * Batista feels that WWE had a huge missed opportunity with Kennedy, now known as Mr. Anderson in TNA, and was shocked when he was released. He feels WWE could have done more with Ted DiBiase Jr. and knew Kofi Kingston would be a top star when he was in FCW. He also says Sheamus has potential and was one of the smart guys who hooked up with veterans like William Regal to learn more about the business. He added that Sheamus took some crap from people for hooking up with the veterans but it was worth it.

    * Regarding Mason Ryan, Batista doesn't think the Nexus star is imitating him and if he was, Batista would be flattered. Batista thinks Ryan is a great guy after meeting him in London and is curious to see where his career goes.

    * As far as his future in wrestling goes, Batista does not want to have another full-blown run but would like to return to WWE and officially retire with a small run or something like that. He is also interested in working with WWE in some other capacity. He doesn't want to be a full-time actor and doesn't think he will ever be qualified to be one. He is also looking to continue his MMA training and eventually get a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


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    UITSLAGEN TNA Impact Wrestling 16 juni
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    TNA Impact Wrestling Results 6/16/11
    By LOP
    Jun 16, 2011 - 11:16:52 PM

    Report by Stuart Carapola &

    We kick the show off with clips from Slammiversary, and also postmatch comments from Bully Ray, Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, Ken Anderson, and Sting. We then go into the Impact Zone where Ken Anderson has what looks like a combination of Dave & Busters and a strip club set up in the ring. Anderson welcomes us to the first ever Asshole Championship Reception, and none of the boys came even though he invited everyone. But that's okay because he didn't get into the business to make friends, he came here for one reason. Anderson hoists up the belt to signify what that reason is, and he doesn't need the boys, the fans, the fat guy sitting at home whose wife is about to leave them, because he only needs five people: his niece, his wife, and me, myself, and I (meaning Anderson, not me.)

    Gunner's music hits and he comes out to join Anderson in the ring. Anderson says he didn't invite Gunner, but Gunner says he seems to remember someone asking for his help to take Sting out last week and make sure he didn't go into Slammiversary at 100%. Anderson doesn't quite remember the conversation, and Gunner says he did what Anderson asked him and he thinks that Anderson now owes him. Anderson says he remembers now, and thanks him and says his services are no longer needed, and wishes him their best in all his future endeavors. Gunner says he's out here for a World Title shot, and Anderson asks if the ink's even dry yet on his contract, and there are probably a few people in the back who are in line ahead of Gunner. Anderson stops to pour himself a beer and throws it in Gunner's face. Gunner has finally had enough and gives Anderson a spinebuster through the catering table and walks off with the champion laying in the middle of the ring.

    Tonight: we begin the Bound For Glory series, which will play out between now and October when one man earns a shot at the TNA World Title.

    Sting is backstage, and he's...WALKING!

    Let's head to the ring for our first match...

    Hernandez vs Devon

    Sarita distracts the referee by trying to get into the ring, allowing Anarquia to grab Devon's foot from the floor so Hernandez can bowl him over with a shoulderblock. Devon returns the favor with a flying shoulderblock of his own followed by a flying clothesline for 2. Hernandez tries a charge in the corner, but Devon spears Hernandez out of his boots and hits a running splash in the corner. Devon gets ready to put him away, but the Pope wanders down to ringside and starts chatting it up with Devon's sons and daughter at ringside. Devon gets distracted and Hernandez rolls him up for 2, then all of Mexican America runs in and attacks Devon for the DQ.

    Winner: Devon by DQ

    Devon's family tells Pope to go help Devon, and he runs in and clears Mexican America out. Devon gets to his feet and starts yelling at Pope to stop messing with his family, and Pope gets a look on his face like “I can't believe I helped this guy.”

    Ken Anderson goes into Eric Bischoff's office and tells him that he needs to pull the leash back on Gunner, and Bischoff says they had a chance to head this problem off before it started when he invited Anderson to join Immortal months ago, but Anderson had to be his own man. Now that Bischoff has this great relationship with the Network, he decides to do what would make the Network happy and make a match between Anderson and Gunner in tonight's main event so that Anderson can take care of business on his own since that's what he wanted all along. Anderson leans right into Bischoff's face and tells him “game on.”

    Kurt Angle is backstage with his kids, and they're...WALKING!

    After the commercial break, Kurt Angle comes to the ring with a big smile on his face and says that after eight long months, he's put the Jarrett feud to rest and he's now the number one contender to the World Title. But first, he wants to explain why he put his gold medals on the line, because back in 1996 he worked his ass off, gave his best, and won an Olympic gold medal for his country. Fast forward to Slammiversary, Angle offered his gold medal because he wanted the same feeling of being focused and being his best, and he made Jeff Jarrett tap out at Slammiversary. Now he's the #1 contender and winning the World Title would mean everything to him, but he's spent the last several months working out very hard because he's going to try out for the Olympic team again in 2012, and he may be going through a midlife crisis because he's 43 and nobody's ever done this before, but he wants to represent his country one more time.

    Jeff Jarrett's music hits, and Jarrett comes stalking out of the back with an unhappy look on his face. Angle shakes his head as Jarrett gets in the ring and goes face to face with him, and Jarrett says it's not over until the founder says it's over. This whole relationship started with a handshake in a parking lot in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and it's going to end tonight in a parking lot in Orlando, Florida. There will be no Karen, no kids, no integrity, no cage matches, just the two of them one-on-one and one of them is going to be left laying flat on their back because TNA simply isn't big enough for the both of them. No matter what, Jarrett wants one last shot, and he wants to know if Angle's going to accept. Angle says Jarrett reminds him of an annoying gnat he keeps swatting away but keeps coming back, but for all the bad things Jeff Jarrett is, but the one thing he thought Jarrett had is honor for the business because it's in his blood, and he wants to know what his ancestors would think if they saw him standing in the ring after promising to end it at Slammiversary. He tells Jarrett to go home and deal with it, and Jarrett's word means nothing to him because two years ago, he looked Angle in the eye and said there was nothing going on between Karen and himself. If Jarrett gets a legal document written up in the next hour and a half that he will move to Mexico without Angle's kids, then they have a deal. Jarrett says to get the pen and paper because he's all in. Angle said he'll see Jarrett's (female reproductive organ) ass in the parking lot.

    Okay, time to tell us all about the Bound For Glory Series: Basically, the top twelve wrestlers in TNA will compete in a three months long pseudo tournament where the result of every single match they're in, against other BFGS participants or otherwise, will contribute to their overall score. At the end of three months (the September PPV, presumably), the final four will face off with the winner going on to a title shot at Bound For Glory.

