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  • WWE Confirms Reports of Finn Balor's Injury
  • Awesome Kong released by TNA
  • Christopher Daniels Inks Deal with Ring of Honor
  • Davey Richards Not Returning Anytime Soon
  • Top WWE Diva Suffers Injury
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  • News on Rey Mysterio's LU Status
  • Could Taryn Terrell Be Done With TNA Wrestling?
  • Rumored **SPOILER** – Who Is TNA’s ‘The Miracle’?
  • The Lineup For TNA iMPACT!’s LIVE Debut On POP TV
  • GFW Crowns Their Four Champions
  • AJ Styles Suffers An Injury
  • Maria Kanellis' Contract with ROH Expiring
  • Update on Dolph Ziggler's WWE Status
  • Alex Riley Shoots on WWE Tough Enough
  • Adam Rose Name Change
  • Conflicting Reports on Erick Rowan's Injury
  • Big Show Mocks Turning Babyface & Heel
  • King of the Mountain Championship Title Plans
  • Alex Shelley Returning to Ring of Honor
  • Magnus Joins Global Force Wrestling
  • News Regarding Kurt Angle's Neck Surgery
  • SPOILER: Update On Jeff Jarrett And TNA
  • Title Changes Hands at Money in the Bank
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  • GFW using a six-sided ring for first show
  • New Match Added to TNA's Slammiversary Event
  • Jarrett Reacts to TNA Pulling Tyrus from GFW Events
  • Kazarian Says Suicide Character Wasn't Him
  • Ex-TNA Knockout Retiring from Wrestling
  • Rusev Pulled from Elimination Chamber
  • Major Main Roster Plans For NXT Star?
  • Matt Hardy Comments on Impact Cancellation Reports
  • News Regarding TNA & Shelton Benjamin Deal
  • Ook WCCW naar Destination America
  • Possible Reason Why Sasha Missed Several Events
  • WWE Deal to Keep Samoa Joe Off ROH Television?
  • Rusev Suffers Injury at SmackDown Tapings
  • Update on Scott Hall Being Pulled from GFW
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    Hardy comments on the releases of Helms/Maria

    Hardy comments on the releases of Helms/Maria
    Posted by Chris Kaufman on 02/27/2010 at 01:16 PM

    Matt Hardy posted the following messages on his Twitter page regarding the release of Hurricane Helms:

    "Gonna miss traveling with my close friend (Helms)," Hardy wrote. "You guys make sure to stick with Shane - he's a great human being with a big heart."

    He also commented on the release of Maria:

    "Also, best of luck to (Maria) - a really cool and fun to be around lady. I'll miss ya' at work, MK."

    27-02-2010 om 23:25 geschreven door jefken  

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    Maria Kanellis, who was released this afternoon by World Wrestling Entertainment, commented on her departure at She wrote:

    "Alright guys let's talk. I did not ask for my release. I was released. I am still going to kick ass in other areas!! I am excited about the future! But I am sad about never getting the Championship. I am sad about not getting the chance to go to Wrestlemania again. Passion is my Motivation! Time to Sing! Time to work for Charity! Time to Dance! Time to be Alive again! Much love to my FANS, my FAMILY, the DIVAS, and my FRIENDS! There is a bright new future when one door closes another opens! Bring on the Doors! Spanks and Kisses"

    27-02-2010 om 23:22 geschreven door jefken  

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    Helms ontslagen en mogelijk naar tna

    Shane Helms' WWE firing earlier today should come as no surprise obviously. That had been brewing for quite some time now for obvious reasons. It's interesting to note that Matt Hardy is all that's left of their 'clique' (Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore, & Shane Helms).

    With Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore in TNA it wouldn't surprise us to see Helms wind up there shortly once his 90 day no-compete clause is up. So Helms gets fired and WWE's Chris Jericho gets their World title. That's a double-standard if we ever saw one.

    27-02-2010 om 23:22 geschreven door jefken  

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    More breaking news: Maria released

    More breaking news: Maria released

    You can now add Maria Kanellis to the list of WWE superstars/divas released today.

    She was with the company since 2004.

    She also has an album coming out on iTunes April 13th entitled Sevin Sins.

    27-02-2010 om 23:21 geschreven door jefken  

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    Yet another WWE talent released today

    Yet another WWE talent released today

    As noted earlier, WWE announced the releases today of Maria, Hurricane Helms and Paul Burchill.

    You can add referee Scott Armstrong, son of legend Bob Armstrong, to that list as his release is also confirmed. A number of people in WWE are bummed about Armstrong being let go from the company because he was well liked by the wrestlers.

    27-02-2010 om 23:21 geschreven door jefken  

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    Breaking news: Helms and Burchill released
    Hurricanecometh.jpg image by ForPhotoStuff
    Breaking news: Helms and Burchill released has announced that Shane "Hurricane" Helms and Paul Burchill have been released.

    Shane Helms' most recent WWE run began back in 2008. Since then, he has served as both a backstage interviewer and wrestler and performed as both Shane Helms as well as The Hurricane. He was arrested along with Chris Jericho in late January for public intoxication and was part of the ECW brand when it folded earlier this month.

    Paul Burchill had been with WWE since 2005 and was also part of the ECW brand before it folded. There was talk he'd be moving to RAW.

    Both men were wished the best in all future endeavors.

    27-02-2010 om 23:18 geschreven door jefken  

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    Vance 'Lance Hoyt' Archer naar smackdown

    We can confirm that Vance 'Lance Hoyt' Archer has been moved to the SmackDown! roster.

    27-02-2010 om 23:07 geschreven door jefken  

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    Chris Jericho pokes fun at upcoming WWE star
    Posted by Chris Kaufman on 02/25/2010 at 01:06 PM


    There are reports that Drew McIntyre's backstage nickname is Avatar, apparently because of the joke that his fiancé (former ECW General Manager Tiffany) controls him. This tidbit was brought to Chris Jericho's attention with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion saying on Twitter:

    "Tru Dat. Looks just like a NaVi."

    27-02-2010 om 23:04 geschreven door jefken  

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    WWE superstar says WWE is not PG

    WWE superstar says WWE is not PG
    Posted by Chris Kaufman on 02/25/2010 at 01:00 PM

    Cryme Tyme member Shad Gaspard said that while WWE pushes a PG-rated product, the combination of violence and scantily-clad women does not make it one.

    "Even though our show is PG it's still for adults," Gaspard told Mike Adren in an interview conducted late last year published today. "We have hot girls on there, we have guys beating the hell out of each other, you know, there is nothing PG about sex and violence."

    27-02-2010 om 23:01 geschreven door jefken  

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    BTLS responds to Awesome Kong's allegations

    BTLS responds to Awesome Kong's allegations
    Posted by Mark Virginia on 02/25/2010 at 12:57 PM

    Bubba The Love Sponge (real name Todd Clem) is denying the allegations made against him by Awesome Kong (real name Kia Stevens) who has requested a lawsuit against him after claiming a radio called her in the middle of the night from a blocked number and threatened to "'sucker punch' her until she stopped breathing," adding, "You'll be dead like all those other niggers in Haiti you fat black bitch!". Kong believes the caller was BTLS.

    This morning Bubba responded with the following statement:

    "This morning I was made aware of allegations made in a petition for full bill of discovery by Ms. Kia Stevens, a professional wrestler with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. The allegations in this petition are one hundred percent false. To be clear; everything contained in this petition is not true. Ms. Stevens attributing outrageous racist statements and physical threats to me is disgusting.

    "We can prove without any doubt the allegations made in this petition are false. First Ms. Stevens claims that she was called on the air, at 5:08 AM on February 10th, we are not even on the air until 6 AM Eastern time. We have phone records and eyewitnesses that account for my every movement that day from 4:50 AM forward. No call was made to Ms. Stevens at all.

    "We will be pursuing all legal remedies available to us in the State of Florida to fight these deliberately malicious allegations."

    27-02-2010 om 22:54 geschreven door jefken  

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    Awesome Kong suing Bubba The Love Sponge
    Posted by Mark Virginia on 02/25/2010 at 12:38 PM

    TNA Knockout is alleging that radio personality Bubba The Love Sponge called her at 5 a.m. on February 10th from a blocked phone number and threatened her. Kong, who got into a backstage altercation with Bubba after he said "F--- Haiti" on Twitter, claims that Bubba identified himself, told her the call would be played on the radio and threatened her with some very racist and offensive comments. She asked AT&T to give her the identity of the blocked caller so that she could take further action, but they declined to release that information. As a result, she has filed a lawsuit against both AT&T and Bubba. For more on this, visit

    27-02-2010 om 22:51 geschreven door jefken  

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    TNA & AAA Reach Agreement
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    TNA and Mexican promotion AAA have seemingly come to a talent exchange agreement of some sort, as AAA announced today that two TNA stars would compete at the Rey de Reyes event on March 12.

