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    Uitslagen TNA 13 MEI
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    TNA iMPACT Report – May 13th, 2010
    Report by Stuart Carapola, PWInsider

    We open with a video package of last week’s Sting-Hogan confrontation, which culminated in an attack on Sting by Jeff Jarrett, as well as highlights of the RVD-Desmond Wolfe match and postmatch attack on RVD by AJ Styles.

    Cue the opening video! We’re back on Thursday nights as we lead into Sacrifice this weekend, and your hosts are Mike Tenay and Taz.

    Let’s head to the ring to open the show with your friend and mine, Eric Bischoff. Bischoff says he loves all the fans, so without any further ado, let’s introduce the TNA World Champion, Rob Van Dam! He introduces him as Mr TNA, which makes sense since I guess we can’t call him Mr Monday Night anymore. His entrance music still sucks. Bischoff talks about the online poll to determine the rankings in TNA, and says that over half a million people voted in the first poll. So I guess it makes sense you’d have Desmond job in three minutes after winning a poll that many people participated in. Bischoff announces RVD vs Jeff Hardy for later tonight, but there’s one problem: Bischoff can’t get ahold of Jeff Hardy. Did they check the North Carolina Penal System? RVD says the best part of being champion is proving he’s the best and popping ratings for TNA. Cue AJ Styles, who comes to the ring alone. Styles tells RVD to watch his mouth since there are children present, and that he needs to be a role model like AJ Styles. Styles says he’s in the mood to hurt somebody, and says the fans came here to see not RVD, but came to see AJ. AJ challenges RVD to a match later tonight, and he says he knows he has RVD in three days at Sacrifice, but he wants to break RVD’s legs tonight because he doesn’t plan on breaking a sweat at Sacrifice when he takes back “his” title. Oh wait, Jeff Hardy’s music hits, and I guess he’s here after all. Tenay says his clock is different than everyone else’s, and I guess I can guess as to some of the reasons why. Hardy says he’s sorry he’s late but TNA changes its start time so often that he can’t keep it straight, but he’s ready for his match tonight. Styles says he’s out of luck because he’s wrestling RVD tonight and tells Hardy to get lost, but Hardy says that RVD has final say since he’s the champion and suggests a three way. RVD tells Bischoff to make the match, and it’s official: RVD vs AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy later tonight!

    We come back from commercial, and JB is with the Beautiful People. He mentions that Tara’s putting her career on the line this weekend, and Madison Rayne says that this weekend, she’s going to prove that she deserves the Knockouts Title. Velvet says all the Knockouts gold is going to stay where it is, and Tara’s going to be just another victim. Lacey, who had been dancing around the whole interview, says she has to pee and runs off the set. Velvet Sky says she can’t believe she just got cut off, and I have to say I can’t believe what I just watched either. Couldn’t agree more, Velvet.

    Let’s head to the ring for our opening match…

    Taylor Wilde vs Tara

    Taylor goes right after Tara to start and Tara bails to the floor. Taylor goes after her with a crossbody off the apron. The referee pulls her off and sends them back in the ring, where Taylor hits a leg lariat, but hesitates too long and Tara Tullys her to the ramp. Tara follows her out, slams her on the ramp, then tosses her back in. Tara goes for the somersault legdrop over the top, Taylor moves and goes for a springboard crossbody out of the corner, but Tara catches her coming out with a kick to the midsection and covers Taylor for 3. That was kind of abrupt.

    Winner: Tara

    Tara takes off her knee brace and beats Taylor to smithereens with it after the match until Sarita runs in to chase Tara off. Did Tara always have that spider tattoo on her shoulder? Don’t remember seeing it before.

    We go backstage, where a bunch of people are huddling around a crying Chelsea and an irate Desmond Wolfe who says that someone just assaulted Chelsea.

    We come back from commercial and Christy is saying that Chelsea is alleging that she was assaulted in an undisclosed location. Let’s head back to the ring for another match…

    Brian Kendrick vs Douglas Williams

    Williams tells Kendrick before the match that Kendrick is crazy and a loser, and he’s never seen him win a match, so tonight’s match is non-title. Trivia note: both these men were in the match to crown the first ROH Champion. Kendrick attacks Williams to start but Williams comes back with a knee to the gut and a snap vertical suplex for 2. Williams with a back elbow and a kneedrop as Frankie Kazarian joins the broadcast team to discuss his match with Williams at Sacrifice. Kendrick comes back with some kicks and a flying forearm for 2, but Williams rolls out to the floor. Williams picks the leg from the outside and slams it into the ring apron, then comes back in and DDTs the leg. Williams with a half crab on Kendrick as Kazarian decides to go down to ringside and reclaim his title belt. Williams sees him coming and goes to grab the belt, allowing Kendrick to roll him up from behind for the win.

    Winner: Brian Kendrick

    Good thing it was non-title. We go back to Christy who is with Head Of Security Pat Kenney and presses him for details, and he says he doesn’t believe what he just heard, and walks off.

