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    Mind Race
    Philosophical thoughts of life
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Forgiving, Gossip,
    Gossip and hate: "That person is such a pain, what an idiot, have you seen his clothes?, she acts like such a bitch, he really thinks he's something. .he's not etc"
    A word is not just a word, a word holds power. Once it's spoken it's out in the world and it starts to live it's own life. It will go from mouth to mouth and run out of control. You can not take back your words. It's out there alive. Shut your mouth, empty your mind. Why do you need to back talk about ppl.. how is this improving your situation? It is not. Do what improves your situation, work on the problem and find a solution. Make it happen. Because gossip creates only hate in others and your heart. Release. You deserve a better life than a life of hate.

    "Why would I forgive this person for hurting me? When you had enough you had enough, they need to apologize first, it's their fault"
    It leaves you with hate in your heart, causing you emotional pain and spiritual in balance.  If you don't forgive them for their mistakes, forgive them for your inner peace. Not forgiving and hating causes you only pain. You deserve happiness. Release. Forgive.

    It's easy to hate and to cause pain.
    but it's easy to love all the same.
    wich one feels better? Make your choice.
    what you send out will return eventually to you
    in word but also in mind.

    04-09-2016 om 21:32 geschreven door Firefly  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.We value the truth
    How many times have you heard someone say something like "I don't like people that talk behind my back, I want people to tell me in my face" ?
    And than you tell them your truth and all of a sudden people feel offended because you have been honest with them. I bet it has happened to you.
    We as human beings have to ask our self's this question: Why do we tell we want something but desire the opposit?.
    Is it because we want a verification of the image we see of ourself? In that case we are ignoring the fact I have stated in an article before "we don't full see and perceive ourself" other people can be our mirror and reflect the pieces we can't see in ourself .and once we are aware of that we can realize our demands to demands that feel true to what we are and what we want from ourself and others.
    it's not easy facing yourself and admitting that you have flaws and realive what they are. But never hold others a demand you can not live yourself.
    if you want someone to "tell it in your face" be sure your ready about what they could tell you either positive or negative.. you will receive it in your face. Or maybe you could let them just talk behind your back and have a peace inside your heart. What matters to you the most: Possible chaos wich can be good or bad or do you rather live an illusion keeping your inner peace and the false sense of self awareness? .

    The choice is yours. 

    01-09-2016 om 19:24 geschreven door Firefly  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Rhyming of the unconsious mind
    two little things I wrote today.

    Seperate entity from the mind, thoughts holding on
    the bad, the good, and the kind.
    Quizing over questions, of the mainstream human mind.
    Programmed to proceed, no longer intertwined
    I left the past so many miles behind.
    Forward as a stranger, understandig that lacks.
    as long as I keep walking, my spirit never cracks.
    I am very happy here on my own
    no need for much attention, I am never alone.


    The voices they raise in laughter and talk
    all I do is ponder and walk
    along the rows of many the same
    My understandig, its all just a game
    puppeteer playing, a song in the air
    none just hears the sound of disspear
    that comes from the heart thats laughing out
    the beat of ignorance was never so loud.

    29-08-2016 om 14:33 geschreven door Firefly  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.We are more than we know
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    We think we know who we are and are consious of what the outside world sees we are. But in reality we can't fully see who we are for the full 100 procent. A theory backing this up is the Johari window wich tells us that there are four dimensions. 
    1. The person we keep to ourself and none sees but you.
    2. The person we are that is invisible to self and others.
    3. The person we are that others and you see both.
    4. The person we are but we don't see, but others do.

    I mainly mean point number 4 in this subject.
    we can't fully see and comprehend our full identity even tough we like to believe we do. Others can help to uncover the blind spot in our vision, wich is why it's important to open up to others words and listen to their judgement. Alltough their judgement might not allways feel justified or driven by emotion in a unreasonable way, in some occasions they are holding you a mirror that shows who you are and what effect you have on the world around you.
    Our consious is but a small fragment of our reality.

    26-08-2016 om 19:47 geschreven door Firefly  

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    Welcome to my blog, 

    this is my first addition to this blog.
    so its like in a start up phase. 
    I decided to go in english, because it is a language that feels the most natural to me.
    In the future Im going to write about all kinds of deep matters that involve feelings
    and the world in general but on a much deeper phylosophical base.
    Ill also will be adding pictures and stuff like that to my topics,
    but for today I start off small and with not a lot of details.
    there are probably not a lot of people who are going to read my blog
    and im totally fine with that, sheeple will not understand.
    if you understand what sheeple are, than you definetly belong here
    on this blog ;)


    When you go outside, see people get hurt or feeling hurt, or someone in general that just needs help
    people are egocentrical, all they think is about them selfs and their own lifes. 
    They wont even notice people that are hurt or need help, and even if they do they tend to ignore
    because of their ego that is preventing them to reach a helping hand.
    Instead people rather grab their phones and make pictures of tragedys for their own pleasure.
    We are the people, we are devided, we do not care for the well being of others, as long as our own well being is fine.
    but at the same time we wish for a world where we all unite and everybody cares for eachother. What went wrong?.
    Along the way of caring, where did we lose the feeling to care for others as we should, instead of trampling on top of one another
    to reach the highest status we can reach?. isnt it love that we all want? what we all need in this life to feel happy and fulfilled?.
    Instead we chose the other path: because what would people think of me when I didt this and that??.
    We forgot that Whatever we do people will talk anyway. wich is the truth. it does not matter, people all have their different opinions that vary from one another. so why would we feel so bothered with what others think about the decissions we take.
    We can just reach a hand, help a person, just listen and feel what its like to be them. Empathy. 
    If you care for another, another cares for you.
    So next time when you sit there and you see someone could need some help.
    Be the example you want to see in the world.

    See you next time

    25-08-2016 om 11:52 geschreven door Firefly  

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