    Mr. Kennedy (which is how he is billed by AAA) will take part in a fourway match with Latin Lover, Electroshock and current AAA champion El Mesias (formerly Judas Mesias in TNA), while Lacey Von Erich teams with Rain (formerly Peyton Banks in TNA) and Sexy Star against Cinthia Moreno, Faby Apache & Mary Apache.

    27-02-2010 om 15:41 geschreven door jefken  

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    Uitslagen smackdown 26 februari
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    Dolph Ziggler def. John Morrison and R-Truth in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
    Michelle McCool def. Women’s Champion Mickie James
    Kane def. Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match - Non-title
    Shelton Benjamin def. CM Punk in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifying Match
    Edge def. Unified Tag Team and United States Champion The Miz

    MILWAUKEE – Three SmackDown Superstars cemented their place in the WrestleMainia Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Michelle McCool recaptured the Women's Championship and World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho received a spear-induced statement from his WrestleMania opponent Edge.

    Edge hit the ground spearing on The Road to WrestleMania (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    For the second time this week, 2010 Rumble Royal winner Edge interrupted the new World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho mid-celebration. He claimed that he saw fear in the eyes of the World Champion and admitted that Jericho was “best in the world … at getting speared.” When Jericho failed with an attempted Codebreaker, The Ultimate Opportunist countered by spearing his WrestleMania opponent. (Match preview)

    Edge def. Unified Tag Team and United States Champion The Miz (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    The Miz came to SmackDown to mark his territory as one-half of the new Unified Tag Team Champions. But, the confident Superstar seemed at a loss for words when SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long announced that he would take on The Rated-R Superstar in SmackDown’s main event. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

    For the first time ever, Edge went one-on-one with the “Awesome One.” In the climax of the hard-fought match, the nine-time World Champion hit the Impaler DDT, following it up with his second earth-shattering spear of the night for the pin.

    Michelle McCool def. Women’s Champion Mickie James (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Thanks to the help of Special Guest Referee Vickie Guerrero, Michelle McCool recaptured the Women’s Championship from Mickie James. When Michelle  attempted a pin on the champion, Guerrero looked to be positioning herself for the three-count. But, as she leaned against the ropes, she suddenly fell out of the ring. Meanwhile, Mickie was able to roll her opponent up for a pin attempt of her own. However, when SmackDown’s Official Consultant reentered the squared circle, she chose to slap the champion instead of counting to three. As an angry Mickie turned her attention to her would-be attacker, Michelle recovered and delivered a hard kick to reclaim her coveted title.

    Dolph Ziggler def. John Morrison and R-Truth in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    WWE NXT rookie David “A-List” Otunga accompanied his WWE Pro, R-Truth, as the rapping Superstar attempted to qualify for the WrestleMania Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Instead, it was Dolph Ziggler who captured the opportunity in a whirlwind Triple Threat Match. Although triumph seemed imminent for Morrison after he executed Starship Pain on Truth, Ziggler had enough presence of mind to pull The Guru of Greatness out of the ring and quickly made the cover himself.

    Kane def. Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match - Non-title (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Just five days after coming up short against Drew McIntyre at WWE Elimination Chamber, The Big Red Monster defeated the “Chosen One” to snatch his opportunity to compete in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania. After battling his way out of the Future Shock, Kane blasted McIntyre in the temple to hand his adversary his first lost in singles competition.

    Shelton Benjamin def. CM Punk in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifying Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Rey Mysterio cost CM Punk his chance at this year’s WrestleMania Money in the Bank Ladder Match. When a potentially interfering Luke Gallows jumped up on the ring apron, The Masked Superstar emerged to yank him back off. This distracted The Second City Saint long enough for The Gold Standard to hit PayDirt. The victory made Benjamin the third member of SmackDown to qualify for an opportunity at the Money in the Bank briefcase when WrestleMania hits Phoenix March 28. (Match preview) 

    Friday Night Smackdown 26.02.10

    27-02-2010 om 00:00 geschreven door jefken  

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    Doug Williams Talks TNA iMPACT Coming To Monday
    Doug Williams Talks TNA iMPACT Coming To Monday

    26-02-2010 om 16:58 geschreven door jefken  

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    Daniels Talks TNA iMPACT Coming To Monday
    Daniels Talks TNA iMPACT Coming To Monday

    26-02-2010 om 16:58 geschreven door jefken  

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    Brian Kendrick Talks TNA iMPACT Coming To Monday
    Brian Kendrick Talks TNA iMPACT Coming To Monday

    26-02-2010 om 16:58 geschreven door jefken  

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    Update Melina

    After undergoing surgery to repair a torn ACL suffered at a live event in late December, Melina is targeting late spring for her return to the ring.

    26-02-2010 om 16:58 geschreven door jefken  

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    WWE Signs Canadian Grappler

    After paying a fee to head down to Florida Championship Wrestling for a tryout in front of WWE trainers and agents this past December, the company has signed Calgary-based wrestler Tiger Raj Singh to a developmental contract. The 23-year-old told SLAM! Wrestling he has a developmental contract in hand and is waiting for his work Visa to be cleared before relocating to Tampa.

    Notable names such as Steve Keirn, Pat Patterson and Mike Rotunda saw him work. "It was a four-day tryout, and every day there was someone new there," Singh explained. He believes his gimmick made him stand out.

    "I think they needed an Indian guy, they were looking for one," Singh said. "We had matches and stuff and all the wrestlers came in their gimmicks. Well, I came out wearing a turban and had my full outfit on, and spoke Punjabi in my promo, and they liked that. They like guys who speak different languages and have different looks. My wrestling was pretty good, I had some pretty good matches. I did good at the drills and everything."

    26-02-2010 om 16:58 geschreven door jefken  

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    Uitslagen wwe superstars 25 februari
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    Jack Swagger & William Regal def. Santino Marella & Chris Masters
    Zack Ryder def. Primo
    Luke Gallows def. a local competitor
    The Hart Dynasty def. Matt Hardy, The Great Khali & Maria

    The WWE Universe has come to expect fast and furious action on “WWE Superstars” and this week’s edition was no different. Featuring a dominating performance from The Straight Edge Society, wild tag team action and a memorable six-person tag team main event, Thursday’s episode was proof that WWE fans should always “expect everything.”

    Don’t know where to catch “WWE Superstars”? Find WGN America in your area. Can't see “WWE Superstars” on WGN America in your area? Stay with for full results, photos and video clips of all the action.

    The Hart Dynasty def. Matt Hardy, The Great Khali & Maria (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Three of SmackDown’s most exciting talents, Matt Hardy, The Great Khali & Maria, teamed up to take on the treacherous triumvirate of David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd & Natalya on Thursday night. Unsurprisingly, the unique trio was able to take their Canadian opponents to the limit, but the years of experience The Hart Dynasty brings to the ring clearly paid off tonight. After Natalya struck Hardy from behind, Kidd & Smith were able to nail the veteran with the Hart Attack to beat their imposing opponents.

    Luke Gallows in action (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Although CM Punk wasn’t present at Thursday’s “WWE Superstars,” his most loyal followers, Luke Gallows & Serena, were more than happy to spread his message about the Straight Edge way of life. After shamelessly preaching to the WWE Universe, the massive Gallows made short work of a local competitor, destroying the young performer with his brutal offense. Surely, The Straight Edge Superstar was watching somewhere and smiling.

    Zack Ryder def. Primo (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Raw’s newest power couple, Zack Ryder & Rosa Mendes, brought their arrogance to “WWE Superstars,” mouthing off to the fans in attendance before Ryder took on Primo. While the Puerto Rican Superstar nailed his spiky haired opponent with some impressive, highflying offense, he was ultimately distracted by the beautiful Rosa at ringside. Seeing a perfect opportunity to strike, Ryder executed a devastating Zack Attack on Primo to pick up the victory.

    Jack Swagger & William Regal def. Santino Marella & Chris Masters (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Thursday’s “WWE Superstars” kicked off with an exciting tag team bout featuring four of Raw’s most talented competitors. While Santino Marella & Chris Masters were able to control the action early, things soon spun out of control with William Regal and the Italian Superstar brawling on the outside while Masters and Jack Swagger duked it out in the ring. Just when it looked like Swagger was going to fall victim to the Master Lock, the University of Oklahoma graduate nailed his massive opponent with the Gutwrench Powerbomb to grab the win for his team.