    We’re back from commercial and she has a name for Chelsea’s alleged attacker, but the police will not let her name them until they have the person in custody. Le sigh. Let’s go back to the ring for another two minutes of in-ring action…

    Generation Me vs Matt Morgan

    Morgan kills both of them with a double clothesline, then picks Jeremy up for a suplex and just plants him with a uranage, then takes Max’s head off with a big boot. He grabs a mic and asks Hogan if it looks like he’s playing. He said there would be bloodshed if Hogan didn’t tell him who his partner would be at Sacrifice, and the bloodshed will begin now. He tosses Jeremy to the floor and puts his head against the ringpost, but before he can hit the Carbon Footprint, Samoa Joe comes stalking out. Morgan meets him in the ring and tries a Carbon Footprint in the corner, but Joe dodges, hits a leaping enziguiri, then hits the Muscle Buster. That was impressive, but if he can get Morishima up then I guess he would be able to do Morgan too. How much you wanna bet Joe’s going to be the partner? I guess let’s call this…

    No Contest

    Wait, now the Band’s music hits, and they come out…with Nash’s Feast Or Fired briefcase for a tag title shot. Ah yes, I think we all know what’s going to happen now.

    TNA World Tag Team Title Match: Matt Morgan vs Scott Hall & Kevin Nash

    Nash simply covers Morgan, hooks the leg, and Earl Hebner makes the three count.

    Winners and NEW TNA World Tag Team Champions: Scott Hall & Kevin Nash

    We’re backstage with Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal, who say that Hall and Nash have had their time, and they’re going to take their time at Sacrifice! Let’s go back to the ring…

    Team 3D vs Beer Money vs Ink Inc vs Motor City Machine Guns

    This’ll be fun to recap. Storm and Shelley start and they do a fast paced sequence that ends with Shelley making a blind tag to Sabin, who tosses Storm to the floor and follows him out with a dive. Back in the ring, Sabin covers for 2, then Storm goes to the eyes. Roode and Devon are in now and they go toe to toe with Devon coming out on top of that and hitting a powerslam for 2. Tag out to Brother Ray and 3D with a double flapjack. Moore tags himself in and hits a flying bodypress on Roode for 2, but Roode tosses him to the floor where Storm rams him into the guardrail and beats the snot out of him before tossing him back in the ring. Storm tags in and Beer Money with a double elbow and double lungblower for 2. Roode tags back in and goes to work on Moore and then we HIT THE CHINLOCK! Moore fights out and gets a sunset flip for 2, but Roode kills him with a clothesline for 2. Storm tags in and now he decides to HIT THE CHINLOCK, Moore fights out and hits a flippy bulldog and makes the hot tag to Jesse Neal who comes in and cleans house on Roode. Beer Money double team him but Brother Ray tags himself in…and gets rolled up by Neal for 2. Now the MCMG come in and go to work on Team 3D before kicking Storm off the apron and wiping out Roode on the floor, and it’s Neal and Devon, but Bubba hits him from behind and 3D hits the Doomsday Device…but Moore makes the save! They go for 3D on Moore but Neal breaks it up, allowing Moore to hit the Mooregasm on Brother Ray and Neal to hit the spear for the win.

    Winners: Ink Inc

    We go backstage to another close captioned promo with Ric Flair, who gives his thoughts on tonight’s main event, and he says that if nothing else gets accomplished tonight, RVD’s going to be limping into Sacrifice.

    Rob Terry is backstage, and he’s…WALKING! He faces Abyss next!

    We’re backstage and Jeff Hardy’s putting his makeup on, and RVD comes in to discuss tonight’s main event. We get more closed captioning as they talk about how into this the fans are. Jeff’s a huge fan of RVD’s as champion, but he envisions himself as the champion as well. It’s all cool, and they’ll see each other out in the ring. Let’s head back to the ring!

    Global Title Match: Rob Terry vs Abyss

    Terry awaits Abyss in the ring, but Abyss doesn’t come out, and we go backstage to discover why: he’s being hauled out in handcuffs. He’s asking for Dixie and Hulk or at least some answers, but the cops haul him out and stuff him in the back of the car anyway. Desmond Wolfe jumps him as they try to stuff him in the back of the car, but some security guys come and pull him off, but Hogan comes out and says not to worry because he doesn’t know what’s going on, but everything will be okay. Abyss is freaking out because they want him to take his mask off, and Hogan says he knows Abyss didn’t do this and, as Abyss swears he didn’t do it and asks Hogan to get Dixie, Hogan takes his mask off and pulls his hood over his head and then the cops stuff Abyss in the back of the car and take him off to the pokey. Well, I guess we can also call this one…

    No Contest

    Hogan says he’s right behind Abyss and, as the car starts to pull away, Hogan starts JOGGING BEHIND THE POLICE CAR. This is too ridiculous for words. Rob Terry’s staring off into space, apparently having trouble comprehending this situation, and his limited mental faculties allow Orlando Jordan to run in from behind and attack Rob Terry, lowblow him, and then lay him out with a pipe. Then he pulls out “the wild card” from a deck of cards, and leaves it on Terry as Tenay says that Jordan left his mark on the back of Rob Terry. I love the symbolism. Oh, and Terry’s defending the Global Title against Orlando Jordan this weekend at Sacrifice. I can’t wait. We’re at commercial.

