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    More quotes from Rey Mysterio about his suspension

    The following is an Babelfish English translation from a interview with Rey Mysterio where talks about his suspension from WWE:

    In the eye of the Hurricane. Thus a day feels King Mysterio after it put it to the WWE under the magnifying glass to violate the regulation of prohibited substances, situation that worries to him about two things: the handling that occurred to the information and, secondly, the effect that will have this on its image.

    Nevertheless, the star of Tijuana gave the face and spoke long and tended on this embarrassing case in which he has been himself inmiscuido due to that, he indicates, like a lack of tolerance on the part of the doctors of the company in which he toils, since his doctor, David Ciao, that works with the Shippers of San Diego, prescribed that medicine to him.

    -How you have taken this suspension?

    “Malísimo, is done to me that the situation was handled very badly. I must say that it is well that this program of prohibited substances is indeed to clean the image of the fighter, but does that it of a different form, because they do since it, to me becomes very unjust”.

    -It is listened to you annoying, what happened?

    “Doctor Black (the one in charge of the tests in WWE), that they call to him, did not want to hope to that my doctor spoke to him so that confirmed to him that the medicine that I was using I was prescribed, and decided to suspend to me.

    “I was three weeks of vacations, I returned to work, I walked in Spain and Germany promoting the Summerslam and was until Wednesday that I returned that the doctor says to me who if for Thursday my doctor does not clarify the one of the medicine, was going to suspend to me by 30 days”.

    And your doctor did not call?

    I said to him what happened and it said to me that would clarify it, but I do not know if it did not do it in time and it forms correct because they decided to suspend 30 days to me, that to me become unjust because it is a medicine clarify by a doctor. If I did not have a medical prescription because she would understand this suspension because I made something illegal, but is a reason here, a logic of because I used the substance by which I gave positive.

    -What is the name of the medicine by which it is positive?

    “I do not have it at the hand, is in the bottle, but it was prescribed for my knee and my arm. It is medicine via oral”.

    -So serious what was doping?

    “They say When you that you left positive in something, they check all the levels and mine he was almost null, that is to say, if there is a scale from the one to the 100, I left with two percent, then was something so minimum that the form becomes unjust in that has been handled”.

    The one that does not give the specific cause of the suspension makes unjust?

    “Without a doubt, because they do not give the opportunity to clarify me what happened or to give my version. To me it becomes unjust not of the company, but how they handle the system of antidoping”.

    -What will happen with the Intercontinental Championship that you were going to defend in Breaking Point?

    “The truth I do not know, not what will happen, I am taking everything to the day. The unique thing that worries to me is the negative side, but the good thing is that I can clarify thus what happened and avoid rumors. My position worries to me to my work, and what is going to happen, but most important it is the image and what public goes to think, because was handled because I made something illegal, and was not thus”.

    You come to Mexico to the tour in October?

    “Yes, I am programmed for October, do not have problem, am put for those dates”.

    -You will have pay enjoyment?

    “As this is new for my, I do not know what is happening nor what will happen, I until Tuesday does not arrive at television will know how she is that east system works. Of 15 antidoping that has done me year in the last, had passed all except this one. Perhaps if it had reprobated four followed he would be understandable did that me to a side or they exposed to me of this form, (…) and I believe that I do not deserve east type of treatment”.

    -You feel it like a low blow?

    “I do not know. What I am going to do is that when my doctor has clarified everything, if he is not that it did already it, that I had a medical prescription, I am going to cause that the company puts there that although they suspended to me because the doctors of the company did not want to wait for the call of my doctor, at the end of accounts my doctor spoke and clarified that it had the medical prescription. And that in spite of all that, the suspension is indeed. Also I will speak in my page Web”.

    - At last, it is not the first time binds that you to the use of prohibited substances, you feel in the sight?

    “In the past they said that King Mysterio used anabólicos to grow his body, but everything has been only speculations, nothing verified, and this is something that affects to me, mainly mentally, because it concerns much my public to me and I do not know how they are going to react”.

    30-08-2009 om 23:09 geschreven door jefken  

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    Rey Mysterio praat over schorsing

    Rey Mysterio speaks out about his suspension


    In an interview with the newspaper Record in Mexico, Rey Mysterio talked about how he was suspended for a drug he was using for his knee and arm that he has a prescription for. Mysterio explained that between going on vacation, and then being sent to the United Kingdom by WWE to promote the Summerslam PPV, he wasn't notified about his test failure until Wednesday. At that point, Mysterio was told he had to provide the prescription record by Thursday and he claimed it wasn't enough time. After that, WWE announced that Mysterio was suspended.

    30-08-2009 om 23:08 geschreven door jefken  

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    Matt Hardy says Jeff was working with injuries

    Matt Hardy says Jeff was working with injuries

    Matt Hardy posted the following on his WWE Universe blog:

    I'm gonna miss my brother, more than any of you will ever know. He's not only my Blood Brother, but he's my best friend in the entire world. When we were together and tight, we were inseparable. When when were separated, we were tighter and more together than ever before. Not only will I miss him, but so will the WWE, Smackdown, the boys and girls in the locker rooms, his friends, and his legions of worldwide fans.

    I wanna thank Jeff for literally breaking his back for the sake of our business day in and day out. The fans should think him for all of the unselfish entertainment he has provided them in the past. Jeff would be the first person to admit he's not perfect-but his love to make children happy, and to make adults "OHH" and "AHH" as he performs for them is second to none. And I mean NONE! Jeff has always been respectful towards his fans, and the majority of fans have respect for him. For any of those "know it all guys" of the IWC that don't respect Jeff Hardy-you're all hypocritical ****es. Period. Jeff made one of your favorites, CM Punk, a legitimate main-eventer on Jeff's way out the door. So maybe you can at least find respect in that fact.

    Jeff has two herniated disc in his back, suffers from "Restless Leg Syndrome"-which makes it hard for him to sleep at night, and also has some nagging neck injuries. He needs time away to heal physically and mentally. As disappointing as it is, look at what Jeff said.. "It's not goodbye forever, it;s goodbye until next time." I thank every friend and fan that has supported myself and Jeff from day one, when we were just "extra talent" appearing on WWE programming. No one, and I mean NO ONE thought we would come as far as we did.. And contribute so much to this great business.

    God Bless You Jeff Hardy! Thanks for being so supportive of me throughout my career. In honor of you, I feel I have to step up and be all I can be on Smackdown. I will bust my ass to be better than ever now, especially since I'm healthy for the first time in a long time. And by that, I mean it's time for me to be what I'm destined to be, The World Heavyweight Champion.

    Quote of the day - "Make it, to the top of Mt. Profession.. Rule it, 'til you feel there's nothing more for you to do or say" - Jeff Hardy, Modest

    Matt Hardy

    The Lifeblood of Smackdown (As quoted by Jeff Hardy himself)

    30-08-2009 om 23:02 geschreven door jefken  

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    John Morrison & Matt Hardy def. The Hart Dynasty
    R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre (No contest)
    Melina def. Layla
    Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio def. Kane (disqualification) (Non-title)
    Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show def. Cryme Tyme
    World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk def. Jeff Hardy (Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship) (Hardy forced to leave WWE)

    PHOENIX – With a startling new pay-per-view looming on the horizon, one legendary Superstar was forced to leave the squared circle while another was thrust into the realm of darkness.

    World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk def. Jeff Hardy (Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship) (VIDEO | PHOTOS)
    Following his SummerSlam triumph, a gloating CM Punk returned to SmackDown as the "only Straightedge Champion in WWE History." When The Charismatic Enigma interrupted his celebration, promising to end Punk’s reign in their steel cage rematch, Punk proposed the loser be thrown out of WWE. As the shocked WWE Universe stood witness, Hardy accepted the huge gamble. SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long arrived to set the stipulation in stone. He then dropped a bombshell, stating that at the brand new pay-per-view WWE Breaking Point, where every main event will be a submission match, the winner of the steel cage clash would face Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship. (VIDEO | PHOTOS)

    Later that night, after years of incredible feats of reckless abandon, fate finally caught up with Jeff Hardy in a moment of tragic irony. After blocking the high-flying specialist’s climb to victory, the World Heavyweight Champion superplexed him from high atop of the cage. Hardy battled back heroically, trying to prevent his adversary from getting over the cage with every fiber of his being. But a thumb to the eye by Punk sealed his fate, allowing The Straightedge Superstar to retain his title while simultaneously vanquishing the amazing Jeff Hardy from the WWE ring. After Hardy delivered a heartfelt goodbye to the WWE Universe (Video), the ruthless Punk added insult to injury, attacking the departing Superstar from behind with the World title. Take a look back at the amazing career of Jeff Hardy

    As a result of the SmackDown main event, World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk will face the returning Undertaker at WWE Breaking Point. (Match preview)

    Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio def. Kane (disqualification) (Non-title)  (VIDEO | PHOTOS)
    The Big Red Monster drew a disqualification after ignoring the official’s warnings about viciously smashing Mysterio into the ringpost. Moments later, The Great Khali emerged, attempting The Punjabi Plunge. Kane escaped over the top rope, only to meet a cane-wielding Ranjin Singh. The Punjabi Playboy followed suit, smashing the wooden weapon into his monstrous adversary all the way up the ramp. As the smoke cleared, Dolph Ziggler attacked the masked Superstar from out of nowhere.

    Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show def. Cryme Tyme (VIDEO | PHOTOS)
    Though originally a singles match between Shad and Jericho, interference by The World’s Largest Athlete quickly changed the tide. After bedlam broke loose, Teddy Long changed the match into a SummerSlam tag team rematch. In its climax, when it looked as if Shad might be closing the door on the first-ever Undisputed Champion, Big Show tagged himself in, clobbering the unsuspecting opponent with the knockout punch to deliver the win for the champions.

    John Morrison & Matt Hardy def. The Hart Dynasty  (VIDEO | PHOTOS)
    Shortly after the Matt Hardy took Tyson Kidd out of the equation, “The Guru of Greatness” hit the Starship Pain, pinning David Hart Smith to the delight of the WWE Universe.

    Melina def. Layla (VIDEO | PHOTOS)
    Although Melina was supposed to get an opportunity at Women’s Champion Michelle McCool’s title, the crutch-carrying champion claimed that the “brutal” attack by her challenger one week earlier prevented her from competing. As a result, Michelle introduced Layla as her substitute. Despite suffering an injured left leg during the match, Melina overcame her prey with unbridled, primal force. After the bell, Melina once again attacked Michelle, making it clear that she wants her title back.

    R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre (No contest) (VIDEO | PHOTOS)
    Scottish competitor Drew McIntyre arrived in Phoenix looking to make a name for himself. And he quickly made his mark at the expense of R-Truth, attacking the rapping Superstar while he was getting in the ring. After hitting Truth with a devastating double-arm DDT, McIntyre declared to the WWE Universe that the party is over.

    Josh Mathews interviews Mike Knox (PHOTOS)
    Mike Knox explained his recent acts of brutality on Finlay with an intricate explanation of the human brain and a smug “why not?” But the anatomy lesson was cut short when The Belfast Brawler attacked Knox with the shillelagh.

    Friday Night Smackdown 28.08.09

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    Kendrick happy to be gone from WWE

    Kendrick happy to be gone from WWE

    In an interview with the Dragon Gate USA website promoting his debut for the company against CIMA on September 6th, former WWE wrestler Brian Kendrick comments on his release from his previous employer for the first time.

    Kendrick said he's happy to not to be in WWE anymore as a comedy heel designed to "make old men laugh." While he plans on incorporating some of what he learned in WWE into his wrestling style on the indy circuit, he will ultimately wrestle in a style that pleases himself.

    Kendrick summed up his time in WWE by saying neither side was compatible.

    "I had some fun in WWE," Kendrick said. "I learned a lot, made some friends. It's a corporation, I am a human. This human didn't fit into the corporation's plans, and that corporation didn't fit with my human side. I had some laughs, but I am awfully happy the ride is over, and I don't want back on."

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    Details on Mysterio's past alleged drug use

    Details on Mysterio's past alleged drug use

    The following is from

    As announced yesterday on, effective next Wednesday, Rey Mysterio has been suspended for 30 days as a result of his first violation of the company's drug testing policy. It seems likely he will work next Tuesday's SmackDown taping in Cleveland in order to drop the Intercontinental Championship before serving his suspension. Dolph Ziggler secured an Intercontinental Championship match at next month's WWE Breaking Point pay-per-view by defeating Mike Knox and Finlay in a No. 1 Contender's Match on last night's edition of WWE Superstars.

    While this is Mysterio's first violation of WWE's drug testing policy, this isn't the first time his name has been linked to substances of a questionable nature.

    On March 19, 2007, the official website of Sports Illustrated posted an article in its continuing series investigating a steroid and HGH ring used by a number of professional athletes in several sports. The article mentioned several current and former WWE wrestlers — including Mysterio — as being tied to the ring. David Wilbirt, an Arizona doctor, allegedly issued prescriptions for the anabolic steroids nandrolone (also known as Deca-Durabolin) and stanozolol (also known as Winstrol) to Mysterio over the Internet between November 2004 and April 2005. Wilbirt had been investigated by the Drug Enforcement Agency from 2001 to 2005 for allegedly writing 3,879 prescriptions between November 2004 and April 2005, all for "patients" who had requested drugs over the Internet.

    WWE later made a statement on the situation, mentioning that the allegations preceded the drug testing program the company launched in February 2006. Through WWE, Mysterio declined commenting on the allegations to Sports Illustrated.

    Mysterio's name would once again be linked to a shady doctor later that year following the Chris Benoit double murder and suicide. On this occasion, his name was being linked to the federal investigation of Benoit's physician, Dr. Phil Astin III. He was later sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for his conviction on illegally dispensing prescription drugs to 17 patients from 2002 until his arrest in 2007. One of the patients he was arrested for improperly dispensing medications to was "O.G.", which happens to be the initials of Mysterio's real name, Oscar Gutierrez. It was later confirmed by that "O.G." was indeed WWE wrestler Rey Mysterio. In the indictment filed against Astin, it was disclosed that "O.G." had been prescribed 120 Percosets, 150 Lorcets and refills allowed for 450 more Lorcets on June 28, 2006. He received a similar level of medication a few weeks later on July 20, 2006. He was listed as having only made those two visits to Astin. Since he lives in Chula Vista, California, he saw Astin less frequently than the other other wrestlers in question, who all lived in the Atlanta area with the exception of one.

    When questioned about his involvement with Astin during an appearance on Fox News' Red Eye program in August 2007 promoting his return from injury at SummerSlam a few days later, Mysterio said he was prescribed pain medication from Astin due to six knee operations. He also denied ever using steroids.


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    Update over rey

    - It’s believed that the WWE Wellness test that Rey Mysterio failed took place three to four weeks ago, around the time of his vacation.

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    Kurt Angle breaks the TNA Title belt in anger?

    Kurt Angle breaks the TNA Title belt in anger?


    Apparently Jeff Jarrett and BG James had a falling out recently. The PWTorch Newseltter claims that Kurt Angle told James to tell Jarrett that he was going to kick his ass next time he saw him. James relayed the message, but Jarrett claimed he was told Kurt threatened to kill him. When James was asked to clarify, he said Kurt merely threatened to beat up Jarrett, not kill him.

    Another Kurt Angle story making the rounds is that he recently got so fired up when talking about Jarrett that he slammed the TNA Title belt down and accidentally broke it in the process.

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    Op No surrender zal het een four-way match voor de TNA World title zijn
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen The main event of TNA No Surrender (9/20) will be a four-way match for the TNA World title. So far, TNA champion Kurt Angle and Matt Morgan have been confirmed as participants.

    TNA will be holding two mini-tournaments next week on iMPACT! to determine the final two spots and the brackets have now been announced:

    Bracket One
    - Rhino vs. Sting.
    - Hernandez vs. Homicide.

    Bracket Two
    - A.J. Styles vs. Chris Sabin.
    - Suicide vs. Doug Williams.

    29-08-2009 om 17:11 geschreven door jefken  

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    Michelle Mccool alles behalve populair

    -- On Twitter, a fan asked Michelle McCool (who recently opened an account) how Undertaker is doing and why she stole AJ Styles' finishing maneuver. The fan wrote: "Hows Taker? Why did you Steal AJ Styles finisher?"

    McCool actually responded to his query, writing back: "idk and I guess b/c I had nothing better to do...sorry!"

    As seen on this past week's episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Michelle McCool made her to television after suffering a leg injury at a house show a few weeks ago. It can be said that no tears were shed in the TNA locker room over her untimely mishap.

    Among people in WWE, McCool has a reputation for being a negative side of a diva and having attitude issues, but in TNA she has heat for stealing AJ Styles' finishing maneuver, the "Styles Clash."

