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Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.07.21.2017 - Santana Garrett vs. Katarina (c) for the Angelic Championship

Angelic Championship Wrestling
July 21, 2017
From Detroit, Michigan

We are backstage inside the President’s office. The President is not present, but Ashley Massaro and Rebel are. Ashley is asking Rebel what happened between her and Barbi Hayden in the past, and what Barbi was ranting about last week. She says there does not need to be any rivalries inside the management, there are enough already on the roster. Whatever is going on, they need to talk it out. Rebel reassures Ashley there is or better will be no problem anymore, especially when Barbi will win the Cadillac title later on. Ashley responds but that will be in disfavour of Kiera. Rebel says no one will mind as she leaves the office and Ashley is unsure about that ... Meanwhile Tessa Blanchard enters the office. She tells Ashley she overheard their conversation and is pushing Ashley to get to the bottom of all this. Furthermore, they need to help out Gabi who is being manipulated by management, and the truth needs to come out. Ashley agrees but says it is not as simple as it seems. Tessa offers her help as they shake hands ...

Stephanie Wiand and Lisa Morretti welcome us to this week’s Angelic Championship Wrestling show. They say they have a huge main event tonight as Santana Garrett takes on the Angelic Champion Katarina for the title ! But let’s kick off with some Cadillac Championship action !

Barbi Hayden (w/Ray Lyn) vs. Kiera Hogan (c) (w/Lindsay Snow and Gabi Castrovinci)
Singles Match
Cadillac Championship

Barbi and Ray Lyn make their way down to the ring, glamming up the place. Then, the Cadillac Champion makes her entrance, flanked with the PA Lindsay Snow and Gabi Castrovinci. Sarah Russi makes the official introductions. This will be Kiera’s second title defence in 42 days.

The bell rings, and Kiera slaps her right in the face. Barbi quickly picks her up and slams her into the corner before stomping her. Kiera turns her around and stomps her. Barbi quickly boots her down and tackles her before punching away at her. Kiera quickly escapes the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Kiera applying a surfboard stretch. During the commercial break, Kiera snapped Barbi’s arm off the bottom rope. Kiera transitions into a hammerlock, but Barbi fights up. Kiera quickly takes her down by wrenching the arm for a two count. Kiera continues to try to dislocate the shoulder of Barbi. Kiera stands on her and steps on her head. Barbi gets up and sweeps the feet. Barbi gets her on the apron and snaps her off the middle rope. Barbi connects with some forearms before giving her a flapjack into the turnbuckle. Barbi takes her down with a back elbow before trying for a scoop slam, but her arm is too hurt. Barbi elbows her back and comes off the second rope with a flying back elbow. Barbi hits a snap back suplex before going to the middle rope for an elbow drop. Kiera quickly rolls out of the ring. Barbi follows her out, and Lindsay stands in her way. Kiera connects with a cheap shot to take her down. Kiera gets her in the ring. Ray Lyn attacks Lindsay. Lindsay escapes a toss into the ring post and dropkicks Ray Lyn into the LED apron. Kiera catches Barbi with an inside cradle, but she kicks out. Kiera quickly follows up with a Fired Up for the cover ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 !

Match Result : Kiera Hogan wins by Pinfall and remains Cadillac Champion

Barbi is out of her mind and a huge confrontation between Barbi-Ray Lyn and Kiera-Lindsay-Gabi is about to take place. Rebel and Ashley Massaro come running in breakin them up saying they do not need to do this. We are all friends and part of the management. We will discuss this inside the office ... Everyone backs up a little but still some tension in the air ...

The commentators hype up tonight’s main event between challenger Santana Garrett and defender Katarina.

Back inside the office, everyone is present, even Nick. Barbi is ranting on about how Lindsay made sure she lost the match. Lindsay says it was Ray Lyn who cheap shotted her. Barbi does not care she says and she is getting tired of always being ripped off. She says this has taken long enough and threatens Rebel by saying she is going to reveal everything that is going on, she turns to Kiera and repeats “everything” ! Both Rebel as Kiera are uncomfortable about this and Ashley tries to calm everyone down. Nick joins in and asks Barbi what she means by that. Barbi is about to speak, but Ashley cuts her off saying we will find a way out of this ... No one seems really happy ...