    We’re back, and Orlando Jordan is still in the ring. Oh joy. Jordan says it’s time we cut the foreplay: he says he does whatever he wants because he is the TNA Wild Card. Jordan asks the fans if they really want him to leave, but he says that he’ll fulfill every fan’s wildest fantasy, and he challenges anyone from the back to come kick him out. Tomko and the midget he ate answer the challenge, so now we go to…

    Orlando Jordan vs Tomko

    Tomko tosses Jordan around, but Jordan gets a really nice double leg takedown, but misses a charge in the corner and Tomko press slams him into a fallaway slam. He goes for Snake Eyes, but Jordan slips out the back and hits a sweet dropkick. Jordan gouges away at the face of Tomko as I think about how odd it is that both of these men have beaten Samoa Joe. Jordan with a flying mare (which Tomko nearly can’t make it over for), so Jordan gets another one and gets it right this time and we HIT THE CHINLOCK! Tomko escapes and hits a clothesline for 2, but Jordan with a lungblower for 2. Tomko goes for a double leg of his own but Jordan with a guillotine choke and the ref stops the match.

    Winner: Orlando Jordan

    We go backstage to Hulk Hogan, who is interrupted by Lacey Von Erich. Lacey shows him a video on her iPhone as we go back to commercial. OOOOH, I bet Lacey has what *really* happened with Chelsea and Abyss on that phone! I wonder what else she has videos of on that phone…ah, whatever. We’re at commercial.

    We’re back, and Eric Bischoff tells Tara that her attitude lately has been piss poor, and he’s making her wrestle again tonight. So, I guess we’re going back to the ring…

    Sarita vs Tara

    Sarita is such an amazing wrestler, I really wish she’d get a better role than what I expect will be another two minute job to Tara. Sarita attacks her on the ramp and then tosses her back in the ring where the bell rings to start the match, and Tara immediately rolls out to the floor. Sarita follows her out and beats her up some more, then tosses her back in the ring and…beats her up some more. Finally Sarita with a suplex and Tara begs off. Sarita charges Tara and Tara monkey flips her to the apron, but Sarita lands on her feet and comes back in with a double stomp to Tara. Sarita tries to take Tara’s knee brace off, the referee tries to pull her off and Sarita accidentally nails him in the eye, allowing Tara to take off the knee brace and whack Sarita with it for the three count. Such a crime.

    Winner: Tara

    Tara continues beating Sarita down with the knee brace, but the referee pulls her off and sends her to the back.

    AJ Styles is in the back staring menacingly at the walls as he gets ready for tonight’s main event, and it’s next!

    We’re back and it’s time for our main event! But first, Hardy and Styles make their entrances, and before RVD makes his entrance, he makes sure everyone knows that AJ Styles is going to get his ass kicked at Sacrifice, and tonight they’re going to throw Jeff Hardy into the mix as well. We’re at commercial!

    TNA World Champion Rob Van Dam vs AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy

    Bell rings and all three men circle one another. RVD and Hardy begin to conspire against Styles, who attacks both of them but eats a spinkick from RVD. Hardy with a clothesline turns Styles inside out, then they whip him into the ropes and hit a double hiptoss. Hardy slams Styles and they high five before RVD hits a spinning legdrop. Hardy goes for the cover but RVD pulls him off. Hardy hits a spinning back kick to RVD to send him to the floor and it’s Hardy and AJ. Hardy reverses a whip and hits a big backdrop and covers AJ for 2. RVD back in and he cleans house with kicks, then suplexes Hardy and then one for AJ. He covers AJ but Hardy breaks up the pin. Hardy with a gourdbuster and then one for AJ. Hardy with an Ace Crusher and then a neckbreaker for AJ and he covers RVD but AJ breaks up the pin. Now AJ’s going to work on both men, hitting a Dragon Screw Legwhip on RVD and then a Stinger Splash in the corner on Hardy. AJ clips RVD’s knee and then gets the figure four, but Hardy breaks it up and then goes up top, but AJ knocks him off the top to the floor. RVD monkey flips AJ out of the corner as Ken Anderson comes out to ringside and lays out Hardy. RVD comes off the top with a jumpkick, but AJ pulls the ref in the way and RVD nails the ref. RVD goes to attack AJ but sees Anderson on the floor and goes after him, and AJ uses the distraction to hit a somersault dive and wipe out all three men. AJ with a DDT on the floor on RVD, then tosses him back in the ring and covers RVD with his feet on the ropes for the win.