    WWE Superstars .03.10

    26-02-2010 om 16:56 geschreven door jefken  

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    Roxxi keert bijna terug

    Roxxi [Nikki Roxx] is expected back next month. She broke her ankle in a freak accident during a match in December.

    26-02-2010 om 15:05 geschreven door jefken  

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    Wrestleliciuous Signs Former TNA Knockout

    Here's a press release from Jimmy Hart's Wrestlelicious:

    FORMER TNA KNOCKOUT SET TO DEBUT ON WRESTLICIOUS TAKEDOWN Action/Comedy Series Premieres Monday March 1 In North America LOS ANGELES, February 26, 2010�Josie Bynum, a former TNA Knockout who performed as Sojourner Bolt, has signed with Wrestlicious LLC and will make her in-ring debut on an upcoming Season One episode of Wrestlicious TakeDown. Bynum was rated in the top 25 of the PWI "Female 50" for 2009. This brings the total number of Wrestlicious TakeDown performers in that ranking to 18, or more than one third. "It's true! Josie is coming to Wrestlicious" said Bynum "I am excited to help bring great women's wrestling into the forefront of sports entertainment." "We are thrilled to welcome Josie to TakeDown" said Wrestlicious Senior Producer Johnny Cafarella "She is a terrific wrestler, has an awesome work ethic and knows the ropes of the wrestling business. She'll be a great fit here" TakeDown premieres Monday, March 1 at 11 PM EST in the US on MavTV ( (Dish Network channel 361) and Bite TV ( in Canada. America One Network ( will air the TakeDown series on Saturdays at 11:30 PM EST beginning March 6. In addition, the new series is syndicated to network affiliate and broadcast stations in selected markets. It also will be archived on Demand at and available online starting the first week of March. Earlier this week Wrestlicious Founder Jay Vargas was asked what viewers can expect in the premiere episode of TakeDown "The wrestling will be stronger than most people think it will.� It will be very, very character driven.���In fact 2/3 of the show will be sketches and other character development stuff with about 1/3 being in ring wrestling.� Even the commentary will be as much about describing the characters as describing the action." Vargas told Melanie Rob of Diva Dirt. "Remember, TakeDown is an ACTION/COMEDY show, the Man Show meets Hee-Haw- meets female wrestling.� This is the premise it was sold as, an action/comedy with wrestling as the vehicle.� And that's how we're delivering it."

    26-02-2010 om 14:40 geschreven door jefken  

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    Uitslagen TNA 25 februari
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    Credit: JP Nichols and

    TNA iMPACT!(Items may not be listed in the proper timeline):

    A.J. Styles and Ric Flair come out. Styles jokes about Pope being ‘champion of the people’ and he says that Pope will not be beating him. Styles says to be the man, you have to beat the man and because he is the champion, he is the man. Flair takes the mic and calls out Hogan for giving his Hall of Fame ring to Abyss and he bashes Hogan and calls out Abyss. Abyss comes out to Hogan’s American Made. Flair asks Abyss why he came out to that music and says that Abyss makes all wrestlers look bad. 'You may have some superhuman strength, but you're not a Hall of Fame wrestler.' Flair says the only thing Abyss is good for is shining the champs boots and calls Abyss a clown.

    Abyss gets on the mic and says Flair is right. 'I couldn't shine your shoes because I am not a shoe-shine boy'. Abyss says that he would be more than happy to remove A.J.'s boots and stick them up flair's ass.

    A.J. takes the mic and asks if Abyss thinks that the people came to see him and calls Abyss a disgrace. He asks Abyss to take the ring off and Flair demands that it be put on A.J.’s hand.

    Hogan comes out. Hogan gets in the ring and asks A.J. what he knows about having a good name because associating himself with Flair gives him a bad name. Flair and Hogan exchange words. Flair asks for a fight right now, but as Abyss and Hogan are ready, Flair and Styles go around the ring. Flair claims that before the night is through, the ring will be on A.J.'s finger.

    Team 3D beat the Nasty Boys in a tables match. Jimmy Hart was going to hit Devon with the motorcycle helmet but Jesse Neal came out, took the helmet from Hart, and tossed it to Devon who used it on Sags. Team 3D then hit a 3D on Sags through the table for the win.

    After the match, Beer Money came out and they talk about it was almost two years ago that they formed. They made a promise to each other about being the best and they run down their accomplishments. They mention how the new management seems to have put them on the sidelines. Hernandez came out and gave Beer Money a TNA World Tag Title Match in the future.

    Kaz defeated Brian Kendrick via flux capacitor.

    Desmond Wolfe w/Chelsea vs. Abyss. Winner via black hole slam, Abyss. AJ Styles and Ric Flair attack after the match. Wolfe used a chair and attacked Abyss too. They're all beating Abyss up until Hulk Hogan comes out to stop it. Hogan takes out AJ, Flair and Wolfe and then Flair takes out his leg and they all whoop him. Flair and AJ deliver chops to him and Abyss has been handcuffed to the ring. AJ, Flair and Wolfe continue their assault on Hogan and AJ hits Hogan with the world title. Hogan is bleeding. Abyss hulks up and rips the handcuffs and everybody makes a run for it. Hogan gets on the mic after a couple minutes and says since Flair wants to stick his nose in business, he's going to wrestle in a match March 8th. AJ Styles & Flair vs. Abyss & Hulk Hogan.

    For the TNA Global Championship, Rob Terry vs. Mr. Anderson. Before the match, Anderson asks if he's supposed to feel sorry for spitting on some medals given to Kurt Angle from the widow of a fallen soldier? Angle comes up behind Anderson and nails him with a chair shot. Angle calls Terry over. Terry grabs Anderson and brings him to the ring. The match has officially started. Winner via Running Power Slam, Rob Terry. Match ended as soon as it started.

    ODB vs. Daffney. Daffney got DQed for going nuts and using the ring steps to smash ODB's leg while it was around a ring post. She then used a mop on ODB's leg. Dr. Stevie had to pull her off.

    Eric Bischoff promo. He's man enough to admit his mistakes. You have to look back at the things you've done wrong and not feel bad but learn from them. He says Jeff Jarrett is different and he'd like him to come out. Jarrett is out with music and pyro. Bischoff knows the situation is tough but he can put it all behind him. Eric has something for him, the barbwire bat. He knows asking him to use it is disgusting and unfair. He feels Jarrett did the right thing not using it, but he didn't do the right thing by him. He's giving him one more shot to do the right thing. He wants Jarrett to go to catering and flip some burgers. He also wants to follow health codes and puts a hairnet on Jarrett. He asks him if he has a problem and Jarrett says nothing. Eric says happy flipping and leaves.

    Non title match, Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me vs. Beer Money Inc. vs. TNA Tag Team Champions Matt Morgan & Hernandez. Beer Money, Inc won after Storm superkicked Morgan and Roode schoolboyed him. Morgan was showboating too much and was being a jerk to Hernandez. Neither was happy with the other after the match.

    Doug Williams vs. Rob Terry. Winner via short chokeslam, Rob Terry. Brutus Magnus attacks Terry afterwards. He and Williams gang up on Terry and leave him laid out.

    TNA Impact 25.02.10

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    Inferno (Jemma Palmer) tekent voor WWE

    WWE has signed a new British Diva, the sexy Jemma Palmer. Palmer, who played "Inferno" on the UK Gladiators show, told that she's excited to follow in the footsteps of follow Brit babes Katie Lea and Lalya El. The 24-year old will relocate to Tampa, Florida, next month to join Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE's developmental league. Palmer auditioned for Vince McMahon back in 2005 along with Katie Lea, but was not hired at that time. She's been waiting on her work visa for seven months, which finally went through.

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    Changes made to The Undertaker's entrance
    Posted by Chris Kaufman on 02/23/2010 at 05:32 PM


    Following the pyro incident at the PPV, WWE officials made sure that the pyro wasn’t within ten feet of The Undertaker during his entrance on RAW. There was talk, following the incident, of tweaking his entrance for Wrestlemania to avoid another accident like the one they had Sunday night.

    Speaking of the Undertaker incident, the story has been picked up by a number of mainstream news outlets including CNN, AOL, AP, and so forth.

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    WWE Sheamus
    Possible reason why Sheamus missed RAW

    According to Dave Meltzer, there are reports going around that Sheamus suffered a concussion at Sunday night's Elimination Chamber PPV and was not at RAW last night in Indianapolis as a result. It appears that the original main event for RAW was to be John Cena vs. Sheamus where the winner would get the title shot at Wrestlemania.