Back inside the squared circle ... Deonna Purrazzo has challenged Veda Scott to a Gold Rush match ...

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Veda Scott (GR)
Singles Match
Gold Rush

Now that Shanna, the former Gold Rush holder is out of the picture, Deonna finds she deserves the opportunity as she got screwed at Stairway to Heaven.

The bell rings, and they lock up. Deonna drives her into the corner and gives a clean break. Veda takes her down with a snapmare and kicks her in the back. Veda then applies an arm bar. Deonna fights up and scoop slams her into the ropes. Deonna punches away at her before slamming her onto the apron. Deonna chokes her on the middle rope before connecting with a clothesline. Deonna applies a full nelson. Veda fights up, so Deonna sends her into the ropes. Veda puts the brakes on and connects with an overhead kick. Veda boots her back and connects with a forearm. Veda dropkicks her in the head and punches her in the corner. Veda gets on the shoulders, but Deonna counters into a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Deonna sends her into the ropes and hits a back suplex backbreaker for a two count. Deonna goes to the second rope, but Veda kicks her off to the floor. Veda catches her with a baseball slide before viciously kicking her in the face from the apron. Veda then dropkicks her into the barricade. Both Angels are having difficulties getting back inside the ring. Veda gets back inside just in time ! Deonna does not ... The referee counts 10.

Match Result : Veda Scott wins by Count Out and retains the Gold Rush

Backstage, Barbi is holding up Rebel. She threatens her to reveal everything about the Snow abduction to the President. Rebel begs her not to. Barbi says she will need an incentive to not reveal it. She asks another title match. Rebel agrees immediately and says of course you will get a new Cadillac title match. Barbi laughs and says that’s not what she ment. She needs more incentive ... she was talking about the Angelic Championship ... as she leaves ... Rebel seems really embarrassed ...

The announcers welcome us back as we are about to get ready for the Angelic Championship match !

Santana Garrett vs. Katarina (c)
Singles Match
Angelic Championship

Santana Garrett makes her way down to the ring to another huge reception by the fans ! She is greeting them. Then, the Angelic Champion Katarina makes her entrance, still alone as Shelly Martinez is still injured due to Amber’s attack at Stairway to Heaven. Sarah Russi makes the official in-ring introductions. This will be Katarina’s eighth title defense in 210 days, making her the longest-reigning AND most defending Angelic Champion in ACW history. For Santana, it will be the second time she is challenging Katarina in her reign.

Before the match they even shake hands as they agreed to work together against Amber O’neal who is crossing both of them. There is some reluctance from Santana’s side and a weird smile on Katarina’s face.

The bell rings, and they slowly walk around the ring before locking up. Katarina applies a side headlock, but Santana whips her off and goes for a shoulder block, but Katarina doesn’t go down. Santana tries again, but Katarina doesn’t go down. Santana slaps her, so Katarina shoulder blocks her out of the ring. Santana angrily gets on the apron, so Katarina punches her off. Santana tries again, and Katarina once again punches her down.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Santana elbow Katarina in the corner and follow up with an overhead kick for a near fall. Santana punches her back to the corner and jabs away at her. Santana punches away at her before Katarina desperately rolls her up for a two count. Santana pops up and connects with a back elbow for a two count. Santana applies a neck vice and cinches it in. Katarina takes some time before fighting up. Santana quickly takes control and connects with a snap suplex for a near fall. Santana goes back to the neck vice, but Katarina fights up and connects with a pair of clotheslines. Santana reverses a whip and counters a clothesline into a uranaga attempt, but Katarina elbows out. Katarina finally hits the leaping clothesline for a two count. Katarina starts up the clubbing blows in the corner. Katarina then floors her with a big boot. Katarina sets up for a Strange Occurrences, but Santana rolls out of the ring. Katarina goes outside and tries for a Frenzy DDT, but Santana clotheslines her down. Katarina then comes back with a desperation clothesline on the floor. They’re both down heading into the final commercial break of the night.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the final break of the show to see Santana talking trash to Katarina. Santana head-butts her, but Katarina fires back with some head-butts of her own. Santana goes for a Rainbow Kick, but Katarina slides off and connects with a Frenzy DDT for a near fall. Katarina tries for a Strange Occurrences, but Santana counters into an inverted atomic drop before hitting a big boot and a senton splash for a near fall. Santana tries for a uranaga, but Katarina fights it. Santana fights her and tries again, but Katarina counters into an arm drag before connecting with a Strange Occurrences for a near fall!

