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    Uitslagen Smackdown 23 oktober
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    Finlay, R-Truth, Matt Hardy & The Hart Dynasty def. Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Eric Escobar & JTG (Nine-Man Tag Team Match)
    Intercontinental Champion John Morrison def. Mike Knox (Non-title)
    Rey Mysterio & Batista def. Chris Jericho & Kane
    Mickie James def. Layla
    World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker def. CM Punk (World Heavyweight Championship Submission Match)

    COLUMBIA, S.C. – With WWE Bragging Rights just two days away, SmackDown’s Superstars took advantage of a final opportunity to build momentum for the massive pay-per-view encounter.

    World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker def. CM Punk in a Submission Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    The odds were stacked against World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker from the start. In CM Punk’s corner were referee Scott Armstrong and SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long, setting the stage for a repeat of what transpired at WWE Breaking Point. However, the champion took matters into his own hands to keep his coveted gold. After chokeslamming Armstrong and escaping Punk’s deadly Anaconda Vise, The Phenom locked The Straightedge Superstar in Hell’s Gate, forcing him to submit. Long looked visibly shaken at the outcome.

    Stacking the deck (WATCH 1 | WATCH 2)
    Prior to the night’s main event, Mr. McMahon met with Armstrong, Long and Punk to discuss The Straightedge Superstar’s match with The Phenom. Clearly, The Chairman has a strong interest in who holds the World Title. Will his influence carry over to the Fatal Four Way at WWE Bragging Rights? (Preview)

    Co-captains' challenge (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Kicking off the night were Team SmackDown co-captains Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho and Kane, who issued a stunning challenge to their team members – to keep their spots on the team, they needed to win a lopsided Nine-Man Tag Team Match right there on SmackDown!

    Finlay, R-Truth, Matt Hardy & The Hart Dynasty def. Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Eric Escobar & JTG (Nine-Man Tag Team Match) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Team SmackDown co-captains Jericho and Kane wielded their power in arranging this match of epic proportions. The winning team would join the elite “SmackDown Seven” at WWE Bragging Rights. The match itself – and its outcome – proved how fast big things can happen in WWE. After Finlay smashed JTG with his shillelagh, Matt Hardy dropped the Cryme Tyme member with a Twist of Fate to stamp his team’s ticket to join Jericho & Kane at WWE Bragging Rights. (Tag Team Match preview)

    Intercontinental Champion John Morrison def. Mike Knox (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    With his highly-anticipated match against The Miz just two days away, Intercontinental Champion John Morrison first had to do battle with big Mike Knox. The Friday Night Delight stood toe-to-toe with the formidable foe and eventually finished him off with Starship Pain. Does The Miz have what it takes to take on his former tag team partner and co-host of “The Dirt Sheet”? (Preview)

    Rey Mysterio & Batista def. Chris Jericho & Kane (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Last week, the WWE Universe witnessed Rey Mysterio defeat Batista despite uncertainty on whether he was fully pinned. This week, Mysterio took a “hit” for Batista when he received the full brunt of a chokeslam from Kane instead of The Animal. Despite being crushed, the move proved to be a wise one for the masked superstar as it allowed his partner to deliver a vicious spear, dropping The Big Red Machine for the win.

    Mickie James def. Layla (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Making her SmackDown debut since the tri-brand Divas trade, Mickie James picked up an impressive win over Layla. With James not in action at WWE Bragging Rights, how long before the former Raw Diva looks to make a statement on Friday nights? (SmackDown Divas vs. Raw Divas Tag Team Match preview)

    WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross battling Bell’s palsy
    The entire WWE Universe is pulling for a swift recovery for J.R. Stay with for the latest on J.R.’s condition. (Story | J.R.'s blogs)

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    Desmond Wolfe talks about TNA/WWE situation, more

    Desmond Wolfe talks about TNA/WWE situation, more

    The Daily Star in the UK has an interview up with new TNA star Desmond Wolfe. Here's a few highlights from the man formerly known as Nigel McGuinness.

    On where the new name came from:

    "Everyone is asking me where I got the name from - someone said Withnail and I - but Vince said he did an internet search of the most popular British names and came up with Desmond Wolfe!"

    On getting to make his debut against Kurt Angle:

    "Who gets the opportunity to come in on their first day and beat up Angle, I mean that's huge! Kurt has been great, just like everyone else - he's really open to ideas."

    On whether he went to TNA because he failed a WWE medical screening:

    "I had a clean bill of health from my orthopedic guy and my local doctor, so it's not about that. I don’t hold against anything against them, it was a business decision, and they were only doing what they think is best for them."

    It should be noted that Nigel/Desmond never actually says in the interview why WWE made that "business decision" to not bring him in.

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    Video: TNA stars get scared in haunted house

    Video: TNA stars get scared in haunted house

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    Bill Goldberg's Return to Wrestling !!!

    - Word is that Bill Goldberg is looking to do another wrestling show soon so he can perform with his son in the audience, among other reasons. While Goldberg has been out of pro wrestling since 2004, he is in high demand overseas by promoters.

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    TOMKO TERUG NAAR TNA? EXCLUSIVE: As noted earlier on, former TNA World Tag Team Champion Tomko is rumored to be revealed as the mystery person who attacked TNA World Champion AJ Styles in a pre-taped segment that aired on Thursday night's TNA iMPACT!. It isn't believed Tomko has signed a long-term deal with TNA but that very well could change shortly. WWE was also said to be interested him. The reports that he had a huge 'ego' came from one person and was posted on another website. That is one mans opinion as others said he was just fine and seemed happy to be back with the company.

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    Uitslagen TNA Impact 22 okober
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    October 22, 2009, TNA Impact Results

    Thanks to Mike Ryan:

    Kurt Angle comes to the ring via the Anglevator. Kurt says that he stands in the center of the ring without a family. Kurt says that it was one year ago that the Main Event Mafia was created. From the beginning, the Main Event Mafia was misunderstood. They were not about securing spots because Kurt says that he knew he was going to be the best. It was not about job security for him because he knew that he was better than anyone else. Kurt says that it was about respect. Respect for the wrestlers and the game. You were in it because you loved it. It was not about money and ego. It was about pride and being the best. Kurt says that he thought he saw a bunch of young punks looking for hand outs and to be given everything on a silver platter. Kurt says that everyone makes mistakes and he admits that he made a mistake. Kurt says that he sees a bunch of young boys who have grown into men. Kurt says that he saw it in Eric Young because he thought he could be better than him. Kurt says that he saw it in A.J. Styles. Kurt talks about their match from last week was more than a classic. A.J. gave him everything that he could handle because A.J. wants to be the best. Kurt talks about Matt Morgan. He says that the fire and determination in Matt’s eyes reminded him of the look that Kurt had when he started. Kurt thought that Matt had him a few times. Kurt tells everyone in the back that they have nothing to prove to him. Kurt says that he considers them his peers and he is ready to fight their fight.

    Rhino comes out to the ring and he gets in Angle’s face. Rhino says that he cannot believe what Kurt is saying. Rhino says that he is glad that Rhino is having some revelations. Rhino asks if it has to slap him across the face. Rhino says that the Main Event Mafia is no more. Rhino says that Booker is gone. Rhino asks Kurt who is going to be at his side. Rhino tells Kurt that TNA Management wants him gone. Rhino tells Kurt to look at the people management are behind. He mentions Hernandez, Matt Morgan, and A.J. Styles. Rhino asks what about him.

    Kurt says that he understands and he says that maybe they earned it. Rhino says that they haven’t earned nothing. They haven’t earned respect. Rhino says that he fought alongside them, but they brought in Bobby Lashley to push him aside with the trash.

    Team 3D come to the ring and security tries to hold them back. Rhino tells Bubba to wait a minute. He says that he knows that Bubba and Devon are mad at them. He did it to get their attention. Rhino says that he has Team 3D and Angle’s attention. Rhino points out that Team 3D was on the stage standing next to people who were there to take their place. Rhino asks them what they are going to do when they are done.

    Ray gets a chair as Rhino tells them to try to listen to him about how they are trying to push them out. Rhino points out that Team 3D aren’t even on the show tonight. Rhino invites Team 3D to come to the ring to watch him and Hernandez wrestle tonight.

    Security tries to hold Ray back but it takes Kurt Angle to do the job. Rhino says TNA will have to drag his lifeless body out of the ring to get rid of him.

    Lauren is in the locker room with Daniels and A.J. Styles. She asks them about Angle’s comments. A.J. says that if Kurt is sincere about what he said, that is a good thing for TNA. A.J. says that it is about them and the competition. They will strive to be the best in the business. Lauren asks Daniels about the main event at Turning Point and brings up the main event at Unbreakable 2005. Daniels says that A.J./Joe/Daniels will exceed expectations. Daniels says that they will have to deal with Joe and Nash tonight. He says that they had some tough losses on Sunday, but Daniels reminds them that he almost died in the ring. They will prove it in the ring tonight.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Mike and Taz talk about the new issue of Muscle and Fitness.

    Lauren is with Raisha Saeed and Lauren asks her about her match with Kong. Saeed says that Kong wants to be on her own now, but that is nonsense. Saeed says that Kong learned everything from her. She knows everything that Kong will do. Saeed tells Kong that Kong is her puppet and she pulls the strings. She will destroy Kong.

    Mike and Taz talk about the matches on tonight’s show and they are interrupted by Homicide and Amazing Red fight into the Impact Zone through the ramp. Homicide with a clothesline to Red as he comes down the ramp. Homicide sends Red into the ring post. Homicide tries to hit Red with his flak jacket but Red moves. Red with a back kick and then he is sent onto the apron and Red is pulled off the apron. Homicide sends Red into the ring and the match starts.

    Match Number One: Homicide versus Amazing Red

    Homicide with a slam but he misses a series of elbow drops. Red with kicks and Homicide with a pump handle suplex. Homicide sends Red into the turnbuckles and he chops Red. Homicide punches Red and rakes the eyes. Homicide with a punch to Red and an Irish whip but he misses a splash. Homicide with a hot shot for a near fall because the referee sees Homicide’s feet on the ropes. Homicide yells at the ref and Red with a rollup for a near fall. Red with a kick to Homicide and then he hits a drop kick into the corner. Red with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors and a back kick. Red hits Code Red but Homicide kicks out. Red with an Irish whip but Homicide with a wheelbarrow slam and then Homicide hits the Gringo Killer for the three count.
    Winner: Homicide

    After the match, Homicide demands his title match from Don West and then he throws his flak jacket.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Lauren is with Scott Steiner. Lauren asks Scott about Kurt Angle’s comments and wonders what the future of the Main Event Mafia is. Scott says that he has his warm up on and he left the locker room. Steiner says that there will always be a Main Event Mafia. Kurt is crazy for giving the young guys credit. Steiner says that the first young punk he is going to beat is Mike Morgan. Lauren points out that his name is Matt. Steiner says that Matt won’t even remember his name after the beating he receives.

    Match Number Two: Matt Morgan versus Scott Steiner

    Before the match starts, Steiner has some words for Kristal Lashley who is sitting in the front row.