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    Uitslagen NXT 23 februari
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    Christian & Heath Slater def. Carlito & Michael Tarver
    David Otunga def. Darren Young
    World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho def. Daniel Bryan

    MILWAUKEE – Eight NXT Rookies. Eight WWE Pros. One dream. WWE Universe, welcome to WWE NXT! (WATCH)

    Throughout the coming weeks, eight NXT Rookies will try to prove they have the personality, charisma, talent and strength to win a Raw Superstar contract while being mentored by WWE Superstars. But which Pro will successfully pass on his knowledge and skills to the future of WWE?

    World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho def. Daniel Bryan (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Daniel Bryan was certainly put to the test during his first night in front of the WWE Universe. The NXT Rookie faced the new World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho on the inaugural episode of Syfy’s new Tuesday night show. With his NXT Rookie, British bare-knuckle fighter Wade Barrett, in his corner, Jericho was victorious when Bryan tapped out to the Walls of Jericho. But Bryan wowed the WWE Universe with an impressive offensive arsenal of skills and submission moves, almost making Jericho tap out to a Heel Hook. Bryan even fearlessly dove head-first through the ring ropes at his opponent, crashing into the announce table. (PHOTOS: Bryan's injury) But it’s unlikely Bryan has learned his incredible skills from his Pro, The Miz. In addition to their explosive clash earlier in the night, The Miz attacked Bryan after his main event loss, calling him an embarrassment. But did The Miz beat some respect into his NXT Rookie, or just fuel the intense fire already burning inside Bryan?

    David Otunga def. Darren Young (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    NXT Rookie David “A-List” Otunga brought his A-game to the WWE NXT premiere, picking up his first win in front of the WWE Universe. Under the guidance of his WWE Pro, R-Truth, Harvard Law graduate Otunga defeated Darren Young, who had an ornery CM Punk, Luke Gallows and Serena in his corner. The confident, charismatic and strong Otunga took just minutes to impressively defeat South Beach party boy Young. But the WWE Universe is left to wonder how Young will fare in WWE NXT when his Pro, Punk, is less than excited to mentor the NXT Rookie, that is, unless he’s ready to join the Straight Edge Society. (WATCH: Otunga’s profile)

    Christian & Heath Slater def. Carlito & Michael Tarver (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Christian introduced the WWE Universe to his NXT Rookie, Heath Slater, a star who is ready to rock the WWE Universe. (WATCH: Slater’s profile) Slater proved to be a great tag team partner for Captain Charisma, assisting him by pulling Carlito out of the ring, allowing Christian to capitalize and hit Michael Tarver with a Killswitch for the victory. Tarver, who is known as “Mr. 1.9 Seconds” for his ability to quickly knockout his opponent, is being mentored by Carlito, who is sure the knowledge and skills he’ll pass on will make Tarver become the next breakout WWE Superstar. (WATCH: Tarver’s profile)

    An early clash (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    The premiere episode of WWE NXT kicked off with quite a clash between United States and Unified Tag Team Champion The Miz and his NXT Rookie, Daniel Bryan. Before sending Bryan to the ring to introduce himself, The Miz warned his NXT Rookie to expect anything, and that if he doesn’t show personality, he’d slap some into the “Internet darling.” (WATCH) Then, in front of the WWE Universe, Bryan poked fun at his mentor’s reality TV past, and pointed out that he’s been honing his skills all over the world for the last 10 years. Naturally, an angry Miz interrupted Bryan, and slapped his mentee, proving not all of the Pros and NXT Rookies will get along during season one of WWE NXT.

    part 1
    part 2
    part 3

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    Jeremy Prophet had try out bij tna

    Independent worker Jeremy Prophet had a tryout with TNA Wrestling at last night's house show in Massena, New York. Prophet is from Lasalle, Quebec and while he didn't work on the show, he worked with TNA stars prior to the show. Prophet had a tryout with WWE in Florida in December and was ranked as one of the top four workers out of eighty they had tryout that day.

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    Second generation stars start in fcw
    Four names have been added to the online talent roster this week:

    G-Rilla – George Murdoch. The 6’3” 350 pound son of wrestling legend Dick Murdoch returns to FCW.

    Jules Uso – Joseph Fatu. Twin brother of FCW roster mate Jimmy Uso, and son of WWE legend Rikishi Fatu.

    Mason Ryan – Barri Griffiths. Welsh born European wrestling star and actor also known as Goliath. He stands 6’6” and weighs a little under 300 pounds with a very similar build to Batista.

    Richie Steamboat – Richard Blood Jr. The son WWE Hall Of Famer, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Young Richie has trained with Harley Race and and the NOAH Dojo in Japan. Great things are expected in his future.

    Those not yet added to the online roster, but who have been actively competing in FCW events include Cliff Compton (former tag champ “Domino”), South African star Ray Leppan (Dameon Duke), and former World Tag Champ Curt Hawkins.

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    Eric Bischoff heeft het naar zijn zin in TNA

    -- Eric Bischoff posted a message on his Facebook page yesterday saying: "I REALLY am having more fun here @ TNA than I have had in the wrestling business in a LONG LONG time. Very grateful."

    -- Speaking of Bischoff, he appears to be getting along quite well with TNA writers Vince Russo, Ed Ferrara and Matt Conway. He wrote on Twitter: "Now I know I am really back in the wrestling business. Vince, Ed and Matt just stopped by my hotel and invited me out to a late night meal at....THE WAFFLE HOUSE! Home again! Thanks guys!

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    Daniel Bryan suffered a minor injury in his match with Chris Jericho on tonight's premiere episode of WWE NXT when he dove out of the ring onto Jericho.

    The injury isn't anything to be worried about as by the looks of things, Bryan only suffered some nasty scrapes to his back and leg. WWE has confirmed the injury to Bryan on their website.

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    Kazuchika Okada maakt tna debuut

    Kazuchika Okada of New Japan Pro Wrestling started with the TNA this week at the TV tapings.

    We hope to have more on him shortly.

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    Uitslagen raw 22 februari
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    Maryse def. Gail Kim (New Divas Champion)
    Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne & Yoshi Tatsu def. Randy Orton & The Legacy
    Christian def. Carlito (Money in the Bank Qualifying Match)
    Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & The Miz def. Mark Henry & MVP
    John Cena def. WWE Champion Batista by Disqualification

    INDIANAPOLIS – One night after WWE Elimination Chamber, special guest co-hosts, singer Jewel and her husband, pro bull rider Ty Murray, were riding high in the saddle as they helped wrangle an ornery herd of Superstars into several WrestleMania matches.

    John Cena def. WWE Champion Batista by Disqualification (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    All of John Cena’s matches should be this easy – if less painful. Within moments of the opening bell, his challenger, WWE Champion Batista, kicked Cena in the groin and was immediately disqualified. Per Mr. McMahon’s earlier stipulations, the win cements Cena in a title match against The Animal at WrestleMania.

    Things aren’t always as easy as they appear, though. While staggered by the blow, Cena tried to rise above and fight his tormentor. Seeing this, Batista attacked his WrestleMania rival before attempting to leave the ring again. Again, Cena clawed his way back to his feet, and again, Batista attacked him. This time, The Animal nailed Cena with a steel chair before, satisfied, he finally left his victim in the ring alone.

    Cheech & Chong to host Monday Night Raw next week
    Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, better known as Cheech & Chong, will bring their iconic comedy to Raw next week when they act as special guest hosts. The pair will take a break from their 2010 tour to stop into Oklahoma City and offer some primo laughs to the WWE Universe.

    Mr. McMahon invited Bret Hart back to Raw next week for a proper “farewell” (WATCH)
    After the horrible auto accident that befell Bret Hart last week, in which The “Hit Man” suffered injuries to his left leg, Mr. McMahon addressed the situation. The Chairman informed the crowd that the WWE Hall of Famer was invited back next Monday night to offer the WWE Universe a proper “farewell.”

    2010 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee announcement: Wendi Richter (WATCH)
    One of the original Divas and a WWE Universe favorite, Wendi Richter has been announced as the latest 2010 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee. The two-time WWE Women’s Champion will be inducted the night before WrestleMania.

    Jewel & Ty Murray host Diva Bull Riding Competition; Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & The Miz def. Mark Henry & MVP
    Just when the Divas were beginning to master the mechanical bull guest hosts Jewel and Ty Murray brought to Raw, Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & The Miz decided to drop onto the scene like a couple of cow patties. The duo mocked the sport and heckled the bull. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

    That’s when Jewel and Murray decided a little revenge was in order and put “Show-Miz” in a title match against Mark Henry & MVP. Unlike last week, though, The World’s Strongest Man and The Franchise Playa fell short and dropped the match to the champions. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

    Christian def. Carlito in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    The Road to WrestleMania begins with a few steps – up a ladder. At least that’s the case for Christian. The former ECW Champion, freshly signed with Raw, battled Carlito in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match and won, earning an opportunity to compete in the all-important Ladder Match at WrestleMania. The two Superstars will likely become very familiar with one another moving forward thanks to WWE NXT, the brand-new show on Syfy Tuesday nights in which eight Superstars, NXT Pros, including Christian and Carlito, have been chosen to mentor eight NXT rookies.