Both angels are down when Amber O’neal’s music hits ! Amber comes out with her right elbow taped up. Amber pulls Santana out of the ring and stands over her. Amber then turns her attention toward Katarina inside the ring. Katarina looks enraged. Katarina punches her while she gets in the ring. Katarina kicks her back and punches her around ringside. Amber comes back by sending her into the barricade and throwing her through the middle rope back into the ring. The referee is throwing this match out !

Match Result : No Contest due to outside interference

Santana gets back on her feet as does Katarina. They both start circling around Amber who is being cornered inside the ring. Katarina takes the first shot, then Santana and they seem to be working quite well against a common enemy ...Finally Katarina gets out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. For Santana this is going too far and she asks Katarina not to do it. But Katarina doesn’t mind and hits the steel chair flat on Amber’s back ! Amber is motionless as Santana is not happy with this outcome ... both because of the no contest and Katarina beating up Amber that hard ...

Thanks for watching this week’s Angelic Championship Wrestling show ! See you nect week !

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Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.07.14.2017 - Marti Belle vs. Kiera Hogan (c) for the Cadillac Championship

Angelic Championship Wrestling
July 14, 2017
From Detroit, Michigan

We are backstage where we see Santana Garrett. She is being shown in quite good condition after last week’s beatdown by Amber O’Neal, after her main event match win against Kraven. Katarina, the Angelic Champion enters the room. She asks if she is okay and Santana confirms. She says her friend and manager Shelly Martinez is still in the hospital after she got beatdown at Stairway to Heaven by the same Amber O’Neal. She is seeking retribution upon her and asks Santana if they can work together. Santana is somehow reluctant and says Amber will get what she deserves in due time, but now Santana wants to concentrate on her title match next week against her. Katarina understands and ... they shake hands !

Tessa Blanchard is somewhere else as Ashley Massaro enters. Ashley says she knows Tessa isn’t happy about the recent events concerning Gabi Castrovinci. She knows that Tessa knows Gabi isn’t like that but is being manipulated by The President and Kiera, but even more by Lindsay. Tessa says exactly, she asks if this conversation coulnd’t get Ashley in trouble. Ashley says she only wants best what’s for this company and the Pres is fooling around while Rebel has been away. She also feels Gabi is being manipulated and someone should help her. Tessa agrees ...

Stephanie Wiand and Lisa Morretti welcome us to this week’s Angelic Championship Wrestling show. Tonight is gonna be a huge main event as Kiera Hogan will defend her Cadillac Championship against Marti Belle. But first, let’s hear from our President !

The President makes his way down to the ring, flanked by his PA Ashley, his PE Lindsay, his girlfriend Rebel, the Cadillac Champion Kiera Hogan and Gabi. Nick welcomes Rebel back and they kiss. As a welcoming gift he says, Rebel will have a match tonight against Sonya Strong. Rebel is excited. Tonight our main event will be Kiera succesfully defending her Cadillac title against Marti Belle. Kiera giggles. But next week is time to battle for the Angelic Championship. Therefore the match between Katarina and Santana Garrett is made official. Barbi Hayden comes out at the entrance and seems agitated. Everyone asks what is going on and Rebel and Ashley say they got this as they go to her ...

