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    6-foot-9 Diva comments on being "fired"

     6-foot-9 Diva comments on being "fired"
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 09/04/2010 at 02:16 PM

    The 6′9″ WWE Diva, Aloisia, who was scheduled to be the Rookie of Vickie Guerrero on NXT season three, before being ‘fired’ by Vickie, commented on her Twitter page:

    “Just know there is absolutely no replacing me. We all know there is just one of me in the entire world and I’ll be back.”

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    Uitslagen Smackdown 3 september
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    Christian def. Drew McIntyre
    Michelle McCool def. Kelly Kelly
    Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler def. Chris Masters
    Big Show def. CM Punk & Luke Gallows (2-on-1 Handicap Match)
    “Dashing” Cody Rhodes def. Matt Hardy

    ALBANY, N.Y. – SmackDown was hurled into darkness as World Heavyweight Champion Kane proclaimed his sinister intention to defend his title against The Undertaker at Night of Champions.

    World Heavyweight Champion Kane announced that he will end The Undertaker’s existence at Night of Champions (PHOTOS | WATCH 1 | WATCH 2)
    After Kane announced that he will put the World Heavyweight Championship on the line against The Undertaker at Night of Champions, The Big Red Monster rose out of a casket placed at ringside, sending a frightening message to his ominous brother. He claimed to be in the possession of The Phenom’s legendary powers, insisting that there was nothing The Demon of Death Valley would be able to do to stop his demise at their upcoming pay-per-view showdown.

    When The Undertaker emerged to confront Kane, his frightening younger brother disappeared. However, the self-proclaimed “devil’s favorite demon” soon reappeared on the arena screen, informing The Phenom that although they’re known as The Brothers of Destruction, after Night of Champions, The Deadman will soon simply be the brother that he destroyed. (Match preview)

    “Dashing” Cody Rhodes def. Matt Hardy (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Cody Rhodes prefaced his match with Matt Hardy by completely insulting the physical make-up of his impending opponent. Then, in the final moments of their hard-fought match, the “Dashing” Superstar dropped a knee off the second rope onto Hardy’s injured left ankle, setting up the victory with the Cross Rhodes.

    Jack Swagger hosted “MVP’s VIP Lounge” (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    After defeating MVP in the “Jack Swagger Senior Invitational” one week ago, Jack Swagger captured the right to host “MVP’s VIP Lounge” for one night. “The All-American American’s” special guest was none other than his injured father, still confined to a wheelchair.

    When MVP arrived to “close the ‘VIP Lounge’ for renovations,” Swagger opted to use his dad as a human shield, in order to prevent his ballin’ foe from getting to him. In the confusion, Swagger senior was sent flying out of the chair and into The Franchise Playa. After the younger Swagger missed his chance at a follow-up attack, The Ballin’ Superstar put the icing on the cake by dropping the big elbow on the fallen Swagger patriarch.

    Big Show def. CM Punk & Luke Gallows (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    In a 2-on-1 Handicap Match, Big Show reigned supreme by making Luke Gallows tap-out to the Colossal Clutch. After the bell, CM Punk stunned the WWE Universe by executing the GTS on the war-torn “first disciple” of his Straight Edge Society.

    Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler def. Chris Masters (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    After Dolph Ziggler utilized his amazing athletic prowess to overcome Chris Masters’ Master Lock – kicking back off the turnbuckle to send his chiseled opponent crashing down to the canvas – the champion triumphed with the Zig Zag.

    Michelle McCool def. Kelly Kelly (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Just more than two weeks before the Divas and Women’s Championships will be unified in a Lumberjills Match at Night of Champions (preview), Michelle McCool defeated Kelly Kelly with the Faithbreaker. Although the self-professed “co-Women’s Champion” gains valuable momentum heading toward the upcoming pay-per-view, it has yet to be established which member of Team Lay-Cool will face Divas Champion Melina.

    Christian def. Drew McIntyre (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Just minutes after being blindsided by McIntyre, Christian elected to shake off the effects of the onslaught and commence his scheduled match against the ruthless “Chosen One.” And at the conclusion of their extremely brutal battle, Captain Charisma triumphed, lifting his adversary off his feet, before flipping him over for the quick three-count.

    Christian interrupted Alberto Del Rio’s celebration (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    One week after viciously assaulting Rey Mysterio and fracturing his wrist, Alberto Del Rio threw himself a lavish celebration to honor his nefarious actions. Christian soon interrupted the festivities, mocking SmackDown’s newest Superstar. Just when it looked as if they would come to blows, the aristocratic Superstar told Captain Charisma that he would pay at a different time and place. As Del Rio made his exit, Drew McIntyre attacked Christian from behind, allowing Del Rio to pour champagne all over his face.

    Friday Night Smackdown 03.09.10

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    Haalt wwe Eugene Terug?

    - Apparently, there are reports circulating online indicating that World Wrestling Entertainment has re-signed former performer Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore. Those within the company have stated that the reports are untrue.

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    6-foot-9 rookie not appearing on NXT?

    It would appear that Aloisia has been pulled from appearing on the third season of NXT as the official WWE website issued a statement this afternoon indicating that the 6-foot-9 Rookie Diva was fired by her Pro, Vickie Guerrero.

    Guerrero's new Rookie Diva will be announced on the NXT season three premiere this Tuesday night on Syfy.

    Earlier today, removed all mentions of Aloisa promoting the new season of NXT, prompting speculation that she had been removed from the program.

    WWE's statement reads:

    Vickie Guerrero fires NXT Rookie Diva Aloisia
    Written: September 3, 2010

    WWE Pro Vickie Guerrero has fired her NXT season three Rookie Diva, Aloisia.

    Various sources are reporting that Guerrero, the temperamental Official Consultant of SmackDown, had an argument with her 6-foot-9 Rookie Diva over Vickie’s influence over Aloisia.

    The news has left WWE NXT season three shaken before it’s even started. But when reached for comment, Guerrero stated she would reveal her new Rookie Diva on the WWE NXT season three premiere this Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

    You can click here to see photos of her. You've got to see these. She's freakin' unreal!!

    Of course, this has 'storyline' written all over it but it's possible she may not appear on the show. We'll have an update shortly.

    04-09-2010 om 18:37 geschreven door jefken  

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    - TNA decided, after giving indy star Roderick Strong a tryout, not to offer him a contract. They felt he didn't play to the crowd enough.

    04-09-2010 om 18:28 geschreven door jefken  

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    Uitslagen TNA 2 SEPTEMBER
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    Couple pieces of news dealing with TNA was the announcement a few days ago by Dixie Carter that the company signed a big name. The person is apparently someone the fans have been asking about. Carlito? Shelton Benjamin? Mickie James? According to the guys over at The Sports Courier it's James. I was quick to shout out Carlito after a tweet by D'Angelo Dinero but Dinero quickly replied to folks that it was purely coincidence that his tweet included the word "cool".

    Earlier today, Carter tweeted that the Thursday prior to Bound for Glory the company will air a live iMPACT!. There are more changes to come as well.

    Show Starts

    A video hyping the tournament to crown the new world champion airs with soundbites from the four remaining men, Eric Bischoff, and Hulk Hogan. The show is titled "10.10.10" so they seem to be focusing on the pay-per-view in October, not this Sunday?

    In-Ring Segment

    Hogan, Bischoff, and Ms. Tessmacher heads to the ring. Hogan puts over the talent in the back. The final four competitors, who will be competing in a tag match later, are welcomed to the ring. Bischoff reiterates that the tournament was put in place to prove that the winner is truly the best in the company. Bischoff puts over RVD as a great champion. Abyss heads to the ring to bring news from "Them". Abyss knocks down the rumors that "They" are EV2.0 and Fourtune. The revelation of "They" will be at Bound for Glory. When "They" show up they will take over TNA, turning it upside down. The first thing will be getting rid of Dixie and then the systematic removal of guys including everyone in the ring. They have to go to commercial but we see Jeff Hardy deliver a couple shots to Abyss before we leave.

    Match #1: Angelina Love and Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne and Mystery Biker

    Madison Rayne and the biker ride out to the Beautiful People's music despite the announcer announcing Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. After Rayne tells the biker to take off the helmet (leaving a mask on), Love and Sky appear on the ramp.

    Ladies start fighting on the outside. Biker is sent into the guardrail by TBP. Rayne is in the ring and trapped between her former stablemates. Rayne tries to plead her case but Love and Sky want no part of it. Before Sky could hit Rayne with the tickler (weapon), the biker makes the save and the match officially starts. Love and Sky are in control of the match. Double-team suplex to Rayne. The biker uses the motorcycle helmet to hit Sky in the back and Rayne gets the pin. Love gets hit with the helmet after the match as well.

    Winner: Madison Rayne and Mystery Biker via pinfall

    The mask is taken off to reveal Tara as the biker. Mike Tenay remarks that we haven't seen her on TV since she lost to Rayne.

    Backstage Segment

    Stevie Richards speaks to the camera about his match later against Abyss. He is not afraid of the monster and he plans to use tonight to step outside the shadow of his comrades.

    Following that, we focus on Abyss and who "They" are. Kurt Angle says he thinks Abyss needs psychological help.

    We will hear from RVD next week.

    Match #2: Stevie Richards vs. Abyss

    Guys start fighting on the outside. Abyss drops Richards and then rolls him into the ring. Match officially begins. Richards jumps on Abyss in the corner and pounds away on his opponent. Richards wants the Stevie Kick but Abyss grabs hold of his foot. Corner splash by Abyss. Abyss goes to the outside and gets a chair. Ref wants to get the chair but Abyss pushes him aside. Stevie Kick and Richards gets the win.