    The Undertaker accepted Shawn Michaels’ WrestleMania rematch challenge (PHOTOS | WATCH) Shawn Michaels found himself running out of options. He wanted desperately to face The Undertaker again at WrestleMania, but he couldn’t figure out how to make it happen – until last night. HBK interrupted the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match and superkicked The Deadman, allowing Chris Jericho to win the title.

    As a result, The Undertaker confronted Michaels tonight and put his WrestleMania undefeated streak on the line by accepting HBK’s rematch challenge … under one condition. If The Phenom wins, The Showstopper must retire!

    Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne & Yoshi Tatsu def. Randy Orton & The Legacy (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Things couldn’t have gone much worse for Randy Orton the night before. In his WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match, The Viper “accidentally” received a lead pipe to the head thanks to his Legacy henchman Ted DiBiase, who was also in the bout. So, when The Viper struck a conciliatory tone before the match, both DiBiase and Cody Rhodes should have known something was amiss.

    The three prepared to square off against Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne and Raw’s newest member, Yoshi Tatsu – who officially signed on from ECW – in a Six-Man Tag Team Match. Before the match could take on too ominous a feel for Orton, however, he headed off an attack from Legacy and laid out Rhodes and RKO'd DiBiase, essentially handing his opponents the win.

    Maryse def. Gail Kim for the Divas Championship (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Last night, just moments before Maryse and Gail Kim were to settle which sexy, smart and powerful woman would lay claim to the Divas Championship, Vickie Guerrero just had to butt in. She decided that SmackDown’s Divas weren’t being represented enough, so she arranged a tag team match pitting Maryse & Gail against Michelle McCool & Layla. Maryse abandoned her partner, watched her get pummeled and then circled around to punish Gail herself.

    All of which made for a rancorous bout tonight when Maryse and Gail finally met to decide the Divas Championship. While Gail certainly had ample motivation, the conceited Canadian proved too difficult to handle and netted herself the Butterfly Title.

    Mr. McMahon arranged WWE Champion Batista vs. John Cena tonight
    Robbed. There’s hardly a better word to describe what happened to John Cena after he managed to defeat five opponents on the way to victory in the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match on Sunday night. The victory was not without casualties. Former WWE Champion Sheamus suffered a concussion and Triple H sustained neck and upper back injuries during the heated bout.

    As an exhausted Cena soaked in his accomplishment, The Chairman emerged a mere three minutes and 35 seconds later to inform him that he must defend the title against Batista. After a valiant effort, Cena succumbed to The Animal and relinquished his title.

    Tonight, Cena appeared hellbent on facing the new WWE Champion, but Mr. McMahon wouldn’t hear of it, insisting that The Animal will defend the title at WrestleMania. The Chairman did, however, offer Cena a deal: If Cena could win his match tonight, he would become No. 1 contender for the WWE Title. If he lost, Sheamus would assume that position. And who might Cena’s opponent be tonight? None other than Batista himself!

    Edge chose to face World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho at WrestleMania (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Thought Edge might let bygones be bygones? Not bloody likely. When newly-minted World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho opened Raw and began boasting about how he defeated The Undertaker and four others in the Elimination Chamber to night before, The Rated-R Superstar could no longer take it.

    Edge had heard Jericho’s boasting before. While he endured an excruciating recovery from a torn Achilles tendon, The Rated-R Superstar listened to his former tag team partner claim credit for their championship accomplishments. Consider it payback time.

    After outlasting 29 opponents at the Royal Rumble, The Ultimate Opportunist had an enviable decision to make: For which World Championship would he choose to compete at WrestleMania. Edge made his decision loud and clear when he climbed into the ring and dropped Jericho with a spear just before proclaiming to the entire WWE Universe that he will be challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Monday Night Raw 22.02.10

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    Fan reports regarding Undertaker pyro incident

    Fan reports regarding Undertaker pyro incident
    Posted by Chris Kaufman on 02/22/2010 at 12:47 AM

    Here are some notes from fans in attendance at the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV:

    Matt Frazier reports: "I was at the event and during Undertaker's elaborate into, a pyro cannon misfired catching his hat and coat on fire. He quickly threw off his gear and ran down the ramp. Once inside the Chamber, he was given water to help cool his hands. After the event, he was very animated, gesturing at the pyrotechnics booth as he walked to the back. I'm sure someone got an earful."

    Neal Kendall reports: "Just got back from the PPV. Sounds like they didn't show Taker catching on fire on TV. During his ring entrance, he walked slowly over one of the areas where the flames come up and one shot up right through him. Pretty scary moment! After he flipped around putting the fire out, he sprinted towards the ring. He then spent time in his pod pouring water over himself."

    James Ashcroft: "Looked like Undertaker ‘did things differently’ during his entrance, as he was pretty much engulfed in a fireball and probably wanted to get away as quick as possible. That's how it looked on my PPV feed, especially when I rewound and looked again: he's definitely stood in the middle of the stage as the middle flamethrower is active. I was quite amazed when I saw it, however noticed that no live report seemed to see it. He’s lucky to have escaped."

    Robert Dalton reports: "He tore of his hat and jacket then doused himself with water when he got in the ring. During the match you could plainly see a giant red burn mark on his chest."

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    Live PPV notes: Pyro incident with Undertaker?

     Live PPV notes: Pyro incident with Undertaker?
    Posted by Chris Kaufman on 02/21/2010 at 11:45 PM

    - The dark match before tonight’s Elimination Chamber PPV in St. Louis saw Christian defeat Ezekiel Jackson.

    - According to several people in attendance, there was an incident during The Undertaker's entrance where his gear briefly caught on fire due to a pyro mishap.

    - After the PPV ended, Shawn Michaels kept staring at The Undertaker until they made eye contact. Shawn’s music played and he slowly walked back to a mixed reaction with more boo’s than cheers. Taker got up, the lights went purple, his music played and he went to the back.

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    Possible reason why Scott Steiner is done with TNA

    Possible reason why Scott Steiner is done with TNA


    It's said that Scott Steiner wasn't offered a new contract by TNA because the company felt bringing in Ric Flair was worth more to them and with the bad blood from the past between Flair and Steiner, it just wouldn't work out.

    22-02-2010 om 21:21 geschreven door jefken  

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    WWE Diva posing in Playboy once again

    WWE Diva posing in Playboy once again
    Posted by Chris Kaufman on 02/15/2010 at 12:35 PM

    ECW General Manager Tiffany appears in Playboy's latest special lingerie issue under her real name, Taryn Terrell.

    Terrell, who has posed for the publication in the past, did indeed partake in an all new shoot. Additionally, she briefly touched upon her burgeoning wrestling career with the magazine.

    "Since you last saw me: I competed for a spot as a WWE Diva and ended up signing a developmental contract with them. I am now with Extreme Championship Wrestling, a division of the WWE, where I'm the general manager," Terrell. "I'm passionate about: Raising money for abused and abandoned children. Fun fact: I'm a vegan and choose not to eat anything with a face."


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    Ex-WWE Diva engaged
    Posted by Chris Kaufman on 02/21/2010 at 12:08 PM

    - Former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro has announced that she has gotten engaged to be married. She posted the following note on her Twitter account this past week:

    "Yep yep I can't f*cking believe it! - jusT got engaged to the love of my life!!!!!"

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    uitslagen elimination chamber
    - The 2010 WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view kicks off with a video about the Road to WrestleMania and the Chamber itself. We go to the arena where the pyro explodes and Michael Cole welcomes us to the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. The Elimination Chamber starts lowering over the ring for our first match.

    WWE Elimination Chamber for the WWE Title: Sheamus vs. John Cena vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton vs. Triple H vs. Kofi Kingston

    The Chamber lowers over the ring as Justin Roberts goes over the rules for this match. Out first comes John Cena to a big pop from the St. Louis crowd.

    Out next is Ted DiBiase, who gets boo’d. Randy Orton is out next and he gets a massive pop from his hometown crowd. Ted, Cena and Orton all enter their separate pods and are locked away. Out next is Triple H to a pretty big pop also. Triple H enters his pod as Kofi Kingston makes his way out. Out last is the WWE Champion Sheamus, who taunts those in the pods. It will be Sheamus and Kofi starting things out.