A graphic is shown hyping next week’s Angelic Championship match between challenger Santana and defender Katarina.

Rebel vs. Sonya Strong
Singles Match

Back inside the ring, Rebel is already in as Sonya makes her entrance.

They lock up, and Sonya quickly scoop slams her down. Sonya talks a little trash about Rebel trying to upstage her. Rebel rolls out of a slam and applies a side headlock. Sonya tries to whip her off, but Rebel keeps it hooked on. Sonya finally whips her off and elbows her in the face. Rebel reverses a whip and rolls through a sunset flip to dropkick her. Sonya sends her to the corner, but Rebel hits a slingshot kick. Rebel goes to the top rope, but Sonya rolls out of the ring to recover.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Sonya chop Rebel’s chest before taking her down for a two count. During the commercial, she dropped a devastating knee on the back of Rebel’s neck. Sonya applies a full nelson. Rebel fights up, slides out, and rolls her up for a two count. Sonya tries to go back to the full nelson, but Rebel elbows out. Sonya quickly knees her in the midsection and sends her to the corner. Rebel boots her back and takes her down with a pair of running forearms. Rebel connects with a dropkick before chopping the chest. Sonya boots her back and goes to the second rope, but Rebel kicks her to the floor. Rebel hits a baseball slide, gets on the apron, and goes for a running kick, but Sonya blocks it and takes her down. Rebel lands on her surgically repaired shoulder. Sonya drops an elbow and applies an arm bar. Rebel soon gets out, takes her down, and hits a double stomp to the midsection.

Rebel knocks her to the corner, but Sonya sidesteps her. Sonya stomps her down and clubs the chest. Rebel tries to fight back, but Sonya rolls her up for a near fall. Sonya rolls her up again for a two count. Rebel forearms her back and connects with an overhead kick. Rebel gets to her feet and hits a Sling Blade. Rebel hits a vicious running dropkick to the corner. Rebel connects with the Rebellion for the cover ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 !

Match Result : Rebel wins by Pinfall

Sonya is not happy and screams at Rebel she won’t be laughing long because everybody knows except her ! Rebel does not know what she is talking about and is confused ...

Veda Scott – the new Gold Rush holder – comes out and has a mic. She says why does Santana get a title match and why not her? Why does she has to wait until August 11 to cash in her Gold Rush. Santana never had a contenders match and thus never a legit claim on the title ... She demands she be put in that match in a Triangle Match. Las Sicarias music hits as Thea and Amanda come out. Thea takes the mic and says she has been here longer than anyone and only has had one title shot and this was two years ago. She concurs with Veda but says she should be the one in a Triangle Match for the title. They start to argue a bit as Ashley Massaro comes out and calms both down. She says there will be plenty of opportunity for everyone. So why don’t we make it a match between the both of you, with the Gold Rush on the line ?

Thea Trinidad (w/Amanda Rodriguez) vs. Veda Scott (GR)
Singles Match
Gold Rush

Veda is a bit reluctant but Thea doesn’t seem like it as she hits a big boot in Veda’s face. The referee hits the bell ...

Thea applies a side headlock and takes her down. Veda fights up, but Thea takes her right back down. Thea keeps the headlock applied until Veda fights out and applies an arm bar. Thea uniquely twists out and takes her down. Thea then reclines into a pin for a one count. Veda comes back with a head-scissor and does a dab. Thea hooks the head, but Veda gets out. Thea takes her down and does the dab to mock Veda. Thea does a handstand into the corner and kicks Veda back. Veda hangs herself in the ropes, so Thea dives at her. Veda moves, and Thea nearly lands on her head at ringside!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Veda stretching Thea out in the ring. Thea fights up, but Veda punches her down. Thea lands on her feet to counter a suplex, and she uppercuts her down. Thea slams her down and hits a powerslam for a near fall. Veda elbows her back and hits a springboard forearm to take her down. Thea takes her down with a vicious head-butt that sends Veda out of the ring. Thea gets her into the ring, but Veda rolls back out. Thea goes outside to retrieve her, but Veda throws her into Amanda. Veda gets in the ring, and Amanda gets on the apron. Veda kicks the middle rope into Thea’s face and locks in the Veda Lock ... and Thea taps out !