    Winner: Stevie Richards via pinfall

    Richards' celebration is cut short as Abyss clubs him and then hits the Shock Treatment. Quick shot backstage where EV2 and Fourtune are being held apart by security. Mick Foley seems to have some ankle injury. Back to the ring, Black Hole Slam to Richards. Abyss goes for Janice but Brian Kendrick runs out and baseball slides Abyss. Kendrick grabs Richards and rushes him to the back.

    Anderson talks to the camera about saving Pope several times but Pope still not trusting him. Dinero enters and the two have some words. They tag later tonight.

    In-Ring Segment

    Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Sabu, and Foley are in the ring. Dreamer wants Ric Flair and Fourtune to come to the ring and "do this" after they wanted to fight in the back and injuring Foley. AJ Styles leads his squad out and reminds Dreamer whose house it is. Styles lets us know that Sabu faces Douglas Williams for the X Division title. Sabu has no chance of beating Williams according to Styles. Rhino doesn't stand a chance against Abyss and Styles will make Dreamer say "I quit". Dreamer says they don't have to wait until Sunday. Dreamer wants a 4-on-4 match tonight.

    Backstage Segment

    Jeff Jarrett is making his case to Samoa Joe to have his back tonight as he wrestles Sting. Joe says the one thing he has learned in this business is "to mind your own."

    Match #3: Sting w/ Kevin Nash vs. Jeff Jarrett

    Nash grabs the leg of Jarrett but the ref is unknowing. Jarrett is knocked to the outside and is stalked by Nash before rolling back in the ring. Sting gets on the offensive until Jarrett gets an opening. Jarrett starts fighting both men on the outside but Sting gets his window of opportunity. Short-arm clothesline by Sting on the ramp. Jarrett is brought back to the ring but Sting isn't moving fast enough and Jarrett is able to take hold of Sting's head and slam it into the turnbuckles. An attempt to suplex Sting into the ring is thwarted by Nash who grabs Jarrett's leg again.

    Winner: Sting via pinfall

    Sting and Nash return to double teaming Jarrett until Hogan's music hits. Sting is on the outside taunting Hogan but Nash doesn't see Samoa Joe sneak into the ring. Joe tackles Nash. Sting tells Joe he's in the wrong place. Joe calls him a coward as Sting backs away.

    In-Ring Segment

    London Brawling (Desmond Wolfe and Magnus) with Chelsea are planning on taking the belts off the "boys" and bringing them to the men. This brings out the Motor City Machine Guns. Alex Shelley gets the crowd to prove who they feel is the best tag team. Chris Sabin reiterates that they are the greatest tag team in the universe while the only tag teaming London Brawling does is to each other. We get some hilarious banter from both teams. Brawling wants to prove that they aren't gay while the Guns make jokes about Chelsea. Wolfe wants Chelsea to tell everyone he rocks her world and he's the biggest thing this side of the pond. Chelsea says that if there was a swordfight in the ring Wolfe would fall a little short. Wolfe is irate but then he and Magnus attack the Guns.

    Backstage Segment

    Backstage, Dreamer is saying that the team is dropping like flies. Kendrick comes in and wants to offer his services to the group. Dreamer doesn't want Kendrick to get involved but Kendrick wants to take Foley's place. Foley says that Kendrick is out of his mind and he's perfect for the group.

    Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle talking about their match tonight and at the pay-per-view. Hardy says that Angle could possibly lose and have his career ended on Sunday. Angle doesn't plan on losing then or tonight. Hardy needs to focus on tonight or injuries can occur.

    Match #4: AJ Styles, Kazarian, and Beer Money vs. Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Sabu, and Brian Kendrick

    This is an elimination match. Rhino and James Storm start. They exchange blows until Kazarian is tagged in. Kazarian gives Rhino some punches but then runs into a dropkick. Nice swinging DDT by Sabu to Kaz. Douglas Williams grabs the foot of Sabu as Sabu tried to spring off the ropes. Kazarian rolls up Sabu for the pin. Sabu is eliminated. Sabu is incredulous. He punches Kazarian and dives on Williams. They fight to the back.

    Kendrick is battling with Kazarian. Kendrick tries a springboard crossbody but Kendrick lands on the knee of Kaz. Running knee to the midsection from Robert Roode to Kendrick. Kendrick connects with a dropkick to Kazarian. Kazarian is eliminated. Kendrick is going "crazy" by attacking Styles and blatantly choking him in front of the ref. The ref pulls him off twice and then Kendrick hits the ref with a dropkick. The ref is knocked out of the ring and the men all begin to fight. Commercials.

    After the break it is revealed that Kendrick was disqualified by the new referee. (Announcers mention Nash and Sting vs. Jarrett and Joe on Sunday) Dreamer is able to hit a bad-looking spinebuster on Roode. Rhino gets tagged in and he lays out Storm, Roode, and Styles. Storm tries to get a shot in but Rhino stops him and hits a belly-to-belly. GORE on Storm. Roode breaks up the pin. Roode gets leveled by Rhino. Rhino wants to Gore Roode but Abyss appears at ringside. Rhino and Abyss battle out of view and Rhino is eliminated. Dreamer is all by himself against the three men. Dreamer is able to deliver a DDT to Roode just as Styles flies for a forearm. Styles misses Dreamer and Dreamer pins Roode. Roode is eliminated.

    Dreamer throws AJ out of the ring. Storm is rolled up by Dreamer. Storm is eliminated. Dreamer and Styles are left. Styles is locked in a crossface but he gets to the ropes. Dropkick from Styles. Cross armbreaker by Styles but Tommy gets to the ropes. Styles goes to the top rope but Dreamer is able to stop him and hit a superplex. Dreamer is going for the figure four. Foley goes after Flair. Matt Morgan tries to get into the ring but Dreamer gets him caught up on the top rope. Thumb to the eye from Styles followed by the Pele kick.

    Winner: Fourtune

    Main Event: Mr. Anderson and "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero vs. Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle

    Pope and Anderson have a brief argument and Angle capitalizes. Hardy uses the back of Angle to springboard and collides into Dinero. Pope tags in Anderson. Anderson is knocked down by Hardy. Pope tries to get in but Hardy kicks him down. Hardy gets back to Anderson before Pope can tag himself in. Dinero gets to attack Hardy and tags in Anderson who gets some shots in on Hardy. Angle is dying to get the tag from Jeff. Twist of Fate from Hardy. Angle is tagged in but so is Anderson. German suplex to Anderson from Angle and then Angle Slam to Pope. Anderson breaks up the pin. Hardy goes up for the Whisper in the Wind but Anderson moves out of the way and Angle is knocked down. Anderson hits Angle with the Mic Check. Pope covers Angle.

    Winner: Mr. Anderson and D'Angelo Dinero

    Anderson and Pope get into after the match. Pope tackles Anderson out of the ring. Angle and Hardy begin fighting in the ring. All four guys are fighting on the outside as we end the show.


    TNA Impact 02.09.10

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    Uitslagen wwe superstars 2 september
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    Ted DiBiase def. Goldust
    Santino Marella def. Jimmy Uso
    Kofi Kingston def. Chavo Guerrero

    Don’t know where to catch “WWE Superstars”? Find WGN America in your area. Can't see “WWE Superstars” on WGN America in your area? Stay with for full results, photos and video clips of all the action.

    Kofi Kingston def. Chavo Guerrero (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    For a few weeks, it looked as though Chavo Guerrero may have turned things around. The self-proclaimed “Mexican Warrior” was riding a wave of success after scoring consecutive victories over Chris Masters and JTG on “WWE Superstars,” but all things must pass. For Guerrero, that happened tonight as the explosive Kofi Kingston dropped the boom on the cagey veteran. You’ll get ’em next time, Chavo.

    Santino Marella def. Jimmy Uso (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Everyone in the WWE Universe knows Santino Marella is hilarious, but who knew he was so irresistible to women? His surprising sex appeal was on full display tonight as Jimmy Uso’s manager, Tamina, couldn’t help but lust after the Italian Superstar. This wild attraction kept the Diva distracted and helped Santino dispose of the tag team specialist in short order.

    Ted DiBiase def. Goldust (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Who says money can’t buy happiness? Certainly not Ted DiBiase, who walked to ring tonight with the Million Dollar Championship around his waist, the gorgeous Maryse on his arm and a look of determination in his eye. Although the “Fortunate Son” was going up against the veteran Goldust, he showed no bit of intimidation before locking up with The Bizarre One. And with Maryse keeping Goldust distracted from ringside, it wasn’t long before DiBiase hit Dream Street to cash in another rich victory.

    WWE Superstars 02.09.10

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    Matt Hardy Complains On Twitter

    Matt Hardy posted the following on his Twitter account today:

    "Gotta state this. I'm sick & tired of being 'hurt', being misused, & not being shown the respect that I've earned-something has to change."

    SPOILER ALERT: You should see the segment this week on SmackDown!. Cody Rhodes trashed the hell out of him in a promo before the match and then defeated him clean. Rhodes called him ugly, fat, out of shape, etc etc. I was there live and it was pretty brutal. It also seemed to me like it was a way to send a message but that's just my opinion.

    Anyways, expect Hardy to talk about working the dirt sheets in a few minutes. Yup.

    04-09-2010 om 18:04 geschreven door jefken  

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    Breaking News - TNA 'iMPACT!' To Go Live In October

    TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter announced on her Twitter account this afternoon that iMPACT! will be held live on Thursday, October 7.

    "TNA iMPACT! is going LIVE on 10/7. Remember my tweet about how TNA is going to change forever? Stay tuned," Carter wrote.

