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    Pokerroom offers 50$ real money (for free)

    (Eng versie; binnekort Nederlandse versie)     ==> centen voor studenten :o) 

    Dees werk wel echt, heb alleen nog geen tijd gehad om een nederlandse versie te maken vn mn blog :)

    ★Get 50$+50$ real money for free to play poker★
    (NO Deposit required) into the pokerroom of your choice (15rooms to choose), from the pokerschool.

    1.About the Site
    2. How to get started (link)
      2.1 Short version
      2.2 Full version

    3. FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

    ►1.About the site:

    The poker-Academy/forum offers articles about Sit&Go, Multitable tournaments, cashtable, liveplay, psychology, bankrollmanagement and even more! They will show

    you what the best strategy for any beginner is (short stack strategy), or the best strategy for advanced users (deep stack strategy)
    There is a forum where you can post hands, and ask our crew their professional opinion about how u played it. There are even live coaching! There are

    also subforums for beginners, MTT, Sng for different stakes.

    ►2.How to get started (read the short or long -more accurate- version below):


    ►2.1 How to get started (SHORT):

    1. Make an account on the site
    2. Do the quiz and pass
    3. Choose your pokerroom and click the link on site
    4. Enter the bonuscode (listed on site)
    5. Wait max. 24h and play with 50$ free

    ►2.2 How to get started (LONG):

    1. Make an account on the site:
    Go to the site. If the site is shown in another language, go to the top right ad change it. There are lots of languages (English, Espagnol, francais,

    nederlands, Deutsch, italiano, portugues, svenska, polski, and MORE). All articles are in all those languages, same as coachings, forum, etc..
    Top left you see "Register | Have you forgotten your password? | Help | Save login"
    Click register.

    2. Do the quiz and pass:
    Why? This is because you have to have a minimum requirement of knowledge before you get your money. If they wouldn't do this, nobody would read the

    articles and loose their money in a heartbeat (and this isn't profitable for the site itself, read below why the site would give away free money *3*).
    There are strategy articles on the site. You will need to read them before you have a descent chance to pass the test. The test is usually about the

    shortstackstrategy and most people aren't familiar with it, because it's a new profitable strategy for beginners and advanced players!
    All questions fom quiz are in articles, so if u fail the quiz just reread the articles. Btw: u have 5 times to try the quiz I think (so be carefull). But

    u gotta be very reckless to fail so many times. I tried the quiz 1st time without reading the articles and i failled. Then I read them, and i passed :)

    3. Choose your pokerroom and click the link on site:
    You will get a choice of pokerrooms (see *1* below for list). You will need to download the pokeroom, by the link they provide you (you will get refered

    to the pokeroom site). Then you make a new account (no old accounts, see *2* below for more info)

    4. Enter the bonuscode (listed on site):
    Enter the bonuscode (listed on the pokerschools site). This way you (and your pokeraccount) are linked to the pokerschoolsite, wich is necessary for you

    to get your money

    5. Wait max. 24h and play with 50$ free:


    ►3. FAQ

    ★1★ Currently the choice of pokerooms is:
    bet365, partypoker, 888 Pacific poker, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Mansion Poker, Titan Poker, bwin, Everest Poker, Poker Heaven, Ladbrokespoker, Cake

    poker, Unibet poker, InterPoker, Betfairpoker.

    ★1a★ what rooms would i recommend ?
    I prefer Full tilt poker. Nice layout, lots of rooms, good pokershop (to buy things), lots of cashtables Sit&go's & tournaments. With pokerschool refered

    bonuscode you also get 27% rakeback (% of rake (=*4*) you get back) , which is a huge plus (there are other sites who have rakeback too, but not all)!
    Pokerstars is nice to.

    ★2★ Why no Old accounts
    Not 1 pokerroom allows you to make 2 accounts in their room. Multiaccounting is forbidden as it could be used for cheating (subscribing both accounts to a

    tournammen for example).

    In some cases it might be possible to fix this (i did this)! If your old account was only used for playmoney (and you did no deposit), login to it, try to

    remove your personal data (adress, name, ..) or change it to something else (like name:Bo, adress:HQ, ..)=false data . (Or try to remove the account in

    general, but i'm not sure thats that easy)
    Now, make the new poker account, and while registering use another emailadress, and fill in the name and adress correctly. This way the pokerroom have no

    duplicate accounts on you!

    ★3★ Why the h*ll is it free?
    From site: A lot of people always wonder why we offer this service without wanting a membership fee.
    The reason is quite simple. We are working together with our partner sites (the biggest online poker rooms in the internet).
    To benefit from our content, coaching videos and other poker education materials you have to register at our partner sites with our bonus code.
    With that bonus code, the poker room recognizes that we brought a new player to their system.

    ★4★ What is rake? (And how does the site make profit?)
    This is the fee the poker rooms charge players. Most often, it is a percentage of the pot. For example, many poker rooms will take 5% of the pot up to $3

    as a fee for hosting the game. You have to pay rake at every online poker room or even offline casions.Important: A PokerStrategy member pays the same

    rake like everybody else. So don't think you have to pay a higher fee just because you registered with our bonus code.

    It is the other way round. You have to pay the rake anyway. But by playing with our bonus code you will get something in return, in the form of articles,

    live coaching, coaching videos, Poker software and our sample hand boards.
    So our income is a part of your rake.
    Note: It is important to understand that we don't benefit a lot from you, as a player, if you don't improve your game (playing higher limits).
    We can only profit from our players if they get better.

    ★5★ Isn't this system abuseable?
    Sometimes the pokerschool will ask for a scanned picture of your ID, because let's say you and your brother want to make an account. They want to prevent

    a single person from making more then 1 account. The school will notice that your request and your brothers came from the same IP, so they will ask you to

    identify both accounts, to make sure u aren't trying to cheat the system.
    ID checks can be asked on random basis to. (it doesnt necessarily mean they became suspicious about your account)

    ★6★ Why are you doing this? (this isn't a question you get a lot in FAQ, isn't it?! Im just honest :) )
    Because i'm trying to build the community (and get referal points). It's 1 of the only sites that gives 50$ away for free without having to deposit or

    getting spyware or other bullsht. I was a little sceptical in the beginning to. Who would believe you if you said you got 50$ for free? Nobody! That's why

    I made this large post with any question you could think about.
    Note I am not the admin of the site, just a member.

    Got any question? Pm me and I'll try to answer it and if its a good 1 I'll put it up here.

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