    Winner: AJ Styles

    Hardy asks for a mic after the match, he tells RVD to get out of the ring because he’s got this. He tells Anderson to come to the ring so they can settle this now. Anderson starts to come down to the ring, then decides better of this and starts to head to the back. Hulk Hogan’s music hits, and out comes Hogan himself and blocks Anderson’s way. Anderson takes a shot at Hogan, but Hogan blocks and nails Anderson, allowing Hardy to come after Anderson and a brawl breaks out…as we go to commercial.

    We’re back and Hardy and Anderson are still brawling at ringside, and Anderson seems to have gotten the better of Hardy. Hardy turns the tables…literally, as he drags a table over by the broadcast area and then goes up the steps onto the broadcast table and hits a Swanton off the broadcast table onto Anderson and both go through the table. Hardy goes around high fiving the fans while we see twenty replays of the dive from different angles.

    Finally we go to Lacey’s cell phone video of Chelsea and Desmond Wolfe in the ladies room, as Chelsea and Desmond were in there planning the whole Abyss attack story and tearing up Chelsea’s dress to make it look as if she had been attacked. So the whole thing was a ruse!!! I know, I’m as shocked as you are. We go to a promo video hyping this weekend’s Sacrifice PPV, and we’re out.

    TNA Impact 13.05.10

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    Uitslagen wwe superstars 13 mei
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    Maryse & Jillian def. The Bellas
    Vladimir Kozlov def. a local competitor
    Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer def. local competitors
    Dolph Ziggler def. Chris Masters

    The WWE roster is full of young Superstars trying to make a name for themselves and many of these competitors got the chance to do so on tonight’s “WWE Superstars.” From a promising upstart tag team to a serious talent with a newfound mean streak, the hot young warriors in WWE are proving to be more dangerous than ever.

    Don’t know where to catch “WWE Superstars”? Find WGN America in your area. Can't see “WWE Superstars” on WGN America in your area? Stay with for full results, photos and video clips of all the action.

    Dolph Ziggler def. Chris Masters (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    For weeks, Dolph Ziggler has been terrorizing everyone who gets in his path with his devastating sleeper hold. But tonight, he was going up against a man with a devastating submission maneuver of his own — Chris Masters. As expected, each Superstar struggled to lock their hold on the other man with The Masterpiece coming close thanks to his awesome power. In the end, however, Ziggler slipped out of The Master Lock and nailed the Zig Zag to pick up a big win.

    Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer in action (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    After being out of action in recent months, SmackDown’s Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer returned to the ring as a duo on tonight’s “WWE Superstars.” Apparently, the team has been training together in their time off as they worked together like a well-oiled machine. Showing a surprising amount of aggression, the two young talents made short work of a pair of local competitors. After the bout, Hawkins grabbed a microphone and told the WWE Universe that the duo was given a 30-day contract by Teddy Long and had to make an impact. Expect big things from these two.

    Vladimir Kozlov in action (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Is there a more unpleasant Superstar on the WWE roster than Vladimir Kozlov? With a scowl on his face, The Moscow Mauler marched to the ring and made short work of a hapless local competitor. After wiping the ring with his unfortunate opponent, Kozlov finished the job by brutally slamming him to the mat. Only after the destruction was done did The Soviet Cyborg crack a slight smile.

    Maryse & Jillian def. The Bellas (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Ever since she lost the Divas Championship to the gorgeous Eve, Maryse has been driven to get the butterfly back. Tonight, the French-Canadian Diva teamed with the equally evil Jillian to battle the beautiful Bella Twins. While Nikki & Brie used their athleticism to rally early, the sexy sisters couldn’t stop the aggressive Maryse. After the victory, the former Divas Champion continued to batter her opponents until Eve came down to make the save. Maryse managed to escape, but Jillian wasn’t so lucky.

    WWE Superstars 13.05.10

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    Daniels return update

    Daniels return update
    Posted by Mark Virginia on 05/12/2010 at 06:18 PM


    - Christopher Daniels hasn’t committed to any Ring of Honor dates after July and the feeling is that he’s at least in serious talks with TNA about returning.

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    Webmatch: Ink Inc vs. Homicide & Okada
    The TNA Wrestling Weekly Webmatch with Ink Inc vs. Homicide & Okada

    15-05-2010 om 00:56 geschreven door jefken  

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    GUNK TV TRAILER: William Regal

    GUNK TV TRAILER: William Regal

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    Uitslagen NXT 11 MEI

    Wade Barrett def. Heath Slater
    Skip Sheffield def. Darren Young
    David “A-List” Otunga def. Justin Gabriel

    BUFFALO, N.Y. – In the biggest night of WWE NXT history, three NXT Rookies were shockingly eliminated! With only five NXT Rookies left, who will impress the WWE Pros and become WWE’s next Superstar and earn a championship pay-per-view match against a WWE Superstar?

