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  • WWE Confirms Reports of Finn Balor's Injury
  • Awesome Kong released by TNA
  • Christopher Daniels Inks Deal with Ring of Honor
  • Davey Richards Not Returning Anytime Soon
  • Top WWE Diva Suffers Injury
  • Interesting WrestleMania Injury Stat
  • The reason why James Storm turned down WWE
  • James Storm Returns to TNA Wrestling
  • Second Royal Rumble Entrant Revealed
  • News on Rey Mysterio's LU Status
  • Could Taryn Terrell Be Done With TNA Wrestling?
  • Rumored **SPOILER** – Who Is TNA’s ‘The Miracle’?
  • The Lineup For TNA iMPACT!’s LIVE Debut On POP TV
  • GFW Crowns Their Four Champions
  • AJ Styles Suffers An Injury
  • Maria Kanellis' Contract with ROH Expiring
  • Update on Dolph Ziggler's WWE Status
  • Alex Riley Shoots on WWE Tough Enough
  • Adam Rose Name Change
  • Conflicting Reports on Erick Rowan's Injury
  • Big Show Mocks Turning Babyface & Heel
  • King of the Mountain Championship Title Plans
  • Alex Shelley Returning to Ring of Honor
  • Magnus Joins Global Force Wrestling
  • News Regarding Kurt Angle's Neck Surgery
  • SPOILER: Update On Jeff Jarrett And TNA
  • Title Changes Hands at Money in the Bank
  • Global Force Wrestling Results - 6/13/15
  • Kevin Nash & Others Working GFW Event
  • Global Force Wrestling Results - 6/12/15
  • GFW using a six-sided ring for first show
  • New Match Added to TNA's Slammiversary Event
  • Jarrett Reacts to TNA Pulling Tyrus from GFW Events
  • Kazarian Says Suicide Character Wasn't Him
  • Ex-TNA Knockout Retiring from Wrestling
  • Rusev Pulled from Elimination Chamber
  • Major Main Roster Plans For NXT Star?
  • Matt Hardy Comments on Impact Cancellation Reports
  • News Regarding TNA & Shelton Benjamin Deal
  • Ook WCCW naar Destination America
  • Possible Reason Why Sasha Missed Several Events
  • WWE Deal to Keep Samoa Joe Off ROH Television?
  • Rusev Suffers Injury at SmackDown Tapings
  • Update on Scott Hall Being Pulled from GFW
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  • Ook Arnold Schwarzenegger terug voor 'Escape Plan 2'
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    Haalt TNA DANIELS terug?

    - TNA is wanting to bring back Daniels under a pay-per-appearance deal. There is some speculation that the reason Daniels was released was because of his guaranteed contract. He was among the higher paid guys in the company, but since there weren't plans to use him in a main event level, they decided to get rid of him.


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    Verlaat TARA TNA ?

    Details on Tara leaving TNA Wrestling
    Posted by Mark Virginia on 04/28/2010 at 02:28 PM

    There have been rumblings that TNA Knockout Tara may leave TNA when her contract is up next month.

    She wrote the following on Twitter: "The one thing I can say about the rumors is that my contract is up on May 21st."

    Reports say that Tara has asked for some time off and wants to focus more on her custom auto detail shop in Kentucky. There has also been issues between Tara and some of the other Knockouts. Sources say Tara is always making comments about how things have been done in WWE which has rubbed some people the wrong way.

    Tara took to MySpace this afternoon with the following:

    It appears that I'm winding down at TNA. Unfortunately some organizations "leak" information to wrestling websites to put their spin on a situation, to make sure they come out in the best light. Not me. I'm gonna say it. I'm gonna put my name on it. And I'm going to stand behind it.

    I came to TNA last year because I still had a lot of wrestling left in me. I was paid a fraction of what I thought I deserved. But I wanted to show I was still at the top of my game. Now my contract is up in May. I want a modest pay increase. They don't want to pay me what I think is fair. I have no problem going my own way.

    But about 12 hours after the conversation where we didn't agree on pay, unnamed sources claim that I am hard to work with and that I don't give my best effort. My only response is that TNA made an aggressive effort to re-sign me, among other things saying that they want to build the women's division around me. And I think wrestling fans see, both on TV and at live events, that I always give 100%. I take pride in that. Smearing me on the way out the door is an act of second rate character.

    I take pride in making my best effort to elevate my own wrestling and the entire TNA Women's Division. If people were rubbed the wrong way in the process, I stand behind my work and my positive intentions.

    In closing I will say this. In the few weeks that I have left in TNA, I will be the same wrestler that you have seen for the past ten years. After that, I haven't decided if I will stay in wrestling, or finally make the jump to MMA. I do have a lot of irons in the fire. We'll see where life takes me. But wherever that is, there's gonna be competition, and I'm gonna give it my all.

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    Uitslagen smackdown 30 april
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    Kofi Kingston def. Chris Jericho
    Cody Rhodes def. John Morrison
    Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly def. Michelle McCool & Layla
    Rey Mysterio & MVP def. CM Punk & Luke Gallows

    HERSHEY, Pa. – Four days after the 2010 WWE Draft completely transformed the landscape of SmackDown, an explosive flurry of newly-drafted Superstars wasted no time making their monumental impact on Friday night.

    Big Show knocked out World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    After reigning supreme against Randy Orton at Extreme Rules and spending most of SmackDown reciting his lifelong achievements, World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger attempted to further inform the angry WWE Universe in his second “State of the Championship Address” since winning the World Title.

    But, Swagger was soon interrupted by SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long, who proceeded to introduce “The All-American American” to his No. 1 Contender, the newly  drafted Big Show.

    Making his return to SmackDown, The World’s Largest Athlete had already made his presence felt earlier in the night, knocking out both Chris Jericho and Edge.  And now, after suggesting that Swagger add “early retirement” to his resume, Big Show delivered his third earth-shattering knockout blow to the outspoken World Champion.

    Rey Mysterio & MVP def. CM Punk & Luke Gallows (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Making his return to SmackDown as a result of the 2010 WWE Draft, MVP interrupted The Straight Edge Society, claiming that he was ‘saving” the WWE Universe from having to listen to them anymore. After going on a straight-up ballin’ attack, The Franchise Playa was joined in battle by Rey Mysterio. The assault prompted SmackDown GM Teddy Long to make a tag team match between the two teams.

    Mysterio and MVP ultimately overcame CM Punk and Luke Gallows with an explosive 619-305 combination. But after the bell, the “unknown stranger” that helped The Second City Saint beat The Master of the 619 at Extreme Rules, appeared again and launched another hit-and-run assault on the masked Superstar.

    Dolph Ziggler relished in his actions on Monday Night Raw
    An elated Ziggler shared his glee with the WWE Universe after locking in his infamous sleeper hold on Hornswoggle during Monday Night Raw, sending him somewhere over the rainbow. The pint-sized Superstar is the latest in a string of Ziggler’s sleeper hold victims, including The Great Khali, Kane, R-Truth and even Josh Mathews.

    Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly def. Michelle McCool & Layla (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    The impressive combination of  new Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix and newly drafted Diva Kelly Kelly proved triumphant over Team Lay-Cool. After cleaning house with absolute dominance, The Glamazon tagged in Kelly Kelly, who dropped a leg on Layla for the huge victory.  

    Edge’s exit from SmackDown clashed with Christian’s emergence (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    After being drafted to Raw, Edge came before the WWE Universe to explain his seemingly sincere regrets about leaving “his show.” But, before he could finish, recently drafted Christian – his best friend since the sixth grade and former “E & C” tag team partner – emerged, accusing The Rated-R Superstar of being insincere to the fans. After The Ultimate Opportunist admitted to playing the WWE Universe to get what he wanted, Captain Charisma said he’d rather face Edge in a match than partner with him. Instead of accepting the challenge, the nine-time World Champion hit his former friend with a cheap shot. However, Christian fought back and eventually drove Edge from the ring. With Edge in retreat, Christian led the Hershey crowd in a rendition of “Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye.”

    Cody Rhodes def. John Morrison (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    In his first match since being drafted to SmackDown, Cody Rhodes overcame The Guru of Greatness with the Cross Rhodes. The showdown marked Morrison’s last match before departing for Monday Night Raw.

    Kane welcomed Chavo Guerrero back to SmackDown (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    The Big Red Monster interrupted the reemergence of newly drafted Chavo Guerrero, “welcoming back” the self-proclaimed Mexican Warrior with a vicious chokeslam.

    Kofi Kingston def. Chris Jericho (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    At the 2010 WWE Draft on Raw, Kofi Kingston was selected to move to SmackDown, while Chris Jericho was selected to rejoin the Raw roster. Following his draft announcement, Kofi celebrated his change of venue by hitting Trouble in Paradise on the first-ever Undisputed WWE Champion. And in his first match as a Friday night Superstar, Kingston increased his momentum with the “Boom, Boom, Boom,” sending the self-proclaimed “face of SmackDown” off to Raw with a second Trouble in Paradise. 

    This was not the first time Kingston scored a post-draft win over Chris Jericho. In his first match after being drafted to Raw in 2008, Kofi triumphed over Jericho to capture the Intercontinental Championship.

    Friday Night Smackdown 30.04.10

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    Verandert de Global title opnieuw van naam?

    TNA could be dipping into the nineties well again as there has been talk of changing the Global Championship currently held by Rob Terry to a "Hardcore" title.