    Eric Young is backstage and comes up to Matt Morgan and asks him if he's ready for his shot at the TV Title. Morgan says he's flattered, but asks if he just heard the announcement about the Bound For Glory Series. He's waited his whole life for this opportunity and tells Young to find someone else to defend the title against. Young says there isn't anybody else, because the TV Title can only be defended against TV stars, and Morgan is a TV star because he was on American Gladiators. Morgan says he can't help him, but there's a TV producer here who used to dabble in sitcoms way back in the day. Young says “Vince Russo was on Happy Days?” and Morgan says no, Young knows who he's talking about and he'd jump at the chance to make a match with him. Oh, it's always nonstop laughs when they start rolling with the inside remarks.

    We go to Mike Tenay and Taz, who tell us that the next several weeks will see a 12 man tournament featuring former X Division stars, with the winner getting an Impact Wrestling contract at Destination X.

    Destination X Tournament First Round: Austin Aries vs Kid Kash vs Jimmy Rave

    Aries gets a very loud reaction from the crowd, and he tries taunting both opponents into a test of strength until Kash and Rave get tired of the games and dump Aries to the floor. Kash and Rave exchange armdrags until Aries drags Kash to the floor and boxes his ears, drops Rave on the top rope, and hits a slingshot senton on Rave for 2. Kid Kash drags Aries to the floor and rams him into the ring apron and then tries a springboard something into the ring but Rave spears him out of midair for 2. Rave goes for Ghanarhea but Aries blocks and hits the shinbreaker/suplex combo and pendulum elbow for 2. Aries sets up for the brainbuster, Kash tries to take a run at Aries, but Aries backdrops Kash to the floor, dumps Rave out as well, and hits the Heat Seeking Missile to the floor to wipe both men out. Crowd is BIG into Aries, but Rave kills Aries with an STO to the ring apron, and then Kash hits a twisting senton off the top to the floor, wiping out both opponents. Kash sends Aries back into the ring and they trade forearms in the middle of the ring, Kash hits a release vertical suplex for 2, then Rave comes in and goes after Kash and they fight over a waistlock until Rave hits Ghanarhea. Rave goes for the cover but Aries kicks him in the head, then hits the IED and brainbuster for 3.

    Winner: Austin Aries

    Aries now advances in the tournament and is one step closer to an Impact Wrestling contract. The crowd was really into him.

    Velvet Sky and Miss Tessmacher are backstage talking about winning the Knockouts Tag Team Title and grabbing each other's asses.

    We're back in the ring and ready for our next match...

    Knockouts Tag Team Title Match: Sarita & Rosita vs Velvet Sky & Miss Tessmacher

    Referee Earl Hebner kicked Hernandez and Anarquia out of ringside before the match to make sure they didn't get involved. Sarita backs Velvet to the corner and mockingly dances at her, but Velvet came back with a big boot and a wheelbarrow bulldog. Rosita tags in and Velvet tags out to Tessmacher, who unloads on Rosita with some hard forearms. Rosita tries a handspring back elbow, but Tessmacher blocks and hits a suplex on Rosita, then tags back out to Velvet. Rosita goes to the eyes and tags out to Sarita, and Sarita gets ping-ponged back and forth between Velvet and Tessmacher with right hands, then they repeatedly ram her into the corner and Tessmacher covers for 2. Sarita pops Tessmacher up in the air, but Tessmacher hits a nice armdrag on the way down, so Sarita just rips her head off with a clothesline. Tessmacher tags to Velvet and she kills Rosita with a clothesline, Rosita tags Sarita in but Velvet takes her out with a side neckbreaker. Tessmacher comes in and hits a flapjack on Sarita, then Rosita tags in and gets laid out as well. Velvet dumps Sarita to the floor and then Velvet and Tessmacher set up for a double suplex on Rosita, but ODB pops up in the crowd and distracts Velvet while Sarita & Rosita hit a double team on Tessmacher and get the win.

    Winners: Rosita & Sarita

    Miss Tessmacher is visibly angry at Velvet for costing them the match and walks out on her, leaving her all by herself when ODB and Miss Jackie run in and beat Velvet down 2-on-1. Security tries running in but ODB and Jackie viciously destroy all of them while continuing to attack Velvet. Velvet tries to roll out of the ring and get to the back, but ODB and Jackie come after her again and try to rip her clothes off. Velvet tries to get back to her feet and go back at them, but gets dragged to the back by security.

    Jeff Jarrett is in Hulk Hogan's office signing the contract for the Hogan is laughing over how awesome Jarrett is when Sting comes in, and Hogan quickly gets serious and says he's going to honor Sting's contract and he'll get his rematch on March 14th. Sting is surprised to see that Hogan really seems to mean it, and asks if the real Hulk Hogan is back. Hogan says he doesn't get it because he's trying to make this work his way, and Sting says he remembers when Hogan came to WCW and wanted to have a positive influence and had respect for the groundwork Sting had laid before he got there, and Sting said he loved Hogan and wanted to follow in his footsteps. Sting asks Hogan if he said all that stuff about training, prayers, and vitamins just for the money, and asks if this is the legacy Hogan wants to leave behind, both for himself, the fans, and Brooke & Nick. Hogan finally loses his cool and asks Sting who he thinks he is, and Sting says he's the Stinger and he is not done, because he'll leave when he wants to leave. He shoves Hogan into his chair and asks if Hogan wants to put on a facade for everyone, then says he'll put the facade on for Hogan, and he takes facepaint and smears it all over Hogan's face while Hogan is apparently unable to resist. Sting says that Hogan has only himself to blame this time because “Terry” has a choice. This was fine until Sting and Hogan started the ridiculous overacting. They really never fail to ruin anything that starts out good.

    ODB and Miss Jackie are backstage saying that wrestling matters to them and screw Velvet Sky's (body part). Velvet runs in and goes after them, but gets beaten down and choked out again while ODB and Jackie continue to yell unbecoming things at her.

    The Mystery Cameraman asks Austin Aries about being back, and Aries says it's the perfect time for him to come back since wrestling matters now. Eric Young busts in on the promo and challenges the Mystery Cameraman, making a rare on-camera appearance, to a match. The Cameraman has no idea what's going on, so Young superkicks him and goes for a cover and makes Aries count three for him. Young says it's one of the best matches he's ever had, then lays out threats to Jason Hervey and Scott Baio.

    Time to kick off the Bound For Glory Series!