Match Result : Veda Scott wins by Submission and retains the Gold Rush

Marti Belle and her fellow Sicarias are backstage. She is getting ready for her match as they hype her in a interview. Thea enters and is beaten up pretty good by Veda. They tell her not to worry as Marti will get us some gold ...

Main event time guys !

Marti Belle vs. Kiera Hogan (c) (w/Lindsay Snow)
Singles Match
Cadillac Championship

Marti Belle comes out on her own, representing Las Sicarias. Next, the Cadillac Champion Kiera with the PE, Lindsay Snow. Sarah Russi makes the official in-ring introductions stating this is Kiera’s first title defense in 35 days.

The bell rings, and Kiera immediately puts herself through the ropes to keep Marti back. They lock up, and Kiera applies a side headlock. Kiera brings her down to her knees, and Marti bridges over her before hitting a deadlift gutwrench suplex for a two count. Marti applies a side headlock and cranks it in. Kiera punches her and applies a side headlock of her own. Marti tries to whip her off, but Kiera hangs on. Marti finally whips her off, but Kiera shoulder blocks her down. Kiera hits the ropes, but Marti leapfrogs her and takes her down with a hurricanrana. Marti goes for the Marti Swing, but Kiera gets out of the ring. Marti takes her out with a summersault senton off the apron. Marti goes for a running uppercut, but Kiera moves and kicks her over the barricade. Kiera puts her in the ring and gives her a senton splash for a near fall. Kiera talks a little trash and uses Marti’s taunt. Marti punches back at her, but Kiera kicks her and goes for a suplex. Marti blocks it and connects with a textbook suplex. Marti hits a running uppercut in the corner and fires up the uppercut train. Kiera tries to counter with a superkick, but Marti blocks it and uppercuts her. Marti flips to the apron, but Kiera knocks her off and into the barricade.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Marti trapped in a chin lock. Marti fights up and elbows her, but Kiera drops her with a modified neckbreaker using her knee for a near fall. Kiera clotheslines her in the corner before going for a cannonball, but Marti moves out of the way. Marti comes back with a deluge of uppercuts for a near fall. Kiera holds on to the ropes to avoid a whip. Kiera rakes the eyes and goes for a Pop-up Powerbomb, but Marti gets out and connects with a springboard uppercut for a near fall!

Kiera rolls out of the ring to recover. Marti goes outside to hit Kiera with an uppercut. Marti puts her in the ring and gives Kiera a cross-body block for a near fall. Marti sets up for Hells Bells, but Kiera gets out and boots her in the face. Kiera goes for a tornado DDT, but Marti keeps her up and puts her back on the top rope. Marti dropkicks her and goes for a superplex, but Kiera gets out and crotches her up there. Kiera connects with a Fired Up ! Cover ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 !

Match Result : Kiera Hogan wins by Pinfall and remains Cadillac Champion

Lindsay taunts Marti a bit as she raises Kiera’s hands in the air. Thanks for watching everybody ! See you next week !

Inside the President’s office, Kiera and Lindsay enter the office and are congratulated by everyone. Meanwhile Barbi Hayden knocks on the door and enters. Ashley thanks her for coming to work out something together. AS Barbi goes to Ashley, she crosses faces with Rebel and it seems a bit heated. Ashley beckons her and says for her help to the management, she will get a Cadillac title shot next week. Barbi is down with that, but Kiera objects. Rebel gets in between and says it’s okay, Barbi deserves that title shot. Barbi responds you damn know I do. Kiera is not happy and looks at Nick who nods. Kiera concedes finally and the match is official ...

Next week, Kiera Hogan defends her Cadillac title against Barbi Hayden. Our main event will be Santana Garrett taking on the Angelic Champion Katarina !

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