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  • Rusev Suffers Injury at SmackDown Tapings
  • Update on Scott Hall Being Pulled from GFW
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    Uitslagen Smackdown 13 december
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    R-Truth def. Montel Vontavious Porter 
    The Brian Kendrick def. Primo
    Hurricane Helms def. United States Champion Shelton Benjamin (Non-title)
    The Great Khali def. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder (Handicap Match)
    The Bella Twins def. Maryse and Natalya
    Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy (No Contest)

    BRIDGEPORT, Conn. – Just two days before Armageddon, the intensity that erupted between the two imminent challengers to the WWE Championship was so great that it blinded them to the opportunistic nature of the Superstar wearing the gold.


    Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy (No Contest) (PHOTOS)
    WWE Champion Edge carried out an effective sneak attack on Triple H and Jeff Hardy, spearing both of his Armageddon opponents as they were engaging in an exhausting battle with each other. The fuse for their intense main event was lit at the top of the show, when the Charismatic Enigma attacked The Game from behind while he was emerging for what was to be the start of their match. (PHOTOS) This caused things to quickly erupt into chaos between the two furious Superstars. While Chavo Guerrero and a barrage of officials struggled to get control, one of them was hurled at SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero, sending her crashing to the ground.

    The Cutting Edge with guest ECW Champion Matt Hardy (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    After once again denying that he had anything to do with the Survivor Series weekend attack on Jeff Hardy – placing the blame instead on Triple H – Edge suggested to Cutting Edge guest Matt Hardy that he was only getting involved with his brother’s business because nobody cared about him. After the ECW Champion knocked the Rated-R Superstar to the ground, Vladimir Kozlov marched down to the ring. The Ultimate Opportunist then nailed Hardy from behind, allowing the Moscow Mauler to once again punish his Armageddon opponent.

    The Great Khali def. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder (Handicap Match) (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    Khali triumphed over the combined forces of former WWE Tag Team Champions Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match. After Curt Hawkins jumped off the top rope directly into Khali’s mammoth hands, the Slammy Award winner for Best "DAMN!" Moment of the Year sent him crashing down onto Ryder with his devastating Punjabi Plunge.

    R-Truth def. Montel Vontavious Porter (PHOTOS)
    After claiming top honors for Best Musical Performance at the Slammy Awards earlier this week, R-Truth captured a victory over MVP. As the Ballin’ Superstar was picking up his opponent, R-Truth quickly escaped and rolled up the Franchise Playa for the win.  Following the loss, MVP’s misery was quickly amplified with the help of the ridiculing microphone of the Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia star, Mr. Kennedy.

    The Brian Kendrick def. WWE Tag Team Champion Primo (PHOTOS)
    When Ezekiel Jackson hurled Carlito into the steel steps, The Brian Kendrick delivered a stunning kick to a distracted Primo, allowing him to apply an inside cradle for the quick, yet effective, pinfall. With Jackson continuing to provide an intimidating presence at ringside, The Kendrick has claimed his second singles competition victory over the WWE Tag Team Champions in recent weeks.

    Hurricane Helms def. United States Champion Shelton Benjamin (Non-title) (PHOTOS)
    After Hurricane Helms scored a non-title victory on the Gold Standard – hitting Benjamin with a high cross body after knocking him off the top rope – he made it clear to Tazz and the WWE Universe that it is time for a new United States Champion.

    The Bella Twins def. Maryse & Natalya (PHOTOS)
    While the distracted official was busy getting an irate Maryse out of the ring, Brie Bella disrupted Natayla’s attempt to slam her sister by delivering a dropkick that caused Nikki to fall onto her opponent and pick up the victory.

    Friday Night Smackdown 12.12.08

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    New WWE DVD cover is a shocker

    New WWE DVD cover is a shocker

    The brand new DVD cover for WWE’s upcoming Best of Saturday Night’s Main Event DVD has been released. The three-disc set will be released on February 10th, 2009. This is pretty big news as Randy Savage, who isn't on good terms with WWE, is featured on the cover. Thanks to the UK’s Silvervision for the photo.

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    tna impact results 11 DECEMBER
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    TNA Impact on Spike TV
    Taped in Orlando, FL

    [Q1] The opening video aired. Mike Tenay and Don West wondered what Jeff Jarrett’s reaction to facing Kurt Angle at Genesis would be. James Storm vs. Abyss on a “Beer Bottle on a Pole” match was announced…

    The Main Event Mafia came out to the ring. Kurt Angle cut a promo on Jeff Jarrett and even said he is working in the company he wants to work for. Hmmm. AJ Styles came out and told Sting that he can go home and tell his kids he does things the right way, but asked Sting if he could do the same.

    Angle told Styles to come down to the ring. He agreed but wanted the Mafia to leave because it was between him and Sting. They complied. Styles said something to Sting and Sting hit him. The Mafia quickly attacked Styles. Sting sat back. The Frontline came down and ran off the Mafia…

    Backstage, Jeff Jarrett said that from this point forward, he is the wrestler Jeff Jarrett and not the TNA founder Jeff Jarrett. He handed the keys to the kingdom to Mick Foley. Foley wished Jarrett luck and said he was going to pay a visit to the Mafia later in the show… [C]

    [Q2] Tenay and West ran down the X Division tournament bracket. Backstage, Lauren interviewed the Machine Guns. Shelley says he always tells the truth and if he’s lying, he’s dying, and he isn’t dead yet. He said he was going to win the X Division title because Detroit needs heroes…

    1. Eric Young defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir in an X Division Title tournament match in 3:16. Referee Shane Sewell was suspended for two weeks without pay. Getting paid for not working? Not a bad suspension. Young won the match after Bashir and Earl Hebner shoved each other, distracting Bashir and allowing Young to hit a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge for the win…

    Backstage, Brother Ray gave a pep talk to the Frontline. He said they were proud to stand by the Frontline. He called them the last of the old school wrestlers. He called Styles the future of the business and the next world champion. ODB gave Ray her flask. He took a drink and squirmed. He left to go to the ring to make Angle an offer he couldn’t refuse… [C]

    [Q3] Jeremy Borash said if you subscribe to TNA mobile, he will text you to tell you who Jay Lethal is going to pick as his tag team partner for his title shot. He then knocked on the door of the Mafia. Mick Foley came out laughing his huge ass off. The Mafia followed, patting Foley on the back and treating him like he was an old friend. Foley said the Mafia were a bunch of great guys but sometimes misunderstood…

    Lauren interviewed Mrs. Twilling, Angelina Love, and Sarah Palin backstage. The girls were excited to be named to Palin’s cabinet. Lauren wondered what cabinet they meant. Palin said TBP could not go to the White House looking like that and offered to give them a makeover… [C]

    A vignette aired for “Brutus Magnum.”…

    During the Machine Guns’ entrance, they stopped and shot guns with their fingers. However, they shot little pussy guns and not machine guns…

    2. Alex Shelley (with Chris Sabin) defeated Jay Lethal (with Briefcase #2) in 1:56. Lethal paid more attention to Lethal and it cost him. Shelley won the match relatively quickly…

    After the match, Sabin cut a sweet promo on Mick Foley, telling him to come down to the ring and give them the briefcase with the tag title shot. He also said Foley accomplished something the Knockouts have been trying to accomplish for months; he screwed the Machine Guns. All of a sudden, Suicide swung to the ring and laid out the Guns… [C]

    [Q4] Backstage, Lauren interviewed Abyss and Matt Morgan. Morgan asked Abyss why he was such a dumbass to trust Robert Roode and James Storm last week. Abyss acted like a little bitch in trying to explain himself. Morgan told Abyss to take Storm out…

    A Rough Cuts segment aired on James Storm. It was a very good piece that talked about Storm’s childhood and how he got into professional wrestling…

    3. James Storm (with Jacqueline) defeated Abyss in a Beer on a Pole match in 3:40. Don West dropped a nice line when he said, “Abyss is the underdog. Storm could find beer anywhere.” They fought to the floor and Storm tried to use a chair, but Abyss punched it into his face. He went for the pole, but Storm hit a very nice superkick.

    Storm grabbed the bottle. That was quick. Storm took a drink and ran at Abyss, but Abyss hit a Blackhole slam. Abyss picked up the bottle. Jacqueline came in and stole the beer bottle from Abyss. She ran up the ramp and ran into Matt Morgan. Morgan picked her up, but Robert Roode gave him a low blow. He then hit Abyss with a chair and Storm covered him for the win…

    After the match, Matt Morgan had mild success in attacking Beer Money until the bottle was cracked over his head. Beer Money attacked Morgan but Abyss came back swinging a chair around. Abyss had a very pissed off look on his face…

    [Q5] JB interviewed Sting and the Mafia backstage. He asked about what Sting had to say about Styles’ comments from earlier in the show. Nash took over the interview and said he and “Steve” (Sting) talked about things earlier. Angle told everyone to pay attention to the monitor because Brother Ray was on his way to the ring…

    Ray came out alone and wanted Kurt Angle to do the same. Angle came out and the two were in the ring together. Ray admitted that they wanted to rid TNA of the Mafia and vice versa. He asked what would happen when there was no more TNA. “What will guys like you, me, and Devon do? Will we be forced to sell our soul back to the devil?” Ray challenged Angle to a match tonight and said the Mafia and Frontline would not be in the building. He held out his hand and Angle shook it… [C]

    Backstage, Ray told the Frontline to leave. The Guns had no problem getting the hell out. Ray said if he wins, the Mafia will be no more and if he loses, the Frontline will disband. Everyone left but Devon. Devon said Ray was crazy to think the Mafia would not be at ringside. Ray said he had to trust the handshake of an Olympic gold medalist. Devon reluctantly took off…

    [Q6] Backstage, Angle shook hands and hugged the Mafia as they took off. Booker stayed behind and made sure Angle had things handled. Booker put over Brother Ray but Angle said he had it handled…

    The briefcases were in the ring and Tenay informed us who would get what, next… [C]

    Backstage, Palin and TBP showed off their new outfits. Palin said she looked like Jackie O. TBP did not know who that was. She compared them to Beyonce. They were cool with that. Kip James said they were hotter than her and was about to “reveal” Palin as a fake. Love grabbed the microphone and apologized for not paying attention to James as much lately…

    In the ring, Curry Man and LAX awaited their fates. Some weird ass light show told us who opened their briefcase first. Hernandez’s case was first to be opened. Some broad named Summer opened the case. Hernandez won a world title shot. As they were about to open the final two cases, JB dropped the lame “after the break” line that Ryan Seacrest does on American Idol… [C]

    [Q7] Back from commercial, JB continued to play the role of the Miss America host. Curry Man got fired, which means Homicide won an X Division title shot. They actually brought out security to escort Curry Man out of the building. They did not even give him ten minutes to clean out his desk. It is like he stole something…

    4. Christy Hemme defeated Sojourner Bolt in 3:32. After some back and forth action, Hemme won the match with a sunset flip pin. After the match, they shook (left) hands, but Bolt slapped Hemme in the face. They then broke into catfight mode…

    Backstage, Lauren attempted to explain to the English speaking challenged Curry Man what it meant to be fired. They then aired a corny video tribute to Curry with the caption “Curry Man: 2008-2008, We barely knew thee.” … [C]

    [Q8] 5. Kurt Angle vs. Brother Ray ended in a no contest in 8:36. Angle did not do his usual entrance, for he attacked Ray from behind instead. Ray was wearing Mick Foley’s red flannel shirt. Ray held his own early. “He’s just knocking the crap out of him,” exclaimed West. Ray backdropped Angle to the floor and followed him out. Ray set Angle up at the side of the stage. He charged at about 2 mph and Angle moved. Ray crashed through the wall and the cameraman looked like he was mimicking The Blair Witch Project… [C]

    Back from commercial, the bell rang and the match was thrown out. Huh? They were out of the ring for several minutes and now the referee calls for the bell? Ray was very bloody as both men fought next to what looked like a 6th grade portable classroom. Angle wanted Ray to stop. Ray told a fallen Angle that he was going to end his career.

    the Mafia attacked Ray from behind. They beat him up and tossed him into the garbage, but Sting walked away as it was going on. Angle told the camera that no one messes with the MEM…

    TNA Impact 11.12.08

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    Santino has a new finisher

    Santino has a new finisher... if he ever uses it

    In an interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Santino Marella talks about his new finisher the Maserati Clutch. Judging by his win-loss record, will we ever get to see the move?

