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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The team as a whole
    Result for the team, each player is responsible. The losing team - lost to each participant. What you need to direct the team? ? As already mentioned - you need a server for voice communication, without it can not do no normal team. ? In addition, the team should preferably be a server for its own games. Currently,runescape gold it is really exist without a server - the server is constantly going to the opponent or tournament organizers, but in this case is rarely given to opponents of the server is fair in terms of site to buy runescape gold In the case of having your own server, in most competitions you will be able to insist on a match on the server where the difference is minimal at best ping, or a variant of 50-50 - if the gameplay will be divided into two parts, one on your server, another server opponent.runescape accounts sale It is desirable to have a server in Europe, where each player the team would be an acceptable ping. The best option today is the server, where you can change the location of the server location for the four different countries - Sweden, Holland, Germany and France. The match must always be present person, able to handle the rcon commands, it is better if each player will know these basics. In addition, it is necessary to monitor changes in the rules, the emergence of a new pam-mods and the new rule-set `s for them. Typically, information about changes can be found in the relevant project news. ? For the team it is very desirable to have its own channel to communicate on the network It will serve as a vehicle for communication with the outside world.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.It also involves the detection of corruption of game files or PunkBuster
    # 112 - Too Many Bad Names - Too many false names. # 113 - Too Many Name Changes - Too many changes to name / nickname (usually no more than one shift per game) Decision: Terminate repeated change of the game nickname. # 114 - Protected Name - the name Secure Solution: Change the name or play on another server. # 121 - Negative Score Too Low - negative score (usually because of kills). Solution: Stop team kills,buy runescape gold or play another server. # 151 - Extended ASCII Characters in Player Name - Using ASCII characters in player name Solution: Use ordinary letters, numbers and symbols in the name, or play on another server. # 9001 - CVAR value failed range check (see the FAQ for more info) - no comment ... Violations of the gameplay: When PunkBuster is unable to verify that the gaming environment the player is functioning properly and / or has not been alterred,runescape money buy funktsianiruyut violation. It also involves the detection of corruption of game files or PunkBuster. , Trick / Mince Violations: When PunkBuster ? is unable to verify that the gaming environment is functioning properly and the player (or) has not been changed, then an error breakage. This error also causes the detection of changes in the game files or PunkBuster ?.rs accounts to buy This error has a range of numbers from # 10,000 to # 29,999. # 50000s - Aimbot # 60000s - Wallhack # 70000s - Multihack # 80000s - Gamehack # 90000s - Cheat Video Drivers # 100000s - speedhack # 110000s - Autofire # 120000s - Game Hook # 130000s - Attempted PunkBuster Hack ? Solution: remove the cheats / hacks from your computer and do not use them more, because otherwise, you forfeit your CD-Key (if you have a license) and will be forever banned from the server GUID PunkBuster ?! Source : PB_CvarList Displays the allowed cvar ranges for any cvars, which controls the game server. PB_CvarSrch [search_text] Finding text. PB_GetSs removal of a screenshot PB_Kick [slot #] Requests for exceptions to the player of the game. PB_Load [File Name] Loads the specified PunkBuster config file which can contain commands and / or setting changes. PB_MyGuid Show your PunkBusterGUID and your game CDKey (Note: Cdkey is not shown if you are currently not connected to the server); GUID using PunkBuster, to identify the players. pb_plist Queries about the status of the server. PB_Power Queries , in order that was printed in the console. PB_SsOptions kits and / or displays the parameters used in order to take the local.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.New weapons and accessories
    As mentioned above, in the game are as many as six of the opposing sides. Do you think that each of them the original weapon? No new trunks had to do for English SAS, runescape moneyso the rest of the new content with Russian weapons, which we have already get used to playing for the MEC. What would have allowed the player to feel comfortable in new surroundings,best rs gold site for each set were added to various devices: ? SWAT sniper and have at their disposal a crossbow, which is used to install cables with which you can quickly navigate to the objects located below your position. Range is limited, so do not count at a time to cross the entire map. In people shoot does not make sense, despite the fact that the crossbow shooting rail boom that can penetrate concrete wall, the infantry does not receive any damage. ? Assault and anti-tank can now enjoy the cat. This device consists of a hook to which is attached a rope, runescape powerlevelingand is used for what would climb up on rooftops. A skyscraper you can hardly climb, but on the third floor balcony - completely. ? The warrior class support in the arsenal now has gas bombs, instantly blinding smoke that all the soldiers who are "lucky" to be in the range of the clouds. If you do not want the image on the screen blur of tear gas, you have to wear a gas mask, which is a bit limited area of ??visibility and audibility worsens.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.If you want to know how to let PB_RCon as Admin
