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  • Rusev Suffers Injury at SmackDown Tapings
  • Update on Scott Hall Being Pulled from GFW
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    Hulkamania gets sold... to Eric Bischoff

    Hulkamania gets sold... to Eric Bischoff

    Hulk Hogan has sold his wrestling names, trademarks (such as Hulk, Hulkster, Hollywood Hogan, Hulkamania, etc.), grill, energy drink, and other Hulk Hogan products to Eric Bischoff at an extreme discount. He did this purposely to prevent Linda from getting any of the profits from them. Linda Hogan's lawyers are not pleased at all by this, because now she cannot cash in on these assets in the divorce.

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    Uitslagen SMACKDOWN 14 november
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    The Brian Kendrick def. WWE Tag-Team Champion Carlito
    ECW Champion Matt Hardy def. United States Champion Shelton Benjamin – (Non-Title)
    Kung Fu Naki def. Montel Vontavious Porter
    Divas Champion Michelle McCool def. Maria (Divas Championship Match)
    Jeff Hardy def. Undertaker (Extreme Rules Match)

    As the headlining Survivor Series matches were being finalized, Jeff Hardy continued his extreme tirade throughout SmackDown, causing major disruption to several of the Superstars. And even Undertaker - emerging from a casket in the middle of the ring - was not as shocking as Jeff Hardy’s frightening new look to match his reckless insanity. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

    Contract Signing for WWE Championship Match at Survivor Series (PHOTOS)
    SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero had scheduled a simple contract signing for the WWE Championship Match at Survivor Series between WWE Champion Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov. But things quickly turned extreme when Jeff Hardy suddenly jumped from the top rope and put the Moscow Mauler through the table. Hardy then proceeded to rip up the championship contract and throw it in The Game’s face.

    Jeff Hardy def. Undertaker (Extreme Rules Match) (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    As Undertaker and Hardy seemed to be reaching the climax of an absolutely brutal Extreme Rules Match, Big Show charged to the ring. The World’s Largest Athlete chokeslamed The Deadman and caught the advancing Hardy in midair, before Undertaker nailed him with the steel chair. However, with The Phenom’s attention on Big Show, Hardy was able to clobber him with the same chair, paving the way for him to hurl himself off the turnbuckle, over the top of the ladder and down upon The Deadman – executing a breathtaking leg drop that sealed his amazing victory. Following the match, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero told Hardy that if he beats Triple H next week, she will make the WWE Championship Match at Survivor Series a Triple Threat Match.

    The Brian Kendrick def. WWE Tag Team Champion Carlito (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    When Carlito became distracted by the attack on his younger brother Primo by Ezekiel Jackson outside the ring, The Brian Kendrick seized the moment and executed The Kendrick to claim a strutting conquest.

    Divas Champion Michelle McCool def. Maria - (Divas Championship Match) (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    Divas Champion Michelle McCool utilized a wrenching ankle hold on Maria to score a painful submission triumph in a match for the Divas Championship. Festus & Jesse had journeyed down to ringside - teddy bear in hand - to view the match close up. But when the Corn-Fed Colossus realized Michelle had hurt Maria, he charged into the ring after her, forcing the champion to quickly dive out of the ring to safety.

    ECW Champion Matt Hardy def. United States Champion Shelton Benjamin – (Non-Title) (PHOTOS)
    ECW Champion Matt Hardy hit the Twist of Fate out of nowhere to overcome United States Champion Shelton Benjamin in an intense, hard-fought Champion vs. Champion Match.

    Kung Fu Naki def. Montel Vontavious Porter; Khali Kiss Cam (PHOTOS)
    Thanks in part to the emergence of The Great Khali, Kung Fu Naki surprised MVP with the Chain Kick, giving him a huge win over the Ballin’ Superstar - once again costing SmackDown’s highest paid athlete his incentive bonus. After leveling MVP at the conclusion of the match, the Punjabi Playboy presented yet another edition of Khali Kiss Cam. However, in an unexpected twist, after dropping MVP for the second time with a two-handed chokeslam – Khali decided to have the lucky lady from Manchester give MVP the kiss instead.

    Friday Night Smackdown 14.11.08

    15-11-2008 om 21:50 geschreven door jefken  

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    Major stars leaving TNA this Spring?

    Major stars leaving TNA this Spring?

    Spring 2009 could end up being an interesting time for TNA as many contracts will be up for numerous talents. Some key contracts running up next year include Kurt Angle and Rhino. WWE has shown interest in a few TNA guys whose deals will be expiring around this time as well. The expectation is that if an offer from WWE is on the table for some guys that they will jump at the chance to make the move.


    15-11-2008 om 21:44 geschreven door jefken  

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    Here are some highlights of RVD's interview on the show, provided by MNM listener, "Springfield" James:

    The Big Mosh & Blade welcomed RVD back to the program, and Rob thanked them both for having him return to The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network. Rob started things off by saying that the place to still find RVD is in sunny California.

    One question has been swirling amongst fans around the world, including those who are part of The Mayhem Nation: Will RVD return to the WWE or make a splash in TNA? Based on that, Rob said that his first thought waking up (on the day of his MNM return), was that he was glad at home...and not at some hotel, along with worrying about all of the stresses of the wrestling business.

    Mosh asked RVD what led him to "shift gears" & start working on other projects outside of the wrestling business. Rob said that, for years, people have been approaching him with various ideas. This led to the creation of RVD TV, as well as RVD Radio ( He added that he listens to talk radio more than he listens to music, and he was thrilled to be able to have his own show -- which he like to go on record saying has been a great success so far.

    Blade asked Rob about his takes on the recent reports of the WWE cracking down on the use of marijuana in the company & the company changing their business & company style to more of a "PG" style audience. RVD wished to use The Mayhem's open forum to bring up something that many fans might not be currently aware of: the new of medical marijuana being legalized in several states. RVD continued on, by saying that the WWE used to fine people for using marijuana & not give any punishment. Most superstars just paid the fine & continued their use of it, instead of giving it up altogether. Rob still believes that the schedule of the business is very grueling, and is one of the reasons why some talents may use this as one of their ways to relax.

    Fans of RVD & "Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling" will get to see "Mr. Monday Night" step into the CCW squared circle to teach the remaining celebs the art of the finishing move. Rob said that he was initially approached with the idea to appear on the show around the same time he found out his wife, Sonya, was diagnosed with cancer, but was able to make the proposed idea of him being on the program turn into a reality. He was thoroughly impressed with the way CCW was being put together, the ideas & concepts behind it (from Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Jason Hervey, "The Mouth Of The South" Jimmy Hart, "Nasty Boy" Brian Knobbs, & Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake), and felt very encouraged to give it his seal/stamp of approval. Rob strongly believes that those who watch CCW this Saturday night will love what they see.

    As The Mayhem celebrates its "November To Remember" Sweeps Month, RVD wished to reflect on his own personal memories of ECW's flagship PPV of every year. He described the "most memorable" N2R moment for him taking place at The Golden Dome in Pittsburgh (Monaca), PA, the night where he gave Tommy Dreamer a piledriver ("where Dreamer shot up about three feet") in their legendary "Flag Match." Rob mentioned this happened was around the time he was thinking about leaving ECW for WCW (coming off the heels of not feeling used appropriately at the first ECW PPB, Barely Legal), but landed up going into an angle with the ECW/WWE. He also added that one of the most talked-about storylines/matches he had achieved a boiling point at the 1999 November To Remember (in The Mayhem's hometown of Buffalo, NY) @ The Burt Flickinger Center -- which saw Tazz's departure from Extreme Championship Wrestling (to the WWE) & his last "extreme" Pay-Per-View encounter against "Mr. PPV."

    The biggest story of the past week has been "The Instant Classic" Christian Cage reportedly returning to the WWE & departing TNA Wrestling. Mosh & Blade asked RVD for his thoughts on this hot story & whether or not Christian will get lost in the "WWE shuffle." Rob described Christian's chances of making it to the top of World Wrestling Entertainment as "excellent," based on the fact that he was well-liked by the office, & would be "welcomed back with open arms" not only by the office, but by WWE fans across the world.

    There are only a select few "free-agent" talents that many in the business believe could make an immediate impact if they went to the WWE or TNA. RVD believes that his fans are some of the most loyal around (crediting those who bring signs saying "I paid to see RVD"), and how it feels good they have that sort of positive attitude about his name value after over a decade in the wrestling industry. After being a part of the WWE for so long, he said he felt burnt out by the office, as a result of a lot of the changes and the lack of freedom to have great matches & steal the show. Rob added that wrestling began to "feel like a job to him," and that was one of the main reasons, if not the main one, to pursue other ventures outside of the business.

    As many of the fans of "Your Home Of Wrestling Radio" remember this past February, The Big Mosh & Blade arranged for an "extreme union" of sorts between RVD & what many call his greatest opponent ever, Jerry Lynn for an on-air reunion. Since then, Jerry has yet again re-innovated himself again...this time in Ring Of Honor. Mosh asked RVD how excited he was to see Jerry have fun in the business again. Rob said that he is very happy for Jerry, and since he left the WWE, he has been getting submerged for requests from independent promoters to do another Jerry Lynn/RVD match. However, Rob made the decision to spend time with his family...and not spend it on the road post-WWE, excluding a few instances such as working for Booker T's PWA promotion.

    As a parting shot & in closing, RVD thanked Mosh & Blade for a stellar Mayhem return, as well as the well-wishes for Sonya's recovery.