    Sheamus goes for the big kick right off the bat, but Kofi moves and comes back with a flurry of offense of his own. Kofi hits a crossbody for a near fall, and a beautiful dropkick for another near fall. Kofi works over Sheamus with a series of fairly stiff kicks, but it’s still not enough to keep the Champion down. Sheamus comes back with a clubbing blow across Kofi’s back and a knee to the head. Sheamus hits a European uppercut, but Kofi is quick to fight back. Kofi kicks Sheamus square in the chest, but he immediately falls victim to a back elbow and a big shoulder block.

    Sheamus tries to hip toss Kofi over the ropes, but Kofi lands on his feet, delivers and enzugiri, and executes a springboard crossbody that’s good for a two count. Sheamus reverses a whip into the corner, but he walks right into a big kick from Kofi. Sheamus takes Kofi down to the mat and pounds away on him, he tries for a quick pin, but he can’t hold Kingston down for three. Sheamus tries to choke Kingston and rub his face into the mat. Kofi rolls to the outside and Sheamus follows. Kofi is able to put up a bit of a fight, but Sheamus backs him up into one of the pods and put him down. Sheamus hits a uranage backbreaker, but it’s still not good enough for three.

    The timer counts down, and the first entrant into the match is Triple H. Hunter has a big smile on his face. He walks out of the pod and stares Sheamus down.

    Sheamus and Triple H come toe to toe staring each other down. Sheamus goes for a punch, but Hunter blocks and unloads with a couple of his own. Sheamus goes low with a knee, but it’s not good enough to keep down Hunter, who comes back with a high knee, and a knee drop. Hunter hits a clothesline in the corner, and pounds on Sheamus for a bit, before stomping for a little bit. Hunter hits a short arm clothesline, but it’s only good for a near fall. Hunter throws Sheamus over the top rope out to the steel grate. Hunter tries to throw Sheamus into the Chamber, but Sheamus blocks, Sheamus tries but Hunter blocks and he clotheslines Sheamus over the top rope.

    Back in the ring, Sheamus goes for a razor’s edge out of nowhere, but Hunter reverses into a DDT. Kofi is back in and he’s going to work on both men, chopping each before hitting a dropkick on Sheamus, and whipping Hunter into Sheamus in the corner. Kofi launches himself up to hit nine punches on Sheamus in the corner before connecting with a leaping lariat. Kofi hits a slingshot boom drop over the top rope to the outside on Hunter. Sheamus takes Kofi out, out of nowhere, and it’s good for a near fall. The clock ticks down again, and the next entrant is Randy Orton.

    Orton goes right to work on everyone, then focuses his attention on Sheamus, stomping away. Orton hits a knee drop on Sheamus, and he tries for a cover but he only gets a two count. Orton tosses Sheamus over the top rope and he hits a quick kick to Hunter’s ribs. Orton goes to the outside, where he slams Sheamus against the Chamber wall three times in a row. Hunter comes out and he too goes into the Chamber three times at the hands of Orton. Orton chokes Sheamus with his boot for a bit, before going to work on Hunter with a couple of right hands. Kingston comes out of nowhere with a huge slingshot crossbody. Kingston tries for another springboard crossbody back in the ring on Orton, but Orton counters with a dropkick.

    Hunter is now back in this with right hands, and a face buster to Orton, but Orton comes back with a big powerslam. Orton looks to be setting up for the RKO on Hunter. Orton goes for it, but Hunter pushes him into Kofi. Kofi tries for TIP, but Orton ducks. Orton tries for the RKO on Kofi, but Kofi pushes him into an almost pedigree. Orton backdrops Hunter over the top rope to counter, the backdrops Kofi over the top rope. On the outside, Orton goes after Sheamus, but he ends up being backed up into the ring post. The clock counts down again and the next entrant is Ted Dibiase.

    Dibiase goes right to work on Sheamus, Kingston, then Triple H, hitting Hunter with a couple of fist drops. Dibiase goes over to Orton in the corner and he offers his hand after a bit of a staredown. It looks like Legacy may be working together. Orton and Dibiase go right to work on Hunter, stomping away on him in the corner. They the turn their attention to Sheamus, pounding away, and hitting a series of knees, before Orton throws him shoulder first into the ring post. Dibiase chokes Kingston against the bottom rope. Orton picks up Kofi and he tries to shove Kingston’s head through the Chamber wall, eventually succeeding and wrenching at his neck, before Dibiase locks in a Boston crab while Orton kicks away.

    Legacy stare Cena down outside of his pod, and decide to wait out the last 10 seconds outside of his door. Cena fights his way out with no problem, taking down Dibiase and tossing Orton in the ring before coming alive with a series of flying shoulder blocks and a belly to back suplex. Cena connects with the five knuckle shuffle on Orton, and a throwback and top rope rocker dropper to Dibiase. Cena goes for the AA on Dibiase, using him as a battering ram on Orton. Dibiase grabs the ropes, so Cena AA’s him over the ropes. Orton lightly tosses Cena to the outside, and he follows. Orton tries to send Cena into the Chamber wall, but Cena reverses. Back in the ring, Cena locks in the STF on Dibiase, but Orton is able to break it up and hit his nasty backbreaker.

    Cody Rhodes runs down to ringside and tosses a pipe into the Chamber. Orton goes for the RKO on Cena, but Cena reverses into the AA. Dibiase uses the pipe and accidentally hits Orton, then hits Cena. Dibiase looks at both men, and pins Orton, getting the three count.

    Orton has been eliminated.

    Orton and Dibiase share a staredown while Orton makes his way to the back. Sheamus goes to work on Kofi on the outside, but when he tries to come back in the ring with what looks to be a spinebuster, Kingston reverses, and hits the TIP on Dibiase. Kofi goes for the pin and gets the three.

    Dibiase is eliminated.

    Right away, Sheamus hits his big boot, follows it up with the razor’s edge, pins Kofi, and gets the three count.

    Kingston is eliminated.

    Sheamus turns his attention to Cena, working him over with strikes. Cena gets Sheamus in AA position out of nowhere, but Sheamus fights out. Sheamus hangs Cena up in the tree of woe, before charging into the corner with a low knee, and following up with a series of knees. Sheamus sets Cena up on the rope rope, and he tries for a rope assisted Razor’s edge, but Hunter is there with a low blow to prevent it. Hunter hits the pedigree, covers Sheamus, and gets the three count.

    The Champion Sheamus has been eliminated.

    It’s down to Cena and Hunter and both men are down on the mat. Cena is the first to get up, and he goes right to work with the STF. Hunter furiously tries to reach the ropes, having a lot of trouble. Hunter looks to be fading. Hunter is forced to tap out, and we have a new Champion.

    Winner and New WWE Champion: John Cena

    - After the match, Vince McMahon’s music hits as soon as the belt is put in Cena’s hands. He congratulates Cena and says he’s going to WrestleMania, just as long as he can defend the championship right now against… Batista!

    WWE Title Match: Batista vs. John Cena

    Batista heads down to the ring and Cena isn’t even up on his feet yet. They go back and forth a bit until Batista hits the spear and the Batista Bomb for the pinfall and the win.

    Winner and New WWE Champion: Batista

    - After the match, Batista takes the WWE Title and heads up the ramp as the crowd boo’s him. Cena is in pain, still trying to get to his feet as we go to replays.

    - Cena gets a pop as he heads up the ramp. Cole and Lawler lead us into a video package of Bret Hart, showing the accident from RAW this past week.

    WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Kane

    Out first comes the WWE Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre with his new theme song. The pyro explodes next as the challenger, Kane, makes his way out to a nice pop.

    Kane charges McIntyre right at the bell, but Drew ducks and throws a couple of punches and kicks of his own. Kane hits a chop to the throat, and he takes McIntyre to the corner, working him over with a couple of strikes before hitting a low dropkick. Kane locks in a side headlock and applies pressure to McIntyre. McIntyre fights out, but he’s put right down with a shoulder block. Kane goes right back to work with the headlock.

    McIntyre fights out again, but this time walks into a swinging neckbreaker that’s good for a two count. Kane charges McIntyre in the corner, but McIntyre avoids it and goes to work on Kane with lefts and rights. McIntyre’s offense is short lived though, as Kane puts him right back down. McIntyre tries to come back again, this time kicking at Kane’s knee, which seems to work for a bit. McIntyre then snaps Kane’s arm across the top rope and he goes to work in the corner with a series of right hands. Drew walks right into a right hand from Kane, but he kicks the knee and goes right back to work on the arm.