    Michael Tarver and Daniel Bryan eliminated (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    WWE NXT kicked off with the two surprising eliminations of NXT Rookies Michael Tarver and Daniel Bryan. The week before, both NXT Rookies told the WWE Universe that they deserved to be eliminated, and their wishes were granted by WWE Management, regardless of Bryan’s monumental victory the night before on Raw.

    After their eliminations, Tarver and Bryan spoke to WWE NXT host Matt Striker. While Tarver thought the ruling was fair, he didn’t think the contest was. (WATCH) Bryan referenced that Daniel Bryan only exists in WWE and vaguely referenced the name Bryan Danielson. (WATCH)

    Skip Sheffield eliminated (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    After the main event, the WWE Pros’ Poll results were announced, and one more NXT Rookie was eliminated. While most of the six remaining NXT Rookies hoped David “A-List” Otunga would be eliminated, it was Skip Sheffield who received the lowest ranking from the WWE Pros and was the third hopeful to leave the competition. The Cornfed Meathead blamed himself for perhaps not following the guidance of his WWE Pro, William Regal, throughout the first 11 weeks of competition.

    The WWE Pros’ Poll results were as follows:

    1. Wade Barrett
    2. David “A-List” Otunga
    3. Justin Gabriel
    4. Heath Slater
    5. Darren Young
    6. Skip Sheffield

    There will be another Pros’ Poll next week and another NXT Rookie will be eliminated! Which NXT Rookies have impressed the WWE Pros the most this week? poll
    This week, also polled the WWE Universe and asked which NXT Rookie has impressed them most. Here are the results:

    1. Daniel Bryan
    2. Justin Gabriel
    3. Heath Slater
    4. David “A-List” Otunga
    5. Wade Barrett
    6. Darren Young
    7. Skip Sheffield
    8. Michael Tarver

    Return to tomorrow to see a side-by-side comparison of the Poll and the Pros’ Poll results.

    David “A-List” Otunga def. Justin Gabriel (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    After winning last week’s Obstacle Course Challenge, Justin Gabriel called out fellow NXT Rookie, David “A-List” Otunga, stating that his ego outweighs his talent, moments after Otunga lost to his own WWE Pro, R-Truth. But when these two met in singles action, Otunga proved Gabriel wrong. WWE NXT’s “A-Lister” dominated and pinned his opponent, moving his record up to 5-4, while Gabriel’s dropped to 5-3.

    Skip Sheffield def. Darren Young (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Since winning the Rock ’em Sock ’em Rookies Challenge and taking over, NXT Rookie Skip Sheffield was on a winning streak. This week, the Cornfed Meathead earned a victory over the NXT Rookie with the most wins, Darren Young. Before his elimination, Sheffield improved his record to 2-5, while Young’s dropped to 7-3.

    Wade Barrett def. Heath Slater (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Wade Barrett hoped to settle a score with a fellow NXT Rookie from weeks ago when in one of the biggest upsets in WWE NXT history, Heath Slater defeated Barrett’s WWE Pro, six-time World Champion Chris Jericho. While Jericho wasn’t at ringside, Barrett got that revenge, upping his record to 6-4, while Slater’s falls to 5-4.
    Pay-Per-View Schedules

    WWE Next Generation S01E12

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    One Reason Why Rey Mysterio Is Upset
    One of the reasons Rey Mysterio is upset with WWE is because the AAA promotion in Mexico wanted to hold a Rey Misterio Jr. Cup this year and have Rey present the winner with the cup. Rey asked WWE for permission and they said no because they don't want him appearing on a AAA show even if it's just to present a trophy.

    13-05-2010 om 22:50 geschreven door jefken  

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    Ric Flair Praises Jay Lethal
    Ric Flair is now a fan of Jay Lethal. Flair was raving about Lethal for days after the iMPACT tapings, saying that Lethal now does Ric Flair better than The Nature Boy himself. Flair was hanging out with Lethal that night after the show and bragging to everyone.

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    TNA haalt nieuwe knockout binnen
    Duignan called signing with TNA "most emotional day ever" and thanked her trainers (Team 3D) and her fellow students at the 3D academy.
    She kind of looks like a mix between J-Woww and the next Awesome Kong!

    13-05-2010 om 20:10 geschreven door jefken  

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    Wat voor contract lag er voor hardy klaar bij wwe?

    New details on the fallout between Hardy and WWE
    Posted by Mark Virginia on 05/12/2010 at 04:34 PM


    According to Dave Meltzer, WWE's last "unofficial" offer to Jeff Hardy several months ago was a $750,000 downside guarantee. He would have only worked 65 dates a year, which would have given him a even lighter schedule than Shawn Michaels. Hardy ended up turning this offer down and went with TNA instead.

    As reported months ago, Hardy was not happy about how WWE treated him following his arrest both behind the scenes and on television.