    Steiner with a forearm to the back and punch followed by chops. Steiner with punches to Morgan. Morgan with a back elbow. Morgan takes off the elbow pads and he connects with elbows in the corner. Morgan with a splash into the corner but Steiner was down and Morgan appears to have hurt himself more than Steiner. Morgan with a series of kicks to the leg and then he kicks Morgan in the chest. Steiner with another chop to Morgan. Steiner with a forearm to the back and he hits a suplex. Steiner with a clothesline and then he hits the flex elbow followed by push ups. Morgan with a short arm clothesline and a normal clothesline. Morgan with a splash into the corner and then he hits a clothesline. Morgan chokes Steiner in the ropes and Morgan with the splash and he goes to the floor. Morgan pulls Steiner to the floor and Morgan punches Steiner and then he tries to send Steiner into the guardrail. Steiner sends Morgan into the guardrails. Instead of going back into the ring after Morgan, Steiner grabs Kristal and Bobby Lashley comes out and he attacks Steiner. Lashley sends Steiner into the announce table and the referee doesn’t even realize what is going on. Lashley sends Steiner into the ring post and Lashley sends Steiner into the ring. Lashley leaps to the apron and he punches Steiner and Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint for the three count.
    Winner: Matt Morgan

    After the match, Lashley leaves with his wife.

    Lauren is in the back with Awesome Kong. Kong takes the mic and she tells Raisha no more orders. Tonight finish.

    Now commercial.

    We are back for a few seconds to see A.J. in the locker room.

    We are back and Lauren is with the Lashley family in the back. Lauren wants to apologize for TNA. Lashley tells Lauren that Steiner needs to apologize to Kristal and then he says that it is a game that Steiner doesn’t want to play.

    We see footage of Kevin Nash’s loss at Bound for Glory.

    Match Number Two: Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash versus A.J. Styles and Daniels

    Joe and Nash attack Styles and Daniels before the bell rings. Joe with jabs to Styles while Nash and Daniels are on the floor. Styles with the Phenomenal drop kick to Joe. Styles sends Joe into Daniels’ boot. Daniels tags in and hits a leg lariat for a near fall. Daniels sends Joe into Styles’ boot and A.J. is back in. Styles punches Joe. Joe with an elbow and then he hits a reverse atomic drop and a Yakuza kick and back senton. Nash tags in and hits a side slam for a near fall. Joe tags back in and he punches Styles. Joe with jabs to A.J. but A.J. with punches. Joe with a back elbow and Nash tags back in. Nash punches Styles and then he connects with knees in the corner. Nash makes it elbow time in the corner and then he frames things but Styles with a kick and punches. Nash with a knee but Styles with a punch. Styles goes to the apron and hits the phenomenal springboard forearm and both men are down. Daniels tags in and he hits forearms on Joe and Nash and then he hits a leg lariat on Joe followed by another forearm to Nash. Daniels with a clothesline to Joe and a kick to Nash. Daniels sends Joe into Nash and Nash has Joe in a front face lock. Daniels goes to the turnbuckles and hits a clothesline on Nash and the impact turns it into a DDT on Joe. Daniels gets a two count. Nash with a clothesline after Daniels connects with a few punches. Styles hits an Asai Moonsault on Joe on the floor. Daniels with an enzuigiri and Daniels tries to make the tag but Styles is down. Nash with a knee and a choke slam for the three count.
    Winners: Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash

    After the match, Lauren congratulates Nash on his victory. Nash says that Eric Young stole his title and owes him $60,000. Nash says that he is looking for his money.

    Jeremy Borash is in the back to talk about the hotline. Eric Young takes the mic and he says that he is not hard to find. With the titles they won, he says that he is in charge of the top group in the company. Eric says that he has an earth shattering announcement for next week. We go to commercial.

    We are back and the Motor City Machine Guns are with Lauren. Lauren talks about the first Ultimate X Tag Match on Impact. Sabin says that the Machine Gun Movement has begun. Sabin says that Lethal Consequences might have the advantage because they didn’t have to pull double duty but it won’t matter. Shelley says that it is smart to give the opportunity to the younger guys. They are going to make people pay attention tonight.

    We go to footage of Velvet, Madison, and Lacey and they push people out of the way at catering. They attack Sarita and Taylor Wilde and we have a food fight.

    We see footage of Saeed costing Kong the match against ODB.

    Match Number Three: Raisha Saeed versus Awesome Kong

    Kong with a giant swing on Saeed and Saeed tries her best to avoid Kong. Saeed with forearms to Kong followed by chops and kicks. Saeed with a drop kick to the knee but Kong blocks a boot. Kong misses the back fist. Saeed avoids punches and connects with a few of her own. Kong with a body block and then Kong goes to the turnbuckles but Saeed stops her. Saeed with kicks on the ropes and then she hits a leg drop on the ropes. Saeed gets a two count. Saeed kicks Kong and then Saeed goes to the turnbuckles for a splash but Kong gets her knees up. Saeed with a clothesline followed by punches. Kong catches Saeed but Saeed tries for a sunset flip. Kong drops down and then hits the Implant Buster for the three count.
    Winner: Awesome Kong

    After the match, Kong takes Saeed up the ramp and then Kong hits a power bomb through the stage. The medical staff checks on Saeed as we go to commercial.

    We are back and we have a Moments Ago Moment of the Awesome Kong power bomb through the stage. We see footage during the commercial break of Saeed being carried to the back.

    Team 3D are at the announce table for our next match.

    Match Number Four: Rhino versus Hernandez

    Rhino with a kick and forearm. Hernandez sends Rhino into the turnbuckles and then Hernandez runs into an elbow. Hernandez with forearms and then he sends Rhino over the top rope to the floor. Hernandez with a plancha onto Rhino. Rhino kicks Hernandez as he returns to the ring. Rhino with more kicks to Hernandez as he tries to recover. Rhino with a snap mare and a rear chin lock. Rhino with a slam and then he goes to the turnbuckles but misses a diving head butt. Hernandez with a forearm and clotheslines. Hernandez with a splash into the corner and then he hits a choke slam for a near fall. Rhino with an Irish whip and shoulder into the corner. Hernandez pulls himself up to the turnbuckles and Rhino with a punch and he tries for a superplex but Rhino is sent to the mat. Hernandez with a splash for the three count.
    Winner: Hernandez

    After the match, Rhino attacks Hernandez and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Rhino sets for the GORE and Hernandez side steps him. Hernandez takes off his shirt and he signals for a border toss. Team 3D stop Hernandez from doing it and they tell him not to sink to Rhino’s level.

    Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle in his dressing room and Jeremy says that he never heard the words coming out of Angle’s mouth. Angle says that he was wrong and the younger talent puts everything on the line. Jeremy asks Angle about Rhino’s comments and Angle says that it is a lack of confidence by Rhino. Angle talks about A.J.’s match at Turning Point. Next month, he gets his title match and we will find out who is the best.

    Desmond Wolf enters the dressing room and he wants to introduce himself to Kurt Angle. He says that he is a huge fan of Angle’s and has followed his career. Desmond says that he is a professional wrestler because of Kurt Angle. He came to TNA because of Kurt Angle. Angle thanks Desmond and welcomes him to TNA. Kurt talks about the young talent and Desmond attacks Angle and connects with European uppercuts. Wolf with a knee and forearm to the back.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back with a Moments Ago Moment showing Desmond Wolf’s attack on Kurt Angle.

    Match Number Five: Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed versus The Motor City Machine Guns in an Ultimate X Number One Contender Match for the Tag Titles

    All four men go for the towers but Sabin pulls Creed off while Lethal pulls Shelley off. Sabin and Shelley avoid each other and then they hit clotheslines into the corner. They hit a double uranage on Lethal and then they send Creed to the floor. Sabin and Shelley tease going to the floor as Sabin goes to the apron and he kicks Lethal while Shelley goes for the tower. Shelley is on the cable and Creed with a spin kick to Sabin and Creed pulls Shelley down. Creed with a clothesline into the corner followed by a drop kick on Shelley. Creed with a springboard bulldog to Shelley. Creed climbs for the cables. Lethal punches Sabin but Shelley sends Lethal to the apron and Sabin with a kick off Shelley’s back to send Lethal to the floor. Sabin and Shelley pull Creed from the cable and they connect with a series of kicks. Sabin climbs while Shelley holds Creed. Creed runs Shelley into the corner to crotch Sabin. Lethal with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker on Shelley while Creed hits a side Russian leg sweep. Lethal holds Shelley for a drop kick by Creed. Creed punches Sabin and they fight on the turnbuckles. Lethal gets to the cable but Shelley walks Sabin on the ropes and Lethal is caught on the cable. Creed has Sabin who grabs Lethal. Lethal escapes while Creed is pulled to the mat by Shelley. Sabin kicks Lethal in the back and they fall to the mat. Sabin sends Lethal into the turnbuckles. Shelley with a knee and chop to Lethal. Shelley and Sabin charge into boots. Creed with a missile drop kick to Sabin. Shelley with a round house kick to Creed. Lethal with a Dragon suplex to Shelley. Sabin with an enzuigiri to Lethal followed by a springboard tornado DDT. Creed with a clothesline to Sabin. Creed with a back kick to Shelley. Creed and Lethal with a double team move to Shelley. Lethal has Sabin in a waist lock. Lethal with a Boston crab on Sabin while Creed climbs to the tower. Shelley stops Creed and then The Machine Guns hit a springboard clothesline and power bomb combination. Sabin is almost at the X but Lethal hits Lethal Combination on Sabin. Lethal and Shelley are on the turnbuckles and Sabin stops Lethal. They hit the Sliced Bread and power bomb combination and Shelley is down holding his knee. Sabin gets the X to win the match.
    Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

    We see the participants in the TNA Tag Title Match getting ready for their interviews as we go to commercial.

    We are back and Don West goes through some of the live show dates.

    Lauren is with the British Invasion and she congratulates them on winning the titles at Bound for Glory. Doug Williams says that it was a foregone conclusion that they would win. They are the best tag team. He says that they have dominated and got rid of the Main Event Mafia. Brutus says that there are still some fat slobs around. Brutus says that they will make Storm and Roode sober and poor because it is their last title match.

    Jeremy is with Storm and Roode and he reminds them that it is their last shot at the Brits. Roode says that they only need one opportunity. There are only two teams tonight and then he wonders why the champions agreed to this match. Roode says that there will be no Rob Terry to protect them. Storm did not appreciate being called sober. Storm says that the six sides of steel is their home.

    Match Number Six: Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus versus James Storm and Robert Roode for the TNA Tag Titles

    Roode with a side head lock and Williams with a shoulder tackle but Roode with a back elbow and punches. Roode with a flying forearm for a near fall. Magnus tries to break up the cover with an elbow but he hits his partner. Roode kicks Magnus but Williams attacks the ribs and hits a gutwrench suplex. Williams sends Roode into the turnbuckles and then Magnus tags in and he punches Roode and hits a hard Irish whip. Magnus sends Roode into the turnbuckle and tags in Williams and they hit the Japanese clothesline and gets a near fall. Williams with an Irish whip but Roode punches Williams and tries to get the tag but Williams stops him and Magnus with an elbow to Roode’s back and then he hits Storm on the apron. Magnus tags in and he has Roode in a camel clutch. Roode punches Magnus but Magnus hits Roode in the lower back. Roode sends Magnus into the cage and then Roode with a David Young spinebuster and both men are down. Williams tags in and he stops Roode from making the tag for a second but Storm tags in and he punches Williams and Magnus. Storm with a back body drop to Magnus and one to Williams. Storm with a lungblower to Mangus and then Storm with a facebuster and uranage for a near fall. Storm and Roode with a double suplex into the cage and then a double suplex on Magnus.