    "If this move is used, it guarantees victory. But it's still in the works. I did try it on one person. He now walks with a cane. I have not yet tried it in the ring, but when I do, you will know."

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    Trish Stratus making a return to WWE?

    Trish Stratus making a return to WWE?

    There are rumors going around that Trish Stratus could be making a return to WWE television on the 12/22 edition of RAW from Toronto. Both Jim Ross and Natalya Neidhart have made references to Stratus online recently.

    From JR's blog: "The big Supershow in Toronto on December 22 isn't sold out yet but it's 'this close.' This is a huge, double header where fans can see a live Raw and Friday Night Smackdown be taped. Could we get treated to a 'Trish Stratus sighting?' I can only hope."

    From Natalya's blog: "I actually am coming out in the open to say that from the very beginning of my career; from when I first stepped foot in the dungeon, I always had a dream of wrestling Trish Stratus. I kept that vision with me for years. What a perfect opponent Trish would have made to test me to my limits. ... We have similar parallels, too. Both of us being fierce, aggressive, driven and Canadian. Even my family, has a deep respect for Trish Stratus."

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    Breaking news: RAW superstar released

    Breaking news: RAW superstar released posted the following message this afternoon:

    Snitsky released

    World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of Raw Superstar Gene Snitsky as of today, December 11. WWE wishes Gene the best in all future endeavors.

    Snitsky had been with WWE since October 2003, when WWE officials sent him to Ohio Valley Wrestling following an impressive RAW dark match. He made his WWE TV debut a year later, wrestling Kane on Monday Night RAW.

    His bio page has already been removed from

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    Kurt Angle starring in a feature film

    Kurt Angle starring in a feature film


    According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, TNA wrestler Kurt Angle has wrapped his first movie, entitled End Game.

    In the movie, Angle is the lead villain, a man that poses as a detective in an effort to cover his own tracks.

    "I enjoy the experience of playing a serious bad guy character. [He's] not at all the kind of bad guy wrestling character I'm used to playing," Angle told the Gazette."He's a uniquely smart and intellectual serial killer. He knows how to play the game with the law and fit into society without being noticed."

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    TNA looking for the next Gail Kim

    TNA realizes it needs a top babyface to replace Gail Kim in the Knockouts division but understands it won’t be that easy to find someone just like that. The company is looking for a top face Knockout and one feeling is that Christy Hemme won’t be the one. Sarah Stock, known as Dark Angel in Mexico’s CMLL promotion, has came up in talks but she is not on the list of those being considered right now.

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    Angle Telling Friends He Wants To Return To WWE


    TNA star Kurt Angle has been telling friends that he is seriously considering returning to WWE once his TNA contract expires next fall. Angle has even gone so far as to state that he would jump ship to WWE if he had to make the decision right now.

    Angle joined TNA in the fall of 2006 and has been unhappy with the creative direction of the company for quite some time. He's been vocal regarding his frustration with Jeff Jarrett's creative direction both publicly and during private conversations with Dixie Carter.

    WWE officials would welcome Angle back to the company despite the negative things he said about Vince McMahon and his WWE experience when he left two years ago.

    It's possible that Kurt would be put on a limited schedule similar to those of Shawn Michaels and Undertaker. The obvious concern is whether Angle would have any Wellness Policy issues given his past problems with prescription pills.

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    TNA Knockout talks about Gail Kim jumping to WWE

    TNA Knockout talks about Gail Kim jumping to WWE

    TNA Knockout ODB appeared on the Who's Slamming Who podcast ( this past Monday. She was asked about Gail Kim leaving TNA for WWE. ODB said: "Well I actually think she kept it a secret cause I didn't know what, ya know. Obviously negotiations come in, you gotta go where you gotta go sometimes but it was a shock to me, like all the internet crap I've been hearing, but I don't really listen to the internet but I was getting text messages from everyone like "Oh is she going over there?" and I'm like I don't know. And then she made the choice to go over there and good for her, she has to.. you know it's about making money in this business too. And she's been in both places, and ya know, she's gotta think about her future now. I think she'll do good over there, she'll fit right in and she's a Knockout in her heart but I guess she'll be a Diva for a little bit." ODB was also asked to choose which three WWE Divas she would bring to TNA if she could. ODB said Beth Phoenix and Natalya. She also said she would bring back Gail Kim.

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    John Morrison & The Miz def. Kung Fu Naki & Jimmy Wang Yang
    Boogeyman def. local competitor
    Mark Henry & WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas def. Finlay & Hornswoggle

    BRIDGEPORT, Conn. – With Armageddon looming this Sunday, Superstars in the Land of Extreme waged war on ECW on Sci Fi.

    WATCH all of the action now in the ECW Quick Cut and check out's exclusive ringside PHOTOS.

    Mark Henry & WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas def. Finlay & Hornswoggle (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    The stares before the match told the story. Finlay and Mark Henry don’t like each other. Playing the protector, Finlay did his best to do most of the brawling for his team, keeping his son, Hornswoggle, in the corner. However, his fatherly role ultimately led to his downfall. After pulling Hornswoggle out of harm’s way, Finlay fell victim to Henry’s World’s Strongest Slam – and the full brunt of his 390-plus-pounds. As an added bonus, the WWE Universe was treated to seeing WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas in action in the bout. Showing no ring rust, the Hall of Famer looked at home in the squared circle.

    Armageddon match announced on ECW
    ECW Champion Matt Hardy will face Vladimir Kozlov this Sunday at Armageddon (Match preview)

    John Morrison & The Miz def. Kung Fu Naki & Jimmy Wang Yang (PHOTOS)
    John Morrison & The Miz came into their match riding a wave of success after going home with two Slammys last night on Raw. (Slammy Awards) “The Dirt Sheet” duo kept up their winning ways by defeating Kung Fu Naki & Jimmy Wang Yang. Morrison earned the win for his team by stopping Yang’s athletic offense with a springboard off the second rope.

    Boogeyman def. local competitor (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    After making quick work of a local athlete, Boogeyman added insult to injury by “worming” the poor competitor. Who is next to suffer the same, slimy fate?

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    Big update on the Joey Styles and JBL incident
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    Big update on the Joey Styles and JBL incident


    As we reported yesterday, there was a major backstage altercation that took place between former ECW announcer Joey Styles and former WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield while WWE was overseas in Iraq over the weekend. There are new details on the actual scuffle that took place between the two.

    JBL is known for being a lockerroom bully and he was giving it to Joey Styles all week. Over the weekend, Styles had enough and got in JBL's face. Several WWE employees jumped in to break it up and JBL, who had been drinking, broke free. He then charged at Styles, who punched him right in the face and knocked him down. JBL ended up with a black eye and a cut under his eye, which were somewhat visible on Monday's RAW. JBL wore heavy make-up during the broadcast and tilted his cowboy hat down a bit to conceal his face. JBL spent most of Monday night by himself in the locker room, being very quiet and spending most of his time on his Blackberry phone.

    Apparently there were a number of different things that JBL did to Styles during the course of the Iraq tour, all of which would have set a normal person off. Some of JBL's hazing was verbal and some was physical.

    In a related note, there is an unwritten rule among WWE superstars that anybody who falls alseep on the airplane en route to an overseas tour is subject to pranks. It was reported last week that WWE ring announcer Lillian Garcia fell asleep on the way to Iraq and JBL dumped a bucket of ice on her.

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    gaat victoria zeer binnenkort op pensioen????

    Current WWE diva planning to retire?


    The talk backstage among several talents within the past 24 hours is that former WWE Women's Champion Victoria is planning to retire soon and depart from the company. There was a rumor going around over Survivor Series weekend that Victoria had given notice to management.

    10-12-2008 om 21:06 geschreven door jefken  

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    WWE RAW rating: Did The Slammys help?
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen WWE RAW rating: Did The Slammys help?

    PWInsider reports that last night's 12/8 three-hour edition of WWE Monday Night Raw drew a final 3.0 cable rating. In the regular two hour timeslot the show drew a 3.2 cable rating. The first hour drew a 2.71, the second hour drew a 3.16 and the third hour drew a 3.18. This is a drop from the 3.3 and 3.4 the show had been getting for the last two weeks.

    10-12-2008 om 21:01 geschreven door jefken  

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    UITSLAGEN raw 8 december
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    World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. WWE Champion Edge ended in a no contest
    Dolph Ziggler def. R-Truth by disqualification
    Randy Orton, Manu & Cody Rhodes def. Triple H & Batista in a Handicap Match
    Intercontinental Title Tournament (Semi-Finals): Rey Mysterio def. World Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston
    Finlay & Hornswoggle def. Santino Marella & Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix
    Chris Jericho def. Jeff Hardy
    MVC (Most Valuable Charlie) def. MVP
    Intercontinental Title Tournament (Semi-Finals): World Tag Team Champion CM Punk def. John Morrison

    PHILADELPHIA – When Raw rolled into the City of Brotherly Love for a special three-hour episode, it was one of the biggest shows of the year, featuring not one, but three massive main events, as well as the 2008 Slammy Awards. However, in spite of all that, the most pressing issue on the Superstars’ minds was Armageddon. Though much of the night was colored by anticipation of this Sunday’s event, the situation boiled over in the last minutes of Raw, with every Superstar involved in Armageddon’s two World Title Matches rushing into the ring, creating a scene of complete and utter bedlam.

    WATCH all of the action now in the Raw Quick Cut and check out's exclusive ringside PHOTOS.

    Chris Jericho won the Slammy Award for Superstar of the Year (WATCH); World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. WWE Champion Edge ended in a no contest (PHOTOS | WATCH)
    The last Slammy awarded on Raw was perhaps the most prestigious: Superstar of the Year. Demonstrating the weight of this honor, Stephanie McMahon herself emerged to declare the winner. In what came as a great disappointment to the WWE Universe, the name she read was that of the reviled Chris Jericho. Affecting his normal smarmy, elitist attitude, Jericho took the podium and spoke at length of why he deserved the award. Lucky for our fans, however, his diatribe was interrupted by World Heavyweight Champion John Cena. Though The Champ wanted to chase after his slippery Armageddon opponent, he was held back by a referee in order to compete in his Champion vs. Champion Match against WWE Champion Edge.

    Cena and Edge are no stranger to one another in the ring, with an extended rivalry in their past, but their main event on Raw was as intense as any of their past matches. Though both champions fought hard, the match ended as a no contest, after a run-in from the cowardly Chris Jericho, who took advantage of the situation to attack Cena, mere days before their World Heavyweight Title Match. With Cena distracted, Triple H stormed the ring to attack Edge, and with the later involvement of Jeff Hardy, all three contenders in the WWE Championship Match at Armageddon battled it out in the ring, as Cena and Jericho’s brawl spilled out into the crowd.

    Dolph Ziggler def. R-Truth (PHOTOS)
    As seen on earlier today, R-Truth won a Slammy Award for Best Musical Performance. The rapping ring warrior’s fortunes took a downturn on Raw, however, as he faced off against Dolph Ziggler, who beat the rapping Superstar by disqualification. Following the contest, the victor greeted the audience, saying “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m the winner, Dolph Ziggler.”

