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    6 Very Good, I want to get involved
    5 Good, I'm interested
    4 I'm indifferent, but...
    3 Bad, but it does contain something
    2 Very bad, You really need to work on it.
    1 Rock bottom. How can you even start to imagine this might work?
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    Crowdsource My House
    You are building my dreamhouse
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.

    Quick and dirty site search: some links are actually awesome


    Nice example containing plans


    sitewith copyright protected plans...

    more plans


    THese two are great: especially the first one!


    additional sites:;col1


    So I'm back on track!. More updates soon.

    Please Visist as the project will probably move to that site soon

    30-08-2009 om 10:15 geschreven door Psycop  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.

    Welkom op de site waar een oud idee op staat.

    De verpakking kan beter, en de pich-talk ook.

    Maar jullie zijn hier om de namen van TEDx FLanders te weten: hier zijn ze


    8h 20 Dirk De Boe “The Series”  (-He is an innovation manager for Philips and will be showing his latest methods and results.)
    18h 50 TED talk

    19h 15 Wim Betz “SKEPP” (He is the president of the sceptic organisation in Belgium)
    19h 45: Break
    20h 00 TED TALK
    20h 20 Karl Raets “Pinching the Austrich” (He is a real man of practice, putting the principles of creativity into action. He shows his current developments of his 5 year programn.)
    20 h 50 TED TALK



    03-07-2009 om 01:28 geschreven door Psycop  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.More about the house

    Greetings dear aiders of the good cause!

    First I want to tell that i'm still on the project, but that my effort to make some more pub was rather low. Time time time... 

    But this is not your concern, my dear readers.


    More imortant: I worked out some of the aspects that need to be considdered:

    About the house:

    1) Chambers:

    Bedrooms: at least two Bureau/office
    Kitchen Lab/workspace
    Conference room/meeting hall/salon Bathroom
    Toilets Living room
    Hall washing room

    2  Needs:




    waste treatment

    heating and cooling

    sensors and domotica




    3 Water: 

    - rainfall (should check the average rainfal, as well as the variance and time structure) ;

    - treatment, storage, pressure, heating (sun-boiler, underground -pre heating), cooling , supply

    - sewage system


    4 Electricity

    - solar, wind, storage (hydrogen), monitoring& sensors, automization.


    5 Waste

    - waste as food for an ecosystem (fungi, plants, animals, bacteria,... to yielding stock and crops?)

    - sorting& using reciclable materials (space for sorting and storing)

    - bio gaz? burning?


    6 Thermal

    - heating: water, sun boiler, solar heat, warmth pump, isolation, body warmth, surplus of electronic devices,...

    - cooling: air-flow maintainance (cellar to roof), solar reflection.


    7 Lights

    - solar, led, TL, bulbs (not the clasical, the new ones)


    That's it for now.


    Please take one minute to evaluate and or comment after reading this! (It makes me happy, and it makes you happy because you made someone happy... I know it does: helping people gives satisfaction!) . 

    11-02-2009 om 18:07 geschreven door Psycop  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.More Thanks and support!

    Greetings dear crowdsourcer,

    This week I went to a PechaKucha Night, which brought forth some interesting thoughts & results:


    1) It's organised by Crosstalks -a Flemish initiative- promoting Inductry, creativity (R&D) and university to share their idea's.

    I think these persons might be interested the project. As Industry needs innovation to get out of this economic and ecologic crisis. Eco-housing is a part of that sollution. And if a house can provide a net output that contributes to a better earth, more energy and comfort It might just be the blue print of the future!

    2) Check out luminous green. They try and work around a better green world. they "[call] upon the creative sector to enrich the public debate around environmental sustainability, ethical living and eco-technology."

    I guess I'm trying to get connected


    3) the big picture Is a site I also want to bring in the spotlight. Not only because of the article about this project, but also because it was a link I found by searching the Duval Guillaume website (Guillaume was a speaker on the PechaKucha).

    These peeps seem to be neat guys for promotion ^^


    You see that I'm seeking to further this project!

    (now i should try and figure out how to get the right crowd for this project)

    Spread the word, contribute, share,.

    Co-create a future!

    21-01-2009 om 21:45 geschreven door Psycop  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Crowdsource My Website

    Hello Web designers!

    I Need some support.
    I want to open and start the website "crowdsourcemyhouse"
    My current vision is as follows: The main page will (probably) be flash- like: It's like an interactive mindmap:
        - You see floating ovals (or with 3d effect rugby-ball like spheres). If you go one with your arrow, it will move forward to the centre. All the ovals are connected with each other, like neurons. The central oval connects to some other ovals, who are placed in a circle around the main subject. One of those is above, and is the previous chosen node (if there was one); the other ones are related or sub-subjects.
    the total capacity of nodes may not be more than 7^4 (as the total depth of the node structure may not be greater than 4, for easy rememberance)
    so 7 main topics, with each up to 7 connections to their sub or related nodes. Same for sub nodes, but up to 4 deep at most (to get there from the center, you can of course navigate between shared topics to cover a bigger number of nodes, before finding the one you need)
    When you click on the centre node, you enter the relevant page. (it might be possible that for some areas, that you need a ligin/account to be able edit the final design, or do more fundamental work, to protect for inconvieniences 