    As you can see, she did not indicate whether iMPACT! will be live on a permanent basis.

    04-09-2010 om 18:01 geschreven door jefken  

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    Gaat Mickie James naar TNA?

    Update on Mickie James and TNA Wrestling
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 09/01/2010 at 06:22 PM

    TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter announced the signing of a new talent on her Twitter account on Monday, noting the individual as someone people 'have been asking about'. Many names have been speculated, however, one person that can be ruled out is former WWE Diva Mickie James.

    James' manager Mary Michael released the following statement to dismissing rumors that her client has signed with TNA Wrestling: "To lay the rumors to rest, as of yet I can confirm that Mickie James has not signed a deal with TNA."

    02-09-2010 om 13:35 geschreven door jefken  

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    Latest news on the EV 2.0 stable

    Latest news on the EV 2.0 stable
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 09/01/2010 at 05:32 PM


    Brian Kendrick is now a member of the EV 2.0 stable in TNA. It was originally believed he was the replacement for The Sandman, who missed the recent tapings, but word is that Kendrick was already planned to be added to the stable.

    It appears The Sandman is done with TNA but Tommy Dreamer was trying to get officials to give him a second chance.

    Sandman was originally booked to face Abyss at the No Surrender PPV but the match was changed when he no-showed. It will now be Abyss vs. Rhino in the Falls Count Anywhere match.

    Believe it or not, it’s said that Kendrick will be doing part of the role originally planned for Mick Foley. It’s likely that Foley is resting up for something big at Bound For Glory.

    02-09-2010 om 13:33 geschreven door jefken  

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    Report: Jeff Jarrett marries Karen Angle

    Report: Jeff Jarrett marries Karen Angle
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 09/01/2010 at 03:55 PM is reporting that according to someone with access to Karen Angle's Facebook page, apparently the former wife of Kurt Angle has indeed married TNA star Jeff Jarrett. The wedding took place sometime in the past month, and Karen has changed her Twitter name to Karen Jarrett.

    02-09-2010 om 13:27 geschreven door jefken  

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    Is Carlito the latest TNA signing?

    Is Carlito the latest TNA signing?
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 08/30/2010 at 08:12 PM

    TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter announced this afternoon on Twitter the signing of a performer to a new talent contract. Shortly thereafter, “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero commented the following on the social networking site:

    “Just heard the news. Now THAT….That’s Cool!”

    He then added:

    "Whoa! Just got the "News" of Pope's earlier news. That was purely coincidental. For The Record, Pope has NO CLUE as to who was signed. ~ PHS"

    02-09-2010 om 13:23 geschreven door jefken  

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    Uitslagen wwe nxt 31 augustus
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    Alex Riley def. Michael McGillicutty and Kaval

    ALBANY, N.Y. – The WWE Universe and the WWE Pros have crowned its newest Superstar! NXT Rookie Kaval has won season two of WWE NXT and is WWE’s next breakout star. (WATCH: Season two recap)

    Kaval wins WWE NXT (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    The final NXT Poll results were revealed, and Kaval is the winner of season two of WWE NXT! The in-ring warrior, who has been wowing the WWE Universe with his impressive arsenal of martial arts-inspired moves all season long, earns a match against the champion of his choice at a future WWE pay-per-view.

    Kaval’s celebration with his very proud WWE Pros, Lay-Cool, was cut short, though, when the seven eliminated NXT Rookies – including runner up Michael McGillicutty (WATCH) – went on the attack. The assault by his fellow season two NXT Rookies left the WWE Universe and the WWE Pros stunned.

    The final faceoff (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    The final two NXT Rookies came face-to-face one last time before the final NXT Poll results were revealed. Kaval and Michael McGillicutty each explained to the WWE Universe and the WWE Pros why he should be WWE’s next breakout star and the winner of season two of WWE NXT.

    Alex Riley is eliminated (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    After the WWE Universe’s votes were combined with those of the WWE Pros, the NXT Poll results were revealed and despite his win earlier, Alex Riley was the latest NXT Rookie to be eliminated. (WATCH: The eliminated NXT Rookies discuss the final three)

    Alex Riley def. Michael McGillicutty and Kaval (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    The final three NXT Rookies put their in-ring skills to a final test in a Triple Threat Match. Alex Riley stole a win from Kaval in the season finale, pinning McGillicutty. Riley increased his final NXT Rookie record to 5-4, while McGillicutty’s dropped to 6-4, and Kaval’s finished at 3-6.

    The eliminated NXT Rookies return (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    The WWE Pros and all eight season two NXT Rookies returned for the season two finale Tuesday night. Hoping to make a last-minute impact on the WWE Pros’ vote, Alex Riley joined his WWE Pro, The Miz, in a verbal assault on fellow NXT Rookies Kaval and Michael McGillcutty.

    By the end of the evening, two of the final three NXT Rookies will have persevered the entire season, only to lose the competition in a double elimination, while one will become WWE’s next breakout star. The winning NXT Rookie will earn a pay-per-view match against the champion of his choice.

    Season three premieres next week (PHOTOS | WATCH: PART 1 | PART 2)
    An all-new season of WWE NXT premieres next week on Syfy! Season three of WWE NXT will feature six NXT Rookie Divas paired with WWE Superstar and Diva Pros.

    WWE Next Generation S02E13 (Season Finale)

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    Even more details on the NXT Season 3 Divas
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    Even more details on the NXT Season 3 Divas
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 09/01/2010 at 12:23 AM

    Thanks to Nuke Graham for the following:

    Here’s the rundown on all of the NXT season 3 rookies!

    AJ Lee (April Jeanette) – This New Jersey native is the current “Queen Of FCW” and girlfriend of TNA’s Jay Lethal. She has a balanced ground an areal attack… Don’t let her size fool you. She was a co-holder of the WSU tag title under the name “Miss April”.

    Alouisa – Miami based indy worker who had been working as “Isis The Amazon”. She is a legit 6′9″ and is the only season 3 rookie who has not yet worked a match in developmental.

    Jamie Keyes (Brittany Beede) – The Sarasota, FL based model appeared on TNA’s Final Resolution 2009 accompanying Kevin Nash using the name “Brittany”. She’s spent most of her time in developmental as FCW’s ring announcer as well as being the ring announcer for NXT season 2. Jamie may be the least experienced in the ring, but could be in the running for most charismatic.

    Aksana (Zivile Raudoniene) – Former Lithuanian fitness model and bodybuilder turned wrestler. Though a bit green in the ring, she has a strong personality that she can build upon.

    Naomi Night (Trinity McCray) – This former Orlando Magic cheerleader has all the qualities to go far as a WWE Diva. She is the current FCW Divas champion, defeating former Smackdown star Serena to be the first to wear this belt.

    Maxine (Karlee Perez) – In developmental, she has been working under the name “Liviana”. Maxine is a Tampa model turned wrestler who is so strong on the mic, she was recently appointed the on camera GM of FCW.

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    Details on the NXT Season 3 Divas
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    Details on the NXT Season 3 Divas
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 08/31/2010 at 11:38 PM

    Below is the official line-up of Rookies and Pros for season 3 of WWE NXT on SyFy. season 3 will premiere next Tuesday night and will be all Divas, with the exception of Goldust and Primo.

    * Kelly Kelly and Naomi Night, current FCW Divas Champion. Formerly known as Trinity McCray, she used to dance for the NBA’s Orlando Magic.

    * Alicia Fox and Maxine, formerly known as Liviana.

    * Goldust and Aksana, a professional bodybuilder, model and actress from Lithuania.

    * The Bella Twins and Jamie Keyes. Jamie has been acting as the WWE NXT announcer and is a model from the Florida area.

    * Primo Colon and AJ Lee, current Queen of FCW. WWE officials have been high on AJ for some time now. She has been working on the indies since 2007.

    * Vickie Guerrero and Aloisia. Aloisia is 6 foot 9 inches and is formerly known as Isis The Amazon.


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    WWE planning to unify the WWE and World titles?

    WWE planning to unify the WWE and World titles?
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 08/31/2010 at 12:58 PM


    WWE will be holding a Unification match for the Divas and Women’s Titles at Night of Champions. The talk Monday was that WWE is planning to unify all the titles in the next year and have one World Title, one Tag Team Title, one Intercontinental/US Title and one Women’s Title. The idea would be to do the WWE and World Title Unification match at Wrestlemania 27.


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    - Regarding a Team 3D return to WWE, it's said that the chances of them coming back are slim because a lot of people, mainly John Laurinaitis, do not like Brother Ray. Most people like Devon but not enough to bring Bubba in and deal with what they perceive to be all of his baggage. With that said, a return isn't totally out of the question.

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    The latest on Chris Jericho's status with WWE
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 08/31/2010 at 12:05 PM


    As seen on RAW last night, Chris Jericho said that he was finished with WWE if he did not win the WWE Title at Night of Champions. It’s no secret that Jericho’s contract expires soon and there has been talk of him leaving. It’s not known yet what the plan for Night of Champions is but apparently Jericho had not re-signed with WWE as of a week ago. That doesn’t mean that he hasn’t re-signed already or isn’t planning on re-signing. It’s said that if he does stick around with the company, Jericho wants more time off to tour with Fozzy and spend time with family.

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    WWE Signs Star from AAA?

    WWE Signs Star from AAA?

    - AAA's Dorian Roldan said on Twitter that AAA star Alex Koslov will finish the rest of this year with the promotion and start with WWE's FCW developmental territory in WWE. Koslov is the man who wrestled Alberto Del Rio on last Friday's SmackDown. Apparently WWE has been interested in him for some time. Dorian noted that Koslov's recent tryout with WWE went well.