    Storm and Roode waste time reminding us of their team name and that allows Williams to attack Roode. Roode catapults Williams into a DDT by Storm for a two count. Storm puts Williams on the turnbuckles and Magnus attacks Roode and then goes after Storm. Williams climbs to the top of the cage. Storm with an enzuigiri. Storm stops Williams on top and then Magnus stops Storm from a superduperplex. We have a tower of ultimate doom move and all four men are down. Storm and Roode hit DWI but Magnus hits the referee to stop the count.

    More referees come into the cage to check on the referee. Earl Hebner disqualifies the British Invasion.
    Winners: James Storm and Robert Roode by disqualification

    Kurt Angle is walking in the back and he has a purpose. We go to commercial.

    We are back and Lauren has a few questions for A.J. Styles and A.J. says that they were just talking strategy. A.J. goes to his vehicle to leave the Impact Zone and he is attacked from behind while Lauren sends it back to Mike and Taz.

    Kurt Angle walks into the Impact Zone and he says that nobody makes their name at the expense of Kurt Angle. Angle tells Desmond Wolf to come out and look at him in the eye. Part of the cage is still up and Angle is ready for a fight. Angle says that he can run but he cannot hide. Angle goes up the ramp and Wolf attacks Angel from behind. Angle kicks Wolf and connects with a European uppercut and punch. Angle slams Wolf’s head into the announce table. They get into the ring and Wolf with a head butt and a low kick to the yam bag. Wolf puts Angle on the top turnbuckle and hits the Tower of London. Wolf leaves the ring and he comes back with a chair. Wolf puts the chair on Angle and he says that he wants Angle to think about it. He introduces himself to Angle and then he leaves giving a British salute. We go to credits.

    TNA Impact 22.10.09

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    Lance Cade keert terug naar wwe

    World Wrestling Entertainment has re-signed Lance Cade. The three-time World Tag Team Champion reported to Florida Championship Wrestling this past week.

    Cade, previously wrestled for the company from 2001 to 2008, most notably in a tag team with Trevor Murdoch.

    When Cade was last seen in WWE, he had become a protegé of sorts to Chris Jericho and was aiding him in his feud with Shawn Michaels. However, the alliance would prove to be short-lived as he was suddenly released from his WWE contract on October 14, 2008. Jim Ross later stated that "he made a major league mistake while utilizing bad judgment" which was instrumental in his departure. Ross also made reference to Cade having a seizure on a plane and needing emergency medical care.

    Since his departure from WWE, Cade had been working for various independent wrestling promotions and making appearances in Japan.

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    Kristal Marshall naar tna !

    - Former WWE Diva Kristal Marshall is set to be apart of TNA storylines over the next month — at least — as she will become the object of Scott Steiner's infatuation. Kristal's husband, Bobby Lashley, will be wrestling Steiner at next month's TNA pay-per-view.

    23-10-2009 om 19:42 geschreven door jefken  

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    Awesome Kong verdedigd Vriend tegen zatlap

    -- Awesome Kong was involved in an altercation late Sunday night during the Bound for Glory after-party at the Hilton Hotel in Irvine, California. A drunk male was insulting her boyfriend so she knocked him out.

    "Kong pushed him and he flew like 15 feet," said one observer. "Then he got in her face and she kicked his ass!"

    23-10-2009 om 19:37 geschreven door jefken  

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    Uitslagen wwe superstars 22 oktober
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    Kelly Kelly def. Gail Kim
    Tommy Dreamer & Goldust def. Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson
    Drew McIntyre & Eric Escobar def. Matt Hardy & R-Truth

    With “WWE Superstars” airing on WGN America just days before WWE Bragging Rights, several Superstars and Divas stepped into the ring looking for their own reasons to brag.

    Don’t know where to catch “WWE Superstars”? Find WGN America in your area. Can't see “WWE Superstars” on WGN America in your area? Stay with for full results, photos and video clips of all the action.

    Drew McIntyre & Eric Escobar def. Matt Hardy & R-Truth (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Though McIntyre and Escobar are relatively new to the SmackDown roster, the two young Superstars proved why they deserve to be on the Friday night team heading into this Sunday by defeating two notable opponents in Matt Hardy & R-Truth. Despite Hardy & Truth giving it their all, it was a distraction by Vickie Guerrero and a cheap shot by Escobar that made the difference, allowing McIntyre to hit a Double-Arm DDT on Matt and pick up the pin to earn his team the victory.

    Tommy Dreamer & Goldust def. Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    In recent months, the team of Kozlov & Jackson has dominated Tuesday nights, but on this week’s “WWE Superstars,” The ECW Original & The Bizarre One showed that their opponents were still only human as Goldust caught Kozlov off-guard with the Golden Age and picked up the win for his team. Unfortunately for the victors, the spoils were not theirs to be had. Instead, The Moscow Mauler & “Big ‘Zeke” viciously attacked the duo following the match, reminding them that Kozlov & Jackson are looking to dominate the WWE, and have the means to do just that.

    Kelly Kelly def. Gail Kim (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Just days before both Raw beauties join Divas Champion Melina to face SmackDown’s Women’s Champion Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix & Natalya at WWE Bragging Rights, Kelly was able to beat Gail in what might be seen as a warm-up match. Both ladies showed exactly why they are two of the three Divas representing Raw this Sunday, but in the end, a miscue by Gail left it open for Kelly Kelly to nail the Kelly Killer and get the 1-2-3 over her sexy, smart and powerful teammate.

    WWE Superstars 22.10.09

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    Shad Gaspard te ziek om op smackdown te vechten

    Shad Gaspard explains Smackdown incident

    Shad Gaspard of Cryme Tyme posted the following on his MySpace page regarding his getting ill and not wrestling this past Tuesday at the Smackdown taping:

    Ok before this thing gets out of hands let me set the record straight. This past Monday I got sick
    while traveling from Mexico to the US. On Tuesday my symptoms increased drastically to body pains, headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. I tried several over the counter medicines that temporarily worked, but didn’t help in the long run.

    Finally I went to or WWE doctor who prescribed to give me a shot of Phenergan, which should have worked. Unforchantly it made me drowsy and brought on cold chills. The office thought it best I leave than try to perform. I spent Tuesday night in my hotel room vomiting and dealing with bad diarrheaa all night (Trust me no one ells was near or around me). When I got back home I dealt with the same symptom all day as my girl helped me get better bye taking what our family physician
    prescribed, and getting rest.....

    I’ve never let being sick ever keep me from performing, I’ve worked sick, hurt, and injured before on live events, TV tapings, and Pay Per Views, I just never let no one excluding my partner know how I felt or what I was going through. I apologies to my tag team partner, the participants in my match and the WWE universe, I should have found out all the information about what was given to me before I took it, and prevented my self from getting sick in the first place.

    I take full responsibility for what happened and I’m sorry. In our industry there is a tradition that the show must go on no mater what, and I feel I have betrayed that tradition bye not performing last Tuesday. The greatest joy in my life is performing in the WWE (Win, Lose or Draw), I love what I do, and I will never let something like this happen agene.

    Shad Gaspard

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    Edge reveals when his contract is expiring

    Edge called into the Bubba the Love Sponge Show yesterday and said the Achilles tendon tear he suffered back in July was the most painful injury of his career yet. He added he does not know yet when he will be able to return to the ring.

    During his appearance, Bubba asked him when his contract with WWE expires, to which he replied next June. He said while he's a homegrown guy, "he likes competition." However, he then made sure to note that "WWE is the NFL of wrestling."

    When asked about Shane McMahon leaving the company, he said he was really surprised. He said it's really hard to work with Vince McMahon and be his son at the same time.

    Edge put over Christian, John Cena and Randy Orton. He said watching Orton is like watching a horror show, but in a good way. He also feels Cena is a workhorse and having Christian on ECW was a good move.

    When asked to comment on former flame Lita, he simply said she's out of the business.

    22-10-2009 om 21:28 geschreven door jefken  

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    More on the reaction to Shane McMahon leaving

    More on the reaction to Shane McMahon leaving


    As of this week, nobody who is talking within WWE has any idea what caused Shane McMahon's resignation from WWE or what he plans on doing next. People who worked under Shane are said to be shocked and devastated, saying it came completely out of left field. The department that Shane was in charge of always has had great morale and word is that all the good morale plummeted on Friday when the announcement came out. A lot of people were very worried about their future with the company and there was talk that layoffs might be coming.

    Shane was flooded with calls over the weekend and he pretty much told everyone the same thing he said in his official statement. It is very likely that the only people who know what is going on are Shane, Vince McMahon and perhaps Linda or Stephanie. Even people who spoke with Triple H had the impression that he didn't know really what went down.

    22-10-2009 om 21:25 geschreven door jefken  

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    tyler_reks.jpg image by stinkchildcomics
    WWE star gets upset over being called "boring"

    In response to Tyler Reks' tweet announcing he was getting his own show on WWE Mobile, a wrestling fan wrote the following note to the ECW star:

    "It will still be boring as sin, just like you."

    Reks was quite rattled over his remark, as he responded with the following:

    "aaaaaand if I'm so boring, then why are u following me? Oh wait, you're not - cause I just blocked your sorry ass."

    22-10-2009 om 21:23 geschreven door jefken  

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    Concern in WWE over Smackdown rookie? is reporting that there is growing concern backstage for Smackdown rookie Eric Escobar. Apparently Escobar developed a reputation for being a "headcase" while he was teaming with Primo Colon in developmental, and that stigma continues to follow him now that he has been called up to the main roster.

    22-10-2009 om 21:20 geschreven door jefken  

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    WWE having TNA footage pulled from YouTube?

    Thanks to Derrick Rose for sending this in:

    Apparently, WWE is pulling footage of TNA broadcasts that feature current and ex-WWE wrestlers from YouTube. In one instance, WWE has pulled YouTube footage of Christian at TNA's Victory Road PPV from last year now that Christian has re-signed with WWE.

    22-10-2009 om 21:17 geschreven door jefken  

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    Update over status Carlito

    Update on Carlito's WWE status


    - Carlito is off WWE TV right now because the creative team has nothing for him. The feeling is that he doesn't care too much these days and creative would rather spend more time with people that are actually contributing ideas.

    22-10-2009 om 21:14 geschreven door jefken  

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    Batista feels WWE is wasting Mysterio's talent

    Batista feels WWE is wasting Mysterio's talent


    – During an interview with the major Mexican newspaper El Universal previewing this past weekend’s tour of the country, Batista said WWE has been wasting the talents of one Rey Mysterio. He feels Mysterio should be at the level of the biggest stars of the company.

    22-10-2009 om 21:11 geschreven door jefken  

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    – John Cena will be off house shows during the month of December in order to film his next movie, Oxley’s Road. This straight-to-DVD project has Cena playing the role of a pro wrestler whose younger brother is trying to make it as a high school wrestler.