    15-11-2008 om 21:39 geschreven door jefken  

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    Uitslagen Tna impact 13 november
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    TNA Impact on Spike TV
    Taped in Orlando, Fla.

    [Q1] HIghlights aired of the Main Even Mafia's sweep at the Turning Point pay-per-view... The title of this week's show is "Christian gets made"... Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley. Jarrett defended the young guys losing all their Turning Point matches by essentially saying you win some and you lose some.

    Foley said he thinks someone needs to deliver a message of hope to the young guys. Borash asked if he had Barack Obama on speed dial. Foley took a serious tone and said he was embarrassed on Sunday night and wasn't in a joking mood...

    Mike Tenay and Don West introduced the show from ringside... Foley walked to the ring for a promo. More highlights aired from the pay-per-view as Foley entered the ring. Foley mentioned the clean sweep and called A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, the Motor City Machine Guns, Eric Young, the Motor City Machine Guns, Jay Lethal, Petey Williams, and Consequences Creed to the ring. Shelley clowned around by waving to Foley and the camera on his way to the ring.

    The young wrestlers joined Foley in the ring. Foley applauded the young wrestlers on the heart and effort they showed. Foley tried to give the youngsters a pep talk when he stopped and asked Alex Shelley if he was playing with a booger. Foley got in Shelley's face and demanded that he look at him. Shelley continued to clown around.

    Foley told Shelley that he's a valuable piece of talent in TNA, but he said he's not invaluable. "I will deal with you next week and that's a promise," Foley said. Mick turned his attention to A.J. and said everyone needs to understand the power of words. Foley said Joe beat the hell out of Nash, but Nash still got the win. "Next time, no mental mistakes," Foley said.

    Foley said all the young guys must learn from their mistakes or the Mafia will strike them out every single time. The fans cheered, presumably for the Mafia. Foley told Young that he earned a shot at Sheik Abdul Bashir and asked if he wanted that shot during the show. Foley praised Styles as one of the most talented performers he's ever seen in the ring.

    Foley said Joe is the most convincing bad ass in the business and reminded him that he wrote it in one of his books. Foley announced Joe and Styles vs. Beer Money for the TNA Tag Titles later in the show. Foley also booked Sting vs. Jay Lethal for the TNA Title. Foley asked if Lethal wanted to step up to the plate. "Oh yeah," he said in Macho Man style. Ugh.

    Earlier in the day. Lauren caught up with Christian Cage about joining the Main Event Mafia. He said it doesn't matter what his thoughts are because he doesn't have a choice. The Mafia showed up and said they were going to give him a welcoming party. "Tonight, you become a made man," Kurt Angle said. They handed Cage a tux and told him to put it on. After they walked away, he threw it in the trash... [C]

    [Q2] Backstage, Lauren approached ODB, who was building a set for her new talk show that debuts next week...

    1. Awesome Kong and Rhaka Khan (w/Raisha Saeed) defeated Roxxi and Taylor Wilde in 3:25. The heel duo attacked the babyface team at ringside before the match. They eventually threw them inside the ring and the bell rang to start the match. Roxxi and Taylor got in plenty of offense, but Kong finished off Roxxi with the Implant Buster and scored the clean pin...

    Backstage, Lauren interviewed the Machine Guns. Shelley questioned why Styles and Joe are at the front of the line instead of them... [C]

    [Q3] Backstage, Saeed told Traci Brooks that Kong is looking for better competition. Lauren asked Rhaka Khan about turning on Taylor. "Who wouldn't want to be on the side of the beast," Khan said... A TNA video aired...

    2. Eric Young beat Prince Abdul Bashir to win X Division Title in 3:40. Spaz referee/wannabe wrestler Shane Sewell is working the match. Young dominated the early action, but Bashir caught him with a low blow. Bashir went for the cover and had the pin, but Sewell stopped the count at two. The announcers tried to explain that the referee must have saw the low blow out of the corner of his eye.

    Bashir got physical with Sewell, who ripped off his shirt and roughed up Bashir. Young hit the death valley driver and scored the pin. After the match, Earl Hebner ran out and scolded Sewell while the TNA Originals came out and celebrated with Young... [C]

    [Q4] Backstage, Lauren interviewed Young, who was celebrating his title win with the other wrestlers. Joe and Styles sat quietly off to the side...

    A Rough Cuts interview aired with Hernandez, who discussed his high school football career. He revealed that he wore as Mr. Texas in Mexico. He said he's listened to Homicide and considers him the general because he's been successful wherever he's gone. He said Homicide is the general of the team and the guy who puts everything together. "Homicide is definitely one of my mentors"...

    Backstage, Borash interviewed the Mafia about the title change. Angle reminded him that Young didn't beat a Mafia member. Petey entered the room. Steiner said he'd talk to him after his match and told him to leave the Mafia dressing room... [C]

    Backstage, Lauren interviewed Jay Lethal about his title match. He was in full dork Macho Man mode. After he left the room, Lauren warned Petey to be careful when he talks to Steiner later. Petey said Steiner is his boy. "Big Papa Pump has my hookup," Petey said...

    3. Scott Steiner pinned Rhino in 3:55. Kurt Angle sat in on commentary for the match. Kurt said something about everyone talking about work or shoot. He said his feud with Jeff is "the real deal." Angle said he's had the Main Event Mafia in mind for the last two years. In the ring, Rhino took control of the option and set up for the gore, but Angle dropped the headsets and ran interference for Steiner. Moments later, Steiner suplexed Rhino and scored the pin...

    Backstage, Borash interviewed Sting about his match with Lethal. Sting said the young guys would start the finger pointing once they started losing more matches. He said they don't respect the Mafia and they don't even respect each other...

    [Q5] [C] 4. Sting defeated Jay Lethal to retain the TNA Title in 10:00. Borash handled the in-ring introductions for the title match. Borash said Lethal was challenging for the TNA Title for the first time in his career. Nice touch. More cheers than boos for Sting. Sting, the heel, backed Lethal into a corner and gave him a clean break, but Lethal, the babyface, hit him with a flurry of punches. Sting sold a knee injury at the 2:00 mark. [C]

    After the break, the Machine Guns walked to ringside and cheered for Lethal. The crowd was split in their chants for Lethal and Sting. At 9:30, Shelley distracted the referee and Sabin held onto Sting so Lethal could take a free shot. Lethal got upset and threw Sabin out of the ring. Sting kicked Lethal from behind and hit the Scorpion Death Drop for the win.

    After the match, the other young guys ran out and bickered with the Machine Guns. The show was interrupted by a Spike TV video game awards update. No, really. They acted like they interrupted Impact so they could run through some of their video game award nominees...

    Powell's POV: Good action during Sting vs. Lethal match. Lethal worked really hard and it was entertaining. I also like what they're doing with the Guns and I'm curious to see how it plays out. The video game update made TNA look really bush league.

    They cut back to a backstage shot of the Main Event Mafia beating up Petey Williams. Steiner roughed up Petey and led the charge while Angle, Nash, and Booker T cheered him on. Tenay claimed he's never seen anything like this from any faction in pro wrestling... [C]

    The young guys tended to Petey backstage. The announcers ran through highlights of the attack... Borash interviewed Beer Money about their match with Joe and Styles. Roode questioned who Foley thinks he is... [C]

    [Q7] 5. Beer Money (w/Jacqueline) fought Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles to an apparent no-contest in 11:20. Storm rode to ringside on a beer cooler with a helmet on. Team 3D walked to ringside two minutes in and then the show cut to break. [C]

    Team 3D joined the announcers on commentary. Devon spoke first, prompting Ray to joke that Obama won and suddenly Devon is doing all the talking. He joked that Don West getting over must be next. The action picked up in the ring with the babyface team picking up the pace with their flashy offense. At ringside, Storm whipped Styles into the corner. Jackie distracted the referee while Storm snuck in the ring and spat beer in Joe's eyes.

    [Q8] Team 3D entered the ring and spat beer in Storm's eyes, causing the referee to throw out the match...

    A shot aired of Christian Cage walking backstage... [C] Another "Who is Suicide?" vignette aired...

    Backstage, the Beautiful People wore Tina Fey glasses and invited Sarah Palin to become an honorary member. "If you join the Beautiful People, you will know what it's like to be part of a winning team," said Angelina Love. Cute Kip said he approved the message...

    The Main Event Mafia members (minus Sting) walked to the ring together and called out Christian Cage. Tenay pointed out that every Mafia member is a former World Champion. Angle told Cage that when they tell him to wear a suit, he better wear it. Angle said they wanted to welcome him to the family.

    Angle said he heard that Cage and his lawyer closed negotiations with TNA. He said he heard that Cage is heading back to WWE once his contract expires in a few weeks because he's tired of being a big fish in the company. Angle said they've all received similar offers from WWE. Angle said it's not a welcome party, it's a going away party. You're tired of being a big fish, tonight you sleep with the fishes, Main Event Mafia style.

    Cage threw punches at the Mafia members, but was quickly outnumbered. The Mafia members too turns hitting their finishers on Cage. The Mafia members stood over Cage and put their suit jackets back on to pose for the cameras. Nash has a new hand signal for the group. Tenay said it's obvious that this is the Mafia's world. "And quite honestly, we're playing under their rules," Tenay concluded...