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    A new women's group, Female Fight League

    A new women's group, Female Fight League, was announced this past week at the Cauliflower Alley Club reunion in Las Vegas. The group is spearheaded by ChickFight founder Jason Deadrich and Melissa Anderson, better known as Alissa Flash in TNA or Cheerleader Melissa and Stephane Bruyere, co-founder of Canada's NCW Femme Fatales. A press release reads: "The FFL is a collaborate organization dedicated to bring respect back to women's professional wrestling. By providing support and resources to pro wrestling's top promotions for their respective womens divisions, we vow to bring women's wrestling to a new plateau. The FFL consists of some of the greatest wrestlers and promoters in women's wrestling, working together to better the future of our industry. The FFL is currently represented by promotions in the United States, Canada, and Europe." More info at

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    Bubba the Love Sponge ontslagen

    TNA Wrestling issued the following statement concerning Bubba the Love Sponge this evening:

    Info Regarding Bubba The Love Sponge

    Effective immediately, TNA Wrestling has elected to terminate the services of Todd Clem p/k/a Bubba the Love Sponge.

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    Nog een ontslag bij wwe

    WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstar Tony Atlas as of today April 30, 2010. We wish Tony the best in all future endeavors.

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    Webmatch: Robert Roode vs. Chris Sabin
    Webmatch: Robert Roode vs. Chris Sabin

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    Preview: Monday's iMPACT On Spike
    Preview: Monday's iMPACT On Spike

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    Uitslagen wwe superstars 29 april
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    Gail Kim def. Jillian
    Zack Ryder def. Primo
    Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty def. The Dudebusters

    Call it fate. Since The Hart Dynasty formed in WWE last year, the WWE Universe knew it was only a matter of time before this talented team would grab the Unified Tag Team Championships. With the beautiful Natalya by their side, Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith made good on that expectation on Monday night, but how would they fare once they held the titles? Would the pressure of being on top of the tag division get to them? That question would be answered on tonight’s “WWE Superstars.”

    Don’t know where to catch “WWE Superstars”? Find WGN America in your area. Can't see “WWE Superstars” on WGN America in your area? Stay with for full results, photos and video clips of all the action.

    Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty def. The Dudebusters (PHOTOS | VIDEOS)
    In their first title defense since capturing the Unified Tag Team Championships from The Miz & Big Show on Raw, The Hart Dynasty proved their victory was no fluke. Going up against the talented young duo of Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta, Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith had to be prepared for an explosive team that wasn’t afraid to take risks. Unsurprisingly, the Hart Dungeon-trained technicians rose to the occasion, grounding their high-flying opponents with devastating submission maneuvers before putting Croft away with the Hart Attack.

    Zack Ryder def. Primo (PHOTOS | VIDEOS)
    Zack Ryder can’t be a happy man. During Tuesday’s Supplemental Draft on, it was revealed that Ryder’s main squeeze, Rosa Mendes, is headed to SmackDown. Knowing this might be the last time his lady was at ringside, Ryder was particularly aggressive against Primo, chopping and kicking him with brutal strikes before putting him away with the Zack Attack. After the bout, Rosa planted a smooch on Ryder’s cheek, but was it a kiss goodbye?

    Gail Kim def. Jillian (PHOTOS | VIDEOS)
    Thursday’s “WWE Superstars” kicked off with a showdown between two of Raw’s most talented Divas — the athletically gifted Gail Kim and the vocally hopeless Jillian. While the tone-deaf Diva could have sung Gail into submission, she opted to attack with the kind of vicious offense she is infamous for. Still, despite Jillian’s barrage, Gail kept her cool and found an opening to nail her obnoxious opponent with Eat Defeat to grab the win.

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    In wie is TNA het meest geintreseerd van de wwe ontslagen

    Out of the WWE releases last week, the top two names that TNA are most interested in is Shelton Benjamin and Mickie James. It's said that they don't have interest in Jimmy Wang Yang because he left there on bad terms year ago after no-showing a pay-per-view to return to WWE but some say that it was so many years ago he may have a chance now. As noted before, TNA also has interest in Charlie Haas.

    It should be noted that with both Shelton, Haas and Mickie, they wrestled in WWE using their real names and wouldn't have to change their names or gimmick if they signed with TNA.

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    Uitslagen nxt 27 april
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    Wade Barrett & Chris Jericho def. Heath Slater & Christian
    Darren Young def. Michael Tarver
    Skip Sheffield def. Daniel Bryan

    HERSHEY, Pa. – The intensity of competition increased this week, as one winless NXT Rookie finally earned a much-needed victory, while another called out his own WWE Pro just two weeks before the next Pros’ Poll reveals the Rookie Rankings.

    Skip Sheffield def. Daniel Bryan (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Riding the momentum he picked up last week by winning the Rookies Challenge, NXT Rookie Skip Sheffield finally earned his first victory on Tuesday’s WWE NXT. The Cornfed Meathead faced fellow NXT Rookie Daniel Bryan when Bryan’s WWE Pro, The Miz, declared he was unable to compete due to the injuries he suffered from Big Show’s knockout punch the night before on Raw. Sheffield countered Bryan’s impressive offensive efforts and submission holds with a dominating defense, quickly unleashing his Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder finisher on the much-smaller Bryan. Finally, Sheffield’s WWE Pro, William Regal, gave him an approving glare after the match, while The Miz remained frustrated with his NXT Rookie, Bryan. With the victory, Sheffield’s record moved to 1-5, while Bryan remained winless and is now 0-9. (WATCH: The WWE Pros discuss Daniel Bryan)

    NXT Rookies competed in the Seal the Deal Challenge (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    This week’s NXT Rookies Challenge tested the competitors’ salesmanship skills. Each NXT Rookie entered the crowd at the GIANT Center and had 60 seconds each to sell as many WWE programs as possible to the WWE Universe. While some NXT Rookies, such as Wade Barrett, Michael Tarver and Daniel Bryan, refused to compete, the others gave it their all. David “A-List” Otunga enlisted the help of two young members of the WWE Universe to help him earn $315. For his efforts, Otunga earned the chance to face the WWE Pro of his choice on next week’s show. His pick? None other than his own WWE Pro, R-Truth, who he’s had a rocky relationship with lately. (WATCH: R-Truth talks to Otunga)

    “I think it’s time the student beats the teacher,” Otunga said. “Oh it’s going to happen, you can count on that!” (WATCH)

    In just two weeks, the second Pros’ Poll will be revealed, and the NXT Rookie ranked last will be eliminated from the competition! Therefore, the NXT Rookies must not only survive the intensifying pressure, but also thrive on it to become WWE’s newest breakout Superstar. The winner will earn a title match against the champion of his choice, live on pay-per-view. (WATCH: The WWE Pros discuss Justin Gabriel)

    Darren Young def. Michael Tarver (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Darren Young’s hot streak continued with a win over fellow NXT Rookie Michael Tarver this week. The South Beach party boy was shockingly assisted by recent rival and Straight Edge Society member, Luke Gallows, who took out Tarver while the WWE Official was distracted by SES’s Serena, allowing Young to get the pin. While they may have helped Young, the SES didn’t offer him any high-fives after the match. Young’s record improved to 7-2, arguably making him Tuesday night’s most-improved NXT Rookie, while Tarver’s record fell to 0-7. (WATCH: The WWE Pros discuss Michael Tarver)

    Wade Barrett & Chris Jericho def. Heath Slater & Christian (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    NXT Rookie Heath Slater had been riding high after his victory over WWE Pro Chris Jericho on last week’s WWE NXT. But on this week’s Raw, the six-time World Champion silenced the “one-man rock band” with a Codebreaker and a victory over his WWE Pro, Christian. Jericho’s momentum continued on WWE NXT as he earned a tag team win for himself and his NXT Rookie, Wade Barrett, by hitting the Codebreaker on Slater for the second night in a row. While Slater will always be able to boast he has a win over Jericho, this week his record moved to 5-3, while Barrett’s increased to 5-4.

    WWE Next Generation S01E10

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    Shimmer Volume 28 DVD

    1. Portuguese Princess Ariel vs. Malia Hosaka
    2. Kimberly Kash vs. Melanie Cruise
    3. Ashley Lane & Nevaeh vs. Kacey Diamond & Sassy Stephie
    4. Nikki Roxx vs. Wesna Busic
    5. Rachel Summerlyn vs. Daffney
    6. Jessie McKay & Tenille vs. "The International Home Wrecking Crew" Rain & Jetta (w/ Lacey)
    7. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Kellie Skater
    8. Mercedes Martinez vs. Cat Power
    9. Allison Danger vs. Nicole Matthews
    10. Ayako Hamada vs. Sara Del Rey
    11. SHIMMER Title Match: MsChif vs. Amazing Kong vs. LuFisto

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    Jericho's reaction to being drafted to RAW

    Jericho's reaction to being drafted to RAW

    The following is a quote from Chris Jericho from where he reacts to being drafted to RAW:

    "I've spent most of the year on Smackdown, Raw and NXT, so what's the difference?"

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    Matt Hardy enkele weken geblesseerd

    Matt Hardy out of action for a few weeks
    Posted by Chris Kaufman on 04/28/2010 at 01:14 AM

    The following was posted on the official Twitter page of WWE Superstar Matt Hardy:

    "Sorry I couldn't wrestle on Raw last night due to my head injury caused by that reckless bastard Drew McIntyre.. Looks like I'm gonna be out of the ring for a couple weeks. I apologize to my fans for that. I just hope I'm cleared & they allow me to get back in a WWE ring soon."

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    MVP - Drafted to SmackDown

    Drafted from: Raw

    Montel Vontavious Porter returns to SmackDown to keep Friday nights poppin'. The Franchise Playa from the 305 brings his athleticism, swagger and call-it-like-he-sees-it honesty to the blue brand. Whatever direction he decides to take at SmackDown, one thing is guaranteed: MVP will keep things real. 

    Unified Tag Team Champions David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd - drafted to Raw

    Drafted from: SmackDown

    On the night of the 2010 WWE Draft, David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd rocked Raw by capturing the Unified Tag Team Titles from Big Show & United States Champion The Miz. Now that they make a move to Monday nights, what will the future hold for these fired-up young champions?