    The Great Khali won the Slammy Award for “DAMN!” Moment of the Year (PHOTOS)
    Who better to give out the award for “DAMN!” Moment of the Year than the man who can bark that word like none other, Ron Simmons? Along with Mickie James, Simmons presented the award to The Great Khali for his Khali Kiss Cam segments on SmackDown. The Punjabi Giant spoke of the fleeting nature of material possessions, which warmed Mickie’s heart to the humongous Superstar. As they looked in one another’s eyes, the arena was filled with Superstars such as Jillian Hall, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Sgt. Slaughter, Kung Fu Naki and even WWE personality Howard Finkel, creating another “DAMN!” Moment right there on Raw. As The Great Khali and Mickie kissed, Ron Simmons had little choice but to brandish his signature catchphrase.

    Randy Orton, Manu & Cody Rhodes def. Triple H & Batista in a Handicap Match (PHOTOS)
    Making good on his challenge from earlier in the night, Orton and the team he calls “The Legacy,” including Manu & Cody Rhodes faced off against Triple H & Batista. Though the contest was a 3-on-2 Handicap Match, the outcome was nowhere near certain, as Triple H & Batista are not only among the current roster’s most dominant athletes, but are also two of the most powerful Superstars in WWE history. In spite of their wealth of strength and ability, however, they were unable to compete against the odds stacked against them, with Randy Orton hitting Batista with a vicious RKO to pick up the win in his team’s first match together.

    Shawn Michaels won the Slammy Award for Match of the Year, but the award was taken by JBL (PHOTOS)
    The highly-coveted Slammy for Match of the Year was presented by SmackDown’s Eve and the star of the upcoming film Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia, Mr. Kennedy. Paying homage to the “Nature Boy” himself, this award went to Ric Flair’s Career Threatening Match against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XXIV. HBK came to the podium to give an emotional acceptance speech, but was interrupted by JBL, who had one week prior made an employment offer to Michaels. The self-proclaimed “wrestling god” took the award from Shawn, and declared himself the winner for his Parking Lot Brawl Match against John Cena at The Great American Bash, before leaving the stage and a dejected Michaels standing empty-handed.

    World Tag Team Champion CM Punk won the Slammy Award for OMG Moment of the Year; Rey Mysterio def. World Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston to advance to the finals of the Intercontinental Title Tournament; Rey Mysterio to face CM Punk at Armageddon (PHOTOS)
    To give out the Slammy Award for OMG Moment of the Year, Lilian Garcia announced ECW’s Alicia Fox and the WWE personality who can be heard saying “Oh my god!” weekly on, Joey Styles. The two revealed the winner to be World Tag Team Champion CM Punk, for cashing in Money in the Bank to beat Edge and win his first World Heavyweight Championship. The Straightedge Superstar was gracious in his acceptance, stating his intention to go the distance and win the Intercontinental Title from William Regal after winning the tournament.

    After Punk’s acceptance, his partner, World Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston, made his way to the ring to participate in that same Intercontinental Title Tournament. The Jamaican Superstar didn’t have the same success as his partner, however, as Rey Mysterio defeated him in the two’s first-ever match-up. The Master of the 619 will now go on to Armageddon this Sunday to compete against CM Punk for the opportunity to face Intercontinental Champion William Regal.

    Edge & Vickie Guerrero won the Slammy Award for Couple of the Year; Finlay & Hornswoggle def. Santino Marella & Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix; Beth Phoenix won the Slammy Award for Diva of the Year (PHOTOS)
    To announce the winner of Couple of the Year, an unusual pairing made their way to the podium: The radiant Kelly Kelly and the Big Red Monster Kane. Giving the SmackDown General Manager a chance to subject Raw to her screeching, Vickie Guerrero was announced the winner along with her husband, WWE Champion Edge. One pair, however, was particularly put out that they had been looked over for the award, and Glamarella wasn’t going to take it sitting down. Santino Marella & Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix went on to challenge any “couple” in WWE to face them.

    The two got more than they bargained for however, when Finlay & Hornswoggle emerged to accept the challenge. The Belfast Brawler & his diminutive son ran roughshod over Glamarella, further contributing to their discontent at the Slammy loss. But before the couple could leave the ring, ECW General Manager Teddy Long and Melina came out to the podium to announce the winner of Diva of the Year. Though it displeased her to announce it, Melina read Beth Phoenix’s name. As The Glamazon attempted to accept her award, she broke out into a fight with her rival Diva that resulted in Santino getting hit in the groin.

    Jeff Hardy won the Slammy Award for Extreme Moment of the Year; Chris Jericho def. Jeff Hardy (PHOTOS)
    ECW Champion Matt Hardy made a special appearance on Raw to hand out the Slammy for Extreme Moment of the Year with the lovely Tiffany at his side. In what was a special moment for the two Hardys, Matt opened the envelope to discover that his brother Jeff had won for performing a Swanton Bomb on Randy Orton off the Raw set. Though Jeff was excited, and spoke of his plans to leave Armageddon having defeated WWE Champion Edge and Triple H to become the new champion, his exuberance quickly turned to dejection when he had to face the nefarious Chris Jericho. The first-ever Undisputed Champion proved why he continues to be a devastating force on Raw by pinning the Enigmatic Superstar for the win.

    MVC (Most Valuable Charlie) def. MVP (PHOTOS)
    SmackDown’s MVP appeared on Raw hoping to break his long-running losing streak. After taunting Philadelphia Philly Jimmy Rollins at ringside, the Ballin’ Superstar’s opponent was revealed to be someone who looked very familiar. Charlie Haas, who had earlier in the day won the Slammy for Best Impersonation for his role as The GlamaHaas (as seen on, came to the ring outfitted as MVP, bodysuit included. Unfortunately for Montel Vontavious Porter, his arrogant posturing got the best of him, leading to a win for the Most Valuable Charlie.

    Evan Bourne won the Slammy Award for Best Finishing Maneuver; Randy Orton challenged Batista & Triple H to a Handicap Match (PHOTOS)
    Evan Bourne’s phenomenal Shooting Star Press was selected as the Best Finishing Maneuver of 2008, but it wasn’t the high-flyer who arrived to accept the award from Candice Michelle and Cryme Tyme. Unfortunately, it was the man who had further injured the recuperating “Air” Bourne, Mike Knox. The Desert Destroyer took the coveted award before leaving the arena.

    Following Knox’s deplorable actions, another bitter Superstar emerged: Randy Orton. The Legend Killer was incensed that he was left out of the running for Superstar of the Year, and as a way of redeeming himself, challenged Triple H and Orton’s Armageddon opponent, Batista, to a Handicap Match against the team of himself, Manu & Cody Rhodes, stating that “The Legacy is born.”

    The Miz & John Morrison won the Slammy Award for Tag Team of the Year; World Tag Team Champion CM Punk def. John Morrison to advance to the finals of the Intercontinental Title Tournament (PHOTOS)
    Maria and Festus took to the stage at the top of the show to hand out the Slammy for Tag Team of the Year. The Miz & John Morrison were revealed to be the winners and the “Dirt Sheet” duo came out to accept, claiming to be not only the best tag team of 2008, but of the 21st century. Following the award, John Morrison entered the ring to compete against CM Punk in an effort to move ahead in the Intercontinental Title Tournament.

    Though Morrison had claimed to be one-half of the finest ring tandem of this century, on Raw he was unable to stand up to the assault of one-half of the World Tag Team Champions. CM Punk defeated the Shaman of Sexy to move one step closer to facing 2008 King of the Ring William Regal for his Intercontinental Title.

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    WWE Bans Michelle McCool's Finisher

    WWE Bans Michelle McCool's Finisher

    WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool has a new blog on the WWE Universe site. Once again, she makes note of people saying and writing negative things about her.

    "It's not easy to filter out all the negative things people say and/or write about you," McCool wrote. "It's not easy to go down the road less traveled. It's not easy to always be yourself."

    She also defended herself against people who criticize her in-ring work, saying she's done everything possible to improve, not to mention that she's worked very hard to be given the championship opportunity by WWE.

    "I love how people so quickly forget that I have been here four years and worked my butt off every single day...pitching storylines, training at DSW, working in the ring, doing appearances, etc.," McCool said. "Not just that, but in case you forgot - I'm certainly not the only 'diva search reject' under contract right now."

    In case you haven't noticed, McCool doesn't use the "Wings of Love" finishing maneuver anymore, which is a double underhook facebuster similar to TNA star Awesome Kong's finisher. According to McCool, she's not allowed to use the move anymore.

    "I haven't used it in quite some time now, but that's not by choice," she said. "Truth is, I'm not allowed to use it anymore. Apparently, it was too devastating for us girls! Seriously."

    However, she has plans to introduce a new finishing maneuver soon.

    "The only good thing about that is that I debuted a new one on Maryse this weekend and believe me, I think you'll be impressed," McCool said. "I have to keep it under wraps for now until I use it on TV. Hopefully, it's not too rough for us girls."

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    Detailed live notes from this week's RAW
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen Detailed live notes from this week's RAW

    Katie sent in the following report:

    Hey, just got back from Philly, and the crowd was an amazing Philly crowd.

    To start, they showed a long opening video detailing the history of WWE, big moments, celeb, charity, etc. Cena and McCain got booed while Obama was actually half and half, which shocked me considering he took PA with flying colors. Flair got a good pop, too.

    Lilian came out to a great pop, and was well loved all night. She's such a classy, talented woman, and Philly appreciates her. Tommy Dreamer, who is loved in these parts, got a win over Shelton Benjamin with a roll up. JR and Taz came out to great pops, with Taz getting a small ECW chant. Cole came out to heat, and Lawler got a pop with a Jerry chant.

    During the breaks they did Sign of the Night and a few videos. Some notable signs were "Jillian Can't Sing", "Raw is Philly", a few Cena signs, and my "Jillian Needs a Grammy" sign. My friend held that one up, and Todd commented "I think you need a haircut!" or something along those lines. It's funny cause that's the second time it's gotten on SOTN, the last time in DC.

    They showed a Jeff Hardy video, as well as a Cena one, and a Wrestlemania one too. They also did an "Awkward Moment of the Year" award from like, 1998 with JR and Taz, the infamous one where Taz tells JR "I'd slap you, but it already looks like God did." They also had a commercial announcing Great American Bash is going to be in Philly, and it actually got booed cause they announced tickets go on sale TOMORROW, aka December 9th. That wasn't taken too well by the crowd...

    Jimmy Rollins from the WORLD SERIES CHAMPION Phillies was there, and got TONS of chants/love during the breaks. We were hoping JR was gonna reach across and bitchslap MVP, but I guess you can't win them all! lol

    The Slammy thing wasn't bad, a lot better than I actually expected/Philly reacted better than I thought they would. Vickie Guerrero got HUGE heat, so bad that we couldn't hear her. The thing with Khali/Mickie got some "WTF?!" reactions. Joey Styles got a nice reaction, too. There was a big "Ring the Bell!" chant when Miz/Morrison were messing with Festus.

    Santino read Beth a funny poem during one commercial break, and she kept yelling at him. It was pretty funny.

    Also, R-Truth and Dolph Ziggler was a snoozefest. The crowd was getting antsy, and there were some "Boring!" chants in there.

    After the show, not much happened, as HHH just got the crowd to cheer a little, then walked around shaking hands. Lilian thanked us for coming, and that was that. No dark match or anything. All in all, it was a pretty good show.

    Most heat:

    1. Vickie Guerrero
    2. MVP
    3. Jericho
    4. Shawn after JBL came out

    Biggest Pop:

    1. Jeff Hardy
    2. CM Punk
    3. Joey Styles
    4. HHH/Batista

    Cena got a mixed reaction. Certainly not as many boos as in the past, but there's still that one group that doesn't like him who want their voices to be heard.