    22-10-2009 om 21:10 geschreven door jefken  

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    Hulk Hogan talks about his suicide attempt

    According to a report from the New York Daily News, Hulk Hogan reveals in his new book entitled "My Life Outside the Ring" that he would have committed suicide after breaking up with Linda and coping with Nick's car accident had it not been for a call from the daughter of boxing great Muhammad Ali.

    Hogan claims it was Ali, Muhammad Ali's daughter, that prevented him from pulling the trigger on a gun after he had downed a cocktail of Xanax and rum. According to Hogan, Ali said she called after noticing he had been looking distracted at work. Hogan says in the book he had his finger on the trigger when Ali called.

    Hogan also talks about how he begged Linda not to file divorce and said Linda's behavior was not documented on television.

    22-10-2009 om 21:07 geschreven door jefken  

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    Update on Ken Anderson signing with TNA


    The Wrestling Observer reports that Ken “Kennedy” Anderson’s people are advising him not to sign anywhere right now (including TNA) with the idea that if he works for Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff on their tour, then Vince McMahon will want to bring him back to WWE.

    22-10-2009 om 21:05 geschreven door jefken  

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    The latest on Booker T's future in wrestling


    Booker T is believed to be finished with TNA after his current deal expires next month and he's not expected to work any more matches. Sources say Booker was unhappy with the contract offer TNA made him and that unhappiness is what led to issues between him and TNA in recent weeks.

    Sources close to Booker now indicate that he plans to take some time off from wrestling and isn't looking to return to WWE right away. Word is that Booker may make some international appearances if the money is right but he plans on just taking some time off for himself and working on his PWA promotion in Texas.

    22-10-2009 om 21:01 geschreven door jefken  

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    Update on Chris Sabin and Kevin Nash at Impact

    In an update to and earlier post concerning Chris Sabin's injury suffered during tonight's TNA Impact taping, is reporting that Sabin is alright after suffering what is now believed to be a stinger.

    Additionally, it's being reported that Kevin Nash, as well as cutting a promo on TNA for not stopping the match, also yelled Team 3D backstage following the match, telling them that they should stop the match because it was obviously that Sabin was injured. Furthermore, Nash felt that Team 3D, being veterans, should have held Sabin's health as the number one priority during the match. It is being said, however, that there is no heat on Team 3D within TNA management as the incident was recognized as an accident.

    22-10-2009 om 20:58 geschreven door jefken  

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    ***SPOILER***Heeft Sabin een gebroken nek???

    Early Impact taping notes - possible injury

    Jeremy Graves sent in the following notes:

    Just thought I'd let you know that I'm getting updates from a few friends of mine currently at the TNA Tapings in Orlando.

    Apparently Chris Sabin got injured in a match which also featured Brother Ray. He told me the following when I asked what happened -

    'Bubba botched a move and Sabin landed on his neck. Looks to be a stinger... thought TNA medic was saying it could be a broken neck.'

    He also added -

    'Kevin Nash is pissed at TNA for not stopping the show after Sabin got hurt.'

    Apparently he said that publicly which I guess means it was said in the ring.

    If I get any more updates on that, I'll let you know.

    22-10-2009 om 20:54 geschreven door jefken  

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    Updates on Nigel McGuinness & Bryan Danielson

    Updates on Nigel McGuinness & Bryan Danielson


    According to Mike Johnson, Nigel McGuinness has signed a two-year deal with TNA. It is believed that WWE backed out of their offer after getting the results of a physical test that McGuinness took. Apparently, it was McGuinness that reached out to TNA and not the other way around.

    At this point, Bryan Danielson has passed his drugs/physical test and still expected to be signing with WWE.

    22-10-2009 om 20:49 geschreven door jefken  

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    On Thursday night, TNA Wrestling returns to Spike at 9/8c for two hours of Total Nonstop Action, featuring the aftermath of the "Bound For Glory" Pay-Per-View event! The below is a preview of what is scheduled (card subject to change)

    - The broadcast will feature TNA World Heavyweight Champion "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles teaming with Daniels to battle Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe in tag team action!

    - What is Sting's future in TNA Wrestling after Bound For Glory? Will there be an update "The Icon" this Thursday on Spike?

    - Beer Money, Inc. battles their rivals The British Invasion for the TNA World Tag Team Championship inside the unforgiving and barbaric Six Sides of Steel Cage! Just days after winning the gold in Full Metal Mayhem, The British Invasion must prepare to go back to war on Thursday night!

    - Thursday's "iMPACT!" will also feature an Ultimate X Match between The Motor City Machineguns and Lethal Consequences! The high-flying, daredevil Ultimate X Match makes its return to "iMPACT!" on Spike! The winners get a shot at the TNA World Tag Team Championship at Turning Point on November 15!

    - After surviving the Ultimate X Match on Sunday, X Division Champion The Amazing Red will take on Homicide on Thursday's broadcast

    - In Knockouts action, it will be Awesome Kong facing her former manager Raisha Saeed - Kong wants revenge on Saeed for costing her the Knockouts Title match at Bound For Glory!

    All this and much more on Thursday's "iMPACT!" on Spike, including footage from Sunday's "Bound For Glory", the lovely TNA Knockouts, the high-flying superstars of the X Division and so much more!

    22-10-2009 om 17:05 geschreven door jefken  

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    Uitslagen ecw 20 oktober
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    Yoshi Tatsu def. Zack Ryder
    Sheamus vs. local competitor
    ECW Champion Christian def. Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho (Non-Title Match)

    COLUMBIA, S.C. – Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho took a trip to the Land of the Extreme Tuesday night. While the SmackDown Superstar came to ECW to scout for talent to join his WWE Bragging Rights team, ECW General Manager Tiffany had another idea for Jericho.

    ECW Champion Christian def. Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho (Non-Title Match) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho joined ECW on Syfy this week, but his plans to recruit members for the SmackDown Team for the WWE Bragging Rights Tag Team Match quickly went awry. After interrupting “The Abraham Washington Show” (WATCH) and Rosa Mendes’ ECW debut, ECW General Manager Tiffany denied Jericho’s request to scout for talent. (WATCH) Later, the tag champ conspired with William Regal to allow Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov to join his SmackDown Team Sunday, but Tiffany stopped the disrespectful Jericho’s scheme and ordered him to face ECW Champion Christian later that night. (WATCH)

    In Tuesday’s main event, Captain Charisma gave Jericho a little taste of what the Land of the Extreme had to offer. The former World Tag Team Champions hadn't faced each other in six years. Jericho’s night of talent-seeking backfired when he met the ECW Champion in one-on-one action. After a devastating Killswitch, Christian pinned the Unified Tag Team Champion for the monumental victory on ECW on Syfy.

    Yoshi Tatsu def. Zack Ryder (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Yoshi Tatsu’s winning streak continued this week on ECW on Syfy. The Japanese Superstar was victorious over Zack Ryder, earning himself a future ECW Championship Match! Tatsu was overjoyed by his win over the brash, cocky, Long Island, N.Y.-bred Superstar, unabashedly celebrating while the WWE Universe in the Colonial Life Arena cheered.

    New No. 1 contender Tatsu will fight Christian for the Extreme Title on next week's ECW on Syfy! Will the Japanese Superstar’s winning streak continue when he faces ECW Champion Christian for the gold? Watch ECW on Syfy Tuesday night at 10/9 CT.

    Sheamus vs. local competitor (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    The Celtic Warrior met a local competitor in singles action on ECW on Syfy, but their match was interrupted by none other than Sheamus’ enemy, Shelton Benjamin. The Gold Standard, angry about Sheamus’ proclamation last week that he’ll stop at nothing to annihilate him, stormed into the ring and attacked his rival, causing the match to end in a no-contest. After the assault, a stunned Sheamus grasped the back of his head and stumbled up the ramp as an irate Benjamin watched.

    What’s next for Sheamus and Benjamin? When will these two Extreme Superstars meet again in the ring?

    Paul Burchill confronts The Hurricane (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    After defeating The Hurricane last week on ECW, Paul Burchill demanded that Gregory Helms unmask himself as The Hurricane in front of the WWE Universe. After “The Hurricane” entered the ring and began to remove his mask, Burchill and his sister, Katie Lea, were stunned to see it was an imposter. Moments later, The Hurricane appeared from under the ECW ring and attacked Burchill with The Hurri-Cane. The shocked brother and sister duo retreated up the ramp, allowing the masked Superstar to get the last laugh this time.

    Will Burchill ever be able to prove his theory that Helms and The Hurricane are one in the same? When will these rivals meet again in the ECW ring?

    ECW 20.10.09

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    Tegen wie wilt CM Punk uit komen op WM 26

    CM Punk reveals who he wants to face at WM 26

    CM Punk was featured in an interview with this morning to help promote the WWE Smackdown/ECW taping in Columbia, South Carolina. One topic covered was Punk's dream Wrestlemania opponent:

    "Last year, before I was in the MITB match, it was Rey (Mysterio), Punk said. "This year, it's still Rey. Mania is a long ways away right now, so it's hard to say where I'll end up, but I do need a haircut."

    21-10-2009 om 18:16 geschreven door jefken  

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    update torrie Wilson

    Ex-WWE Diva talks about near-death experience

    The following is an excerpt from an article from

    Former wrestler details her very close call

    Oct. 19, 2009, 5:19PM

    Torrie Wilson, the former WWE diva who now runs a clothing store called Jaded in The Woodlands, scared the pants off her fans last week by tweeting …

    “Big scare for me tonight. I was in the emergency room. Thought I was heading up to Heaven for a minute there. Thanks for letting me stay a little longer, Jesus!”

    That's all she wrote.

    Here's what actually happened that night.

    She was visiting her brother in San Diego when …

    “I had a bad reaction to medicine because of a thyroid problem I have had for years, and my heart was starting to shut down on me. This was combined with the newfound discovery that I have an abnormally slow heartbeat. By the time I reluctantly went to the doctor, I was rushed to the emergency room with numb arms and legs and blue hands. I was extremely dizzy and nauseous. I still didn't take this seriously until the doctor started freaking out on me,” Wilson said.

    “I had a horribly close call, and I'm ashamed to admit that I ‘Twittered' about it hours after I was out of the hospital because I was so flabbergasted at what happened! I guess I forgot how many people actually pay attention to me,” Wilson said.

    I believe the proper word would be “Tweeted.”

    She continued. “I was not taking prescription pain pills and anything crazy — like the Internet rumors said. It's horrifying that all those crazy people accuse me of that just because I used to be a wrestler. Who knows what would have happened if I didn't go to the emergency room? It's a scary thought. My heart rate was 30 per minute and slowing when I finally got help. I will never take medication without doing research on possible adverse reactions. In a nutshell, that's what happened.”

    21-10-2009 om 18:13 geschreven door jefken  

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    TNA wrestler talks about McGuinness signing

    TNA wrestler Daniels spoke about TNA swiping Nigel McGuinness from WWE when McGuinness made his official debut at tonight's TNA Impact taping for Thursday's show. He posted the following message on Twitter:

    "Nigel McGuinness at TNA is their loss and our gain!! A good guy wins in the end!!"