    Rosa Mendes - drafted to SmackDown

    Drafted from: Raw

    Zack Ryder is going to be a very unhappy man when he finds out that his gorgeous arm candy, Rosa Mendes, has been drafted to SmackDown. Still, even without The Long Island Loudmouth by her side, the fiery Diva will have no problem making an impact on Friday nights.

    Hornswoggle - drafted to SmackDown

    Drafted from: Raw

    For the third consecutive year, this tiny tussler has factored big-time into the WWE Supplemental Draft. And now he returns home to the Friday night brand from where he started. Hornswoggle may be a pint-sized pugilist, but the WWE Universe knows that his presence is huge wherever he is!

    goldust - drafted to raw

    Drafted from: SmackDown

    The Bizarre One descends upon Raw with his love for gold and mind games that are guaranteed to tarnish any opponent's ring strategy. A veteran Superstar who's no stranger to championship gold, Goldust will test his adversaries' mettle, and leave them down on the canvas holding onto "Shattered Dreams."

    Ezekiel Jackson - drafted to Raw

    Drafted from: SmackDown

    Think about it - 23-inch arms, a 52-inch chest, a 20-inch neck and 30-inch thighs. Is it any wonder why Big Zeke may become one of the Monday night brand's most dominant competitors in 2010? He was the last Superstar to capture the ECW Title, and you can be sure that he'll have his sights set on the WWE Championship before long.

    Chris Masters - drafted to SmackDown

    Drafted from: Raw

    "The Masterpiece" has the tools to draw himself prominently into the landscape of Friday Night SmackDown. A sculptured portrait of pure power, he's also more than capable of slapping on a Master Lock that will secure his rise to the top.

    Natalya - drafted to Raw

    Drafted from: SmackDown

    One night after the Hart Dynasty Diva celebrated as David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd captured the Unified Tag Team Titles, she was drafted over to Raw. Still, any member of the Hart lineage is a force to be reckoned with, and Natalya is certainly no exception.

    Cody Rhodes - drafted to SmackDown

    Drafted from: Raw

    Cody Rhodes brings the experience he gained under Randy Orton’s tutelage to Friday nights. After being punted in the head by The Viper at WrestleMania, the son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes will no doubt look to regroup and follow in his father’s footsteps, thus creating his own legacy at the top of SmackDown.

    Chavo Guerrero - drafted to SmackDown

    Drafted from: Raw

    The self-proclaimed “Mexican Warrior” returns to Friday nights. Whether or not he's accompanied by the seemingly perennial chip on his shoulder is another question altogether. Regardless, Chavo is a top competitor who's guaranteed to stir up trouble no matter which WWE brand he's part of.

    The Great Khali & Ranjin singh - drafted to Raw

    Drafted from: SmackDown

    The Great Khali says that he and his brother Ranjin Singh are happy to make the switch to Monday nights. At 7-foot-3 and more than 420 pounds, The Punjabi Playboy is a former World Champion who will no doubt leave a sizeable impression on Raw when he makes his return to WWE.

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    TNA Interested in Shelton Benjamin

    TNA is interested in signing Shelton Benjamin, especially since Charlie Haas was recently released from WWE also. Believe it or not, there was talk over the weekend of re-forming Team Angle with Kurt Angle, Shelton and Haas, something that was done in WWE almost a decade ago.

    28-04-2010 om 12:44 geschreven door jefken  

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    Scott Steiner Wins Title
    Scott Steiner Wins Title

    28-04-2010 om 12:40 geschreven door jefken  

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    A Public Service Announcement From The Motor City Machine Guns
    A Public Service Announcement From The Motor City Machine Guns

    28-04-2010 om 12:37 geschreven door jefken  

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    Uitslagen TNA 26 april
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    TNA iMPACT! Results - April 26, 2010
    Posted by Andy Steven on 04/26/2010 at 08:45 PM

    TNA Impact Results
    April 26, 2010

    TNA Impact Opener:
    [Q1] Footage aired of RVD defeating Jeff Hardy and then A.J. Styles to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship to the sound of Hulk Hogan's voice letting everyone know just how important it is to be a World Champion. Tonight's show is entitled "Mr. Monday Night." ...

    The opening video aired and fireworks lit up the Impact Zone. Hulk Hogan's music hit and he made his way out to the ring. Hogan said he has been on a high since Lockdown and Impact last week. Things were really changing and being the TNA Heavyweight Champion means more than even he could ever imagine.

    Hogan said RVD had a big target on his back right now. He reminded us of Eric Bischoff's top ten ranking system. He said the fans would have a huge influence on the rankings. He called Jeff Hardy one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and got by him. He then called Styles "one of the greatest of our time." Okay, that meant a little less after what he said about Hardy.

    He introduced the new TNA Heavyweight Champion, Rob Van Dam. RVD came out with the belt around his waist and to a hot crowd chanting his name. Hogan and RVD slapped hands and fist bumped in the ring. "Thanks Hulky." ...

    RVD said he wanted to be called "Mr. TNA." He kept calling Hogan "Hulky." He said he came to TNA because from the top on down, he was allowed to be himself. "Nobody understands our connection, and nobody understands my connection with Mother Earth's finest." He said he was the best in the world at what he does...

    A.J. Styles and Ric Flair came out to the ring. Hogan said nobody invited "you two ex champions out here." Styles asked RVD, "Did you really say you were going to be the best TNA Champion ever? Are you high right now? You must be high?" Funny. Styles said he was stuck in a "BS tag match" instead of a rematch tonight...

    Styles said he would have his rematch when he wanted it and where he wanted it. The crowd was hot for Styles. Flair took over the mic and told RVD "being World Champion is pretty cool." He said he had a personal problem with Hogan.

    [Q2] Flair said he was going to "end Abyss" tonight and end the "mockery" that was Hogan giving Abyss his Hall of Fame ring. Flair said he specialized in big guys and was going to teach Abyss a lesson tonight. His music hit and they took off...

    The Beautiful People were all glittery backstage. Madison Rayne complained to her girls about her first title defense being tonight against two former champions. Lacey Von Erich kept saying something stupid and Velvet Sky kept correcting her. Madison said she would cleanse TNA of "two ugly people at a time" tonight... [C]

    Footage was shown of that horrible lockbox segment that allowed Angelina Love to win the TNA Knockouts Championship. Footage was shown of Madison Rayne winning the title and Tara attacking Angelina after the match...

    1. Madison Rayne (with Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich) vs. Angelina Love vs. Tara (with Poison) for the TNA Knockouts Championship. Mike Tenay and Taz both climaxed during the entrance of TBP. Referee Slick Johnson sent Velvet and Lacey to the back.

    Angelina was knocked to the mat and Madison kicked Tara to the floor... [C]

    [Q3] Angelina nearly pinned Madison coming back from the break as Tara tried to recover on the floor. Tara threw Angelina into the post and to the floor. Tara and Madison took each other out with dual bulldogs. Angelina jumped back into the ring.

    Love hit a jawbreaker on Tara and a bicycle kick on Madison. Tara rose quickly and floored Angelina. Madison whipped Angelina into Tara and applied a school girl on Love for the win...

    After the match, Tara and Angelina brawled in the ring as Madison got the hell out of there. Tara said she was sorry to Angelina, but then attacked her from behind...

    The announcers hyped tonight's two big matches... [C]

    2. Kazarian defeated Shannon Moore to retain the X Division Championship in 4:19. Tenay mentioned Moore turning down Matt Morgan's offer to be his tag team partner last week, pretty much giving away the finish.

    Kaz is still without his belt and they mentioned Douglas Williams' travel issues. Taz said TNA was wrong to strip him of the title. Tenay kissed TNA Management ass saying it was the right call.

    An early match exchange prompted the crowd to cheer both men. The screen crawl said Daffney was recovering from a stinger and bruised stinger at home. Kaz scored a two count with a spinning neckbreaker. The referee was knocked out inadvertently.

    Moore went to the top and Kaz kicked him before meeting him at the rope. He attempted a hurricarana and Moore held on. Morgan came out and pushed Moore off the top rope. He put Moore back into the ring. Kaz hit the reverse piledriver for the win...

    [Q4] Samoa Joe's music hit and he came out. He viciously attacked Kazarian as his music continued to play, New Jack style. He hit the muscle buster on Kazarian... [C]

    Abyss cut a promo about Hulk Hogan giving up his Hall of Fame ring. Abyss revealed the ring actually did not possess magical powers and it just represented the confidence he now has because of the confidence Hogan has in him. He said he might lose the ring, but he won't lose what the ring means...

    Backstage, Morgan tried to get Jesse Neal to be his tag team partner. He brought up the promise Neal made to his military buddy when he said he would be a world champion. He instructed Neal to think with his heart and remember his promise...

    A.J. Styles cut a short promo backstage about tonight's match... [C]

    Styles made his entrance sans Flair. Tenay finally mentioned the history between Styles and Sting. Finally. Showing a nice touch, Styles ordered the referee to hold the ropes open for him. Sting made his entrance, followed by Jarrett and then Hardy...

    [Q5] 3. A.J. Styles and Sting defeated Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett in a Falls Count Anywhere match in 6:15. All four men fought as the bell rang. The accidentally almost ran into each other during a double Irish whip. Sting wrestled in a shirt.

    Sting and Jarrett fought into the crowd. Hardy almost pinned Styles after a suplex on the ramp. This is a no DQ match. All four men found their way back to the ring. Styles and Jarrett began in ring action. Sting chose the near left corner for his team, which looks weird on TV.

    Hardy and Styles made tags, sort of. The referee tried to keep Hardy out of the ring but didn't care when he pushed him away. Sting took off and left Styles by himself. Styles and Hardy brawled to the ramp again as Jarrett wondered where Sting went.