    12-05-2010 om 23:56 geschreven door jefken  

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    Angle vergelijkt wwe met tna house shows

    Kurt Angle compares WWE and TNA house shows

    The following is an excerpt from a recent interview with TNA star Kurt Angle:

    Kurt Angle on how TNA house shows differ from WWE: "We (TNA) have a different mentality than the WWE. You know, Vince McMahon likes to keep his wrestlers away from the fans. He doesn’t want any fans in his little fantasy world. But I don’t blame Vince for that and that’s not a bad mentality to have. But we (TNA) have more of a Southern Hospitality. We invite our fans into our locker room, we invite them to meet all of the wrestlers, we let the fans get into the ring if they choose to do so. I think it’s worked really well too, because our house shows (attendance) have been up 30 percent in the past year. I attribute that to how TNA runs the house shows, and the fans really enjoy it. They (fans) go home happy, they get all of the wrestlers autographs, they get to take pictures with whoever was in the main event. I think it’s a really great idea and it’s done really well for us."

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    Ratings raw
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen A ratings disappointment in its own right, TNA iMPACT! was clearly doing little to impact the weekly RAW rating. Monday's edition of WWE RAW, the first to air without competition from the TNA program in weeks, saw virtually no ratings benefit from TNA's move back to Thursdays.

    the show posted a 3.05 cable rating off hours of 3.0 and 3.1. The figure is right in line with what the show was doing against iMPACT! in April.

    Total viewership was 4.41 million, up from last week's 4.33 million.

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    GUNKtv brengt exclusief World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE®) naar Vlaanderen
    GUNKtv brengt exclusief World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE®) naar Vlaanderen
    WWE is te bekijken in 145 landen in 30 verschillende talen maar was nog nooit eerder op de Vlaamse Televisie. WWE is al jaren een echt kijkcijferkanon in de US en UK, en trekt meer dan 500 miljoen kijkers wereldwijd aan.

    Bij een navraag onder de kijkers van GUNKtv kwam WWE als één van de meeste aangevraagde entertainmentsporten naar voor.  GUNKtv blijft investeren in eigen producties maar wil ook enkele buitenlandse topproducties aan zijn portfolio toevoegen om de verdere groei van de zender te garanderen. WWE past als dusdanig perfect in het imago van GUNKtv: Stoer, stout en eerlijk.

    Nu gaat, na lange onderhandelingen, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) een samenwerking aan met België’s snelst groeiende televisiezender GUNKtv. Dankzij deze samenwerking serveert GUNKtv jullie wekelijks een aflevering van WWE’s vlaggenschip RAW, slechts enkele dagen na de opname van de verschillende wrestling events.
    Vanaf woensdag 21 mei kunnen de fans wekelijks terecht op GUNKtv om hun favoriete WWE Supersterren en Diva’s uit RAW aan het werk te zien. Dit elke woensdagavond tussen 22u00 en 23u00 en vrijdagavond tussen 21u00 en 22u00.

    De show wordt uitgezonden in het Engels maar, en dit voor de allereerste keer, met Nederlandstalige ondertiteling voor de Vlaamse WWE-fans.

    Stefan Devroey, CEO T.Vgas: We zijn uiteraard trots en enthousiast dat België’s snelst groeiende televisiezender, GUNKtv, de eer krijgt om World Wrestling Entertainment te introduceren aan de Vlaamse televisiekijker. We zijn blij deze samenwerking te kunnen aangaan want op deze manier kunnen onze kijkers het volgende jaar optimaal genieten van de succesvolle mix tussen sport en entertainment die WWE te bieden heeft.

    Dominic Hayes, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of International Television and Digital van WWE voegt daar nog het volgende aan toe: “Deze nieuwe samenwerking met GUNKtv is nog maar eens het bewijs van het succes en de voortdurende groei van de WWE-brand in Europa. We zijn blij met GUNKtv te kunnen samenwerken en op deze wijze WWE’s unieke entertainment te kunnen introduceren aan een breder publiek in België.”

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    - The decision to put Vickie Guerrero on RAW last night was made this past Thursday. It was supposed to be a one-week deal but WWE were pleased with the heat she received and the talk now is that she may be brought back full-time for the role.

    11-05-2010 om 21:58 geschreven door jefken  

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    Kane injured in Mexico

    - Kane suffered an ankle injury at last night's WWE live event in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. It's not believed to be too serious of an injury.

    11-05-2010 om 21:55 geschreven door jefken  

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    - Melina noted on Twitter that her physical therapy is going well but she doesn't know how much longer she will be out of the ring. Her trainers feel it should take 3-4 more months to fully heal but her doctor has said she could return in late June or July.

    11-05-2010 om 21:52 geschreven door jefken  

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    Uitslagen raw 10 mei
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    Chris Jericho def. Unified Tag Team Champion David Hart Smith
    R-Truth def. William Regal by Disqualification
    Evan Bourne def. Zack Ryder
    Unified Tag Team Champion Tyson Kidd def. United States Champion The Miz in a Non-Title Match
    NXT Rookies Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Skip Sheffield, Wade Barrett, David "A-List" Otunga, Michael Tarver & Darren Young def. Raw Superstars Santino Marella, John Morrison, Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust
    Mark Henry vs. Batista ended in a No Contest
    Randy Orton def. Edge & Ted DiBiase in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match

    PITTSBURGH – “The sole advantage of power is that you can do more good.” – Baltasar Gracian

    It’s a pretty solid bet that Vickie Guerrero has never heard that quote. And while her reign as Raw’s General Manager proved mercifully brief, the ripples she caused are certain to reverberate for weeks to come.