    Bound For Glory Series: Samoa Joe vs Rob Van Dam

    Joe and RVD come face to face in the middle of the ring and trade forearms and then Joe runs RVD over with a couple of shuolderblocks. RVD tries for a springboard out of the corner but Joe catches him in a waistlock and rolls him forward into a pinning combination for 2. RVD rolls out to the floor to collect himself, then gets up on the apron and tries a slingshot move into the ring, but Joe catches him and hits a belly to belly suplex for 2. Joe unloads with right hands in the corner, RVD fires back but Joe whips RVD hard into the corner. RVD dropkicks Joe's knees out from under him and hits a spinning dropkick in the corner, he tries for the monkey flip but Joe blocks and drops RVD's throat across the top rope. RVD tumbles to the outside and Joe hits a running dive through the ropes to wipe RVD out on the floor. Joe rolls RVD back in and covers for a two count, then they exchange punches in the corner. Joe reverses a whip and bull rushes RVD into the corner and drills him with a leaping enziguiri for 2. RVD gets the boot up on a charge and tries a springboard moonsault, but Joe just casually walks out of RVD's way and RVD hits the mat. Joe with a chop/kick/kneedrop combo for 2 and then runs through RVD with a back elbow for 2. Joe gets a rear crossface but RVD hits a jawbreaker and superkicks Joe in the face to lay him out flat. RVD hits Rolling Thunder for 2 and then hits the stepover leg lariat. Joe slumps into the corner and RVD charges in, but Joe plants him with the STJoe, then puts RVD up top for the Muscle Buster. RVD fights his way out so Joe goes up top and RVD knocks him backward into the ring so RVD can hit the Five Star for the win.

    Winner: Rob Van Dam

    Great match and Joe really should have won. Rob Van Dam becomes the first person to score points in the Series.

    Gunner is backstage getting stitches for some reason and says that he tried to be nice, but Anderson took advantage of his pleasant nature and now he's going to take care of Anderson because he really doesn't care about anyone at all.

    Jeff Jarrett is backstage taping up his fists, and then we're off to the ring for our main event!

    Impact Wrestling World Champion Ken Anderson vs Gunner

    Gunner overpowers Anderson right from the start and beats him down with hard forearms before firing him into the far corner. Anderson collapses to the mat and Gunner covers for 1, then Anderson bails out to the floor to take a break. Gunner goes after him and chases him back into the ring where Anderson counters a clothesline into a spinning neckbreaker for 2. Anderson rams Gunner backward into the corner a couple of times and then peppers him with right hands. Anderson goes up top for a Swanton, but Gunner moves and Anderson crashes to the mat. Gunner with a running back elbow for 2, a short clothesline for 2, and then takes him to the corner for some kneelifts. Gunner with a back suplex for 2, but Anderson gets Gunner up and hits the Finlay Roll for 2. Anderson mounts Gunner and pounds right hands into his head, then picks up Gunner's legs and stomps on his lower abdomen.

    Suddenly, Anderson reaches up for his microphone and says that whether we like it or not, still the TNA World Champion: Mr Anderson...(gets right in Gunner's face) Anderson. Suddenly, Gunner grabs him out of nowhere and hits the F5 for the upset win.

    Winner: Gunner

    Gunner smiles broadly as he has his hand raised, and Eric Bischoff comes out of the back applauding and raises Gunner's hand as he has now beaten the World Champion for the second week in a row.

    Kurt Angle is backstage, and he's...WALKING! He fights Jeff Jarrett next!

    Scott Steiner will face Bully Ray next week in the Bound For Glory Series, and Steiner cuts an awesome promo talking about how

    We head out to the parking lot where Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett will fight it out for the final time. Jarrett tosses the signed contract at Angle, and Jarrett circles Angle and feints punches at him. Jarrett tries to shoot a double leg, but Angle sprawls out and mounts Jarrett, drilling him with punches and trying for a choke. Jarrett rolls to his belly and Angle fires crossfaces across his nose and then just pummels him with punches before getting a cross armbreaker. Jarrett slips out and punches as Angle, but Angle scissors Jarrett's body and reverses on top of Jarrett. Angle throws in a leg ride and tries a choke, but Jarrett bites his arm and they go back to neutral. Jarrett tries a side headlock, but that's the worst thing you can possibly do to a real wrestler, which Angle demonstrates by picking him up and dumping him hard onto the pavement. Jarrett rams Angle into the hood of a car and the front of a truck, then yells at Angle that he's never going to leave TNA and tells Angle to go train for the Olympics or whatever he wants to do, and to just get out of his life. Jarrett rams Angle face first into the pavement and Angle is motionless. Jarrett goes to walk away, but Angle gets back to his feet and tells Jarrett that it's not over yet. Jarrett charges him again and Angle picks a double leg and dumps Jarrett HARD onto the pavement, pummels him with more punches, and hits an Angle Slam onto the hood of a truck. Angle tears his shirt off and chokes Jarrett with it. Jarrett is out and Angle leaves him in a heap on the pavement and walks off, and the last thing we see is the camera zooming on Jarrett, who rolls over and just says “adios.”


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    16th June 2011 - IW_chunk_2 door uploader811

    16th June 2011 - IW_chunk_3 door uploader811

    16th June 2011 - IW_chunk_4 door uploader811

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    E#200 Matt Presents.. A Free THS Episode, "Created By Life!"
    E#200 Matt Presents.. A Free THS Episode, "Created By Life!"

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    Rock Knocks Cena

    Dwayne Johnson's photo: Just bumped into John Cena! I was gonna knock the goofy off his ass, but I'll save that ass whuppin for Wrestlemania.

    - The Rock took a photo with Disney character Goofy while at the theme park yesterday and wrote the following about John Cena as a caption: "Just bumped into John Cena! I was gonna knock the goofy off his ass, but I'll save that ass whuppin for Wrestlemania."

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    Waarom Ryder niet op raw was

    - The fact that Zack Ryder would have some vocal fans at Monday's RAW in Long Island, New York was no secret going into the show. This was talked about internally and the decision was made to have him perform on Superstars only. People within WWE were upset that Ryder wasn't used with the feeling that he's got himself over with fans using social media and without a normal WWE push, and he wasn't even put on RAW because the company knew he would get a bigger reaction than some of the stars they push on TV.


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    Former WWE Tag Team Champion Says He's Returning to wwe

    Former WWE Tag Team Champion Says He's Returning
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 06/15/2011 at 07:32 PM

    - Former WWE star Trevor Murdoch, who had recent tryout matches with the company, says he's returning soon. Here are some highlights from an interview with

    How do you feel about returning to WWE?

    I've been doing this since I was 18 years old. So I'm at an age where when I went to WWE the first time I was 25 years old and I'm really excited that I'm still at a young enough age that I'm going to be able to go back and do some good things on TV. My [5-year-old] son is now old enough to see me and understand that daddy is on TV and he loves pro wrestling. So I'm fired up to be able to get back to working on TV again for sure.

    You recently had a tryout with WWE. How did that go?