    Jarrett found Sting and they fought up the stairs to the rafters. Hardy set up Styles on a table as Sting beat the crap out of Jarrett with a baseball bat. Hardy set up and climbed a ladder but before he flew off, Sting pinned Jarrett...

    Backstage, Jesse Neal asked Team 3D for their blessing to team with Morgan tonight. He said he respected them and would become a tag team champion by helping defeat them. Ray and Devon laughed, but said Neal had a big set of balls and that is how they taught him. They gave him their permission to take the match...

    D'Angelo Dinero was shown coming into the Impact Zone... [C]

    The Pope made his entrance and had his right arm in a sling. He also had a patch over his eye. The crowd gave him a very nice reception and he soaked it up before entering the ring.

    [Q6] Pope asked why Styles would try to end his career and take food off of his table. He said he had no excuses for losing, but he said it was a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye. Pope said he fell, but will get back up. He got the crowd to repeat the phrase. The lights went out...

    Mr. Anderson's music hit and he came out to the ring engaged in a mocking applause. He waited for his microphone and said he was now going to refer to Pope as "the Kool-Aid Man." He said he understood and said the crowd was gullible. He called the crowd a bunch of names.

    He asked if Pope had a booboo. He said Kurt Angle was home licking his wounds and nursing his injuries. He asked if Pope was going home. Pope interrupted and told Anderson to make a point or shut up. Anderson challenged Pope to a match at Sacrifice. He made chicken noises as the crowd chanted for Dinero.

    Pope said his arm may be in a sling, but the pimp hand was still strong. He hit Anderson with a backhand slap. I'm guessing that was a yes to the challenge. Anderson beat down Pope and put his thumb in Pope's eye before being ran off by security guards... [C]

    Team 3D's music played but they did not come out right away. The camera met up with them backstage and they were standing next to a broken table with Syxx Pac knocked out and bleeding. They told him to go home after he got out of his coma...

    4. Matt Morgan and Jesse Neal defeated Team 3D by disqualification to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championships in 1:05. Morgan brought both belts to the ring again. The crowd did a "yay-boo" chant for Neal and Morgan, respectively. Neal opened the match and 3D dominated him.

    The Wolfpac music hit. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash came out and were met on the ramp by Team 3D. Neal helped out Team 3D, but Morgan attacked him and brought him back to the ring. He chokeslammed Neal and mocked him with both belts... [C]

    [Q7] After the match, Team 3D tried to console Jesse Neal. He screamed at Morgan to come back to the ring so he could kick his ass. Backstage, Christy Hemme approached Morgan and asked what he was going to do. Morgan said he was off the clock and started to leave, but was stopped by Hogan.

    Hogan told Morgan to deal with Neal or deal with him. Morgan backed off and went out to the ramp. Neal knocked him down and chased him with one of the belts. Morgan dropped to his knees and outsmarted Neal. He knocked him out with the belt.

    Shannon Moore's music hit and he came out to aide Neal. He hit a missile dropkick on Morgan and both men shook hands. Tenay and Taz sent it back to Eric Bischoff...

    Backstage, Bischoff said the fans could go to the website and vote for who they think should be wrestling for the TNA Championship. That was the ranking system announcement. Black Machismo came in and said he was voting for Andre the Giant. He mentioned a few other guys and the Hart Foundation too... [C]

    Orlando Jordan cut a promo wearing nothing but rainbow tissue paper. He put over Rob Terry and said he would debut his new show, "The O-Zone" next week with Terry as his guest...

    Ric Flair cut a "behind the scenes" style promo and absolutely nailed it. He talked (not yelled or screamed) about how Abyss wearing Hogan's ring is a disgrace and how it offends him because he worked for it for 38 years. He said he was the best of all time and that was the bottom line, and he was saying that before Steve Austin... [C]

    [Q8] Bubba the Love Sponge asked Hall and Nash what was next. Nash blew a gasket and said they were going to check on their friend. Bubba said they were a man down. Hall tried to be the voice of reason and said their beef was with Team 3D. Nash continued to yell and said they would bring somebody to even up the sides...

    An Abyss vs. Ric Flair video package aired. Flair made his entrance and Abyss came out next...

    5. Abyss defeated Ric Flair for Flair's and Hulk Hogan's WWE Hall of Fame rings in 5:12. They fought to the floor and the referee let them go. Abyss opened Flair up and slammed him from the top rope into the ring. He hit the big boot and a side slam.

    Flair took a corner splash and hit a couple of air jabs before falling on his face. Flair hit a low blow and the referee went down. Flair put on brass knuckles and hit Abyss. Abyss no sold it but Flair hit a second shot into Abyss' nuts. Flair pinned Abyss...

    After the match, referee Earl Hebner saw the brass knuckles on the floor and after a shoving match with Flair, he restarted the match. Abyss Hulked up and hit the Blackhole Slam for the win...

    Hogan came out to the ring and pulled Flair's ring off of his finger. He got on the mic and said, "I know exactly who I am going to present this ring to next week." Tenay and Taz wondered who that would be. Abyss and Hogan each posed with a ring as the show went off the air...

    TNA Impact 26.04.10

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    Undertaker in pain

    - The Undertaker was said to be in major pain backstage at RAW last week after the match with Jack Swagger.

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    reden waarom funaki ontslagen is

    - Yoshi Tatsu noted in a new blog that Funaki decided to leave WWE because of a neck problem.

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    Notes from Extreme Rules

    Notes from Extreme Rules

    defeating Michelle McCool at tonight's Extreme Rules PPV. This is Beth's third reign.

    - 12,278 was the announced attendance at tonight's PPV at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.

    - It is believed that Joey Mercury was the one who made his WWE storyline return tonight at the Extreme Rules PPV during the CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio match after Serena and Luke Gallows were ejected from ringside. Mercury, sporting a Straight Edge Society hoodie, came from under the ring and slid CM Punk a chair then dropped Mysterio on his face from the apron to the floor, allowing CM Punk to get the win. Mercury went back under the ring. It's been rumored for weeks that Mercury would be part of CM Punk's group.

    - Triple H leaving on a stretcher tonight is believed to be his exit from the WWE storylines for a little while. Triple H is expected to take time off to heal some injuries and film a new WWE movie, Killing Karma.


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    Latest on the Mark Henry/fan incident

    Latest on the Mark Henry/fan incident


    According to Dave Meltzer, there are conflicting stories going around regarding when happened between Mark Henry and a fan in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

    Some in WWE are saying that the original story is inaccurate and it was the fan that started the incident and was kicked out the bar, not Henry.

    There are others saying that Henry was in fact arrested, but Chavo Guerrero was actually trying to settle things down rather than stir Henry up.

    One person brought up the idea that the same fan was trying to get multiple autographs, perhaps with the intentions of selling them on a website such as eBay. The general feeling is that most wrestlers are fine with signing autographs on a personal level, but if it comes off like the fan is planning to profit from the autographs, then it becomes a different situation.

    Guerrero, via Twitter, complained about "dirt sheets" reporting a false story even though the source of the incident was a newspaper in Ireland.

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    Hart Dynasty def. Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & The Miz
    Michelle McCool & Layla def. Divas Champion Eve & Maryse
    CM Punk def. Evan Bourne
    Ted DiBiase won a 10-Man Dual-Branded Battle Royal
    Chris Jericho def. Christian
    World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger def. John Morrison
    Hornswoggle def. Dolph Ziggler by Count-out
    Batista def. Sheamus & Randy Orton in a No. 1 Contender's Triple Threat Match

    RICHMOND, Va. – While the outcome of Extreme Rules rattled the WWE Universe just 24 hours prior, the following night’s 2010 WWE Draft on a special three-hour Monday Night Raw shook many of the Superstars themselves to their very core. The quake resulted when both the Raw and SmackDown rosters competed in inter-promotional matches to determine which brand would earn a Draft pick. (WATCH)

    Further aftershocks will also be felt live on Tuesday, exclusively on, as we gear up for the 2010 Supplemental Draft. Be sure to check back for all the latest seismic shifts.

    Batista def. Sheamus and Randy Orton in a No. 1 Contender's Triple Threat Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Enraged? Disappointed? Embarrassed? After having his feet duct taped together by WWE Champion John Cena and losing at Extreme Rules, chances are high that Batista was feeling all three. That may explain his motivation for interrupting prior to the match between Sheamus and Randy Orton to become No. 1 contender for the WWE Title.

    The Animal growled that he deserved to be part of a No. 1 contender’s bout. While The Celtic Warrior and The Viper threw up roadblocks, John Cena settled things, calling for a Triple Threat Match.

    With all the treachery, cunning and chilling power ricocheting around the squared circle, Batista managed to redeem himself somewhat by defeating his two opponents, but only after Edge slid into the ring and dropped The Viper with a surprise Spear, which allowed the exhausted Animal to lay an arm across Orton's chest for the three-count.

    Hornswoggle def. Dolph Ziggler by Count-out; Chris Jericho drafted to Raw (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    It must have seemed almost too easy for Dolph Ziggler, insulting even. His platinum blondness was chosen to go face to … kneecap against Hornswoggle for the final Draft pick. Alas, the wee, wily leprechaun outsmarted Mr. Ziggles when he kept him outside of the ring for a count-out victory. As Hornswoggle danced a little jig, an irate Ziggler locked the sleeper hold on ‘Swoggle and sent him off to dreamland while Raw collected their bounty in the form of Chris Jericho.

    Wayne Brady to act as special guest host of Raw next week
    Next week, which Superstar will get what’s behind Door No. 3 and which Superstar will get a Raw Deal? The WWE Universe will find out when the funnyman and host of the daytime game show Let’s Make a Deal, Wayne Brady, drops by to take charge as special guest host of Raw.