    Generally speaking, the proper etiquette among wrestlers is that if you want to blatantly use a maneuver that someone else is using as their signature, you must first ask permission to do so unless they are no longer active. If the maneuver is something that has been used among wrestlers for decades, it is no big deal, but if it something that comes of as the wrestler in question invented it — or at least popularized it — it is proper etiquette to at least ask first. That is very much the case with Styles' "Styles Clash" as he popularized the maneuver several years ago.

    McCool is well aware that another wrestler presently active in wrestling is using the very same maneuver as her. We have it on good authority that a person in WWE asked McCool herself if she realized she's using a move someone else is using. When asked, McCool replied saying something along the lines of seeing "some wrestler in TNA" uses the move and thinking it was cool. The feeling is that she didn't even know who AJ Styles was or what the move was actually called. When word of her reaction got back to people in TNA, it got her even more heat among wrestlers in the locker room.

    While no wrestler wants to see others get hurt, suffice it to say, there were no tears shed over her knee injury

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    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    Dave Penzer introduces Mike Tenay, Taz and So Cal Val. There's a contingent of Spike TV who look like they're going to film.

    Xplosion/Dark Matches:

    Homicide b. Kiyoshi w/Sheik Abdul Bashir. Homicide debuted new ring gear as the top is a fake bulletproof vest with airbrushed stuff on it. Homicide picked up the win after hitting the Ace Crusher.

    Sheik Abdul Bashir b. Shark Boy

    TNA Impact (Airing Next Week, 8/27 on Spike TV):

    Prior to the intro, Daniels joins Mike Tenay and Taz on commentary. It is announced tonight will be the start of a Knockouts Tag Team Tournament.

    The Impact intro plays and the pyros go off. Referee Earl Hebner politely told our correspondent, Tim Capture, not to look directly into the pyro.

    TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe vs. Suicide in a non-title match is ruled a non contest when Pope D'Angelo Dinero comes out and starts brawling with Suicide then Joe. Daniels comes off commentary to get in the melee. It is ruled that Joe will team with Pop to take on Suicide & Daniels later tonight.

    World Elite comes out for a promo. Eric Young says Sheik Abdul Bashir wants to talk. Bashir tries to speak but a loud USA chant interrupts him. Bashir talks propaganda about the Iraq war and George W. Bush. I'm told he gets a lot of heat live but it may not translate well on TV. Young gets back on the mic and says he wants to talk about Hernandez. Hernandez's music plays and he comes to the ring. Hernandez and Young go back and forth with smack talk. Young says he respects Hernandez for knowing who he is and being like World Elite, guys who will never be respected in America. Young tells Hernandez he needs him to join World Elite. Hernandez says hell no puta, these people here are my familia to end the segment.

    Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed b. Traci Brooks & Sharmell when Saeed gets the pin after tagging herself in after a Kong splash. Kong gets mad about Saeed tagging herself in.

    Jesse Neal b. Rhino. Rhino was originally ruled the winner after a spinebuster but the referee reversed the decision when Rhino hit Gore on Jesse after the bout. Rhino beats down Jesse more when Brother Devon runs out and makes the save.

    Abyss b. The Motor City Machineguns w/Dr. Stevie. It looks like Stevie "paid" the Guns to take the match. Stevie tries to distract Abyss but he catches Chris Sabin on a springboard and turns it into the Black Hole Slam for the win. Abyss gets a chair and comes back but Kevin Nash comes out before he can use it. Stevie is mad and pushes Alex Shelley and Sabin. They beat him up and leave. Nash gets on the mic and says if Richards has $50,000 for Abyss' head then he's in because Abyss already stuck his nose in his business.

    Hamada b. Daffney in a no-disqualification bout in her debut match. Hamada moonsaulted off the top rope onto Daffney through a table on the outside then got the win with a Juvi Driver.

    Suicide & Daniels b. Pope D'Angelo Dinero & TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe win Suicide pins Pope after a slingshot Oklahoma Roll.

    Sting, Hernandez & AJ Styles b. Matt Morgan, Scott Steiner & Booker T after AJ gets the pin after a springboard cross-body. Morgan got knocked into a chair Steiner was holding before that, leading the the cross-body. Morgan argued with Steiner and Booker afterwards and ended up punching both of them out.

    TNA Impact 27.08.09

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    More details on The Rock hosting RAW

    More details on The Rock hosting RAW


    As previously reported, WWE has reached out to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson about hosting a future episode of RAW. To update, the ball is still in the former champ’s court, but insiders say they would be surprised if he agreed to do the show.

    Apparently there are still some hard feelings over the way WWE let his contract expire without telling him, which is why some feel Johnson often speaks good of the wrestling industry in interviews, but rarely mentions WWE by name. Furthermore, he’s been badmouthed repeatedly within the company by some of his detractors whenever he’s made appearances, such as at the Hall Of Fame ceremony.

    However, it’s not all bad news for Rock fans — One source says the heat between WWE and Johnson is over exaggerated and is still under the impression that we should “never say never” about the possibility.

    28-08-2009 om 18:36 geschreven door jefken  

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    Christian talks about teaming with Edge again

    Christian talks about teaming with Edge again

    The following is an excerpt from an interview with Christian from

    Whilst hobnobbing, we had a chance to talk to ECW Champion Christian and ask him the golden question; "Would we ever get to see seven-time Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian reunite?" So what did Captain Charisma have to say? Did he think it would happen?

    "Sure. I mean I don't think that anything could be ruled out, to be honest with you," Christian stated. "When, or if it's going to happen, who knows. But I think that ever since I came back, there were all the rumblings even before I came back that I was going to reteam with him…I think that it's something the fans want to see."

    If the two dudes who formerly "reeked of awesomeness" did ever get back together, would it be as friends or foes?

    "You know, whether it's together or against each other or what have you, I'd be down," Christian smiled. "I think, in some form, they (the fans) want to see Edge and Christian share the screen at the same time."

    We did get a little bit of a taste of a possible reconciliation a few Pay Per Views
    back, when the two of them popped up in a backstage segment together.

    "Yeah, there was a little bit of a teaser there," laughed Christian. "I think that, well it's obviously not going to happen for a while now with Edge's injury, but you know hopefully, at some point down the line, it will happen. I think we both hope that it does."

    28-08-2009 om 18:33 geschreven door jefken  

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    Mickie James wants to get "nasty"

    During their interview with Mickie James, she was asked if she has any desire to turn heel. She said she would embrace the opportunity if asked.

    "If it came to that, I would totally embrace that opportunity. I am very much a perfectionist so if I were to turn heel, I'd want to be the nastiest girls out there, where the people hated me," James told "It'd be a really hard task for me because I am a fan favorite and there has been a lot of hard work on my part to earn their respect. So, even if they hated me, I think they'd still love me."


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    The Bella Twins put over Lilian Garcia

    The Bella Twins put over Lilian Garcia

    As noted several times before, Lilian Garcia is set to leave WWE any week now after making the decision a few months ago not to renew her contract with the organization. Garcia's decision to part ways with WWE has left The Bella Twins reeling as she is their Diva mentor. The twin tandem had a lot of kind things to say regarding the Diva veteran in an interview with The Sun.

    "Lilian Garcia is truly amazing. She has been a very special friend to us," Brie and Nikki Bella told The Sun. "When we joined the company she really smartened us up, gave us a lot of great advice and took us under her wing.

    "She is a real soldier backstage and keeps all the other Divas in line. She is totally like mother hen."

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    Update on Jeff Jarrett returning to TV

    jarrett.jpg image by alan-is-god
    Update on Jeff Jarrett returning to TV

    TNA founder Jeff Jarrett is expected to be back on television "sooner rather than later," according to TNA president Dixie Carter. Jarrett was sent home prior to the Victory Road PPV after it became public knowledge that Kurt Angle's ex-wife and former TNA Knockout Karen Angle was living with him.

    In an interview with Kevin Eck of the Baltimore Sun, Carter said she's not exactly sure at what point Jarrett will be brought back, however she said said she's had "more input as of late" in the creative direction of TNA. "I don't pretend to be a wrestling booker," she said, "but I do know when we’re having success, because a lot of other parts of the business are impacted by that, as well as our relationship with the network."

    Although Jarrett has not been on television since he was sent home, Carter said he's still working for TNA behind the scenes. "Jeff's been working on a lot of different things for the company," she said. "He's been working with me on developing new programming in kind of a bigger capacity in some ways, but that's been his focus as of late."

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    Keert ex-knockout terug naar tna??
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    Another "familiar face" coming to TNA, more

    - Jeremy Borash posted a message on his Twitter account teasing a 'familiar face' taking part in the upcoming TNA Knockouts tag title tournament. He wrote: "I've heard there will be a familiar face in the upcoming Knockouts tag title tournament you probably wouldn't expect."