    McIntyre locks in a top wrist lock, but Kane is able to fight out of it, and launch McIntyre over the top rope to break the hold. Back in the ring, Kane goes for a back body drop, but it allows McIntyre to go right back to work with a kick to the shoulder. McIntyre locks in a modified rear chin lock, grabbing the arm for extra leverage. Kane is able to fight out of it with a series of right hands, and he sends McIntyre into the ropes only to recieve a big boot. McIntyre tries for the underhook DDT, but Kane back body drops him out of it, and hits a big boot of his own, before hitting a running clothesline in the corner. McIntyre is able to hit a back elbow, but when he goes for a high risk move, he jumps into a right hand from Kane. Kane follows up with a big back body drop.

    Kane goes to the top rope and he connects with the leaping clothesline. Kane tries for the chokeslam, but McIntyre is able to escape out to the ring apron. Kane sends McIntyre into the ring apron, follows out and hits a big boot that sends him to the floor. Kane follows down to the floor, where he sends McIntyre’s head into the ring steps before sending him back in the ring. Kane stomps away at McIntyre, but Drew bails and starts walking up the ramp. Kane follows, but he walks into a right hand. McIntyre tries to send Kane into the barricade, but Kane reverses it, and brings McIntyre back into the ring. Kane tries for the chokeslam again, but McIntyre hits a thumb to Kane’s eye, and connects with the underhook DDT. McIntyre covers Kane, and this one is over.

    Winner: Drew McIntyre

    - Backstage we see Gail Kim walking when Maryse walks up. Maryse says something in French, then tells her in English that means she’s looking for a good match tonight and puts over her and Gail compared to the SmackDown Divas. Gail says something in French and tells Maryse she knows that Maryse has been trash talking her this whole time in French. Gail says she’s going to beat Maryse tonight and walks off.

    Michelle McCool & Layla vs. Maryse & Gail Kim

    Out first for the WWE Divas Title match is Maryse, followed by Gail Kim. They get ready to go but Vickie Guerrero appears on the stage to huge heat. She says the RAW Divas have been talking trash about the SmackDown Divas and she defends the SmackDown Divas. She says she’s officially changing this match to a tag team match. Out comes their opponents, Michelle McCool and Layla.

    Kim and Layla start things off with Kim hitting a couple of quick arm drags and locking in an arm bar. Kim hits a couple of forearms, but Layla blocks a hip toss and turns it into a pinning predicament. Layla charges Kim in the corner, but Kim is able to avoid it and score a near fall of her own. Maryse goes after Layla, and the referee is distracted, allowing McCool to knock Kim off the apron with a big boot. Layla makes the tag, and her and McCool connect with a double baseball slide. Back in the ring, McCool goes for the pin, and when she can’t get it, she slams Kim’s head against the mat and locks in a rear chin lock.

    McCool hits a series of knees to Kim’s back, but when she tries for a back body drop, Kim kicks her in the chest and hits a bulldog. Kim starts crawling to her corner, but she pie-faces Kim into McCool who hits a clothesline. McCool hits the Faithbreaker, and rolls it over into the pin.

    Winners: Layla and Michelle McCool

    - After the match, Maryse avoids McCool and Layla leaving to slide in the ring. She trash talks Gail and hits her with the French Kiss. Maryse poses to heat from the crowd before making her way to the back.

    - We go to the ring where William Regal is introduced. Cole says Regal has been trying to get on RAW now that ECW is gone. Regal talks about WWE NXT and being a pro on the show. He says he has the most experience out of anyone on NXT. Regal demands that he be treated with respect and says everyone on the show can learn something from him. Regal says the fans can learn something from him also. The music hits and out comes Edge to interrupt.

    Edge hits the ring and Regal asks him what he wants. Edge says Regal was boring everyone to death. Edge talks about being able to pick his opponent for WrestleMania and says he will announce that decision on RAW tomorrow night. Edge says he’s here to do something different tonight and out of nowhere, he spears Regal and lays him out. Edge’s music hits again and he heads to the back.

    WWE United States Title Match: The Miz vs. MVP

    Out first for the next match is one-half of the Unified Tag Team Champions and WWE United States Champion The Miz. His partner Big Show is with him. Out next is the challenger, MVP. Mark Henry comes out with MVP and they get a decent pop.

    Miz and MVP stare each other down at the bell, with Miz talking smack. MVP responds with a slap to the face and he goes right to work, beating down Miz, sending him into the corner, stomping away at him. MVP hits a couple of knees to Miz’s stomach, slams him down and hits a knee drop. MVP connects with an overhead belly to belly suplex and Miz rolls to the outside. MVP follows, and he slams Miz’s head into the barricade before sending him back into the ring. Miz tries for a quick baseball slide, but MVP avoids it and connects with a clothesline. Back in the ring, Miz hits a back elbow and a kick to the side of the head, before raking at MVP’s face with his boot.

    MVP is able to fight back, and he locks in an interesting submission, focusing on Miz’s arms, shoulders and neck. Miz is able to fight out of it as Big Show cheers along. Miz sends MVP into the corner and MVP tries for some kind of headscissors, but Miz comes back with a pretty cool looking gut buster. Miz chokes MVP against the middle rope, before running and jumping into MVP, hanging him up against the rope. Miz tries for the cover, but he can only get two. Miz locks in a rear chin lock, but MVP is able to fight out of it, only to be taken right back down to the mat.

    MVP comes up with a small package out of nowhere, but Miz kicks out at two and comes back with a running knee. MVP comes up with another quick pin, but Miz kicks out at two and again goes right back to work, stomping, then punching MVP. Miz kicks at MVP’s head, and MVP responds with a huge right hand out of nowhere. MVP buries his shoulder in Miz’s midsection in the corner, but Miz is able to send MVP into the corner and hit a big clothesline that’s good for a two count.

    Miz locks in what looks to be a single arm camel clutch, but MVP fights out of it and hits an electric chair drop, bridging into a cover that’s good for two. Miz and MVP trade blows, with Miz kicking at MVP’s knee and hitting a low DDT that’s good for a two count.

    Miz locks in the submission again, but MVP stands up and backs Miz into the corner. MVP charges Miz in the corner, but Miz gets a boot up, then kicks MVP in the ribs. Miz chokes MVP against the bottom rope, before hitting a kick to the side of the face. Show jaws at MVP while he stands up. Miz hits his running dropkick in the corner, before climbing to the top rope. MVP is able to run into the ropes, throwing Miz off balance and crotching him on the top turnbuckle. MVP tries for a superplex, but Miz is able to fight it off, sending MVP down with a headbutt. Miz sets himself again, and MVP charges up, launching Miz with a super belly.

    Miz looks to have busted his head open. MVP is a house of fire as he fights off Miz. MVP connects with the ballin elbow, and he goes for the cover, but Miz gets his foot on the rope. Big show pulls Miz to the outside, and MVP responds by hitting a baseball slide into Big Show’s back. Show and Henry get into it on the outside, and Henry ends up charging through one of the ringside barricades. MVP is abel to hit a series of forearms on Miz, but he misses the Yakuza kick. Miz tries to take advantage, distracting the ref. Big Show hits the knockout punch on MVP. Miz covers MVP and this one is over.

    Winner: The Miz

    - We go to replays from earlier of how Batista won the WWE Title as the Chamber is lowered back down over the ring.

    Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Title: Undertaker vs. Rey Mysterio vs. John Morrison vs. R-Truth vs. CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

    Out first for tonight’s main event is Rey Mysterio to a nice pop from the crowd. Out next is John Morrison followed by Chris Jericho and then the World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker, who gets a massive pop. Taker does things different tonight as he runs out to the ring and makes it a quick entrance. All four of them are locked inside their pods. It looks like it will be R-Truth and CM Punk starting the match off. Out next is CM Punk with Serena and Luke Gallows by his side. CM Punk takes the mic before the match and says four extremely weak individuals are locked inside their pods like they’re locked inside their addictions. Punk says tomorrow morning when they are nursing their injuries, they can realize that Punk saved them and set them free. Punk is interrupted by R-Truth’s music and out he comes.

    Truth put Punk in a headlock at the bell, then hit a shoulderblock. Punk came back with a leg lariat, then hit a back suplex for a one count. Punk hit some punches, but Truth ducked under a clothesline and hit a side kick for two. Truth clotheslined Punk over the top rope to the platform. They fought on the outside, and Truth gave Punk a catapult into the chain wall. Truth tossed Punk into the wall of a pod, then dove off the top rope into a senton on a standing Punk on the platform. Truth whipped Punk into the cage wall twice, then bounced him off the ropes and into the chains a third time. Back in the ring, Truth hit a faceplant, but missed an axkick. Punk went for GTS, but Truth got out of it. Truth missed a spinning forearm, and Punk hit him with a hard kick to the head. Punk hit Truth with the GTS for the pin.