    They went great actually. The first night I wrestled Evan Bourne. The second night I wrestled Jey Uso. My concern going back wasn't the wrestling part. It was there's a lot of new faces on the WWE roster. They're almost all new faces. And I was concerned that I was going to get back there and on one was going to know me or everyone was going to snub me a little bit. "Who's this guy?" and "he's just going to try to take our spot." But when I went back, everyone was super nice and were extremely respectful and excited to see me. It was a very welcoming experience. Not to mention that I had two really good matches.

    Do you have an indication of what WWE wants you to do when you get there?

    No, actually. I'm kind of an open book and can do whatever I gotta do to have a good time but also to put on some good matches and also focus more on the sports entertainment side rather than just the pro wrestling. When I went in the first time, I wouldn't say I was naive, but I was more focused on the just the wrestling part. Whereas, now that I'm a little bit older and I look back on it ... I'm going to focus just as much on the entertainment part as I am the wrestling part. The last time I was there, I was like, I was trained by Harley Race. The cream will rise to the top. I'm a pro wrestler. As long as I have great matches, everything will be fine. That's only one part of it.

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    Andy Discusses What's Next, His WWE Future, More

    Andy Discusses What's Next, His WWE Future, More
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 06/16/2011 at 12:08 AM

    - WWE Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine recently spoke with about winning the show, his future with WWE and more. Here are some of the highlights:

    The interview noted that before his official WWE debut match, Andy will be sent to FCW to train with Hall of Famers there.

    The slap and Stunner from Vince McMahon & Steve Austin on RAW:
    "It's important that you pay your dues to the guys who came up in this business. I guess that was my official welcome to WWE."

    Working with Dusty Rhodes and Ricky Steamboat now:
    "First in 'Tough Enough,' and now in preparation for my impending WWE career, I get the opportunity to learn from the best. Their overall influence and wisdom are the biggest advantages I have toward becoming a true force to be reckoned with."

    Moving forward in WWE:
    "I welcome all the challenges that I'm going to face. I am proud of winning 'Tough Enough.' However, now it's time to slap on the belt, tighten it up and get my WWE career rolling. I have no qualms about facing anybody in WWE. The more matches I can get, the better. That's how you become experienced. That's how you move your way up."

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    Why Wrestling Matters To Samoa Joe
    Why Wrestling Matters To Samoa Joe

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    Uitslagen wcw thunder 16 februari

    Powerplays between Commissioner Kevin Nash, Acting Commissioner Jeff Jarrett and the Executive Committee continue with SuperBrawl2000 just four days away, as Thunder rolls through Phili, PA. Terry Taylor and Jeff Jarrett in the ring, Kaz Hiashi vs. The Artist, Norman Smiley vs. The Wall, Van Hammmer vs. Tank Abbott, Team Package on the mic, The Harris Brothers vs. Billy Kidman and Vampiro, Big Vito vs. Crowbar - Street Fight, Mark Johnson vs. Mickie Jay, Fit Finlay vs. Brian Knobs w/ Jimmy Hart as Special Referee - Cast match, Hulk Hogan promo, Team Package vs. Terry Funk and Dustin Rhodes, Kevin Nash and Jeff Jarrett backstage.

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    Orton Suffers Concussion

    Orton Suffers Concussion, Might Not Wrestle Sunday
    Posted by Dave Mitchell on 06/15/2011 at 10:09 AM

    Randy Orton suffered a legitimate concussion at WWE's Smackdown house show from Madrid, Spain on Sunday. The injury occurred during the triple-threat main event match for the World Heavyweight title against Christian and Sheamus.

    Orton was asked on Twitter why he didn't wrestle on RAW, to which he responded:

    "because I was knocked out in Spain. U can't wrestle, or should i say, perform, the day after a concussion."

    In case Orton is not medically cleared to wrestle Christian at Sunday's Capitol Punishment pay-per-view, the concussion angle WWE ran on RAW will be the explanation.

    In the event that a WWE performer suffers a concussion, WWE's Wellness policy requires that hey must pass an Impact Concussion Test.


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    Ratings for Last Night's Three-Hour WWE All Stars
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 06/14/2011 at 07:02 PM

    - Last night's three-hour WWE All Stars edition of Monday Night RAW with Steve Austin as the guest General Manager scored a 3.05 cable rating over all three hours. Minus the first hour, RAW would have scored a 3.26 rating.

    This week's RAW averaged 4.49 million viewers over all three hours. The normal two hours averaged 4.83 million viewers.

    In comparison, last week's show scored a 3.21 cable rating with 4.97 million viewers.


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    WWE NXT Results (6/14/11) - Lucky Cannon Is Eliminated
    Written by Brooks Oglesby on Jun 14, 2011 - 10:50:04 PM

    WWE NXT Results - 6/14/11

    -It's elimination time, as we head into the fifteenth week of NXT Redemption! Like last week, there's a promo about the love triangle between Lucky Cannon, Maryse, and Yoshi Tatsu. It ends with Hornswoggle breaking open Maryse's purse and Maryse turning on Cannon. The opening titles roll, and commentators Todd Grisham and William Regal welcome us from Providence, Rhode Island.

    -Matt Striker and Maryse are in the ring, and they welcome the remaining NXT rookies to the ring one by one. Hornswoggle will apparently not be joining us for NXT tonight after R-Truth's assault last night on Raw. The rookies line up in the ring and Matt Striker reminds the rookies of what's at stake: a spot on NXT Season 6. With that said, it's time for the first challenge.

    Challenge #1: Talk The Talk Challenge

    -The WWE Universe will act as the judges, as usual. The rookies are to discuss who should be eliminated and why.

    -Lucky Cannon says that Titus has been riding Hornswoggle's coattails all season. He says that Titus has zero charisma and will make the company zero money. Cannon says that the show has always been about him.

    -Titus O'Neil says that Lucky Cannon stole that robe he's wearing out of his grandmother's closet. He says that he's smart, a graduate of the University of Florida, so he wants to review. Lucky has no redemption points, and he's been following Maryse around all season. Titus says that tonight, Cannon will be eliminated.

    -Conor O'Brian says Darren Young, because he had an opportunity. He main evented SummerSlam, but he blew it. He says that Conor O'Brian never would've looked back.

    -Darren Young says one thing's for sure, he won't be eliminated. He's dreamed of being a WWE Superstar for years. He wants the NXT Crown from Matt Striker and Maryse so he can move on to better things. He turns his attention to Conor and says that he's made the biggest mistake of his career. He blindsides Conor with a forearm and rushes out of the ring while Conor stares him down.

    -Lucky Cannon gets booed. Conor O'Brian get booed as well. Darren Young gets a surprising pop. Titus O'Neil gets a similar pop. There's a re-cheer, and Titus gets the louder pop and the win.