    Randy Orton def. Edge & Ted DiBiase in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    While the odds were against him, Randy Orton somehow managed to slither out of Pittsburgh’s Mellon Arena with a huge win. After orders from Raw’s new General Manager, Vickie Guerrero, The Viper was forced to compete in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match against Edge and The Rated-R Superstar’s hand-picked partner, Ted DiBiase. During the bout, Orton capitalized on a distraction from R-Truth, who gleefully watched as his tormentor DiBiase suffered the pin.

    The drama continued to unfold as Orton trained his fury on Guerrero. Before he could sink his fangs into her, however, she frantically resigned her post as Raw GM. While Vickie scampered away, Edge tried to sneak up on his former Rated-RKO partner, but WWE’s Apex Predator turned the tables and leveled The Ultimate Opportunist with a ruinous RKO – the second in two weeks – outside of the ring.

    Buzz Aldrin to act as special guest host in a two-hour, commercial-free Raw next week
    It’ll be one small step for man, one giant leap for the WWE Universe when famed U.S. astronaut Buzz Aldrin drops by to host a two-hour, commercial-free edition of Monday Night Raw in Toronto. Also next week, in addition to the United States Title Match, WWE Champion John Cena will face off against Sheamus.

    Mark Henry vs. Batista ended in a No Contest (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Batista’s rage wouldn’t allow him to wait. Before his opponent, Mark Henry, even entered the ring, The Animal attacked. Undoubtedly feeding off of Henry’s earlier assistance in helping WWE Champion John Cena, Batista punished The World’s Strongest Man, making him tap out in pain. The sadistic showcase proved a clear message to The Champ: If I can make The World’s Strongest Man tap out, I can make you say, “I quit.”

    NXT Rookies def. Raw Superstars in a 4-on-8 Tag Team Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    With just 24 hours remaining until one of them is eliminated from the competition, you can be sure that all eight NXT Rookies were out to impress as they battled four Raw Superstars. In the end, Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Skip Sheffield, Wade Barrett, David “A-List” Otunga, Michael Tarver & Darren Young defeated Santino Marella, John Morrison, Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust when Bryan managed a pin on Marella - his first win in WWE - and gained precious momentum going into Tuesday’s elimination ceremony.

    Unified Tag Team Champion Tyson Kidd def. United States Champion The Miz in a Non-Title Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Unlike his opponent, Tyson Kidd let his actions do the talking. Kidd avenged his partner’s earlier loss to Chris Jericho by defeating Jericho’s partner, United States Champion The Miz. Kidd’s win earned a title match for one member of The Hart Dynasty next Monday night.

    As The Hart Dynasty – including Kidd, David Hart Smith and Natalya – celebrated, Miz smugly informed them that the contract stipulates that were he to lose, he would get to choose which member of the Hart family he will compete against. His decision? Next Monday night in Toronto, the United States Champion will defend his title against WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hit Man” Hart!

    WWE Champion John Cena announced “I Quit” Title Match at Over the Limit (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    After being attacked last week by Sheamus before he could announce the stipulations for his WWE Title Match against Batista at Over the Limit, John Cena was determined to cut to the chase. The championship bout will be an “I Quit” Match, meaning, to win, a Superstar must punish his opponent enough to make them say, “I quit.”

    After the announcement, The Champ called out The Celtic Warrior to avenge his ambush from a week earlier. As Sheamus approached the ring, The Animal slipped in as well, and the two powerhouses double-teamed their rival. Before medical personnel were needed, Mark Henry raced to Cena’s rescue and chased off his attackers.

    Evan Bourne def. Zack Ryder (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Zack Ryder’s boasts continue to hold about as much water as a drained hot tub. Once again, The Long Island Lothario brought out Alicia Fox and Gail Kim to watch him compete. And once again, Ryder came up empty. This time, Ryder lost to Evan Bourne after Alicia tried to help him only to be stopped by Gail. After the match, a disgusted Gail left her fellow Diva to tend to Ryder and ended up leaving with “Air” Bourne.

    R-Truth def. William Regal by Disqualification (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Money can’t buy everything – but it certainly helps. Unfortunately for R-Truth, that axiom became evident during his bout against William Regal. With special guest host Flavor Flav cheering him on at ringside, Truth had Regal on the ropes when Carlito & Primo Colon charged the ring and threw Truth a devious beat-down.