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    WWE Signs a 6 Foot 9 Inch Diva

    WWE Signs a 6 Foot 9 Inch Diva

    - There are rumors that WWE has signed or is close to signing female independent wrestler Isis The Amazon to a developmental deal. Isis is 6 foot 9 inches and besides indy wrestling, has done some modeling and acting work. Isis also has participated in a week-long evaluation at WWE's FCW developmental territory.

    Isis has been in attendance at as many as two WWE developmental shows this month. A fan in attendance at this week's show in Fort Myers, Florida says Isis had to ask FCW officials if it was okay to take photos with fans. To put Isis into perspective, she is just a few inches shorter than Big Show.


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    Luna Vachon police report: Drugs found

    Luna Vachon police report: Drugs found
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 08/30/2010 at 03:10 PM has published the police report from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office regarding former WWE performer Luna Vachon’s death. Among the details revealed in the report include:

    * Authorities found a box containing Oxycodone in Luna’s kitchen. It was found near a pile of “blue, chalky debris next to a small straw.”

    * There were “multiple prescription bottles and miscellaneous unsecured pills” in a bedroom.

    * Also found was another small plate that contained more pill residue and another straw.

    An autopsy was performed on Luna Vachon’s body over the weekend and the official cause of death will be released when the results are in for the toxicology exam that was performed during the autopsy.

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    Fans brawl over John Cena t-shirt

    Fans brawl over John Cena t-shirt
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 08/29/2010 at 11:47 PM


    A brawl broke out amongst fans at today’s RAW live event in Newark, New Jersey over a T-shirt John Cena had thrown to the crowd just before his Steel Cage Match with Sheamus.

    According to a fan who witnessed the incident, the melee lasted approximately 15 minutes before Prudential Center staff broken it up. The correspondent also noted that over 10 people were ejected from the arena and some children were hurt during the brawl.

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    Uitslagen RAW 30 augustus
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    United States Champion The Miz & Alex Riley def. Daniel Bryan & Kaval and Kofi Kingston & Michael McGilligicutty in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match
    Divas Champion Melina & Eve def. self-proclaimed "Co-Women's Champions" Layla & Michelle McCool
    R-Truth & John Morrison vs. Drew McIntyre & "Dashing" Cody Rhodes ended in a Double Disqualification
    The Undertaker vs. Bret Hart ended in a No Contest
    Jack Swagger def. Evan Bourne
    The Nexus def. WWE Champion Sheamus, John Cena, Edge, Chris Jericho & Randy Orton in a 5-on-5 Tag Team Elimination Match

    BOSTON – In this historic city, nearly 240 years ago, a group of men rebelled against the tyranny of the English establishment. Those American colonists would eventually go on to overcome their British oppressors. During Raw’s 900th episode celebration, however, it would be the Englishman who would prevail in the end.


    The Nexus def. WWE Champion Sheamus, John Cena, Edge, Chris Jericho & Randy Orton in a 5-on-5 Tag Team Elimination Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Timing really is everything. At the conclusion of the night’s main event, The Nexus’ leader Wade Barrett proved that as he stood as proud and tall as London’s Big Ben.

    Earlier in the evening, the Englishman was in the right place at the right time as he punished The Undertaker with a devastating slam to the canvas. At night’s end, he – along with his Nexus cohorts – emerged victorious in a 5-on-5 Tag Team Elimination Match against WWE Champion Sheamus, John Cena, Edge, Chris Jericho & Randy Orton.

    Almost immediately, Jericho and Edge ditched their team. At a distinct disadvantage, The Celtic Warrior finally relented and was pinned by Heath Slater. Next up, Cena found himself in trouble against the overwhelming odds and eventually succumbed to the 450° Splash of Justin Gabriel.

    Barrett’s fortuitous evening concluded, though, when Orton faced a 3-on-1 scenario. Although Orton has proven a staunch and worthy adversary of The Nexus and managed to eliminate Gabriel and Michael Tarver, he nonetheless was unable to overcome Barrett’s offense in a gutting defeat.

    Owing to their mutual distrust of one another, the team of former world champions appeared to implode from lack of teamwork. Not surprising, perhaps, given the fact that they will be competing for the WWE Title at Night of Champions in three weeks. In the opening salvo for the coveted title, however, it appears Barrett has fired off one jolly good shot.

    Big Show confronted The Straight Edge Society (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    CM Punk got his televangelist on again, much to the dismay of the WWE Universe. The preachy Superstar, along with his disciple Luke Gallows, railed against Monday Night Raw and its 900 episodes, blaming the show for everything short of locusts and floods.

    While Punk spat ire and brimstone, Big Show descended to the ring like an avenging angel. The World’s Largest Athlete not only silenced Punk, he slapped him across the chest with his meaty paw. As the S.E.S. high priest high-tailed it out of the ring and looked on, Show punished his brainwashed devotee, Gallows.

    Jack Swagger def. Evan Bourne (PHOTOS | WATCH: Part 1 | Part 2)
    Jack Swagger proclaimed himself a “conquering hero” for returning to Raw as a former World Champion. Fair enough. But now, it was time to back up the boasts by facing Evan Bourne. In the battle of height versus flight, “The All-American American” toppled his feisty foe as SmackDown newcomer Alberto Del Rio observed from the comfort of his sleek Bentley automobile.

    After the match, the suave Del Rio recounted his physical onslaught of Rey Mysterio on SmackDown before undertaking a similar beatdown of Bourne. Mercifully, Mark Henry wasn’t about to let it go down like that. The World’s Strongest Man saved the high-flyer and chased “rico suave” back up the ramp.

    The Undertaker vs. Bret Hart ended in a No Contest; World Heavyweight Champion Kane and The Nexus attacked The Deadman (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Earlier in the evening, Wade Barrett promised to do something unforgettable during Raw’s 900th episode celebration. Consider that a promise kept.

    As The Undertaker prepared for his battle against Bret Hart, Barrett complained that he deserved the bout. When he tried to prove himself, however, The Deadman summarily dispensed of him.

    Then, the arena suddenly darkened. When light was restored, Kane mysteriously stood where The “Hit Man” had been just moments earlier. The two brothers of destruction circled one another before The Phenom swiftly latched onto Kane’s neck. And just a quickly, the arena lights dimmed again. When they brightened this time, The Big Red Monster had vanished. A new plague, however, would take his place.

    The Nexus, minus behemoth Skip Sheffield, who suffered a severe ankle injury a week ago, crept toward the ring and surrounded The Deadman. The five proceeded to attack their prey to no avail when the lights cut off and on for a third time. While Kane stood atop the stage and looked on with maniacal glee, The Nexus had somehow emerged in control. Barrett slammed Undertaker to the canvas just before Justin Gabriel nailed the hapless Deadman with a crushing 450° Splash. The Phenom attempted to sit up, but he simply could not summon the strength.

    R-Truth & John Morrison vs. Drew McIntyre & “Dashing” Cody Rhodes ended in a Double Disqualification (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    With an opportunity to face WWE Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty at Night of Champions, the tag team affair was heated – perhaps overly so. R-Truth & John Morrison faced off against Drew McIntyre & “Dashing” Cody Rhodes to determine the No. 1 contenders to the new bronze titles. With four speedy Superstars in the ring, the action proved frenzied. In the end, however, both teams’ overzealous approach resulted in a double disqualification, meaning that the No. 1 contenders’ position remains unfilled.

    Divas Champion Melina & Eve def. “Co-Women’s Champions” Layla & Michelle McCool; Championship Unification Lumberjack Match arranged for Night of Champions (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Oh, it is so on! After weeks of self-professed “Co-Women’s Champions” Layla & Michelle McCool taunting Divas Champion Melina, it’s time to put up or shut up. After Melina and her partner, Eve, defeated Lay-Cool in a Divas Tag Team Match, the real-life “mean girls” made Melina an offer she couldn’t refuse: One of them will face her at Night of Champions, and the winner will unify the Divas and Women’s Championships.

    The lovely Latina agreed – on one condition. To ensure the match would be clean, she insisted that all of her fellow Divas be allowed to surround the ring in a Lumberjack Match. Reluctantly, Lay-Cool agreed before storming off in a high school huff.

    U.S. Champion The Miz & Alex Riley def. Daniel Bryan & Kaval and Kofi Kingston & Michael McGillicutty in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Perform or perish. That might as well have been the ultimatum given the triumvirate of season two NXT Rookies. Just one night before the WWE NXT season finale, the three remaining men teamed up with WWE Pros and Daniel Bryan in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match.

    With gallons of bad blood pumping between the three teams, the match featured United States Champion The Miz & Alex Riley against Daniel Bryan & Kaval, plus Kofi Kingston & Michael McGillicutty. In the end, it was the U.S. Champ and Mr. Money in the Bank who finally pinned the diminutive dynamo, Kaval, to secure the win for his team. After the match, Daniel Bryan booted Riley onto the arena floor, prompting Miz to bash his rival over the head with his Money in the Bank briefcase.

    World Heavyweight Champion Kane confronted Bret Hart; Raw GM arranged Hart vs. The Undertaker (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Kane’s descent into madness continues. When Bret Hart merely mentioned his brother, The Undertaker, during Raw’s special 900th episode celebration, The Big Red Monster was thrown into a fit of paranoia. The World Heavyweight Champion interrupted the WWE Hall of Famer, threatening to take out the icon.

    Before Kane could act, though, The Hart Dynasty rushed in to intervene. While David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd slowed The Big Red Monster, they could hardly stop him. After disposing of the two, Kane continued to terrorize The “Hit Man.” He seemed on the verge of chokeslamming Hart when the arena lights cut and a familiar – and familial – gong sounded.