    Winner: Titus O'Neil, who wins 3 redemption points.


    -Darren Young is in the ring with his pro, Chavo Guerrero. Yoshi Tatsu's music hits and out comes Yoshi.

    Match #1: Yoshi Tatsu vs. Darren Young

    -The two lock up, and Darren takes control with a side headlock. Yoshi fights out, but Darren takes control with a headlock takedown. They lock up again, and Yoshi takes Darren down and switches to an armlock. Darren gets to his feet and whips Yoshi, but Yoshi slides through Darren's legs and applies a kneeling armbar. Yoshi continues to work the arm, driving knees into the elbow and forearm. Yoshi gets Darren to his feet, but Darren forces Yoshi into the corner. Darren whips Yoshi into another corner, but Yoshi jumps over the charging Darren, and hits an arm drag/arm bar combo. Darren gets to his feet and pushes Yoshi into the corner, but Yoshi counters, turns Darren around and hits some Flair chops in the corner. Yoshi whips Darren out and hits a short-arm clothesline. He tries for another, but Darren ducks and hits the ropes, only to get dropped by a dropkick from Yoshi. Darren rolls out of the ring and Yoshi follows. They meet on the apron, and Darren takes control with a gut kick and neckbreaker onto the apron. JTG walks down the ramp as we go to commercial.


    -JTG is now on commentary and Darren is in control with a side headlock. Darren hits a quick clothesline on Yoshi for a two-count. Darren drives his knee into Yoshi's back and yanks his head backwards. Darren picks Yoshi up onto his shoulders and drops him neck-first onto the top rope for a two-count. Darren drives some elbows onto Yoshi's head before going to a chinlock. The stream cut out here, but luckily, Yoshi was still in a chinlock when it came back. Yoshi fights to his feet and gets a quick crucifix pin attempt, which gets a two-count. Yoshi goes for a kick to the solar plexus which Darren catches, but Yoshi kicks Darren in the head with his other foot. Yoshi whips Darren and drops him with a chop, followed by a number of kicks. Yoshi hits a double knee attack in the corner and a spinning wheel kick. Yoshi then hits a shining wizard for a two-count. Yoshi climbs the top rope and Chavo gets onto the apron, distracting Yoshi. Darren grabs Yoshi's head and pulls him down, slamming him to the mat for the three-count.

    Winner: Darren Young

    -JTG runs into the ring and starts attacking Yoshi. Yoshi starts to fight back, but Darren gets involved as well, but Conor O'Brian and Vladimir Kozlov come out and clear house before any more damage can be done.


    -Maryse is backstage with Lucky Cannon. She apologizes for overreacting last week. Lucky says that it's fine, and "that troll" is going to pay for it. Maryse says that her broken purse got fixed anyways, and she used Cannon's credit card. She kisses Cannon on the cheek as he half-heartedly says "..Great."


    -Tyson Kidd's music hits and out he comes with Lucky Cannon. Cannon gets a mic and says what R-Truth did to Hornswoggle on Raw was great. He says that the only thing that would make him luckier is if he got to do the same thing to Hornswoggle when he gets back. Hornswoggle's music hits and out comes Titus O'Neil by himself.

    Match #2: Titus O'Neil vs. Lucky Cannon

    -Lucky taunts Titus, saying "Where's Hornswoggle?" Titus forces Cannon into the corner and hits some elbows and strikes. He whips Cannon hard back into the corner and hits a backbreaker on Cannon. Titus hits a scoop slam for a two-count. Cannon rolls out of the ring and Titus follows. Cannon rolls back into the ring, taking control when Titus follows. He stomps away at Titus, forcing him down in the corner. He chokes Titus on the bottom rope and then drives some knees into Titus' back before applying a modified surfboard stretch. Titus gets to his feet, but Cannon slams him back down. Titus gets to his feet again and the rookies trade strikes, but Cannon takes Titus down with a big kick for a two-count. Cannon hits a leg drop for a quick pin attempt before going back to his modified surfboard stretch. Titus gets to his feet and whips Cannon into the corner, but he bounces out and drops Titus with a clothesline. Lucky than applies a rear chinlock. He slams Titus to the ground and mocks Titus' bark taunt. Titus gets up and throws Cannon at the ropes and hits some strikes and a running shoulder block. A flying clothesline puts Cannon down again. Titus then hits a fallaway slam and a pin on Cannon, but Cannon grabs the bottom rope before 3. Cannon rolls out to the apron and snaps the back of Titus' neck onto the rope. He gets back into the ring and attempts the Lucky Break, but Titus wiggles off and Cannon walks right into the Clash of the Titus for the three-count.

    Winner: Titus O'Neil



    -The rookies are lined up at ringside. Maryse says that it's been a rough night, and it's about to get rougher, as someone's about to go home. With that said, it's time to find out who is the next rookie to be eliminated.

    -Lucky Cannon has been eliminated.

    -Cannon looked like he knew it was coming, and gets the mic. He asks if we expected us to be upset. He says that the voting was a joke, just like this show. He says that he should be on Smackdown, beating up Randy Orton. Titus O'Neil interrupts from the ring, singing "Na na na na! Na na na na! Hey hey hey! Goodbye!" and the WWE Universe joins in. Maryse interrupts Titus, saying that this was unfair and goes to stop Cannon. She says that she appreciates all the gifts that Cannon gave her, but she talked to her purse guy, and he said that her purse wasn't even worth 5 dollars. Maryse asks what he has to say for himself, but she slaps Cannon before he can talk. Cannon walks up the ramp, saying that it's still all about him to end the show.


    WWE NEXT 14 16 2011 720P PART 1 door wmvii

    WWE NEXT 14 16 2011 PART 2 door wmvii

    WWE NEXT 14 16 2011 PART 3 door wmvii

    WWE NEXT 14 16 2011 PART 4 door wmvii

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    TNA Signs a Former WWE Talent

    TNA Signs a Former WWE Talent
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 06/14/2011 at 07:45 PM

    TNA has reportedly signed second generation wrestler Dakota Darsow to a contract. Dakota is the son of former WWE star Barry Darsow, also known as The Repo Man and Smash of Demolition. Darsow was signed to a WWE developmental deal from 2008 to 2009.

    Darsow worked a dark match before the Impact tapings at the end of May, losing to independent wrestler Jesse Sorensen.