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    Joey Styles Punches Out JBL In Iraq: Crazy Story

    Joey Styles Punches Out JBL In Iraq: Crazy Story


    Word is coming in about a major backstage altercation that took place while the WWE crew was overseas in Iraq for Tribute to the Troops. Former ECW personality and writer Joey Styles punched out former WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield, busting him open under the eye.

    JBL is one of the senior members of the WWE lockerroom and has a reputation for being somewhat of a bully. According to several sources, JBL picked out Joey Styles to be the target of his hazing during the Iraq tour. JBL was messing with Styles all week, including calling him condecending names in front of other WWE employees and spilling a drink on him intentionally.

    After a few days of abuse, Joey Styles had enough abuse and confronted JBL, who had been drinking at the time. The altercation turned physical and Styles dropped JBL with a punch to the face. Several wrestlers had to step in and break it up.

    At last night's RAW tapings, JBL was unusually quiet while Styles tried to play down the incident and did not want to talk about it. While some companies would fire an employee for an incident like this, there are actually some people within the company that feel Styles standing up for himself might actually score him some points with Vince McMahon.

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    ECW Star Praises TNA On WWE Site

    Tommy Dreamer has a blog on the WWE Universe site answering the fans' top ten most asked questions. Dreamer is asked if he watches TNA. The ECW Superstar is actually a loyal TNA viewer as he watches their show every week. "I do every week," Dreamer said. "I really am impressed with the way Rhino and Team 3D have (sic) stepped up their already impressive game." Dreamer then pokes fun at Brother Ray's weight. "Brother Ray seems to even have lost some weight," Dreamer said. "A Christmas miracle. An angel has gotten their wings." He's also asked why he loses all the time, "especially to guys who suck." Dreamer said, "Well just like in life every time you get knocked down, it is most important to brush yourself off and get up and fight back." Dreamer's also asked where Colin Delaney and the ECW Originals are. He still keeps in touch with them, usually via text-messaging. "I do keep in touch with them. Usually thru texts. For some reason or another all are no longer in WWE. They are all doing well and miss their fans," Dreamer said.

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    ADAMLE'S contract word waarschijnlijk niet verlengd

    Mike Adamle's profile has been removed from the Raw section on You now get a "Page Not Found" message. His $300,000 per year contract is not expected to be renewed when it expires in January.

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    Update on MVP's losing streak

    Update on MVP's losing streak

    Following his pinfall loss to the returning Hurricane Helms on last night’s edition of SmackDown, Montel Vontavious Porter has lost eighteen consecutive television matches in a row, including eighteen clean pinfall losses. Here is the updated “MVP Loss-A-Meter”:

    08-29 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to Jeff Hardy.
    09-05 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to Shelton Benjamin.
    09-07 Unforgiven - Pinned twice; by Jeff Hardy, and by Triple H at the conclusion of the match.
    09-12 SmackDown - Lost Fatal Four Way Match to Jeff Hardy when Kendrick was pinned.
    09-19 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to Triple H.
    09-26 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to Triple H in tag match vs. Triple H & Jeff Hardy.
    10-03 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to Jeff Hardy in All Star Eight-Man Tag Team Match.
    10-10 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to Jeff Hardy.
    10-17 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to R-Truth.
    10-24 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to Kung Fu Naki in tag match vs. R-Truth & Kung Fu Naki.
    10-31 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to Jeff Hardy in six-man tag match vs. The Hardys & Rey Mysterio.
    11-03 Raw - Pinfall loss to Matt Hardy in tag match vs. The Hardys.
    11-07 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to The Great Khali.
    11-14 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to Kung Fu Naki.
    11-21 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to James Mason.
    11-23 Survivor Series - Pinfall loss to The Great Khali. Also pinned JTG.
    12-02 ECW - Pinfall loss to Matt Hardy.
    12-05 SmackDown - Pinfall loss to Hurricane Helms.

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    Mr. Kennedy frustrated with his injuries

    Mr. Kennedy frustrated with his injuries

    The Winnipeg Sun has an interview with SmackDown wrestler Mr. Kennedy today and he told them he’s grown tired of being labeled injury-plagued. “People say I’m snakebit, I’m plagued by injuries,” Kennedy said. “It’s the nature of our business. Injuries happen. It was a freak injury for me. Batista clotheslined me and I injured my triceps when I hit the mat.” Kennedy then points out other WWE stars who have spent time on the shelf due to injuries like him. “If you look at Rey Mysterio … The Undertaker. He’s out once a year … Triple H … John Cena. He was out twice in the last year,” Kennedy said. “It is frustrating for me. I’m not as accomplished as those guys. They accomplished a lot more before they got injured. I hope I don’t get a moniker attached to the end of my name.” Kennedy is expected to be able to return to the ring on February 28, but it could be sooner. “I may be back sooner than you think,” Kennedy said. Kennedy also talks about how big of a video gamer he is. “Besides relaxing and spending time with my wife and my dog, I’ve been playing lots of games — Wii, Xbox 360 and on the computer,” Kennedy says. “I’m a nerd, a geek. I love Warcraft. I’ve crossed into super geekdom. I just beat Gears of Wars 2. I played 130 hours of Zelda when it came out.”

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    TNA Knockout Selling Her Underwear

    TNA Knockout ODB has a somewhat in-character blog on her MySpace account talking about selling event-used flasks, event-used underwear, and 8x10s, due to popular demand. "So speaking of my flask and Christmas, have I got something special for all of you!!! Thats right don't say I never did anything nice for ya. And the next time you see me at the bar, buy me a beer. So what am I doing that is so amazing? I am answering the multiple requests I have been getting from all of you. I am gonna be saling my flasks and my ring worn panties.....calm down kids and take a cold shower....I am also going to be selling my 8x10s," ODB wrote. "So how is this gonna work.... "Well the event used flasks are gonna be 25 bucks and of course signed by me. The panties ( also event used ) are going for 50 bucks. Finally the 8x10s are going to be 10 bucks. All the items will be signed by me your favorite TNA knockout. If you want something made out to someone it's going to cost ya 5 extra bucks. Talk about a steal!!!"

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    TNA Announces an X-Division Title Tournament

    TNA Announces an X-Division Title Tournament

    Following last night's PPV, TNA has announced that an X-Division Title Tournament will begin this Thursday night on Impact. Jim Cornette vacated the X-Division title last night, and the tournament will crown a new champion. The following first round matches have been announced:

    -Eric Young vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

    -Alex Shelley vs. Jay Lethal

    -Chris Sabin vs. Sonjay Dutt

    -Consequences Creed vs. Akira Rajin

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    Uitslagen Final Resolution

    Click on the slide!

    TNA Wrestling... Cross The Line. We're live on pay-per-view, cue the opening video.

    We're live inside the Impact Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Mike Tenay gives us the formal welcome as the pyros go off. Tenay and West rundown tonight's card.

    Feast or Fired Match
    TNA Superstars will battle to get shots at the TNA championships! One unlucky superstar will also be FIRED from TNA Wrestling!

    Here's the order of entrance: Cute Kip, Sonjay Dutt w/ SoCal Val, Jimmy Rave, Lance Rock, Alex Shelley, BG James, Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, Curry Man, Hernandez, Homicide, and Shark Boy. There are cases above the ring posts. The bell rings and everyone's going at it. Creed and Hernandez are working together. Curry Man gets close to case number three, he's knocked off by Jimmy Rave. Curry Man takes out Lance Rock with a head butt. Shark Boy has Dutt's pants down, his backside is exposed. The Motor City Machineguns double team Shark Boy. BG James and Creed go at it with the Guns. Shelley takes out Creed with a dropkick. Shark Boy and Curry Man take out the Motor City Machineguns in the ring. Curry Man and Shark Boy go for cases. BG James works with Curry Man but Shark Boy takes him out and throws him to the outside. Curry Man and Shark Boy go for a case but Sonjay takes them out. Dutt works with Hernandez and nearly grabs a case. Suicide dive from Homicide gets the crowd going. Hernandez takes out Jimmy Rave, sending him to the outside with a border toss. Hernandez grabs case number four. Hernandez is a case winner.

    Drop toe hold from Curry Man on Cute Kip. I briefly lost PPV feed. Kip's attack is cut short by BG James. Shark Boy ends up taking out James with a Stunner. Stunner for Cute Kip. Stunner for Consequences Creed. Lance Rock takes out Shark Boy then Sabin with a suplex. Shelley goes off the top but is caught by Rock and slammed to the mat. Homicide and Curry Man double team Lance Rock but he takes them down with a double clothesline. Rock is eventually double teamed by Curry Man and Homicide in a counter. Lethal is knocked to the outside. Homicide and Curry Man battle at the top for a case. Curry Man and Homicide exchange headbutts but finally Curry Man grabs case number three. Curry Man jumps off the top rope to the outside. Curry Man is a case winner. Rave and Lethal work together in the ring. Cute Kip splashes Rave hard in the corner. Cute Kip hits his finisher on Rave. Alex Shelley gets in and hits a spin kick on Cute Kip followed by a double team by Chris Sabin. The Motor City Machineguns work with Creed in the ring. Consequences Creed counters. Homicide hits a spinning neckbreaker on Sabin. Creed gets taken out by Dutt. Dutt works with Lethal. Lethal hits a full nelson suplex on the Guru. Lethal goes for case number one but Homicide takes him out.

    Homicide takes out Lethal off the ropes. Homicide tries to decide which case he wants. He goes for case number one. Sonjay Dutt gets up and headbutts Homicide. Homicide holds on, Dutt works with him on the top turnbuckle. Homicide tries to unhook case number one. Homicide is a case winner. Cute Kip and BG James work together in the ring. Kip throws James to the outside where they go at it. Dutt over the top rope, takes them both out. Lance Rock is taken out by the Motor City Machineguns in the ring. Alex Shelley goes after a case but Jimmy Rave stops him from behind. Another double team from the Guns in a double team. Lethal gets up and nearly unhooks a case but Alex Shelley puts him on his shoulders. Sabin goes off the top and connects with a missile dropkick. Shark Boy pulls Alex Shelley off of a case, Creed works over Sabin. Shark Boy and Creed double team the Guns. The Guns clear the ring in a counter as Shelley gets up for the case. Sabin blocks for him. Shelley and Sabin celebrate with the case in the ring but Lethal jumps in, takes it from them and makes it to the floor. Jay Lethal is a case winner.

    Richard Reacts: Decent opener that was a spot fest at times. I don't like the match because I don't like the stipulation which essentially promotes Impact to see what the cases contain.

    Below are the case winners:

    Curry Man
    Jay Lethal

    Jeremy Borash gets in the ring and says that we are going to open the first briefcase here live (did they read Richard Reacts that quick?). The Motor City Machineguns are still in the ring. Borash lets them know of the consequences. JB gives everyone a chance to give their case up. Curry Man teases but he decides to keep. Homicide checks with the fans but keeps his. Everyone keeps their case. JB says that they have randomly picked a number and that number will be opened tonight, right now. The number randomly selected is the number two. It's Jay Lethal's case. Lethal gets in the ring with his case.

    The Motor City Machineguns are still in the ring. Referee Andrew Thomas unlocks the chain around the briefcase. JB quickly goes through Lethal's accomplishments. The Guns say that it's their case, JB says it's not and that if they have a problem they need to take it up with Mick Foley. JB says that the rules are very clear, that they must make it to the floor with the case to win it. Referees detain the Guns who are still in the ring. Andrew Thomas has the case as JB asks Lethal if he's ready. Lethal gives it an OHHHHH YEAH. Thomas snaps open the case and Lethal wins a Tag Team Title Shot. The Guns go crazy as Lethal grabs the case and gets out of the ring. Borash is getting frustrated at the Guns, as he gets red-faced and tells off Alex Shelley. He says he's tried of their constant moaning, complaining, and bitching. JB says that the name of the company is Total Nonstop Action and not Total Nonstop A-Hole and that is what Shelley has become. JB says that Shelley is the biggest pain in the ass that's ever worked with. Lethal's music plays as JB heads to the back.