    The pages are spaces that support the project worked out the best way possible:
    - The idea pages need to be a crossover of wiki& posts: the currently favored sollution is placed first, other comments and remarks will be rate-able, so highly favored sollutions will be placed higher in the ranking (thus getting more atention and critic). As such the best (and runner up) ideas will be formed towards perfection.
    - the modelling (of the design of different components which might be applicable in the construction of the house) pages.
    This part should at least contain an easy drawing tool for scetching.
    - The  architectural space will need in the end a way to walk in a 3D environment that renders the house
    - The 'vieuw the house', will be a part that I will be directing upon very frequently, to provide the most recent decisions, and the best prototypes or the pictures of the house being constructed.
    - each part needs to have a ranking system (to be able to vote or rate an idea/concept/product/decision)
    - Other nodes provide video links or other media-linkage systems, while others need not
    -... ???

    => some nodes will this be the same ad lay-out, but others will differ wildly.

    I hope I can find you, young or experienced programmers/web site builders and designers to help me forth with this endeavor.

    As always, I will mention your contributions, and shall only mention your first name, unless you state otherwise.

    I think this ecological dream house is one step closer towards reality!
    And as always: feel free to steal, adapt/ adjust everything on this site: It's creative commons. Just be nice, and mention me if you do so.

    21-01-2009 om 20:33 geschreven door Psycop  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Lay out website
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen


    - A quick post: a first picture that gives an idea how the website should function-


    12-01-2009 om 00:12 geschreven door Psycop  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.On crowsourcing (some links)


    I thought I might ad some links.

    What is crowdsourcing? This is the site of Jeff Howe. He is the WIRED author who wrote a book about it. He did study it as well.

    here you can find some other stuf he did.


    I also want to promote scryve, a site that rates the 'goodness' of products, sites,... in terms of social and enviromental friendlyness


    -more sites will be posted soon -

    03-01-2009 om 17:41 geschreven door Psycop  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Feedback is feedback is feedback

    Greetings, dear reader, and Happy 2009 to you!

    I recieved some feedback by email, which I wish to share (by their permision).

    Lucie contacted me via linkedin, and gave me these interesting comments.

    1. By law you, your building, can't be energy producing, in terms beyond your own needs. If you produce more, you'll have to be an entrepeneur and licenced as a energy producer.
    2. Think means to purpose, think resources: both material and non material. Think modular, not only by functionalities but also within the lifespan of both you and the building. Make a mind map of needs, wants, must have and ablilities/possibilities.
    3. Examen yourself and forecast future needs, future functions for your home
    4. Have a vision
    5. Hire a great architect who translates vision in a building
    6. Where knowledge has economic value, web 2.0 stops
    7. Data isn't information yet, information isn't knowledge yet and knowledge is certainly not wisdom yet...
    I have a detailed story to tell about sustainable life style in a sustainable home, let me know if you want to hear it.

    Check out her website concerning eco-living and support!

    She also wrote me an extensive mail in which she scetched her green/durable way of living! truly honorable!


    Karel, a good friend of mine wrote [translated by your humble contributor]:

    I just joined your group [on facebook]

    I still think your idea is crazy, but who am I ;-) If people today can sell [artificial] shit or individual pixels on a website, then crowdsourcing must be possible as well, I deem.

    As these thoughts might not convey positivity and I think your site is a positive initiative, which I don't want to sabbotage, I send this by mail rather than posting it in the group you only just started.


    Thank you for your feedback, I'll keep it in mind!

    Next contribution should probably my vision on the website in more detail, so web-designers can have  their shot.

    Keep spreading the word, put links where you want, make it big!

    03-01-2009 om 14:58 geschreven door Psycop  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.A bit more general information


    While I'm learning a bit how to blog, (Yes, you can always help me out on any part of the project ;-) ),

    I might do some more explaining of the project.


    The story

    A few years ago, I discovered . This site is filled with interesting videos of famous people doing speeches.

    I was a bit speechless! The topics vary widely (but I suggest you pay them a visit). Anyhow, that's the place where I get most of my inspiration.

    As days became weeks became months, I started to form some ideas. "What are the possibilities of the internet?, Look at all the cool freeware, open source projects, wiki,... " "All that pollution and those problems with nature still aren't solved... do we really have to wait until the governments do something and enforces us to change? There are already so many sollutions out there..." "Architecture and a big house are appealing, but you almost feel guilty when you think of the cost (monetary and ecological)... now can this be green?"

    Eventually I figured: If web 2.0 is really so awesome, and people do so much for free (make blogs, help friends, contribute to fora, join one or more organisations, organise fun events,...). Maybe I can find people who like to help me on the project I'm thinking about: living by improving the environment.

