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April 21, 2017
Veda Scott and Leva Bates


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Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.04.28.2017 - Kraven vs. Snow

Angelic Championship Wrestling
April 28, 2017
From Detroit, Michigan

We are inside the Presidentís office. Nick is at his desk and Rebel is sitting in the couch doing her nails. Ashley comes in and says Kiera is requesting a meeting with him ... He beckons her to come in. Rebel is getting straight in the couch. Kiera comes in, accompanied by Lindsay Snow. Nick and Lindsay hug each other as he is delighted to see his former PE back. Behind Lindsay, Nickís current Personal Enforcerer enters too, Kraven ... Nick says heís happy to see Lindsay back and asks her what all happened. She says she doesnít know as she got blindfolded all the time ...Nick asks Kiera why she didnít have her big statement like she told last week. She tells him she had a pretty good reason not too, as she takes a look at Rebel who is quite uncomfortable ... Kiera goes on saying she was quite reluctant to reveal the second person who abducted Snow ... it is now clear why Kiera was one of them and she wants the Presidentís promise that she is cleared from any charges if she points out the other person. Nick beckons Ashley to draft up that paper ... Kiera goes on saying the second person was, as she points with her finger through the room and stops at ... Kraven ! Kraven is shocked and Lindsay immediately goes for her ! Utter chaos inside the Presidentís office !

Stephanie Wiand and Lisa Morretti welcome us at tonightís show ...They tell us the President will be out next ...

The Presidentís music hits and makes his entrance, accompanied by Rebel, Ashley Massaro and Linsday Snow ... not by Kraven, but by Kiera Hogan ... he cuts the music and tells the crowd he just got some important information by Kiera, the second abductor has been revealed as being Kraven ! He asks her too come out ... she does, quite reluctantly, as the other three girls can barely withhold Lindsay from attacking her ... He asks Kraven why did she do it ... Kraven says it wasnít her and sheís being set up. Kiera takes the lead by saying she was jealous of Lindsay being his PE, as Kraven was it last year and wanted the job back. Kraven says she is lying ... Nick says heís disappointed in her ... Kraven wants a chance to prove her innocence ... Lindsay whispers something in Nickís ears and he seems to like what sheís saying ... he says we will settle this the old way, with a duel ... tonight in the main event, it will be Kraven vs. Lindsay Snow ... and it will be for the PE job ... and it will be a Berserker Match !

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, Xandra Bale and KC Spinelli are together, as Priscilla Kelly and Brittany Blake, representing The Sisterhood, are sneaking up on them and attack them from behind ! But BaleSpin isnít born yesterday and they are able to fend them off ! Even better, they beat The Sisterhood so up that they have to flee ... Not sure, but our guess is Shelly Martinez asked them to attack Xandra Bale, now that she has become the number one contender for Katarinaís Angelic Championship !

Las Sicarias issue an open challenge

Back inside the squared circle, the Tag Team Champions, Thea Trinidad and Amanda Rodriguez, representing Las Sicarias, are here to issue an open challenge for their titles, to anyone who deems themselves strong enough to defeat them ... but they know no one will dare to take them on ! But the Las Sicarias theme song hits again and La Rosa Negra appears on the ramp ! Thea and Amanda are happy she is back and they hug inside the ring ... Mercedes Martinez joins them ! Rosa makes a statement about where she was. She needed some time off so she could concentrate and reflect on Haniaís statement about they being Las Rosas in the beginning of this promotion. She wanted to have a clear mind to think about whether or not to embrace the fact she is a Rosa or a Sicaria ... Haniaís music hits and she comes down at ringside ... La Rosa invites her in and tells her Sicarias members to back off and make a clear passage for Hania, who accepts and enters the ring. Hania says she is glad La Rosa Negra is back and has reflected on them as a tag team ... La Rosa Negra says they had a good run and loved being a part of Las Rosas ... but she prefers being a part of Las Sicarias ! And all four members attack Hania ! Security has to come in big numbers in order to keep Las Sicarias away from poor Hania ... La Rosa says this isnít over yet !