    15-06-2011 om 23:19 geschreven door jefken  

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    Why Wrestling Matters To Rob Van Dam
    Why Wrestling Matters To Rob Van Dam

    15-06-2011 om 00:00 geschreven door jefken  

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    Zack Ryder & Jericho Comment On WWE's Snub

    Zack Ryder & Jericho Comment On WWE's Snub
    Posted by Dave Mitchell on 06/14/2011 at 01:47 PM

    After WWE failed to book Long Island native Zack Ryder on Monday's episode of RAW from the Nassau Coliseum, WWE star Dolph Ziggler went on Twitter and said the company "kicked [Ryder] in the nuts."

    Former WWE star Chris Jericho is the latest person to speak out about Ryder being left off television in front of his hometown crowd. Jericho tweeted on Tuesday:

    "So LAME that WWE didn't include @ZackRyder on Raw last night. No reason not to!! Wrestling is supposed to be FUN remember? Time to riot..."

    Zack Ryder commented on the situation, but was careful not to come off as bitter .. He wrote:

    "I wasn't on Raw...(besides all the Ryder signs and chants)...but you can catch me this Thursday on WWE Superstars."

    Wade Barrett showed support for Ryder as well on Tuesday, tweeting, "WWWYKI."

    14-06-2011 om 23:44 geschreven door jefken  

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    Another Possible WWE Release
    Wes Brisco
    - This isn't confirmed but it appears that WWE has released second generation star Wes Brisco from his developmental also as he was removed from the FCW roster page yesterday. Brisco is the son of WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco.

    14-06-2011 om 23:41 geschreven door jefken  

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    Update on Ryder

    - There were lots of chants for Zack Ryder last night during RAW from his hometown in Long Island. The louder chants came during the Sheamus vs. Santino Marella match. One fan in attendance said Ryder got the third biggest reaction of the night when he came out for Superstars - right behind Steve Austin and John Cena's pops from the crowd.

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    Hogan and Bischoff pleased with Impact taping

    Hogan and Bischoff pleased with Impact taping
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 06/14/2011 at 11:17 AM

    Eric Bischoff posted the following on his Facebook page:

    "Saw some magic last night at the iMPACT tapings in Orlando. Saw a fire in certain talent that I haven't seen in YEARS! Announce team was on the money. Slowly, but surely we are going to get there!"

    Hulk Hogan also posted the following on his Twitter account:

    "Sting is really turning it up,worked with him in a situation last night and I saw something come from him I've never seen before, he's on HH"


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    What Happened After RAW Last Night with Austin
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    What Happened After RAW Last Night with Austin
    Posted by Steve Carrier on 06/14/2011 at 10:58 AM

    - Neil sent the following:

    Just got back from RAW at Nassau and it was easily the best RAW I've been to in a while. The crowd was super hot all night and loved Austin. After RAW went off the air on USA, The Miz came out to face John Cena in a Street Fight for the WWE Title.

    Sheamus, Punk, R-Truth and Miz all ended up beating Cena. Punk mocked Steve Austin and had a "beer bash" but with Diet Pepsi. Austin's music hit and he came out with Stunners for everyone. Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on Miz to win the match and send everyone home super happy.

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    Why Wrestling Matters To Scott Steiner
    Why Wrestling Matters To Scott Steiner

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    Zack Ryder talks about his YouTube show and more

    Zack Ryder talks about his YouTube show and more
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 06/13/2011 at 04:02 PM

    Zack Ryder recently spoke with Newsday, here are the highlights:

    On starting Z! True Long Island Story: "What happened was that about three months ago I was sick of just not being on TV, sick of just sitting in the background on the sidelines. So I created my opportunity. I created my own Youtube account. My parents got me a Flipcam for Christmas. And I started to make my own shows. And 16 episodes later, more than a million views, it's starting to pick up… All my days off is basically doing that show. It's thinking of things and messing around with my friends. They'll help me film stuff, like the Superstars General Manager—just things to create controversy in a funny, light hearted way… I think I had no creative output before, so they really didn't know who I was. I had a couple matches here and there, but I never really had a chance to show who I really was, my personality and show how charismatic I was. Now this show has taken off. Guys like John Cena, The Miz, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, Chris Jericho are all praising me on Twitter and stuff like that. I wrote the bonus forward to Chris Jericho's book. It's just unbelievable. I think everyone is starting to notice."

    Does He Get Heat Over The Show?: "At first, I was afraid too. I thought, 'Am I going to get in trouble?' But I'm not trying to cause any problems. I just want to get my name out there and create my own opportunity, and make some money for the company and for myself. Now they're really getting behind it. Like you said, there are signs every single week. My T-Shirts are selling out, and I'm not even on television. It's unheard of. So, I think they have to get behind it.… As far as I know, I haven't been punished. But before I started the Youtube show, I was at the bottom of the card—the bottom. How much worse of a position could I have dropped to, you know? So it had to go up. That was my mind set. I was just sick of being at the bottom, knowing I could be so much more. It was all or nothing, basically."

    On His Frustrations: "I guess I am grateful that I have a job in WWE, but that my plan my whole life. So, it's kind of expected for me. So I'm not satisfied with my spot on the card. I definitely want to move up. And that's what I'm going to do. Or at least I'm going to try my best and go out swinging. I'm not going to just sit back and say, 'Oh, I should have done that,' or 'I should have done this.' When my time comes to an end, I know I'll have no regrets… I've been under contract for five years. I've been on television for four. So that's a pretty long time. So many people come and go in four years. But I have all the time in the world. I'm only 26. I'm one of the youngest guys on the roster. I'm not going to stop until everyone in this world knows who Zack Ryder is."

    On Creating His Character: "It was way before The Jersey Shore. I was with Curt Hawkins as the Edge Heads—a long haired blonde kid. And I needed a change. I needed something different. So I just took my real personality, turned the volume way up, cut the hair, went to all the clubs on Long Island, like GLO, and fist pumped with all my broskies until I finally found who I really was, and portrayed it to the world, throwing up the 'LI' hand signal. And 'Woo-woo-woo' is taking over… I'm definitely not mocking Long Island in any way, shape or form. I love where I'm from. I love Long Island. It's supposed to be showing the world about Long Island. I'm walking out there throwing up the 'LI' hand signal. Everything's Long Island. It's showing it off. It's not mocking it in any way. So I hope no one feels that way. If they do--Oh well. I'll send them a T-Shirt.'

    On Being Trained By Mikey Whipreck At Long Island's New York Wrestling Connection: "I wanted to be a wrestler my entire life, so right out of high school I found NYWC, which is in Deer Park. And, Mikey Whipreck, from the original ECW, was the trainer. And I just learned all the basics, learned everything I needed to know. Myself, Curt Hawkins, Trent Baretta —We're all the WWE and we all came out of that school. So it's definitely a good place to learn the ropes, so to speak… (Whipreck) taught us everything from headlocks to paying your taxes. He knew everything. And he was the perfect teacher because he actually experienced it, as opposed to other people who don't know anything and are training people and are basically stealing people's money."