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    Matt Hardy injured during European tour
    Posted by Randy Gordon on 11/14/2008 at 04:02 PM

    Jim Ross noted in his most recent blog that reigning ECW Champion Matt Hardy is hurt. Ross wrote: "Matt Hardy is nursing a sore knee but is working through it as many of you will see Friday night on Smackdown. Hopefully, the injury is more of a "tweak" and nothing overly serious." Matt Hardy also posted the following headline on his MySpace page: "Matt is a lil beat up in Europe." He also posted an old photo of him having a bruised face, but has since replaced it with a different photo.

    14-11-2008 om 23:47 geschreven door jefken  

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    Melina is hersteld van blessure

    WWE diva back in action following injury

    Melina returned to the ring at tonight's Florida Championship Wrestling show from her heel injury, reports She teamed up with Tyler Reks in a tag match against Alicia Fox and Jack Gabriel. On June 23, 2008, Melina injured her ankle when she fell from the turnbuckle in a match where she and Mickie James took on Natalya and Victoria. Melina was originally slated to return to the ring in January 2009, so this is far ahead of schedule.

    14-11-2008 om 08:14 geschreven door jefken  

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    Kenny Dykstra binnen 90 dagen naar TNA?

    Recently released WWE superstar Ken Doane (Kenny Dykstra) has posted the following message on his MySpace page: "First I would just like to say thank you to everyone who left a comment or message and for the support. It is greatly appreciated. Believe it or not i actually am happy to be gone from wwe. I dont have to do things around their schedule and i dont have to answer to anybody. i have never fealt so free in my entire life. i had been working with wwe since i was 16 so ive never really known anything else. i did have fun with wwe but the creative side never used me properly or really gave me an opportunity to get over. it sucks when you know your better than the majority and your only used to make people look good. will i stay wrestling? Im not sure. wwe kinda puts a bad taste in your mouth after all the politics and garbage that can go on. I may try to go to TNA but we will see. i have 90 days to think about it and possibly try. although i wont rule it out. I do feel like they could use me much better. I would also like to have some matches with guys like a.j. and kurt and joe and christian. plus sting has always been my favorite so to work with him would be great too. but i guess i will wait it out and see what direction i try to go in. as for wwe i am glad to be gone. i thank them for everything and wish them the best too. take care. Kenn Doane."

    13-11-2008 om 14:01 geschreven door jefken  

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    Shawn Michaels denkt aan stoppen

    I listened to Shawn Michaels on Kiss Rocks out of San Antonio on Friday. He talked about WrestleMania and admitted thinking that Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak being broken at “Mr.WrestleMania” would be cool.

    The big news he gave was that he has already given the office the date he is going to be walking away. Shawn never said the word retiring but that is what it was suggesting.

    HBK said he came back to WWE with the intention o working one match. “That was about six years ago,” he laughed. He specifically mentioned that Undertaker’s streak vs. Mr. WrestleMania has to happen sooner or later, so it sounds like that match will take place at WrestleMania 25.

    He said he’s been approached about acting. He also noted that his kids doing fine, Rebecca starting up her own business, and he has plans for what he will do after WWE. He said he will be with the WWE in some form always and suggested that he would still do PR work. I found it more telling of how different he is from his hero Ric Flair was this year in the sense of peace of walking away.

    13-11-2008 om 13:56 geschreven door jefken  

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    Randy Orton talks about hating his old theme music

    Randy Orton talks about hating his old theme music

    Here are highlights from a Randy Orton interview with

    How much input do wrestlers have with their theme music?

    I wish we could pick our theme music. For the longest time, I had the Burning My Light or whatever the entrance music was that started with "Hey, nothing you can say," and I hated that 0987654321 for all four years. I hated it from the first day I heard it. They even tried to tweak it a bit and I still hated it. I told Vince and Kevin Dunn, the producer, that I hated my music, so they said they'd get me something new, but it was four years. Finally, I gave them a CD and said that I wanted this music, so they bought the song and they played it for two weeks until Vince said it didn't fit my character. The following week, CM Punk debuted and they gave him my music.

    He has the music you wanted?

    Yeah! He has the music I picked and the WWE bought for me. Then a little while goes by and I said listen, I've been champ for six months. Throw me a bone. The joke's over. So for two months, I kept hearing that I'd get it next week. Finally, I heard it and I hated it. The second time I listened to it, the song grew on me and now I like it. I liked the Evolution theme too.

    What is your favorite SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 feature?

    I've only had the opportunity to play it for 15-20 minutes, but Create-A-Finisher will be interesting. Creating a wrestler is also huge. It's great that kids get to put their own twist on the game by creating a wrestler that no one else has.

    12-11-2008 om 22:36 geschreven door jefken  

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    Evan Bourne injury news

    Evan Bourne injury news


    To update Evan Bourne's injury status, it now appears he will not require on ankle and is hoping to be back in the ring as soon as he is medically cleared.

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    Nash Asks For Hall To Be Kicked Out At TNA PPV?

    Nash Asks For Hall To Be Kicked Out At TNA PPV?

    The Newsletter is reporting that Kevin Nash recommended that TNA officials kick the intoxicated Scott Hall out of the building at the Turning Point PPV on Sunday night. Nash even went so far as to suggest that police should escort Hall off the property. Hall was upset with Nash, but eventually left without incident.

    Hall was not scheduled to be included in the storylines, nor was he allowed at ringside. Hall simple showed up with the Insane Clown Posse, who were granted permission to sit in the front row in their JCW shirts as part of a friendly promotional deal. Jeff Jarrett personally gave ICP permission to appear on camera, but was unaware that Hall would be accompanying them. There is no heat between TNA and ICP, but management didn't want Hall to distract fans from the in-ring action so they had them removed after a couple matches.

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    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    John Morrison, The Miz & “The All-American American” Jack Swagger def. Cryme Tyme & Tommy Dreamer
    Mark Henry def. local competitor
    ECW Champion Matt Hardy def. Finlay (ECW Title Match)

    MANCHESTER, England – Irish eyes were on the prize in the United Kingdom, but Finlay’s luck ran out against ECW Champion Matt Hardy on ECW on Sci Fi. Also on Tuesday night, ECW’s Shaman of Sexy earned a tag team victory, while Mark Henry proved he’s still a dominant force in the Land of the Extreme. Watch all of the action unfold in the ECW Quick Cut and check out’s exclusive photos.

    ECW Champion Matt Hardy def. Finlay (ECW Title Match) (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    Matt Hardy warned Finlay that he’d be in for the fight of his life this week on ECW on Sci Fi, and the ECW Champion didn’t back down from his promise. In one of the biggest matches of his career, Finlay faced Hardy for the ECW Championship, but the man who refuses to quit remained the Extreme champion. In front of a sold out crowd in Manchester, Hardy proved to the WWE Universe why he’s known as a fighting champion. At the end of an epic brawl, Hardy defeated Finlay with a Twist of Fate to retain the ECW Championship.

    John Morrison, The Miz & Jack Swagger def. Cryme Tyme & Tommy Dreamer (WATCH | PHOTOS)
    The Extreme night at the Manchester Evening News Arena kicked off with a Six-man Tag Team Match between “The Dirt Sheet” hosts with “The All-American American” and a trio of New Yorkers. Cryme Tyme’s trip to the Land of the Extreme was cut short when their tag partner, Dreamer, was defeated when Morrison hit the ECW Original with a Moonlight Drive for the pin.

    Mark Henry def. local competitor (PHOTOS)
    The World’s Strongest Man once again proved he is a force to be reckoned with on ECW. Henry quickly and brutally defeated a local competitor from Leeds, England. After the match, ECW announcer Todd Grisham asked Henry who he thought would win the ECW Title Match later that night, but former ECW Champion Henry – still seething over losing No. 1 contendership to Finlay last week – refused to answer.

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    Rhino's contract with TNA will expire this spring. Rhino is one of several wrestlers who have contracts expiring in the spring.

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    SARAH PALIN NIEUW LID VAN DE Beautiful People???

    TNA invites Sarah Palin to next PPV (seriously)
    Posted by Bobby Spade on 11/11/2008 at 11:14 AM

    TNA issued the following press release earlier today:



    Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling has announced that it is formally inviting Alaska governor and former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin to become an honorary member of “The Beautiful People,” the elite group of TNA Knockouts led by Angelina Love and Velvet Sky.

    TNA officials said a “Sarah Palin Ceremony” is scheduled for December 7 at its “Final Resolution” pay-per-view as part of her “Honorary TNA Knockout” membership in The Beautiful People, and TNA President Dixie Carter will personally fly Gov. Palin and her husband, Todd, from their home in Anchorage to Orlando, Florida, for the December event.

    TNA Wrestling will make the formal invitation to Gov. Palin Thursday, November 13, on “TNA iMPACT!” at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Spike.

    TNA will present Gov. Palin with a $50,000 check at “Final Resolution” made out to the charity of her choice, or will make the donation to the youth hockey association in her native Wasilla, Alaska.

    “Governor Palin has combined her experiences as a wife and mother with her political savvy to prove to America and the world that politics aren’t just a man’s game. I know firsthand what challenges you have to face when breaking a glass ceiling in a male-dominate profession,” Carter said.