    Backstage with Lauren who's with Sharmell and the Beautiful People (including Cute Kip). She asks her about losing her locker room, she says she'll deal with that. Sharmell says that underneath all her beauty that she's about as ghetto as ghetto gets. She cuts a gangsta girl promo and walks off. Velvet Sky talks about all the cellulite in the girl's locker room. She cuts a heel promo, saying that they do bad things to bad people but she says they never start anything but take out the trash that 'they' put in the ring with 'us'. Sky tells Roxxi and Taylor Wilde they are so over beating the ugly out of them. She says the only reason they accepted this match is because the Beautiful People wanted another crib. Angelina Love says that they only know you can only have one of something. They thank Booker in advance for his locker room. Love says that the Beautiful People can never have enough real estate. Love says that they own everything and that's why the economy is so bad. Love gets a phone call by Sarah Palin. She tells Palin that they can come to the Impact Zone and to call her when they land.

    The Beautiful People & Sharmell vs. ODB, Taylor Wilde & Roxxi
    Knockouts Match

    Sharmell comes out first followed by Angelina Love and Velvet Sky with Cute Kip. Roxxi comes out for her team first followed by ODB. Taylor Wilde rounds out her team by coming out last. The match starts with ODB taking out Angelina Love in the ring. The babyface Knockouts are ready in the ring. Sharmell jumps in Kip's arms on the outside. It's Love and Roxxi in the ring. Roxxi takes her to the mat and goes for a wrist lock. Taylor Wilde tags in and locks in a wrist lock of her own. Roxxi tags back in and hits a double sledge off the top on Angelina Love. Taylor Wilde tags back in and hits a double sledge of her own. Wilde and Love work in the ring.

    Velvet Sky is tagged in and takes Taylor Wilde down to the mat and gets a two count. Velvet Sky kicks Wilde in the small of her back. Right hands from Wilde followed by a CM Punk style kick to take her down in a counter. Roxxi tags in and picks up Sky. She slams her down and tags back in Taylor Wilde. They go for a double team but Velvet Sky gets out of the ring. Roxxi takes out Love who is tagged back in. The Beautiful People regroup on the outside, Sharmell is too scared to get in the ring. Now it's Cute Kip and ODB in the ring. Angelina and Velvet Sky take out ODB in the ring. Sky goes to work on her with chops. ODB starts to counter, she exchanges blows with Velvet Sky. Angelina Love is tagged in. They beat down ODB in their corner. Kip interferes when the referee is distracted. Love works with ODB in the corner of the ring. Love buries her head in the midsection of ODB in the corner. Head lock from Angelina Love. Velvet Sky is tagged in and kicks ODB in the back. Dropkick from Angelina Love. The Beautiful People taunt the crowd. Sharmell is tagged in, she gets in and kicks ODB in the ring. Sharmell lands several blows on ODB as she quickly tags in Velvet Sky when ODB shows signs of life. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love double team ODB but she counters with a double clothesline. Three women down in the ring.

    Taylor Wilde is tagged in. She gets in and takes out The Beautiful People with missile dropkicks. She hits the tilt the world backbreaker on Angelina Love. Velvet Sky breaks up the three count. Roxxi gets in and takes Sky to the outside. Sharmell goes for ODB who has her back turned. ODB turns around and gets her one-on-one. Cute Kip gets in between them, ODB goes after Sharmell down the entrance tunnel. Taylor Wilde and Angelina Love are going at it in the ring. Love hits a cross-body block off the top rope but Taylor Wilde reverses the pin on the mat and gets the win.

    Winners - Taylor Wilde, Roxxi, & ODB

    Richard Reacts: The match just kind of happened. Wilde looked pretty good as did the Beautiful People. Pretty standard Knockout match with Sharmell having a very minimal impact.

    Backstage with Jeremy Borash and Eric Young, they talk about tonight's X-Division Championship match.

    Eric Young vs. champion Sheik Abdul Bashir
    X Division Championship Match

    The Motor City Machineguns interrupt the interview and tell Young that they need to borrow Borash. Young says that this is about their future... their spots.. and they better got on board. Shelley says the only guy that he can touch is Chris Sabin. Shelley tells him to go work his match while they deal with JB. Shelley slams JB up against a locker and tells him that he wasn't thinking when he mouthed off. Shelley wants to know where Mick Foley is, JB tells him that he's in Jeff Jarrett's office under his breath. Shane Sewell is the referee for this X Division Championship Match. The champion, Sheik Abdul Bashir, comes out next to heat from the crowd. Sewell holds up the title, signifying that it's on the line. Tenay and West talk about how Sewell has to focus on the match and put Sheik Abdul Bashir in the back of his head. The bell rings as Sheik Abdul Bashir connects on a side headlock takeover. Eric Young gets up quickly but is taken right back down by Bashir. The crowd is very pro-Eric Young. Young takes out Bashir with a blow to the jaw. Young whips Bashir off the ropes, finally connecting with a splash. Hard right hand from Eric Young. Bashir counters with chops in the corner on the Challenger. Belly-to-Belly suplex from Young on Bashir. Young bounces the head off Sheik Abdul Bashir off the turnbuckle. Young throws him into the corner. Bashir counters and throws Young into the turnbuckles all the way to the outside of the ring.

    Bashir goes to the outside, Sewell checks on Eric Young. Bashir bounces EY's head off the steel ring steps. Bashir throws him into the steps and clears the count in the ring. Bashir rolls Young back into the ring and gets a two count. Waist lock by Bashir on Eric Young, Sewell checks for submission. Eric Young gets back to his feet and backs Bashir down with an elbow. Bashir counters with elbows then connects several elbow drops. Bashir gets in Shane Sewell's face before the cover. Bashir gets a two count then locks in a surf board hold. Bashir lands another blow after breaking the surfboard before re-applying the hold in the ring. Eric Young gets back to a vertical base and counters out of the surfboard submission hold. Both men are down in the ring. Standing switch when they both get back to their feet. Backdrop suplex from Young onto Bashir. Young goes off the top, connects with an elbow and a two count. Young sends Bashir off the ropes but is kicked in the face. Young counters with a discus style clothesline and another two count for a near fall. Young goes for a moonsault off the top, but he misses. Bashir gets a two count in a counter. Sheik Abdul Bashir goes for the weapon of mass destruction but Young counters. Young nearly wins the match in a counter but Bashir gets his foot on the ropes. Bashir tosses Young out of the ring. Bashir gets in Sewell's face as Young gets on the apron and is hit by Bashir. Bashir taunts Sewell and pushes him. Young finally gets back on the counter and hits a shoulder block. Sewell kicks Bashir, allowing Young to get the roll-up for the three count cover.

    Winner & new X Division Champion - Eric Young

    After the match, Bashir takes out Young and is furious at Sewell who just cost him the title. Bashir takes out Sewell. Sewell connects on several backhand chops in the ring on Bashir. He takes him out with a back body drop. Bashir hits Sewell with the X Division title belt. Bashir throws Eric Young to the outside.

    Bashir takes out Sewell who has bladed. The crowd boos heavily as blood pours down Shane Sewell's face. Bashir chokes Sewell with a towel as he bites the bloody face of Sewell. As Bashir is on his way to the back, he is greeted by Jim Cornette and TNA security. Cornette takes the X Division title belt away from Bashir, as Young won the match.

    Richard Reacts: Goofy TNA, this match was nothing more than an angle setup the continuation of Sewell vs. Bashir. In my opinion the constant X Division title changes devalue the title. The match was not your typical X Division match and was mediocre at best.

    Christy Hemme vs. champion Awesome Kong w/ Raisha Saeed
    TNA Knockout Women's Championship

    Accompanied by Raisha Saeed and Rhaka Khan, the TNA Knockout Women's Champion, Awesome Kong. She comes out first. A member of the US military comes out to announce Christy Hemme. He announces her to a well-deserved pop from the crowd.

    The bell rings and we're underway. Kong and Hemme lock up but Kong pushes her to the mat. Hemme goes at it with Kong in the corner, but she struggles to move Kong. Hemme's blows have little effect on Kong. Kong charges at Hemme but she ducks and is sent to the outside. Hemme goes off the top rope and hits a cross-body block on the outside. Hemme goes for a kick but Kong grabs her foot and sends her down on the outside.

    Kong smacks Hemme's face off the ring apron before rolling her back into the ring. Kong slowly follows the Challenger back into the ring. Kong slams Christy down on her spine as she continues to show a lot of heart. Kong steps on the chest of Hemme before picking her up by the hair and going for a slam. Kong puts her above her head and connects a very painful torture rack, bow and arrow type manevuer (I've never seen such, but it was awesome). Hemme counters on Kong and gets on her back, she connects a sleeper hold. Hemme connects a sweet rolling DDT on Kong, sending her on her back. She hits a flying fire crotch guillotine off the ropes but Raisha Saeed pulls Hemme to the outside when she goes for the pin. Saeed gets in the ring and tries to go back at Hemme, forcing the disqualification.

    Winner via disqualification - Christy Hemme (Kong retains)

    After the match, Kong goes crazy on Hemme. Security comes out to hold her back but she gets through them. Security separates Kong and Christy. They break through and continue to get at it. It's funny watching three guys hold back little Christy Hemme. The crowd screams 'let them fight'.

    Richard Reacts: More really weak booking from TNA. Did Kong really need Saeed and Khan taking out Hemme, forcing a DQ to retain the title? The booking just lacks logic. Christy Hemme looked decent but this was nothing more than a filler to continue this program. I'm trying not to fall asleep.

    Kurt Angle tells JB that he has completely lost it. Angle is very serious and somber, he cuts a promo on Rhino. Angle says that he sees a fire in him that he has never seen. Angle tells Rhino that he has lit a fire in him and the fire that he has in his eyes is like a puff of smoke compared to what Angle has for Jeff Jarrett. Angle says that he thinks about Jarrett morning and night. He says that Jarrett and his three girls have ruined his entire life. Angle says that he will have Jarrett in the ring at Genesis next month and he guarantees him that he will have no mercy for him. JB asks Angle if he has forgotten about Mick Foley - Angle says Foley is taken care of.

    Abyss & "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan vs. champions Beer Money, Inc
    TNA Tag Team Championship Match

    The following match is for the TNA Tag Team Championship. Matt Morgan is out first followed by his partner, Abyss. James Storm rides to the ring on the 'beer mobile' which is awesome. Jacqueline Moore accompanies them to the ring. Before the match starts Abyss chases James Storm all the way around the ring, finally in it. Matt Morgan and Robert Roode get in the ring and it's an all out brawl inside. Morgan takes out Storm, Abyss ends up taking out Roode. The tag champs retreat to the outside.

    Storm runs out of the Impact Zone followed by Abyss and Robert Roode. Beer Money comes back, Morgan goes off the top rope to the outside, onto them both. Abyss rolls both back in the ring. All four men back in the ring, Abyss and Morgan have the advantage. Beer Money, Inc. is leaving with the belts and Jacqueline. Morgan and Abyss demand that they come back. Referee Rudy Charles is talking to Dave Penzer. Penzer says that Beer Money has to the count of 10 to return to the ring once the bell is run and that if they don't, they forfeit the titles. At 9 they get in and break the count. Beer Money is on the apron, Morgan and Abyss in the ring. Finally it's James Storm vs. Abyss to start things out. The crowd is very pro-Abyss. Abyss chases Storm right back out of the ring. The crowd boos. Robert Roode gets in and tries to calm Abyss down. Roode ducks out of the ring and onto the apron. The referee tries to get Roode to get back into the ring. It's Roode and Morgan in the ring. Roode applies a side headlock but Morgan counters. Tenay says that Cornette is going to hold the X Division belt and a decision will be made on Impact this week. In the ring, Morgan is working with Roode.