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    Uitslagen raw 13 juni
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    •Kane def. Alberto Del Rio by Disqualification
    •Sin Cara, Ezekiel Jackson & Daniel Bryan def. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase
    •Sheamus def. Santino Marella
    •Rey Mysterio def. Christian by Disqualification
    •R-Truth vs. John Morrison ended in a No Contest
    •U.S. Champion Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne def. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger
    •"Rowdy" Roddy Piper def. The Miz with special guest referee Alex Riley
    •Kelly Kelly, Eve, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Kaitlyn & AJ def. Divas Champion Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Maryse, Melina, Alicia Fox, Tamina & Rosa Mendes
    •CM Punk def. WWE Champion John Cena in a Non-title Match


    Raw results: Fountainhead
    By: Greg Adkins June 13, 2011
    Tags: Raw: June 13, 2011
    UNIONDALE, N.Y. - With Capitol Punishment a mere six days away, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin took the helm of the S.S. Raw and guided her through some turbulent seas.

    CM Punk def. WWE Champion John Cena in a Non-Title Match (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    R-Truth is crazy like a fox. As the No. 1 contender for the WWE Title, Truth plotted to improve his odds going into this Sunday’s Capitol Punishment, when he will face off against WWE Champion John Cena. As The Champ competed against CM Punk, he proved unrelenting in his attack. Never one to give up, Cena fought through The Second City Savior’s assault.

    And since The New Nexus was banned from ringside, The Champ probably thought he was in for a fair fight. Alas, Truth wasn’t about to let that happen, not with a mere six days until their title match at Capitol Punishment. The “Jimmy” hating jerk distracted Cena, handing Punk the opportunity he needed to overcome The Champ. Truth then snatched the WWE Title, clobbered Cena in the face with it and taunted his incapacitated adversary.

    “Stone Cold” Steve Austin announced next week will be Raw: Power to the People (WATCH)
    The Texas Rattlesnake promised that the WWE Universe will soon get to call the shots. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin announced  that next week will be Raw: Power to the People, one night that allows the WWE Universe to have their voices heard loud and clear, determining matches, stipulations and more. To put an exclamation point on his statement, The Texas Rattlesnake destroyed the anonymous GM’s laptop computer for good measure.

    Kelly Kelly, Eve, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Kaitlyn & AJ def. Divas Champion Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Maryse, Melina, Alicia Fox, Tamina & Rosa Mendes (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    For an appearance on the game show The Price is Right, Kelly Kelly and The Bella Twins recently put aside their differences. Inside the ring, however, it was time for a showcased showdown. In a 7-on-7 All Star Divas Tag Team Match, the beautiful blonde teamed with Eve, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Kaitlyn & AJ to square off against Divas Champion Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Maryse, Melina, Alicia Fox, Tamina & Rosa Mendes. And when the Divas were done and the fighting finished, it was Kelly Kelly and her teammates who had prevailed.

    “Rowdy” Roddy Piper def. The Miz with special guest referee Alex Riley (WATCH | PHOTOS: PART 1 | PART 2)
    The Miz has often been compared to “Rowdy” Roddy Piper – a comparison neither man finds particularly flattering. When the two met during an edition of Piper’s Pit, the WWE Hall of Famer made it perfectly clear he didn’t care for Miz and frustrated the usually sharp-tongued Superstar. Just then, Piper invited Miz’s former lackey Alex Riley to the show. A-Ry boasted that not only could he beat The Awesome One, he was sure “Hot Rod” still had enough to take Miz, too.

    Soon enough, Miz and Piper had wagered $5,000 on who would prevail in a match between the two. To make it official, guest Raw GM “Stone Cold” Steve Austin arranged the bout – with Riley acting as special guest referee! Proving he can be every bit as ruthless and cunning as his former boss, A-Ry leveled Miz, allowing The Rowdy One to win the match – and the money.

    U.S. Champion Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne def. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    When U.S. Champion Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne teamed up to face their respective rivals Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger, the high-altitude athletes proved quite the potent pairing. Although the Dreadlock Dynamo will defend his title against Ziggler this Sunday at Capitol Punishment, it was “Air” Bourne who rocketed to victory by pinning The All-American American.

    R-Truth vs. John Morrison ended in a No Contest (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    John Morrison suffered a preemptive strike prior to his match against R-Truth, compliments of the “Jimmy”-hating jerk. When Truth trekked back to the locker room area to find his opponent, Morrison was writhing in pain and being attended to by WWE personnel. The unbalanced Superstar as much as admitted to having waylayed JoMo before their match and then got in one last, ugly parting shot.

    “Stone Cold” Steve Austin arranged U.S. Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler
    When Vickie Guerrero insisted that guest Raw GM “Stone Cold” Steve Austin arrange a title match between her "project" Dolph Ziggler and U.S. Champion Kofi Kingston, The Texas Rattlesnake agreed, under one condition: Ziggler must dump Vickie as his consultant. After mulling it over, the athletic young Superstar agreed. “Stone Cold” then informed the two he was just kidding and had already arranged the match earlier in the day. Awk-warrrddd!

    Rey Mysterio def. Christian by Disqualification (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    Really, CM Punk? You and your cowardly New Nexus cohorts are going to ambush Rey Mysterio as he fights off Christian? Weak.

    Unfortunately for Rey, that’s precisely how things went down as the high-flyer battled Christian, even after the match had ended. When Captain Charisma was disqualified for refusing to abide the referee, he continued to punish Rey. The Master of the 619, however, fought back until Punk and his disciples ambushed him. Christian then had the audacity to hit the Killswitch on Rey, regardless. Double weak.

    World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton confronted Christian (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton will just have to wait. After a second consecutive week being attacked by a resentful Christian, The Viper goaded Captain Charisma to the ring with vengeful intent. Before he could attack, however, Raw’s anonymous GM interrupted and informed Orton that he could not allow him to compete until Sunday at Capitol Punishment due to the fact Orton had suffered a concussion during Christian’s latest attack.

    Christian’s snide smile, though, would be short-lived. Guest Raw GM, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin emerged to inform Captain Charisma he must face Rey Mysterio right then and there.

    Sheamus def. Santino Marella (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    Although Santino Marella had been triumphant as of late, even The Cobra failed to fell the Irishman. Sheamus felt the fangs sink in and even had his shoulders pinned for a two-count, but The Celtic Warrior would survive to drive out the snake. He broke free from Santino, leveled the Italian with a jaw-jangling Brough Kick and forced him to tap out.