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    Uitslagen raw 10 november
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen * World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho def. Shawn Michaels in a Last Man Standing Match
    * Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix def. Mickie James
    * Batista def. Cody Rhodes
    * Rey Mysterio def. Kane in a No Disqualification Match
    * Mike Knox def. D-Lo Brown
    * William Regal def. Santino Marella to become the new Intercontinental Champion

    MANCHESTER, England – As part of WWE’s tour of the United Kingdom, Monday Night Raw appeared in Manchester, England, before a sold-out crowd. In the absence of a General Manager, following Mike Adamle’s resignation, Stephanie McMahon appeared early in the show to set the tone for the night. Though she denied Batista’s request for a rematch against World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho, she did make matches intended to put an end to two of Raw’s most heated rivalries: World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels in a Last Man Standing Match and Rey Mysterio vs. Kane in a No Disqualification Match.

    World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho def. Shawn Michaels in a Last Man Standing Match
    Though Chris Jericho’s World Heavyweight Title wasn’t being defended, there was still a lot on the line as these two Superstars faced off in one of WWE’s most grueling matches. Designed to put an end to the long-running, extremely personal rivalry between Jericho and HBK, the ring warriors gave their all in front of the WWE Universe in Manchester. As has been his modus operandi, however, Jericho refused to fight fairly, and was assisted during the match by JBL, who was eager to do damage against his opposing Survivor Series team captain, Shawn Michaels. Though HBK hit Jericho with Sweet Chin music, The Showstopper was subsequently the victim of a steel chair shot from JBL, allowing the World Heavyweight Champion to pull himself to his feet for the win.

    Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix def. Mickie James
    Both members of Glamarella were forced to defend their titles on Monday night, with Santino Marella losing the Intercontinental Title to William Regal, and Beth Phoenix defending her Women’s Championship against Mickie James. The Glamazon was able to retain some of Glamarella’s glory, by defeating James and retaining her gold.

    Batista def. Cody Rhodes who took Randy Orton’s place in the match.
    Randy Orton came to the ring ready to face Batista, but after his entrance, Cody Rhodes & Manu joined them in the ring. Rhodes then told the Legend Killer that he would take on Batista and show Orton how it’s done. Unfortunately for Rhodes, however, he was unable to tame The Animal, who not only defeated the second-generation Superstar, but also speared Manu, as Orton looked on from the ramp.

    Rey Mysterio def. Kane in a No Disqualification Match.
    In a contest designed to put an end to the months-long rivalry between Rey Mysterio and Kane, the Master of the 619 faced the Big Red Monster in a No Disqualification Match. Though the two ring warriors had faced one another in traditional singles competition and tag team matches, never before had they been given such complete freedom to do damage to one another. Though there were no fetters holding back the outrageous power of the 7-footer, it was the speed and ingenuity of Mysterio that won the day, with the Ultimate Underdog pinning Kane for the win.

    Following the match, Randy Orton was confronted by Cody Rhodes and Manu in the locker room area. The two second-generation Superstars told Orton that they weren’t going to let him get away with punting their associate, Ted DiBiase, in the head the week before. The Legend Killer claimed that DiBiase was the weak link in their group and that he did them a favor by taking him out of commission. Rhodes responded by slapping Orton in the face. The youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history moved toward the younger Superstar with rage in his eyes, but reluctantly decided to back off after an angry Manu placed himself in Orton’s way.

    Mike Knox def. D-Lo Brown.
    In Mike Knox’s first match as a member of the Raw brand, he faced D-Lo Brown. The Desert Destroyer steamrolled over Brown, making clear his intention to become a force to be reckoned with on Monday nights.

    After the match, Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix attempted to console her beau, Santino Marella over his lost Intercontinental Title. The Italian Superstar had just gotten off the phone with Shane McMahon, and alerted The Glamazon that she would be defending her title later in the night against Mickie James.

    William Regal def. Santino Marella to become the new Intercontinental Champion.
    Santino Marella came to the ring as he normally does, accompanied by Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix, and flaunting the length of his Intercontinental Title reign. The Italian Superstar even discarded the Honk-A-Meter for the new Honk-A-Perfect-Mountie-Meter, combining the title reigns of Honky Tonk Man, Mr. Perfect and The Mountie for a total of 123 weeks, which Santino was only two years and four months from beating. Marella’s hopes were dashed, however, by William Regal, who competing in his homeland of England and accompanied by fellow Brit, Layla, quickly defeated the braggadocios Italian to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

    Stephanie McMahon denied Batista his rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship and made two huge matches for the night’s show; Batista challenged Randy Orton to a match and then speared the Legend Killer
    After losing the World Heavyweight Championship to Chris Jericho in a Steel Cage Match the week before, Batista was eager invoke his rematch clause on Raw. However, Stephanie McMahon appeared on the TitanTron to address The Animal, alerting him that due to her brother Shane’s promise that whoever won the Steel Cage Match would go on to face John Cena at Survivor Series, she was unable to grant Batista’s request until after the pay-per-view event. Though the WWE Universe wouldn’t see the World Heavyweight Championship defended, Stephanie did make two matches designed to bring closure to some of Raw’s most heated rivalries: Rey Mysterio vs. Kane in a No Disqualification Match and World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels in a Last Man Standing Match.

    After those announcements, Randy Orton made his way to the ring, dredging up bad history from he and Batista’s days in Evolution. The Legend Killer then told The Animal that after Cena, it was his turn for a title opportunity, not Batista’s. Since Stephanie McMahon had already made the night about settling old scores, The Animal challenged Orton to a match live on Raw. The third-generation Superstar accepted the challenge with an insult to Batista, who then attempted to hit Orton with a Batista Bomb, before the Legend Killer escaped and fled the ring.

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    Carlos Edwin "Carly" Colón Jr. (San Juan, (Puerto Rico), 21 februari 1979) is een Amerikaanse professionele worstelaar die werkt voor World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), beter gekend met zijn worstelnaam Carlito. Hij worstelt momenteel voor SmackDown!. Ook zijn broer heeft ondertussen zijn debuut gemakt bij smackdown. Tegenwoordig komen ze dan ook te samen op als tag team. En zijn ze sinds kort de nieuwe tag team champions na een overwinning tegen Zack Ryder en Curt Hawkins.

    Persoonlijk leven
    Carlito's vader Carlos Colón Sr., is een worstellegende en heeft zijn zonen en dochter in contact gebracht met deze sport. Hij heeft een broer, Eddie Colón en een zus, Stacy Colón, die beiden ook actief zijn in het worstelen. Carlito verblijft momenteel in Miami, Florida.

    Kampioenschappen en verwezenlijkingen
    World Wrestling Council
    WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship (11 keer)
    WWC World Tag Team Championship (2 keer waarvan 1 keer met Eddie Colón en 1 keer met Konnan)
    World Wrestling Entertainment
    WWE Intercontinental Championship (1 keer)
    WWE United States Championship (1 keer)
    WWE Tag Team Championship (1 keer, huidig met Primo Colón)


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    Recently released Supertar, Elijah Burke updated his blog on his official website referring to his firing:

    "My time is at hand. Do not weep, nor mourn, for I am gone but 4(up) a while. Hold on to that which I gave you, share it in laughter with those around you. For I have landed but for a brief refueling, for the course YOUR Pope takes is far far away. Your Pope smiles as he writes this knowing that peace is filled within, to all within the Congregation, NOW the true test begin! And remember, MY COMEBACK SHALL BE GREATER THAN MY SETBACK!~ The Pope Has Spoken!"


    Sources: /

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    Breaking news: Three WWE superstars released

    Breaking news: Three WWE superstars released


    World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of SmackDown Superstar Kenny Dykstra and ECW's Elijah Burke and Lena Yada as of Nov. 10, 2008. WWE wishes them the best in all future endeavors.

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    Latest details regarding Christian Cage's future

    Latest details regarding Christian Cage's future

    For several months there have been conflicting stories regarding Christian Cage's future in wrestling. One source will say that he is staying with TNA, another will say that he is returning to WWE.

    The latest report from states that Christian Cage is indeed expected to leave TNA and return to World Wrestling Entertainment once his contract expires.

    According to multiple sources, Cage recently informed TNA President Dixie Carter as well as Jeff Jarrett that that he felt it was in his best interest to consider his options with WWE.

    It's being said that last night's Turning Point pay-per-view or this week's set of Impact television tapings could be Cage's final appearances with TNA.

    Most of Cage's friends believe he is heading back to WWE once his contract with TNA expires.

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    Backstage news on Scott Hall at Turning Point

    Backstage news on Scott Hall at Turning Point


    Former WWE/TNA star Scott Hall was asked to leave the backstage area of TNA after he accompanied the Insane Clown Posse at ringside at last night's Turning Point PPV in Orlando, FL.

    Hall was drunk and did not have approval to be at ringside during that match. However, TNA management was aware he was in the building before he went to ringside.

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    Uitslagen turning point

    Click on the slide!

    TNA Turning Point Results - November 9, 2008
    Posted by Andy Steven on 11/09/2008 at 09:41 PM

    TNA Turning Point Opener:
    We’re in the parking lot of Jeremy Borash trying to interview the Main Event Mafia that is just arriving. None of them will talk to him as Scott Steiner walks up to him and says that the MEM is the greatest collection of champions to ever come together. He says that they have earned their respect and paid their dues. Steiner says now the boys don’t have any respect. Steiner says these ‘punks’ want a war but we’re going to end it tonight and they don’t have what it takes to beat the Main Event Mafia. Steiner tells JB to get their bags.

    - Mike Tenay welcomes us to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for Turning Point as the pyros go off.