    World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger def. John Morrison; Christian drafted to SmackDown (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Fresh off a tremendous victory at Extreme Rules, World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger was chosen to face off against John Morrison to determine which brand would clinch the next Draft pick. For the second time in a 24-hour period, “The All-American American” seized triumph from his opponent. While Swagger celebrated, SmackDown claimed a charismatic pick: Christian.

    Chris Jericho def. Christian; Kofi Kingston drafted to SmackDown (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Even when Chris Jericho suffers a loss, like he did to Edge the night before at Extreme Rules, his ego won’t let his mouth admit it. After dismissing his Steel Cage defeat, the self-important Superstar fought Raw’s Christian for the next Draft pick. When Jericho managed the win, a visibly irate Kofi Kingston was snatched up by the blue brand and promptly charged to the ring and leveled “Mr. Vocabulary.”

    Ted DiBiase won a 10-Man Dual-Branded Battle Royal; John Morrison, R-Truth and Edge drafted to Raw (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Fighting not just for their respective brands but perhaps for themselves, SmackDown’s Rey Mysterio, Kane, R-Truth, Shad & Drew McIntyre faced off against Raw’s MVP, Mark Henry, Ted DiBiase, Yoshi Tatsu & Santino Marella in a 10-Man Dual-Branded Battle Royal for the right to three Draft picks. When the sweat had finally settled, it was Raw’s DiBiase who managed to earn the pin for his team.

    As a result, Raw picked off three of SmackDown’s finest: John Morrison, R-Truth and Edge.

    WWE Champion John Cena arranged Sheamus vs. Randy Orton for the No. 1 contender spot (PHOTOS)
    After handing Triple H one of the worst beatings of his storied career at Extreme Rules, Sheamus insisted that he be the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship. Only one problem – so did five-time former WWE Champion Randy Orton. Amidst their bickering, current titleholder John Cena intervened. The Champ arranged a match between The Celtic Warrior and The Viper with the winner earning an opportunity at the title.

    CM Punk def. Evan Bourne; Big Show drafted to SmackDown (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    CM Punk, still clinging to his greasy locks, had narrowly escaped the follicular homicide at Extreme Rules with an underhanded assist when Serena, Luke Gallows and a masked mystery man helped him defeat Rey Mysterio. During Raw, the holier-than-thou leader employed his followers again, including the mystery man, in his fervent attempt to down Evan “Air” Bourne and give SmackDown another pick in the Draft. For their second pick in the Draft, the blue brand selected Big Show.

    Michelle McCool & Layla def. Divas Champion Eve & Maryse; Kelly Kelly drafted to SmackDown (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    With both the Raw and SmackDown rosters being represented, the first Draft match of the evening fell to Divas Champion Eve & Maryse representing Raw against Michelle McCool & Layla of SmackDown with the winning brand receiving a Draft pick.

    Unfortunately for the red brand, Maryse let her ego get the best of her. After relinquishing her Divas Title to Eve a couple of weeks before, the conceited Canadian seemed more interested in fighting with her tag partner, allowing Lay-Cool the opportunity for victory. For their first Draft pick of the evening, SmackDown acquired Kelly Kelly.

    Hart Dynasty def. Unified Tag Team Champions Show-Miz (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    It must have been a bittersweet night for Big Show & The Miz. While Bret Hart made good on his agreement with the Unified Tag Team Champions and proclaimed that they were “the greatest tag team of all time,” the time also came for them to prove it.

    After defeating Show-Miz the night before at Extreme Rules to earn a title opportunity, The Hart Dynasty squared off against The Mountain & The Mouth. With Natalya and The “Hit Man” looking on, Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith toppled the duo to capture the Unified Tag Team Titles.


    Monday Night Raw - Draft 26.04.10

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    Chavo Guerrero comments on Mark Henry incident

    Chavo Guerrero has taken to his Twitter (mexwarrior) to plead the case of Mark Henry in the Belfast incident:

    “why would I egg on the worlds strongest man?I know&u know he would could kill someone.If anything I protected him by getting him thrown out”

    “Any other questions? If u don’t believe me, then follow the lying fan,not me! Why would the drunk fan get thrown out& not Henry?C’mon ppl!”

    “Thank u to all ppl who believe me!If I could get Henry to kill someone,Why wouldn’t I have him kill the writing team,not a drunk nobody? lol”

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    incident met mark henry

    Mark Henry arrested following incident with fan
    Posted by Chris Kaufman on 04/24/2010 at 12:24 PM

    WWE superstar Mark Henry was arrested and issued an "adult caution" following an incident that occurred last weekend at The Hilton in Belfast, Ireland.

    "I was trying to get as many signatures as possible on the card and my collectors book," WWE
    fan James McClay told the Derry Journal. "Mark Henry was abusive and ignorant but I got his signature and walked away. Suddenly he threw a drink around me from behind.

    "I turned around to see him stand and square up to me, suddenly John Cena and Randy Orton grabbed his arms and held him back. I honestly thought I was in one of the plot lines back stage. I felt like I was watching this happen to someone else. Suddenly Chavo Guerrero piped up egging Mark Henry on, that really annoyed me as I am a fan of his. I thought this is going to get really bad as all these wrestlers were on their feet."

    According to McClay, Henry was offering to fight: "He kept saying 'Where I'm from you do something when someone throws a drink around you.' "He kept calling me a 'little punk bitch.'"

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    wrestler drops gimmick

    wrestler drops gimmick


    - WWE NXT rookie Michael Tarver’s knockout gimmick has been dropped because the feeling was that it infringed upon Big Show’s knockout punch finisher.

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    New TNA Ranking System: Vote Now

    New TNA Ranking System: Vote Now

    Click on the slide!
    TNA Wrestling’s Monday Night iMPACT! Launches TNA’s Top 10 Contender Rankings

    TNA Wrestling Forms Championship Committee : Led by TNA Wrestling President, Dixie Carter, Eric Bishoff and Wrestling Legend, Hulk Hogan

    Fans get in on the action and make an impact by voting each and every week for who you believe most deserves a shot at a title match from the TNA Wrestling roster. Is it Sting, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles or any one of the other amazing wrestlers featured on TNA iMPACT! every Monday night at 8E/7C on Spike?


    That’s right, your vote, along with that of the TNA Championship Committee, will go a long way in determining the monthly Top 10 Contender rankings and ultimately who gets a shot at the coveted TNA World Championship Belt.

    Individual rankings are determined by a combination of weighted factors. These factors include individual wrestler career performance, won/loss record and online fan voting. So join in and help shape what you see on TNA and vote for your Top Contender often.

    Each monthly ranking will be announced LIVE on Monday Night iMPACT! the day immediately following each of our scheduled Pay-Per-View events.

    So be sure and tune-in Monday night, May 17, as we announce our first Top 10 Contender rankings after what is shaping up to be one of our most exciting pay-per-view events ever, Sacrifice. 

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    Sabu teases TNA

    Former ECW and WWE star Sabu teased TNA on his Facebook page, asking fans what they would think of him going there.

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    Steve Austin Says WWE Should Sign Awesome Kong !!!

    Both "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and former TNA wrestler Awesome Kong were on hand for the Cauliflower Alley Club's annual get together this past week.

    On Twitter, Kong tweeted Austin, saying it was a pleasure to meet him. "Stone Cold" replied, "you too kong!! keep up the great work..if WWE has any brains they will hire you immediately...GOOD LUCK!!"

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    Uitslagen extreme rules

    We get out usual video package hyping the main feuds leading into tonight. This package also highlights the fact that many of the matches tonight will feature hardcore stipulations. The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the PPV, asking if we're ready to get Extreme. Cole says tonight every match will be extreme. The bell rings and we go to Justin Robers who announces that the first match will be a street fight. Triple H's music hits, and he's out to the ring first to a big pop. Hunter doesn't actually make it out, and the announcers look confused. Cut to backstage where Hunter and Sheamus are fighting, and the referees are breaking it up. Hunter is getting the better of Sheamus, but when the refs pull him off, Sheamus hits Hunter with his pipe. Sheamus backs all the refs away, and blasts Hunter again. The refs call for trainers who come in and check on Hunter. Back out to ringside where Cole explains that that was live, and wondered if it would be a harbinger of things to come. Miz and Show's music hits, and the Unified Tag Team Champions are on their way to the ring.

    Miz takes the mic from Justin Roberts, and he says he guesses the show didn't start off like they thought it would, so let's start it off with some excitement, and the greatest tag team in WWE history, ShowMiz. Miz says don't take his word for it, take Bret Hart's word for it. Hart made a deal with ShowMiz that if Miz beat David Hart Smith, which he did, Hart would have to state that ShowMiz is the best tag team in WWE history. Miz asks everyone to repeat that. Miz says tomorrow night on Raw, Hart will make that statement, and they have no problem proving it, they have lack of competition. Miz says give them anyone, they don't care, give them competition. Miz says Show makes Andre the Giant look like a girl.

    Teddy Long's music hits and he's on his way out. He says he's got his hands full with what happened in the back. Long says since they're already out there, he has a match for them, and if Long's selected team wins, they earn a future Tag Team Title match. Miz says if he wanted incompetence, he'd go to an Oriels game. Miz says there's no team in their league. Long says since Miz wants to keep talking, Long has added another team to the mix, and if they beat the first one, they'll face the second. Miz keeps on arguing with Long, and Long adds another team, to Show's dismay. Miz asks if Teddy will make it four, and Show covers Miz's mouth. Long says if they beat all three teams, maybe they deserve their self given label, but if they lose, they'll have to defend their titles tomorrow night on Raw against the winning team. R-Truth's music hits and he's on his way to the ring with John Morrison as part of team number one.