    “Stone Cold” Steve Austin arranged R-Truth vs. John Morrison
    Pick on someone your own size! That was “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s message to R-Truth after he caught the touched Superstar tormenting Hornswoggle. As a result, the guest Raw GM arranged a match pitting Truth against John Morrison – the man taken out by the conspiracy theorist weeks ago – for later in the evening.

    Sin Cara, Ezekiel Jackson & Daniel Bryan def. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    Ezekiel Jackson may have “loosened the jar,” but it was Sin Cara who got to open it – with style, of course. The two teamed up with Daniel Bryan to take on their fellow SmackDown Superstars, Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase. With just six days before they face off in a title match at Capitol Punishment, Jackson pummeled his rival Barrett to within inches of acquiescence. But it would be the faceless flyer, Sin Cara, who would net the three-count for his squad.

    Kane def. Alberto Del Rio by Disqualification; Big Show attacked (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    If you’re going to hurt Big Show by running him over with an automobile, next time make it a Hummer. Two weeks after his assistant , Ricardo Rodgriguez, “accidentally” plowed into The World’s Largest Athlete, Alberto Del Rio faced the wrath of the freshly rehabbed Big Show.

    Del Rio had been battling Big Show’s partner, Kane, when he was disqualified for refusing to relent on a Cross Arm Breaker. Afterward, a vengeful Big Show charged the ring and clobbered The Mexican Aristocrat. Rodriguez jumped the towering terror to save his boss, who scurried from the ring as his lackey took a lashing.

    Guest GM “Stone Cold” Steve Austin confronted The Miz, arranged first match (PHOTOS)
    The Miz may be arrogant, but he isn’t ignorant. At least he proved to have a smidgen of smarts when he was confronted by Raw’s guest General Manager, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, who will oversee WWE All Star Night, a three-hour spectacle featuring Superstars from Raw and SmackDown.

    The Texas Rattlesnake told The Cleveland Screamer that he wasn’t about to apologize for nailing him with a Stunner the week prior. Rather than run his trap, Miz kept quiet for the most part, and listened as the WWE Hall of Famer informed him that he and his rival, Alex Riley, will air their differences later in the night with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper on Piper’s Pit.

    After sending Miz scurrying, “Stone Cold” was then interrupted by Alberto Del Rio. The Mexican Aristocrat poured out some hollow boasts before The Texas Rattlesnake cut him off. “Stone Cold” explained to Del Rio that he didn’t much care for him ever since one of his luxury autos “accidentally” plowed into Big Show. Therefore, The Mexican Aristocrat would be forced to face off against Big Show’s former tag partner, Kane.


    13th June 2011 - MNR - HD - Pt 1 door desiweekly

    13th June 2011 - MNR - HD - Pt 2 door desiweekly

    13th June 2011 - MNR - HD - Pt 3 door desiweekly

    13th June 2011 - MNR - HD - Pt 4 door desiweekly

    13th June 2011 - MNR - HD - Pt 5 door desiweekly

    13th June 2011 - MNR - HD - Pt 6 door desiweekly

    13th June 2011 - MNR - HD - Pt 7 door desiweekly

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    Breaking News: 2 NXT Talents Fired

    WWE released former NXT talents Michael Tarver and Jacob Novak over the weekend.

    Tarver was on the original cast of NXT, and was a founding member of the Nexus.

    Novak was on the most recent season of NXT, and had a mini-feud with William Regal before his elimination.

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    -- CM Punk retweeted the following message on his Twitter account slamming WWE's creative braintrust regarding tomorrow night's Raw:

    "Why does something tell me that even though @WWE will have @steveaustinBSR and @CMPunk under the same roof tomorrow, they'll f*** it up."

    13-06-2011 om 17:26 geschreven door jefken  

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    Update destination x

    - As noted before, the Destination X pay-per-view will feature an X Division Title match, an Ultimate X match and the return of the six-sided ring. TNA will be featuring its current X Division roster as well as bringing back stars from the past. TNA is looking at bringing back former stars such as Senshi (Low Ki/Kaval) as well as new names. The format for Destination X is being described as something like last year's Hardcore Justice pay-per-view which had an ECW theme.

    13-06-2011 om 17:22 geschreven door jefken  

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    Slammiversary 2011 is in the record books! Missed the annual event? Catch the replay on your Pay-Per-View provider (check your programming guide for availability), or watch the replay online in HD at!

    Scroll down for screengrab photos from the Pay-Per-View event

    Results from Slammiversary:

    - Beer Money retained the World Tag Team Championship when James Storm and Alex Shelley of The Motor City Machineguns defeated The British Invasion

    - "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan defeated "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

    - Abyss retained the X Division Title by defeating Kendrick and Kazarian in a Three-Way Match

    - Crimson pulled off a huge upset by defeating Samoa Joe

    - Mickie James successfully defended the Knockouts Title against Angelina Love

    - Bully Ray beat AJ Styles in a brutal and violent Last Man Standing match

    - Mr. Anderson defeat "The Icon" Sting to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, after questionable interference by Eric Bischoff! Anderson was able to hit a low blow and the Mic Check for the pin and the win to regain the gold!

    - Karen Jarrett appeared via satellite from the Jarrett Family Mansion in Nashville to discuss her husband Jeff's match against Kurt Angle. Karen accused Kurt Angle of pushing her down the stairs, causing her injuries!

    - In their FINAL BATTLE, Kurt Angle beat his longtime enemy Jeff Jarett after forcing him to tap to the Ankle Lock. Angle is the new #1 Contender to the World Title!

    TNA Slammiversary 2011 - 12/6/11 Part 2/9 (HD) door TTPPV

    TNA Slammiversary 2011 - 12/6/11 Part 1/9 (HD) door TTPPV

    TNA Slammiversary 2011 - 12/6/11 Part 3/9 (HD) door TTPPV

    TNA Slammiversary 2011 - 12/6/11 Part 4/9 (HD) door TTPPV

    TNA Slammiversary 2011 - 12/6/11 Part 5/9 (HD) door TTPPV

    TNA Slammiversary 2011 - 12/6/11 Part 6/9 (HD) door TTPPV

    TNA Slammiversary 2011 - 12/6/11 Part 7/9 (HD) door TTPPV


    TNA SLAMMIVERSARY 2011 PART10 [HD] 10/12 door GERVIX

    TNA SLAMMIVERSARY 2011 PART11 [HD] 11/12 door GERVIX

    TNA SLAMMIVERSARY 2011 PART12 [HD] 12/12 door GERVIX

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    Ik ben Boon Kenneth, en gebruik soms ook wel de schuilnaam Sting.
    Ik ben een man en woon in Dworp (Belgie) en mijn beroep is .
    Ik ben geboren op 05/06/1989 en ben nu dus 30 jaar jong.
    Mijn hobby's zijn: Worstelen en films.

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