    X Division Championship Seeding Match
    Sonjay Dutt, Eric Young, Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, Petey Williams, Jimmy Rave, Homicide, Doug Williams, Tanahashi, & Volador

    The bell rings and we’re underway. It’s Jimmy Rave and Consequences Creed starting things out. Creed and Rave exchange head locks. Creed gets the advantage with a wrist lock then a hip toss. Creed connects with a clothesline.

    Rave builds a counters and takes Creed down with a clothesline. Sonjay Dutt gets in and hits a high-flying maneuver on Creed. Jay Lethal gets in the ring to take on Dutt. Sonjay goes to the outside to kiss Val. Lethal goes to the outside with a suicide dive.

    Tanahashi and Homicide are now in the ring and Homicide has the advantage. This match is under Lucha Libre tag rules so tags do not have to be made. Dout Williams gets in and takes out Homicide, now he’s up against Petey Williams.

    Williams gets the advantage and capitalizes with a big dropkick. Petey slingshots to the outside and hits a hurricanrana on the outside. Now it’s Eric Young and Volador. Young sets Volador on the top rope but Volador counters. Now it’s Volador and Lethal. Volador is flying all over the place. Fast moving action with him and Lethal, the crowd loves it and starts chanting ‘TNA’. Volador takes Lethal down with a hip toss but Lethal counters with a back breaker. Dutt storms in and takes them both out. He’s booed by the crowd.

    Dutt and Volador work in the ring with Dutt connecting on head scissors out of a counter. Dutt gets caught in the ropes off a Volador counter, he follows with a drop kick. Two count for Volador. Dutt finally counters with a DDT on Volador. Dutt goes to the top rope. Volador meets him as he takes two long. They’ working on the top turnbuckle, super hurricanrana off the top as Volador eliminates Sonjay Dutt with the pinfall.

    Volador is now working against Jimmy Rave who goes to the outside. Volador connects on a somersault over the top rope onto him on the outside. This gets the live crowd going again. Jimmy Rave counters and out of nowhere eliminates Volador with his Rock the World finisher and the three count. It’s now Rave and Doug Williams working in the ring.

    Williams takes Rock down but he counters with a boot to Williams’ face. Doug builds a bridge and eliminates Rock in a huge counter.

    Doug Williams throws Eric Young and Consequences Creed out of the ring. It’s chaos insider with all remaining participants getting involved. Homicide hits his finisher on Williams in the ring and he lives to the outside but over shoots it and goes into the crowd.

    Homicide could be seriously injured as it was legit. Andrew Thomas throws up the X and Hernandez rushes over to him. There’s concern at ringside as the cameras shoot completely on him. Homicide is eliminated because of injury. Creed gets a two count on Doug Williams in the ring, it’s interesting that the entire match stopped while they checked on Homicide. Creed hits a spinning neckbreaker on Tanahashi.

    Creed’s working with Petey Williams in the ring. Williams eliminates Creed. Looks like the Homicide injury could be an angle, we’ll have an update shortly. Tanahashi hits a frog splash off the top rope onto Petey Williams to eliminate him.

    Tanahashi, Doug Williams, and Jay Lethal are in the ring. I think Eric Young is also still in. Tanahashi and Doug Williams double team Lethal. Williams hits a gut wrench suplex followed by a somersault by Tanahashi going for the cover. Tanahashi is eliminated out of nowhere by Lethal. It’s Williams and Lethal.

    Eric Young is also still in the match. He gets back in the ring and eliminates Doug Williams. It’s down to Lethal and Young. Lethal takes Young to the mat, they exchange counters for two counts on the mat. Young tries a suplex but ends up using both forearms to take Lethal down to the mat and get a two count.

    Young hits his bridging suplex and pins Lethal for the three count and the win. Young is the number one contender for the X Division Championship.

    Winner - Eric Young

    Young looks stunned as the fans chant TNA. After the match, Young gets a mic as the babyfaces get in the ring. Young calls out the Main Event Mafia and says what they experienced here and what they’re going to see later is some of the best professional wrestlers doing what they do best - wrestle. Young says they aren’t showmen or entertainers but wrestlers. Williams, Lethal, and Creed are all behind him during this promo.

    Backstage with Lauren, Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett. Lauren asks them about the MEM’s declared war on the younger workers. Jarrett says he responsible for every member of the TNA roster. Jarrett tells Foley they want him to talk to the kids - he’ll talk to the Mafia. Foley questions Jarrett about his relationship with Kurt Angle. Jarrett says he’ll be alright, he goes to see the Mafia. Foley tells him to go for it.

    Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed vs. Taylor Wilde & Roxxi
    All four women go at it as Rhaka Khan takes Wilde out. It’s Kong and Roxxi in the ring. Roxxi uses speed, Kong uses power.

    Kong tags in Raisha Saeed. Roxxi tags in Wilde. Roxxi tags back in and goes off the top rope with a double axe handle blow. Wilde tags back in and completes the same double team. Roxxi does it again after another tag. Wilde tags in and hits it again. Wilde puts Saeed in a wrist lock. Saeed smacks Wilde and puts her up for a powerbomb, Saeed counters out.

    Raisha Saeed looks impressive as she tags in Kong. Wilde tags in Roxxi and they hit a double drop kick on Kong. Roxxi gets a cover on Kong for a two count. Kong goes after Roxxi. Kong chokes Roxxi out in the ropes with her leg. Roxxi goes for a tag but Kong stays on the offensive. Kong drives Roxxi by the hair into the top turnbuckle as Raisha Saeed is tagged in. Saeed hits a scoop mid range slam. Saeed it’s a corkscrew elbow and gets a two count.

    Saeed is taking it to Roxxi in the ring. She tags in the TNA Knockout Champion. Kong takes Roxxi down in the middle of the ring. Kong stretches Roxxi in a submission hold in the ring. Roxxi counters somehow and gets the tag but the referee doesn’t see it because of Rhaka Khan interference. Kong nearly beats Roxxi in the ring after a splash. Tag by Saeed as she takes it to Roxxi who has the crowd on her side.

    Saeed stretches Roxxi in the ring. Saeed tags in Kong and holds Roxxi in place for a double team. Kong hits a scoop slam on Roxxi. Saeed gets on top, Kong helps her flip down on Roxxi. Saeed botched the move as Kong goes back to work on Roxxi. Kong misses from up top, Roxxi needs to get a tag.

    Roxxi is finally able to get a tag. It’s Saeed and Taylor Wilde. Wilde takes Saeed down with a drop kick and another near fall. Big boot from Wilde onto Raisha Saeed. Rhaka Khan interferes again. Now it’s Roxxi taking out both Kong and Saeed.

    Taylor Wilde and Saeed collide in the ring. Kong falls to the outside when Roxxi lowers the ropes. Roxxi hits a cross-body off the top to the outside on Kong. Wilde hits her bridging suplex to get the three count on Raisha Saeed.

    Winners - Taylor Wilde & Roxxi

    Jeremy Borash is backstage with the Main Event Mafia. He talks to Sting first. Before Sting can get a word in, Jarrett says that tonight they’re all here to earn a living and that’s flat out getting it done in the ring. Jarrett tells them not to let this thing get out of hand. Angle tells Jarrett that he’s not one of their peers because he’s a washed up has been that hides behind a desk. Angle calls Jarrett a pussy but they blurt it out. Kevin Nash gets in between them as Angle storms off. Nash tells Jarrett that they go way back and that it doesn’t have to be like this. Nash says he needs to go talk to the children in the other locker room. Jarrett tells Nash that this is his company, his future. Nash says that this is his future. Booker gets a word in before the segment ends.

    X Division Championship
    Rhino vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir
    The bell rings and the match is underway. The crowd is behind Rhino. They circle one another as Shane Sewell is the referee. Rhino elevates Bashir off the ropes and takes him to the mat. Rhino looks to already be going for Gore as Sheik Abdul Bashir goes to the outside. Rhino follows and throws him into the rail. Rhino rolls Bashir back into the ring. Bashir pleads with Rhino then bows down.

    Rhino continues to hit offense as he runs into an elbow from Bashir. Bashir tried to get the turnbuckle exposed but the referee stopped him. Bashir gets a two count on Rhino. Bashir counters with hard slaps. Bashir goes off the ropes but a fan throws water on him from ringside.

    Bashir works Rhino over and gets another cover for a two count. Bashir has Rhino on his knees, but Rhino fights back. Bashir counters and gets a two count.

    Bashir gets Rhino to the outside and takes him over in front of the guard rail. Bashir hits a knife edge chop but Rhino counters. Bashir slaps a fan at ringside and rolls Rhino into the ring. It looks like it could be ICP at ringside.

    Sheik Abdul Bashir pulls Rhino down by the hair. He connects on several elbows. The crowd cheers loudly for Rhino. Bashir gets a near-fall on Rhino. Bashir applies a submission hold on the mat.

    Bashir wrenches back on a headlock on Rhino on the mat. Rhino is breaking it, he gets back to a vertical base and drops Bashir down to the mat. Rhino is down in the ring, selling the submission hold. Bashir is down as well, double count out gets to 8 before they get up. They exchange rights and lefts in the middle of the ring. Rhino takes down Bashir. Scott Hall is in the front row next to ICP look-a-likes.

    Rhino hits a spinebuster on Bashir and ends up hitting Gore for the win. I’m more distracted by who is on the front row, we know Scott Hall, trying to confirm ICP.