    Kane’s brother, The Undertaker, suddenly appeared to confront him. Rather than challenge The Deadman, the World Heavyweight Champion chose instead to bide his time, departing the ring. As Undertaker turned to face Hart, Raw’s anonymous General Manager chimed in via computer to decree that, in order to honor the historic occasion, he was arranging a match for later in the evening that hadn’t been seen on Raw in 13 years, a match pitting The Deadman against The Excellence of Execution!

    Monday Night Raw - Raw 900th Episode Special 30.08.10

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    Randy Orton injured following WWE live event

    Randy Orton injured following WWE live event
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 08/29/2010 at 11:46 PM


    Randy Orton was dealing with a sore neck and shoulder following last night’s RAW live event in Wildwood, New Jersey, where he faced Sheamus in a Lumberjack Match with Nexus. He was therefore placed in a Six-Man Tag Team Match at today’s RAW live event in Newark, New Jersey so he could have a lighter workload.

    The advertised main event was a Steel Cage Match between Orton and Sheamus, while John Cena was scheduled for a Six-Man Tag Team Match against Nexus. An angle was conducted at the beginning of the show where Sheamus attacked Cena and Nexus attacked Chris Jericho, leading Orton and Daniel Bryan to perform a run-in.

    Orton sparingly wrestled during the match and did not perform the RKO. He did, however, strike Michael Tarver with a punt to the head in the aftermath of the bout.

    Orton’s injury is not immediately being considered serious, but he will likely have it checked out tomorrow.

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    Update schorsing Tiffany

    Update on Tiffany's suspension from WWE
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 08/29/2010 at 09:37 PM

    Speaking to the Scottish Daily Record, WWE confirmed that Tiffany has been pulled from the road in the wake of her arrest.
    Tiffany was arrested earlier this month following a domestic incident with husband and fellow WWE performer Drew McIntyre, and a WWE spokesperson told the Scottish outlet that the Diva, real name Taryn Terrell, will be off the road while the situation is investigated.

    “Taryn has been kept off the shows to give the authorities the required time to investigate,” said the spokesperson. “The bosses see it primarily as a personal issue, but they have to keep a close eye on the legal proceedings.”

    Confirming what was reported earlier, WWE’s current stance is that if Tiffany manages to escape any charges, she will likely be welcomed back into the fold.

    The spokesperson clarified, “If she is not charged with any wrongdoing, she will be welcomed back.”

    Husband Drew McIntyre had previously told the media that he believes the situation was a misunderstanding.

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    Vince spreekt over cena's talent

    Vince McMahon comments on John Cena's talent
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 08/29/2010 at 12:52 PM

    In at interview with The Boston Herald, Vince McMahon talks about John Cena's rise to the top in WWE.

    "You have to start with the quality of the human being,” McMahon said. "John is an extraordinary human being; he’s honest, he’s loyal.

    "He’s full of himself, too,” McMahon added with a laugh. "But he’s like a throwback to the type of individual it’s difficult find these days, someone with old-fashioned values. In addition to that, he’s a Neanderthal when it comes to strength. No matter how good you are as a human being, you need talent. You could tell that John had talent - very raw talent, mind you."

    Vince also recalled holding a meeting with the locker room in which he stated that he was looking for someone who was ready to reach for the brass ring. "Step on people on the way over if you have to," McMahon recalled saying.

    "Apologize later. I’m looking for someone with courage that wants to break out and be ballsy enough to take on the responsibility of being the top guy. At the end of the meeting, someone came over and said, ‘I’m your man,’ and that was John."

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    Oorlog Tussen Laycool en The Beautifull People

    War of words between Laycool and Beautiful People
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 08/29/2010 at 04:13 AM

    This week’s episode of TNA Wrestling’s new behind-the-scenes program Reaction saw the recently reunited pairing of Angelina Love and Velvet Sky slam those who have attempted to imitate The Beautful People stable over the years.

    Love charged during the pseudo-shoot program, “We created a group that has been like no other for women in professional wrestling. People have tried to be like this. People wanted to join us. No can do.”

    Sky added, “And for all you wannabe Beautiful People girls out there… you know exactly who I’m talking about, get a life. You will never be us.”

    Angelina then cryptically noted, “And you’re not cool by the way. You’re not cool.”

    Some have interpreted their message as a thinly veiled potshot towards WWE Diva alliance Laycool — Michelle McCool and Women’s Champion Layla. Both have directed similar remarks towards rival performers in the past, with Love recently stating the following on her Facebook account while watching television: “So this is what I get for quickly flipping thru the channels on a friday night……a blonde & a brunette blatantly ripping something off……..BRUTAL!!!”

    Apparently in response to the TNA Knockouts’ most recent remarks, Layla said the following on Twitter yesterday:

    “Living the dream & so blessed!!

    1 thing I know when u r attacked u have 2 decide if it’s worth the time & effort to retaliate

    Not worth the press

    Plus don’t deserve the press we get even tho they want it & need it

    Real talk”

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    Serena reageert op ontslag

    Serena issues statement on her WWE release
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 08/29/2010 at 03:21 AM

    Serena has issued a statement via her official Twitter page concerning her release from WWE, which was officially announced by the company this past Friday immediately following the pre-taped broadcast of Smackdown (which she appeared on, though she was actually released from her contract nearly a week before)...

    "To each and every one of my extraordinary fans, I would like to thank you for your love and support. The past year of my life has been an amazing journey. The people I’ve come to know will always be in my heart and the unique places I’ve been have shown me how beautiful the world is. I feel very blessed. I fell madly in love with pro wrestling when I was just 11 years old. I pursued my childhood dream with every ounce of passion I had and I couldn’t be more proud of where my career has gone so far. I am so excited about the future and continuing to become as great as I can be, hopefully inspiring others along the way. 'Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined…Dreams do come true ... I love you all– Serena"

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    Wrestlers react to Luna Vachon's death

    Wrestlers react to Luna Vachon's death
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 08/27/2010 at 04:19 PM

    The following wrestlers commented on the death of former WWE Diva Luna Vachon:

    Goldust: "Luna was as freaky as me...maybe even her and will miss her...hopefully she's in a better place"

    Shawn Michaels: "My prayers go out to the family of Luna Vachon. God Bless you Luna."

    Natalya Neidhart: "Yeah, I'm just so saddened- my heart goes out to Luna Vachon and her whole family. She will be missed and always remembered"

    Howard Finkel: "My sincere condolences go out to the family and friends of Luna Vachon on her passing."

    Gangrel: "angelle you where to good for this world! my forever friend im truly going to miss you! you are a wild flower that should never been picked"

    Chris Daniels: "RIP Luna! Your intensity in the ring was matched by your kindness in the locker room."

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    Uitslagen Smackdown 27 AUGUSTUS
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    World Heavyweight Champion Kane def. Rey Mysterio (No Disqualification Match)
    CM Punk def. JTG
    Kofi Kingston def. Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler (Count-out)
    Jack Swagger def. MVP (Disqualification; "Jack Swagger Senior Invitational")
    Alberto Del Rio def. local competitor
    Big Show def. Luke Gallows

    FRESNO, Calif. – Hell rumbled as World Heavyweight Champion Kane and his brother The Undertaker exchanged emotional words about their future. Once again, Alberto Del Rio got the better of Rey Mysterio. And, the war for the Intercontinental Championship continued as Kofi picked up a win over reigning champion Dolph Ziggler – but not the prestigious title.

    The Undertaker and Kane talked of their past, present and future (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Over the years, the road between brothers Kane and The Undertaker has had many ups and downs. But, are they poised for a volatile final confrontation?

    The Undertaker said Kane is “guilty of a treacherous betrayal ” and is not worthy of being his brother or carrying the World Heavyweight Championship.

    “I taught you everything you know about evil. But I didn’t teach you everything I know. So when the mood strikes you, I’ll be waiting. And when the fight starts, it’s always going to end the same way,” The Deadman said.

    Despite the ominous warning, The Big Red Monster was not intimidated by his older brother’s words.

    “Not this time,” said Kane. “I know and you know that this time it ends the same way that it did at SummerSlam, with you sprawled helpless at my feet. I vow on the grave of our mother, that you will never rest in peace.”


    Big Show def. Luke Gallows (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Accompanied to the ring by Kelly Kelly, Big Show was brimming with confidence. With Serena and Joey Mercury at ringside – and CM Punk watching from a TV monitor – Luke Gallows was expected to represent The Straight Edge Society with a win. However, with a powerful knockout punch, The World’s Largest Athlete dropped Gallows hard and picked up the pinfall.

    Alberto Del Rio def. local competitor (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Like he did in last week’s debut, Alberto Del Rio was introduced by his own personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. And, Del Rio arrived in grand style by driving himself to the ring in a Jaguar. After a dominant offense, Del Rio put away a local challenger by making him submit to his cross armbreaker.

    Jack Swagger def. MVP by Disqualification in the “Jack Swagger Senior Invitational” (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    In a unique bout dubbed the “Jack Swagger Senior Invitational,” the first Superstar to get five takedowns would be declared the winner. And, if MVP won, Swagger would have to pay for MVP’s end of summer block party. If Swagger won, he would get to host “MVP’s VIP Lounge” for one night. As the action progressed, Swagger was up strong, leading MVP three takedowns to zero. Perhaps frustrated, MVP slapped Swagger, instantly getting himself disqualified. Although Swagger got the win, he wasn’t done. After the match, he attacked MVP from behind and punished him with a session in his lethal ankle lock outside of the ring.