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    Backstage news on the new Knockout Tag Titles

    Backstage news on the new Knockout Tag Titles


    As noted before, TNA will begin a tournament this week on Impact to crown the first-ever Knockout Tag Team Champions. This is probably another move being done because of Jeff Jarrett being out of power.

    Jarrett was always firm about having only three titles – the World Title, the X Division Title and Tag Team Titles, before he added the Knockouts Title and then the Legends Title. There had been talk at times of having an X Division Tag Team Titles but Jarrett always felt the more belts you have, the less important they are.

    Five of the teams in the tournament are Sarita & Taylor Wilde, Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed, Traci Brooks & Sharmell, Tara & Christy Hemme and The Beautiful People.

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    Jack Swagger def. Primo
    Paul Burchill def. The Hurricane
    Dolph Ziggler def. Mike Knox and Finlay in a No. 1 Contender’s Match for the Intercontinental Title

    The Biggest Event of the Summer has come and gone, but “WWE Superstars” on WGN America is still bringing some of the hardest hitting action WWE has to offer. On this week’s episode, Jack Swagger took on Primo, The Hurricane made his Thursday night debut against Paul Burchill and Dolph Ziggler, Finlay and Mike Knox battled against one another to see who would fight for the Intercontinental Title at WWE Breaking Point.

    Don’t know where to catch “WWE Superstars”? Find WGN America in your area. Can't see “WWE Superstars” on WGN America in your area? Stay with for full results, photos and video clips of all the action.

    Jack Swagger def. Primo (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Despite Primo’s extraordinary athleticism, it seemed as though “The All-American American” had his number from the get go with Swagger eventually scoring the pinfall. The Superstar hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico did surprise the collegiate star by capitalizing on Swagger’s overconfidence to open the door for his fast-paced offense. In the end, however, it was the “The All-American American” who picked up the win with a vicious Gutwrench Powerbomb.

    After the match, Swagger revealed exactly what he has his sights set on now: Kofi Kingston’s United States Championship. The Jamaican Superstar has his work cut out for him because the two-time All-American feels he was born to wear that gold, and will do anything in his power to make it happen.

    Paul Burchill def. The Hurricane (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Given Burchill’s recent statements regarding both Gregory Helms and The Hurricane, the Chelsea, England, native must be elated after defeating ECW’s favorite superhero in his “WWE Superstars” debut. Whether or not Burchill’s theory that Helms and the green-clad Superstar are the same person is true, it is clear that The Ripper will aim to take both of them out if he has the opportunity. Thanks to an assist from his sister, Katie Lea Burchill, Paul was able to roll-up the superhero for the win, gaining retribution for the loss he was dealt last week on ECW.

    Dolph Ziggler def. Mike Knox and Finlay in a No. 1 Contender’s Match for the Intercontinental Title (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    So far, Dolph Ziggler has had two opportunities to vie for the Intercontinental Title and come up short both times, but with his win Thursday night, he will have a chance to see if the third time is the charm. Both Knox and Finlay dished out an exorbitant amount of punishment during the match, but it seemed as though whenever either man went for a pin, the Hollywood, Fla., native would dive in and ruin their hopes at championship gold.

    When Finlay went for the Celtic Cross, it seemed a given that the victory was his, but Ziggler once again rushed the ring preventing The Irishman from getting the win. It just so happened that The Desert Destroyer was still prime for the picking, and the brash young Superstar capitalized on the opportunity to earn the Intercontinental Title Match at WWE Breaking Point. Now it’s just a question of whether Dolph can make the most of it this time around.

    WWE Superstars 27.08.09

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    Rey Mysterio 30 dagen geschorst made the following announcement this evening:

    Rey Mysterio suspended for 30 days
    Written: August 27, 2009

    In accordance with WWE's Wellness Program, effective Wednesday, September 2, Oscar Gutierrez (Rey Mysterio) is suspended for 30 days for a violation of the company’s policy.

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    It all kicks off on Thursday at 9/8c on SpikeTV!

    Also on Thursday's "iMPACT!" broadcast:

    - TNA World Tag Team Champions Booker T & Scott Steiner & "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan vs. Sting, AJ Styles & Hernandez

    - Suicide & Daniels vs. X Champion Samoa Joe & D'Angelo Dinero

    - Knockouts Tag Title Tournament: Traci & Sharmell vs. Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed

    - Teacher vs. Student: Jesse Neal vs. Rhino

    And much more, including news on the September 20 "No Surrender" Pay-Per-View event!

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    Uitslagen ecw 25 AUGUSTUS
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    William Regal def. ECW Champion Christian (Non-title)
    Goldust vs. Sheamus (Double count-out)
    Tyler Reks & Yoshi Tatsu def. Shelton Benjamin & Zack Ryder

    PHOENIX - William Regal earned another chance at the ECW Championship Tuesday night with a victory over Christian. But The British Brawler’s victory came thanks in part to his devious associates, Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov.

    William Regal def. ECW Champion Christian (Non-title) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    William Regal bragged to Captain Charisma and the WWE Universe that it was he who united the two unstoppable physical specimens, Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov. (WATCH) Rather than letting them continue their game of one-upmanship week after week, Regal united the Guyanese Superstar and the Russian Sambo Master with himself, and Englishman, forming a diverse trio he said cannot be stopped. And while two days earlier Christian defeated Regal in a record-shattering eight seconds at SummerSlam to retain his ECW Championship, Tuesday night on ECW on Syfy, Captain Charisma fell to the angry, aggressive British Brawler.

    While Regal’s associates watched the match from ringside, Christian slapped Kozlov and returned to the ring, ready to hit Regal with the Killswitch. But Regal countered and tossed Captain Charisma into Kozlov, who was waiting with a vicious headbutt which nearly knocked the ECW Champion to the mat. The British Brawler capitalized on his competitor’s state and hit him with a running Knee Trembler, earning him the win.

    With this victory, Regal secures another ECW Championship Match. When will the No. 1 contender have his chance at Christian’s Extreme gold? And how will Jackson and Kozlov factor into Regal’s plot to become ECW Champion?

    Tyler Reks & Yoshi Tatsu def. Shelton Benjamin & Zack Ryder (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    Just who is the more entertaining Superstar – Shelton Benjamin or Zack Ryder? The Gold Standard was showing off his impersonation skills to The Bella Twins when Ryder interrupted. These two enemies weren’t able to put their differences aside for an evening when they met Tyler Reks & Yoshi Tatsu in tag team action.

    While Reks hails from the sunny shores of California and Tatsu is from across the Pacific and the Land of the Rising Sun, these athletes who arrived in the Land of the Extreme via ECW’s New Superstar Initiative have the same will to win. After Benjamin & Ryder failed to work well together as a tag team, they lost when Tatsu hit Ryder with a high kick and got the pinfall. After the match, a frustrated Benjamin hit Paydirt on his fallen partner. What’s next for the dynamic duo of Reks & Tatsu? And will Benjamin & Ryder continue on their quest to determine which is more entertaining?

    Goldust vs. Sheamus (Double count-out) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    The ongoing rivalry between Goldust and Sheamus intensified this week when they met again in Extreme action. But these Superstars’ differences still haven’t been resolved, as their hard-fought contest ended in a double count-out when neither competitor returned to the ring before the referee’s 10-count. How will The Bizarre One and The Celtic Warrior seek revenge on one another next?

    A Hurricane hits “WWE Superstars" (WATCH)
    WWE Universe: Don’t forget to tune into “WWE Superstars” on WGN America Thursday night at 8/7 CT to see superhero Superstar Hurricane meet his nemesis, Paul Burchill.

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    Orton vroeg aan wwe om eugene terug te halen

    - Speaking to UK tabloid newspaper "The Sun", WWE Champion Randy Orton revealed he is upset with the again released Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore. Below is what he had to say:

    "Eugene was just given a second chance.

    "He came back two weeks ago and came in a little heavy from where [management] wanted him to come in.

    "Nick is a good friend
    of mine. I pulled some strings to get his job back and he comes back all overweight.

    "So all in all, I am a little upset with right now with him."

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    Kritiek op Abraham Washington

    - Abraham Washington has been getting some heat in certain circles within WWE with people saying he has a huge ego and his talk show character portrayed on ECW is very close to his real-life persona.

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    Update dibiase

    - Brett DiBiase, who appeared on RAW last night, was described by one WWE source as a “stud” who is more relaxed than his brother Ted when the cameras are on. The other DiBiase, Mike, is said to have potential as well but has a lot of different problems which is why he’s not being called up and with WWE. There was a plan by WWE at one point to have all three of the DiBiase brothers team up in a “Billionaire Boys Society” and make them “preppy pompous asses.”