    But how can this be achieved? Being a bit of a scientist, and aware of some realy awesome sollutions that already exist, I can try and figure out what can be done. But it will take ages. On the other hand, if it is possible to work together with people across the world, everybody can fill in his part of the puzzle, and we can have blueprints of eco-houses. I want to build such a house, and maybe some companies want to sponser for this, as a proof of concept. Maybe young engineers want to make a dissertation about this? Or maybe there are architects who want to implement some of their cool designs, whilst improving their portfolio... Can I even begin to imagine what the contributions might be, and why each one of them is motivated to do so? And people from everywhare can not only contribute, they can copy it all, and duplicate the project in their country, town,...

    And yes, there is a reward in it for me, aside from having fun by doing this project. A big reason for me to do this is living in a very nice house, where I can work and live, where people can visit and gather. And where people can come and see for themselve that some projects can improve everybody! The world, the partners, and themselves!

    Truly an Idea Worth Executing


    27-12-2008 om 21:35 geschreven door Psycop  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.What's your motivation?
    Did you know neuroscientists and psychologists are finally uncovering the secrets of happiness?

    The answers are so obvious that we sometimes fail to see what we already know.

    Doing good, enjoying your relations with other people, helping each other, learning, exercising,...

    Anyhow. If you can think of reasons why you want to participate in this (already called insane, outrageous and brilliantly naive by peers) project, feel free to post it!

    If you think participating in an eco-project that tries to better the world (and me, as you already noticed),here's your chance!

    My second substantial contributor is Stijn. He could accomplish what another participant, Karel, tried to figure out. Karel gave me good advise about websites and some free-bees.

    Stijn is an open source expert and already had some knowledge to register a domain name for me.

    So now I have a domain-name. I think I need web-space right now, don't I?

    And then I need some neat Java (or similar) applications for the web environment, the rating system and the easy wiki-like editing.

    I really don't have a clue how to do that. You might!

    The knowledge of you guys is astounding! Collective intelligence can realise miracles (sort of).

    In a fast-changing world, we need solutions faster than a classic organisation can handle.

    I hope we all can contribute for a better world, and by doing so inventing new strategies that bypass the old hurdles (getting together in space and time, needing money for every single piece of expert knowledge,...)

    You guys and girls are great!

    Keep spreading the word, and contribute within your field of knowledge!

    Oh yeah, I also made Facebook group, and a Linkedin group may follow soon.

    22-12-2008 om 22:43 geschreven door Psycop  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.First active contribution!
    Thank you Hannes Couvreur for being the first contributer to the project! May your name be engraved if this whole project succeeds!

    You can find his article

    He mentioned that he'll be publishing an intervieuw soon.


    What are the elements I need now to further the project?
    - More spreading of the idea... so place a link towards this site, spread the word you guys and gall's.
    - Some really creative web designers (students, people who want to add this project to their portfolio,...)!

    => I want a 3-D navigation environment in 'network' or 'mindmap' style (or neuronal network). Each node may contain maximum 7 links to other nodes, and the depth may only be 7 nodes (which gives a maximum of 7^7 nodes, but it should be reduced by factor 10 to allow for interconnections)

    => I need a 'scetch' book, where people can post there designs, scetches, and general visual aids about the house.

    => the system needs to have a rating system. As such, contributions can be rated by critics. Of course, my vote tends to have a bit more power (as i'm going to live in the house, i'dd like to have my say as well ;)

    => the big parts are the parts discribed in the mindmap of the previous post.

    And of course : Can somebody tell me how I can aquire a .com domain name for free? (or .org or .be for that matter)

    Thanks To 
    Karel for giving me some web advise,
    You, miss or mister anonymous visitor, for finding this site!

    15-12-2008 om 00:00 geschreven door Psycop  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Mindmap
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen Hi everybody (ok, this blog is still empty, but I know you guys are (or will be) getting interested)

    Here is the first mindmap
    Feel free to coment
    Explanations go faster if you ask questions

    08-12-2008 om 23:00 geschreven door Psycop  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Intoducing the idea
    Greetings dear readers,

    First and foremost: welcome to another 21st century experiment !

    This blog is my first attempt to make my project known.

    -------------I WANT YOU TO BUILD MY HOUSE---------------

    Your ideas and your plans and technology will be selected, used, shared and finally integrated in a blueprint for a house.
    Your company might want to sponsor the house, or provide top notch products, aid or support

    Finally, as everybody places his virtual or real stones together, a house can be constructed. A house that can serve as a blueprint for other houses to be built!

    Everything that you guys contribute on the site will be under Creative Commons License,

    What's in it for you?
    - If the house is ever to be built, every person who made a valuable contribution during the project will be engraved in one or more stones of the house
    - The whole project will be put in one big document/book. So that afterwards, the whole process can be repeated on the basis of this document.
    note that this book will also be written en edited by... you
    - Your company, as some kind of sponsoring will have  the opportunity to make itself known as contributor.
    - You are helping to create a new standard of living in the 21st and coming centuries, where technology, nature and humans are in (some kind of perfect) harmony
    - You will learn a whole lot from this joint venture with every contributor.

    Where to start?
    well... this is the Kick off, the first official page, and maybe the site will move, or change.
    The general idea is launched, and now you can al start and contribute!

    30-11-2008 om 23:01 geschreven door Psycop  

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