    21-10-2009 om 18:09 geschreven door jefken  

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    Update on Booker T's status with TNA

    Update on Booker T's status with TNA

    According to the website, the word at Sunday's TNA Bound For Glory PPV was that TNA would not be renewing Booker T's contract when it expires next month. There was said to be talk that TNA President Dixie Carter would have a change of heart if Booker said the right things, but every indication right now is that he sealed his fate when he refused to job to Matt Morgan at the last set of Impact TV tapings. The creative team booked the stretcher angle at the PPV to get him out written of the match. Apparently there were a lot of rolling eyes backstage over the way he acted as he was being stretchered out. One TNA source even added, "He's been such an asshole that most people were just happy to see him go." The belief is that WWE has interest in bringing Booker back to the company once he is contractually available.

    21-10-2009 om 18:07 geschreven door jefken  

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    TNA Knockout suffers a broken arm


    Dave Meltzer is reporting that TNA Knockout Daffney reportedly suffered a broken arm at Sunday's Bond For Glory pay-per-view. The injury occurred on a bump she took during the Monster's Ball match between Abyss and Mick Foley.

    21-10-2009 om 18:04 geschreven door jefken  

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    Meer Live Notes van Bound For Glory

    bfgppv.jpg image by undertakerfan_2008
    RVD seen talking to Dixer Carter at BFG

    Thanks to M.G. & for the following:

    The BFG show was incredible live. Every match had that big time feel to it. Samoa Joe was the clear cut favorite tonight. The fan reactions last night was amazing. I believe there were at least 4,500 to 5,000 people there. It was pretty full and very exciting.

    The Abyss vs. Mick Foley match was favorite hands down. The AJ Styles vs. Sting match was full of drama and had the perfect ending.

    Matt Morgan was hated by the fans but he earned their respect. The X Divison match was the perfect way to start things off. Also Hernandez really got a big pop from the crowd last night as well. The Motor City Machine Guns were the perfect way to kickoff a pre-show.

    From where I was sitting, you could see Rob Van Dam talking to Dixie Carter. A few fans started chanting and he did his little thumb pose. It was an awesome show from top to bottom.

    21-10-2009 om 18:00 geschreven door jefken  

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    - Rumors have been circulating around the internet recently that ODB was either finished with TNA or that she was finishing up with TNA in the near future. Those rumors appear to be FALSE as ODB's facebook account was hacked and several posts that were made were not true.

    21-10-2009 om 17:55 geschreven door jefken  

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    TNA Press Conference recaps

    TNA Press Conference recap: Eric Young

    Thanks to Richard Trionfo and

    The following is a complete recap of the TNA Bound For Glory Post-PPV Press Conference:

    Eric Young

    The first person is Eric Young. Eric Young is asked about the main event and Eric says that he wants to face A.J. Eric says that Sting’s time has come and gone and it is his time and World Elite’s time. Eric is asked what is next and Eric says that it is the group first. He says that Americans are not used to working as a team. He says that they will get bigger and stronger. Eric is asked if he thinks he is a legend. Eric says that he is the Legends Champion and he is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame. Eric is asked how long he thinks he will be the Legends Champion and Eric says that he will be the champion forever. Eric is asked which legend he would like to wrestle. He says that he would like to face Ric Flair or Sting.

    TNA Press Conference recap: Matt Morgan

    Thanks to Richard Trionfo and

    The following is a complete recap of the TNA Bound For Glory Post-PPV Press Conference:

    Matt Morgan

    Matt Morgan is next. Matt is asked how he feels and Matt says that he has gone through a lot. Matt says that he is banged up after going to war with the best wrestler in the world. Matt is asked about how Angle is able to change up his game and then he is asked about what went wrong during the match. Matt says that you can have the best game plan, but Kurt is the ultimate chessmaster and he can change things at any time. Matt says that he went into the match with a lot of hatred for Angle, but he has much more respect for Angle. He says that Angle did not go for any short cuts. Matt says that Angle told him that this was the furthest that he has been taken. Matt says that he is usually a sore loser, but he goes home with a lot of pride because he earned Kurt’s respect. Matt says that it means a lot for him. Matt is asked about how he ‘advanced’ in his career by having Kurt raise his hand. Matt says that it was a shock and it hit him like a ton of bricks. Matt says that he got his shoulder up just after the three count. He says that it meant a lot to be that close against the best in the world. Matt says that he was not surprised that Angle went after his leg and he took advantage of things. Matt is asked what his match means for ‘big man wrestling.’ Matt says that his goal has been to set the stage for future seven footers to have the goal to raise the standards and have the athleticism and charisma instead of the ‘fi fie fo fum I’m seven foot and dumb’ wrestlers. Matt says that he was honored to be in the semi main event and his next goal is the World Title.

    TNA Press Conference recap: Daniels

    Thanks to Richard Trionfo and


    The next to the podium is Daniels. He is asked how he is doing. Daniels says that he is a bit beaten up and sore. He says the end of the match was a bit of a blur as he hit the mat. He says that things happen and him and Suicide were fighting for the belt and he wanted to be able to hold onto the belt a little longer. Daniels is asked about the bump and he said that he was not expecting to see the truss and it changed up his game plan. He talks about using what you have. Daniels figured that he could climb down the truss and use the environment to help him. He says that it worked against him a bit and Red was able to retain the title. Daniels is asked if an Ultimate X match is a respect builder. He says that the match is the next step in wrestling but there is so little wrestling because the match does not have to deal with the skill. It is about what you are willing to put on the line to win the match. If someone is intimidated by the height and the spectacle, you are going to lose. He talks about the people who have won the Ultimate X match and you come out with respect. Daniels says that he hopes he earned everyone’s respect after what he did. He is asked where this match ranks in his career. Daniels says that losing the match brings it down a notch because he was so close. Daniels mentions that he has a bruised neck and a slightly separated shoulder. Daniels mentions some of the curve balls with The Pope not in the match and the Machine Guns added. He says the match was a disappointment, but he did everything that he was willing to do and then some. Red was the one who was lucky enough to get the belt and he will have more chances at the title.

    TNA Press Conference recap: AJ Styles

    Thanks to Richard Trionfo and

    A.J. Styles

    A.J. Styles comes out next. A.J. is asked what is like to end Sting’s streak. A.J. says that he won the match, but he wishes that Sting would have been able to win. A.J. says that he is proud to still be champion. A.J. says that he is beaten up after the match. He says that Sting gave him everything and he was able to keep the title. A.J. says that Sting is one of the best and he was honored that Sting accepted his challenge and gave him everything. A.J. says that he found out who he is after what Sting did in the ring. A.J. is asked if he was surprised by anything or if he went to the next level. A.J. says that he learned a new level of pain because he thought his back was going to break in half in the Scorpion Death Lock. Sting is an icon for a reason. A.J. is asked if there was any apprehension because of what the match meant for Sting. A.J. says that he has so much respect for Sting that he asked to wrestle Sting in front of his family and friends. He wanted to give Sting the chance to wear the title belt one more time, but he was not going to hand it to him. They are not just friends, but they are believers. A.J. was asked what he was thinking when he hit the Pele kick. He wanted to know if Sting would ever go down and then he hoped that he would be able to keep Sting down. He says that he hit Sting in the temple with the Pele kick. A.J. says that he did not think he had anything more. A.J. was asked about his ring gear and A.J. talks about the pink and the link to breast cancer awareness. A.J. is asked about the future and how he is the face of TNA. A.J. says that he is a fighting champion and he will take on whoever whenever. He would not want it another way. A.J. is asked if he has anything to say to Sting. He thanks Sting for being a friend and a mentor. He thanks Sting for being patient. He thanks Sting for talking about the gospel together. A.J. is asked if he ever thought he would be in this position. A.J. did not think that he would have a press conference for wrestling. He thought it might have been football or basketball. A.J. says that he was supposed to do this.

    TNA Press Conference recap: Sting

    Thanks to Richard Trionfo and


    Sting is asked about how A.J. compares to other legends he has faced. Sting says that A.J. cannot be compared to anyone. He says that A.J. will be the innovator of innovators because his tenacity is endless. Sting is asked what he was most impressed about. Sting says that he gave A.J. everything and A.J. fought back. He talks about how he had A.J. in his hold but A.J. was able to get out of the hold. Sting is asked if he thought he had A.J. beat. Sting says that he thought he had it won the first time he dropped him. Eventually he did not know up from down. Sting is asked where this match ranks. He says that it is too early right now, but it is probably in his top three. Sting is asked about the end of the streak. Sting says that people made a bigger deal out of it than he did. Sting says that tonight’s match was not going to define him as a wrestler but he wanted to win. Sting is asked about the Pele kick and Sting says that he was fighting to stay up and did not know up from down. Sting was asked about what it is like to wrestle someone who is a competitor and also someone he shares things with spiritually. Sting says that it was a clean match and they expected it. Sting says that he could not change anything and hope for the best. Sting is asked about his time in TNA and he says that Dixie reminded him that he has tried to stop working a number of times and then he paraphrases Al Pacino bringing him back in. Sting talks about how the company has grown over the years. Sting is asked about a rematch with A.J. and Sting says that he does not want to talk about it right now. Sting is asked about facing some of the young talent like A.J. and Samoa Joe. Sting says that he feels like the Brett Favre of wrestling. He says that you don’t want to hang it up. He talks about Ric Flair when he was younger and how Flair wondered if he could keep going. Sting says that at that time he did not know why Flair wanted to stay around but now he understands. Sting is asked if there is anything else to do and he says that there is nothing else for him to do. Sting says that if it wasn’t for the fans, there would be no Sting. There would be no wrestling. He thanks the fans, especially the ones in the arena because they made him want to stay. Sting is asked if any family member could make it and Sting says that they were in Texas with his son. Sting is asked if this is his last match in TNA and he does not know if this is the last match. Sting thanks everyone and he thanks God.

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    Reden waarom Dinero afwezig was op Bound For Glory

    Reason why Dinero missed Bound For Glory

    It's being reported that D'Angelo Dinero left the Bound For Glory PPV early today due to a family emergency. This explains why the pre-show match with The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Lethal Consequences was for a spot in the Ultimate X Match on the PPV itself. It was also the reason TNA changed the match to a title match instead of a number one contender's match.

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    Daniels en Suicide geblesseerd

    Update on Daniels injury from BFG PPV

    During a spot which saw Daniels and Suicide take a very scary fall in the Ultimate X match that opened the pay-per view, Daniels suffered a slightly seperated shoulder. In addition to the shoulder, Daniels apparently suffered a pretty badly bruised neck injury as well.

    The other man involved in the bump, Suicide (Frankie Kazarian), was also suffering from some pretty bad bumps and bruises, but they were said to be nowhere near the level of Daniels.

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    First live Bound For Glory report in Irvine, CA

    First live Bound For Glory report in Irvine, CA

    We have a live correspondent at Bound For Glory tonight and here’s some early news and notes:

    - Hector Guerrero came out while the fans where in line. He was in a rush but posed for some pictures.

    - Morgan came out to greet the fans prior to the show, and the word going around is that he doesn’t appear to be in any pain.

    - Vince Russo also came out to a choirs of boos. He went back inside after the fans started with "Fire Russo!" chants.

    - The doors are open and the fans are heading in.