    On the other hand, some say Brett DiBiase has potential but they’re surprised he’s been called up to the main roster already because he’s still very green.

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    Randy Orton speaks out about Mr. Kennedy

    Randy Orton speaks out about Mr. Kennedy

    Randy Orton occasionally posts messages at, a discussion forum for all things Orton. The admins have confirmed several times that it is indeed the WWE Superstar. Furthermore, he has made announcements there in the past, such as the birth of his first daughter and his apparent motorcycle accident last summer.

    It was brought to Orton's attention that during a recent interview, Ken Anderson, formerly known as Mr. Kennedy in WWE, blamed both him and John Cena for getting him fired from the company. He also implied they were using political clout to bury other wrestlers. In response to his allegations, Orton made the following post:

    "He is in denial. He thinks you have to be able to do a moonsault to know how to work. And, as for dropping me on my head, he did. He never got to see all 4 camera angles of him doing it. I did. Plus, the left side of my neck down to my trap was sore all week in MX. I did tell Ken that he shouldn't be dropping me on my head with such a simple basic move. He never said sorry, and even called me a liar after the match! I remember looking at him in disbelief. And yes, I did tell managment I did not want to work with him after that. Who wouldn't? That's my side."

    He later followed up his initial post with another post regarding Kennedy. Here is what he wrote:

    "There is another thing.....never did I get my neck 'taped' As he claims it was in that interview. Also, the whole 'bear hug' story does
    Have some truth to it. Early in the day that morning in LA, he came up behind me and grabbed around my chest and picked me up off of the floor. I don't know anyone who enjoys being tackled from behind and picked up off the floor. When he let go and I relized that it was ken, I was like oh,ok, your back, cool. My reaction Of his big return was watered down and I found it very funny reading In his interview that he felt like I had an agenda,or almost like I wanted him gone. Not until I was given a belly to back suplex onto back of my neck did I have any neg Feelings with Mr anderson. I honestly hope for his wifes sake that he can find sometrh Else he's marginally good at,and earn a living. I know he really wants to entertain, so Good luck ken, you r gonna need it.


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    TNA main eventer working with several injuries

    TNA star Samoa Joe recently announced on his Twitter account that he is working through a back injury. Joe most recently noted:

    "So I sprained by my back, but the winders of Russian leg breaking await. Ice now and vodka later."

    The current X-Division Champion has been working through several other injuries since June.

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    CM Punk talks about why he is straight edge

    From an interview with

    "My dad was an alcoholic and my parents…we didn't have any money and I grew up really poor. I watched them spend all of their money on cartons of cigarettes and stuff like that and I didn't understand how if we were broke and we couldn't afford Christmas presents, why could you smoke all of those cigarettes? It's not like they are making you better…they are killing you. It seemed real idiotic to me."

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    Uitslagen Raw 24 AUGUSTUS
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    LAS VEGAS - It may have been one night after WWE Champion Randy Orton retained his precious title at SummerSlam, but The Viper wouldn't be celebrating in Las Vegas by the end of the evening. Instead, it would be Mr. McMahon who would be celebrating not only his birthday but also a hard-fought victory.

    DX & Mr. McMahon def. Randy Orton & The Legacy
    For many, it felt as if they were watching dogs snuggling with cats, the Boston Red Sox high-fiving the New York Yankees or Britney Spears reunite with reality. Only this was even stranger: Mr. McMahon paired with his longtime tormentors DX in the ring. While the coupling was certainly unprecedented, it was also successful. Although The Chairman and his teammates had never fought together before, they were cohesive enough to hold their own and chase Orton from the ring.

    As Orton tried to slither up the ramp to safety, his path was obstructed when John Cena entered. With nowhere to run, Orton clamored back into the ring, where HBK offered up Sweet Chin Music. Then, it was Cena’s turn. Avenging his underhanded loss from the night before, Orton’s SummerSlam opponent took the opportunity to administer a well-deserved Attitude Adjustment, allowing Mr. McMahon to slide over for the three-count.

    Hornswoggle def. Chavo Guerrero in boxing match
    In the latest in a series of humiliations for the self-proclaimed “Mexican Warrior,” Chavo Guerrero again faced off against Hornswoggle and came up, well, short. This time, the two laced up boxing gloves, with Chavo forced to use oversized gloves, and stood toe-to-toe. Frustrated, Chavo removed his gloves and landed a punch that sent the leprechaun out of the ring for the disqualification. As Chavo prepared to further pummel his prey, however, Evan Bourne swooped in to save the little guy.

    MVP & Mark Henry def. Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show
    You just knew it would get ugly. Big Show has harbored a grudge against Raw’s celebrity guest host, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, ever since the boxer beat him at WrestleMania XXIV. When Mayweather and his posse entered the ring, Show and his partner Chris Jericho were there to greet him. After verbal jabs were exchanged, MVP came out to set the record straight: Mayweather is the greatest boxer in the world. The Ballin’ Superstar then suggested a match: MVP and a partner vs. the Unified Tag Team Champions. Raw’s guest host readily agreed and also concurred that if MVP and his partner win, they will earn a title opportunity against Jericho & Show at WWE Breaking Point. And just who did MVP chose as his partner? The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry.

    After a see-saw battle between the two heavyweight teams, Mayweather used his lightening quick hands to toss MVP a pair of brass knuckles, which allowed Montel Vontavious Porter & Henry to seize not only victory but also an opportunity at the Unified Tag Team Titles at WWE Breaking Point.

    Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes def. Divas Champion Mickie James, Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim
    In honor of Raw’s celebrity guest host, boxing great Floyd “Money” Mayweather, the Divas battled in boxing attire during a 6-Diva Tag Team Match (“Mayweather Melee”) placing Divas Champion Mickie James, Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim against Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes. While Mickie has been riding a wave of momentum lately, The Glamazon has also savored victory, having emerged on top after a 15-Diva Battle Royal the night before at SummerSlam. As the two teams clashed, it would be Phoenix who would lead her team to triumph.

    The Miz def. Santino Marella
    The Miz hasn’t been in much of a joking mood lately. Instead, the self-important Superstar has shown he’s determined to capture the United States Championship from Kofi Kingston. He presented a strong case when he met Santino Marella and flattened the Italian like a thin-crust pizza.

    Mr. McMahon arranges WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. John Cena at Breaking Point; Orton & Legacy vs. DX & Mr. McMahon tonight
    One of the fun parts about throwing a great party is getting together the next day to talk about how everything went down. Well, SummerSlam is no different. WWE Champion Randy Orton, along with his Legacy henchmen Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase were all too eager to discuss one of the wildest celebrations of the year. 

    As Orton patted himself on the back for retaining the gold in a match that saw a fan charge the ring and interrupt the bout, DiBiase revealed that the “fan” in question was actually his younger brother, Brett. While the revelation prompted the entire WWE Universe to offer a collective “Hmmm,”Orton claimed he would have won without Brett’s interference. Mr. McMahon, however, wasn’t so convinced.

    The Chairman announced that not only would Raw celebrity guest host Floyd “Money” Mayweather be arriving later in the evening, but that Orton would be forced to defend his title against Cena in three weeks in an “I Quit” Match at WWE’s newest pay-per-view, WWE Breaking Point, in which each Superstar must win by submission. And if anyone interferes during this bout, Orton will be stripped of the title.

    Before he could leave, however, The Chairman was stopped by his longtime antagonists, DX. Triple H & Shawn Michaels did not let the opportunity pass to razz Mr. McMahon, who was celebrating his 64th birthday. During an extravagant Las Vegas ribbing, however, they were attacked by the tag team they had defeated the night before at SummerSlam, Rhodes & DiBiase.

    The strike angered DX enough to prompt The Game to announce a main event No Disqualifications Match pitting Orton & Legacy against DX and … Mr. McMahon!

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    For those haven't heard yet, TNA announced that beginning next week on Impact will be a Knockout Tag Team Championship Tournament. There will be 8 teams represented in the tournament. 4 of the teams are: Raisha Saeed & Awesome Kong, Sharmell & Traci Brooks, Taylor Wilde & Sarita, and Christy Hemme & Tara

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    Both CM Punk and Jeff Hardy are said to be pretty bruised up, but not seriously injured after their brutal TLC match for the World Heavyweight championship at Summerslam last night.