    Morgan hits a fall away slam on James Storm. Abyss is begging for a tag, he gets it. Abyss gets in, Storm goes to the outside. Roode is pulled into the ring over the top ropes by Abyss. Roode counters but Abyss hits a sideslam and gets a two count (I didn't see a tag). Roode is demanding that Storm get in the ring. Abyss takes out Roode and tags in Morgan. They double team Roode with a double shoulder block. Morgan gets a two count. Roode is setup in the corner, Jackie gets involved and finally Roode takes out Morgan's knee. Storm is tagged in as he and Roode double team Morgan. Storm works the left knee of Morgan.

    Roode wraps Morgan's knee around the steel ring post (Morgan is in the ring, Roode on the outside). Roode gets back in the ring and starts to work with Morgan. Roode hits a chop block variation and gets a two count as Morgan was going for a tag. Roode tags back in James Storm. Storm goes right back to the left knee of Morgan. Storm locks in a half Boston Crab on Matt Morgan. Abyss reaches for a tag and finally tries to get in. The referee won't let him, Roode gets a tag and locks back in the half Boston Crab on Morgan. Morgan finally grabs the bottom rope, Roode breaks the hold and tags in Storm. Storm connects on an elbow to the back of the head of Morgan. Right knee, left knee to the face of Morgan from Storm. Storm tags in Roode who goes off the top into a rocket launcher double team. Roode gets a two count. Roode tags in Storm, they go for a double suplex that Morgan reverses. Morgan takes them both out. Morgan finally gets the tag. Storm gets out of the ring as Abyss beats down Roode. Abyss picks Roode up for the Shock Treatment back breaker, Storm in for the save. Storm connects on some blows but they don't have much effect. Abyss takes out Storm, Roode goes off the top rope and eats a chokeslam from Abyss. Shock Treatment on James Storm from Abyss. Abyss covers Storm, Roode barely makes the save. Storm goes for the beer bottle shot, Abyss takes the bottle away. Jacqueline gets in and distracts Abyss before he hits Storm. Storm has brass knuckles, he hits Abyss in the face with it and gets the pinfall victory.

    Winners & still TNA Tag Team Champions - Beer Money, Inc.

    Richard Reacts: I hated that the way that the match was booked but the ring work was good. Storm and Roode have turned into one of the best tag teams in wrestling. I didn't like the overbooked finish, the interference, or how long it took the bout to get started. No title change on this throwaway pay-per-view.

    Backstage with Lauren and Mick Foley, Lauren asks Foley about the pressure surrounding Kurt Angle vs. Rhino tonight. He says that he intends to keep the Main Event Mafia out of the match. The Motor City Machineguns walks up and interrupt the interview. Shelley tells Foley that they are just different people.

    The Guns finally tell Mick Foley they want him to go out and overturn the decision regarding their Feast or Fired case. Foley tells Lauren that one say 'that kid' will have exactly what is coming to him.

    The Motor City Machineguns come out to the ring. Alex Shelley tells the crowd to shut up so that a man can talk. Shelley says that this is the second time that the MCMG have came out on this broadcast and we'll be lucky if our PPV providers do not charge us double. Shelley says that Foley is about to come out and reverse the decision to the Feast or Fired match and that they are more than qualified to be champions. Sabin grabs a couple of chairs and sets them up in the ring.

    Shelley says they are sitting there until Foley comes out. Jim Cornette comes out and tells them that Foley has more to worry about than a couple of crybabies. Cornette tells Shelley that what they better do is get their butts out of those chairs, get out of the ring, and out of the building right now. They ask him what if they don't. Cornette says that he's going to have security remove them.

    Suicide comes out on a zip line over the crowd. He gets in the ring and takes out both Shelley and Sabin. Suicide clears the ring to a tremendous pop from the live crowd.

    Backstage with Lauren and Rhino, Lauren says she shouldn't be there. Rhino tells her that she shouldn't as he cuts a very somber, serious promo on Kurt Angle. Pretty good mic work from just about everyone tonight.

    Rhino vs. Kurt Angle
    Special Enforcer: Mick Foley
    If Rhino wins, Angle is gone from TNA! If Angle wins, he gets his rematch vs. Jeff Jarrett!

    The Special Enforcer, Mick Foley, comes to the ring first. The stipulation for this match is if Angle wins, he gets a rematch next month against Jeff Jarrett. If he loses, he's 'finished' with TNA Wrestling. Rhino is out next. Kurt Angle is out next, very serious, as he adjusts the straps of his singlet. The bell rings and we're ready to go. No one came out to be in the corner of Kurt Angle.

    Rhino backs Kurt Angle down into the ropes. They exchange blows, both trying to gain the opening control. Angle eats a move from Rhino but retreats to the outside. Angle gets on the apron and then back into the ring. The crowd is split. Angle locks up with Rhino in the ring, side headlock from Rhino. Rhino takes Angle down with the side headlock. Rhino has it applied on Angle on the mat. Rhino takes Angle down and gets a two count after Angle counters. Rhino backs Angle into the corner. Angle whips Rhino into the other corner off the reversal. Rhino connects with an elbow in a counter and gets another near fall. Angle ends up pushing Rhino to the outside when he was up on the ropes, trying to gain the advantage. Mick Foley looks on at the action. Angle works with Rhino on the outside, slamming him off the crowd control gate. Angle gets into the ring as Foley tells Rhino something. Angle kicks Rhino in the ribs and rolls him back into the ring. Near fall for angle. Backdrop suplex from Angle onto Rhino for another two count.

    Side headlock from Angle onto Rhino. Rhino picks Angle above his head and slams him but Angle never broke the hold. Angle's got more of a sleep now locked as Rhino goes back to a vertical base. Rhino uses right hands to try and battle out. Angle sends Rhino off the ropes and hits a belly-to-belly overhead release suplex. Angle gets a two count, and another. Rhino counters on Angle but Angle ends up raking the eyes Rhino, sending him back down to the mat for another submission hold. Rhino gets back to the vertical base, both men end up going down off the ropes. Angle hits Rhino with a right, they exchange blows. Back and forth, Rhino gets the better of Angle, sending him to the mat. Angle gets back up quick but ends up getting caught in a big spinebuster from the War Machine. Two count for Rhino. Angle counters out of nowhere with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle drops the straps from his singlet. Angle goes for the Olympic Slam, but Rhino counters with a belly-to-belly suplex.

    Rhino goes for Gore but it's reversed into a Kurt Angle ankle lock. Mick Foley encourages Rhino towards the ropes, the referee checks on him. Angle pulls Rhino back to the middle. Rhino counters out and goes for a power bomb, he ends up dropping Angle face first on the top turnbuckle. Angle is down face first on the mat. Rhino is going for Gore, Angle hits Rhino with a knee to the head. Olympic Slam from Angle into a two count. Rhino inadvertently hits referee Slick Johnson, taking him out. Angle takes out Rhino in the ring and goes to the outside for a steel chair. Foley, checking on the referee, demands that Angle put down the chair. Angle drops the chair, Rhino sneaks up behind him and nearly catches him for a three in a small package. Angle goes to the top rope, Rhino connects right hands on him. Angle sits on the top turnbuckle, Rhino connects on a superplex. Mick Foley counts the two count for Rhino. Al Snow comes out to the ring, starring down Mick Foley. Snow smacks Foley in the face. Angle ends up hitting Rhino with the chair. Angle Slam on Rhino and Foley is forced to make the three count.

    Winner - Kurt Angle, gets a rematch against Jeff Jarrett

    Kurt Angle gets on the mic and says that Jeff Jarrett made a promise, Foley made a promise, and that he beat Rhino's a$$ tonight. He says that he will cripple Jarrett and that Foley is next. Angle calls Foley an old SOB and says that he is going to beat the sh%t out of him.

    Richard Reacts: Give Kurt Angle a match on a pay-per-view and he never disappoints. Another very good match from one of the best in the world and while the finish was overbooked, the match was entertaining. Angle's post-match mic work made me mark out. I like this Angle (pun intended).

    We're backstage with Lauren and the rest of the Main Event Mafia. She's interviewing Sting, she asks him how confident that he is. Sting says that he is very confident and tells her that they have all been victims of their disrespect. Sting says he is surrounded by experience.

    Backstage with Jeremy Borash and the TNA Frontline. Borash asks Styles if he and Samoa Joe can trust Team 3D. Brother Ray goes off on that, Styles asks who's everyone and asks him if he's still paling around with Kurt Angle. Styles screams at Borash and tells him that he trusts them and believes in them like brothers. He says that Frontline is taking home the TNA Championship tonight. Brother Ray and Brother Devon seem to somewhat mock Styles when he walks out.

    TNA World Champion Sting, Legends Champion Booker T, Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner (The Main Event Mafia) vs. Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Team 3D (TNA Frontline)
    (If TNA Frontline wins, AJ Styles becomes the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion)

    The Main Event Mafia comes out first with Scott Steiner being a touch delayed. The TNA Frontline is out next. Jeremy Borash gets in the ring for the formal introductions. This is an eight man tag with the TNA Championship on the line. Earl Hebner is the referee. The bell rings and we're underway. It's Booker T and AJ Styles starting things out. Booker slaps AJ in the face, it has no effect. Booker and AJ lockup, both struggle for opening control. AJ lands several rights to the jaw of Booker T.

    Big dropkick from AJ Styles on Booker T off the ropes. Styles tags in Brother Ray, double axe handle on Booker. Wrist lock from Brother Ray, Booker falls to one knee. Booker beats Brother Ray down in the corner, Booker tags in Scott Steiner. Side slam from Booker onto Brother Ray. Steiner assaults Brother Ray into the ropes with big clubbing blows. Steiner drops a clothesline but misses on an elbow drop. Brother Ray hits a Rock Bottom and a two count. Ray tags in Samoa Joe. Joe works over Steiner in the ring. Steiner gets caught by an elbow in the face from Joe in the corner. Joe kicks Steiner in the back of the head with a kick. Joe motions for Nash to tag into the match. Sting tags in instead and goes to work with Joe. Joe lands kicks and chops on the TNA Champion. Several right hands from Joe in his MMA-style stance in the corner. Headbutt from Joe onto Sting. Sting turns it around with a rake to the eyes and right hands. Scoop slam from Sting onto Joe. He drops an elbow on the Samoan Submission Machine. Nash is tagged in.

    Joe smacks Nash's head off the turnbuckle. Joe tags in Brother Devon who hits a big shoulder block on Big Sexy. Devon takes out Steiner, then Booker T who get involved. Devon goes back to work on Nash and gets a two count. Devon goes back to work on Booker then back to Nash. Devon gets into it with Sting on the apron and ends up eating a boot from Nash. Side slam from Nash onto Brother Devon for a two count. Nash tags in Scott Steiner. They double team Brother Devon. Steiner sends Devon off the ropes and applies a bear hug followed by a release suplex and a two count. Booker T is back in the ring off a tag, he works over Devon in the corner. Devon blocks a right from Booker and counters, he eats a kick from Booker in another counter. Two count for Booker on Devon. Booker goes for a variation of the cross-face submission. Booker has the submission applied as he tags in Sting. The crowd gets behind Devon. Sting tags in Steiner. Steiner chops away at Devon, lifting his shirt up. Finally Steiner sets Devon up on the top turnbuckle. Devon pushes Steiner off and goes for a diving headbutt off the top, he connects.