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    Did WWE copy the Legacy stable from TNA?

    Did WWE copy the Legacy stable from TNA?

    TNA had their own 2nd generation stable back in 2002-2003 with David Flair, Eric Watts, and Brian Christopher:

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    TNA Heading To France In January, Signs New TV Deal

    TNA made two announcements today. The first is that they are heading to France in January of 2010:

    Total Nonstop Action Wrestling is coming to Lyon, France, for the first time! See TNA Wrestling live at the Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon, France, on January 31. Appearing live will be Bobby Lashley, Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle and members of the Main Event Mafia, "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles, Team 3D, Suicide, The British Invasion, Awesome Kong, Beer Money Inc. and more to be announced! Tickets are on sale now at:

    Also, the company announced a new TV deal with W9 in France to broadcast Impact, starting on October 24th:


    TNA Wrestling has signed an agreement with W9 to broadcast their weekly flagship show "iMPACT!" beginning this Saturday, October 24th, 2009.

    iMPACT! will air weekly on Saturday nights at 23:00 with ­French commentary provided by Celian Varini and Thomas Desson on the general entertainment cable channel, dedicated to broadcasting the very best in music, family entertainment and sport including The X Factor, The Simpsons and UEFA Europa League matches. TNA's two-hour show, which has already seen success across the world in countries such as the United States, Australia, Germany and UK, is filmed in front of a live studio audience at Universal Studios in Florida and features some of the biggest names in US pro-wrestling.

    TNA will host their first ever live events in France on January 24, 2010 at the Zenith Arena, Paris and on January 31, 2010 at the Halle Tony Garnier, Lyon.

    Dixie Carter, President of TNA said "We are delighted to be working with W9 to bring TNA's unique form of action packed entertainment to France. In W9, TNA has a great broadcasting partner, and with them we are committed to growing the brand and delivering high quality wrestling to our French fans every single week. With our new relationship with W9 and first ever TNA live events in France in January 2010, we very much look forward to building a loyal and committed fan base."

    W9 is a among the biggest digital terrestrial channels in France and is a subsidiary of M6 (Metropole Television). For more information please visit

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    Nigel McGuinness naar tna !!!!! En dus niet wwe!!!

    On September 4, ROH announced that McGuinness had agreed to a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment "in principle",[10]. However, in October it was reported that McGuinness' deal with the WWE had fallen through and he had decided to jump ship to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

    Nigel McGuinness is telling people backstage at the TNA iMPACT! tapings today that he opted to sign with TNA because WWE took too long to send his contract.

    TNA officials then stepped in and struck a deal with McGuinness.

    As noted earlier here on, Nigel McGuinness made his debut in a backstage segment with Kurt Angle. During the course of the segment, Nigel attacked Angle.

    Nigel will be known as Desmond Wolf in TNA.

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    Backstage Updates: Tomko & Danielson To TNA?,

    Bryan Danielson is not backstage at the TNA tapings today. There is nothing confirmed regarding his status with WWE or TNA.

    Tomko is backstage at the TNA tapings today as noted earlier but may not be used tonight. He is in the booking plans leading into TNA's next PPV but that could always change. It's possible they may use him tomorrow night instead. I'm under the impression that he has not signed any sort of deal at this time. We're working to get that confirmed.

    It should be noted that WWE officials may be in revenge mode after TNA swooped in and took Nigel McGuinness. It'll be interesting to see what happens next.

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    Uitslagen raw 19 oktober
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen Matches

    Big Show, Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston & Jack Swagger def. MVP, Evan Bourne, Primo, Chavo Guerrero & Chris Masters
    WWE Champion Randy Orton def. Ted DiBiase
    Triple H def. John Cena
    United States Champion The Miz def. Marty Jannetty
    WWE Divas Champion Melina def. Jillian
    Shawn Michaels vs. Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho ended in a No Contest

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - With just six days remaining until WWE Bragging Rights, the red team of Raw mixed it up with the boys in blue from Team SmackDown to leave more than a few Superstars from each squad feeling a little black-and-blue.

    Shawn Michaels vs. Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho ended in a No Contest (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    It figures. Unified Tag Team Champion and Team SmackDown co-captain Chris Jericho was supposed to fight against Team Raw co-captain Shawn Michaels in the main event. Jericho, however, wasn’t about to let a perfectly good opportunity to deceive and punish his WWE Bragging Rights rival go to waste.

    Having witnessed the Team Raw disarray earlier in the evening, Jericho presumed he could take advantage. As he and HBK stood in the ring, he summoned the rest of his SmackDown crew in the hope of pummeling Michaels. The plan, however, backfired. Rather than intimidate HBK, the scheme actually offered a common purpose to the Raw lineup as they emerged to confront their SmackDown counterparts.

    As the two teams verged on combat, SmackDown’s Vickie Guerrero interrupted, insisting that no physicality would occur until Sunday at WWE Bragging Rights. DX didn’t take Vickie’s whining to heart, instead attacking their opponents, which resulted in an all-out brawl between Team Raw and Team SmackDown to end Monday night.

    NASCAR’s Kyle Busch and Joey Logano to host the next Raw
    Gentlemen, start your hosting duties! Next week, NASCAR drivers Kyle Busch and Joey Logano rev things up when they drive into Buffalo, N.Y., to serve as special guest hosts of Monday Night Raw.

    WWE Divas Champion Melina def. Jillian (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Jillian’s brief reign as Divas Champion hit a sour note last week thanks to Melina. Mere moments after the tone deaf Diva upset Mickie James to capture the gold, a Tri-branded Divas Trade was announced and Melina was re-introduced to Raw as its newest beauty. The Latina lovely then proceeded to defeat Jillian and claim the Divas Title as her own.

    This week, Jillian sought revenge with the assistance of Chavo Guerrero. The so-called “Mexican Warrior” seemed poised to interfere when Hornswoggle emerged from under the ring sporting a Snoop Dogg outfit and attacked him. This allowed Melina to refocus on the match and defeat her blond rival. Now Melina must shift her focus to this Sunday when she will team with Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim at WWE Bragging Rights to face down Women’s Champion Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix & Natalya.

    In the post-match chaos, a frustrated Chavo appeared bent on retaliation. As he went to attack the little leprechaun, however, the real Snoop Dogg entered. The rapper/actor and Hornswoggle then teamed up to teach Chavo a lesson in humility. Ooooh, Chavo.

    United States Champion The Miz def. Marty Jannetty (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    After arguing with his WWE Bragging Rights opponent and Intercontinental Champion John Morrison over who is the former tag team’s “Marty Jannetty” – as opposed to the team’s Shawn Michaels – The Miz found himself in the uncomfortable position of having to take on Jannetty himself, compliments of Raw’s special guest host Snoop Dogg.

    Jannetty, a former World Tag Team Champion and Intercontinental Champion, forced The Miz, current United States Champion, to give second thought to the notion of Jannetty as punch line. Sadly, though, the lesson was probably lost on the self-centered Superstar, who prevailed in the end.

    Triple H def. John Cena (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    In what may prove to be his final match on Raw, John Cena went face-to-face with one of the show’s toughest competitors, Triple H. The two powerhouses clashed like a sledgehammer against a cement wall. In the end, though, only one man could prevail. And when the bell finally rang, it was The King of Kings who drove through wall. As Cena rose after his defeat, the WWE Universe offered him a salute befitting a warrior the likes of which may never been seen in Raw’s orbit again.

    WWE Champion Randy Orton def. Ted DiBiase (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    WWE Champion Randy Orton appeared much more composed after last week getting pinned by one of his own protégés, Ted DiBiase, in a Tag Team Match. DiBiase argued that The Viper would have seized the opportunity just as he had. That line of reasoning, however, fell on deaf ears this week as Orton insisted that DiBiase not fight back as a show of respect. While the young Superstar initially seemed unwilling to voluntarily surrender in the ring, in the end, DiBiase did just that, allowing Orton to RKO him for the victory.

    DX arranged Team Raw members in a 10-Man Tag Team Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    To test their team’s mettle just six days before WWE Bragging Rights, Team Raw co-captains Triple H and Shawn Michaels arranged for Big Show, Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston & Jack Swagger to face MVP, Evan Bourne, Primo, Chavo Guerrero & Chris Masters. The catch? If anyone from Team Raw were to lose, that member would be replaced by the opponent that pinned him before facing Team SmackDown on Sunday.

    Unfortunately for Team Raw, their members were too busy squabbling with one another to display any cohesive focus. Before their dissension proved toxic, however, “The All-American American” managed to overcome the internal strife and score a pin for his team. The respite proved brief, though, as the team members began to exchange blows amongst themselves.

    Raw guest host Snoop Dogg arranged WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase, Shawn Michaels vs. Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Don’t let Snoop Dogg fool you. The rapper/actor has kicked out a trunk full of thick, laid back beats over the years and has played some mellow characters on the big screen, but he was all business in his role as Raw’s special guest host.

    Snoop reiterated that John Cena’s battle with Triple H may be his final match on Raw, that is if Cena loses to WWE Champion Randy Orton at WWE Bragging Rights. Wanting to go down as the “greatest guest host of all time,” Snoop also arranged for Orton to face Ted DiBiase, the protégé who pinned The Viper the week prior. For good measure, the rapper/actor set up a bout pitting Team SmackDown co-captain Chris Jericho against Team Raw co-captain Shawn Michaels.

    Monday Night Raw 19.10.09

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    VERSCHILLENDE WRESTLERS BACKSTAGE OP BOUND FOR GLORY is reporting that Rob Van Dam was backstage at Bound for Glory visiting. As noted earlier, Brian Kendrick, Chuck Palumbo and Lena Yada were all backstage as well.

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    Uitslagen Bound For Glory 5
    Click on the slide!

    Event: TNA Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View
    Airdate: Sunday, October 18th, 2009 (Pay-Per-View)
    Location: The Bren Events Center in Irvine, Calif.

    TNA Bound For Glory Opener:

    We get a nice video package highlighting the big matches heading into Bound For Glory. We also get a couple of interviews from some of the big players in some of the bigger matches from tonight.

    Zakk Wylde is ringside, he shreds on his guitar for a bit before breaking out into a riff-y version of the National Anthem.

    Ultimate X Match for the X Division Championship

    The Motor City Machine Guns are out first, they are there to replace the Pope D'Angelo Dinero who had to pull out of the event due to a family emergency. Suicide is out next, and this crowd is really hot right out of the gate.

    Homicide is out next, to a ton of love from the crowd. Daniels is the fifth man to enter the ring, and this crowd loves all of these X division guys. Amazing Red is the last man out to the ring, with Don West in tow.

    This one is on as soon as the bell rings, and since it will be difficult to cover, please, as always, bear with me. Red and Daniels have a nice exchange where Red sends Daniels to the floor with a headscissors. Homicide follows out soon after with a dive through the ropes. Suicide hits Red with a Finlay roll before jumping outside on top of Homicide. Sabin, not to be outdone, dives through the middle of the ropes onto the men outside. Red tries but Daniels catches him, Red instead hits a top rope hurricarana to the outside that sends Daniels into all the other competitors.