    If you want to know how to let PB_RCon as Admin, please see our related publication called the 'PunkBuster for admins. As an example, admin set up the following list of commands RCon: ? 100 teams required permanently ban players (pb_sv_ban) ? 50 points required change the map (map) ? 25 points required to change sv_minping sv_maxping and server cvars (command prefixes used here - sv_minp and sv_maxp). Any function related to the words the team is registered in the server console and log files, but not returned to your console .runescape facebook VIOLATIONS software. PunkBuster, going to the game servers and also on computers connected players during gameplay is continuously says every player on his violations. Violation can be raised PunkBuster for various types of commands,buy runescape gold depending on how each server administrator wants to form a PunkBuster server game. Different categories of violations are explained below. When violation raised, PunkBuster announces this violation to all playing on a server, players in the game and then stores more information about the abuse in a configuration file PunkBuster server.runescape buy gold In most cases, the player associated with the violation will also kicked on the server for several minutes. And so every server admin can prevent the appearance of the player in the game because of errors raised in PunkBuster. I should add that there are some servers where the lib is not included, which means that each server can take over, while being in the game. If PunkBuster violation notice it immediately tells IGRAC, but this player will be kicked from the game. Other players will be alerted to the fact that PunkBuster can throw them servak ??because of the violation, to be lifted on the localhost player. Steps to solve the problem given a list of violations (see below). Any player who has problems, solving them, we must tell the admins. Asking for help, be sure to determine that the number of violations raised and give as much additional information as possible. disorders. Technical: (Solution: reinstall PunkBuster from the latest patch updates the game), # 101 - Communication Failure - Failure due # 102 - Communication Failure - Failure due # 131 - Initialization Failure - Failed to initialize # 132 - Protocol Error - Protocol error # 141 - Distress - Difficulty (this inscription shows that there is a problem with the update to the latest versieyPunkBuster ? or have trouble accessing one of the Master PB Servers, located on the Internet, and perhaps due to the problems of firewall, router, etc.) may be due to the problems of firewall, router, etc.) Miscellaneous Violations: # 111 - Bad Name - Wrong (unauthorized) name (or nickname) Solution: Change the name (nickname), or play on another server.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The team as a collection
    So, let's say you find yourself going to start a team and play seriously. First we need to figure out the notation for all the major points of maps, each map in CoD4 has approximately 10 to 30 different symbols, all they need to remember, and even in emergency situations to be able to quickly call that comes already with a little experience and training.runescape guides What is the team play? (English Teamplay - a team game) By means all combined teamplay and teamwork training team. runescape moneyThis does not include individual skill (English Skill - Skill) player, for example, his shooting skills, but the ability to quickly provide the information correctly reconstructed in the game, observe the established tactics - it is has to do with team play. runescape gold to buyMoreover, the player can shoot well, but have absolutely no team - not to be able to keep the selected area of responsibility, not to perform its task, etc. It is important to understand exactly what you want from a team in each case, rather than trying to solve everything at their discretion. Naturally, without independence can not do too - but all necessary measure. In order to see the coherent team actions and to understand to what effect they produce should carefully review the recorded demos of the best teams, which is especially useful for the initial stages. dominant mode in CoD4, and how in the earlier parts of it, is a Search & Destroy at number 5 on 5 players. This mode is similar to fully defuse a CS or CSS. If anyone has not played any CS, nor in other parts COD - go on the links to the item at the end. We explore further some aspects. In this mode, the most fully reveals the value of teamplay - the team has a specific common goal, and each player must contribute to it. Both as attackers and defenders as a team can use different styles and tactics depending on the situation and the behavior of opponents, it is important to be able during the game to adjust some things if they nedorabotannost obvious. Top team (English Top - the best, top, first) usually form a tough formulations - 5 major players, and 1-2 player for replacement. In this case, each player gets used to the game and the behavior of other players - and team-produced some of the tricks in the final exchange of the already effected the players, because of the multi-variant is difficult to plan in advance. Almost always played in the care team player immediately loses much of its effectiveness, but given the problems in our country from falling off at any time, the Internet, support team to ever-higher level is difficult. Every team has set a goal - joining the tournament to understand why he told her how much he will be useful, how realistic is it to play on what the end result should be calculated, etc. For example, many top teams rarely play Nightcap (night cup - a night tournament, held in one evening-night), because believe that a fairly large portion of their time will be spent in vain - to be shot deliberately weaker opponents, where the efficiency of waste tactics would be impossible to estimate.

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    U kan dit zelf helemaal aanpassen.  Surf naar en log vervolgens daar in met uw gebruikersnaam en wachtwoord. Klik vervolgens op 'personaliseer'.  Daar kan u zien welke functies reeds toegevoegd zijn, ze van volgorde wijzigen, aanpassen, ze verwijderen en nog een hele reeks andere mogelijkheden toevoegen.

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    Het wenst u veel succes met uw gloednieuwe blog!

    Met vriendelijke groeten,

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