    Brother Ray and Nash are tagged in. Ray connects with several rights followed by a lariat. Big splash in the corner from Ray followed by a backdrop suplex. Cover from Brother Ray but Booker T comes in for the save. Samoa Joe is tagged in and he delivers his kicks to Nash. Splash from Joe into a two count on Nash. Booker T works with Joe, sending him to the corner. Joe is attacked by Steiner who is on the outside. Booker T had Hebner distracted. Nash hits a short armed clothesline for a two count followed by an elbow drop and another two count. Nash tags in Sting. Sting hits a dropkick to the face of Samoa Joe. Sting hits another dropkick and tags Scott Steiner back in. Steiner drops an elbow on Joe but he gets caught in the corner of TNA Frontline. Steiner ends up applying a headlock, Joe back to the vertical base. Steiner sends Joe to the mat, but a member of 3D makes the save. Sting is tagged in, he hits a snap suplex and tags in Booker T. Booker T is the legal man for the Main Event Mafia. He exchanges chops with Joe. Fierce chops from Joe but he eats a spectacular kick from Booker. Booker tags in Steiner. They double team Joe. Steiner sets Joe up on the top turnbuckle. Belly-to-belly release overhead suplex from Steiner. He goes for the cover but Joe has his feet on the ropes. Steiner applies a sleeper on Joe but Joe gets to his feet. Steiner tags in Kevin Nash. Nash works over Joe in the corner of the Main Event Mafia. Joe gets hit by everything that Nash has in the corner.

    Booker T applies a hold on Samoa Joe from the outside. This enables Nash to maintain control on Joe in the ring, dropping him with a big move. Nash tags in Sting who goes off the top rope, but Joe gets his knees up. Sting brings Joe back to the Main Event Mafia corner. Sting tags in Booker T who applies an abdominal stretch on Samoa Joe. Joe counters but Booker tags in Steiner. Steiner attacks Joe. Joe counters, catching Steiner in mid-air, both men are shaken up. AJ Styles is tagged in, Sting in. Styles and Sting go at it, Booker comes in, Nash comes in. Styles cleans house. Big splash from AJ onto Sting in the corner. Splashes for Steiner, Booker, and Nash.

    Styles connects on Sting and gets a two count. Joe tags in and takes out Sting. Everyone is in the ring, the match structure has broken down. Booker and Devon are going at it in the ring, the other action is outside. 3D by Team 3D onto Booker T but Steiner comes in and hits a double clothesline. Suplex from Steiner on Devon. Full nelson sitdown powerbomb from Ray onto Steiner. Nash comes in a chokeslams Brother Ray. Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Lock, Joe in for the save. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster on Sting but Nash in for the save with the low blow, Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Joe and gets the three count.

    Winners - The Main Event Mafia, Sting retains the TNA Championship

    Sting walked out on the Main Event Mafia as they celebrated in the ring.

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    Adam Joseph Copeland (Orangeville, (Ontario), 30 oktober 1973), is een Canadese professionele worstelaar die werkt voor World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), beter gekend met zijn worstelnaam Edge. Copeland worstelt momenteel voor SmackDown!.

    Copeland werd oorspronkelijk vooral bekend als de helft van het tag team Edge en Christian, samen met zijn beste vriend en kayfabe broer Jason "Christian" Reso. Hij is op dit moment de worstelaar in de WWE die het vaakst een Tag Team championship heeft gewonnen, zijn laatste kampioenschap was namelijk zijn twaalfde, zeven maal met Christian, twee maal met Chris Benoit, en één maal met Hulk Hogan, Rey Mysterio en Randy Orton.


    Vroege carrière
    Tijdens de jaren '90 worstelde Copeland voor veel onafhankelijke worstel-promoties in Ontario en het noorden van de Verenigde Staten onder de naam Sexton Hardcastle. Als Sexton Hardcastle werd hij gemanaged door Johnny Bradford en Judd the Studd en was hij een deel van het succesvolle tag team Sex and Violence met Joe Legend, in het gebied rond Detroit. In 1997 was Sex and Violence deel van een grotere stable bekend als Thug Life, die bestond uit Legend, Hardcastle, Christian Cage, Bloody Bill Skullion en Rhino Richards. In zijn indy carrière won hij de SSW Tag Title, de ICW Street Fight Tag Title en de ICW/MWCW Midwest Unified Tag Titel, allemaal met Cage. Het duo stond bekend als Hard Impact, voordat ze hun naam veranderden naar The Suicide Blondes.

    World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment
    In 1998 tekende Copeland een contract bij de World Wrestling Federation (WWF), en maakte zijn televisie debuut op de aflevering van Raw is War op 22 juni 1998 als Edge, een loner gimmick die de arena binnenkwam door het publiek voor zijn matches. Zijn eerste uitgezonden match was tegen Jose Estrada, Jr. en eindigde vroeg, door countout, toen Edge zijn "somersault senton" maakte van de ring naar de buitenkant, waarbij hij in de nek van Armando Estrada blesseerde.[1] In zijn eerste pay-per-view match bij het bedrijf, SummerSlam 98, was hij de mystery partner van Sable's tegen Jacqueline en Marc Mero.

    Edge werd toen geplaatst in een feud tegen de vampier worstelaar Gangrel. Tijdens de feud introduceerde Gangrel Christian, Edge zijn kayfabe broer als zijn bondgenoot. Uiteindelijk overtuigden Gangrel en Christian Edge om zich bij hen aan te sluiten en de drie vormden een stable die bekend stond als "The Brood". The Brood werd in zijn geheel later toegevoegd aan de Ministry of Darkness van The Undertaker.

    In mei 1999 scheidde de Brood zich af van The Ministry nadat Christian was aangevallen door Ken Shamrock en hem dwong om de locatie te onthullen van de ontvoerde Stephanie McMahon. The Undertaker koos ervoor om Christian te straffen voor deze misstap maar Edge en Gangrel stonden hem bij en keerden zich tegen The Undertaker. Dit was een historisch moment omdat niemand anders uit de Ministry stappen daarvoor of daarna.

    Volgend op een korte feud met the Ministry begonnen ze een feud met The Hardy Boyz (Matt Hardy en Jeff Hardy). Kort daarna keerde Gangrel zich tegen Edge en Christian en vormde The New Brood met hun vijanden, The Hardy Boyz.

    Zelfs nadat the New Brood zich had opgebroken bleven Edge & Christian in een feud met The Hardy Boyz. De twee teams vochten tegen elkaar in een tag team ladder match tijdens No Mercy 1999 pay-per-view voor de services als manager van Terri Runnels en $100.000, maar Edge & Christian verloren.

    Tijdens WrestleMania XVI (2000) versloegen Edge en Christian The Hardy Boyz en The Dudley Boyz om zo hun eerste WWF World Tag Team Titel te winnen in een Triangle Ladder Match.

    Volgend op deze overwinning vonden Edge en Christian succes als een heel duo, waarbij ze hun gimmick van goths naar een komisch paar van "cool dudes" veranderen. Ze winnen de WWF Tag Team Titels nog zeven keer. Tijdens deze periode werd hun handelsmerk de "five second pose'" waar ze een pose aannamen in de ring voor vijf seconden "for the benefit of those with flash photography", om hun fans belachelijk te maken, te beledigen en te amuseren. Ze namen als een team deel in de eerste drie Tables, Ladders, and Chairs matches, en wonnen de eerste twee over The Dudley Boyz en The Hardy Boyz, tijdens SummerSlam 2000 en opnieuw tijdens WrestleMania X-Seven.

    Edge bleek zichzelf ook in de kijker te zetten als een rijzende singles ster door het King of the Ring toernooi te winnen in 2001. Christian keerde zich kort daarna tegen Edge en de twee hadden een feud over Edge zijn Intercontinental Championship, die Christian won en weer terug verloor aan Edge. Edge verloor zijn Intercontinental Titel aan Test en won kort daarna het United States Championship van Kurt Angle. Edge versloeg Test tijdens de Survivor Series 2001 en verenigde zo het Intercontinental Championship met het United States Championship.

    Gedurende de winter maanden van 2001 had Edge een feud met William Regal voor de Intercontinental Titel nadat Regal het van hem af had genomen. Edge kwam tekort in de feud. Toen, tijdens WrestleMania X8 stond Edge in een match met Booker T die een feud hadden over een reclame campagne voor een fictieve Japanse shampoo.

    Na zijn feud met Booker T werd Edge naar de SmackDown! show geloot in de eerste loting. Toen hij daar aankwam had hij een feud met Kurt Angle die eindigde met Edge die Kurt's hoofd kaal scheerde na een hair vs. hair match. Toen Rey Mysterio zijn SmackDown! debuut maakte, vormden de twee een paar en kregen het WWE Tag Team Championship. Er werd vaak gerefereerd naar het duo als "the future of SmackDown!".

    In februari 2003 liep Copeland een nekblessure op waarbij chirurgie nodig was, waardoor hij voor bijna een jaar uitgeschakeld was. Tijdens zijn herstelperiode schreef hij een column voor Hij zou terugkeren naar de ring in februari 2004, maar liep een gebroken hand op net voor zijn verwachte terugkeer die hem ertoe dwong om nog een maand langer buiten de ring te blijven. Hij werd op de RAW show geplaatst in de loterij na WrestleMania XX, en keerde terug naar de in-ring actie kort na die gebeurtenis. Bij zijn terugkeer leek Edge een nieuwe man te zijn, met duidelijk meer spiermassa en zijn gewicht was omhoog gegaan van 240 naar 250 pond. Hij had ook een nieuwe tattoo op zijn linker schouder. Tijdens de aflevering van RAW op 19 april 2004 wonnen hij en Chris Benoit het World Tag Team Championship. Hij bleef Benoit steunen, zelfs nadat ze de titels verloren hadden. Het partnerschap was opgeheven toen Edge het Intercontinental Championship won.

    In juli tijdens Vengeance 2004 versloeg Edge Randy Orton om het Intercontinental Championship te winnen. Hij had toen een heel-turn. Volgend op een echte kruis blessure in een niet-uitgezonden match haalde General Manager Eric Bischoff de titel van Edge.

    Toen Edge terugkeerde was zijn gimmick die van een gekke heel met ernstige woede problemen die zich vooral richten op zijn obsessie voor het World Heavyweight Championship. Hij, Benoit en Shawn Michaels kregen de kans om door de fans uitgekozen te worden voor een titel kans op Triple H's World Heavyweight Championship tijdens Taboo Tuesday 2004. Shawn Michaels won echter de stemming, en de twee overgebleven worstelaars, Edge en Benoit kregen een Tag Titel kans. Tijdens de match liet Edge zijn partner in de steek (hoewel Benoit de titels in zijn eentje wist te winnen), en verstoorde in plaats daarvan het main event door Michaels het kampioenschap te kosten.

    Edge verliet uiteindelijk opnieuw zijn tag team partner Benoit, en stond hem zo toe de titels te verliezen. Edge ging toen bij Triple H's team voor de Survivor Series 2004 terwijl Benoit zich aansloot bij die van Randy Orton.

    Later in dat jaar namen Edge en Benoit beiden deel in een number one contender battle royal, en elimineerden ze elkaar tegelijkertijd tijdens het einde van de match, waardoor het een gelijk spel werd. Hierdoor werd de toenmalige World Heavyweight Champion Triple H gedwongen om de titel te verdedigen in een triple threat match. Tijdens het verloop van deze match sloot Benoit zijn Crippler Crossface in, terwijl Edge zijn gewicht verplaatste waardoor Benoit's schouders op de mat kwamen voor een pin. De match eindigde in een "Dusty finish" omdat Benoit Edge deed uittikken op hetzelfde moment dat de scheidsrechter een pinfall telde voor Edge. Als een resultaat hiervan werd het World Heavyweight Title de week erna beschikbaar.

    Edge kreeg nog een kans op het World Heavyweight Championship tijdens New Year's Revolution 2005 in de Elimination Chamber. Edge en een terugkerende Shawn Michaels, die de gast scheidsrechter was in die match, hernieuwden hun rivaliteit toen Michaels Edge raakte met zijn 'Sweet Chin Music'. Edge versloeg Michaels vervolgens tijdens de Royal Rumble later in die maand.