    Kofi Kingston def. Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler by Count-out (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Going into the bout, Kofi Kingston knew that if Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler were disqualified, he would become the new champion. Despite the stipulation, Kingston’s efforts to regain the prestigious title were once again cleverly thwarted by the duo of Ziggler and Official SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero. As the battle waged outside of the ring, the ref began a 10-count. Knowing Ziggler would still retain his title even after a count-out loss,Vickie stopped Ziggler from reentering the ring. Although Kingston won, he was furious the title eluded him once again and chased Ziggler from ringside, out into the WWE Universe and up a flight of arena stairs.

    CM Punk def. JTG (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Looking to set an example for his Straight Edge Society disciples, CM Punk came out of the gate with a super aggressive offense against JTG. After dropping JTG with a GTS, Punk forced him to submit using his Anaconda Vise. After the victory, Punk demanded Luke Gallows, Joey Mercury and Serena get on their knees in the ring and said they must “be better or be gone!”

    Alberto Del Rio attacked Rey Mysterio (WATCH)
    Still feeling the painful effects of his loss to Kane, Rey Mysterio had to be helped from the ring by WWE officials. But before he could leave ringside, he was confronted by Alberto Del Rio, who said Rey looked like a "dying dog" who needed to be "put down." After slamming Rey into the ringside barrier, Del Rio locked him a cross armbreaker. Then, just when he appeared finished and was walking up the exit ramp, Del Rio returned for more brutality. First he shoved Mysterio’s arm into a steel chair and closed the chair on his arm. Then with his arm still caught in the chair, Del Rio viciously smashed Mysterio into a steel ring post.

    World Heavyweight Champion Kane def. Rey Mysterio in a No Disqualification Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Despite a valiant fight and 619 from Rey Mysterio, Kane dispatched of him with a monstrous chokeslam onto a steel chair in a match The Ultimate Underdog himself requested.

    Friday Night Smackdown 27.08.10

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    Sheffield Update

    - As noted before, Skip Sheffield suffered a compound fracture of his left ankle at the WWE live event in Hawaii on August 18th. Sheffield is expected to have surgery next week. He hasn’t had it yet because they had to wait for the swelling to go down. Right now, Sheffield is expected to be out of action four to six months.

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    Swagger's rep in WWE, MVP getting new gimmick?

    Swagger's rep in WWE, MVP getting new gimmick?
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 08/25/2010 at 09:21 PM


    Smackdown Superstar MVP was in the doghouse with WWE officials again before being put in the new feud with Jack Swagger. The only thing said about MVP’s recent heat is that it’s for the same reasons he’s been in and out of the doghouse for the past two years.

    MVP is looking to reinvent himself and suggested doing a rapper gimmick to officials. MVP has even recorded a rap song to go with the gimmick.

    Swagger, on the other hand, is getting high praise from WWE officials because the key people see him as a long-term Superstar. Swagger gets props on his great attitude, his size and athletic ability.

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    Breaking news: Luna Vachon dead at 48

    Breaking news: Luna Vachon dead at 48
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 08/27/2010 at 02:21 PM

    Milwaukee, WI wrestling promoter David Herro is reporting that former WWE Diva Luna Vachon has died at the age of 48. Here is what he wrote on Twitter:

    "With a broken heart I am crushed 2 tell u that one of the most amazing people I have ever known has died. God Bless Luna Vachon. I love u."

    Update: has confirmed her death. According to the site, she was found dead this morning at her mother's home. Her house was recently burned down in a fire.

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    Serena fired for not living the gimmick?

    Serena fired for not living the gimmick?
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 08/24/2010 at 12:38 PM


    According to Dave Meltzer, it is believed that Straight Edge Society member Serena was released by WWE for "not living the gimmick" and having several "rough nights" leading up to her release.

    Apparently, the skit with her almost being kicked out the SES group was WWE's real-life way of sending a warning message to her.

    It is also believed that WWE hasn't posted a message on their website because she is set to appear on Friday's Smackdown, which was taped this past Wednesday night.


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    Uitslagen TNA 26 AUGUSTUS
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    August 26, 2010, TNA Impact Results
    By Daniel Summers • August 28, 2010

    We kick Impact off with a recap of the formation of Fortune, and the events of last week. Backstage now Eric Bischoff pleads for him to go out to the ring, but Dixie said she wants to do it. Dixie in the ring now calls out Ric Flair. Flair in the ring now walks around Dixie and said she is drop dead gorgeous, almost to the point of being sultry, and why don’t they go back to the hotel and settle this like adults. Dixie said she was excited about having the legend Ric Flair to mentor the young guys but he hasn’t done that. Dixie then said he is to be treated the same as everyone else out at the back and he is suspended for 3 months. Ric said if she is not suspending Fortune she is not suspending him. Fortune in the ring with Flair now, Dixie said she is turning them into monsters. Flair gets pissed and takes his jacket off as Dixie’s husband enters the ring, Fortune pin him down and Flair has his belt off ready to whip him as Hogans music plays. Hogan comes out with Anderson, Pope, Angle and Hardy. Hogan in the ring now said him and Dixie were going to run this company 50/50 and he is not letting Flair off with a suspension. Flair said they are going to take the company over when he is ready, so Hogan said his four members against Hogans four. EV2.0 come out as Fortune are retreating to the back and all hell breaks loose. Backstage with Kurt Angle saying we are all here for the title but tonight they are all fighting for TNA.

    1: First match up, Orlando Jordan vs The Samoan Wrecking Machine, Samoa Joe! Joe with rapid strikes, whip to corner followed by Enzuigiri. Joe with a sleeper hold and Jordan pushes him back into the corner then looks to rub his body down Joe, Joe pushes him away in disgust. Orlando with strikes in the corner now. Mounted punches in the corner, then Orlando licks his action figure he brought out with him before Joe reverses into a reverse atomic drop, big boot, back splash, then 2 clotheslines followed by a T-Bone suplex, sick! Mustle Buster from the corner, 1,2,3, your winner, Samoa Joe! Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring and asks Joe to be in his corner in case Sting interferes in his match with Kevin Nash. Joe said he doesn’t choose sides cause he doesn’t have to and he only plays for one team, his own.

    2: Kevin Nash to the ring now against Jeff Jarrett. Nash tries to bring a chair in but ends up getting Jeff outside and throws him into the guard rail, then smashes his face into the steps. In ring now, Nash with knee lifts in the corner, then elbows and a foot choke. Nash has the chair so the ref is distracted so he exposes the corner post, but Jeff reverses him into it and some offense of his own. Nash throws Jeff into the exposed corner then chokeslam for 2 count. Jeff with mounted sleeperhold, but ref gets taken out when Nash counters, then Jeff throws Nash’s head into the corner and hits The Stroke, but no count as ref is out. Sting hits the ring and whacks Jarrett with the bat, the ref recovers and Nah gets the 1,2,3, your winner, Kevin Nash. Eric Bischoff comes out and said Sting is displaying weakness in front of everyone, Sting just wants Hogan as he is choking Jeff Jarrett. Hogan hits Sting with a chair from behind in the ring. Backstage Hogan asks Dreamer to back off Fortune just for tonight and can they concentrate on taking out Abyss.

    3: Beer Money vs FBI. Beer Money kick it off with some seriously aggressive strikes. Double flipping spinebuster by Beer Money on Little Guido. Gutbuster on Luke followed by double knee backbreaker into a clothesline from Roode. Double team move from Beer Money, Roode legal now. Full Nelson Slam from Roode before Guido gets a small package and 2 count. Tag to Luke he gets a spinebuster from Robert Roode before they hit the DWI and get the 1,2,3, your winner, Beer Money! Storm hits Guido with a beer bottle in the face, then Storm hits Last Call on Luke. Guido gets the DWI now and looks pretty busted up, nice squash match.

    The gorgeous Velvet Sky and Angelina Love heading to the ring. Tommy Dreamer asks EV2.0 who wants to take out Abyss, Stevie Richards looks fired up and said he will do it. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love head to the ring to The Beautiful People music and entrance theme, nice. Angelina said she has made a lot of mistakes and there friendship was something they missed, they get a get pop from the crowd. Love said she’s not always a little angel and sometimes she can be a real bitch, but they should just move on, Velvet agrees given the monster they created, Madison Rayne, and they should dominate the women’s division again. Madison hits the ring with The Mystery Woman. Madison said if she wasn’t such a lady she would barf in the middle of that ring right now. She said they will never come out to there music or refer to themselves as The Beautiful People cause her lawyer will see to it tomorrow. Madison said she is the only beautiful person in this ring right now and she is all natural unlike you two silicone whores! (Mike Tenay said she can’t say silicone lol). Madison said to Angelina she doesn’t know if the botox has affected her brain cause she brought her to TNA cause the beautiful people need youth and class and she made her a main eventer again. (turns attention to Velvet), you are and have always been, my little BITCH!! the original TBP lose it on the other 2 before security breaks it up. MCM’s backstage said they got this Rock Band game as a perk for being champs. They speak of the upcoming match and the title shot against London Brawling. They go back to playing the game, (pretty funny segment). London Brawling heading to a shopping mall, Desmonde Wolfe said to Chelsea to keep the umbrella over his head. Magnus said they are going for the title so they need some cool threads (hes checking out Chelsea’s ass on the way in). Wolfe said to Chelsea she probably wants a dress as well, Chelsea said of course, Wolfe said when she earns her own money she can probably get one. Chelsea asks can they stop and get something to eat, Wolfe said “Chelsea you ate yesterday”. Magnus said they have more important things to worry about like getting some nice clothes. Magnus said to Wolfe check her out! Wolfe said not in front of Chelsea, Chesea with a dirty look on her face said thanks. Magnus shows his Black Credit Card which has no limits, Chelsea sneakily grabs it and saids, no limits huh.