    As the Boriqua brothers scurried up the entrance ramp, they were greeted by Ted DiBiase, who had offended Truth weeks earlier by proposing that he become DiBiase’s “Virgil,” a reference to the man-servant of his father. The younger DiBiase shook hands with the Colons and indicated to a dazed Truth that, like so many before them, they too had a price and were willing to do his bidding.

    Chris Jericho def. Unified Tag Team Champion David Hart Smith (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    When Chris Jericho was drafted to Monday nights, the self-important Superstar quickly gravitated toward the one man whose sense of self rivals his own: United States Champion The Miz. Once aligned, the “Screaming Egos” immediately formulated a plan to capture the Unified Tag Team Titles from The Hart Dynasty.

    Consider them one step closer after Jericho faced off against David Hart Smith in singles competition. Thanks to a Jericho victory, he and Miz will now receive a Unified Tag Team Title Match at Over the Limit.

    Randy Orton attacked singer Meat Loaf; Edge announced Vickie Guerrero as Raw GM (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Randy Orton was trying to make a point. As he discussed his distrust of Edge inside of Pittsburgh’s Mellon Arena, however, singer Meat Loaf barged in like a bat out of … well, you know. The Grammy Award-winning artist explained that he was in town promoting his latest album “Hang Cool Teddy Bear” and is a huge fan of The Viper. Just when Mr. Loaf prepared to belt out one of his new tunes, though, Orton leveled him with an RKO.

    In the commotion that followed, Edge emerged to inform his former tag team partner that a new permanent General Manager of Raw was being installed at his behest: Vickie Guerrero. Guerrero, who had previously been married to The Rated-R Superstar, also appeared to insist that her relationship with The Ultimate Opportunist would not affect her decision-making. Unfortunately, her argument rang hollow when, moments later, she announced a 2-on-1 Handicap Match pitting Orton against Edge and a partner of his choosing for later in the evening as a means to reprimand The Viper.

    Monday Night Raw 10.05.10


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    Catch TNA Wrestling "iMPACT!" as it returns to Thursdays this week starting at 9pm ET!

    - In a Dream Match main event, it will be TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam facing "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy and "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles in a 3-way bout between the most exciting superstars in wrestling today!

    - Taylor Wilde will take on Tara in Knockouts action

    - In X Division action it will be Douglas Williams facing Kendrick

    - Four-way tag team action with Motor City Machine Guns vs Team 3D vs Beer Money vs Ink Inc

    - What will go down involving Jeff Jarrett and Sting? Will Sting ever explain his actions? Will Jarrett get revenge for the recent attacks by Sting? Find out on Thursday, May 13!

    - Who will Hulk Hogan select as Matt Morgan's tag team partner in the World Tag Team Title match at "Sacrifice" against Ink Inc?

    - Will Eric Young explain why he decided to re-join Kevin Nash and help The Band?

    - Tune in for more news on the May 16 "Sacrifice" Pay-Per-View event

    All this and much more this Thursday night, May 13 on TNA "IMPACT!" on Spike!

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    Gregory Helms will be joining TNA Wrestling once his ninety no-compete clause with World Wrestling Entertainment expires in late May. He has already made verbal deal with the organization through Jeff Hardy. He will most likely be performing under his WCW ring name, Shane Helms.

    On another note, there is talk of starting a faction with Hardy, Helms, Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal.

    11-05-2010 om 21:11 geschreven door jefken  

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    Jeff Hardy Talks About His Favorite Matches

    Jeff Hardy was interviewed on the TNA website by teen actor Booboo Stewart. To read the full interview, visit TNA's official website (LINK). Here are some highlights of what Hardy said about:

    Favorite Career Match: "Overall, it would have to be at WrestleMania X-Seven in Houston," Hardy said. "It was the second TLC Match and it’s the one where Edge speared me when I was hanging from the belt hook above the ring.

    Favorite TNA Match: "In TNA, it was definitely Monster’s Ball from the first ever Bound for Glory in 2005. It was me, Abyss, Rhino, and Sabu. Both of those matches were matches with stipulations. If you want to know about my favorite regular match of all time, it was at Great American Bash 2008 against Umaga."

    His Dream MAtch: "It would be 'The Charismatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy against 'The Icon' Sting in a paint vs. paint match. I’m talking about the crow version (current) Sting. It has never happened before, but never say never."

    11-05-2010 om 20:55 geschreven door jefken  

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    TNA World X Cup Update - Is It Returning This Year?
    TNA has held a World X Cup Tournament every other year since 2004, with the last one taking place in 2008.

    This year would have been the next one but there are no plans for a tournament at this time.

    11-05-2010 om 20:52 geschreven door jefken  

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    TNA Wrestler and Knockout Likely Being Released Soon

    - Taylor Wilde may be released from TNA soon as her contract expires this Summer and there is talk that the company doesn’t want to re-new her deal.

    - Another star that may be on his way out of TNA is Brutus Magnus. There is some heat on Magnus with TNA officials and his deal is also expiring soon.

    11-05-2010 om 20:43 geschreven door jefken  

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