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    Lilian Garcia had een slecht weekend

    Lilian Garcia has a bad weekend; details

    As seen during last night's SummerSlam pay-per-view broadcast, ring announcer Lilian Garcia made a rather sizable mishap by announcing Randy Orton as the winner and new WWE Champion after Orton had disqualified himself by shoving referee Scott Armstrong during his championship bout with John Cena. This was not the only unfortunate thing to happen to Garcia this weekend as someone stole her cell phone (with all of her contacts) and digital camera during her visit to Venice Beach on Saturday. An upset Garcia wrote the following on her Twitter account late Saturday night: "Not a good day at Venice beach. Jerk stole my phone & camera! Had to buy new phone today & lost ALL my contacts. Bummed!! Stealing sucks!!!"

    Garcia will be working tonight's Raw in Las Vegas, which may not necessarily be her last date for WWE.

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    Details on the "fan" attack during Orton/Cena

    Details on the "fan" attack during Orton/Cena

    The “fan” who ran in the ring during the WWE Title match between John Cena and Randy Orton at Summerslam last night to attack referee Scott Armstrong was actually WWE developmental talent and second generation star Brett DiBiase.

    DiBiase is the 21 year old son of the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and brother to Legacy member Ted Jr. Brett has been signed to a WWE developmental deal since the beginning of this year.

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    Lots of news and notes from Summerslam PPV

    Lots of news and notes from Summerslam PPV

    - There was talk earlier in the afternoon of adding another match to the pay-per-view, either the 15 Divas Battle Royal or The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston but obviously they didn’t have enough time and the Divas match ended up being the dark match.

    - 17,129 was the announced attendance for last night’s pay-per-view at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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    ROH STER Bryan Danielson TEKENT VOOR WWE

    ROH announced the following earlier tonight:

    Bryan Danielson has agreed in principle to a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

    Bryan has been an exemplary talent and a wonderful member of the Ring of Honor locker room and family since the inception of the company. We couldn’t be happier for Bryan and all of his successes, many of which Ring of Honor has been proud to witness first hand.

    We congratulate Bryan on the beginning of this next journey in his brilliant career, and wish him all the best as he progresses. Many Ring of Honor fans refer to Bryan as the “best in the world” and we look forward to looking on in earnest as he shows everyone watching the wrestling world’s biggest stage just why that is.

    Bryan will appear as scheduled at all of the September Ring of Honor events. Please join us in Philadelphia, Dayton, Chicago, Boston, and New York as we say thank you and farewell to a truly one-of-a-kind talent.

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    Uitslagen Summerslam

    Beth Phoenix won a 15-Diva Battle Royal prior to tonight's WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view. Beth was able to get the win after Chavo Guerrero interfered and eliminated Kelly Kelly and Eve. The face Divas beat Chavo up until Hornswoggle speared him and hit a Tadpole Splash.

    Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler
    WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

    We get a video package that has been 'tampered' with, by DX. Hunter and Shawn 'break' the opening video. Shawn says that before he worked as a chef, he was a TV repair man, he can fix it. DX footage plays, but it 'breaks' again. Hunter says the important thing is that the got the message, that DX is back. Welcome to Live SummerSlam coverage here on I'm Sean Hopkins and behalf of all of us here at WNW, we're happy to have you here tonight. We go to the opening pyro and JR welcomes us to a sold out SummerSlam. We're going straight into the action with the WWE Intercontinental Championship match up first. Mysterio is out first with yellow and purple gear to a big pop. Ziggler is out to not much of a reaction at all, but he still plays up his cocky heel persona. Ziggler is out to not much of a reaction at all, but he still plays up his cocky heel persona.

    Grisham reminds us that the last time these two met at a PPV, Mysterio came out on top with the 619. We get the opening bell and Ziggler immediately beats on Rey in the corner. Rey tries to turn the tide, but Ziggler hits a powerslam for a couple of near falls. Ziggler stomps on Rey in the corner, but when he goes for an Irish whip, Mysterio reverses, and hits a standing moonsault off the top turnbuckle for a near fall. Myster sends Ziggler to the outside with a low bridge, and follows him out with a hurricarana to the floor. Back in the ring, the two men fight it out on the top turnbuckle, with Mysterio sending Ziggler to the mat. Rey almost botches a hurricarana, but Ziggler catches him, and powerbombs him in the corner for another near fall. Ziggler pounds on Mysterio while Mysterio lays on the mat before locking in a rear chin lock. There's a small Ziggler chant surprisingly. Ziggler continues to beat down on Rey landing a jumping elbow and going right back to the rear chin lock. Ziggler locks in a body scissors and Rey refuses to quit. Rey fights out of the chin lock and sends Ziggler into the corner, but Ziggler manages to catch Rey with a nasty lariat and a single leg gut buster. Ziggler goes for what has to be his tenth pinfall, but when Mysterio kicks out again, Ziggle locks in the rear chin lock with a body scissors once more.

    Rey manages to fight out of the submission again and he ducks a running Ziggler, who hits the top turnbuckle. Mysterio hits a seated senton, and a kick to the side of Ziggler's head that puts Ziggler down for a two count. Rey goes for a springboard dive, but gets caught mid-air by a dropkick from Ziggler. Ziggler misses Rey in the corner again and almost falls victim to a roll up, but Ziggler sits down on Mysterio and gets a two count himself. Ziggler throws Mysterio into the corner and goes for the belly to back suplex, but Mysterio reverses out and hits an enzugiri. Ziggler ducks a 619 attempts and pulls Mysterio's feet out from under him. Ziggler charges Mysterio in the corner, but Mysterio gets the boot up. Mysterio rolls up Ziggler, but Ziggler is able to kicks out at two. Dolph tries for a body slam, but Mysterio counters with a DDT, that's good for another near fall. Mysterio sends Ziggler into the ropes and hits the 619, but Ziggler avoids the springboard splash. Ziggler pins Mysterio, but Mysterio kicks out at two.

    Ziggler is getting a pretty surprising amount of love from these fans here tonight, as he hits a running kick to the side of Mysterio's head. Both men are on the top turnbuckle. Ziggler looks to be going for a second rope gut buster, but Mysterio reverses out with a hurricarana. Mysterio pins Ziggler and gets the three to retain.

    Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Rey Mysterio

    Jack Swagger vs. MVP
    Singles Match

    Swagger is out first followed by MVP who gets a decent pop. MVP and Swagger lock up, but it's not long before Swagger bails to the floor. MVP follows him out though with a dive over the top rope. Swagger is able to get an advantage though back in the ring, as he press slams MVP into the top turnbuckle. Swagger sends MVP into the ropes and hits him with a couple of forearms to the lower back. Swagger locks in an abdominal stretch, pounding on MVP's ribs to cause even more damage. MVP fights out of the hold, but gets caught immediate with a huge lariat from Swagger. Swagger tries for a pin twice, but he can only come up with a two count. Swagger locks in an abdominal stretch, but MVP is able to stand up with Swagger on his back, and send Swagger crashing to the mat, falling on his back. Swagger and MVP duke it out in the middle of the ring with MVP getting the advantage. MVP hits the ballin' elbow, and goes for the pin, but Swagger kicks out at two. MVP goes for the playmaker, but Swagger counters out and sends MVP into the turnbuckle. Swagger rolls up MVP and grabs the tights, but MVP still kicks out. Swagger goes for the Vader bomb, but MVP gets his knees up and hits the big boot in the corner. MVP hits the playmaker, covers Swagger and gets the three.

    Winner: MVP

    Nancy O'Dell, co-host of ET is outside the ring to promote her charity. O'Dell pulls Freddie Prinz Jr. up and says it looks like he got 'a hurtin' from Randy Orton. Prinz says he'll be back, but he probably won't rock the spandex. Prinz says he's looking forward to watching Cena take Orton out tonight.

    Chris Jericho & Big Show (c) vs. Cryme Tyme
    Unified WWE Tag Team Championship Match

    Big Show and Jericho's music hits and the Unified Tag Champs are the first team to the ring. Jericho grabs the mic and says the celebrities in attendance don't impress him because they're just hypocrites and parasites. Jericho says that he and Big Show are by far the most famous people there tonight with over 40 Championships between the two of them. Jericho says that he is the best in the world at what he does, and the Big Show is a giant bigger than every one of the fans in attendance, which means he's better than everyone there. Jericho hands the mic off the Big Show, but before he can say anything he's interrupted by Cryme Tyme's music. Jericho and JTG are the men that are going to start things off here tonight. The two lock up and Jericho locks in a headlock. JTG sends Jericho into the ropes, but he gets taken down by a shoulder block. JTG is quick to recover though with a spinning elbow and modified neck breaker.