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Shanna
Singles Match

Back inside the ring, Shanna is already present, as Deonnaís music hits and she makes her entrance after some absence, being in Japan. They shake hands before the match

The referee rings the bell ... They lock up, and Shanna gets a waistlock before being elbowed back. Deonna gets a side headlock on, but Shanna whips her off. Deonna shoulder blocks her down and hits the ropes. Deonna blocks a hip toss, so Shanna hits her with a neckbreaker before following up with a trio of leg drops for a one count. Deonna goes for a slam, but Shanna slides off. Deonna kicks her in the face and hits the ropes, but Shanna drops her on the apron. Shanna elbows her in the head a few times, but Deonna gets her on her shoulders for the Vendetta on the apron, but Shanna slides off. Shanna then hits her with a neckbreaker on the apron.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Shanna trapped in a chin lock. Shanna fights up and punches out. During the commercial break, Deonna ripped her off the turnbuckles. Back to live action, Deonna shoulders Shanna and starts up another Vendetta before snapping her neck off the ropes. Deonna goes to the top rope and hits her with a flying forearm for a near fall. Deonna lifts Shanna up, but Shanna elbows out and sidesteps a shoulder in the corner. Deonna hits the ring post shoulder first. Shanna hits a tornado DDT, but she canít follow up. Shanna starts punching her. Shanna looks a little crazy before hitting a corner clothesline followed by a running bulldog. Shanna goes to the second rope for an elbow drop for a near fall. Shanna gets the crowd going. Deonna blocks a kick and knees her in the face, which sends her out of the ring. Deonna goes to the apron and goes for a diving clothesline, but Shanna kicks her. Shanna goes for the Perfect Press, but Deonna counters with a rolling senton on the floor !

Veda Scott comes down the aisle and starts distracting Shanna, by calling her names and saying she made her lose all her titles and her rematches and that she was the problem in the team, now she will make sure to pay her back ! Shanna seems emotional about this and Deonna hits her with a Vendetta ! Goes for the cover ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 !

Match Result : Deonna Purrazzo wins by Pinfall

Shanna starts crying in the ring, as Veda gets in, trash talks her a bit more, and then raises Deonnaís arm !

Inside The Sisterhoodís lair, we are with all the members. Shelly Martinez asks Priscilla and Brittany why they canít handle their jobs lately ... Priscilla is stuttering and gets slapped in the face by Shelly ... She asks also why they never have been tag team champions, and why Katarina should be do all the heavy work. Katarina trash talks to two girls ... Brittany is apologizig and Katarina slaps her in the face this time ... Shelly says The Sisterhood canít go on like this and sacrifices must be made ... and both Shelly and Katarina start attacking Priscilla and Brittany ! They beat them up so bad, and afterwards, as they are laying down, Shelly tells Katarina this sacrifice will please their gods to ensure the Angelic Championship will stay around her waist for a long long time !

We are back inside the squared circle, time for our main event !

Kraven vs. Lindsay Snow (w/Ashley Massaro)
Berserker Match
Winner becomes Personal Enforcerer

Kraven, the current Personal Enforcerer, set to inactive by the President, makes her entrance and she is very mad about Kiera pointing her out as the second perpetrator, she screams itís a lie ... Next out, comes Lindsay Snow, the former Personal Enforcerer who was missing for two months being abducted, and she is accompanied by Nickís Personal Assistant, Ashley Massaro. Sarah Russi makes the in ring introductions, stating that per order of The President, this will be a Berserker Match, and that the winner will be the Personal Enforcerer ...

The referee rings the bell and they go right at it ! Kraven dumps Lindsay out quickly and yells, ďI am the Personal Enforcerer !Ē Lindsay tries getting in again and Taker again dumps her to the outside saying it is technically still her job. Lindsay with right hands and clotheslines Kraven over the top rope. Kraven launches Lindsay shoulder first into the steel steps. Back inside, Lindsay with a samoan drop on Kraven. Back outside, Kraven with a big right hand and headbutt. Kraven is sent face first into the ring post. Lindsay then catches Kraven with her drive by dropkick on the ring apron. Back inside, Kraven and Lindsay exchange right hands. Kraven with snake eyes and a big boot combo to Lindsay. Kraven drops a leg, covers and Lindsay kicks out. Kraven catches Lindsay with a big right hand near the ring apron and starts clearing off the announce table nearby. Lindsay with a jumping dropkick that sends Kraven flying backwards. Kraven with a chokeslam on Lindsay over an announce table at ringside and it doesnít break. Kraven gets some tables from under the ring. Kraven stands on that table, moves to the middle table and Lindsay jumps up giving Kraven a spear crashing through the table ! Lindsay is up first and returns to the ring as we see a shot of Kraven sitting up at ringside. Back inside, Lindsay with repeated right hands to Kraven in the corner. Kraven with a Mountain on Lindsay from the corner. Kraven had some problems lifting up Lindsay. Kraven grabs a steel chair at ringside and then catches Lindsay with a big boot once back inside. Kraven cracks the steel chair over the back of Lindsay a few times. Lindsay quickly rolls out. Kraven rolls out. Lindsay is back in and Kraven follows. Lindsay catches Kraven with some kendo stick shots. Lindsay catches Kraven with a second weaker attempt. Kraven with a chokeslam on Lindsay over a steel chair. Lindsay kicks out. Kraven has Lindsay up and connects with a Mountain. Lindsay powers out. Kraven canít believe it. Lindsay attempts a counter into a piledriver. Lindsay isnít able to hang on. They try again and fail. Lindsay instead props up Kraven and hits a senton. Kraven kicks out. Lindsay catches Kraven with a spear. Kraven with a figure four leg lock applied on Lindsay. Lindsay breaks free grabbing on to the ropes. Kraven reaches for a chair. Lindsay stands on top of it. Ashley Massaro is trying to distract Kraven. Lindsay cracks the chair over Kravenís back and goes to work hitting Kraven repeatedly with it. Rebel now comes out too and both her and Ashley get inside the ring with each a steel chair ... Lindsay is telling Kraven to stay down as all three crack their chair over her back. Lindsay with a spear, cover and Kraven kicks out yet again. Lindsay catches Kraven with another spear, cover and Kraven keeps kicking out. Lindsay canít believe it. All three once again with repeated chair shots on Kraven. Kraven sits up, but falls back over. Lindsay hits the ropes once, twice, a third time and then catches Kraven with a huge spear. Lindsay covers Kraven ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 !