    Red tries for the title, but the Guns catch him and use a giant swing/dropkick combo to take Red out. Homicide tries to the title while Daniels gets wrapped up with the Guns. Homicide gets almost the entire way to the title before Suicide does a springboard jump to get up to pull Homicide down to the mat.

    The Guns continue to use their double team advantage, hitting Daniels with a doomsday missile dropkick. Red tries for the title, but he too falls victim to the Guns when they try for their sliced bread/powerbomb combo. Red is able to fight his way out with a hurricarana, and the Guns teamwork breaks down a little bit. Suicide dives into the ring out of nowhere and now everyone but the Guns are in the ring.

    Homicide again gets up to the rope structure, but Daniels pulls him down by the foot, straight into a Death Valley Driver. Red is next to go for the title, but he changes his mind when he sees Suicide coming closer. Red tries again for the title but Suicide connects with a springboard dropkick to take him down.

    Daniels makes his way toward the title, as does Sabin. Both men kick it out while holding onto the ropes before falling onto their feet. Sabin connects with a DDT on Daniels. Shelley runs right into a lariat from Homicide. Homicide tries for the Gringo killer, but Daniels fights out.

    Red goes up for the title again but Suicide catches him. Red and Sabin hit some sort of top rope double team maneuver on Suicide, who gets launched into Daniels. Shelley comes off the top rope toward Homicide, but Homicide catches him in a big suplex. Red hits a standing shooting star on Homicide. Suicide and Sabin fight up to the top rope where Suicide hits a big time suplex that sets Daniels up to hit the BME.

    Daniels, Suicide and Red climb up the metal structure out to the middle of the X where they tease a suplex on top of the structure. Daniels slips himself through the scaffolding on top of the title belt, but so does Suicide. Suicide pulls Daniels down from the ropes and it ends in a nasty fall. The Guns go for the title and Sabin is close when Red drops down from the metal scaffolding and grabs the title.

    Winner and STILL X Division Champion: The Amazing Red


    Lauren is backstage with the Beautiful People, she asks them about their rematch against the Kockout Tag Champs. Sky calls Lauren JB, and TBP make fun of Lauren for a little while. Sky says that everyone knows that TNA started with the Knockout Division, and that the Tag Championships were created for them. Sky says that tonight, they are going to take home what is rightfully theirs. Rayne says that last November, TBP had a lot of drama going on and they weren't ready for their title shot, but tonight they're going to accessorize by getting a couple of new belts. Von Erich grabs the mic before they leave and spouts out some stupid catch-phrase.


    JB is backstage with the Sarita and Wilde, Wilde says that TBP can keep making their excuses, and they will keep making history. Sarita says something, and then I'm pretty sure she repeats the exact same thing in Spanish.

    TNA Knockout Tag Team Title Match
    Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky vs. Sarita and Taylor Wilde

    Lacey kisses the referee so that she'll be allowed to stay at ringside, but Hebner is quick to come out. Von Erich kisses Hebner, but Hebner still throws her out, which causes TBP to throw a fit. The bell rings and Wilde tries to surprise Sky with a roll up. Sarita and Wilde utilize quick tags and some good double team work to isolate Sky from her corner, until Sky connects with a big lariat and makes the tag to Rayne. Sky goes for a monkey flip, but she gets thrown away and hit with a DDT instead and both women are down.

    Both women make the tag at the same time and Wilde comes in and cleans house on Rayne. Sarita hits Sky with a nasty missile dropkick to the face. Wilde and Sarita hit their German suplex/superkick combo on Rayne and they get the pin.

    Winners and STILL TNA Knockout Champions: Sarita and Taylor Wilde


    Lauren is backstage with Kevin Nash and Eric Young. Young cuts her off and says he's negotiated the best deal of his life. Young says he offered Hernandez a position in the World Elite. He says that both he and Nash consider him a black mark on the industry, and tonight they will eliminate him. She asks Nash about the $60,000 Young is paying Nash. Nash says that it's win-win, because he walks out with his title, and richer, and Young wins because Hernandez gets beat, and Young walks away without a scratch.

    TNA Legends Championship Match
    Hernandez vs. Eric Young vs. Kevin Nash

    Young, of course, refuses to even go near the ring until Nash is out with him. Hernandez brings EY into the ring the hard way and catches Nash off guard, allowing him an opportunity to hit EY with a shoulder block that sends him over the top rope. Super Mex follows out and fights with EY up the entrance ramp until Nash comes in and attacks Hernandez from behind. Nash and EY both beat on Hernandez for a little while, but Big Mex is able to send Nash into the ring post, and back in the ring, Hernandez simply dominates EY. Hernandez hits a big one armed back breaker and he goes for a pin on EY but Nash breaks it up.

    Young and Nash pound on Hernandez in the corner, stomping at him and choking him with their boots. Nash hits Hernandez with a couple of his big elbows before Nash and EY go for a double team. Hernandez fights out and tries for a suplex, but Nash pushes Young over and Young hits a suplex of his own. Young and Nash stand Super MEx up in the corner and both choke him with their boots. Hernandez tries to fight back against both men, but Nash and Young both hit him with an elbow and Young goes for the pin. Nash breaks things up and Young looks confused, before realizing his deal with Nash, and Nash looks angry.

    Hernandez is able to make his way to the top rope where he hits a big missile dropkick on Nash, but he gets caught with a back body drop from EY that sends him to the apron. Hernandez comes back in the ring with a slingshot shoulder block to Nash, before he cleans house on both men for a little while, launching EY with a crazy back drop. Hernandez hits a dual clothesline on both men and all three guys are down.

    Young tries for a cross body but Hernandez turns it into a sitting powerbomb that's good for a near fall. Hernandez and Nash fight it out in the ring, before Hernandez jumps over the top rope out of nowhere on top of EY. When Super Mex tries to make his way back into the ring though, Nash is able to catch him with a boot. EY hits a big elbow drop on Hernandez before he pulls down Nash's shoulder straps for him. Nash teases the jack knife powerbomb, but EY gets tired of waiting. EY shoves Mex into Nash's crotch, pins Nash, and the ref counts to three.

    Winner and NEW TNA Legend's Champion: Eric Young


    There's chaos backstage as everyone but Team 3D are backstage who's in the big Tag match tonight. Magnus is on the mic, he basically tells everyone that they need to teal up against the Dudley's. Everyone agrees excepts for BMI, who are more interested in looking for Storm's beer.

    Full Metal Mayhem for the TNA AND IWGP Tag Team Championships

    At the bell, everyone but BMI are quick to attack the Dudley's, but they soon join in. Everyone just focuses on pounding D-Von and Bubba. Steiner takes D-Von to the floor and slams him into the barricade, before using the ladder to work over D-Von's shoulder. Booker and Ray fight on the other side of the ring, and the British Invasion go for the ladders and try for the titles, BMI catches them though, and quickly end BI's run for the belts.

    BMI double team Williams, sending him headfirst into a chair in the corner before hitting a slingshot DDT. Booker comes in and takes out both members of BMI before grabbing a ladder and trying to climb up. Roode stops Booker's climb, but quickly falls victim to an axe kick. Steiner chokes out D-Von with an extension chord while BMI hit a DWI on Booker. Steiner comes in and cleans house on everyone with belly to belly suplexes before hitting a frankensteiner on Williams, and then hitting a top rope suplex on Magnus. Booker is calling for the ref, and Sharmell comes out. Steiner, meanwhile, hits Roode with a top rope suplex.

    Steiner tries to climb the ladder, but he's pushed off by Williams, and BI hit Steiner with a double team neckbreaker before ripping of 3D and hitting a what's up headbutt. a stretcher has come out for Booker and D-Von has finally made his way back to the ring. BI setup a table in the ring, but 3D is back in it and they go to town on everyone, taking out Magnus and Roode with a steel chair. 3D hit Williams with a double team neckbreaker before Ray connects with a Bubba Bomb on Roode and D-Von hits an inverted DDT on Storm.

    Zakk Wylde gets involved when Brother Ray hands him a chair and has him hit Magnus. Back in the ring, D-Von puts Williams through a table with a big suplec before 3D connect with a what's up headbutt of their own. Bubba has everyone yell 'get the tables!' and the crowd goes nuts. Bubba sets up three tables in the ring, and he and D-Von hit dual chokeslams on BMI, sending them through two of the tables. Steiner is in to break things up, before going outside to grab a ladder. Steiner takes down D-Von and Bubba with the ladder before positioning it under one of the belts. Steiner climbs the ladder, but 3D catches him and puts him through the table with a big slam.

    D-Von climbs the ladder and gets his hands on the IWGP title, but Rhino is in and he takes out 3D with a series of nasty chair shots. BI hurt D-Von even further with a top rope European suplex. BI grab a couple of ladders and begin the climb up, but BMI is in quickly to break things up. BMI hit a double suplex from the top of the ladder, and the landing looks really nasty. Roode tries to climb one of the ladders but Magnus hits Roode with a chair to the back.

    Magnus and Storm fight up to the top of the ladder where Storm hits a big sunset powerbomb from the top of the ladder. Storm turns around straight into a chair shot from doug williams, who begins to climb up the ladder. Roode catches Williams at the top of the ladder and sends him to the mat, but Big Rob comes in to the ring, grabs Roode and press slams him to the outside through a table. Big Rob puts Williams on his shoulders and gives him a boost up to the titles.

    Winners and NEW IWGP Tag Team Champions: Team 3D
    Winners and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions: The British Invasion

    TNA Knockouts Championship Match
    ODB (c) vs. Awesome Kong vs. Tara

    Awesome Kong starts things off quickly, jumping both Tara and ODB before the bell. Tara and ODB are quick to team up on Kong though, but they get taken down by a double clothesline from Kong. Kong sends Tara into the corner, sends ODB after her and follows them both with a big splash. Kong slams both Tara and ODB before going to the top rope. Kong tries for a big splash, but both women move and kip up. Tara and ODB hit a double shoulderblock before following it up with a double suplex, but their teamwork breaks down when Tara goes for the pin.

    ODB hits Tara with a big fallaway slam, but Tara is able to fight back when she catches ODB in a tarantula. Kong is quick to break things up, slamming into both Tara and ODB. Tara goes up top and hits a big moonsault on both ODB and Kong. Kong picks Tara up and puts her on the top rope before smacking her off to the floor.

    Tara gets into it with a fan and ODB and Kong are obviously at a loss of what to do. Tara storms to the back and apparently it's a one on one match now. Kong sends ODB into the corner and tries for a splash, but ODB moves and hits a splash of her own. ODB actually picks Kong up and hits a big Samoan drop, but it's only good for a two count. ODB comes off the top rope at Kong, but Kong grabs her and squashes her in the corner. Tara is back out, but she's quickly kicked out to the floor by Kong. Kong goes up top and hits a big splash, but Tara is in to break it up.

    Kong sends Tara back out to the floor and hits an implant buster on ODB, but ODB kicks out and Kong looks shocked. Raisha Saeed is out and she tosses in a steel chair to Kong, but Kong kicks it back out. They do this again, with the same results. Kong tries for another implant buster, but ODB turns it into a face buster onto the chair (that Saeed sends back in the ring). ODB pins Kong, and the ref count to three. Both Saeed and Kong look pretty upset, but Kong looks a bit more angry than just upset.

