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    Formule 1, strips, autosport
    Formule 1, autosport, strips, vertalen, vertaalbureau, vertalingen, vertaler, De Tijdlijn, film, fantasy, sciencefiction, horror, auto's
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    Bijna weekend

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    07-10-2017, 01:16 geschreven door Bernward


    Oh yes and you have a great blog!

    17-04-2014, 12:09 geschreven door goalsurfer


    Peter, here a trailer I found back on youtube.  If I'm right the woman with the grey hairs was the android when she was older.

    17-04-2014, 12:05 geschreven door goalsurfer

    How did tour of Flanders end?

    Hello Peter, A while ago I wanted to recommend you a self hosted wordpress blog. Would you believe that afterwards I'm happy to have omitted it? I would have failed you in the highest degree! Arrived now in the phase of advanced blogger I see myself confronted with the avarice of the average host. Something happened with my blog, exactly the day I thought of writing a bit without designing or programming. ( All the written stuff is invisible. I saw our friend Franky during the first "friends of Jean Ray" meeting after New Year 2014. I found him quite haughty. He had made a trip by train, if I'm right, from South to North Japan (or the inverse). I asked him if he had just been traveling by train, watching the Japanese landscape through one of the windows. It made me think of the movie "2024" (if it wasn't 2042, I don't find it back). But he said he had brought a cultural visit in group to Japan, I suppose with guides and coffee breaks and ev. more. Why this short intermezzo about him? I went to the opening of BIFFF last weekend and thought it would be tough if you or he could join me during a second movie there. The effect was with impact! Maybe also after I understood from the media that science fiction is all around us. Peter, I got free tickets (until the inverse appears). They let me choose horror duds in which I am photographed. Let's hope that today I get on the facebook url to control if my photo is yet online. About the gay and lesbian movie festival that preceded BIFFF, I skipped it this year. First of all it was in Vendome, not really my favorite cinema room. I saw 2024 or 2042 there. There a kind of a manager (in the movie) put an android waiter on the train that was getting older and slacked down. How it comes that I further stayed away from GLBT film festival, is because the only noon I went take a look to eventually book a movie, the cinema was hermetically closed. There didn't even hang a program. None of the titles attracted me especially, I saw at home on my downloaded program. Neither from BIFFF I must admit, I just took the earliest show. BIFFF was really worth pain. It was quite a long time I had still seen an SF (except for the phantasy Jean Ray short movies in the film museum in Brussels) and while standing in line, I thought that as I was so thirsty and had no pocket money to buy me a drink, maybe I wouldn't understand it quite well. Also I became afraid it would be as horrific as a movie about a parasite I saw on television in or around 2001. First I hadn't seen the French and Dutch subtitles that were on a black strip under the movie. Thus I was trying to follow the English ones, that were not only quite quickly away but also they were big and broadly divided over the whole width of the screen the way I had to nod my head continuously. Strange but the other watchers had very little pain with that. It was "Biodegradable" in Italian. All the time I wondered if they had put the wrong roll. There was also a factory where there wasn't worked. But then quite near to the end suddenly the outcome was told by a kind of speaker that now and then had appeared in the movie. Again I couldn't follow. Now I wonder if the first part was maybe a so famous atmosphere description for which they always warn in short story contests in the Lowlands. It was about students on a university, that just chatted. It made me think of an Italian movie I watched somewhere in the '80s, accompaigned by an adulterer I had met. I complained that I just didn't see the sense of such a movie. The adulterer answered that he adored this kind of movies but that I couldn't understand them yet. To conclude this comment: you talk about literature from the '40s. I suppose many aren't yet in public domain, especially when you overthink that in our countries the copyright law is much more severe than in the English talking ones. I have to check it out for UK.

    16-04-2014, 11:32 geschreven door goalsurfer

    Toffe spookverhalen
    Woaw! Vintage horror!

    02-03-2012, 02:36 geschreven door Dir

    Meer info
    De verhalen zijn inderdaad allemaal originele verhalen van Jean Ray - de Man met Duizend Pseudoniemen.

    Ik dacht dat ze van voor 1940 waren, maar de oudste copyrightdatum van het boek is 1947. Ze dateren dus wel van voor 1947.

    Sommige kunnen ouder zijn dan 1940, andere zullen het niet zijn.
    Het zijn losse verhalen, maar ze zijn samengebracht in een kader, zoals Ray Bradbury dat deed met The Martian Chronicles en The Illustrated Man.
    Maar het mag niet zomaar met die twee bundels worden gelijkgeschakeld.

    Ten eerste lijkt The Martian Chronicels het verhaal te vertalen over de kolonisatie van Mars (wie het aandachtig leest, zal merken dat dat niet helemaal klopt, niet alle verhalen lijken zich tegen dezelfde achtergrond te spelen).
    De eenheid van Het boek der spoken is losser, maar ze worden wel allemaal verbonden met de schrijver, die een eigen spook zou hebben.
    (had-ie ook, in z'n hoofd, een soort inspiratiespook).

    Ten tweede schrijft Bradbury nogal wijdlopig, maar Ray is erg spaarzaam met woorden.
    Dat is een erg opvallend kenmerk in bijna alles wat Raymond de Kremer (en DAT is zijn echte naam) ooit heeft geschreven: hij lijdt niet aan woordomhaal.
    De spoken zijn van zeer diverse aard, en lijken niet altijd kwaadaardig te zijn.
    Soms zijn ze dat wel, maar op een heel verrassende manier.

    Raymond de Kremer had een massa pseudoniemen, en schreef ook heel veel anoniem.
    Hij is vooral bekend als John Flanders en als Jean Ray, maar hij werd ook erg bekend als de anonieme schrijver van Harry Dickson.
    In al zijn werk valt op dat hij een breed scala een stijlen heel stijlvast kon hanteren: de Vlaamse Filmpjes zijn altijd duidelijk herkenbaar als jeugdverhalen, terwijl de Harry Dicksons duidelijk avonturen-detectiveverhalen voor volwassenen zijn.
    Binnen een bundel zoals Het boek der spoken is hij ook stijlvast, maar de aanpak is toch anders dan bijv. in de Contes golfiques.

    01-03-2012, 00:53 geschreven door Peter Motte

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