    Winner - Rhino

    Lauren is backstage, she walks in on Mick Foley talking to the younger guys of the company. Foley tells them to meet the MEM half way. The Motor City Machineguns are disrespectful to Foley. Shelley says he doesn’t care who Foley is. Shelley tells him to take his dumpy ass back to the table, this prompts a backstage brawl with Lethal. They run him out of there as AJ apologizes to Mick Foley.

    World Tag Team Championship
    Beer Money, Inc. (c) vs. The Motor City Machineguns

    The match starts with James Storm and Chris Sabin. Scott Hall and ICP are still sitting in the front row directly in front of the hard camera. Storm is working slow in the ring with Sabin. Several hip tosses from Sabin onto James Storm. He pulls him down in a submission hold in the mat. Sabin tags Shelley, Shelley goes off the top with a sledge right in the back of James Storm.

    Storm tags in Roode but Shelley counters and gets a near fall. Sabin hits a spinning heel kick as Sabin gets in and drop kicks Storm to the outside. The Motor City Machineguns dive to the outside on the champions. The Guns double team Roode, Storm gets in and gets the same treatment. Now it’s Shelley smacking Roode in the face. Shelley takes Roode down and tags in Sabin. Chris Sabin makes another quick tag as Shelley sling shots right over the ropes for a two count.

    Shelley works on Roode in the ring with kicks. He kicks him in the corner. Clear advantage throughout so far by the Motor City Machineguns. Shelley splash into Roode and hits Storm on the apron. Shelley hits a springboard moonsault on Roode for a two count. Right hands from Alex Shelley. Storm tags himself in and the tables are turning.

    Roode is the legal man now against Shelley. He tags in James Storm after a knife edge chop on Shelley. Momentum has shifted quickly for the champions. Storm hits Shelley with a right hand, Roode gets cheap shots form the apron. Storm tags in Roode, they hit a double team.

    Roode has a sleep applied on Shelley in the middle of the ring as Beer Money has taken control of this match. Shelley gets back to the vertical base and tries to kick out. Roode hits a big clubbing blow that takes him right back down. Roode runs into a boot from Shelley who takes out Storm on the apron. Roode connects on a drop toe hold, Storm gets involved and Sabin wants in but the referee won’t let him.

    Storm tags in Roode but Shelley counters and gets a near fall. Sabin hits a spinning heel kick as Sabin gets in and drop kicks Storm to the outside. The Motor City Machineguns dive to the outside on the champions. The Guns double team Roode, Storm gets in and gets the same treatment. Now it’s Shelley smacking Roode in the face. Shelley takes Roode down and tags in Sabin. Chris Sabin makes another quick tag as Shelley sling shots right over the ropes for a two count.

    Shelley works on Roode in the ring with kicks. He kicks him in the corner. Clear advantage throughout so far by the Motor City Machineguns. Shelley splash into Roode and hits Storm on the apron. Shelley hits a springboard moonsault on Roode for a two count. Right hands from Alex Shelley. Storm tags himself in and the tables are turning.

    Roode is the legal man now against Shelley. He tags in James Storm after a knife edge chop on Shelley. Momentum has shifted quickly for the champions. Storm hits Shelley with a right hand, Roode gets cheap shots form the apron. Storm tags in Roode, they hit a double team.

    Roode has a sleep applied on Shelley in the middle of the ring as Beer Money has taken control of this match. Shelley gets back to the vertical base and tries to kick out. Roode hits a big clubbing blow that takes him right back down. Roode runs into a boot from Shelley who takes out Storm on the apron. Roode connects on a drop toe hold, Storm gets involved and Sabin wants in but the referee won’t let him.

    Roode works on Shelley as James Storm tags himself in. They double team Shelley. Storm takes Shelley down and slaps him in the corner. Storm throws Shelley in the turnbuckle. Storm miss-connects. Shelley goes for the tag and makes it. The referee doesn’t see it. Jacqueline beats down Shelley on the outside.

    Storm gets a couple of two counts on Shelley after Jackie rolls him back in. Roode tags in, here comes a double team that Shelley counters. Another communication breakdown allows Shelley to hit a double DDT.

    Shelley finally tags in Chris Sabin who hits a cross body block off the top. Sabin hits crazy offense and looks great. Sabin outsmarts Storm and Roode and works with them in the turnbuckles. Shelley back in for a double team. Roode is caught in a rolling DDT by Chris Sabin. Sabin tries to put Roode above his shoulders, he finally gets him up but Storm tags himself in. Sabin fights off the double team.

    Shelley connects on a suicide dive to the outside on Roode. In the ring Sabin hits a hurricanrana off the top on Storm, Shelley hits a frog splash. Two count for Sabin. Roode gets in, but he’s met by a double team by the Guns. Sabin takes Roode down and springboards off the top but misses. He ends up hitting a backbreaker with Shelley hitting a move off the top. Crazy high flying spots by both Shelley and Sabin.

    Roode ends up hitting a spinebuster on Sabin for a two count. Shelley takes down Roode and sets him up on the middle rope. Here comes another combination move, Roode fights it off. Shelley ends up getting take down in the tree of woe position. Sabin is down in the ring but he counters on Storm then Roode on the top turnbuckle.

    Huge tower suplex off the top that gets the crowd going, all four men are down but Roode looks like he took the most of it. Sabin drapes an arm over Roode, but he gets up. Storm is up, Shelley kicks him in the back of the head. Both the Guns takes out Roode in the ring. Jackie gets in the ring and pulls Sabin off Roode while Storm takes a drink of beer. Sabin teases a shot on Jackie but hits a scoop slam on her. Roode and Sabin start to work, Storm ends up spitting beer in Sabin’s face.

    Sabin is pinned after a double team powerbomb by Roode and Storm. Roode got the pin.

    Winners & still TNA Tag Team Champions - Beer Money, Inc.

    Jeremy Borash is backstage with Booker T and Sharmell. Sharmell says Booker T doesn’t have a comment and she speaks for him. She puts him over and says that Christian Cage will become an official member of the Main Event Mafia tonight. Booker said maybe three words in the segment.

    TNA Legends Championship
    Booker T (c) vs. Christian Cage
    Booker shouts the stipulations to Christian in the middle of the ring. Andrew Thomas gets in between them and holds up the title before he calls for the opening bell.

    Christian and Booker lock up and the match gets underway. The crowd is split, half and half chants. Booker sends Christian off the ropes but Booker isn’t affected. Booker goes for a submission hold on the mat. Christian gets back to the vertical base. Booker counters Christian with a knife edge chop then a right hand chop. Christian unleashes offense of his own. Booker goes to the outside to regroup.

    Booker finally gets back in the ring after a little conference with his wife Sharmell on the outside. The crowd stomps awaiting the action. Mike Tenay says that this is the largest crowd TNA has had in Universal Studios. Christian and Booker exchange blows in the middle of the ring.

    Booker hits a spinebuster and gets a two count. He snaps the neck and wind pipe of Christian Cage and the fight goes to the outside. Christian fights Booker back but Booker takes him down and puts a foot to Christian’s chest.

    Christian gets catapulted into the ring post. Booker follows it up with chops to the chest of Christian. Booker gets in the ring and kicks Christian in the jaw. Booker applies a submission hold on Christian on the mat. Mike Tenay says TNA Genesis in January will be live from Charlotte, NC. Christian finally gets back to his feet but Booker counters him off.

    Christian builds a counter on Booker T in the turnbuckles. Christian hits a big forearm shot on Booker followed by a two count. Booker rakes the eyes of Christian to stop his momentum. Christian ducks a couple of spin kicks and takes Booker down to the mat for a two count. Christian goes to the top with Sharmell on the apron. Booker gets up and drops Christian down on the top. Booker comes up for a superplex attempt, he connects! Booker goes for the cover, two count.

    Booker T gets on his knees and goes for the Spin-A-Rooni. Booker goes for a full nelson, it results in a reversal by Christian followed by a pin. Christian tosses Booker over the top but he landed on the apron. Axe kick from Booker in a counter. Christian just went down like a big oak tree. Booker gets the cover for a two count.

    Christian goes for the sharpshooter, he looks it in as it is more of an inverted sharpshooter. Booker tries for the ropes but Sharmell gets on the apron and causes Christian to get distracted and break the hold. Booker nearly hits Sharmell in the face when Christian gets out of the middle of the argument. Booker nearly gets pinned by Christian in a counter. Christian counters on a suplex for a two count but Booker catches him in a roll-up for the win.

    Winner - Booker T (Christian Cage must join the Main Event Mafia
    After the match, Booker gets on the mic after the match and says he didn’t want to hurt him because the Legends Champion would like to welcome him to the Main Event Mafia.

    Lauren asks Abyss backstage if he is alright after the burns he suffered at Bound For Glory. Abyss says he’s fine and tells Lauren she looks beautiful. Abyss says the only thing that has been on his mind this week in Kurt Angle. Abyss says that not only is Angle going to try and beat him but he is going to try and hurt him. Abyss says he isn’t going to let that happen. He screams then apologizes to Lauren. Abyss says that they’re going to fight everywhere, even in the concessions. Abyss says tonight that he will get his retribution tonight. Lauren asks Morgan for a comment he says it should be him rather than Abyss.

    Falls Count Anywhere
    Abyss vs. Kurt Angle
    The bell rings and the match is underway. Kurt Angle jumps out of the ring just as Abyss goes toward him. Kurt Angle hits the outside again which draws boos from the fans. Angle gets back in. Abyss goes to work on Kurt Angle in the corner with big right hands.