    John Morrison & R-Truth vs. The Big Shoq & The Miz
    Gauntlet Match

    Truth and Morrison get a lot of love on their way to the ring, and Truth gets a lot of love for his 'What's up' schtick. Miz and Morrison start things out for their respective teams, and Morrison goes right for the roll up, but all it does is make Miz mad. Miz beats on Morrison for a bit, but Morrison comes back with an arm drag and he tags in R-Truth. Truth and Morrison hit a double hip toss. Truth hits Miz and sends him into the ropes, but Miz tags right out to the Big Show. show comes in and hits Truth with a big belly bump, launching Truth across the ring. Show hits a big chop and tags in Miz who comes in and hits a running kick to Truth's face that's good for a near fall. Miz locks in a rear chin lock.

    Truth fights out of the submission, and is able to connect with a heel kick to Miz. Miz crawls over to Show, and both men make the tag. Morrison hits a quick dropkick on Show, but Show puts him in the corner. Morrison tries to go to the second turbuckle, but Show counters by grabbing Morrison around the throat. Morrison responds with a triangle choke, but Morrison ends up flipping over the rope, holding on to the hold. The ref counts to five while Show is in the ropes, and it results in a DQ.

    Winners: ShowMiz by DQ

    Show is able to tag to the Miz, but Miz eats a ton of offense from Henry, an then MVP comes in as a house of fire, hitting a big knee and the ballin elbow drop. MVP goes for the cover, but it's broken up by Show. Henry is in but he eats a big boot from Show. MVP hits Show with a low bridge that sends him to the outside. MVP hits the playmaker, goes for the pin, but Show hits MVP with a KO punch from the outside. Miz pins MVP and gets the three.


    The Hart Dynasty are out next with Bret Hart and Natalya. They hit a Hart attack quick on Miz and get the pin, scoring the three count.

    Winners and getting a title shot at ShowMiz tomorrow night: The Hart Dynasty

    Mark Henry and MVP are out and they try for the quick pin on Show to no avail.

    Tood Grisham is outside, he says medical personnel are evaluating Triple H. Sheamus interrupts and says if Hunter is scared to face him, so be it. Sheamus will go out to the ring later, and if he wins by forfeit, oh well.

    Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk
    Hair Match - If Punk if defeated he loses his hair

    CM Punk is the first man out to the ring with Serena and Luke Gallows in tow. There's a barber's chair at the top of the ramp, and Punk looks at it, staring uneasily. Rey Mysterio is out next, to a huge pop as always. Mysterio points to the barber's chair, motioning to Punk, telling him to take a seat, and then motioning shaving his hair off. The bell rings and we're ready to go. Rey motions to the chair, and Punk just shakes his head. Punk kicks Mysterio in the stomach and sends him into the corner, where he kicks away at his head. Punk drags Mysterio out of the corner, and stomps him before picking him up and hitting a big forearm. Mysterio is able to come back with a quick dropkick, and he hits a series of strikes, only for Punk to send him to the outside. Punk follows, and Mysterio hits a headscissors that seds Punk into the ring apron.

    Mysterio sends Punk back into the ring, and he tries for the 619, which Punk counters into G2S position. Mysterio fights out, but he eats a powerslam. Punk goes for the cover but he only gets two. Punk sends Mysterio to the outside again, and he distracts the ref while Serena kicks Mysterio in the ribs. Punk goes to the outside and kicks Mysterio's back, before telling Mysterio to look at the chair because it's going to stay empty. Punk sends Mysterio back into the ring, and follows with a slingshot senton. Another cover from Punk, another two count. Punk uses his legs to choke Mysterio, but Rey is able to fight out of it, and back up to his feet. Punk tries for a sunset flip, but Mysterio rolls through and kicks him square in the temple, which is good for a two count. Punk pounds on Mysterio on the second rope, backing up, and allowing Gallows to hit a cheap shot on Mysterio, setting up another near fall. Punk picks up Mysterio and takes him down with a nice backbreaker, before locking in a bow and arrow submission. Mysterio counters the submission into a pin attempt, but Punk kicks out and kicks Mysterio hard, before hitting a series of legdrops and trying for a pin. Mysterio kicks out at two and Punk looks to be getting frustrated. Punk gets Mysterio into position with a Gory special. Mysterio is able to counter into an arm drag, and when Punk tries again, Mysterio turns it into a pin attempt, good for two. Mysterio hits a hurricarana that sends Punk headfirst into the second turnbuckle. Mysterio kicks Punk off and goes to the top rope, but Punk knocks him down. Punk gets Mysterio in G2S position, but Mysterio fights out and gets Punk in 619 position. Serena is able to distract Mysterio and allow Punk to fight back, but it results in both her and Gallows being ejected from the ringside area. Punk goes to the outside and he looks distraught. Mysterio catches Punk with a huge baseball slide to the back of Punk and a big asai moonsault.

    Back in the ring and Mysterio tries for the pin, but Punk is able to kick out at two. Rey goes to the apron, and he hits a springboard seated senton, but when he tries for a springboard cross body, Punk counters with a big dropkick, Punk tries for a cover but Rey kicks out at two. Punk goes to the top and hits a flying clothesline. Punk goes for the pin, but Mysterio kicks out at two. Punk hits Mysterio with a couple of forearms. Punk almost gets the G2S, but Mysterio counters into a roll up. Punk is able to kick out at two. Punk gets back up and hits a big kick to Mysterio that's good for a two count. Punk is back up first, and he charges Mysterio in the corner but misses. Mysterio hits a hurricarana and a 619, and someone puts a chair in the ring. That same person, looks like Joey Mercury, hits a big reverse powerbomb on Mysterio on the outside. Punk rolls Mysterio back into the ring, and he gets Mysterio up into G2S position, connecting this time. Punk covers Mysterio, and saves his hair when he gets the three count.

    Winner: CM Punk

    Following the match, Punk sits in the barber's chair, and gloats, twisting his hair around his finger, and the SES comes out to join in the celebration.

    JTG vs. Shad Gaspard
    Strap Match

    Shad is the first man out to the ring with a new look and some proper wrestling gear. Shad doesn't really get much of a reaction at all. JTG is out second, and he's right out to the ring, asking to be strapped to Shad right away. Both men get attached to each other, and JTG opens with a couple of big punches, but Shad comes right back with a blow of his own. Shad is able to hit three turnbuckles in succession, but JTG is able to stop him from hitting the fourth by using the strap to whip Shad. JTG uses the whip to his Shad across the back, and chest, even the side of the head a face. JTG tries to hit the turnbuckles, but Shad prevents it by holding him back. Shad tosses JTG to the outside, and he tries to touch the turnbuckles, even with JTG on the outside. JTG tries to hold Shad back, but Shad pulls him up to the apron, where JTG uses the strap to hang Shad up on the top rope. JTG hits a big senton, allowing him to hit three turnbuckles in a row, but Shad is able to stop him just shy of the fourth. Shad goes to the outside, and uses the strap to pull JTG shoulder first into the ring post. Shad uses the strap to whip JTG repeatedly. Shad rolls back into the ring and he jaws with JTG, slapping him across the face. Shad uses the strap to choke JTG. Shad goes around the ring with JTG in town, and both men hit the corner, even though Shad doesn't realize it. JTG hits the boxcutter out of nowhere, and touches the fourth corner, winning the match.

    Winner: JTG

    Todd Grisham is backstage where he says the trainer says that Hunter has suffered nerve damage and probably won't be able to compete tonight. He says he'll bring us more as he gets it.

    Jack Swagger (c) vs. Randy Orton
    Extreme Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

    We get a video package detailing the history between these two men over the past few weeks, and the events that have led up to this match. Jack Swagger is the first man to the ring, and he gets a bit of a non-reaction from the crowd. Randy Orton is out next, and the reaction he gets from the crowd is monstrous compared to Swagger's. Swagger and Orton lock up, and Swagger grounds Orton with a single leg take down. Swagger tries to use his mat wrestling advantage to pin Orton, but Orton kicks out quickly. Swagger takes Orton down with a dragon screw, and he locks in a bear hug down on the mat and rolls Orton around. Orton fights to his feet and tries to fight out of the hold, but Swagger backs Orton up into the corner and buries his shoulder in Orton's midsection. Swagger wastes time gloating over Orton on the second turnbuckle, and he knocks Swagger off the ropes and connects with his signature backbreaker. Swagger rolls to the outside and grabs a chair. He tries to use it, but Orton kicks it away.

    Swagger rolls into the ring, and he tries for a kick when Orton comes back in, but Orton sees it coming and rolls to the outside instead. Swagger goes to the outside himself, and he takes the fight to Orton, hitting a big Northern Lights suplex on the floor before driving Orton's back into the barricade, and then the ring apron. Swagger rolls Orton back into the ring, and he goes for the cover, but Orton kicks out at two. Swagger pounds on Orton in the corner, before choking him with his boot. Swagger rams his shoulder into Orton's midsection repeatedly, before bringing him out of the corner and hitting a quick suplex. Swagger brings Orton back up to his feet, but Orton comes back with a series of right hands. Swagger is fast to respond with a big belly to belly suplex, that's good for a near fall. Swagger stomps at Orton's chest. Swagger picks Orton up again and suplexes him another time. Swagger hits a big belly to back suplex, and he shoves Orton into the corner, continuing his assault. Swagger charges Orton in the corner, but Orton gets his knee up to block the attempt. My PPV feed went all wonky for a second and Swagger came back into the advantage. Swagger goes outside and grabs he belt.