Match Result : Lindsay Snow wins by Pinfall and becomes Personal Enforcerer

Ashley and Rebel are congratulating Lindsay on her well-fought victory and regaining her PE job !

Meanwhile, backstage, we see Xandra Bale leaving KC Spinelli and the locker room. As she turns around the corner, Shelly Martinez and Katarina are ambushing her and are giving her a beat down ! Afterwards Katarina spits on her telling her to watch out next week as she will be in an Angelic Championship match with her, but that wonít matter, as she has made the ultimate sacrifice earlier on ...

Next week, donít miss ACWís special Gold Rush event ! Current Gold Rush holder Xandra Bale will challenge the Angelic Champion Katarina for the title in the main event, plus a new Gold Rush holder will be determined ! See you next week and thanks for watching !

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Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.04.21.2017 - Hayden vs Katarina

Angelic Championship Wrestling
April 21, 2017
From Detroit, Michigan

We are brought to a parking lot, where we see Rebel nervously going back and forth. Then, a car stops by, and it is revealed to be Kiera Hogan who steps out. Rebel thanks Kiera for accepting to meet her. She says she knows that a lot has transpired between them in the past and this shouldnít be easy for Kiera. Rebel goes on by saying she didnít really want what all happened and she knows that Kiera has the whole truth on the Snow Abduction. And he says she genuinely is in love with the President. Therefore, she wants to ask, no she begs her, to please come to an agreement and that she wonít tell the whole truth about Snow. Kiera says it will be hard because she doesnít trust Rebel anymore. They had an agreement before Snow got abducted and Rebel blatantly blew it. Rebel admits and says this time she has nothing else to do but beg her. Kiera says okay, we can come to an agreement. She will tell nothing else about Rebelís ďprobableĒ involvement and they will make up a story together. However, it is possible not everyone will hold up to that promess ... Rebel looks at her confused ... Kiera goes on, that this agreement will cost Rebel something ... Rebel says sheíll do everything as long as the President doesnít know about them ...

We open the show, to see a totally new commentary table ! No more Ashley Massaro or even Justin Roberts. As we could witness last week, Ashley Massaro accepted the Personal Assitant job to The President, which resulted in Justin quitting his job. We are introduced to the new announce team, being Stephanie Wyand and our first ever colour commentator, Lisa Morretti ! They say tonight we will see two championship matches. First the tag titles are up for grabs as Las Sicarias defend against Veda Scott and her partner of her choice, after kicking out Shanna, Leva Bates. But more important, the Angelic Championship will be fought for, between champion Katarina, and challenger Barbi Hayden, who won a Square Match last week ! But hey, no time to waste, letís kick this show off !

Aria Blake (w/Mila Naniki) vs. Priscilla Kelly (w/Brittany Blake)
Singles Match

Priscilla Kelly, representing The Sisterhood is already in the ring with her usual tag partner, Brittany Blake. Out next comes Aria Blake, whom we already had the pleasure to meet two weeks ago. This time, she is accompanied by Mila Naniki, who is seen injured. Collectively they are known as The Spoiled Brats, and it was in fact ment to see both girls in action two weeks ago, in a tag team match ...