    Angle tries to counter but runs right into a clothesline off of the ropes. Abyss runs into Angle in the corner but he moves out of the way and stomps away at Abyss. Abyss takes Angle down to the mat. Abyss hits shock treatment for 2 then he sends Angle to the outside with a clothesline. Angle hops the rail and Abyss goes out after him. Abyss hits Angle in the head with right hands in the crowd.

    Angle turns around and hits Abyss, Abyss counters. They exchange blows in the crowd. Angle tries to get away from Abyss in the fans. Angle uses one of the fans to put in between them. Abyss still connects on Angle. Abyss punishes Angle.

    Abyss delivers more shots to the head of Kurt Angle as Abyss tries to drop him out of the stands down a far drop. Angle rakes the eyes of Abyss, getting himself back in the stands. Abyss boots Abyss in the face then jumps down from the bleachers. Abyss comes down the steps.

    Abyss hits Angle in the back of the head. Abyss rakes the eyes of Angle again as they back at ringside. Angle picks up a chair and gabs him in the midsection then over the head. Abyss is down as Kurt Angle walks up the ramp. Abyss is crawling on all fours, this causes Angle to turnaround. Angle hits an INSANE somersault spot off the stage to the outside.

    Angle is insane but the way they shot that spot they made it look bigger than it was, which isn’t to say that it wasn’t awesome. The crowd is eating this up as Abyss throws Angle face first into a wall at the top of the ramp. Abyss goes for a chokeslam on the concrete but Angle delivers a low blow or as West said a kick in the nuts. Angle goes right into Abyss through the wall at the entrance. Loud ‘TNA’ chants from the fans in attendance.

    Both men are down on the opposite side of the wall… now they’re gone when the cameras come back. The crowd boos as there no sign of Angle and Abyss. Angle comes out busting through the other side of the wall. Bad to leave the crowd when it was that hot. They’re significantly quieter now. Angle and Abyss get back in the ring to try and regain the crowd.

    Angle takes Abyss down with a knee. Angle kicks Abyss in the back on the knee, Abyss hits the mat. Angle delivers yet another to the back of the leg. Angle calls for Abyss to get to his feet. Angle stalks Abyss but walks into a clothesline.

    Abyss splashes Angle in the corner and hits a side slam. Two count for Abyss on Angle. Abyss picks Angle up for shock treatment but he blocks and hits the Angle Slam. Two count for Kurt.

    Angle goes to the outside and grabs a chair. He runs at Abyss with it but Abyss punches the chair right back in the face of the Olympic Gold Medalist. Abyss sets a chair up in between the middle and top ropes. Angle comes back to life and blocks a shot by Abyss but Abyss hits a low blow and slams Angle’s head into a chair. Abyss hits a sidewalk slam and a two count.

    Abyss lays out a steel chair across Angle’s body. Abyss is taking forever as he goes up the ropes, he goes off the middle and nobody’s home! Angle picks up the chair and connects to the head of Abyss. Angle sets the chair on top of Abyss and goes to the top rope, he hits his moonsault on the chair. Abyss kicks out!

    Kurt gets on the middle rope, cross-body, but he’s caught by Abyss. Abyss sets him up for a Tombstone, Angle counters and locks in the ankle lock. Abyss breaks it, gets Angle off the ropes and hits the Black Hole Slam. Angle kicks out!

    Angle rolls to the outside, Abyss is down but comes after him. Abyss goes after Angle on the outside, Abyss is back by the Spanish Broadcast table. Angle pushes the announcers (Hector Guerrero included) out of the way. Angle gets up on the scaffolding above the Spanish announce table. He’s climbing high up on the scaffolding. Abyss brings him down and points to the bottom.

    Abyss picks Angle up above his head and goes for a Press Slam. Angle turns him around and sends him right through the Spanish announce table with a European uppercut. Angle gets the three count on the Spanish announce table.

    Winner - Kurt Angle

    Samoa Joe was backstage being interviewed by Lauren. Samoa Joe said that he’s upset at himself because while Nash was his mentor, he knew that sooner or later, Nash would turn on him and come to him. He said that he was just surprised that Nash was such a petty bitch, he would do it so soon. He said Nash has stood next to a lot of people who are better than him that went on to great things because Nash can’t stand to be that close to greatness. Joe said tonight wasn’t about respect but about getting revenge.

    Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash
    Samoa Joe comes out next. The match gets underway with Nash going right after Joe. Joe delivers his MMA-style punches at Nash. Nash counters with haymakers over his own, trying to end it. Joe connects on a kick to the back and a shoulder block. Joe works on Nash who is down in the ring. Joe locks in a choke and the referee warns him. Joe kicks Nash in the chest as he drops a knee to his throat.

    Samoa Joe kicks Nash out to ringside and the fight goes to the outside. Joe bangs Nash’s head on the TNA announce table in front of Tenay and West. Nash throws Joe into the steel ring post on the outside.

    Nash throws Joe into the steel ring post again on the outside. Nash reaches under the ring for a tool box. He grabs some clipper or pliers. Nash has clippers, he exposes the top turnbuckle by cutting the pad off. Joe ducks a chair shot from Nash on the outside. Joe counters and puts Nash back in the ring. Joe backs Nash off with right hands. Big Sexy Kevin Nash hits the mat. Nash trips Joe and he hits his face off the exposed turnbuckle.

    Kevin Nash works over Joe in the corner with the exposed turnbuckle. Nash sets Joe up in the ropes and lands on top of him. Nash drops an elbow on Joe and goes for a cover. He gets a two count. Nash off the ropes, he delivers another elbow.

    Nash punches Samoa Joe in the back. Joe finally starts to shift the momentum, hitting a big boot to his chin. Back splash by Joe for a two count on Nash. Nash sends Joe into the turnbuckle but Joe counters with a missile drop kick off the middle. Two count for Joe on Nash.

    Joe goes to the MMA style ground and pound on Nash. Nash to the outside after a cheap shot from Nash. Nash has a chair on the outside, Joe runs towards the ropes but is met by a chair shot in the midst of a suicide dive attempt. Joe is sent back into the ring, Nash gets back in. Joe is out in the ring as Nash covers him for a two count. Joe connects on some knife edge chops on Nash. Nash counters with a boot on Joe as Joe was coming off the ropes. Nash hits the Jackknife powerbomb and gets a two count. Nash looks shocked.

    Nash bangs Joe’s head off the exposed turnbuckle. The referee starts yelling at Nash but the way this match has been booked that argument is extremely irrelevant. Joe is busted open, Nash works it with right hands and bounces his head off the exposed turnbuckle. Second Jackknife powerbomb by Nash on Joe. Joe kicks out again! Out of nowhere Joe locks in an armbar submission. The referee is knocked out in the process.

    Samoa Joe gets to his feet, Nash connects on a low blow. Referee Rudy Charles is down and Tenay acts like the low blow was a big deal. This has been booked to be a No DQ match as Kevin Nash steals the win with a cover for the three count.

    Winner - Kevin Nash

    Jeremy Borash tells Sting that AJ Styles looks the most motivated that he has ever seen him. Sting cuts a promo on his opponent tonight, talking about his dad kicking him out of the house when he was 15 years old. Sting says tonight that he is going to kick AJ out of his house.

    TNA World Heavyweight Championship
    Sting (c) vs. AJ Styles
    The bell rings and the main event is underway. AJ backs Sting down into the turnbuckle. Slow pace to start the match.

    AJ and Sting lock up and AJ gets a hammer lock applied on the Champion. Sting counters with one of his own, AJ reveres, but Sting counters him over. AJ locks in another hammer lock, both men are on their feet as Sting takes him down. AJ locks the hammer lock back in.

    They do the same spot a couple more times with Sting taking Styles down and Styles re-applying the hammer lock. Finally it’s broken and AJ misses on some high flying moves. Sting bulldogs Styles. AJ connects on a drop kick out of nowhere sendig Sting out of the ring.

    AJ goes to the outside as Sting is milking the count. Sting gets back in as AJ rolls out. Styles gets on the apron and back in the ring. Styles scoops Sting up and slams him down. Styles smashes into him and get a two count. Knife edge chops from Styles as the crowd is 50/50 again.

    Sting press slams AJ out of the ring to the outside. AJ took a rough landing and is getting counted out. Sting does his patent scream before going to the outside. He slams AJ off the rail then picks him up and drop him on it. Referee Earl Hebner goes to the outside and warns him. Sting rolls Styles back in the ring and goes back to work on him.

    Sting counters a hip toss with an abdominal stretch on Styles in the ring. It should be noted that I do not see Hall or ICP at ringside anymore. No clue on how long they’ve been gone. Desperation hip toss from Styles but Sting counters with a move that impact Styles’ ribs.

    Sting buries his head in the midsection of Styles in the corner of the ring. Sting kicks AJ in the midsection after a shoulder block. Sting whips AJ coast-to-coast in the turnbuckles. Sting picks AJ up in a bear hug. In a desperation move, Styles gives Sting headbutts. Sting counters and reapplies the abdominal stretch on the Challenger.

    Sting wrenches back on the hold, Earl Hebner checks for submission. AJ tries to back him off, working on his knee cap. Styles gives Sting right has, Sting exchanges. They go back and forth with right hands. Sting kicks AJ, AJ hits a dropkick to the side of Sting’s head. Both men down, double count out started.