    Swagger tries to hit Orton with the belt, but Orton blocks it and responds with a series of forearms. Swagger comes back with a big slam out of nowhere, and he goes for the cover, but Orton kicks out at two. Another big slam from Swagger, and he justs stares down Orton. Swagger tries for a charging Vader bomb, but Orton jumps right up and knocks Swagger in the midsection of Swagger. Orton comes in with a series of clotheslines and a big powerslam that's good for a near fall. Swagger rolls out to the apron, and Orton tries for his rope assisted DDT. He almost gets it, but Swagger counters, and suplexes Orton to the outside and down to the floor. Swagger rolls to the outside, and he reaches under the ring to grab a trash can. Orton blocks a blow, and responds with several trash can shots of his own. Orton slams Swagger's head repeatedly into the announcer's table before sending him careening into the steel ring steps. Orton places Swagger's head on the steps, and he stomps down on it twice. Orton rolls Swagger back into the ring where he works him over with a series of stomps Orton goes for a knee drop, but Swagger is able to roll out of the way. Swagger goes to the outside and grabs a chair, but on his way back in, Orton kicks him and connects with his big rope assisted DDT. Orton sets up for the RKO, but he sees the chair, and he picks it up instead. Orton sets up the chair, putting it in the middle of the ring. Orton grabs Swagger in RKO position, but Swagger counters, sending Orton crashing down into the chair. Swagger tries to pick Orton up, he does so and hits the gut wrench powerbomb. Swagger covers Orton, and he gets the three count.

    Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Jack Swagger

    Following the match, Swagger poses with his belt on his way to the back, but Orton strikes out of nowhere with the RKO. On his way up the ramp, Sheamus' music hits, and Orton looks confused. Sheamus walks right by Orton, but not before staring him down first. Sheamus has his pipe in hand.

    Triple H vs. Sheamus
    Street Fight

    Sheamus says if Hunter isn't man enough to face him tonight, he wants the referee to raise his hand as the winner of this match. Todd Grisham is shown backstage, but Hunter interrupts him, walking out to the backstage area to the protests of the trainer. Hunter's music hits and he makes his way out to the ring. Hunter is cradling his left arm. He ducks a pipe shot from Sheamus and he hits him with a series of punches. He ducks a clothesline, and delivers one of his own, sending Sheamuis to the outside. Hunter follows to the floor, jumping Sheamus from behind and slamming him head first into the announcer's table. Hunter slams Sheamus into the barricade, before kicking Sheamus in the arm. Hunter slams Sheamus into the barricade again, and another time on the way up toward the entrance ramp. Hunter turns it around and takes Sheamus back to the ring, where he hits a big spinebuster, and he's terribly selling his arm. Hunter goes for the pedigree, but he remembers he's supposed to be selling, and Sheamus hits a back body drop to reverse it. Hunter goes to the outside and Sheamus follows with a big double ax handle. Sheamus picks Hunter up and slams him into the ringside barricade repeatedly before just stomping and punching away at him. Sheamus launches Hunter into the barricade again, and the crowd try to get behind Hunter. Sheamus sends hunter back into the ring, but not before hitting a big elbow across Hunter's neck. Back in the ring, Sheamus rains down on Hunter with big right hands before going for a pin. Sheamus hits a big knee drop, and goes for another cover, coming up short again. Sheamus pounds on Hunter in the corner, before hitting him with a knee drop to the back of Hunter's head.

    Sheamus works over Hunter's arm and neck, locking in a targeted submission hold. Sheamus changes it up into a standard sleeper as Hunter tries to fight out, but Hunter is still able to fight to his feet. Triple H gets out of the hold by executing a quick belly to back suplex. Hunter rolls to the outside, and Sheamus is quick to follow, hitting a big neckbreaker. Back in the ring, Hunter gets up to his feet, and he's able to sidestep a charging Sheamus. Sheamus connects shoulder first eith the ring post, and Hunter connects with a DDT, but Hunter hurts himself on the DDT. Sheamus gets back up and hits a big urunage, and he goes for the pin, but Hunter kicks out at two. Sheamus is frustrated, so he goes to work pounding on Hunter with big right hands. Sheamus hits a running powerslam, and he goes for a couple of pins, but still can't hold Hunter down for three. Sheamus rolls to the outside, and he grabs his steel pipe, before rolling back into the ring. Hunter hits Sheamus in the stomach and knocks the pipe away, and when Sheamus goes to pick it up, Hunter hits a knee to Sheamus' face. Sheamus grabs the pipe though, and he hits Hunter with it. Sheamus goes for the pin, but Hunter kicks out at two.

    Sheamus tries for the pale justice, but Hunter fights out of it, and hits a backdrop to send Sheamus over the top rope and to the outside. Hunter follows out, but Sheamus catches him with a blow to the stomach, and he goes under the ring. Sheamus grabs a kendo stick, and he charges at Hunter, but Hunter reverses, hitting a drop toe hold to send Sheamus face first into the steel ring steps. Hunter picks up the Kendo stick and uses it to whack Sheamus repeatedly across the back and chest, sending Sheamus running up the entrance ramp. Hunter tries for the pedigree on the entrance ramp, but Sheamus is able to reverse out of it with a big back body drop on the ramp. Sheamus picks Hunter up and takes him back to the ring. Hunter gets up to his face, and he immediately eats a big kick to the face from Sheamus. Hunter crawls over to the ropes and uses them to drag him up to his feet. The ref asks Hunter how he is and Hunter shoves him away. Sheamus hits a third, and fourth big bicycle kick. The fourth puts Hunter down, and Sheamus is able to pin Hunter, getting the three count.

    Winner: Sheamus

    After the match, a trainer is in to check on Hunter, and the referee is calling for more help from the back. Sheamus watches Hunter in the ring all the way on his way to the back.

    Trainers and paramedics try to get Hunter on a gurney in a neck brace, but Hunter pulls the brace off, and walks to the back with the help of officials and trainers. At the top of the ramp, Sheamus comes in out of nowhere with another big bicycle kick to Hunter. Hunter is finally put on a stretcher, and wheeled out of the arena.

    Edge is shown getting ready backstage. Josh Matthews comes in and asks about his mindset. Edge says there's three ways to win a cage match. Pin, submission and escape, and there's no way he'll let Jericho escape, and he's not even going to try.

    Michelle McCool (c) vs. Beth Phoenix
    Extreme Makeover Match for the WWE Women's Championship

    Michelle McCool is out first, with Layla in tow, and she gets a mixed, mild reaction from the crowd. Didn't notice, but Vickie Guerrero is also out with McCool. Beth Phoenix is out next and she gets a surprisingly warm reaction from the crowd. McCool and Phoenix lock up and Beth backs McCool up into the ropes. Beth breaks and McCool kicks her in the stomach and comes up with a couples of European uppercuts. Beth is able to roll up McCool for a near fall, and she follows up with a clothesline from the second rope. McCool rolls to the outside and Phoenix follows. Layla tries to attack Phoenix with a broom but Phoenix stops her. Vickie distracts Phoenix, and when Beth goes back to McCool, she gets hairspray in the eyes. McCool uses an ironing board to whack Beth, and hits her again before draping it across Beth and stomping down on it. McCool locks in a body scissors. McCool picks up an iron, and she wants to use it, but Phoenix surprises her with a rol up for two. McCool kicks Beth in the midsection, before setting her up in the corner, and putting the ironing board in front of her. Michelle hits the ironing board with a dropkick, driving it into Phoenix. McCool goes to the outside and grabs another ironing board, but Beth comes back with a dropkick, knocking Michelle down. Layla and Vickie grab Beth from behind, and McCool grabs the hairspray, but Beth ducks and McCool sprays Layla and Vickie. Beth slams McCool into a table set up at ringside before sending her back into the ring, and following with a bucket in hand. Beth uses the bucket as a weapon, hitting a throwing it into McCool.

    Beth sets a couple of ironing boards side by side, and she places McCool on the top turnbuckle. She goes up and tries for a superplex, but McCool is able to push Beth off and send her crashing into the ironing boards. McCool goes for the faith breaker, but Phoenix is able to fight out of it, and counter into the glam slam. Phoenix pins McCool, and we have a new champion.

    Winner and NEW WWE Women's Champion: Beth Phoenix

    Edge vs. Chris Jericho
    Steel Cage Match

    The Cage is being lowered, and Josh Matthews is standing backstage with Chris Jericho. Matthews asks Jericho if his loss to an NXT rookie this past week will have an effect on his performance tonight. Jericho says one loss does not change that he's accrued the biggest amount of accolades in this company, or being the greatest performer of this generation. Jericho says losing to Heath Slater doesn't change the fact that he's a money player. Jericho always does what he says he's going to do because he's an honest man. He says everyone who calls themselves an Edge head, will not be able to chant 'spear, spear, spear' anymore, it ends tonight. Edge's music hits, and the Rated R Superstar makes his way down to the ring to a big pop. Edge looks at the cage, and he grabs it and shakes it, testing its sturdiness before entering through the door. Jericho is out to the ring next, and he gets a bit of a mixed reaction from the crowd. Jericho is hesitant to get into the cage, wanting the ref to back Edge up. Jericho grabs a chair, and he uses it to hit the cage, but when he goes to the door, Edge hits Jericho with a baseball slide. Edge sends Jericho head first into the barricade, before finally sending him into the ring. Edge shuts the cage door behind him, and this one if officially started. Jericho is already trying to climb for the top, but Edge pulls him down, and slams him head first into the turnbuckle before beating down on him in the corner and choking him with his boot. Edge hits a quick clothesline, and he slingshots Jericho into the corner, but Jericho is able to use that to his advantage and climb to the top of the cage. Edge stops him, and pulls him back down into the ring with a big slam from the top turnbuckle.