    4: Generation Me vs TNA Tag Team Champions MCM’s. Sabin shoulder block attempted by Jeremy, double hip toss and drop kicks by Gen Me and 2 count. Sabin with the tag, MCM’s with double team move now. Shelley legal now with a original type single leg crab. Tag to Sabin and another double team move and near fall. Tag again to Shelley and tries 3 pins. Tag again but Gen Me fight back this time and Max reverses and makes tag. Dropkicks all round and some inventive kicks. From the apron now Jeremy over the top and hits Sabin with a spike Facebuster, holy shit! 1,2, no, so close. Both Gen Me members in the ring now Max dives threw the ropes with a dropkick and hits MCM’s, then followed by a original moonsault from the top rope! Throw Sabin in ring, Max spears him followed by awesome double team move, 1,2,no. Double team move to Shelley on the apron now. Max with a rolling fireman’s carry then Jeremy with a 450 off the top but Sabin gets his knees up and holds him there and Max does a moonsault on his own partner before, then Shelley off the top hits the Foot Stomp and then sliced bread on Max. Skull and Bones on Jeremy for the 1,2,3, your winners Motor City Machine Guns!! They shake hands after the match.

    Ric Flair backstage rants about how they are done taking orders, then Sting chokes Flair with his bat and said once the big problem is out of the way they coming for him. No Surrender preview now. A.J Styles vs Tommy Dreamer in a I Quit Match. TNA Tag Team Championship Motor City Machine Guns vs London Brawling. World Championship Semis Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy and The Pope vs Mr Anderson. Abyss and Stevie Richards brawl out the back and Abyss gets the upper hand and said the same thing will happen to all of EV2.0 that happened to RVD. In ring Rhyno calls out Abyss and he obliges. The fight around ringside before Rhyno gets the last laugh by hitting The Gore on the entrance way. A.J backstage with Fortune says he built the house and shoots a good promo.

    5: Kaz, Doug Williams, Matt Morgan and A.J Styles accompanied by Ric Flair vs Mr Anderson, The Pope, Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle. Mr Anderson and Kaz kick it off. Bitch slap by Kaz, then Anderson with hip toss, body slam and bitch slap of his own. The Pope and A.J now, knock each other down and then strikes by Pope, before getting pushed to corner and they exchange tags and beat him down. A.J with knife edge chops and strikes. Morgan and Hardy now. Morgan over powers but Hardy fights back and delayed dropkick in corner. Hardy takes guys out on apron then Morgan hits the clothesline. A.J in now with scoop slam and delayed knee drop, 2 count only. Morgan back in now with machine gun elbows, suplex and 2 count. Williams in now, Flair takes Hardy and low blow then rolls him back in. Knee drop and 2 count by Williams. A.J back in now with strikes then tags Williams back in. They exchange offense and both tag out, Kurt and Kaz in now. Kurt clotheslines Kaz then backbody drop, Overhead belly to belly on A.J, German Suplex on Kaz then Ankle Lock but A.J with forearm smash off the top. Pope takes out A.J with clothesline, Williams takes him out with T-Bone suplex, Anderson with The Plunge on him, Morgan hits a clothesline on him, whisper in the wind on him by Hardy, Kaz with a backbreaker facebuster then Angle hits the Angle Slam but Pope tags himself in and gets the 1,2,3. Pope and Kurt face off but Fortune takes them out. A.J sets table up outside but EV2.0 come out and all hell breaks loose again. Sabu throws a chair in Williams face and he hangs over the table, Sabu does a version of The Arabian Facebuster through the table! They are still fighting as we leave Impact.

    TNA Explosion last week had Ink Inc and London Brawling in singles competition seen as they lost the number one contenders match a week back. First match was excellent, Desmond Wolfe vs Jesse Neal. Jesse had next to no offense aside from hitting the spear so we got to see a lot of Wolfe’s arsenal which is nothing short of superb and its easy to see why he has such a strong fan base even given his hard heel persona. He finished the match with the Tower of London. In the other match Shannon Moore defeated Magnus with a top rope neckbreaker, not too bad of a match.

    TNA Impact 26.08.10

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    Report: Nexus member injured at live event

    Report: Nexus member injured at live event
    Posted by Roscoe De Soto on 08/19/2010 at 02:44 PM

    Several fans have sent in word that Skip Sheffield injured his ankle during his tag team match with David Otunga vs. The Hart Dynasty.

    According to reports, he could not put any pressure on it and had to be helped to the back after the match.

    At this point, Sheffield has not commented on what happened.

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    Report: Top stars unhappy with EV 2.0 storyline

    Report: Top stars unhappy with EV 2.0 storyline
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 08/25/2010 at 05:17 PM


    According to Dave Meltzer, there are top stars in TNA that feel it is a "big mistake" to have EV 2.0 as top babyfaces in the company. Several of the top stars were said to be against bringing the former ECW stars in as regulars and even doing the ECW reunion PPV in the first place.

    It's possible that the Fortune attack on Hogan, Nash, Sting, and Jarrett was done as a backup plan in case things don't work out with EV 2.0.


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    Update on the status of Team 3D in TNA

    Update on the status of Team 3D in TNA
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 08/25/2010 at 05:10 PM


    As reported earlier, Team 3D didn't appear at this week's TNA Impact tapings because their contracts have expired. There are people in WWE that have pitched the idea of the team making a return to the company. However, there are still some higher people in the company that don't like Brother Ray because he is the outspoken member of the team.

    Meanwhile, sources within TNA expect them to sign a new deal and be part of the discussed Lethal Lockdown match at Bound For Glory.

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    The Sandman no-shows TNA Impact taping?

    The Sandman no-shows TNA Impact taping?
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 08/25/2010 at 12:41 PM

    ECW original The Sandman did not appear at Monday's TNA Impact taping in Orlando, Florida, despite being scheduled to do so.

    According to a report on, word going around the TNA dressing rooms is that Sandman no-showed the event.

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    Uitslagen wwe superstars 26 augustus
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    William Regal def. Goldust
    Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft def. Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins
    Drew McIntyre def. Chris Masters

    Don’t know where to catch “WWE Superstars”? Find WGN America in your area. Can't see “WWE Superstars” on WGN America in your area? Stay with for full results, photos and video clips of all the action.

    Drew McIntyre def. Chris Masters (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    A week after he nearly had his ankle torn off by a vicious Jack Swagger, Chris Masters stepped in the ring with the underhanded Drew McIntyre. Quickly realizing his opponent’s vulnerability, The Scottish Superstar targeted Masters’ vulnerable ankle, but nearly got caught in the devastating Master Lock. But just when it looked like the hold was going to be cinched in, McIntyre managed to worm his way out and nail a devastating Future Shock DDT for an impressive victory.

    Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft def. Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Ever since Bret Hart presented The Hart Dynasty with the brand new WWE Tag Team Championships, things have been heating up in the division as top duos have been gunning to grab those titles. Two of those hungry, young tandems squared off on “WWE Superstars” as Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins brought the fight to the energetic The Dude Busters. But while Archer & Hawkins have pulled off some dominant wins in recent weeks, they weren’t able to stop Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta tonight. With this win, the cocky SmackDown Superstars move one step closer to a WWE Tag Team Championship opportunity.

    William Regal def. Goldust (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Although they have drastically different ring styles, Goldust and William Regal are two of WWE’s most experienced and accomplished veterans. So it came as no surprise that a showdown between these two tough Superstars was nothing short of a mat clinic. Playing to his strengths, The Bizarre One used his unorthodox offense to throw Regal off his game. But The British Brawler countered with the brutal submission maneuvers he learned in the carnivals of Blackpool, England, to incapacitate Goldust. In the end, it was this destructive arsenal of wicked holds that gave the 2008 King of the Ring the victory.

    WWE Superstars 26.08.10

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    Dixie Carter Just signed a new taLENT
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen Dixie Carter President of TNA Wrestling Just signed a new talent contract on someone you guys have been asking about. Stay tuned!

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    Heat between two of the ECW originals

    Heat between two of the ECW originals
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 08/24/2010 at 04:20 PM

    Todd Frizzell sent this in:

    Recently Low Blow Radio was joined by former ECW original Balls Mahoney! Here are some highlights from the near 60 minute sit down interview...

    When asked about TNA Hardcore Justice Balls said the following... "Tommy called me and asked if I knew about the rumors of the ECW reunion show. I said no because I don't read the internet much. I don't even have internet. Tommy asked me to appear at the show and I would be teaming with Axl. I have some issues with Axl so I was a bit apprehensive but I wouldn't pass up this opportunity for anything so I said of course I'll do it. I asked if it would be like One Night Stand 2006 where I get a 20 minute match with Tanaka and they come to be before the match and cut it down to 8 minutes along with all the great spots and waste Tanaka's talent, time, money, and sanity??? Tommy said no you are going to be yourself. This is going to be you looking up north and giving them the finger. So obviously I said yea. So I show up at the building excited and pumped! If you say the PPV you say Axl and I with our new gear. For once we looked like a real tag team. No ripped jeans or anything. So we went and did it. We went put there as a 3 man unit, referring to Bubba, Devon, and I, and did what we had to do and I think the fans went home happy. We should have came back for TV the next night but thanks to a certain somebody I was f***ed over once again. But overall I had a great time and was treated very, very well." When asked about possibly competing for TNA in the future as apart of EV2.0 Balls had the following to say (Also comments on being held back and screwed over by Axl Rotten)...