    Styles gives Sting a couple of clotheslines followed by a snap suplex. Sting props himself up in the corner. AJ goes after him and ends up on the apron. AJ over the top rope gives a forearm shot to Sting for a two count. A snap suplex by Styles leads to another two count for him on the Champion. Sting goes for the Scorpion but Styles counters. Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop. Sting covers Styles for a two count. Sting goes to the top rope with AJ down in the ring. Sting dives off, Styles gets out of the way. AJ kicks Sting in the face, Styles teases Styles Clash, Sting blocks.

    Sting Splash in the corner on Styles. Sting hits a second one sending AJ to the mat. Sting sets Styles back up in the corner. Sting hits a third one. Sting sets Styles up on the top turnbuckle. Sting tries superplex from the top but Styles fights him off and rolls through into a powerbomb to the mat.

    Styles sets Sting in the middle of the ring. Styles to the top rope, he hits the Spiral Tap off the top rope. AJ tells the fans ‘one more time’. He goes back to the top but he’s taking way too much time. Here comes Booker T and Kurt Angle, Styles takes care of both of them on the apron. Sting is back up, he dodges the Pelé Kick as Sting rolls him up for the three count and the win.

    Winner & still TNA World Heavyweight Champion - Sting

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    Charles Doyle "Charlie" Haas (Houston (Texas), 27 maart 1972) is een Amerikaanse professionele worstelaar die werkt voor World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), beter gekend met zijn worstelnaam Charlie Haas. Haas worstelt momenteel voor RAW.

    WWE Carrière
    Als Seton Hall Universiteit alumni kregen zowel Charlie Haas als zijn broer, Russ, een WWF ontwikkelinks contract in Memphis Championship Wrestling maar tegen het einde van 2001 overleed Russ aan hartfalen. Haas ging door met worstelen, waarbij hij kort de naam R.C. Haas gebruikte (Russ-Charlie Haas) en "Russ" op zijn polstape schreef om zijn broer te gedenken.

    Nadat hij in verschillende ontwikkelings gebieden had gewerkt, debuteerde Haas voor de WWE op 26 december 2002 als een heel naar Shelton Benjamin als "Team Angle". Het tag team was een plan van Paul Heyman en was bedoeld om de WWE Champion Kurt Angle te helpen bij het behouden van zijn titel, en ze vielen Chris Benoit en Brock Lesnar aan in een poging hen te verzwakken. Angle sloeg uiteindelijk Team Angle na een face-turn tijdens die periode en ze begonnen zijn leiderschap te betwijfelen. Het duo werd het "(zelf verklaarde) World's Greatest Tag-Team". Het team won het WWE Tag Team Championship twee maal voor ze scheiden toen Benjamin verhuisde van SmackDown! naar RAW.

    Toen Benjamin weg was, turnde Haas face en vormde een team met Rico en zijn valet Miss Jackie om de tag team titels opnieuw te winnen. Het team werd een belangrijke kracht, met de strenge Haas samen met de charismatische Rico. Nadat Rico werd ontslagen stond Haas opnieuw op zichzelf, vergezeld door Miss Jackie. Haas was de verliezer in een match tegen Luther Reigns tijdens de The Great American Bash 2004.

    Haas was later betrokken in een Anglewaarin hij in een driehoeksverhouding was met Miss Jackie (op televisie zijn verloofde) en Dawn Marie. Het verhaal kwam tot een hoogtepunt toen Haas diende als de scheidsrechter in een match tijdens Armageddon 2004 tussen de twee vrouwen. Na de match verliet Haas beide vrouwen (voor kayfabe redenen; zijn werkelijke relatie met Miss Jackie duurde voort). Toen vormde hij een tag team met Hardcore Holly. Ze hadden gelimiteerd succes op SmackDown!, waaronder een feud met MNM voor het WWE Tag Team Kampioenschap, maar ze wonnen nooit de titels.

    Op 6 juli 2005 werd Haas ontslagen door de WWE samen met zijn vrouw Jackie Gayda. Hij keerde diezelfde maand terug naar Jersey All Pro Wrestling en begon een feud voor het JAPW Heavyweight Championship met Jay Lethal. Op 10 september tijdens JAPW Haas of Pain versloeg Lethal Haas om zijn titel te behouden.

    Hij won het Natural Heavyweight Championship tijdens Ballpark Brawl V op 13 augustus 2005, door de toenmalige kampioen Christopher Daniels en Chris Sabin te verslaan in een triple threat match. Hij verdedigde zijn titel succesvol de volgende avond tijdens Ballpark Brawl VI tegen Harry Smith. De titel werd hem ontnomen toen hij terugkeerde en was tot nu toe de enige man die zijn titel succesvol verdedigde.

    Tijdens deze tijd nam Haas ook deel aan het ECWA Super 8 Toernooi 2006 en kwam tot in de finale maar verloor van Davey Richards.

    Terugkeer naar de WWE
    In het einde van december 2005 tekende Charlie Haas opnieuw met de WWE, en keerde terug naar OVW op 22 februari 2006, waarbij hij verloor van Paul Burchill. Hij keerde terug naar WWE televisie op 17 april 2006 tijdens een aflevering van RAW als Rob Van Dam's handgekozen tegenstander voor zijn voormalige partner, Shelton Benjamin. Haas versloeg Benjamin in de match die daarop volgde.

    Haas vervolgde met worstelen op de lagere middenklasse, vaak deelnemend op WWE HEAT en soms op RAW.

    Op de editie van RAW op 5 juni 2006 duwde Charlie Haas per ongeluk Lilian Garcia van de ring zijkant toen hij de ring binnenkwam. Het werd daarna op aangekondigd dat Lilian een gekneusde pols opgelopen had. Het werd bekendgemaakt dat dit hem geen slechte naam opleverde omdat iedereen inzag dat dit een ongeluk was (er moet ook vermeld worden dat de blessure geen work was). Het resultaat was een feud met Lilian's verhaallijn minnaar Viscera en Haas zijn tweede heel periode in zijn WWE carrière. Haas maakte avances richting Lilian, tot hij haar gedwongen kuste en haar toen op de grond liet vallen. Haas en Viscera bleven vechten voor de affectie van Lilian in de ring, tot Lilian verklaarde aan hen beiden dat ze "gewoon vrienden" wilde zijn. Haas sloeg Viscera toen op zijn oog van woede en een blinde Viscera gaf perongeluk een Samoan Drop aan Lilian. Hoewel het per ongeluk was, begonnen beide worstelaars te lachen toen ze zagen wat er met haar gebeurde. Recentelijk zijn Viscera en Haas een tag team geworden.

    Worstel feiten
    Naar het gebrek aan heat en reactie van het publiek wordt door de internet worstel community verwezen als een Haas pop. WWE namen de zin een aantal jaren terug over, maar gebruiken het sinds kort regelmatig.

    Finishing en belangrijke moves
    Haastile Takeover (Scoop in een inverted DDT)
    Haas of Pain (Er zijn Solo en Tag Team variaties. Oorspronkelijk gedaan met Russ Haas.)
    Total Haastility (Bridging German suplex)
    Haastruction (Spinning buik-aan-buik suplex)
    Haascracker (Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker)
    Exploder suplex
    Vliegende kruisende axe handle smash
    Missile Dropkick

    Jackie Gayda
    Paul Heyman
    Kurt Angle

    Theme muziek
    Haas kreeg nieuwe theme muziek in mei 2005, een liedje uitgevoerd door Eric & The Hostiles met de titel "Pay the price". Het werd voorheen gebruikt als het nummer voor The Great American Bash 2005 pay-per-view, maar WWE componist Jim Johnston veranderde het drum ritme voor Haas zijn theme. Het werd aangeboden als bonus nummer op het WWE Wreckless Intent album als een exclusieve iTunes download, als men het volledige album via die weg kocht.

    Kampioenschappen en andere bereikte dingen

    Ballpark Brawl
    1-maal Natural Heavyweight Champion
    Combat Zone Wrestling
    1-maal CZW Tag Team Champions (met Russ Haas)
    East Coast Wrestling Association
    1-maal ECWA Tag Team Champion (met Russ Haas)
    ECWA Hall of Fame geïntroduceerde (2004)
    Heartland Wrestling Association
    1-maal HWA Heavyweight Champion
    Jersey All Pro Wrestling
    2-maal JAPW Tag Team Champion (met Russ Haas)
    Memphis Championship Wrestling
    3-maal MCW Southern Tag Team Champion (met Russ Haas)
    Ohio Valley Wrestling
    2002 OVW Russ Haas Memorial Tag Team Toernooi winnaar (met Nova)
    Phoenix Championship Wrestling
    PCW (Pennsylvania) Tag Team Champion
    Pro Wrestling Illustrated
    PWI 2003 Tag Team van het jaar Award (met Shelton Benjamin)
    World Wrestling Entertainment
    3-maal WWE Tag Team Champion (2-maal met Shelton Benjamin, 1-maal met Rico)

    Persoonlijk leven
    Op 10 juni 2005 trouwde Haas met Jackie Gayda. Zijn getuige was Shelton Benjamin. Jackie Gayda is momenteel zwanger van het eerste kind van haar en Charlie. De baby wordt ergens in december verwacht.

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    Blog als favoriet !

    Over mijzelf
    Ik ben Boon Kenneth, en gebruik soms ook wel de schuilnaam Sting.
    Ik ben een man en woon in Dworp (Belgie) en mijn beroep is .
    Ik ben geboren op 05/06/1989 en ben nu dus 30 jaar jong.
    Mijn hobby's zijn: Worstelen en films.

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