    Tijdens WrestleMania 21, won Edge de eerste "Money in the Bank ladder match" waarmee hij een contract won dat hem de kans gaf op het World Heavyweight Championship in het komende jaar.

    Het was rond die tijd dat Edge onder grote kritiek kwam, vooral van de Internet wrestling community, vanwege zijn (echte) "verraad" van mede worstelaar en vriend, Matt Hardy, door een affaire te hebben met Matt's vriendin voor zes jaar Amy "Lita" Dumas. Lita was geblesseerd geweest voor meerdere maanden met een gescheurde knieband en kort nadat ze hersteld was kreeg Matt Hardy diezelfde blessure. Het was rond deze tijd dat Edge, ondanks dat hij getrouwd was, een affaire begon met Lita.

    Ondanks, of misschien dankzij dit vormde Edge een paar met Lita in een angle waar zij zich tegen haar echtgenoot Kane keerde. Op de aflevering van RAW op 11 juli was Edge zijn main event match met Kane verstoord toen Matt Hardy een verrassende verschijning maakte. De situatie wordt nu gezien als een "worked shoot" waarbij Hardy verwees naar Edge bij zijn echte naam "Adam" en Lita bedreigde (die hij "Amy" noemde). Toen Matt Hardy officieel werd terug gebracht naar RAW vochten hij en Edge in een match tijdens SummerSlam waar Edge Hardy versloeg door "knockout". Edge versloeg Hardy in een Loser Leaves RAW match tijdens WWE Homecoming waardoor hun feud eindigde eens en voor altijd.

    Kort na de overwinning op Homecoming kreeg Edge een echte blessure door een gescheurde borst spier waardoor hij voor een aantal weken aan de zijlijn moest blijven. Tijdens zijn tijd buiten de ring kreeg hij zijn eigen talk show onderdeel op RAW getiteld The Cutting Edge en noemde zichzelf de "Rated-R Superstar". Edge gebruikte zijn talk show om een feud te beginnen met Ric Flair als gevolg van Flair's arrestatie vanwege een road rage incident. Edge begon zijn "The Cutting Edge" te gebruiken als een uitlaat klep om Flair naar beneden te halen en na weken van publiek belachelijk gemaakt te zijn liet Flair zich eindelijk zien en viel Edge aan.

    Edge en Flair ontmoetten elkaar tijdens New Year's Revolution 2006 in een match waarbij Edge werd gediskwalificeerd. Later die avond, na de main event Elimination Chamber match verscheen Vince McMahon op het podium en verklaarde dat John Cena zijn WWE Championship dat hij net had verdedigd "nog een maal" moest verdedigen. Cena werd gedwongen om te vechten tegen Edge die had besloten om zijn Money in the Bank contract te gebruiken. In een van de meest shockerende momenten in de recente WWE geschiedenis versloeg Edge Cena in minder dan twee minuten om zo WWE Champion, en een Triple Crown Champion te worden.

    In een interview dat afgenomen was na New Year's Revolution op, maakte Edge bekend dat hij en Lita "hete seks" zouden hebben midden in de ring tijdens RAW de volgende avond om hun overwinning te vieren. Op RAW leken Edge en Lita zich aan die belofte te houden door voorspel te houden tot ze werden onderbroken door Ric Flair die Edge een afhang noemde en "dood in bed". Hoewel Flair eindigde door een one-man con-chair-to te ontvangen op de announcers tafeltot John Cena naar buiten kwam om Flair te redden. Het seks onderdeel kreeg een 5.2 cijfer voor kijkcijfers en Edge noemde zichzelf later de "meest-bekeken WWE Champion in de laatste 5 jaar" vanwege de hoge cijfers.

    Drie weken (tot de dag af) later tijdens de Royal Rumble verloor Edge het WWE Championship terug aan Cena. Edge verloor een terugkeer match op een speciale donderdag editie van RAW gehouden op 16 februari 2006. Edge verweet dit de gast scheidsrechter Mick Foley en claimde dat hij oneerlijk was geweest en viel hem aan. Ze hadden een feud tot april tijdens WrestleMania 22 waar Edge Foley versloeg in een Hardcore Match, wat Edge's WrestleMania record naar 5-0 braxht, de op-een-na beste reeks tijdens WrestleMania (met als eerste The Undertaker zijn 14-0).

    Na Backlash, raakte Edge opnieuw betrokken met Mick Foley, deze keer als een partner tegen Tommy Dreamer en Terry Funk wat leidde tot One Night Stand. Tijdens de pay-per-view versloegen Edge, Foley en Lita Dreamer, Funk en Beulah McGillicutty in een "Extreme Rules" tag team match.

    Tijdens de ECW feud won Edge ook het #1 contendership voor de WWE Titel tegen Big Show op Raw. Terwijl hij #1 contender was bemoeide Edge zich met de WWE Titel match tussen kampioen John Cena en uitdager Rob Van Dam, door Van Dam te helpen om de titel te winnen. Toch wist Edge de titel niet te winnen toen hij zijn kans kreeg tijdens Vengeance.

    Twee weken later, op de aflevering can RAW op 3 juli pinde Edge Rob Van Dam in een Triple Threat Match waar ook John Cena deel aan nam om zo WWE Champion te worden voor de tweede keer. De match was de eerste keer dat het WWE Championship van houder veranderde tijdens RAW sinds 8 oktober 2001.

    Door de titel te winnen kwam er nieuw leven in zijn feud met John Cena van eerder dat jaar waarbij Edge steeds verloor door diskwalificatie om zijn titel te behouden. Als een resultaat van deze taktieken was de match voor SummerSlam zo bedacht dat Edge bij diskwalificatie niet alleen de match zou verliezen, maar ook zijn titel. In de SummerSlam match wist Edge zijn titel te behouden door Cena te pinnen nadat hij hem tegen de achterkant van zijn hoofd had geslagen met een boksbeugel, terwijl Lita de scheidsrechter afleidde.

    Op de avond erna tijdens RAW gooide Lita op Edge's commando John Cena's gecustomizede "spinner"belt in het water en verklaarde dat er een einde was gekomen aan de "Cena era" in zijn leven. Volgend hierop daalde een zuil van rook naar beneden uit met daarin zijn nieuwe "Rated R" versie van de titel. Cena ging echter wel door in een feud met Edge en gebruikte een "drie-jarig" contract voor SmackDown! om Edge over te halen op een laatste kans op de titel. Edge stemde toe, op de voorwaarde dat het een Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match, zou zijn die gehouden zou worden tijdens Unforgiven in Edge's thuisstad Toronto. Tijdens Unforgiven verloor hij het WWE Championship aan Cena nadat hij een F-U had doorstaan door twee tafels van boven een ladder.

    Na bemoeienis van D-Generation X (DX) verloor Edge zijn "laatste kans" op het WWE Championship in een Steel Cage Match op de aflevering van RAW op 2 oktober. Edge voegde zich aan de zijde van Randy Orton in een feud tegen DX. Hij zal tijdens de Cyber Sunday PPV in een tag match samen met Randy Orton vechten tegen DX. De fans kunnen op bepalen wie de scheidsrechter zal zijn uit Eric Bischoff, Jonathan Coachman en Vince McMahon.

    Momenteel is EDGE de nieuwe WWE champion nadat hij Jeff hardy verving in de Triple Threat match (EDGE vs Kozlov vs Triple H).
    In worstelen
    Finishing en vaakgebruikte moves

    Edgecution / Concussion On Delivery / Buzzkiller (Lifting DDT)
    Downward Spiral (Reverse STO) - 1999
    Edgecator (Kneeling inverted sharpshooter)
    Edge-O-Matic (Sitout rear mat slam)
    Half nelson bulldog
    Electric chair bomb
    Missile dropkick
    One man con-chair-to
    Spinning heel-kick
    Johnny Bradford
    Terri Runnels
    Judd the Studd
    The King
    Mr. Money in the Bank
    The Rated R Superstar

    Thema muziek
    Edge zijn WWE entrance song is "Metalingus" door Alter Bridge. Tijdens 2001-2003 was het "Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy)" door Rob Zombie en daarvoor gebruikte hij twee originele WWF gemaakte liedjes die "You Think You Know Me" en "On the Edge" heetten. Sinds "You Think You Know Me" is al zijn thema muziek begonnen met die zin.

    Kampioenschappen en andere bereikte dingen
    Insane Championship Wrestling
    ICW/MWCW Mid-West Unified Tag Team Championship (1 maal) - met Psycho Joe Sampson
    ICW Streetfight Tag Team Championship (2 maal) - met Christian Cage
    Outlaw Championship Wrestling
    OCW Tag Team Championship (1 maal) - met Psycho Joe Sampson
    Pro Wrestling Illustrated
    2000 Match van het jaar – met Christian, vs. the Hardy Boyz (Matt en Jeff Hardy) vs. the The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray en D-Von Dudley) (Triangle ladder match, WrestleMania 2000)
    2001 Meest Verbeterde Worstelaar
    2001 Match van het Jaar – met Christian, vs. the Hardy Boyz (Matt en Jeff Hardy) vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray en D-Von Dudley) (TLC II, WrestleMania X-Seven)
    2004 Comeback van het Jaar
    2005 Feud van het Jaar – met Lita, vs. Matt Hardy
    3 in de 2006 PWI 500
    Southern States Wrestling
    SSW Tag Team Championship (1 maal) - met Christian Cage
    World Wrestling Federation / Entertainment
    WWE Championship (3 maal)
    World Heavyweight Championship (2 maal)
    World Tag Team Championship (11 maal) - met Christian (7), en Chris Benoit (2), Hulk Hogan (1) en Randy Orton (1).
    WWE Intercontinental Championship (5 maal)
    WWE Tag Team Championship (1 maal) - met Rey Mysterio
    WCW United States Championship (1 maal)
    King of the Ring (2001)
    Mr. Money in the Bank (2005)
    15th Triple Crown Champion
    Wrestling Observer Newsletter
    2000 Tag Team van het Jaar – met Christian
    2002 Match van het Jaar – met Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle en Chris Benoit (No Mercy)

    Persoonlijk leven
    Als een tiener, verscheen hij bij WrestleMania VI als een deel van het publiek dat juichde voor de WWF Kampioen Hulk Hogan in het "Ultimate Challenge" Main Event tegen Intercontinental Champion Ultimate Warrior. Hij zegt dat de match hem deed realizeren dat hij een worstelaar wou worden en in de voetstappen van Hogan en Warrior wou stappen.

    Tijdens zijn middelbare school tijd werd Copeland verkozen tot "Most Likely to win the WWF World Heavyweight Championship."

    In 2000 maakte hij een cameo verschijning in de film Highlander: Endgame, en wordt op de aftiteling vermeld als "Road Bandit". Tijdens de verschijning merkt acteur Adrian Paul op nadat hij hem heeft verslagen in een zwaard gevecht "Looks like you've lost your edge, lad".

    Zijn autobiografie getiteld "Adam Copeland On Edge", werd gepubliseerd op 4 november 2004. Hij was de tweede WWE worstelaar (na Mick Foley) die zijn werkelijke autobiografie zelf schreef zonder gebruik te maken van een ghost writer zoals vele andere worstelaars. Per toeval schrijft Foley het voorwoord in dit boek.

    Copeland was eerst getrouwd met Alanah Morley, zus van mede worstelaar Val Venis, maar scheidde van haar in 2004. Hij ontmoette toen Lisa Ortiz en trouwde haar in oktober 2004. Hij begon toen een affaire met mede worstelaar Amy Dumas (Lita) in december 2004. Copeland diende een scheiding in van Ortiz die werd voldaan in november 2005.

    Copeland had een tattoo op zijn bovenarm van een haai die zijn arm aanspant die leek op de hoofdrolspelers in de cartoon "Street Sharks". Hij heeft deze later laten bedekken met een tattoo van een zon.

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