    R-Truth is eliminated.

    Punk grubs the mick. He goes to Taker and he says that he better pray to come out last, because he’s going to make him tap out, like he did before. Punk says he’ll prove that Morrison’s rockstar lifestyle is a joke. Punk says tonight he’ll prove that straight edge means he’s better than you, and no one can stop him. The clock counts down, and Mysterio is the next man in the match. Mysterio comes right in with a springboard senton and a slingshot crossbody that’s good for two. Mysterio hits a huge kick to the side of the head for another two count.

    Mysterio hits the drop toe hold and sets up Punk for the 619, but Punk coes back with a powerslam out of nowhere. Punk tries for the G2S again, but Mysterio counters with a hurricarana into a pin, that’s good for two. Mysterio kicks at Punk’s leg and Punk rolls to the outside. Mysterio follows and he tries for a hurricarana, but Punk counters, holding Mysterio and slamming him into the cage side to side.

    Back in the ring, Punk tries for the cover, but he can only get two. Punk hits the running knee in the corner, and he taunts Jericho before sending Mysterio headfirst into the ring post, and Chamber pod. Punk tries for another cover, but Mysterio kicks out at two. Punk sets Mysterio on the top rope, and he goes for the superplex, but Mysterio fights out, sending Punk to the mat. Mysterio looks up to the pod, and he goes for it, but Punk grabs hit, and gets him into G2S position. Mysterio fights out of it, and both men are on the top turnbuckle. Mysterio drops to the mat and Punk ends up crotching himself. Mysterio goes up top and connects with a hurricarana to the outside, before sending Punk back in, and hitting a springboard splash. Mysterio pins Punk, and gets the three.

    Punk has been eliminated.

    The clock counts down, and the next man in the match is Jericho.

    Jericho goes right to work, squaring off with Mysterio and taking advantage of being the fresh man. Jericho tries for the lionsault, but Mysterio rolled out of the way, hits the drop toe hold and connects with the 619. Jericho rolls to the outside and Mysterio tries for a springboard senton but Jericho ducks. Mysterio grabs on and holds onto the cage, but Jericho grabs him by the foot and Mysterio crashes to the Chamber floor. Jericho sends Mysterio into the Chamber wall before sending him back into the ring, hitting a slingshot splash, and getting a near fall.

    Jericho chokes Mysterio against the second rope, standing on his back. Mysterio tries to get back into with a couple of quick kicks, but Jericho responds with a big forearm, and locks in a modified rear chin lock. Mysterio is able to fight up to his feet, and he ducks a clothesline and hits an asai moonsault, that’s good for a two. Mysterio tries for a hurricarana, but instead turns it into a guillotine choke. Jericho is able to slam him back into the corner to break the hold, and Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho in the middle of the ring.

    John Morrison entered the match.

    Morrison’s entry causes Jericho to break the hold, and he and Jericho square off. Morrison turns his attention to Mysterio, throwing Kericho to the outside first. Mysterio tries to fight back, but Morrison connects with a big kick to the face. Morrison goes back to Jericho, he tries for a low knee, but Jericho turns it into a pin for a two count. Jericho slaps Morrison’s face, and he charges him in the corner, but he eats a boot. Morrison goes up top, but Mysterio pushes him back off into one of the pods, breaking some of the glass. Jericho back body drops Mysterio to the outside.

    Jericho continues to work on Mysterio, and Morrison is back out of nowhere attacking both men. Back in the ring, a standing shooting star press from Morrison to Mysterio is still not enough to put the little man away. Mysterio hurricarana’s Morrison into the ropes and tries for a 619, but Jericho catches him in a spinning backbreaker that’s good for a near fall. Jericho eats a boot from Mysterio in the corner, and the a boot to the face from Morrison. Mysterio hits a headscissors to send Morrison face first into the turnbuckle. Mysterio puts Morrison on the top rope and tries for a hurricarana, but Morrison hangs on, hits starship pain, and gets the three count.

    Mysterio has been eliminated.

    Morrison goes to work on Jericho, but it’s short lived, as Morrison loses his focus, and ends up finding himself in the Walls of Jericho. The clock counts down, and Jericho is in the same position. Undertaker is going crazy as the clock counts down. The pod opens, and Taker goes straight to work on Jericho with some big blows, a splash in the corner, and a slam into the top turnbuckle. Taker sends Morrison over the top rope and connects with a leg drop on Jericho that’s good for two. Taker signals for the chokeslam and he gets Jericho and Morrison in position, but both men fight it off and hit a double dropkick. Morrison and Jericho clothesline Taker over the top rope before turning their attention to each other.

    Jericho is able to back body drop Morrison over the top rope to the outside to take him out for a bit. Jericho tries to work on Taker, slapping him on the back of the head, but it just fires up Taker. Jericho tries to go into one of the pods, but he just ends up trapped and being beat down by Taker in the pod. Back in the ring, Taker hits a big splash on Morrison, and another. Taker picks up Morrison, and drops him down on the top turnbuckle, but Morrison responds right back with a springboard kick. Morrison looks to have hurt his ankle. Morrison goes for starship pain, but Taker gets his knees up.

    Undertaker sits up, and Jericho is stopped right in his tracks, retreating into back into the pod. Taker sends Morrison over the top rope, and follows to the outside, working over Morrison with big right hands and kicks. Taker slams Morrison into the pod that Jericho is in, destroying the door. The crowd chants for one more, but instead, Taker gets Morrison in Last Ride position. Jericho spears Taker, and Morrison grabs on to the cage. Taker charges Jericho, but he ends up running through one of the pods. Morrison leaps off of the cage on top of Jericho and everyone is down. Morrison hits a shining wizard in the ring, but it’s only good for two.

    From the outside, Taker grabs Morrison by the throat, and brings him over the top, to the outside with a chokeslam. Back in the ring, Taker pins Morrison, and gets the three count.

    Morrison has been eliminated.

    Taker pulls down the straps, and Jericho looks pretty intimidated.

    Taker tells Jericho to bring it on, and Jericho is slow to make it back into the ring. Taker goes right to work, throwing big right hands at Jericho, trapping him in the corner, and throwing some more. Taker hits a knee in the corner, but when he goes for another, Jericho moves and Taker ends up hung up on the top rope. Jericho goes up and tries for the superplex, connecting.

    Jericho goes for the pin, but Taker is able to kick out at two. Jericho hits a knee drop, and goes to work throwing right hands into the face of Undertaker. Jericho kicks at Taker’s head, but another attempt and Taker catches him by the throat. Taker goes for the chokeslam, but Jericho rolls through, trying for the Walls, Undertaker is almost able to counter into Hell’s gate, but Jericho ultimately locks in the Walls of Jericho. Taker is able to roll over to his back and lock in Hell’s gate, but he can’t get it on quite right and Jericho is able to roll out of the ring.

    Taker sits right back up, and he picks Jericho up, into tombstone position. Jericho fights out of it and is able to connect with the codebreaker. Jericho crawls over and is able to pin Taker, but Taker kicks out at two. Jericho picks Taker up and sends him into the corner, trying to work him over with shoulders and right hands. Taker counters, grabbing Jericho, and connecting with the Last Ride, and both men are down.

    Taker is first to his feet, and he signals that the end is near. HBK comes up out of a hidden panel in the Chamber floor, and he connects with Sweet Chin Music on the Undertaker. Jericho pins The Undertaker, and he gets the three count.

    Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Jericho

    - After the match, Jericho heads to the back while Shawn Michaels stands over The Undertaker and just stares at him as the show goes off the air.

    WWE: Elimination Chamber 2010

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    Update on the WWE status of Lance Cade
    Posted by Chris Kaufman on 02/19/2010 at 03:32 PM

    According to the Wrestling Globe Newsletter, Lance Cade remains under contract to WWE but is simply not being used in any capacity. He worked a Florida Championship Wrestling event late last year and hasn't been seen since. Furthermore, no one knows when he'll be returning to television let alone which brand he'll end up on.

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    The latest news on Kurt Angle's health

    The latest news on Kurt Angle's health
    Posted by Mark Virginia on 02/18/2010 at 08:43 PM is reporting that TNA star Kurt Angle is working through back and calf injuries at the moment. He worked his match at Monday's Impact taping with his calf taped up, and he will reportedly be working a reduced house show schedule while he recovers from the injury. It's being said that Angle himself requested a lighter house show schedule anyways as he feels he needs time to recover, and there are some within TNA that feel he needs to be written off TV for awhile so that he can heal up from several nagging injuries.


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