    Winner and STILL TNA Knockout Champion: ODB


    Lauren is backstage with Matt Morgan, she asks him about his match with Angle tonight. Morgan says that Angle played him for months, but unlike all other big guys in the sport, Morgan is actually a college educated man. Morgan says that he's finally got Angle one on one, and that Angle's attempts to stay away from Morgan didn't work. Morgan says Kurt may have been a gold medalist, but Morgan IS the future.

    Submission Match
    Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Lashley

    Lashley and Joe circle each other for a bit before Joe tries to kick at Lashley's rib. Lashley and Joe lock up and Lashley backs Joe up into the corner, but Joe turns it around and slaps Lashley. Lashley comes back with a big spinebuster, and he tries for the armbar, but Joe fights out and pounds on Lashley before locking in a leg bar, which Lashley fights out of. Lashley pounds on Joe before he sends him into the corner where he wails on him some more. Joe bails to the outside.

    Joe makes his way back into the ring and he begins kicking away at Lashley's leg. Joe sends Lashley to the outside before he follows out with the elbow suicida. Joe starts to work over Lashley's ribs, sending him back-first into the apron before chopping at his chest. Back in the ring, Lashley tries to fight back but Joe rakes the eyes. Joe locks in an abdominal stretch and he grinds away at Bobby's ribs with his elbow.

    Lashley with punches but Joe runs Lashley into the turnbuckle and chops Lashley. Joe with jabs in the corner but Lashley with a full nelson slam and both men are down. They get back to their feet and Lashley with clotheslines and a kick. Lashley with a forearm to the back and a t-bone suplex. Joe with an uranage to Lashley in the corner. Joe with a uranage but Lashley with a leg sweep and he has Joe choked out.

    Winner: Bobby Lashley


    JB is backstage with Mick Foley, he says that they haven't talked since Foley attacked Abyss. Foley says that tonight, Abyss is going to learn the hard way that you can't imitate Mick Foley. Foley says he did the things he did to make a name for himself, not Abyss. Foley says if Abyss is to overshadow Foley, that's fine, but he's going to have to earn it the hard way.

    Monster's Ball Match
    Abyss vs. Mick Foley

    Dr. Stevie, the special ref, is the first man out to the ring, before Abyss makes his way out to a pretty nice pop from the crowd. Foley sneaks up on Abyss with a barbed wire bat and things are starts before Abyss can even get down the ramp. Foley brings Abyss to the top of the ramp, where he hits a swinging neckbreaker.

    Foley begins to climb the set and Abyss is soon to follow. Foley pounds away at Abyss, causing him to fall off the scaffold, through the entrance ramp.

    Foley climbs down, where he's given the barbed wire bat by Dr. Stevie. Foley charges and dives down on top of Abyss, bat first. Foley makes his way down to the ring with Stevie and Abyss breaks through the entrance ramp. Foley charges Abyss, but he's taken down with a clothesline and Abyss finally makes his way toward the ring.

    Abyss sets up a barbed wire board, propped up on the guard rail and ring apron, before climbing into the ring and wailing on Foley with a trash can. Abyss grabs another barbed wire board, which he brings into the ring. Abyss teases a chokeslam on the board, but Foley hits a double arm DDT instead. Foley grabs the bat and rakes it across Abyss' face, before hitting him in the arm. Foley brings in another barbed wire board, but when he tries to irish whip Abyss into the board, Foley is sent in instead. Abyss goes for a splash, but Foley moves and Abyss eats barbed.

    Foley brings in more barbed wire and Stevie brings in thumbtacks. Abyss teases chokeslamming Foley on the tacks, but Stevie breaks it up, so Abyss hits the shock treatment instead. Daffney runs down to the ring and hands Foley a taster, which he uses against Abyss (with cheesy sparks) a ref comes down and Foley tries for the pin but Abyss kicks out. Foley grabs a sock out of his pocket and he chages Abyss with barbed wire in his hand, but Abyss hits Foley with a drop toe hold into barbed wire. Daffney climbs to the top rope, but Abyss catches her and throws her through the barbed wire board he set up earlier. Stevie is in and he eats a black hole slam to the tacks. Abyss chokeslams Foley onto the barbed wire, and picks Stevies hand up to count out three.

    Winner: Abyss


    JB is backstage with Kurt Angle. He says things haven't gone the way MEM wanted, but Angle is calm. Angle says to step into the ring with him, you have to be at a certain level. Angle says he had Styles beat three days ago, and the next time, it will be for the title and there won't be a time limit, but before he can do that, he has to get through Morgan. Angle sees Morgan as a disrespectful punk and tonight, Angle is going to teach him that respect is damn real.

    Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan

    Angle bails out to the floor at the start of the match, but quickly makes his way back into the ring. Angle bails again and is a little bit slower to get back in this time around. Angle locks up with Morgan and Morgan launches him across the ring, causing Angle to tease bailing again.

    Morgan and Angle lock up and Morgan launches Angle over the top rope. Angle makes his way back into the ring, again, and this time he catches Morgan with a European uppercut and a series of right hands. Morgan catches Angle with an elbow before propping Angle up in the corner and hitting him with rapid fire elbows. Morgan grabs Angle by the back of the neck and picks him up, slamming him head first into the turnbuckle, before snapping Angle's neck over the top rope. Angle fights back though, sending Morgan to the outside. Angle comes off the apron to Morgan, but Morgan grabs him and rams him into the ring post.

    Morgan goes to the top rope and comes off with an impressive cross body block. Morgan goes for a bicycle kick in the corner, but Angle avoids it and hits a chop block, going to work on Morgan's legs. Angle grapevines the leg, before locking in a figure four. Morgan is able to roll over the figure four to relieve the pressure, but Angle is able to make it into the ropes and force a break of the hold. Angle pounds away at Morgan, but Morgan explodes back with a big lariat.

    Both men are back to the feet and Morgan goes to work on Angle, hitting a couple of clotheslines and following it up with a big side slam. Angle hits a couple of European uppercuts before he goes to the top and tries a cross body. Morgan catches him though and executes a nice fallaway slam. Morgan goes for the chokeslam, but Angle counters with a roll up that's good for two. Morgan connects with a chokeslam, but he can only keep Angle down for two.

    Angle surprises Morgan with a trio of German suplexes before he tries for an Angle slam. Morgan fights out though and connects with a carbon footprint, which is only good for a two count. Morgan charges Angle in the corner, but Angle moves and connects with the Angle slam, but Morgan kicks out!

    Angle locks in the ankle lock, but Morgan is able to get out with his massive leg strength. Morgan tries for a powerbomb, but Angle is able to counter into the ankle lock again. Morgan tries to kick him off but Angle won't let go. Morgan is finally able to make it out of the hold. Kurt charges Morgan in the corner, but Morgan moves and Angle connects with the post. Morgan connects with the hellavator, but Angle kicks out!

    Morgan looks frustrated as he picks up Angle. Morgan goes for the tombstone, but Angle counters into the ankle lock again. Angle, again will not let go to the ankle lock, but Morgan's tenacity gets him out of it. Morgan hits a big lariat, but he still can't keep Angle down for three. Morgan goes up top, but Angle surprises him with a big belly to belly suplex from the top rope. Angle hits a big Angle slam and he goes up top. Angle hits a beautiful frog splash, but Morgan kicks out at two.

    Angle goes back to the top rope, but Morgan catches him on his shoulders, Angle catches Morgan with a victory roll and he holds on for the three.

    Winner: Kurt Angle

    After the match, Angle reaches out his hand in respect to Morgan. Morgan looks pretty confrontational, but he eventually shakes Angle's hand and raises his arm.

    TNA Championship Match
    AJ Styles (c) vs. Sting

    Both men shake hands before starting things off. AJ is a little hesitant to lock up, but gets over it quickly, locking in a headlock. Sting fights out and locks in a headlock of his own, but AJ is quick to make his way out of it and connect with a hip toss. AJ continues to try and wear Sting down with another headlock, but Sting fights out and hits his own hip toss.

    Sting and AJ continue to jockey for position, with each man trying their own tricks and neither being able to get up on the other. AJ and Sting impress each other with their counters and reversals. Sting hits a big shoulderblock and goes for AJ's legs, but AJ is quick to fight back to his feet.

    Big 'TNA' chants as AJ hits a snapmare/kick combo and a springboard knee drop. AJ hits some big elbows to the back of Sting's neck, but when he tries to send Sting into the corner, he's sent in hard, instead. Sting whips him into the turnbuckle again and tries for AJ's legs, and this time, when AJ scrambles, Sting clotheslines him over the top rope.

    Sting holds the ropes for AJ to get back into the ring, giving both men fair ground when the lock up again. AJ connects with an enzugiri and he follows it up with a quick suplex. He tries for the pin, but Sting kicks out at two. AJ chops Sting in the corner, and whips him across the ring hard. AJ continues to chop at Sting in the corner, but he gets caught with a duo of faceplants by Sting.

    Sting hits a huge back body drop, but AJ is able to fight back with a dropkick. Sting bails to the floor and AJ goes for the dive, Sting moves so AJ goes to the arpon. AJ jumps off at Sting, but Sting moves and AJ connects with the guardrail. AJ stands up and Sting goes for a big splash, but AJ moves and Sting jumps into the guardrail so hard he bends it. AJ is the first man back in the ring and he doesn't want Hebner to count.

    Back in the ring, Sting tries for a suplex but AJ fights out. AJ and Sting trade punches, with AJ coming out better, but when AJ tries for a splash, he misses. Sting goes up to the top rope, but AJ catches him in tombstone position. Sting turns it around though, hits the tombstone and pins AJ, who kicks out at two.

    AJ is quick to recover as he rolls to the apron where he connects with a big springboard elbow. Styles hits a backbreaker and he tries for another pin, but Sting kicks out at two. Sting sends Styles into the corner, but AJ tries for the moonsault DDT. Both men counter each other a bunch of times, but it ends with Sting hitting the scorpion death drop. Sting hits a splash in the corner to AJ's back and follows up with another death drop, but AJ kicks out at two!

    Sting locks in the scorpion death lock, but AJ refuses to quit, and he actually powers out of it. AJ and Sting trade blows in the middle of the ring, with Sting coming out better with a big lariat. Sting puts AJ on the top rope, but AJ fights out and sends Sting down to the mat. AJ falls off the top turnbuckle to the apron, but when Sting goes after him, he hits a Pele from the apron. AJ hits a springboard splash onto Sting, pins him, and the ref counts three.

    Winner and STILL TNA World Champion: AJ Styles

    After the match, AJ Styles takes the mic and it doesn't work. AJ tells Sting this is his time and to get back in the ring. A loud 'PLEASE DON'T GO' chant breaks out. AJ goes up the ramp and Sting walks around the ring. He grabs a mic and a loud 'STING' chant breaks out. He says if there is a guy or place he had to lose, it would be AJ Styles and here in his hometown. A loud 'YOU STILL GOT IT' chant breaks out. Sting seems emotional. He wants to address the retirement rumor. A loud 'ONE MORE YEAR' chant breaks out. He says he doesn't know if he's going to come back. He says the way the fans are reacting right now it makes him want to stay forever. His music hits and that's it.

    TNA: Bound For Glory 2009

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