The bell rings, and Aria quickly powers Priscilla to the corner before punching and kneeing away at her. Priscilla slumps in the corner while Aria rakes her boot against her face. Aria hits the ropes, but Priscilla dropkicks her down. Priscilla goes to the top rope and connects with a cross-body block for a two count. Priscilla takes her down, but Aria kicks her off. Aria charges, but Priscilla pulls the top rope down to get her out of the ring. Aria gets on the apron, but Priscilla hits a springboard dropkick to send her back to the floor.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Aria pick Priscilla up off the mat and hit a snapmare before chopping the back. Aria kicks her flat and drops an elbow for a two count. Aria attacks the shoulder and applies a nerve hold. Priscilla fights up and punches out. Priscilla chops her, but Aria knees her in the ribs and sends her into the ropes, but she lowers her head and eats a kick. Priscilla goes to the top rope and connects with a double axe handle. Priscilla hits the ropes, but Aria stuns her with a powerslam for a near fall. Mila is cheering for Aria at ringside, with her crutches. Aria goes for an elbow drop, but Priscilla moves and hits a Lionsault. Priscilla recovers for a moment before picking up a two count. Priscilla kicks her into the corner and charges, but Aria floors her with a modified STO out of the corner. Priscilla avoids a second rope senton splash and applies The Widowmake. Aria soon rolls out of it and punches her back. Priscilla tries to turn it again, but Aria flings her off. Aria then goes for the Spoiler, but she doesnít have it fully locked in. Priscilla tries to scale the turnbuckle and counter into a pin, but Aria kicks out. Priscilla is going for another Widowmaker, but Aria is distracting the referee, and Mila uses her crutches to trip Priscilla ! Aria makes the cover and the referee starts the count ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 !

Match Result : Aria Blake wins by Pinfall

Brittany goes after Mila but Aria just stops her in time. Priscilla is unhappy and runs to the back, leaving Brittany alone with Mila and Aria ... Brittany wisely retreats too ...

Our new announcers Stephanie Wiand and Lisa Morretti inform us that they just got word that Kiera Hogan will be out here tonight with a statement ...

Inside The Sisterhoodís ďlairĒ, Shelly Martinez and the Angelic Champion Katarina have been watching Priscillaís match and seem disappointed in her. Shelly says that she and Brittany havenít won any matches since they started out as a tag team for The Sisterhood. This is unacceptable and is giving us Ė winners Ė a bad name as she looks at Katarina, who nods affirmatively. Katarina suggests Shelly maybe itís time to cut them loose and start concentrating on her and retaining the Angelic Championship inside The Sisterhood. After all, thatís the prize that counts ... Shelly seems to be pleased with that idea and says she will address Priscilla and Brittany on it next week, and that a sacrifice must be done in order to please the gods and retain the Angelic Championship ...

Veda Scott and Leva Bates vs. Amanda Rodriguez and Thea Trinidad (cís) (repr/Las Sicarias)
Tag Team Match
Tag Team Championship

Las Sicarias make their entrance dancing down to the ring, Amanda is twerking. They are the tag team champions. Next out comes Veda Scott, the former tag champion, but without Shanna and she found Leva Bates as a replacement ... Sarah Russi does the introductions. This will be Las Sicariasí first title defense in 28 days.

Leva will start against Thea. Amanda attacks her from behind and punches her to her corner. Thea tags in and throws Leva down. Thea pushes her and talks trash. Leva punches her and drops her with a hurricanrana. Thea goes to the apron, but Leva knocks her off. Leva then hits her with a suicide dive. Amanda comes around the corner, and Veda connects with a diving hurricanrana off the apron and in the process nearly lands on her head. Veda and Leva celebrate as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Thea applying a chin lock to Leva. During the commercial break, Shanna came out to the ring to taunt Veda. Leva fights up, but Thea stops her. Amanda tags in, but Leva levels her with a forearm. She goes for a tag, but Thea pulls Veda off the apron. Amanda attacks Leva from behind and picks up a two count. Amanda hits a snapmare and applies a body scissor. Leva fights up, but Amanda slams her down. Leva eventually fights up, kicks Thea off the apron, and dives over Amanda to make the tag to Veda.

Veda ducks a clothesline and hits a springboard cross-body. Veda strikes away before hitting a low dropkick. Veda elbows her in the corner and hits a wheelbarrow bulldog. Thea goes to break up the pin, but Veda moves. Thea accidentally hits her partner. Leva runs in, but Thea sends her over the top rope. Veda then kicks Thea out of the ring. Amanda viciously clotheslines Veda for a near fall. Veda avoids an avalanche and hits a diving DDT, but Thea breaks up the pin. Veda looks to her corner, but Leva is still down. Veda lifts Amanda, but Thea pulls her off. Leva then kicks Thea off the apron. Veda goes for the cover but she gets distracted by Shanna. As she turns around, Thea executes a Divine Fly on Veda for the cover ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 !