    Edge sends Jericho crashing head first into the cage wall before choking Jericho against the middle rope. Edge tries to spear Jericho against the cage wall, but Jericho moves and Edge crashes into the wall. Jericho hits his slingshot dropkick, sandwiching Edge into into the cage. Jericho picks Edge's leg up and uses them to slingshot Edge up into the bottom rope. Jericho hits a big side suplex, and he goes for the cover but Edge kicks out at two. Jericho locks in a rear chin lock. Jericho taunts Edge and tells the ref to ask him if he gives. Edge fights up to his feet and out of the hold, but Jericho responds with a kick to the chest. Edge is able to respond with a back body drop, sending Jericho crashing into the cage, and both men are down. Both men are back up and Edge is able to come up with a series of clotheslines and a quick flapjack. Edge hits a facebuster and he goes for the pin, but Jericho kicks out at two. Jericho catches Edge with a kick to the stomach and a bulldog, and he tries for a lionsault, but when he misses, he lands on his feet and tries to escape from the other side of the cage. Edge limps over to the side of the cage and he pulls Jericho down to the top rope. Jericho grabs Edge's leg and they come down to the mat and straight into the Walls of Jericho. Edge is able to get to the bottom rope and gain leverage, crawling up to the top rope and eventually sending Jericho into the cage wall. Edge tries for the pin, but he only gets a two count. Edge goes for the impaler DDT, but Jericho counters, trying for the Walls of Jericho again. Edge fights out of it, gets back to his feet, and hits Jericho with a big boot. Edge positions himself and gets ready for the spear. Jericho tries to go for the door instead and he gets his hands on the floor, grabbing a chair. Edge grabs the chair and tosses it into the ring, but Jericho uses the cage door to slam it into Edge's head.

    Jericho goes down a couple of the ring steps, but he turns back into the ring instead, and he grab the chair, turning his attention to Edge. Jericho goes to hit Edger with the chair, but Edge ducks it and counters with a big spear. Edge goes for the pin, but Jericho kicks out at two. Edge gets back to his feet, and Jericho hits a codebreaker out of nowhere. Jericho crawls over and gets the pin but Edge kicks out at two. Jericho climbs to the top turnbuckle, and hoists himself up to the top of the cage. Jericho gets both legs over the cage, but Edge grabs him by the back of the neck and drags him back into the cage. Edge pulls Jericho to the top rope and they fight it out, with Edge ending up falling and crotching himself on the top rope. Jericho climbs to the top yet again, and he starts the climb to the bottom. Jericho gets over, but Edge is able to grab Jericho by the arm. Edge gets himself to the top of the cage, and he pulls Jericho back to the top of the cage. Edge and Jericho trade punches while stradling the top of the cage, and Jericho climbs back down to the top rope, grabbing Edge's leg and slamming it into the cage wall. Jericho pulls Edge down, and Edge goes to the middle rope. Edge pulls Jericho down, but Jericho lands on his feet and comes back with a springboard code breaker.

    Jericho crawls over to Edge, and he goes for the pin, but Edge kicks out at two. Jericho gets frustrated and tells Edge to stay down. Jericho hits Edge with a chop block to the injured leg. Jericho grabs the chair and he goes for the leg, but Edge moves and comes back with a couple of right hands before sending Jericho into three of the four cage walls. Edge sends Jericho into the corner but Jericho goes for the top of the cage. He gets there but Edge pulls him right down and slams his head into the cage wall repeatedly before letting Jericho drop to the canvas. Edge climbs down, and watches as Jericho crawls toward the cage door. Edge stops him with a stiff kick to the ribs, before he pounds on him and slams his ankle and leg in the cage door. Edge continues to work on Jericho's ankle wrenching away and slamming it against the mat. Edge stomps on Jericho's ankle. Edge lets Jericho get to his feet, only to hit him with a big spear. Edge goes for the pin, and he gets the three count.

    Winner: Edge

    John Cena (c) vs. Batista
    Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship

    We get a video package, highlighting the issues between these two men from WrestleMania, when Cena won the title from Batista, up through the past couple of weeks up to tonight. Batista is the first man out to the ring, and he does gets his usual spotlight on the way down the entrance ramp. John Cena is the next man out to the ring, and he gets a ton of love from the Baltimore crowd. The bell rings and and there's a large Cena sucks chant going on. Cena and Batista lock up, and Batista backs Cena up into the ropes. Cena ducks a right hand, and Cena responds with a shoulder block. Batista rolls out to the floor, but gets right back in. Cena ducks another right hand, and hits another shoulder block, forcing Batista to roll outside again. Batista grabs a chair, comes back inside, and tries to his Cena, but Cena duks it, slams Batista's head into the turnbuckle, and hits a bulldog, before following it up with a fisherman's suplex. Batista is up at four, and Cena charges him in the corner, but he eats a big punch from Batista. Batista picks him back up and hits a big clothesline, but Cena is up at the count of five. As soon as he's up, Cena eats a big boot from Batista, which puts Cena down for three. Cena gets on his feet and tries for the AA, but Batista fights out of it and sends him shoulder first into the ring post. Batista hits Cena with a chop block, and a low single leg dropkick. Batista slams Cena's leg down into the apron before grabbing a chair a driving it into Cena's knee.

    Batista continues to work over Cena's leg hanging it up on the bottom rope and slamming down on top of it. Batista hits Cena with a big clothesline, but Cena is back up at six. Cena tries to back off of Batista, but Batista is right on him with a kick to the knee. Batista hits a big suplex, and he grabs his own head, looking like he hurt himself. Cena gets back to his feet at seven, and Batista hits another chop block. Cena rolls to the outside, and Batista puts his foot on Cena's head, squeezing it against the ring apron. Batista goes out to the floor, where he gets punched by Cena, and then thrown into the ring steps, but Cena's ankle is hurting. Both men are back up to their feet at five, and back in the ring, Batista actually locks in the figure four leg lock. Cena tries to break out of the figure four by prying Batista's leg up, but when that doesn't work, he rolls over onto his stomach instead. Batista is forced to break the hold. Both men are down, but they make their way to their feet by six, only to both go for, and hit, a clothesline. Cena ducks a punch, and delivers a shoulderblock to Batista before following it up with a belly to back suplex, and completely forgetting to sell his ankle. Cena hits the first knuckle shuffle, and Batista rolls to the outside, where he goes under the ring and grabs a replacement turnbuckle, which he uses to blast Cena. Batiasta grabs a chair and rolls Cena back into the ring, but when he picks him up, Cena comes out of nowhere with an AA to Batista on the chair. Cena tells the referee to count. Batista is up to his feet at nine, and Cena is on the top rope, but Batista shoves the ref into the ropes, causing Cena to crotch himself. Batista hits a spear, and the referee begins the count on both men. Batista is up at four. Cena is up at eight. Another spear from Batista and he tells the ref to count. Cena is able to make it back to his feet at a count of eight again. Btista attacks from behind, knocking Cena down, before he goes to the outside and grabs a table. Batista puts the table in the ring, and he follows. Batista sets the table up in the corner, but when he turns to Cena, he almost gets caught in the STF. Batista fights out of it though, kicking Cena through the table in the corner.

    Cena rolls out to the floor and on his feet at seven to break the count, but Batista follows him out, picks him up, and slams him back first into the steel ring post. Batista pulls Cena back up to his feet at seven, and launches him with an Irish whip that sends him through the barricade and into the time keeper's area. The referee begins the count, and Cena jumps up to his feet at nine, supporting himself with the barricade. Batista loses it and behind to dismantle the announcer's table, throwing pieces of it at Michael Cole. Batista slams Cena into the ring post and grabs the steps, setting them up next to the table, before tossing Lawler's chair and crown aside. Batista climbs the steps with Cena and sets him up for the Batista bomb, but Cena counters, hitting the AA from the top of the steps through the announce table. Batista is able to make it to his feet at nine. Cena goes under the ring and grabs a table of his own, sliding it into the ring. Cena sets up the table in the middle of the ring, and he goes to the outside after Batista. Cena sends Batista into the ring and he follows, stalking him from behind and trying for another AA. Batista fights out of it though, and hits a spinebuster sending Cena through the table and both men are down. The referee begins the count. Batista is up at six, and Cena is able to make it up at nine again, just popping up and walking over to the ropes. Batista looks furious, and he goes over, trying, and connecting with the Batista bomb. Cena is back up at nine again, springing right back up to his feet, and Batista goes to the outside. He grabs the ring steps and slides them into the ring. Cena locks in the STF, and Batista begins to tap, but it doesn't matter. Batista is able to make it to the ropes, and he begins to fade. Cena lets go of the hold, and the referee begins the count. Batista begins to stir around five, and he's able to make it to his feet at nine. Cena rolls out side, grabs Batista, and pulls him backwards by the legs to crotch him on the ring post. Cena grabs duct taps, and uses it to tie Batista's legs up behind the ring post. Cena ties the legs up, and Batista can't get up. The referee begins the count and Batista struggles, doing everything to tear away at the tape. The ref counts, and gets to ten, ending the match.

    Winner and STILL WWE Champion: John Cena

    Cena celebrates with his title, standing on the ring steps in the middle of the ring while Batista fumes while he's tied up. Cena poses with his belt, telling Batista 'You can't see me' before walking away. Cena at the top of the ramp, with his title, ends the PPV.

    WWE: Extreme Rules 2010

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    Interesting comment from released WWE star

    Interesting comment from released WWE star

    Jimmy Wang Yang wrote on Twitter:

    "3 strike and your out i hear florida is a nice place to visit."

    According to, at least one of the releases from Thursday was related to a Wellness Policy violation.

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    Mickie James comments on her WWE release

    Mickie James comments on her WWE release

    Mickie James posted the following on Twitter:

    “Awe… Thank you James Gang! I just want to say its been a beautiful journey… Wwe has been a childhood dream come true & I have loved every step… There is not a moment I would change for the world… It breaks my heart but the world doesn’t stop turning.. I’m grateful for all my friends, family, loved ones, and fans who have supported me along this wonderful ride. To all the guys and gals I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the ring with… We made some magic! History… Memories to last a lifetime… Thank you… I love you all with all my heart! Every chapter has its close… The next one Is only gonna get better… I promise you that! =) One truly never knows what tomorrow may hold… That’s why we embrace every moment… In love & joy! The James Gang Rides! Even stronger than before…. To Victory! Haha…. On ward & upward! Much Love…. Muah! JG4L…… MJ”

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