    "I hope what Bubba, Devon, and I pulled off at the PPV was enough to save my ass for any work in the future. As I said I was f***ed over by a certain somebody but that's all I'm going to say about that at the current moment. I mean I'm also kind of nervous too. I have a wife, and a kid, and have to put food on the table and all this and that. I can't just keep working these indies. I think another thing is that the office doesn't understand my versatility. My amateur and actual wrestling ability. Just check out some classics I've had with Rob Van Dam in ECW. Speaks for itself. But nevertheless I hope to be a full time member of EV2.0 in TNA within the next month or so. This is really my only last opportunity to make some money and perform for a national audience again. I've just been f***ed over so many times dealing with Axl. I can honestly say now I will NEVER team with Axl Rotten again. If WWE or TNA called me up and said we want you to come in and team with Axl of course I'd have to say yes but otherwise it isn't ever going to happen again. I can't be his baby sitter anymore. I have a kid now. I have a family. I'm not going to deal with what I dealt with regarding Axl at Hardcore Justice at 12:00, 1:30, 4:00, and then again right before the match just to make sure the match would still be on. Axl has f***ed me over for the last time."

    When asked if he thinks it would be successful for TNA to bring back a version of ECW Balls said the following... "Yes. If it was done right. If done intelligently it would be a money making thing for TNA and the wrestlers alike. They could do what WWE failed to do." Other topics included... Thoughts On Current Day WWE And TNA Comparing One Night Stand To Hardcore Justice And More! DOWNLOAD THE ARCHIVE NOW INCLUDING 30 MINUTES ON BONUS DISCUSSION ON TNA IMPACT, WRESTLING NEWS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE, AND MORE! ALSO PAST INTERVIEWS INCLUDING VITO LOGRASSO, GABE SAPOLSKY, JOEY KAOS, AXL ROTTEN, TERRY FUNK, AND MORE!

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    Team 3D finished with TNA Wrestling?

    Team 3D finished with TNA Wrestling?
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 08/23/2010 at 04:19 PM


    According to Mike Johnson, it's possible that Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon) made their last appearance on TNA television as a tag-team for the time being this past week on Reaction. Their contracts are scheduled to expire this week and they haven't been written into this week's television tapings.

    Brother Ray is at the TNA Impact taping today working as an agent. It's unknown if Devon is at the taping.

    The team is still negotiating with TNA but no deal has been reached at this point.

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    Update on Lashley's condition after MMA loss

    Update on Lashley's condition after MMA loss
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 08/22/2010 at 04:41 AM

    Following his loss at Saturday night's Strikeforce event, Bobby Lashley was taken to a local hospital.

    According to, he was extremely dehydrated after the fight but ended up being released from the hospital. At first, there was fear his condition was worse and he would need to stay in the hospital overnight.

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    Dashing" Cody Rhodes def. MVP

    FRESNO, Calif. – With just one week to go until the NXT season two finale, the last three NXT Rookies had their knowledge of WWE history put to the test for an exclusive takeover at the most critical moment as the WWE Universe prepares to help determine WWE’s next breakout star.

    “Dashing” Cody Rhodes def. MVP (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    With both of their Rookies eliminated the previous week on WWE NXT, MVP and “Dashing” Cody Rhodes were done talking and ready to get down to business inside of the ring. While Rhodes initially denied Kaval’s challenge, he accepted The Ballin’ Superstar’s request and the second-generation competitor was out to silence his critics and prove that he is on a higher level than both the NXT Rookies and his fellow Pros. The execution of a jarring Cross Rhodes gave The “Dashing” Superstar a convincing victory over MVP and suggested that perhaps Rhodes can actually back up his endless talk.

    Kaval won the WWE Trivia Challenge (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    In order to be a successful WWE Superstar, one must appreciate and acknowledge the history of what has come before them. There is no history richer than that of WWE, and the NXT Rookies’ knowledge of Superstars and events of days past was put to the test.

    While the son of “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig, Michael McGillicutty, seemed to be the early favorite, Kaval quickly demonstrated his familiarity with Superstars and WWE moments, past and present. The two Rookies remained neck and neck while varsity letterman Alex Riley would essentially flunk, answering only one question correctly. At the end of the competition, Kaval scored the most points to secure a victory. With his win, the NXT Rookie earned a special feature on beginning at midnight ET, following the conclusion of WWE NXT.

    Kaval challenged “Dashing” Cody Rhodes (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    After last week’s shocking double elimination, the three remaining NXT Rookies – Kaval, Alex Riley and Michael McGillicutty – have very few chances left to prove why they are WWE’s next breakout star. NXT host Matt Striker asked each of the Rookies how it felt to be a finalist in the competition. When Kaval took the microphone, he first thanked the WWE Universe and then immediately set his sights on “Dashing” Cody Rhodes, who assaulted the NXT Rookie following Husky Harris’ elimination last week.

    Kaval challenged Rhodes to a match, but the SmackDown Superstar told the Rookie that they were not on the same level and denied the request. This prompted WWE Pro MVP to confront Rhodes and issue his own challenge for later in the evening, which the “Dashing” Superstar accepted.

    Tune in live to WWE NXT for the season two finale and be sure to cast your vote beginning at 12 noon ET for the NXT Rookie you believe is WWE's next breakout star.

    WWE Next Generation S02E12

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    Bobby Lashley loses for the first time in MMA

    Bobby Lashley loses for the first time in MMA
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 08/21/2010 at 10:58 PM

    Former TNA star Bobby Lashley tasted his first MMA defeat at tonight's Strikeforce event. Chad Griggs defeated Lashley via TKO (referee stoppage) at 5:00 of round 2. The fight was stopped after the end of the round.

    The win for Griggs is considered to be a huge upset.

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    Traci Brooks comments on Playboy shoot and more

    Traci Brooks comments on Playboy shoot and more
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 08/20/2010 at 04:28 PM

    Traci Brooks has been in our crazy business for the better part of a decade. But, she burst onto the scene in TNA over 7 years ago and was one of the longest running TNA Knockouts ever. In the Fall of 2009, she appeared in on Playboy’s website with a pictoral that 6,000,000 had the chance to see.

    She left TNA since that time and hasn’t opened up much as to why. That is, until The Interactive Interview asked her to come back on the show!

    To listen to the entire interview and our brand new interview with Bill Eadie AKA Demolition Ax, visit If you like what we do, check out our store and help keep us going and free by supporting us!


    - Our interview with Traci Brooks begins with a discussion about being a Canadian working in the States and all the paperwork & complications involved. Traci does clarify that her having to work on this had nothing to do with her leaving TNA. She says that everything is fine, straight, & up to date.

    - Traci loved doing Playboy, says it was a great experience, & was treated very well. In regards to not getting into the magazine, she puts to rest a couple of rumors. She says that she was not supposed to get the cover, so she wasn’t actually bumped off by Marge Simpson. Her being taken out of the magazine was to make room for a tribute to Farah Fawcett, who had just past away in the months leading up to the magazine’s release.

    - She also says that being posted on the net was really good for her since magazine subscriptions are down and internet subscriptions are way up. She was also happy that more of her pictures got to be seen.

    - There was a rumor that a new editor took over for Playboy and didn’t want wrestling women involved with Playboy, and Traci hopes that its not true since it is good publicity for the wrestling company & a great experience for the girls that get to do it.

    - She didn’t get to meet Huge Heffner, but was treated extremely well from start to finish. She also says that the last day of the shoot was her birthday and they gave her a nice party.

    - Traci was disappointed that she wasn’t used more by TNA during the time of her shoot. Playboy advertised for TNA, and said she was going to appear at Bound for Glory, and she wasn’t featured. She has no hard feelings towards TNA & says they were her family, but wishes things had been handled better.

    - Right now, she’s having a lot of fun doing the Independents & Conventions. She points out that when she started in 2001, it was mostly just her and a handful of others, but now the women in wrestling are far more common.

    - She’s never worked with Mickie James and would love to make that match happen. As for going up to WWE with her friends Gail Kim & Beth Phoenix, she says that its not something she is interested in. She also says she’s sure there would be no hard feelings over the “Cookie Gate” scene from 2004 as it wasn’t really that big of a deal.

    - When talking about the current state of the Knockouts Division, she is a little surprised over the girls they’ve released. She feels like it’s a mostly blondes now and they need more variety & diversity in talents & characters. She also doesn’t thing the division is deep enough at the moment to support a set of Tag Titles.

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    Seven wrestlers removed from TNA's roster

    Seven wrestlers removed from TNA's roster
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 08/20/2010 at 03:27 AM

    In addition to Homicide, it would appear that both Tomko and Rosie Lottalove have parted ways with TNA Wrestling as their respective profiles were removed from the company website’s roster page Thursday. All three were sparingly used in recent months.

    In Homicide’s case, he noted on his social networking accounts earlier in the day that he had parted ways with the organization. Meanwhile, Lottalove’s photo gallery was removed from the Knockouts media section.

    Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, Daniels and ODB were also removed from the page, though their respective TNA departures were noted months ago.

    30-08-2010 om 12:02 geschreven door jefken  

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    Homicide finished with TNA Wrestling

    Homicide finished with TNA Wrestling
    Posted by Corbin Nordhoff on 08/19/2010 at 02:24 PM

    Homicide announced on his Facebook page today he's left TNA Wrestling. is reporting that Homicide was released from the company. He hadn't been seen much on television much since the January 4th Monday Impact when he got stuck on top of the cage.

    Homicide wrote on Twitter:

    "my TNA days is over, thank u for the staff members and the boys and girls in the locker room, had a great run, bbllaattt187 for life!"

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