Match Result : Las Sicarias win by Pinfall and remain Tag Team Champions

Veda has a temper tantrum as she blames Shanna for once again making her lose a championship !

Backstage, we see Priscilla and Brittany from The Sisterhood attacking Barbi Hayden and Ray Lyn who were getting ready for Barbiís Angelic title match in the main event ! But The Glam Slam Fam is able to fend them off ! Probably they got instructions from Shelly Martinez to attack the number one contender to enhance Katarinaís winning chances ... but it is a big fail as they run off and Barbi and Ray and laughing at them ...

Ashley Massaro, the new Personal Assitant to the President, is seen in his office. As Nick enters, she greets him and thanks him for the opportunity she is being given after her last run as an authority figure. Nick says heís always known she is the perfect person for that job ... She looks at him and says she wonít deceive him, on the contrary ... The President smiles ...

Our new announcers, Stephanie Wyand and Lisa Morretti welcome us back for tonightís main event !

Barbi Hayden (w/Ray Lyn) vs. Katarina (c) (w/Shelly Martinez)
Singles Match
Angelic Championship

The Glam Slam Fam makes his way down to the ring, glamming up the place as always. Next out, Katarina accompanied by Shelly, eering up the place. Barbi taunts Katarina by saying her little minions didnít quite completed their job earlier on ... some trash talking is being done, and before Sarah Russi can do the announcements ... Barbi takes a swing at Katarina ... This match is on ! For the record, it is Katarinaís fifth title defense in her 119 days reign.

They lock up, and Barbi wrenches the arm. Katarina twists through and kips up before taking her down. Barbi twists through and gets to her feet. Katarina sends her into the ropes, but Barbi holds on and dropkicks her out of the ring. Barbi hits a slingshot dropkick before diving off the apron with a clothesline. Barbi gets her in the ring and picks up a one count. Barbi sends her into the ropes, but Katarina catches a leapfrog and slams her down. Barbi gets out of the ring and limps around. Katarina follows her out and hits a running uppercut. Katarina gets her back in the ring and picks up a two count. Katarina gets her in the ring, but Barbi comes back with a jawbreaker. Barbi goes to the top rope, but Katarina rolls out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Katarina send Barbi out of the ring hard. Ray checks on her friend at ringside. Katarina gets Barbi back in the ring and picks up a two count. Katarina covers again for a near fall. Katarina applies a chin lock. Barbi fights up and takes her down with a clothesline. Katarina sidesteps an avalanche and uppercuts her down for a near fall. Katarina punches away at her before whipping her into the ropes. Barbi comes back with a clothesline and an inverted atomic drop. Barbi follows up with a low dropkick and a splash for a near fall. Barbi goes for a Glam Slam, but Katarina counters into an uppercut for a near fall. Barbi kicks her away, but Katarina comes back with a springboard spinning uppercut for another near fall. Katarina goes for a Frenzy DDT, but Barbi counters into a mule kick. Barbi goes to the top rope, but Katarina crotches her with an uppercut. Katarina goes to the top rope and goes for a superplex, but Barbi crotches her on the top rope. Katarina falls to the floor. Katarina gets back into the ring and sidesteps an avalanche. Barbi elbows her and hits the Glam Slam for a near fall. Barbi dropkicks her in the corner and goes for a slingshot dropkick, but Katarina moves. Katarina picks up a two count. Barbi goes once again for a Glam Slam but hits the turnbuckle and Katarina counters with a devastating Strange Occurences ! She hooks the leg quite cocky ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ! That seemed to do the job !

Match Result : Katarina wins by Pinfall and remains Angelic Champion

Shelly and Katarina stand tall inside the ring. The announcers tell us that Kiera Hogan is here and will be out next for her statement ...

A vignette is shown for ACW Gold Rush, in two weeks, hyping the Angelic Championship match between Katarina and Xandra Bale.

Kiera Hogan is already in the ring as she informs everyone that yes she was part of the two persons who abducted Snow several months ago. She did this because she felt awkward about the President being after her and didnít want to get handed any opportunities but wanted to deserve them by herself ! She abducted Lindsay Snow because she felt that then the Presidentís attention would shift to her disappearance, instead of herself. Indeed it helped, but she now knows that it was a bad thing to do and wants to apologize to the fans, to the President ... and to this person ...

Lindsay Snow enters the arena ! Kiera apologizes to her and Lindsay accepts and says she knows what just transpired and that next week ... they will be pointing out the second person who was behind all this and she will get retribution ! Kiera and Lindsay shake hands inside the ring ...

Thanks for watching Angelic Championship Wrestling and see you next week !

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