    Jericho almost catches JTG in the walls of Jericho out of nowhere, but he can't quite get it. He tries to slingshot JTG into the corner, but JTG lands nimbly and hits Jericho with a crossbody. Jericho is able to make the tag to Big Show, who comes in and immediately starts dominating JTG. Show locks in a standing side headlock and buries a right hand in JTG's stomach. Show stands JTG up in the corner and hits a huge chop, but when he charges JTG, JTG is able to get his feet up and make the hot tag. Shad comes in and cleans house on the champs, but gets caught with a spear that quickly kills his momentum. Big Show tags out to Jericho, but makes sure to get one more big chop on Shad before exiting the ring. Jericho and Show double team Shad, sending him to the mat. Jericho kicks away at Shad's head, but when he charges Shad, Gaspard is able to get a big boot up. Jericho is able to prevent a tag, and he tags out himself to Show, who comes in and locks in a full nelson on Shad. Big Show slams Shad down to the mat, and he tags out to Jericho who comes in and promptly misses an elbow drop. Shad is still not able to make the tag though, as Jericho locks in a modified million dollar dream on Shad.

    Shad is finally able to make the tag to JTG who comes in with a lot of quickness, stunning Jericho with a mug shot and even getting in a cheap shot on Big Show. JTG goes for a pin on Jericho, but Show breaks it up. Shad sends show to the outside with a big lariat, and JTG is able to get another near fall. Jericho is able to lock in the walls of Jericho and JTG will not give up. JTG reaches the ropes, but he gets caught with a big right hand from the Big Show. Jericho pins JTG and keeps him down for the three count.

    Winners and STILL Unified WWE Tag Team Champions: Big Show and Chris Jericho

    Josh Matthews is standing backstage with CM Punk. Matthews asks him about the TLC match tonight, but Punk says he'd rather talk about something else. Punk says he found a screenplay about Jeff Hardy with an ending where Hardy ends up conquering his demons and beating Punk tonight at SummerSlam. Punk says it's a nice story, but the only thing that's wrong with it is that it's fiction. Punk says that kids worship that hip cool star, and that nothing matters as much as it's cool. Punk says they don't make movies about guys like him because he doesn't support their poison society. Punk says tonight he's going to rewrite the end of the Jeff Hardy story, and it may be graphic, but it'll have a happy ending, with CM Punk winning the Heavyweight Championship.

    The Great Khali vs. Kane
    Singles Match

    Kane is out first and we get a video package highlighting the recent feud between these two, that has included the kidnapping of Ranjihn Singh. Last Friday on Smackdown though, Khali got a bit of revenge with a beatdown on Kane, tonight will probably be the blowoff match between these two. Khali is out next with his 'brother' and translator Ranjihn. Kane tries to avoid Khali for the first bit of the match, and when he tries for a bit of offense, Khali beats him down in the corner. Kane tries to Irish whip Khali, but Khali throws Kane over the top rope to the outside instead. Back in the ring, Khali misses a leg drop, and Kane tries to take advantage hitting a lariat and following it up with a trio of elbows. Kane signals for the chokeslam, but Khali fights it off and tries for the choke bomb. Kane counters out of it, but gets caught with a huge clothesline. Khali pounds down on Kane and goes for a quick pin, but Kane kicks out at one.

    Khali hits Kane with a big chop to the chest, but Kane fights back with a big boot. Kane goes up top and hits the leaping lariat, but when he pins Khali, he can only hold him down for two. Kane locks in a reverse chin lock and pounds down on Khali's head with big forearms. Khali fights his way back to his feet and sends Kane into the ropes, taking him down with an elbow and a big boot. Khali hits a chop to the top of Kane's head, but it's only good to keep him down for a two count. Khali locks in the vice grip but Kane is able to make it to the ropes to force a break. While he's in the ropes, Kane grabs a hold of Khali's brother. He uses that as an opportunity to distract Kane. Kane hits a low dropkick, follows it up with a DDT, and pins Khali for the three, and the win.

    Winner: Kane

    DeGeneration X vs. Legacy
    TagTeam Match

    Lawler and Cole hype more of the celebrities in attendance, Maria Menoundous (sp?), Slash, and Robert Patrick. This, somehow, leads us into a video package about DX and Legacy. DX is out first to a huge pop, lots of pyro and a new theme song. A US Army Jeep rolls out and 'soldiers' make their way out, 'shooting' up into the rafters. Hunter and Shawn finally show up at the top of the stage riding in on a tank! Hunter and Shawn pose on the tank, which shoots it's cannon as they do their crotch chop. DX throw out glow sticks to the crowd and they pop huge again as Lilian announces them.

    Hunter grabs a mic a says it's been a long time coming, so 'are you ready?' he does the typical 'for the thousands in attendance' speech, throwing in Cody and Ted saying 'you girls want a war, you got a war, so let's get ready to SUCK IT'. Michaels grabs the mic and says if you're not down with that, they have two words for you, letting the crowd finish it off. Legacy make their way out to the ring in much less impressive fashion. Hunter and Ted are going to be the two men to start things out tonight. The two men lock up, going into the ropes a couple of times, forcing a break from the ref. Dibiase sends HHH into the corner, but Hunter comes right back out with a big lariat before taking Dibiase down with a suplex and hitting a running knee drop. Dibiase makes the tag, but Rhodes runs straight into a big knee from Hunter. Rhodes stands up and finds himself in between Hunter and Shawn. Rhodes slaps Michaels, prompting HBK to tag into the match. HBK takes Rhodes down immediately with a shoulder block, but Rhodes is able to duck a right hand and slap Michaels again.

    Dibiase tags back into the ring, where he falls victim to chops from Michaels in the corner. Michaels is caught off guard though, and Dibiase takes advantage, sending him into the corner with a hard Irish whip. Dibiase tags out to Rhodes, who comes in and tries to make a quick pin, but can only come up with a two. Dibiase makes his way back into the match and he locks in a rear chin lock. It's not long though, before HBK is able to fight his way out of the submission attempt and catch Dibiase with a neckbreaker. This allows HBK to tag out to Hunter who comes in and cleans house on both members of Legacy. Rhodes is able to distract Hunter though, who falls victim to a slingshot into the corner. HHH is fast to recover though, hitting spinebusters on both members of Legacy. DX sends Rhodes to the floor, they follow it up with HHH back body dropping Michaels over the top rope on top of Rhodes. Dibiase is able to take advantage of Hunter though while he's distracted, and he and Rhodes double team HHH, stomping away on him in the corner. Dibiase locks in a rear chin lock and Michaels tries to get the crowd going. Hunter is almost able to make the tag, but Dibiase cinches in on the hold and takes HHH down to the mat. Hunter is able to fight his way out of the submission attempt with a side belly to back suplex. Dibiase is able to make the tag first though and Rhodes makes his way in and hits a quick DDT on Hunter before locking in a front face lock.

    HHH continues to try and reach his corner but Rhodes will not let up on his front face lock. HBK is able to get the crowd behind Triple H, who lands a big overhead suplex on Rhodes. Rhodes is able to make the tag first and Dibiase runs in and quickly takes out Michaels on the ring apron. Hunter and Dibiase trade right hands in the middle of the ring, with HHH getting the advantage by sending Ted to the outside. Rhodes sends Dibiase back into the ring where he makes the tag, but it's too late as HHH is able to make the hot tag. HBK comes in and makes quick work of both members of Legacy. The numbers game catches up with Michaels though, as he's caught from behind with a lariat by Dibiase. Rhodes goes up top and tries for the flying elbow, but HBK rolls out of the way and Rhodes crashes and burns. Michaels goes up to the top himself, but he ends up getting crotched on the top turnbuckle by Rhodes. Rhodes attempts a superplex, but Michaels fights his way out, sending Rhodes to the mat. Michaels goes for the flying elbow himself, but Rhodes is able to get up his knees. Rhodes goes for a pin, but HBK kicks out at two. HBK locks in the figure four out of nowhere, but Dibiase is able to make his way in and break it up. HHH goes for the pedigree on Dibiase, but Rhodes is able to break it up and hit a neckbreaker on Hunter. Rhodes hits the cross Rhodes on HBK, but Hunter is able to break up the pin attempt. Hunter makes his way in and hits the pedigree on Rhodes, but then Dibiase makes his way in and hits the dream street on Michaels. Hunter and Dibiase brawl to the outside where they end up on the wrong side of one of the broadcast booths. Both men are able to make it up before the ten count. HBK hits sweet chin music on Rhodes out of nowhere, he goes for the pin, and wins the match for his team.

    Winners: DX

    Christian (c) vs. William Regal

    Christian is out to the ring first, and we get our first glimpse of Matt Stryker tonight, as he and Josh Matthews hype their brand's championship match tonight. Regal is out next with Ezekiel Jackson and Kozlov in tow. Christian attacks Regal from behind while Regal is getting his gear off. Christian hits the Killswitch, pins regal and this one's over.

    Winner and STILL ECW Champion: Christian

    Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena
    WWE Championship Match

    Cole and Lawler go over the rivalry between Orton and Cena, highlighting their tag match from earlier this week on Raw. No video package as we're going straight into this match. Cena is out first to his usual big pop from the crowd. Orton is out to the ring next, taking his sweet time, as always. Lillian does the whole big time match announcing for Cena and Orton. Both men actually get a mixed reaction, with Orton getting a bit warmer of a reaction from these LA fans. Both men lock up with Cena quickly taking Orton down and locking in a front face lock. Orton is quick to get out of it though, and both men end up where they started on opposite sides of the ring. Orton catches Cena with a big fist to the face, and he follows it up by stomping down on Cena in the corner. Cena is quick to recover though as he pounds on Orton with big right hands and hits a bulldog. Cena sends Orton into the ropes, but he eats a high elbow that sends him to the mat. Orton hits Cena with a big European uppercut and pounds down on Cena some more in the corner, sending him across the ring into the runbuckle with a hard Irish whip. Orton kicks at Cena's head and sends him across the ring again with another hard Irish whip.

    Orton circles Cena, stomping on his arms and legs. Orton hits Cena with a huge knee drop, and he goes for the quick cover, but he can only hold Cena down for two. Cena tries to get back into things with a couple of right hands, but he falls victim to an Orton backbreaker. Orton locks in a rear chin lock and we get a dueling Orton/Cena chant. Orton continues to apply pressure by locking in a body scissors on Cena. Cena is able to fight his way out, standing up and backing Orton into the corner, forcing him to break the hold. Cena hits a couple running shoulder blocks and a side belly to back suplex. Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle and tries for the FU, but Orton fights out and hits a big powerslam that puts Cena down for a near fall. Orton stomps away on Cena's arms and legs again before going for another knee drop. Cena avoids the knee drop this time, and tries to shift the momentum, but when he goes for a cross body block, Orton ducks the attempt and Cena flies to the outside. Cena is able to make his way back to the ring, but Orton catches him with the rope assisted DDT. Orton pins Cena, but Cena is able to kick out at two. Orton sets up for the RKO, but Cena is slow to get up. Orton tries to punt Cena, but Cena moves out of the way. Cena hits a blockbuster and a top rope rocker dropper, but his pin attempt only gets him a two count.

    Cena tries for the FU, but Orton grabs onto the ropes. Cena drops Orton and both men charge into each other with clotheslines. Both men make it back to their feel before the ten count and the trade right hands in the middle of the ring with Orton getting huge cheers. Cena gets the advantage however with a big back body drop. Orton gets himself DQed by shoving the ref, and the bell rings and Orton leaves with his belt. Lillian announces that Mr. McMahon has announced the match be restarted and if Orton gets DQed he will lose his belt. Cena immediately takes the fight to Orton and the fight spills to the outside. Cena sends Orton into the barricade, but Orton retaliates by sending Cena into the Steel ringside stairs. Orton sends Cena back inside and covers Cena, but Cena kicks out. Orton goes to the outside and grabs the belt, walking up the ramp and getting himself counted out. Orton makes it to the top of the ramp and the belt is rung again. Lillian announces that the match will be restarted once again with the stipulation that if Orton is DQed or counted out, he will lose the title. Both men go for their finishers but neither are able to connect. Orton rolls Cena up out of nowhere, uses the ropes for assistance, and is able to hold Cena down for the three count. Another ref comes out and tells the first ref what happened. The first ref orders the match be restarted. Cena immediately locks in the STF, and when Orton goes for the ropes, Cena pulls him back into the ring. A fan jumps in the ring and attacks the referee, which allows Orton to roll to the outside. Orton catches Cena with a hotshot, hits an RKO and pins Cena, finally holding him down for a three count and a definitive win.

    Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Randy Orton

    Jeff Hardy (c) vs. CM Punk
    TLC Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

    We get a video package highlighting the feud between these two, focusing on the last month. The Title is hanging over the ring and ladders, chairs and tables are set up in intricate formations up and down the ramp as CM Punk makes him way to the ring. Hardy is out next and he climbs the first ladder he comes to and poses for the fans. We get another set of 'big time' introductions for Punk and Hardy, with Hardy getting a huge pop, and this match is on. Both men lock up with Punk pushing Hardy back into a corner where he beats down on him with knees and big right hands before stomping down on him. Punk sends Hardy to the outside, then goes outside himself and grabs a chair. Punk hits Hardy in the stomach with the chair before hitting him again across the back. Punk grabs a ladder and quickly makes his way back into the ring trying to grab the belt, but Jeff is able to push the ladder over. Hardy is able to come back with some offense of his own, including a dropkick in the corner. Hardy goes for the ladder himself, but Punk makes his way back into the ring and kicks the ladder out from under CM Punk. Punk tries for the G2S, but Hardy fights out of it and shoves Punk into the ladder. Hardy grabs a chair and sets it up in the middle of the ring. He charges Punk in the corner, but Punk catches Hardy and Slams in into the upright narrow end of the chair. Punk picks up a ladder and slams it down repeatedly on Hardy.

    Punk sends Hardy to the outside again, this time following him out with a suicide dive between the ropes on top of Hardy. Punk throws a chair into the ring and sets up a table beside one of the ring posts. Punk tries to wrap a chair around Hardy's neck, but Hardy fights out, and then ducks a chair shot. Hardy tries to fights back against Punk. Hardy sends Punk into the stairs but Punk jumps up and back toward Hardy, where he's met with a chair to the face. Hardy sets up a chair and uses it as a launching pad to hit Punk with a big kick. Hardy sets Punk up on a table on the floor and climbs up to the top rope. Hardy dives off with a big splash, but Punk rolls out of the way and Hardy falls through the table down to the floor. Punk grabs an even bigger ladder than the one already in the ring and he makes his way back into the ring. Punk sets up the ladder under the belt and begins to make his way up. Hardy makes his way back into the ring and jumps over Punk on the ladder, almost reaching the belt. Punk tries for a G2S off the ladder, but Hardy is able to counter into a sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder.

    Hardy begins to make his way slowly up the ladder and he gets his hands on the title, but Punk tips the ladder over, sending Hardy into the top turnbuckle. Punk grabs Hardy by the hair and pulls him up to the top turnbuckle. Punk superplexes Hardy off the top turnbuckle with both men landing on the ladder. Punk tries to suplex Hardy on the ladder again, but Hardy fights out and surprises Punk with a twist of fate. Hardy goes to the top turnbuckle and tries for the swanton bomb, but Punk is able to get his knee up to cause more damage to the back of Jeff Hardy. Punk hits the high knee in the corner, but when he goes for the bulldog, Hardy picks him up, and sends him to the outside, through the table that Punk set up earlier. Hardy sets up the ladder and Punk makes his way up to the ring apron. Punk springboards off the top rope and hits a flying forearm on Hardy before sending him to the outside. On the outside Punk wraps a chair around Hardy's neck, but Hardy is able to avoid being run into the ring post. Hardy grabs a chair himself and wails away on Punk. Hardy grabs a table, and starts dismantling the ECW announce table, hitting Punk with a moniter before hitting Punk with another chair. Hardy sets Punk up on the announce table, whacks him in the head with a chair and pulls out a HUGE ladder. Hardy climbs to the top of the HUGE ladder and jumps off nailing Punk with a sick swanton bomb. Medics come out to the announce table area and put Jeff in a neck brace and on a stretcher. Punk makes his way back into the ring and Hardy fights his way off the stretcher. Punk starts to climb the ladder just as Jeff falls back into the ring. Hardy makes his way up on the other side and the two slug it out and both grab for the belt. Punk kicks Hardy in the ribs, punches him in the face and sends him to the mat. Punk rips down the title, and that's it folks.

    Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: CM Punk

    CM Punk poses over the body of Jeff Hardy and a gong sounds and the lights go out. The crowd goes absolutely nuts as the gong sounds again and the lights come up. The Undertaker comes up through the bottom of the ring and grabs CM Punk by the throat. The Undertaker delivers a huge choke slam and poses in the middle of the ring.

    WWE: Summer Slam 2009

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